“Syria-ously? Are You Kidding Me?‏

My Friends and Fellow Fans of St Paul:


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(PREBAR: This was written on Wednesday.  Since then Biff has seemed to changed his changing of his mind in order to change his mind and is now keen on attacking Syria.  He seems to be very fluid in this thought processes.  Also, China and Russia walked out of a Security Council meeting. As if ANYONE cares about the UN.  The Brits have shown some restraint by thanking us veddy veddy much, but they prefer to not partcipate.  There will be more rumors and innuendo leading up to what now seems to be an inevitable attack on Syria.  Over under:  Around 6.00 PM Eastern Time.  I inform you of the above just to show what goes on and when in bad situations like this.)


So sorry for that…. Now, where were we…

Ah, I left you with this: “You seem while all this is going on, that idjit Kerry is picking the wrong side as usual in a fight.  He threw in with the Cong in Vietnam now he is siding with the Muslim B’Hood in Syria.”

Where “love” means never having to say you are sorry (or have not scored in tennis), “Liberal”, apparently means never having to say the truth.

Now, before I take this war criminal to task, ask yourself this: When was the last time Biff, Mc Mensa, Her Thighness, BJ Clinton, Nasty Pelosi, Dingy Harry Reid, She-Jack, Al $harpton, Je$$e Jack$on, alleged AG Stedman, Sen. Chuck Schemer or any of the rest of the usual suspects said anything of substance which was true?

For the RINO test, throw into that mix McLame, Smoking Johnny,  Goober Graham and the rest of the closeted Libs masquerading as “Republicans.”

So, and while not saying that those on the right are spotless, by comparison the Left has about a 1.000 batting average in mendacity.

(POINT OF ORDER: When war criminal Kerry was running for president, every day I sent emails to his Senate offices and his campaign offices calling him a liar and demanding that he sue me if I am wrong.   That offer still stands.)

Desperate for another cover up, like a street junkie, Biff will turn any trick for the currency for another fix.  Or, sell a bunch of souls, none of which his, to pay the next level of those in his Ponzi Scheme as he once again sallies forth into uncharted waters: Statesmanship.

Of course I am talking about Syria and this one is about as convoluted as they come.

There is a TV show called, I believe, “Motive.”  It begins with the crime and who committed it. Boring, right?  Not at all!  It is really a good show the very few times I saw it.  So, I am going to do something like that here.

Asswad did not use chemical weapons.  The, cough-cough, “rebels” are largely the Muzzie B’Hood.  Biff is playing both sides against the middle and he is deathly afraid of Vlad.  Biff will back down, unless by not doing so Israel is attacked.

But it is even more convoluted than that.

You have John Kerry talking out of one side of his mouth saying we must protect and aid the “rebels” and out of the other side of his, Biff saying “er, no so fast.”  Then there is Joey McMensa who was allegedly making a speech (did not see a shot of the audience) and he was so fluking confused his TelePrompTers walked away.

We and the world have tolerated dictators doing awful things to innocent people for ages.  How far back do you want to go?  Saddam?  Pol Pot?  Mao?  Stalin? Hitler?  (Note to the Libs:  This handful of hate have killed over 100,000,000 people.   What do they have in common?  That is right!  They were all Atheists at the time of their dirty bidness.  Now, I do not hold that against Atheists but I offer that to the insane allegation that “more people have been killed in the name of God than anything else.”)

Asswad is no different, just a weaker version of his father. But, unless the Dentist (Asswad is actually a dentist) is far cleverer than we give him credit for, which is not that much, he is not using chemicals on his peeps.  I mean, he would, but not here, unless…

You see, the “rebels” are the ones with their backs up against the walls.  These trapped rats will do anything to survive and win.  They are far more likely to use chemicals knowing that the world will assume that they could not have such weapons and only Asswad has them.  They can use weapons with impunity then point to Asswad and say “Look what he did!”

(Giving Asswad too much credit, one might suggest that Asswad does have the weapons and did use them figuring that he could leverage world opinion to suggest the “rebels” used them.  His father might have tripled that scenario, this guy, not so much so.  Of course, here at home, if Biff were to use such weapons, he could do so on television and blame Smoking Johnny for the damage.   The media would be all over the evil Republicans and Boehner would fold like a cheap suit.)

But there are far more reaching and dare I say dangerous issues afoot.

In the interest of brevity (SHUP!  Stop laughing!  I CAN be brief!  A little!  At times!) A laundry list of issues:

Asswad is in bed with Vlad.  Vlad absolutely detests Biff.  Biff’s narcissism prevents him from acting line an adult.   Biff will not allow him to side with Vlad and hence Asswad.  But, he seems to be talking things up just the same.

The United Nations are saying….  Who cares.

While there are a number of factions fighting against Asswad, a number of them are actually affiliated under the Muzzie Brotherhood.  It would be expected that ought Asswad be flushed out that the MB would take over.  What could go wrong?  Look how well things are going in Egypt and Biff’s other Democracy projects!

Firepower.  We have too damn (and not a word I use lightly) much firepower on station.  Too damn much.  More than we had off Lebanon when that place was a war zone.  (So sad, Beirut was one of the prettiest cities one could even imagine.  Not so much so for Damascus, but tons of history.  All places have ruins now.)  Trust me, this is not Biff learning lessons from Benghazi or elsewhere, he is itching to make a statement. 

Then there is the wild card: Israel.

Whether you believe in God or not, that is up you. But, it is kinda hard to ignore all that has happened in that land that is just about the size of New Jersey.  And, if you read the Book, you know how the story ends.  (Hmmm… Kinda like “Motive”, we know the crime but now we may be living the events leading up to it.)

Asswad has said that if he we attack him, he will bomb Israel.  That is not gamesmanship, that is being a coward.  And that might be the bromance link with Biff.  Then again, Biff might attack the “rebels” and that might draw Vlad into the fray. And if either or both of those things happen it could be game, set, match.  (Not for anything, it is a few hours drive by tank form the border of Syria to Har Megiddo….  Armageddon.  Just sayin’)

We have had wars and proxy wars. We have had wars bought and paid for by banks and industry.  We have had wars based on an ideal or a principle.  We have had wars that were started by artifice, the true reason well hidden.  We have had wars started by brilliant and forthright men. We have had wars started by the most evil and vile men in the world.

I do not know if we will go to war, or get involved in some way.  But, other than all the terrorists from both sides immigrating to New Jersey, I do not see any other way out.

Bear in mind, this narcissist promised to get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan.  Of course, Iraq was a done deal, he was just there to take the credit.  He said that he owned Afghanistan and he figgered that it would be a cake walk.

Uh-oh.  Look how wrong you can be.  He snatched defeat right out of the jaws of victory.  He totally and unequivocally screwed the countries of North Africa.  Need I even mention Benghazi?

So, he has to do something to show the word that he can be a decisive leader, make the tough decisions and cause the end of the world if need be. 

And again, is this yet nothing more than a distraction from the scandals?

And I pity the fool who would dare take me to task for saying that.  If this was a good an honorable man, there would be no scandals and therefore no need to cover them up.

This is as screwed up as a soup sandwich.  The “joke” on Facebook has it just about right. There is a picture of Ron Paul with the quote “Let me see if I got this right…We are attacking Syria because Syria attacked Syria?”

Yup, that about sums it up.

God Help us all.


3 thoughts on ““Syria-ously? Are You Kidding Me?‏

  1. Mike Pruitt says:

    Let me see, the Arabs, muzzies, were riding horses, camels, goats and killing Christians thousands of years ago. They killed most of them off, at least they went underground, and they started killing each other. This hasn’t stopped. They will continue this, and Biff, or Cameron, and the rest can’t stop it. They won’t live peaceably and will continue to kill people in the name of something because they get tired of scratching their sand flea bites.

    Protect our interests, Isreal, what oil we might need, then let them,slice, dice, gas, blow up each other until no more , or very few are left. They want to live like 9th century goat herders, let them behead and stone themselves. These are not people you would want to invite to supper, they aren’t nice, they are not civilized, they don’t want to be. Let us let them be.

  2. Roslyn Atwood says:

    I am sick & tired of seeing our Blood & Treasure sent to the outhouse that is the Middle East. Apart from Israel there is not a country worth one more Tomahawk or one more life from the USA. They are mired in barbaric practices from the dark ages. France, Russia & UK have had no success in bringing the M.E. into the light of civilization so why are we wasting our borrowed [from China & Russia] resources? Merely to satisfy the unending inflated egos & avarice of politicians & bankers. AAARRRGGGHHH!

    Sent from my iPad

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