“THE daily fish” is the current iteration one man’s love for and concern about his Country and fellow citizens. 
Way back in the day, this curmudgeon started writing letters to the editors of the various places where I lived.  Some were of the more pedestrian type but most were political in nature if not content.  I was fair, I found fault in both parties but took a very severe stance against Communist-Marxism-Progressivism-Liberalism or whatever you wish to call this social disease. 
The letters to the editor, due to space constraints, were very short.   So, I started expanding those epistles to a few hundred words and sent the first generation of the FISH to a dozen people. 
We were all affected and effected by the events on September 11, 2001.  This, for the FISH, was a turning point.  My heretofore political ramblings and musings took a more forceful stance.  But even so, I tried provide a forum for for unbiased information.  I have said that I was not out to change anyone’s mind but give you another look at some topic or issue.
All that changed in 2007 with the run up to the Democrat Convention.  While the details are available in the archives somewhere (not here yet) suffice it to say that I saw Biff as a Marxist and called him as such.  (And there was much backlash from the readers at that time, since assuaged.)  And while I tried as best as I could to remain objective, I do realize that at times I am not.  Those times are in direct correlation to damage being done, will be done and has been done to our Country.
In the ensuing years the few hundred words grew to an average of 1500-2000 words (plus prayer lists, requests, those serving in our military and so on.)  The dozen of readers have increased orders of magnitude so that now 1 out of X people on the face of the earth read this thing of ours.
There are a lot of liberties taken, a lot of nicknames employed, quite a few double entendres snuck in and on a few occasions for some very special, long time readers I throw in some “howyadoin’s”.
I am a reasonable guy, I do not ask for much but I do ask your being open-minded about that which I write, email me if you have any questions and help me in peaceably restoring our Country to the Representative Republic as the Founding Fathers intended.
God Bless

4 thoughts on “ABOUT the FISH

  1. Paula Lovell says:

    Hi John, I have been getting your emails for about year or so (really can’t remember how or I why I got started reading them, and even though I have a hard time following your words meanings (I am a senior citizen and a bit slow) I really am drawn to them. I believe they challenge my brain as I try to figure them out. I also love the fact that you reconize and remember the soldiers by their names. Sincerely Paula

    • jaksavin says:

      Paula, Thanks for the kind words and glad you like this thing of ours! I am sorry you are having difficulty with some of the words but they are the most accurate ones. If you have an iPad you can look up words on the fly. Otherwise, write down the words wich which you are unfamiliar and look them up later. You will be surpsied how much that exercise will help you. Trust me, you may be a “seasoned Citizen” but you are not slow!
      As far as our military people, please, like me, keep tha all in your prayers.

      God Bless

  2. John Croix says:

    like the web site, will look forward to people posting their avatars and hope that most will opt to use a picture of themselves. It wiil be good to know to whom we speak as our “family” grows larger. And it will grow as others “come to the master”. ;>)

  3. John: I am also a little on the slow side sometimes! After 36+ years in the Army, I’ve learned one helluva lot of ACRONYMNS. But I am a bit slow on one of yours~~SRMFM! Rather than risking the risque’, I thought I’d just ask what it means??

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