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“At a Loss For Words”


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My Friends & Fellow LGBTheletes:

(NOTE: This was supposed to be an issue for a later date.   But with this crapshow masquerading as a Maladministration absolute, but with hope revocable, destruction the moral fabric while shredding what is left of the Constitution, it canNOT wait. Youse guys know how see things, will you agree after reading this?)

 For those who have been reading this thing of ours know that I am not the brightest tool in the book. I am not anywhere near as clever, smart glib or well written than those whom I admire.   What I can do it look at the bleeding obvious that others have glossed over or ignored totally and put forth a new take on things. I do not like to toot my own horn but I have a pretty good track record of pointing out that which is right in front of your face.

If you would just look.

Recall some nine years ago when we were first discussing Biff when he was just a mere pretender for the Democrat nomination. Recall that I stated he was an empty suit who spoke in platitudes and was a socialist.

I got a lot of grief from many of you for calling him that. You said: “How dare you! This is America! We don’t elect Socialists!!”

And in the months that followed his inauguration the apologies started to flow in.

We studied the various “clubs”, such as the Bilderbergs, Trilateral Commission, CFR, Fabians (we will revisit them in a moment), the Club of Rome and others. We had an entire course on money, central banks, the Fed and the criminal bankers who begat WWI with their greed, avarice and unbridled drive to redistribute wealth. (That being from the US to Europe where the central banks of the several nations were bankrupt.)

Where else have we heard “redistribution of wealth?” And for “folks to chip in.” And more recently and more insulting “paying your fair share.”


I have paraphrased the line from “The Hunt for Red October”: “The Ruskies don’t take a dump without a five-year plan.”

Now recall the Fabian Society.     The one that has a “wolf-in-sheep’s clothing” on their coat of arms. The one that has as its “mascot” a turtle indicating a willingness to take one’s time to achieve a goal.

Oh, the motto under that turtle? “When I strike, I strike hard.”

Now let’s just look at some of the stranger of the recent events.

Actually, don’t. It will make you ill.

Between so-called “Black Lives Matter” movement formed by the Left and funded by Soros, to the attendant manufactured racism, to allowing millions of illegals into our Country, to a rogue Department of Justice that is more than willing to subvert the Constitution to further the aims of the criminal cartel running the shop, to the focus of the balance of this essay.

Killing the population.

Of course they are not going to come out and kill six out of seven humans on the Earth to get to the number they think is the idea number of people. After all, if you kill six billion people some folks are going to notice.

They are going about this in all kinds of disparate and desperate ways. From the so-called “global warming” hoax with the cutting down of the use of fossil fuels (except in their mansion, jets and limos. Right, Al-G’ore, Leo Decaprio, Babababa Streisand and others?) From banning GMO foods (to be fair, there is some logic in some of the cases) to limiting heath care to the citizens. (The US is late to the party. In most “industrialized” countries in the world if you have a serious illness you will die. Biff though that was a great idea and came up with the illegally passed OBAMAS OBAMACARE scheme.)

Yes, those who hate and despise us, that being the uber-elite, the mega-giga-capitalists (how rich? Trump is too poor to qualify), the Club Members, the remaining monarchs, the worst of the worst (Rothschilds, Rockefellers) and those doing it for drill (Biff, Clintons, Democrat Party) have found a new way to achieve their goal of near global mortality.

Richard Pryor was a very funny but troubled man. One of his jokes back in the 70s was how China was going to take over America. As there was a billion or so of them back then, he opined that they are going to come over on boats and wearing sneakers to be stealthy, will break into our homes and (sex) us to death. (He used another word. You get the idea.)

Well the troubled and very unfunny people calling the shots have a plan that is essentially the exact opposite. To be fair there may be some sort of physical congress between “people” but not the sort that brings children.

Yes, there are some gay woman who give birth to children, in virtually all other cases there are no pregnancies.

Now, let’s ramp this up a bit.

All of a sudden we have “transsexuals.” First off in 99% of the cases that is a lie. Like many other words the Libs have changed the original meaning. What once was a word that referred to a physical removal/mutilation of the original genitalia, now means you are in touch with your feminine or masculine side even if you were born the other way.

(We will discuss more, but I assure you, if my wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, grand-girls or any female I know went to the loo and some guy who “identifies” as a woman decides it would be a good time to use the facilities, I will absolutely identify as the tooth fairy and knock his teeth out. It should be an interesting trial. And I assure you, this IS going to happen somewhere, soon.)

I know this is all over the place but it is a new topic and the genesis of it and the supporting ideas come from many places. Where the Left has a plan, I assure you it is asymmetrical and they are trying to keep us off balance while all the time wearing us down.

It started in the 60s and 70s with the gay movement, the Stonewall riots and culminated with the Lawrence decision (another instance where I predicted not only the decision but exactly what would happen if the court ruled in favor of Lawrence.)

Bear mind there were anti-sodomy laws on the books in prolly every state, and still are in some! So, what was a crime almost overnight became a Constitutional right. (Much like the illegal aliens who broke into our Country and broke the law in doing so and now there are self-described and tacitly approved “sanctuary cities” where apparently you can’t hold illegals so they must be let free to kill innocent citizens.)

Now I am not going to be catty and suggest that gays give so much money to the Dem Party because they have money to give that they saved by not having kids, that would be wrong. They donate, bribes if you will, to pressure the spineless Dem “leadership” to give them special rights. (I refer you to the series on Lawrence where in detailed where any extra right given to ANY group of people is unconstitutional.)

We are getting off track, as usual.

Let’s put a few more things in perspective.

Some folks are “OK” with “socialism” because it is “democratic socialism.” Let me be clear. Socialism is socialism regardless of the modifier. Socialism’s only purpose is a lead-in to communism and that is the precursor to the real end, totalitarianism. Calling “socialism” anything but what it is it like trying to pick up your dog’s droppings from the clean end.

Now that we know the socialism is communism ‘lite’ we can look to their play book, the Communist Manifesto, for their next move.

We have discussed this in detail but let’s look at two main points: closing of the churches, dissolution of the family. Promoting deviant lifestyles comport with those goals.

You can’t watch a TV show or movie where there is not a gay person featured. (Please, I have to say it, don’t misunderestimate me. I do not dislike gays, I am not their judge and I have plenty of my own sins and issues to deal with. Love the sinner hate the sin. OK? And besides, I am down to my last bad habit.)

The Left equates all this with civil rights for blacks. I assure you I don’t know any person, black or white who does not know what they are.   OK, there was that one nutjob White woman who identified as black. Asteroids have hit the Earth with the same frequency. That is a bovine scatological suggestion and will only be embraced by the feeble of mind or the wracked with guilt, they being the Left.

There is an effort, a movement for us citizens to be more tolerant, more understanding of the Trans types, after all, they say, they are just like you and I.

Er, no.

We will talk more on this as time goes on and as needed. This is opening up a big can of worms and this may be one of the biggest issues in the “presidential” campaign. After all, the Hilderbeast has been accused and it has been alleged that she plays for the other team and Lord know where Trump stands on this issue.   Today.

The potential for a Constitutional battle is looming as North Carolina passed an anti-pervert bathroom act (Harsh you say? Wait till it happens to someone you love.) and the alleged AG is threatening to file suit and withhold federal funds to that state, thus abrogating the 9th and 10th Amendments.

But the bottom line is this, the Left (tools of the Intellegencia) are willing to destroy the moral fabric of our Country and to promote deviant lifestyle.

Sadly the Left, and the Fabians in particular, have endless patience. Fortunately as they do not think things through, their plan can be thwarted.

If heterosexuality is all but outlawed (and don’t kid yourself that if the future we should become a minority that we will be afforded any special rights), reproduction will decrease to the point of the numbers the Elite want.

Of course that will never happen and if it did it would take far more generations than there are the wealthy.

It is just another crackbrained scheme that only hurts all involved. Or, SOP for the Left.

More to come on this thread, unless you beg me not to.

For the rest of you, read: “Pascal’s Wager.”