“Nothing in Moderation”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”



My Friends & Fellow Radicals:

“Moderate: Noun: average in amount, intensity, quality or degree.  Syns: tame, soft, neutral, tolerant, compromising, restrained.”

Indeed, all the things I want… in a dentist office.

None of the things I want in a regular person or especially a politician.  (Of course I am demanding that those same “regular people” are good, moral and intellectually honest people.  Sorry Libs, Snowfakes, Antifas and the rest.)

One thing I could never be accused of is being “moderate.”  Back in the day, to me nothing exceeded like excess.  I drank too much, drove too fast, did everything too-too.  If it was worth doing, in my book, it was worth over-doing.

How I lived this long is a mystery to me and medical science.

Even today, when I should know better I still over-do many things.  (Many of them are not as destructive as in the past, such as working out and volunteering, but…)

I do not have a gray area.  Or a very, very little one.  Black/White, Left/Right, Wrong/Right, Liberal/Right and so on.

As it is written in Revelation 3:15-16: “I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.”

Well, that got my attention.

Or, as I say about Liberals (and/or Moderates): “Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything.”  (And THAT is your linkage to Libs and Moderates.)

That is not to say that you are not free to change your mind or opinion, as long as you can defend such a change.

Libs can’t.

Recall a few months back, the Left were clamoring for Comey to be fired.  DJT did just that now they have their panties in a wad.  The women as well.

This was not a change of heart, there was no new exculpatory evidence to negate their previous stand.  They hated Comey before when he was investigating the Beast, not that he threw the indictment under the bus.

The Right was PO’d at that.  But, unlike the Left, we did not riot in the street or loot a Cabelas.

They are not PO’d about that now but that some puppet master spouted the lie that DJT fired Comey because he would not back down from the alleged Russian Connection.

(This may come as a shock to the Left but the FBI director does not actually investigate cases. And, as we are getting back to normalcy and honesty in gum’mint, the Director’s boss, the AG, does not either.  [Unlike Lex Luther and Stedman who used the FBI to do much of their bag work or, conversely, ignored their recommendations.])

A Moderate does not believe in God, but wants to go to Heaven.

A Moderate thinks that “woman’s health” means that it is OK to kill unborn women.

A Moderate thinks that every POS on death row is a sacred life.  However, the most innocent of all, the unborn, are disposable masses of cells.

(Beating that same horse one more time, a Moderate says “we do not know when life begins” [guess what, we do] but is willing to ignore that and murder babies.)

A Moderate embraces homosexuality (and by definition, since they are feckless, they all ought to be bi-sexual), ignoring the fact that it is forbidden under the Decalogue.

A Moderate thinks we should welcome Muslim “immigrants” to our shores, ignoring 1400 years of history and a more recent look at Europe.

A Moderate is too dim to realize that left to run its natural course, the Muzzies will kill all those they see as sexual deviants.  (So much for a lot of Hollweird and almost all of Broadway.)


Moderates are the cause of most of the ills of the day.

Moderate Rachel Carson, and her lie-filled book “Silent Spring” was instrumental in getting DDT banned.  Sure some birds lived and billions of tiny flying bugs as well, but was directly responsible to the deaths of millions in Africa because of those bugs.  (I wrote an issue on this years ago.)

When I was at school there were very few 7th or 8th grade girls (say 12-14 years old) who had any semblance of breasts.  Today, you have ten-year olds sporting D-Cups.  (I am being observant and not prurient.)

Back then one out of twenty-four hundred kids had Autism.  But 2000 is was one in two hundred and fifty. In the US today, it is one in sixty-eight (and as disturbing that is, South Korea’s rate is almost double that.)

And, not for nothing, how many kids today are “diagnosed” with HDD, ADHD, LS/MFT or some such crap and are medicated to calmness?  I would wager that many of my friends, including yours truly, would have been diagnosed as such back the in the 50s and 60s?

Back then we were “hyperactive” or the like and nothing that a few whaps with a belt at home or a paddle at school did not straighten out.

Now, I am not a scientist nor do I play one on TV, but I am sure there is some sort of connection.

I am sure there is a good-intentioned “Moderate”, a la Rachel Carson, who thought putting something in food, water, vaccinations or the like was a great idea.  (Ever read “Brave New World”?  And before you think that is a stretch, did we not just live through at least eight years of “1984”?)

So now we have over-medicated, mentally and physically challenged/altered kids, the girls with large breasts and, based on the rape reports from grade schools, boys similarly “advanced.”

I am not even going to go near the idea of sexual identity where the parents that gave their kid a sex-change operation for its tenth birthday were late to the party as now they are discussing that mutilation for kids as young as six-years old.

And let’s put that in perspective.

There is a faction, albeit small, but vocal and connected, who have proposed that abortion could be performed up to the eighteenth (or, twenty-third trimester depending on how you count.)  Yes, they posit that a child is not truly sapient until he or she is five-years old. (Tell that to Mozart’s parents.)

So what the heck happens in that twelve-month span when a kid no longer facing a demise in the bottom of a medical waste bin (no, you can’t bury it, it was aborted, not murdered, big difference) (that was dripping with sarcasm) to the point that he or she is now bright enough to realize God made a mistake?

Are you seeing a trend here?

There are two types of Liberals/Moderates in the world.

There is the small percentage who are pulling the levers and twisting the knobs in the most horrific and anti-moral way in order to wrest control of the seats of governments and control over the proles, and the larger percentage who are altruistic to the point of danger who are too bleeding stupid to spend five seconds vetting what they are told to see if it is true.

Even “Crazy Lady” (as I refer to Nasty Pelosi when I Tweet to her) has walked back some of her statements of late.

OK, there is a reason for this preface.

As I have said many times before, I am not particularly bright for the most part. But I have been blessed with a different brain.  I seem to be observant to things and trends and my non-linear thinking (technically “a visual-spatial cognitive”) permits me to see relationships in a more abstract way. (“More Ritalin, please, Mom!”)

As most of you know I do not rely on any one source or even one side.  Even the lies and the liars on the Left are a rich vein of intel as invariably there will be other data to trip them up. (Id Est: Comey)  Ergo, I read articles, comment, Tweets, Facebook and other social media looking for anomalies.

One of the latest I have seen in too many places to be coincidence (and you know how I feel about “coincidences”) is the use of the word Moderate and it enhancement.   Yet, oddly to some and not at all to observers, those using the descriptive “moderate” do so in the past tense.

“Yes, I used to be a moderate but I am leaning more to the Democrats (or liberals, if they have a scintilla of honesty, or “the Left”, if they are given to Freudian Slips.)

I assure you, 122.57% of these former “Moderates” voted for the Beast/Socialist Sanders last year and Biff at least twice.

‘I saw Trump as a moderate but now I see him veering hard Right (or, Alt-Right.)”

Yeah…… sure.  I do not know about you but I still do not see DJT as a Conservative.    In fact as he seems to be ticking off people on both sides of the aisle, he might actually BE a moderate.

There is something that someone on the Right or the Left can say (apart from everything else) that they like that DJT did.  Not everything, some, at least one thing.

There is NOTHING that anyone on the Right can say “You know, maybe I got Biff all wrong, I really like what he did there.”

There nothing, zip, diddly-squat, Sweet Fanny Annie, bupkis, nada, zero or any term of your choosing, with which any Conservative could agree that Biff did right.

I am not sure why here is an upsurge of the use of this word.  I may be wrong but I think it is some sort of a defense mechanism.

The SGRMF are less trustworthy than Tijuana tap water, even the Beast seems to be keeping her distance for the greater degree.  What I think is occurring that even the wingnuts on the Left realize that but are too ashamed to come to Jesus and move to the Right.  What they do instead is “admit” they are moving to the Left, when in reality they do no such think.

“Yes I am a moderate, and I am open enough to consider both sides.  As bad as Schemer is with his lies, as totally unhinged as Nasty Pelosi, Muddy Waters and Spreading Bull are and that the DNC is now run by an admitted socialist, I just can’t get past those long ties that Trump wears. That is why I joined Antifas.”

Of course, they believe this, they will believe any bovine scatology that makes them feel good irrespective of its relationship with the truth.

What say you?  Am I too harsh? Ought I “moderate” my opinions….



2 thoughts on ““Nothing in Moderation”

  1. jonaheidi@aol.com says:

    early puberty in girls has been said to be often occurring due to lack of / horrible relationship with father. with divorce rates north of 50% these days…………… whole lot of that going on

    Today, you have ten-year olds sporting D-Cups. (I am being observant and not prurient.)

  2. jonaheidi@aol.com says:

    i have been listening to NPR while doing yard work this spring (it’s very useful for the talk shows provoking anger and summoning up adrenaline to do things that ordinarily hurt me a great deal due to my bad hip) and have found that many of the old, calm, passive, beta male voices that speak on their talk shows are lamenting obama as a…………. guess what…………… MODERATE. i kid you not. obama is being crafted into a moderate by the far left set- they can tolerate him but are scornful of him for not being the feral obama that he allegedly was as an IL state senator.

    word games are so prevalent these days it’s sickening. anyone hailing from the right who claims to be moderate is a leftist. plain and simple. anyone from the left who claims to be moderate is an aspiring Che style murderer / handkerchief over their faces ANTIFA asshole starting fights in the street with anyone who doesn’t kiss their butts and love their cause. the words are the same but the people have lost their minds.

    we are only four decades removed from both parties actually agreeing that the Constitution was what they should legislate and abide by. we are no win a post constitutional disaster area where both parties are disregarding it and such a position is arguably considered “moderate” or basic. sad. time to read “future shock” by alvin toffler and see how much of that dreck has come true and then maybe watch soylent green for good measure!

    What say you? Am I too harsh? Ought I “moderate” my opinions….

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