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“Book ‘Em, Hillaroo!”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Book Lovers:


If I did something wrong, or something for which I was embarrassed or just did not want to reveal for whatever reason, or might be complicit in crimes, let’s say, or maybe misrepresented myself or actions, for instance, one of the very LAST things I would do is to write a book about these mistakes, missteps, misspeaks and misrepresentations.

But, if I was foolish enough to do such a thing, I would be 100% sure I had a back story ready to cover my butt.  I certainly would not allow any of the more egregious, er, “errors” to be challenged without having a rock-solid defense in place.

To prove that she has no regard for our Country or citizens, to amplify on the fact that she is tone-deaf and reliant on the SRM to cover her prodigious posterior as a cripple is on a crutch, our Pantsuited Princess, Her Thighness, Hillaroo herself has “written” a book.

Maybe.  Did she really write it?  Don’t ask her if you want a straight answer.  (And don’t get catty over my using the word “straight” as a descriptive for her.  We have no idea if any of those allegations are really true.)

That said, Hillaroo has a book out which she ostensibly wrote.  Quite frankly just this one little part of this FISH will speak volumes.

You see, the book is ironically called “Hard Choices.”  (No Lewinski jokes, please!)  Prior to 2009 the all- time worst president was the anti-Semite and hand-picked post-turtle Jimmah Q’arter.  He had as his first secretary of state one Cyrus Vance and he wrote a tome of his memoirs curiously called “Hard Choices.”

Fast forward over three decades and there is the new world champion worst president (and unlike Barry Bonds breaking Hank Aaron’s record there is zero evidence this guy is using any “performance enhancing drugs.”)  He, too, is an anti-Semitic hand-picked post-turtle. His first secretary of state was one Hillaroo and she “wrote” a tome of her memoirs curiously called “Hard Choices.”

For some reason Hillaroo picked a name for her book that is something like 285,000th on the Amazon best sellers list.  Considering her alleged duplicity and lack of shame, it is surprising that she would pick the name of a book so far down on the list.   I was shocked that she did not call it something to reflect the best-selling book of all time and putting her spin or fingerprints on it.  Like “The Bible, According to Hillaroo” or “A Tale of Two Cities Baseball Teams that Hillaroo Likes” or the rest.

(I s’pose when you let VP JoeBama pick the name for something it might not be as, er, “original” as one might expect.)

I am not saying the book is selling poorly, just because it is slightly behind “Wave-Particle Duality for Dummies” and the braille version of “The Do-It-Yourself Vasectomy” books.

But, there are only two types or people who are buying this book, those who think Hillaroo is swell or those who are forced to own the book, typically for decoration purposes only.

It is apparent that the reviewers did not read the book, based on their reviews as it is equally apparent by her interviews that maybe Her Thighness not only did not write it but perhaps did not read it either.

Evidenced by the fact that she has given all of her interviews to “friendlies”, which means anyone in the SRM except FOX and talk radio.  However, she was schooled by Terry Gross from NPR who she suspected would be a fellow-traveller.


And if you saw the Diane Sawyer paean then you know a fix is in. If you missed it, it would seem that Sawyer was vetted as to the questions and that she could ask, and that was if not given the questions had been provided to her to begin with.  The most egregious part was not even so much the soft-ball questions but no follow up.

Her Thighness sat there like Jabba the Hut after letting John “WTLF” Kerry practice his botox injections on her.  Half the time there was no eye contact or true engagement from either side.  Almost like it was done on the phone whilst getting their nails done.

“So, that was something when you landed in Bosnia under heavy enemy fire!  You must have feared for your life!”

“It was something Diane.”

“So, tell me, what is your favorite shade of blue?  We are all dying to know!”

Yup, it was that king of probing questions which were asked.  And speaking of dying:

“Madame Secretary, tell me minute by minute what you were going when four Americans were being tortured, slaughtered and dismembered in Benghazi.”

“I was doing the best I could each and every moment.”

“Wow!  You are quite a woman!   Tell us, if you can, what are your preferred pizza toppings?”

Meaning while of Hillaroo seemed any more detached, she would have been in a coma.

But it did not stop there.

Short of saying that she was born a poor, black boy of sharecropper parents, she did say the next closest thing: she said they were dirt poor when they left the Wh’ite House, or in their cases, the scene of the crimes.

Yes, the poor baby, they were broke!  They did not have a pot to, well, you know what poor people without indoor plumbing do in a pot.  They had to buy a new home and they had legal bills!

I am not sure how many other ex-Presidents had lived in public housing (WH, Governor’s Mansion) for so long that that did not own their own home.  Heck, even Biff has a crib in Barackistan.  Sure, it may not have been actually purchased by him but he owns one!

So, the po po po “Capitol Hillbillies”, the Clinton’s had to scrape by on BJs meager $210,700 presidential pension and whatever governor’s pension he had coming in and Hillaroo’s $174,000 Senate salary and whatever she makes in taking in laundry and collecting bottle deposits.

(And though, for some strange reason the stories have morphed or disappeared over time but “allegedly” while the secret service did not pay for the house in Chappaqua, they did extensive renovations and security measures to the home at no cost to them.)

Of course, we are also neglecting the huge book deals this pair got with millions up front and speaking engagement fees a multiple times what the average American earns in a YEAR for EACH of their speeches.

So, spare me the “I had to walk uphill, in the snow, every day, both ways to school all throughout grammar and high schools as well as college!” bovine scatology.

Let’s assume they were low on funds when they bought the house in Chappaqua so she would have a place to store her carpet bag when she ran for Senator.  Let’s assume this is somewhere within yelling distance of the truth.

If that was the case, why did they pay almost $3,000,000 for a home in Washington, DC shortly after that?

Simple, because like almost everything else in their lives it is a scam, a lie, a canard, a front, an artifice and really nothing close to reality.

Truly these two deserve each other, who else would put up with the antics of the other?

But even so, with book sales this side of “meh” there is possibly more truth on a book of matches than in the entire 656 pages of her latest tour de farce.  (I am sure they missed counting about 10 pages.)

She flips flops again on gay “marriage” as she was once very against it and her hubby actually signed DOMA into law, now, she is all for it, things change, evolve, if you will.

(Funny, I did not get an updated version of the Decalogue on this matter.)

The truly sad thing is that anyone with a scintilla of intellectual honesty knows that she is not to be trusted, and that assessment goes back to her betters when she was prosecuting Nixon.  Anyone who has watched her for .30 seconds knows she is unfamiliar with being honest and forthcoming.  Otherwise why does she spend so much time and capital rewriting her history?

(And you would think that of you were going to write a near 666 page long book that you would not include anything that makes you look stupid, wrong, criminal or anything else and that you would also have every possible interview question covered so that you are not caught flat-footed with your knickers in a knot.)

And there are those who still thing she is the greatest thing in the world.


I dunno?

Her great job in the Senate? Er, something like two of her bills became law.  And she was arguably among the worst Sec States in history, but that is not all her fault.  Biff has an ability to spot talent then the same ability to pick someone else.

She brings nothing to the table except her gender and one other thing, which we will get to in a second.  The idea that she is not as bad as Biff is a lie as she is far more cunning and astute then the current resident.  If there is anything left of America and if there actually are elections and peradventure she won, there would be nothing left after her.

The only peeps who would vote for her are the same ones who voted for Biff.  They are afraid if a REAL American was elected and undid what did Biff, turned over the stones and exposed his, er, activities and so on that they would look stupid.

Sorry for not feeling sympathetic that I allow the Country to go down the crapper to allow someone to save face.

So, you will have to get used to being called  a “sexist” rather than a “racist” should Her Thighness get the nod.


Oh, that “one other thing.”  Yeah, when she was a “lawyer” she allowed the rapist of a 12 year old go get off with two months of time served.  She knew he was guilty (which makes no difference, one is still entitled to representation) but she even bent the rules to allow a guilty guy walk… and laughed about it.

But, don’t believe me, listen to her in her own words.  (And note her “Chicago accent”….)

Enough, she is making me viscerally ill.


“Flag Day/US ARMY B’DAY 2K14. Saturday Shortstack #13

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Amendment Counters:

The other day, some Liberal had a letter printed by the fellow-travelers at NEWSDAY.  Truly, one would think that this expanded Pennysaver would have the intellectual honesty not to simply print lies or promote a particular agenda. (That is a joke, folks.)

Yes, letters to the editor are supposed to reflect the opinions of the populace.  That said they are not supposed to incite violence, promote crime, suggest artifice, carry the editor’s water or blatantly lie.  I mean it is not like one of Biff’s press conferences or briefing by Sideshow Carney and his successors.

To follow is the letter of a cogently-limited individual followed by my expected response, if I may be so bold.  He starts off on one track and then shifts gears to another, seemingly unrelated argument that wanders around common sense and some valid points and winds up with a reasonable partial conclusion.  But, he ties up is argument with the “cream filling” part of this particular Oreo rather than his initial top chocolate cookie salvo, which, IMHBVAO, is his real point.  He amplifies on the initial postulation too much for it to be a mere supporting point.

I tried to post my response to the letter on line, but it appears that I am on some kind of a lag.  (By the time I can see the letter on line, the time to comment has closed.  I am sure it is just a glitch…)

As I canNOT post this on line and the likelihood of this being printed is about the same as alleged AG Stedman investigating and then pressing charges against himself or Her Thighness running for prez wearing “Daisy Dukes” and a tube top at every event….sorry, but you get the point… so, your humble narrator will share with you, dear reader.

(It is not just the letter alone which tweaked me to pontificate suchly.  It is the same bovine scatology of a baseless argument making unfounded assumptions and forgetting to connect the additional, but critical, dots that we hear again and again.)

Without further ado, I present the argument:

“I cannot imagine why any responsible gun owner would object to strict legislation governing the registration, licensing and method of sale of all firearms, and an outright ban on assault weapons [“Deadly spree in California,” News, May 25]. Those most familiar with firearms are acutely aware of their destructive power and should be leading the effort to keep them out of the wrong hands. It is common sense, and a small sacrifice by the few to preserve the safety and well-being of the many.

“Unfortunately, the common sense and logic of gun control is not an absolute solution to the slaughter so recently visited upon our nation. The Elliot Rodgers (sic) among us are unique and defy common sense and logic. They demonstrate aberrant behavior from time to time; however, they lack criminal records and carry the shield of medical nondisclosure. All of this prevents the scrutiny necessary to uncover the evidence of their cunning and deadly agendas. If guns became unavailable, they would navigate a different, possibly more heinous path.

“Focusing on gun control is very good; identifying and securing the would-be perpetrator first is much better.”


And now, one of my Magnus Opera in rebuttal:


I wonder how people would react if someone wrote a similar letter as the anti-gun letter of Tuesday.

Imagine:  “I cannot imagine why any responsible speaker would object to the strict legislation governing the use of all words and an outright ban on anything that is not pro-administration.  Those most familiar with words are aware of their destructive power.  It is common sense and a small sacrifice by the few to preserve the safety of the many.”

I do not think that there are any among us who would agree to such concept! After all, most would complain, we are guaranteed Freedom of Speech in the 1st Amendment!

And we are guaranteed the right to bear arms in the 2nd!

What difference does it make if we rip up one little pesky Amendment?  I will tell you, once they rip up one, they will rip up them all.

This writer could not possibly be more wrong in almost every case.  Ignoring the fact that he ignores the Constitution, espouses a thought process directly out of the Communist Manifesto, he conveniently ignores other facts.

While Rodgers did in fact use a gun in his slaughter, he also used a knife and a car.  Should we ban those as well or just the things about which most people are ignorant or unfamiliar?

It is difficult to argue, however, with the allegation that mental illness is one of the common links in these random, senseless murders. But it is society that created many of these monsters by “trying” to “help”, after all they are “humans.”  Until they kill.  How many of these senseless slaughters could have been avoided if not just early identification of mental illness but the proper corrective steps had been taken?

Lastly, I said “one of the common links.”  Take a look at the mass and random murders over the past dozen years or so.  The other commonality?  They virtually were all Liberal, Left Wing or Left-Leaning folks.

Please, make a note of that.


Peace out Cub Scouts and enjoy your weekend.   Today is a very, very special day for two of my very close friends and fellow readers.  In a few short hours, Jim and Joe will be ordained Roman Catholic Priests in an Ordination ceremony in St. Agnes Cathedral.  Vocations are becoming rarer and rarer here in the US but we are blessed in our area to have Ordained a fair number of priests in the last few years.  Most of them receive this thing of ours, so we know they are well grounded patriotically and I can assure you that they are incredibly well grounded theologically.   I ask you to please keep them in your prayers and to pray for good and strong religious leaders regardless of your belief. (Youknowwhatimean.)


“They Call Me The Wanderer”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Wanderers and Wonderers :

Every once in a while, the Left does something so egregious that you really can’t believe your eyes and ears.  It is almost as if Spokesweasel Sideshow Carey got up and said “As we all know and we have covered this before the president has ordered the Sun to rise in the west so he does not get morning glare in his beautiful eyes.”

While Spokesweasel Sideshow Carney has said things equally as, er, stupid and insulting as that, generally we know he is on the grift and not to be taken seriously.

But not so much so with Bergdahl.

This is a marketing scheme.  While I am not at liberty to disclose all the info I have or the sources, suffice it to say that Biff & Co have been very interested in getting this clown back for some time now.

There is no one in the Maladministration, their payroll, their hired shills and the SRM (but I repeat myself) who is calling Bergdahl anything but a “POW.”

McCain was a POW, Robbie Risner was a POW, James Stockdale was a POW, Jeremiah Denton, who blinked T-O-R-T-U-R-E was a POW, and so on.

Eddie Slovak was a deserter.  And in 1945, he was the last American shot by firing squad for his crime.   And HE did not throw in with the enemy!

While I am not saying he should be shot, I am saying he is not a POW.

Of course, that does not stop the victims of some odd mental disease from the State Department and other places from claiming that that Bergdahl was a “POW.”

Of course, they make such pronouncements and allegations without one scintilla of truth or soupcon of fact.  A lie here, some invective here and they are weaving a tapestry of lies in support of Bergdahl.

The NEW YORK TIMES have made this their crusade, to show they love the troops, always have, always will.  (Oh, wait, no they don’t they have hated the military since before Biff was born.  [He started the following day.]  Recall the TIMES publisher, Pinch Sulzberger, who answered that if he had a choice between shooting a Viet Cong or a US soldier, he would shoot the US soldier.)

They are “swift-boating” those in Bergdahl’s platoon.  For some reason, The TIMES have all kinds of “information” about the guys in Bergdahl’s platoon.  Some are said to have had less than stellar civilian or military records, or so we are told and are led to believe.  They are being branded as psychopaths and having a grudge against their “blue falcon.”

But from where is that information coming?  The most logical place is that it came from interviews with the gentlemen in said platoon, right?

Er, except for one thing.

Everyone in Bergdahl’s unit signed a SF312 form.

What is that, you ask?  Well I had to look it up as well.  It is a Non-Disclosure Agreement.  Basically, NDA’s are usually demanded in sensitive mission situations or where high security clearances are needed.

So, my little question is if those who served with Bergdahl’s are prohibited from discussing certain elements of the period of time when he was on base until he did a flyer and thusfar no one who has served with him had anything good to say about him, then where is all this info coming from about his peers.

(And for what it is worth, not everyone in the military are angels, nor in any other job.  I find it, er, “curious” that the guys who, to a man, called him a deserter and questioned a lot more about him but are not allowed to be quoted or discuss all of a sudden seem to be a treasure trove of disseminating classified information, or at the very least, breaking the terms of the NDA.  And besides, if they were as bad as they are being portrayed, they would have all been Article 15’d out.)

No, sir, it is a con, a grift and lies like everything else from this cabal.  I can see some senior State dude saying:  “Look, we have these guys gagged, we can say anything and if they complain we can say they are traitors for divulging secrets.”

“How can they get away with this?” you ask, or should.

Good question. For openers this immoral group, in addition to things like dignity, honesty, patriotism, truthfulness and so on are also void in the valor department.

Let’s put that in perspective.

Susan Rice, whose only purpose is to have the least amount of credibility in the entire world since Benghazi, did it again.  This festering pile of otter droppings had the temerity to say that the deserter Bergdahl “served with honor and distinction.”

This horrible shrew would not know “honor” or “distinction” if she was hit abeam on her copious hindquarters.

Did anyone tell this idiot (apologies to idiots) that this deserter spent most of his time in “service” as a deserter?  He has no more honor or distinction than I have herds of unicorns or boxes of rainbows.

I almost want to give her a pass but instead I need to crucify someone.  Given that this witch unfamiliar with the truth, that she is a loose cannon in the sense she has no idea about what she says.  Her handlers are just as bad, they have no honor, no distinction, no sense of service and no military service.

Take a look around. If you ever wanted to see the greatest amalgam of tools for flag officers, you got it.  Are there any people in the Maladministration who have any military service?

In the last eighty years only three presidents did not serve in the military:  FDR, BJ Clinton and Biff.

What else do they have in common?

Socialists and NWO types.

Makes ya proud, right?

(Oh, Her Thighness, the Pantsuited One, hates the military as much as Biff and his beard do.)

There is no respect for the military in this Maladministration, none.  There is no sense of service, there is no sense of camaraderie.  There is no sense of inter-service rivalry.  They purged all the good Admirals and Generals, slowly but surely, over the years.  Now, you have tools and thugs who would sell their mother’s liver for another star.

So, when some applehead like Rice says anything about the military, she knows no better.  And she should be ignored.

But, as they say, ignorance of the law is no defense.

This onslaught of what a great guy Bergdorf is will not end.  The smearing of real heroes also will not end.  They will sell this bovine scatology until all the empty heads believe it then those who did serve with “honor and distinction” will be vilified and possibly sent to military prison where there are still a bunch of good guys who angravated Biff.

I need not remind you that Bergdahl’s appearance on the radar is anything but a co-inky-dink.

Bear in mind that this comes fresh on the heels of the VA scandal and Biff declaring war on coal.  (You don’t remember the coal speech?  See how good they are getting!)  They could have pulled this card any time they wanted.

What? You think this was a bing-bang-boom deal crafted by Biff and that is why he did not give Congress a legal thirty-day heads up?  Wanna buy some rainbow dust?

What you are seeing is not the end of “prisoners” in ‘Stan. What you are seeing is the first stage of the incremental evacuation of  GITMO in exchange of those to be kidnapped.

What you are seeing is the pimping of that &#$%&%$ Her Thighness.  (She hates Biff and Mooch, they hate her. But they are all on the same team and this was the deal what was brokered six years ago.) (Don’t tell me you forgot the Bilderberg thing…. Please!) (And she had breakfast with the CFR this morning.)

This is going to be the swindle and if they can’t swindle it, they will steal it.  And if they can’t steal it, they will just throw the rules out of the window.

It gets worse from here… (More on this and the testimony of the TV Repairman Hagel’s as we go on….)


“Kids, Guns, It Just Does Not Add Up!”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Math Fans:


N = R* x fp x ne x fe x fi  x fc x L

Some of you will recognize the above as the “Drake Equation.”  It has to do with the likelihood of there being other “intelligent” life in the solar system that we will be able to discover with radar, telescopes and other electrical signal detecting devices.

With a Saganesque “billions and billions” of stars in the universe, the probability that there are other life forms “similar” to humans is pretty high.  A lot?  No, but a few.   (This does not infer any attack on any belief, religious or scientific.)

But it is one of those equations that apropos of nothing that has given me pause for thought.  That and the bovine scatology masquerading as reporting and legal avenues.

The equation suggest that “N”, which is the number of detectible “civilizations” that may possible exist in the universe (or, multiverse, if you must) is the result of the rate of star formation in the universe multiplied by the fraction of those stars that may be surrounds by planets multiplied by average number of planets in a system that could possibly support life per star which  has planets multiplied by the fraction of planets which could possibly support life that actually do multiplied by the fraction of planets that actually do develop intelligent life multiplied by the fraction of civilizations that develop the technology needed to release electrical or other signs of their existence into space multiplied by the  length of time these civilizations release such signs into space.  (Simple, right?  LOL.)

In other words, not very many, Benny.

But, I posit, that the same model equation can be modified to express the reason why our Country is such a mess.

I will not bore you with the math but instead will bore you with some other facts and conjecture.

While it may be my own private Idaho, I ascribe many of the ills of the Country to the cessation of the Blue Laws.  As I have written too many times before, when the stores were closed on Sunday, families spent more time together.  Yes, there is more to it than that but that is the crux of the biscuit.

The greater conundrum occurs when it is patently obvious that poor parenting produces a fruit of spoiled rotten kids, such as that murderous bastiche Rodger out in Santa Barbara a few weeks back.

What has happened over the past few decades is that parents lost interest in parenting.  They were very interested in money, vacations, sex and all the other diversions that they were told to be important via television.

Kids became fixtures, or accoutrements, or nuisances or anything but the fruit of your loin.  In some cases it was intentional, in others it was visited upon you.

And while we are busy being bad parents all too many school systems were telling our kids we were even worse. They were instructed that premarital sex was expected, deviancy is the norm, we were founded by a cabal of slave owners and we are racist by nature. And the only hope this County has is for the youth to rise up and ignore their parents.

No matter how bad they are/were.

And to put the fix in, if some parent put his or her foot down all the kid had to do was complain and child protection services would be doing a proctologic exam on the parents.

And that is one of the reasons that the true nature of crimes is not being reported.

Take any newspaper or evening news.  Take note of the amount of crimes committed by juveniles.  Now, get a hold of the local police blotter.  How much more serious crime is NOT being reported?

Yep, and even more than that.

Now, look at the demographics of the perps.  Not just skin tone, you racist, but their income.

The poor White kid is going to get his 15 minutes of “fame” for a crime before the rich black kid.

The message here is that the only color that matters is green and if you do not have any, you are on your own.

Again, these are all things BETWEEN the lines. The SRM is not going to tell you to look for the anomalies or to read between the lines. They are going to tell you what you are supposed to be told.

(Much like the Bergdahl clusterfluke.  Public opinion has boomeranged against Biff and now there are apologies coming.  Meanwhile, we STILL have a Marine in Mexico but almost three dozen armed Mexican soldiers crossed our border.  Tell me, what kind of Kafkaesque world in which are we living?????????)

On an unrelated related note, hardly a week goes by that some restaurant chain announces that they are a now a “family friendly restaurant” and that means they are “gun free zones.”

Yup, you got that right, a “gun free zone.”  So, if you are allowed to carry, either by geography or permit, these restaurants have unilaterally abridged your 2nbd Amendment rights.

Yet, no one does anything about it.  Imagine if you went to Starbucks and they had a sign “In consideration for the feelings of our customers, there will be no criticism of the current administration.” (It is a trick question, Starbucks is anti-gun so there is no reason to go there.)

Let’s continue.   What happens when a place declares that they do not allow guns?  Anyone?  No…. they are not safer places.    You, over there, your opinion please.  Noooo… more people do not go there.  One more, yes, you in the ghillie suit… YES!  We have a winner!  That place gets robbed!

Connect the dots:  Liberal restaurant owners ban guns, liberal restaurants get held up by thugs with guns. Who do they blame?  LEGAL gun owners.  For some reason, they can’t see why it is their own fault.

Imagine if you put a note on your door that read: “NOTICE! I keep all of my money and jewels in the bottom right hand draw of my desk in the den.  DO NOT TOUCH!”

Imagine how thankful a burglar would be!

But are not the restaurants doing the exact same thing?  When the inevitable happens and they get robbed, they blame the White Hats.

(There is a page on FB “Gun Free Dining.”  They are idiots. I posted “So if you get robbed, who do you call?  A chef?”   That was deleted.  So I posted: “How many restaurants which have gone ‘gun free’ have been robbed?  When the cops come to collect the bodies, do you make them leave their guns outside?”  There were a few posts from “citizens” complaining that some restaurants had “no position” on lawful carrying.          I asked “how many of them have been robbed?” I am sure they are checking that out now.  BY ALL MEANS… go to that page and call them out on their anti-constitutional stance and cowardice.)

Let’s wrap this puppy up…

Under the category of “How We Got To This Point” allow me to posit the following.

When I was a kid, and I was not even anywhere near close to perfect (shock, I know) if I did anything wrong the last sound I heard before the pain set in was the sound of my dad’s belt coming through the loops on this pants.

I rarely made the same mistake twice but I did make quite a few once.  But, as I said, rarely twice. (Today, I prolly would have been diagnosed with some disorder and drugged up.)  For what it was worth and I assure you I resented him for it, I did learn and I came to realize that I deserved it.  Almost always.

As it says in Proverbs in the Bible “He who spares the rod, hates his child.”  Hates.  Yes, hates.  Because if you do not PROPERLY admonish your children, well, they are going to grow up with no self-respect, no respect for others or the law, will be overbearing and demanding and they will lash out more.  Yes, they become Liberals.   And in reality, these kids act up and act out as they do because all they want is their parent’s time and love.  But… nooooo!!!!!

So, feast your eyes on this:

A kid acted up, his father made him walk a mile home.  Big deal, I waked about a mile to school when I was a kid.

But, the father was arrested, tried and convicted.  (Read the article as it rips the legal eagles apart for their rationale!)

So, don’t carry a gun and when you get held up in a gun free zone, blame someone else.  Don’t reprimand your child them be shocked that he takes drugs, commits crimes and the like.   And don’t forget to blame someone else.

Here is what I want to see: someone who runs for president who says “I am going to undo all the evil over the past eight years.  If anything goes wrong you can blame me. I promise you that I will not let you down.”  And I would expect them to mean it!


“Eat An Impeach”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Earthlings:

(NOTE: From this morning’s FB Post:  “In case you attended school in the 80’s or later, today is D-Day. While I am sure the Libs have their panties in an uproar over this and Biff prolly sees it as a day of mourning as it hastened the end to a number of dictatorships, it was one of the most important days in the history of the world. This date in 1944, the Allies invaded Normandy and took back that beachhead which eventually allowed the good guys to push the Hun back to Berlin. The attack was the largest invasion [other than illegals coming over our border] in the history of warfare. From the Rangers and the Screaming Eagles parachuting to the scene in the darkness of night to the armada of ships depositing thousands and thousands of troops at the five beaches, it proved that good CAN and WILL and DID defeat evil. [Please, make a note of that.”])


(NOTE:  There is a link at the end of this issue.  It is MANDITORY     viewing.  Without that link, much of this issue and future ones will be rendered useless without this touchstone.  Thank you.)


Much of today’s issue falls under the category of: “I not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.

“I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said” – William F. Buckley

Any of you who know me or has read this thing of ours for any length of time knows that this is one of my favorite quotes from one the greatest minds…ever.

I have used this with great success in debate and argument.  As long as the other person is listening and they actually process what is being said you can actually reduce some liberals to tears.

To tears.

And, it feels good.  No, not the making a Liberal cry, like that is a great achievement, but that they actually had to put that statement next to theirs.   The desired result, crying in this case, suggests that they do not really believe to be true what they just said.  It is not a big victory, but it is a start.  And if done correctly, that Liberal will start to be circumspect in what they say and perhaps question their rationale.

But in these cases we are dealing with folks who have souls, who do want to do the right thing but are on the wrong track.  They are only steps away from being morally honest with themselves.

The problem comes from the moral bereft, the pathological liars, the criminals, the haters, the ideologues, the evil ones.

Yes, I am talking about most politicians and in particular the current crop of creatchures.

Many, MANY of you wrote to me this week over the story of the deserter, Bergdahl.  You were basically of two minds: He is a deserter and how dare Biff trot out his family like they were the parents of a MoH winner.  And how dare Biff 1) trade 5 high value Al Q’aeda bosses without approval for some scrawny-butt deserter then 2) Lie again and again and again.

Then of course there were those who were (still) calling for Biff’s Impeachment.  That thread will be the crux if this particular biscuit.

It does bear mentioning that one of Biff’s more egregious lies was that the not-so Fab Five will be safe-housed in Qatar, that there will be constant vigilance, essentially they will be under some form of house arrest and they are forbidden from leaving the country.

Qatar authorities reported that Biff was laboring under some kind of delusion.  The terrorists are in a Five-Star hotel and are free to come and go as they please, that they are under no restrictions of any kind and that was that.

(So, with the war in Afghanistan winding down, allegedly, and there are thousands of highly trained military dudes and dudettes out there and, well, something must be done to keep them busy, no?  I mean, according to many Liberals in Congress, Vets are terrorists [and they do not want them back here], not the Muzzies who have been blowing things up and killing people for almost half a century now. [And, yes, they have been doing is for almost 1400 years, I am referring to the new, improved, industrial strength terrorism.]  Do you think, just for a moment, that these five Haji, just might cook up something, somewhere?  You know to keep the military employed somewhere, say, Syria?  Jes’ sayin’.)

But, we are going to leave the deserter Bergdahl and his complicit family for now. We may revisit his treason, the odd spins, the weird responses, the strange bedfellows (From the Left Chris “Tingly Leg” Matthews thinks this was a terrible idea, from the Right Charles Krauthammer supports the deal.  Go Figger!)

That said and done, the lying liars who were lying about the lies and subsequent lies are still lying and will continue to lie about their lying lies as they lie again. (And I bet 100% of you know EXACTLY what I mean.)

In no specific order:  The Wh’ite House figgered, very wrongly, that We the People would be thrilled about this exchange of a five terrorists for a deserter.  Biff figgered that we God Believing (for the most part), America Loving, Military supporters would be ecstatic about getting back a “POW.”

We would be thrilled to get back a POW!  Deserters, meh.  Not so much so.

So, the WH puts out a “poor me” article, disseminated through the usual suspects like Media Matters and Politico.  Basically, it said, very paraphrasing, 99% of Americans are wrong, we did a good thing now, look, you hurt Biff’s feelings! Bad Americans.

Really, it was not far off from that.

Then they trot out the useful tools.  Here comes that poor, abused and addled Susan Rice to sell the companies soap.  Since Benghazi perhaps the only person in the Country/world/universe who has less credibility than Biff is Rice.  So, she did little to advance the cause.

A few dimbulbs from State, apparently trying out for a gig with TASS or PRAVDA went off on some incoherent tangent that Biff did the right thing, blah, blah.

The next day, after crying crocodile tears, the WH announces that they were, in fact, prepared for some push back, they “knew” it might be an unpopular decision, but, that does not stop the Man of Aluminum!

(Did you see him “working out” in the hotel gym in Poland?  The only thing sadder than a grown “man” pumping weights in the 8-10 pound category is for a Liberal mouth-breather network talking head saying “Obviously he is working on getting cut, doing many reps with low weight.”  Yeah, sure, if that is the case, with a ¼ pound bacon sandwich in one hand and a 12 ounce Abita Jockamo IPA in the other, I should be like razor wire.)

Then they flip flop again in a speech in Europe.  And I am sure by the time you read this they flipped and flopped again.

The problem is that you have a bunch of people, Biff and his assistants, hangers on, advisors, leaches, and so forth, telling him what to think, what they want him to think and they are not filtering any of this through the truth or sanity.

To synthesize this to get close to wrapping this edition, it is like Biff is a hot 20-odd year old drunk girl at a fraternity party.  There are all these jocks trying to compromise her positions by saying: “Hey, babe, have another drink and you know, no one cares if Bergdahl is a deserter and he converted to Islam, c’mon take a chance.”

Or, “No, no, no, I swear there is no one else but Bergdahl sweetie.  Besides, that Marine in the Mexican jail means nothing to me, we only hung out once when he swore his oath.”

“I swear, darling, I have learned from my mistakes! I promise I will never, ever leave anyone behind again!  Let’s go to the Situation Room”

Then the slut goes off with all of them.

I do not think Biff has anyone’s best interest but his in mind.  He does not care about what you think or what I think.  He cares about what he can get away with to advance his NWO agenda.  (Below, as promised.)

He is tone deaf, because his advisers are tone deaf, Kool-Aid drinking ideologues and haters.  Garbage in, garbage out.

Enough on this, lemme wrap this up.


Nope. Not going to happen.

And when you say “impeachment” you mean “removal from office”.  Those are two different things.  Clinton was impeached but not removed. I can’t imagine anyone wanting anyone impeached but allowed to stay in office.  (Impeachment is like being arraigned.)

Here is how it works.

First, he has to be impeached by the House.  Smoking Johnny has nowhere near the gonadature to try that.  But, let’s play along.  Biff is impeached! Now the next step in the Senate where there would be a trial.

Do you think for a New York minute that Dingy Harry is going to allow the trial to go on?  LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.


And even if he did, while it takes a simple majority in the House to impeach it takes a two-thirds supermajority to convict.

So, the first logical step is to elect supermajorities in BOTH houses, to be on the safe side, of good, honest Constitutionalists , most likely Republicans and Conservatives.

Fine, so, sometime early 2015 the proceedings start.  He  is impeached then convicted.

Then there are a million get-out-of-jail free presidential pardons handed out.  Someone puts a stop to that, Biff gets his panties in a wad, calls martial law, suspends the Constitution and declares himself King of the Realm.

Just in case you think I am kidding, two things.

First, read back over the past six years or so, what is my batting average?  And regarding Biff it is almost 1000%

Now, recall, the Fabian Society, the desire to take over the world.  The fact that they are willing to go slow.  It has been 130 years since they were formed,  they have an unabashed Marxist/Statist running, or rather, at the head of the greatest Country in the world.  They are T-H-I-S close to achieving their dream of world domination.

Do you think they are going to say “Dern it, Biff was impeached! Back to the drawing board.”

Not a chance in hell.

Watch this video VERY closely. Watch it 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 times if you must, until you get what he is saying. Then, get back to me…

“None Dare Call It Treason – Oh, Wait, I Do!”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


Genesis 3:19

My Friends and Fellow Sidewinders:

“I, XXXXXXXXXX, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military JusticeSo help me God.”

(How many of you actually said or was standing next to someone who said “State your name” after “I”.  Hmmm…. Thought there would be fewer…)

I was thinking about this the other day, I am sure you know why.  So, let’s parse the Oath of Enlistment many of us took.

“Support and defend the Constitution.”  Pretty straight forward.  Kinda wish that the members of Congress and OTHER elected creatchures who swore to do the same, would.

“Against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic.”  OK, this is not supposed to be a trick question and it was not one until January 2009.  To beat this dead horse, you really need a scorecard in some cases to know who the real enemies are.  But the bottom line is in your heart of hearts YOU do know who the enemies are.

“Obey the orders of the President of the United States…”  Again, should not be a problem but to be 100% candid, it is like the Pope and the Church.  The Pope can say and do whatever he wants but if and only when he is speaking ex cathedra on matters of doctrine MUST he be obeyed.  IMHBVAO, the president can say and do whatever he wants, and this one certainly does, but if and only when his words comport with the Laws of the Land must he be obeyed.  I think anyone in any position who take a loyalty oath to the president is not bound to it of said president instructs one to do something illegal. Like, shoot US Citizens.  Just sayin’.

“And the orders of the officers appointed over me…”  Dang skippy you do.

“…according to regulations and the Unified Code of Military Justice.”  And those are not that tricky to follow.

“So help me God.”  Note: “God.”

Now, enter the traitor Bowe Bergdahl.

Old Bowe has been a “prisoner” for some five years in the hands of the Taliban.  He must be something special as the gum’mint has been looking for him all that time.  Troops have been lost, millions spent but they could not find him.

(BTW, there is ONE Marine being held by the Mexican “Authorities.”  We know EXACTLY where he is.  But, Biff and Co. will not do anything to help him.  You see, he crossed into Mexico in possession of legal rifles and the Federales de Mexico locked him up.  I wonder if the Marine was smuggling Korans in to Mexico and he got locked up…. Just sayin’.)

All of sudden like, Bowe is getting his skinny butt released.  He is sick, they say.  He may not make it, they say.  He has forgotten how to speak English, they say.  They say a lot of stuff, sadly none of it is true. Or, as true as they say.

You see, Soldier Bowe was disillusioned with Afghanistan.  Can’t say I blame him, most people in a war zone are not thrilled. But he DID take that oath above.

There are tales that prior to his “disappearance” he wrote emails complaining and intimating that he might do a runner.  Allegedly his father “destroyed” the emails.  Yeah, good luck with that.  Ask Anthony Weiner.  They are out there somewhere and I think Biff has them under lock and key.

Now, out of the blue, all of a sudden and as a distraction to the VA scandal here comes word that “POW” Bergdahl is “coming home.”

(You thought this was a one-off?   You thought this had no connection to anything else? Where have you been?  NOTHING happens in this Maladministration without a purpose.  They tipped their hands ages ago when they said never to let a good crisis go to waste.)

Now, news alerts, breaking news emails and all the attendant hoo-hah is being broadcasted that our “only POW held by the Taliban” is being released.  Thank God! (Er, no, not God, as we shall see.)

Cut to the scene of the crime, the Wh’ite House.  Here comes Biff with his arm around this woman, who is Bergdahl’s mother.  Biff is holding her in such a way one might be excused for a moment that he liked girls.  Tagging behind the couple is this odd looking chap with a long blond beard.

Hmmmm… but we will come back to that.

Biff bloviates and blows up our collective skirts about some fact, some lie and some just downright fable about Bergdahl.

Then Bergdahl Sr. steps up to the mike and says: “Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim” as Biff smiles broadly.  He stated at first that his little boy is having difficulty speaking English, so, he says a few phrases then add “I am your father, Luke!”  (OK, he did not say “Luke.”)

The average Joe or Jane prolly would not question any of that. But I cry foul.  I am purty dang sure that all of a sudden even after five years, this chap did not “forget how to speak” his native tongue.

That is unless he learned and became expert in another language and was immersed in it. Like Pashtu.  Or Arabic.  After all, if you are with peeps who do not speak your language, you still THINK in it, no?

But, put that aside for a moment.  The words he said “bismillah al-rahman al-rahim,” is the heard the most famous war cry of Islam.  It is Arabic for “In the name of Allah the most gracious, the most merciful.”

He did not say “I am your father” in Arabic but used that as a ruse to, to, to what?  Say an Arabic war cry?  I mean the guys who were holding him knew what his deal was.  Was he just giving them and the world a nod and a wink?

Oh, BTW, as he is speaking in Arabic and calling on their god, Biff is smiling.  He KNOWS what it means.

Oh, BTW, check this father out in contradistinction to the father of the boy killed by Rodgers last week.  A totally different demeanor, and yes, totally different situations.  But look at the eyes of this father.  There is something different, distant, perhaps sinister and evil.  Just sayin’.

But, this a tour de force for Biff & Co., to negotiate the release of one of our own! What a guy! Finally he does the right thing.

Or, does he?

Except he broke a handful of laws to do so, infractions that some of even his own party suggest that Biff committed high crimes and misdemeanors.  He or someone by his orders negotiated with an enemy, negotiated with an entity that is not a sovereign state and released against any number of laws, known terrorists from Gitmo.

(And to put that in perspective, Biff did not consult with the “leadership” of Afghanistan, has prolly broken a number of laws by taking citizens of one country to a second –third or fourth – and dictating the terms of their freedom/incarceration, had known terrorists removed from Gitmo, which demands that Congress be given a 30-day written notice and not the middle-finger instead and more.   Biff conveniently sloughs it off with the announcement that he issued “Executive Orders”, so it is all cool.  Someone is going to learn a very hard lesson about taking the law into your own hands, but I am not sure if it is he or We the People. [I will be writing on that.])

(And as a bonus, when your Director of Central Intelligence is a Muslim…..)

(I am sure that the year in Qatar will mellow the Fab Five Terrorists and they will learn a trade like wood working or plumbing.  Or, be back fighting the infidels within weeks.  Can’t say for sure, but don’t look for these guys on “Angie’s List.”)

As for our little wayward sergeant.  Let’s look at him a little deeper.

He was not kidnapped, he walked away from his post and his weapon and allowed himself to be taken by Haji.  He is a deserter at best. And if he gave ANY aid or comfort to Haji, he is a traitor.

Before you think I am being harsh in my rash pronouncements, let’s overlay the oath of enlistment over his actions:

Did he support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic?

Did he bear true faith an allegiance to the same?

Did he obey the order of the President?

Dunno.  Maybe he did.

Did he obey the orders of the officers appointed over him according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice?


So help me God.


So, Biff pulls this stunt to distract us from the VA clusterfluke.  He trots out a seemingly nice set of parents. ‘Cept the mom does not mind being fondled by Biff.  And the father, yes, that beard.

That beard is not just a regular beard.  It is a beard of Islamic proportions as the main beard is unkempt and unclipped. But the moustache is.

(Not so sure?  Take a look at ALL the tangos out there, from the handful of recent residents of Cuba to UBL himself.  Ugly, scraggly beards but a trim moustache.   Now, look at the blond facial hair of Bergdahl Sr.  I rest my case.)

This is not over my friends, not by a long shot.

With some on the Left calling out Biff on this, I can only imagine what kind of scandal or crisis is going to have to “pop up” to take our attention off the possible traitor whose “release” was prolly a cover up for the VA scandal which just happened to see light as the Benghazi hearings were gearing up which… you get the picture.

(The next thing to keep your eyes on is Syria….)