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“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Goldfish:


(Today is Halloween.  It is allegedly the scariest day of the year.  Funny, when people talk of good times and happy days they say “Every day is like CHRISTmas” or “Every day is like my birthday.”  But with this cast or characters in their frightening costumes as “Toad Boy” [Reid], “Stone Face” [Pelosi], “Cat-Dog” [Biff, and I want you to REALLY think about that one], “Multimouth” [Spokesweasel Sideshow Carney] and so on with the evil, total evil and abject evil they create, represent and promote, until we can rid ourselves of them, EVERYDAY will be like Halloween….  God Help Us All!)

As you know, I have a great sense of humor, at least I think I do and that is a start.  I can find something funny in almost anything except the Socialists ruining our Country, hurting a child or blasphemy.

I love the old Marx Brothers movies, oddly enough.  Karl, not so much so, but Groucho, Chico, Harpo, Zeppo and Gummo, wow, love those guys!

Today, I heard someone say “…and two hard boiled eggs” when placing an order at the deli.  I was immediately reminded of “A Night at the Opera” where there are a few people in the stateroom and they want something to eat.  Groucho, outside the room, finds the steward and starts ordering masses of food. “…Two poached eggs, two fried eggs, two scrambled eggs and two medium boiled eggs.”  From the room, you hear Chico say “And two hard boiled eggs.” To which Groucho adds “And two hard boiled eggs” and Harpo on the bed (I think he had insomnia, but he was sleeping it off) hits his horn and Groucho corrects himself with “Make that three hard boiled eggs.”

And it goes on…

But, the Muse huffed.  She said, “Sure that is funny but why are they on the boat in the first place and what is the connection to this mess Biff is foisting on us?”

I had no idea it was going to be a quiz!

But I am sure you have all seen this movie (and if not, shame on you!  ALL the Marx Brothers movies will lift your spirits and have you laughing out loud), but the Muse was right.  Why were they on the boat?

If you know the movie, good on ya, if not, there is no need for set up.  From the script, in Chico’s words:

“So now I tell you how we fly to America. The first time-a we start-a, we get-a half way across when we run out of gasoline and we gotta go back. Then I take-a twice as much-a gasoline. This time we were just about to land, maybe three feet, when what do you think? We run out of gasoline again. And back we go again and get-a more gas. This time I take-a plenty gas. Wella we getta half way over … when what do you thinka happen? We forgota the airplane. So we gotta sit down and we talk it over. Then I getta the great idea. We no taka gasoline. We no taka the airplane. We taka steamship. And that, friends… is how we fly across the ocean.”

Now, some of you are already thinking ahead.  You may be right or not.  So, before I grade you on your suspicions, check this little vignette the Muse and I have worked out!

“Wow, I do not feel well, I am going to the doctor.”


“Because I do not feel well, what are you, deaf?”

“What? Sorry, old joke.  But why bother going to the doctor?”

“A’cause I am paying out the wazoo for health care insurance.  And I intend to get my money’s worth!”

“Er, yeah, good luck with that!”

“What do you mean? We pay a ton for insurance, we need to take advantage when we can!”

“Aw, that is sooo cute!  You think just because you pay for insurance that you will see a doctor or receive medical care.  You are a jewel!”

“Are you stupid?  We have health insurance!”

“No, dear, YOU are!  We HAVE health insurance but we have NO GUARANTEE of any kind of health care!”


Do you remember our old friend Dr. Berwick?  Sure you do, he is the Kevorkian-like creatchure who Biff wanted to run “healthskare.”

(He could not get past nomination because of his radical views so, Biffo made one of his “allegedly” illegal recess appointments and stayed in post until he was forced to vacate as there was no way he would ever pass muster.  How bad is this a’hat?  Look at who DID pass muster… Stedman, Mrs. Mengele [aka Sibelius], Janet from Another Planet, and so on…)

You see, one of his big pitches was, well, a series of lies.  He compared the US to the UK.  Let me tell, back in the 70’s the NHS basically sucked and it has only gotten worse in the ensuing decades.  The only numbers which have steadily risen are deaths. (Need more proof?  As the old joke goes: “One Word: British Dentistry.”)

It is a little hard to get a quick glance at the stats.  If you are interested, check out Brittan’s health website, link below.  You will note some of the reporting is up to five years behind.  Ours will only be worse.  It is off since BEFORE day one.

So Berwick made the contention that it took (paraphrasing): “9% of the UKs GDP to have health ‘coverage’ for everyone where in the US, it took 17% for our population.”  Note, he does not say what WE have and his term is amorphous are best and a lie at worst. So, let’s call it a lie.

But the 100% of Brits who have “coverage” may have to wait weeks, months or even expire before they even see a “medical professional” let alone treatment.

(NB:  Even here as now, you may not even see a doctor here or even have a doctor.  Take a look, there are more and more “PA’s” – Physician Assistants – than ever before. And many private practices and hospitals are closing up and there are more clinics and “urgent care” facilities.)

What Berwick did not say in his comparison is that irrespective of the political implications, the United States has the best health CARE in the world.

But, you see, Berwick, Biff, Mrs. Mengele and the rest see “healthcare” as a “right” and we can take great comfort knowing their respect for “rights.”  <Snicker.>

But that is the same pelosi argument as killing a baby is a “right” for women’s health care.

In other words, when the Marxists/Socialists want you to bite the bait and get sucked into something a normal person would recognize as a scam, they call it a “right.”

So, you have the “right” to kill your baby (you know how I feel about this), you have the “right” to “health care”, you have the “right” to a house, you have the “right” to a cell phone, you have the “right” to be forced to join a union and so on.

If fact, you have all kinds of rights that those stupid, White old men could not fathom all those many years ago!

They thought you had only the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!   How provincial!

They could not have conceived the need for a “right” to a 60 inch flat screen TV, the “right” to cable TV and the “right” to a high-speed internet connection.

After all, we must be fair to those old imperialist racists!  They had no such amenities as running water, electricity, television, cars or the like.  They must be excused for having such a limited view into the future.

Indeed, those poor addled men whose brains were obviously affected by wig-powder.  They had such quaint notions as a belief in God (and if not God per se, a Supreme Being), the goodness of character, a willingness to help the community and to, gasp, actually WORK for a living!

Now, we have the “right” to sell our votes to the highest bidder in order to keep our adipose a$$e$ right where they belong: in front of the free big screen in our free apartment watching the View.

Funny, and typical, when you think of it.  The Left is giving us more and more crap sandwiches on stale bread described as “rights” while they are simultaneously robbing the larder of filets and rib-eyes, which are the Freedom of Speech, Religion, Press, Assembly, the right to bear arms, to vote and so on and so forth.

You get the point.

Enough for now, more to come kids….


“5 OF…”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Goldfish:

BREAKING NEWS:  Time to pull together as a team.  As I write this as a post-script (yes, only Precious can START a letter with a PS) on Tuesday morning, my good friend, Command Sergeant Major William Bennett, is landing in Afghanistan. He will be checking into FOB Lightning, not exactly a Hilton when you consider that “FOB” refers to “Forward Operating Base.”  He has all the hardware; Sapper, Airborne, Air Assault, a trio of BSM’s and a heck of a nice guy, great husband and father to a great eight year old son.  He is attached to the Tenth Mountain Division and they are rotating into the crap. I ask you all to keep BJ in particular and all of our troops in your prayers for their safety, safe return and comfort for their families.  I am posting his address below in the usual spot.  Please take advantage of it.  Thanks!)


Does it get any better?  Nope.  Can it get much worse?  Yup!  But, no worries, they are working on it.

Again, for clear disclosure I have been off line for the past week and a half.  Through the miracle which is the internet, I was able to send out issues last week which were written the week before.  But, during that time, I was out in God’s Country visiting the kids and grand kids. So, I was not on the computer, by choice. 

And with three, or four at times , young kids in the house, the news rarely gets its turn on the telly. So, as I write this then and there (?) I am a little behind on current events, catching perhaps thirty minutes of news and sports during that time.

That said, and knowing the creatchures (not a typo) of this kakistocracy, I am sure there was no good news from the District of Criminals.

I did catch a Kafkaesque moment with Biff excoriating his personal frankenstein.  For some reason, the hundreds of millions of people he expected to sign up for his wonderful theft of liberty and heath care were overestimated by many orders of magnitude.

Despite the fact that he kept his word and the health care costs DID go down, the millions were either unable, uninterested or deterred from accepting the Mark of the Beast.

Yes, you long time readers will recognize the vituperativeness of the Muse and her vitriol tinged with truth.  You see, it IS true that the premiums went down initially in three states.  But that does not deter Biff from claiming that he was correct and the other 94% can be written off as a statistical anomaly and within the margin for error.

Knowing that the system could not handle more than fifty-thousand requests a day, he and his pinions knew this was an epic fail even before they started.

This means that in a “perfect-storm of a world” it would take well over EIGHT YEARS for everyone who would want to sign up for it to do so.  And it has taken some “folks” hundreds of attempts just to get registered. (I shink few are that eager.)  Even then, people have been booted out or timed out before they could actually get OBAMASKARE.

Given that, and with the glacier-like speed at this Maladministration does anything FOR We the People, in contradistinction at the warp speed at which they do anything TO We the People, it may be during the Clinton Administration by the time they gets the bugs worked out.  (No, not her Thighness’, but Chelsea’s.) (I am kidding, I am just seeing if you are paying attention.)

Oh, my little reference to the Mark of the Beast is only partly in jest.  One needs to add the bit from Dante’s Inferno round out the syllogism.

The term “Relinquo tutus spes quicumque penetro hic” completes the  deal.

Once you have capitulated and went to the dark side and accept OBAMASKARE, that is it, you are done, you are in it forever unless a future Administration backed by good people in Congress undo that clusterfluke.

But wait, there is less.

Read this and tell me what you think of this: “You have no reasonable expectation of privacy regarding any communication or data transiting or stored on this information system.”

Of course this means that EVERYTHING on the website and all attendant transactions, such as your social security number, your health status, your financial information and so on.  Basically the 1st, 4th, 14th and prolly the rest of the Amendments in some manner or form will be no longer available to you as you have signed your life, health and freedoms away.

You would never sign up for this, right?   I mean you would definitely read the terms and conditions for something like this, right?

Do whatever you want, but despite the fact that you must agree to this, you do not get so see it.  It is in the source code of the program.  Of course, this is not revealed to you before you agree. In fact, it is not even there when you do agree.  You first have to accept the deal THEN look at the code to find it in order to read it.  (Sound familiar?)

But, as bad, evil and duplicitous as that is, it is even worse than that!  The hint that you are now the object of a prison dating event, at least you can see that it you know where to look for it, but of course the damage is already done.

However, the full text of this is: “You have no reasonable expectation of privacy regarding any communication or data transiting or stored on this information system.  At any time, and for any lawful Government purpose, the government may monitor, intercept, and search and seize any communication or data transiting or stored on this information system.  Any communication or data transiting or stored on this information system may be disclosed or used for any lawful Government purpose.”  Whatever a “lawful gov’t purpose” might happen to be or be interpreted.

And whatever an “information system is.”  Is it their mainframe?  Is it your laptop, iPad or phone?  “I’ll take ‘Worst Outcomes for $200,000,000 Alex!’”

And when it is too late, then Dante’s admonition comes all too true:  “Abandon hope all ye who enter here.”

But, don’t worry, don’t pay any attention to the woman behind the curtain, on Biff’s screwed-up planet, none of the above is the least bit worrisome!  The problem is getting you proles hooked up.

(Case in point.  The Declaration of Independence is written on one large sheet of paper. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are contained on four pages.  The administration of OBAMASKARE is five-hundred-million lines of CODE.)

See the following for additional information on this debacle.

Bear in mind, from what I understand, once you make the attempt to start your account you are hooked and there is no escape, all hope must abandoned.

Yet, when I see Biff getting all angravated with his false anger, I see one more lie come to fruition.  Again, being a Fabian and desiring a One World Order, it makes NO difference how long this mess takes.  And, it is all becoming clear now. 

The goal is not heath care, in fact, that is a lie, it is death care.  But that is not the point.  As stated, once you pierce the veil, you are captive.  If you are trying to get hooked up on this as you are uninsured and if it takes six months and come January you are still not hooked up, you have NO health care and subject to penalty. if I am reading this correctly.

So, if you have heath care or not, that is not the issue.  Once you have made the attempt you are part of the machine.  As far as getting medical care. WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE

(Ideally            , according to some of those NWO types, the world would be a perfect place with no more than 500,000,000 people.  Yes, you are right, there are some 7,000,000,000,000 people on Earth.  Yes, that means they will have to kill or let die off 6,500,000,000 of us.)

Now, we play the waiting game. I am sure more pelosi will float to the top.  Then comes the blame game, the “gotcha”, the “who else was involved”, the hearings and ultimately the Republicans will get blamed for everything.


“4 OF…”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Goldfish:



Some dimbulb news breather from ABC News had a little sitdown with Biff.  I’m sure she is still orgasmic based on her drooling and squirming while in the presence of our feckless “leader.”

Lord knows what they talked about as I was busy getting a perm but they showed a clip on the news.  Blondie asked a question posed by one of her kids, I shink: “(My child) wants to know what is the coolest thing about being president.”

A good person night take a moment to think about it for a moment, perhaps even repeat the question to himself.  A good person would try to craft the correct reply as his audience is one child out of the entire Country.

A good person might suggest doing things to help people.  A good person might say awarding a Medal of Honor to “one of his military.”  A good person might say that he can make sure all kids get a proper education.  A good person might even trot our OBAMASKARA as a cool thing.

Alas, Biff is not a good person.  He is an evil person.  EVIL.

When asked that truly powerful question, one which may have made a difference to a child, AH-1 says, without missing a beat: “I think the coolest thing is that if there’s somebody interesting who’s doing anything -– a scientist, a sports figure, a writer, anybody in the world –- if I want to call ’em up and talk to ’em, they will answer my phone call. And that’s a pretty cool thing,”

(I am sure the kid was not disappointed in that answer. She set the bar low and even then he screwed up.  The kid thought the coolest thing would be to “hang out with Jay-Z and Beyoncé.”)

There are so many teachable moments here:  the sycophancy of the Media, the posed questions, the slobbering over his every word, a reporter doing a piss-poor job raising a child who has an unreal vision of real life and topping that pelosi sundae was the cherry himself, Biff saying (let me paraphrase): “Me, Me, Me, I Me, I, Me, Me, Me.”

I believe this was near the end of the commercial interview.  It was almost like Biff saying: “Sweetie, you don’t have to keep telling me how great I am, let me tell you how great I am!”

(I have another tidbit, but that will be another issue.)


“The beast goes on”, to misquote a former boss’s ex-wife.

Let’s look back over the introductory issues to this series.  What have we learned?  Have we learned ANYTHING new?

Nope.  Not at all.  Not a sausage.

You could take virtually every FISH written over the past six or seven years and overlay anyone of them over the past three issues and there would be nothing outside the lines of anything.

While there may be some contextual or textural differences, the overall message has not changed.

As I write this, at least this part, I am still in New York and as I write this the Senate will vote on the debt limit and things stay EXACTLY the same.

You see, the Socialists will win and get EVERYBLOODTHING they wanted because they did not have to fight the Republicans, the Republicrats were fighting the Conservatives.

If you heard Dingy Harry the ELF speak at any time, you heard a bitter, hateful little weasel excoriating the Right, lumping ALL the Republicans together as if they were in lock-step like his little brown-shirted Democrats.

Meanwhile on the other side of the aisle you have the Cruz’s, the Lee’s, the Spence’s, the Gowdy’s, the Goermert’s and some others against an vilified by the McLame’s, the Goober Grahams, the Pete King’s and the rest of the Republicrats who take their marching orders from the Dems.

Say what you will about the Liberals, and there is a lot and very little good, they stick together.

One lies, the other swears to it, the Spokesweasel Sideshow Carney pronounces it gospel, and the faithful scribes report it in the gazettes.

I have said this before and I am sure I will again.  The greatest strength of the Right is also their greatest weakness.  They ARE the big tent party, they ARE willing to have differing ideas, they ARE able to have honest discourse about their different views and all that is great and a good foundation for a fair and honest gov’t.

The problem is that they are all too eager to arrange the circular firing squad rather than standing up to the Socialists, Marxists and petty criminals.

OK, my head is going to explode.  Will end this abruptly, will try to pen on from points west and get back on schedule next week.

“3 OF…”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Goldfish:


So, where were we?

We have a terrorist having been spirited into the Country without the hue and cry like when they tried to bring in KSM et al, there was a meticulously planned “spontaneous” shut down of the national parks and memorials, then the more than likely “dry-run” of shutting off EBT cards in some places and turning off the limits in others, so far.

But, it is early.

And to add insult to injury, Wal-Mart may be on the hook for the thievery.  Lessee, Wal-Mart accepts EBT cards (they do not have to), and who knows how long it takes to get reimbursed by the gov’t for things they sell at very short margins  The gov’t screws up and thousands of Democrats (and possibly a few Republicrats – someone prove me wrong) go on a wonton shopping spree and… Wal-Mart is responsible.

Trey Williams from the Louisiana (Geaux Saints) Department of Children and Family offered this response worthy of Orwell or Kafka:  “These businesses are only reimbursed for the benefits on the card, and they are completely responsible. So if someone had $50 dollars (sic) on their card, and they spent $100, the retailer, in this case Wal-Mart, would be on the hook for the other $50.”

Sooooooo…. If they have $50 on the card and they buy more the retailer is responsible.  Er, and excuse me for thinking clearly (and as I do not have an EBT I do not have firsthand knowledge), the way the story was written is that the peeps went on a buying frenzy when it was noticed that they had an unlimited balance.

If any knows how this works, please let me know. But based on what I read, when you present your card, it gives you a real time balance before and after the transactions.  Based on that, if some peeps had an “unlimited balance” then, in that case and only in that case, if the person spent more than infinity dollars should Wal-Mart or anyone be liable.

Again, I see this as a dry-run.

I want you to get into the Way Back machine and go to the FISH I sent out about five years ago as well as one a year or so later.

Recall, in my “discussion” on Steven Chu, the Sec of Energy who hates energy, that there was a very large push to use “electric” or hybrid cars.  Part of the flawed logic is that the electric cars produce zero emissions.

Unless the Liberal owner of a 100% electric car has his own water turbine or an amazingly large number of people on stationary bikes hooked up to a generator, the chances are very good that the “zero emission” electric car is powered by…. COAL.

(In an exercise of mirth, I love to challenge the hemp-wearing Libs who own such a vehicle as to their motivation for owning such a machine.  One of the top reasons you are told is that “It is good for the environment.”  Then you hit him with the right jab of “So, you think coal fired power plants do not pollute?” Then you come back with the left hook of “And, when it is time, how do you intend to dispose of the batteries which are made of so many heavy metals that they have a half-life close to plutonium?  And, don’t forget all the pollution of these dangerous chemicals used in their manufacture.”)  (And lest you think I am being unfair, I do not know anyone who owns an electric car and only one person with a Prius. And he swears he was hypnotized into buying it.)

All that said, what I wrote back then was the electric car had three very large liabilities: it has a limited range, it took a long time to recharge and IF THERE WAS NO ELECTICITY YOU WERE STUCK.

Now, fast forward a few years and the discussion on OBAMASKARE.  Recall the bit where we talked about student loans and their inclusion in this “bill.”  To summarize, I opined that per the “bill”, the state (no longer capitalized in this case) will determine who gets “kash for kolledge” but in trade they will determine what course said student will follow.

And in appreciation, the recently graduated will be thrilled to take whatever position that are told to take anywhere in the country. (Again, at that stage of the game, no longer capitalized.)

High School Senior:  “Hi, I’d like a student loan, please.”

The Loan Arranger: “Fine, let me check out your credentials, transcripts, financials, voting records, health records, DMV records, financials of your parents, their voting records and a few dozen other things.  Sit tight for a minute.”

HSS:  “I would like to go to UNC and study medicine! I want to be a doctor!”

TLA:  “Well, isn’t that nice!  You will be attending Slippery Rock State Teachers College and you will be a kindergarten class teacher’s aide in Minot, North Dakota.

HSS: “What?? I don’t want to be a teacher’s assistant in North Dakota!”

TLA:  “I don’t recall asking you what you wanted to do or where, you asked me for a loan.  And you came t-h-i-s close to being a diver at a water treatment plant, had your parents not changed party affiliations back in 2016!)

(For the record, Slippery Rock is a very fine teachers college. And I have nothing against Minot.  And this will be the last time I explain things in order not to offend anyone.  If you don’t know me by now….)

So, how close is Xerox “accidentally” messing with someone’s EBT card by either turning it off or turning it wide open to “turning off” your electricity?  Or “turning off” your school choices?

Or, turning off your credit card?  (Take a look at Revelation 13:17 for an eye-opener.)

And while all that is happening pretty much off the radar, after all,
how much of any of that have you heard in the SRM?  Or, as the shutdown of the parks and memorials have been on the QT, the story we had been fed of late is of the Republicrats and their unwillingness to only do everything Biff & Co want them to do and the debt ceiling, which involves the Fed, which is part of the Club.

We are not hearing about the terrorist now on our soil.

We are not hearing about Iran and their nukes, which was soooo important a few weeks back.

We are not hearing about Syria, against whom we were going to declare war (on one side or the other, who really knows.)

We are not even hearing about the three stooges; The Evil Hillaroo, The Dumb JoeBama and the Pandering Pimp of Pomposity WTLF Kerry.

And you need to THINK about all of that.

No, not the terrorist per se, after all the law has been broken and now that the veil is ripped, other tangos can come north. And, no, not even Iran or Syria.  And, no, not even the debt “crisis” or the “CR”.   None of those things are important.

Now, for 1.2 billion temporary bonus points for ninety-days, what is the commonality in those things?


Nope, I am not telling you, not yet anyway.   Feel free to post your answer on the website or on Facebook.  Talk amongst yerselves.

As you read this, I am enjoying a well-deserved vacation with my kids and their kids, my beloved grands, in very clement climes.

However, as I write this, it is a miserable day in New York.  Heck, between that and the salutation, I have all but given you the answer.

“2 of…”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Goldfish:

As I just finished the last issue a few minutes ago real time, or two days since that issue was sent, recall that I admonished you to read between the lines. 

What is not being reported?  What is going on that the SRM is not telling us?

Well, a lot.

They did not report the big rigs that descended on DC wreaking havoc on the roads. 

There was scant attention paid to the closings of the national parks and memorials.

There were CERTIANLY no reports about the WWII Memorial being closed. Ditto the Vietnam Wall.  And so on. 

And I did not see any reports on the SRM that questioned why it cost FAR more money to make sure an open area was, well, closed. Why the gov’t spent prolly millions a day making it as difficult as possible to stand right out in the open.

I can see closing the doors of the Library of Congress, turning off the lights and sending people home to save some cash.  But to set up barricades and have state troopers and other cops standing by so that people could not pull off on the shoulder of the road, as they have for decades, to take a gander at Mount Rushmore!  I am surprised that petty little tyrant did not cover it with large sheets.  You know, for our own good.

And the capper came over the weekend.   With the memorials shut down and barricaded, some brave Vets said “Bravo Sierra!” and took down the barricades and carried them to the Whi’te House and deposited them there.

And being the bold and decisive “leader” that he is, a few minutes later allegedly Marine 1 took off from the Wh’ite House with Biff strapped in and prolly cowering.

Meanwhile, back on the mall there was the fiesta for the illegal aliens, normally a great occasion for the SRM.   They usually highlight these fine folks who broke the law by breaking into our Country and are now the bestest little brown folks in the world! Well, it turned out that they were not so bestest from a citizenry standpoint.

There was a little tricky, after all the Mall and all memorials were shut up.  But the illegals were allowed to have a big-assed party and gathering and speeches and so on.  And over 200 of these cute little criminals were arrested.  And with them eight members of the House of Representatives.  And not for anything, technically, the los illegals have no standing in Congress. 

But back up.  No, not to the point where Biff sent the state coppers to close down a hotel on gov’t property, NOT a property that COSTS money but one that PAYS money.  (Sounds about right, huh?)

You see there is one other thing that the SRM is not reporting and oddly enough, it is something we have all seen over and over again in the SRM, but I am sure it is an oversight.

If this shut down was a “spontaneous” reaction by Congress (and when I say “Congress” in this case I mean Biff and Jarrett), ask yourself, “what was the one thing that was common to all of the sites that was in the SRM.”

Think about it.  Think of the one thing that was seen at EVERY closing.

Here is a hint: “Because of the federal government shutdown, this National Park Service facility is closed.”

Yes!  These very words neatly printed with those words, the NPS logo and all on high quality paper stock, most were laminated and they appeared OVERNIGHT! 

Not a few for Washington DC, but THOUSANDS for VERY NPS facility in the Country.

What are the odds that every manager of a NPS facility got a midnight phone call telling them to close their park the following morning and they crafted the same sign, all went to the local Kinko’s and had the same, laminated sign made?

The NY Mets have a better chance of winning the Superbowl (yes, I know…) than that bit of a nationwide spontaneous idea occurring.

My friends, within HOURS of the Democrats AGAIN rejecting a more than fair and reasonable CV, there are matching signs put up all over our Country?


If this gov’t is THAT efficient that it can get thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of signs made up and delivered within hours, then they are certainly efficient enough to figger out how to cure all of our ills.

Because the other possibility is, well, criminal.

The other possibility is that weeks or even months in advance these signs were made and staged ready to be sent off to the various locations.  And said packages were sitting in the various  Ranger Smith’s offices with some kind of official seal with some kind of warning not to open package under pain of being hand-cuffed to SheJack for a month.

Now, let that sink it.  Which scenario is more plausible: The one where there was a spontaneous genesis of an idea of the EXACT same sign that was the EXACT same size, with the EXACT same words?  You know, an early Halloween Miracle!

 Or, the one that the spending of prolly millions of dollars to make the signs, ship them, create some kind of failsafe to bar against prying eyes created and had in place the day the West Wing decided to shut the gov’t things that We the People ACTUALLY like.

When you hear some pissant of the worst kind of, I am assuming, “human” in the decrepit form of Dingy Harry the ELF begging, pleading for the big bad Republicrats to just bend over and take it like a man, you know, for the kids, the beautiful kids and he had the gonadature to say “it almost brings a tear to your eye.”

Which it would if this rusted tinman had a heart.

Because just the previous week he was basically telling kids with cancer that they might want to have CHRISTmas in October, if you get my drift.

And, the SRM does not mention any of this.

Remember how I said it was worse than you ever imagined?  And that was years ago!  And it is getting worse.  Just looking at this, do you need more proof that this is a premeditated crime, that this is an attack on our rights and sovereignty?  After all, We the People ARE the gov’t, we OWN the memorials, parks and so on.

If I had my trust tin-foil hat on I might go a step further and suggest that the snafu at Wal-Mart where people with EBT cards found out that they were queen for a day and had no limit on their cards was artificially created. 

Did they buy responsibly?  Did they alert the offices that distribute the cards?  Hell no, they loaded up as many carts as they could with, at this point in time, alleged stolen merchandise…then COMPLAINED when the problem was “fixed.”

(And I would hope that everyone who went over their limit – of our money –  is either: 1) prosecuted as they KNEW it was not theirs to spend. 2) are permanently relived of their EBT card and other entitlements and 3) are compelled to repay the overage.  And you know what will happen?  Nothing.)

Now, on the other side of that equation was the “routine maintenance” of the, what a coincidence, EBT server for seventeen states.

Yup, people shopped and took their baskets full of food to the check out only to find that their EBT cards could not be processed.  There was some yelling and screaming but in the end, the people left their carts where they were and left the store if they did not have enough cash to make their purchases.

So, on the one hand, you have EBT cards giving literally carte blanche and people glommed on to as much as they could get. (There are pictures of pick-em up trucks LOADED with goods.)  On the other hand, you have people trying to buy food only to be told their EBT cards were not working.

Now, I am not sayin’, I am just sayin’.  In all these years, to my knowledge there has never been a widespread crash of the EBT program before. 

Now almost simultaneously you have an area where there are no limits on the cards and a state away, the cards are shut off.

What are the odds?

I mean, it could not possibly have been a dry run to see which group would react worse: the ones getting free stuff or those who can’t buy food.

Nah, that would NEVER happen, right?

Oh, BTW, if they can turn off your EBT card, they can turn off your credit card.


More to come….


“1 of…”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”




Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Goldfish:

Before I go any further, and I have a sneaky suspicion that this is going to be the beginning of a continuous dialog for the foreseeable (ha-ha) future.  So, if you want your kids, neighbors, cow-orkers, people you like or even people you don’t like and want to sign them up, best get them on the stick.  You won’t want to come into the middle of this movie…

Ok, whew, that said I am going to start with a soupcon of humor, it may be the last for some time.  And, no more pole-dancer references!  Opps! 

You may have heard that Liberal D-nozzle Bob Costas spouting off again about the racist and nativist overtones of the Washington “Redskins.”

Well, the execs of that football team have had enough of this nonsense and decided to change the name of the team.  Going forward, the team will be called “The Redskins.”  The owners have dropped the word “Washington” as the found that word embarrassing.

OK, fun time is over.

As you know, because I seem to mention it at least once a month, you need to read between the lines, you need to connect the dots.  You need to keep your eye on the ball to see if the team dropped it.

Case in point:  The US (whoever the heck they are anymore) collected one Abu Anas Al Libi.  This POS, and prolly Democrat voter, was involved in a number of nasty bits of bidness.

He is connected to the embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania and may have had something to do with the murders and mayhem in Benghazi.  But, heck, that was a long time ago, what difference does it make?  Right, Your Thighness?  (I have this schadenfreude about the Evil Mistress of Marxism running in 2016.  I will explain this eventually.  Like I said, we are going to be here for a while.)

Here is where that gets tricky.

Al (can we call him Al? Easy to type, ya know.) was taken into “custody” under the laws of warfare. Allegedly he is now in New York and I would guess he is cooling his heels across the street from the Federal Court at Foley Square.

“But, precious, I hate to say it, but, what difference does it make?”

Well, grasshopper, if he was taken into custody as an enemy combatant, not as a “criminal.”   As a result, he is subject to the Geneva Convention and the UCMJ.

In other words, he belongs in GITMO.

Now, hark back when they wanted to bring KSM and other assorted piles of elk offal and there was a big brouhaha by many and I was screaming NO!!!!!! from the rooftops.


Let me remind you, IF some POS is allowed on US soil, they are afforded all the benefits of a citizen, such as being tried under the United States Code.  In other words, he is tried, treated and coddled like a citizen.  And the standard for conviction is far tougher in a civilian court than a military one…

And THAT is when alleged AG Stedman perjured himself by saying that he authorized the transfer of KSM et al to NYC.  Fortunately that did not happen.  You see, then ALL of the terrorists in GITMO would be allowed to come to NYC.  Once the veil is ripped, all bets are off.

Now, one might think that it will be a slam dunk, we can put all the tangos away with the evidence we have.

Er, sure, of course we can!  And electric cars do not pollute the air!  (Except that they pollute MORE as they really run on coal.)

In a civil case, both sides have the same access to all of the evidence.  Quite frankly, the DoJ is not all that interested in the list of datable goats in Yemen.  (Or maybe they are.)

But the lawyers for the tangos, be they the jags from the JAG office or the “well meaning” American hating ultra-Liberal Ron Kuby types of terrorist defenders.  (And it they run short of lawyers I am sure Stedman’s old law firm of Covington and Burling would be happy to provide some representation, as they have before.)

So what is the big deal?

Well there are two types of evidence: that which establishes guilt and that which is exculpatory.

And the deal is that both sides have access to all the evidence.  ESPECIALLY the defense with respect to anything which may be exculpatory. 

And how does one (the defense) know if one (the prosecution) has anything to let their guy off?

They get to look at it.  ALL of it.  Well, all of it that they are “cleared” to see.  (Are you reading ahead yet?)  You see, they must have the proper security clearance to see certain papers.

Which provides the basis for appeals… and it also allows the gummint to “tip off” the enemy about certain intel we have, how we got it, who is playing both sides of the street on their side, and so on.  You know all the stuff that is in Article III, Section, 3…

But, I digress.

Fast forward from those ugly days to these ugly days.

Under our noses, Biff (when I say Biff, feel free to add “…and Valerie Jarrett) let Al slip onto our shores and thusly has opened the flood gates for other tangos to be shipped up to our shores and afforded the same kind of legal protection as are we but a kind of legal representation that I am fairly sure few of us can afford. 

(NOTE TO MY FRIEND JOHN.  Counselor, is all that I have lain out above accurate?  And will you take my case pro bono when they come for me?)

So, should we just write this off as a coincidence? (We all know how I feel about those.)  Was this or something similar in the works as a back-up plan when the KSM fiasco went down in flames?

My friends, remember, these a’clowns are in no hurry to take over the globe.  Sure, they would like it done as far back as when the Dead Sea was only the “Feeling Not So Great Sea.”  But they will wait and wait they will.   After all, the mascot is a turtle.  Our job is to make them tired of waiting.  And there will be more on that towards the end if this series if this stays on track.  (Stop laughing.)

I was going to dovetail this with something else which seems too, how does one say, “coincidental.”  But I you will have to wait till the next issue that I will start in exactly one very large glass of whisky.

“There IS a Storm A’Brewin'”

 “Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

 “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

 Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellows 3-Card Monte Victims:

I will admit that I am not the sharpest fish in the book.  There are some things which for some reason are unfathomable for me to understand.  There are times with I can look at something or a problem and have no earthy idea what to do next.  Almost like that old joke: “If you want to keep him amused for hours, show him two shovels and ask him to take his pick.”

Then, like an idiot savant, there are some things which are just as crystal clear to me as if they are in plaintext which are less obvious to others.

And to be fair, I do not think I am not that different from all y’all.  I mean, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. But even the most jaded of us, the most needy of us, either now or from back in the day, know when someone is lying to us.  As said Bob Dylan: “You don’t have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows” (And if you ARE a Weatherman, like Bill Ayres….)

We are unfairly burdened by and yoked to a “president” who is as familiar with the truth as Midnight the Wonderdog is with the “Schrodinger Cat Paradox.”

Or, is he? (Biff, not Middy.)

Truly, he is either pathological or a sociopath.  Or both.

With respect to the machinations of both houses of Congress regarding the continuing resolution there were two common themes advanced by Biff.

First up, the House passed a bill that encompassed everything but funding for OBAMASKARE.  This was defeated in Dingy Harry the ELF’s Senate along party lines.  As was the second, third and fourth iteration of the CR.

In fact, this bill was SO watered down at this point that the ONLY difference between the CR as presented and the most recent version is that Congress would not be exempted from OBAMASKARE.  Even THAT was unacceptable to the Socialists.

 But, this pathetic little person had the gonadature to go out there and lie that “The Republicans are being inflexible!  They want 100% of their way!”

Hello?  The Republicrats have given the Socialists 99.99% of what they want, holding back only Congress agreeing to the same law as everyone else is supposed to, and they are still adamantine in their intransigence.

Add to this Little Biff’s Mussolini-like leading with his jaw saying that he refuses to negotiate with the Republicrats. And he repeated that mantra again and again.

And each and every time he said that, were he to be a certain wooden boy, his nose would grow.

Now, this not the first time there has been a gov’t “shut down”.  In fact it is not the second, fifth, or even tenth time but the eighteenth time since the 70’s. 

Now, mind you very few of the shut downs got to this point.  And in every case but the current one, the President met with, sat with, and negotiated honestly with the Congress.

But not this president.  HE says HE won’t negotiate.  And Sideshow Carney repeats the mantra, the SRM, for the greater part, spread the verbal fertilizer, and We the Sheeple and some dimbulbs in Congress believe it!  (And Ray, I got the point! I am on your side!)

((The above  was written before both sides pretended to negotiate.))

I say for the greater part as the SRM are starting to feel the pressure of We the People.  The NYT is backing off ever so slightly. I think it was NEWSWEEK what has the caption “Hit the road. Barack” on their latest cover.  And even if it means he should go jogging, it sends an interesting message. 

Add to that the horrible Andrea Mitchell was mercilessly drilled by Rep. Sean Duffy of Wisconsin.  She was repeating the mantra of “OBAMASKARE was passed by Congress, upheld by the Supreme Court and signed by the president.”  By the time Duffy was done with here, her apologia must have felt like a pound of sick in her mouth.

(SIDEBAR:  Other than being everestally angravated at the stooges of the SRM mouthing back the words inculcated upon them by the West Wing the only thing more distressing is the idea itself, that OBAMASKARE was done according to Hoyle.  First off, OBAMASKARE was NOT voted upon, per se.  It was a canard, a sham and a machination as part of a spending bill what got passed.  As far as being upheld by SCOTUS, if that is the case, then Dred Scott must remain affirmed and the 13th and 14th Amendments must be re-cast. As far as his signature is concerned, c’mon, a signature is like one’s word, this one is worthless.)

But there are two issues, one we can do something about the other not so much so, and perhaps they actually overlap.

There are three factions at war here: the Socialists (which is the entire Democrat party), the Republicrats (which are the majority of Republicans) and the Conservatives (and you can include the tea party if you wish.)

The issue is that no one likes any of these factions.  Biff’s rating is at an all time low and sinking, EVERYONE hates Congress of both parties with their rating lower than Dingy Harry the ELFs’ IQ, in the single digits and the Republicrats hate the Conservatives.

How do I know?  Look and listen and see who is not talking. 

When the Reps are on to something, here comes Dingy Harry the ELF, Nasty Pelosi, Sen. Chuck Schemer or others “offering” “suggestions” on how the Republicrats can improve their positions.

With those mutts keeping their pie holes shut that can only mean that they are going to sit back and watch the internecine combat.

(OPENBAR:  there are emails going around of “hate lists” of “Republicans” of all stripes.  They ask you to hate this bunch because they won’t vote for the shutdown, others because they support a temporary debt ceiling hike, some don’t like some of the MOC’s position illegal immigrants, there is a list inviting you to hate this guy or gal for this or that.  TRUST ME AND LISTEN GOOD. IF you wrote done every name included on every list, there would not be anyone left. So, do ya think there just may be some socialists out there circulating emails or petitions in order to divide and conquer?  Or, to sow discontent with your current Republicrat?   PERSPECTIVE:  I am pissed at my Congressman Pete King over his reluctance to vote correctly on the CR.  PISSED I tell you.  But, not that there is a Socialist at the moment that can beat him, it could happen.   And I’d druther have a half-hearted man representing me than some full-blown socialist.  If you are in the same situation, be very aware of your guy and who may run against them next year.) (But, I’d far rather have a true Originalist or Constitutionalist, if you will.)

The second part and it segues to the above and the OPENBAR: Our pressure on  or our support for our individual MOC’s as well as others who are true sons of liberty is having the desired effect.

Look at Gowdy from South Carolina, Duffy form Wisconsin, Cruz from Texas and others.  These dudes are powerful, they are emboldened, they have the will to fight whatever Biff sends down the pike.  They destroy their opponents and now that WE the Sheeple are taking notice, FINALLY the SRM is giving if not just feint lip-service, they are having a harder time crucifying these guys because more and more people are learning the truth.

And the truth will what???

There is more to come on all of this.  Biff & Co. wanted to swing their stuff around and assumed we would just get out of the way.  They were not counting on a reckoning.

It is going to get ugly my friends, how much so depends not on what he thinks he can get away with but on what We the People will do to stop his madness

Out for now.  Time for this Mick to get ready to run an event tonight.  That is right, it is time for “Italian Night” and who better to run it than an Oirisher! After the famines of 1840’s we do not like to go hungry…. And we don’t like to be yoked to an unfair master. Slainte, Gomba!)

“You Can’t Make This Up!”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19

My Friends and Fellows:

Where to start.  Really, where to start.

Let’s start with Captain Obvious, or, more accurately, Captain Oblivious.  Perhaps the dumbest White man in Congress Democrat Rep. Lloyd Doggertt  referring  to the paying of federal employees while there is a presidential gov’t shutdown said: “Of all the bizarre moments this well may be the most bizarre: that we will pay people not to work.” 

Of course he blames the Tea Party.  I guess the Liberals could not blame Bush for this one.

Excuse me for thinking clearly but isn’t paying people not to work one of the planks of the Democrat platform?  Ever since the Liberal President, LBJ, institutionalized welfare all succeeding Democrat administrations and even a few Republican did their best to keep the poor that way.  This way by the state providing shelter, food, medical care and all the rest the party in power was all but guaranteed more votes.  This administration has raised that to an art form with more people getting assistance than ever before.

 Statistically, a family receiving assistance has more disposable income than the average American family of 4 making $60,000.  How is that fair?

 I recommend to the representative from Texas to do a little homework before he shoots his mouth off.  Or, like the OBAMACARE, do we have to pass this bill to see what is in it?

 This, at least, was in the paper, such as it is.  What is NOT in the paper is the blowback from the Libertards who were so fluking eager to sign up for OBAMASKARE that when the 0.55% of them ACTUALLY got to sign up found out that, gasp, their rates went up, dramatically.

I will post the entire article below but on Biff supporter had the gonadature to say “Of course, I want people to have health care. I just didn’t realize I would be the one who was going to pay for this personally.”

If they give out a Nobel Price for Asshatedness I propose Cindy Vinson (it is her quote above) from the San Francisco area.                        

The SRM have been v-e-w-y b-u-s-y NOT reporting the criminality of this Maladministration.   Yes, I call it criminality.  When one HURTS an innocent party, that is a crime.  This Maladministration has made it their goal to be as punitive as possible.

How DARE anyone, yet the alleged “president” CLOSE an open air memorial such as the WWII Memorial, KNOWING full well there are “Honor Flights” going on?

What is an “Honor Flight?

That is a paid for by private funds plane trip to Washington District of Criminals for WWII Vets to have, perhaps, one last chance to hang out with their, fewer by the day, contemporaries.

What kind of sick person does this?

The same one who graduated the barriers from gates to fences to barbed-freaking-wire to keep our heroes out!

AH-in-chief was prolly not aware that NORMANDY was closed as well.

He tried that at the Nam Wall.  Same results, we are not impressed.

I am half shocked that this petulant hateful little girl (well, that is how he acts) did not fill in the Grand Canyon, put a cover over Mt. Rushmore, cut down the Sequoias for kindling, close the ocean just because….

Huh? What?  REALLY?  Huh? C’mon…

The Muse, having quaffed the last of my good whiskey and is now sipping some lighter fluid, advised that Biff, did in fact, closed part of the ocean.

How? Lord knows. Why? I refer you to the description above.

He closed the VA for new claims and other services, but food stamps, WIC, Section 8 housing and so on, left alone.

Oh, while we are dissing the military, you do not have to be a Vet to incur the wrath of this dictator.  (Said it.  Turn me in, Lars.  After you can tell me it is not true.)  Biffus Magnus decided that the troops hither and yon do not need to see Sunday football, or the MLB playoffs.  So, as if by magic, it is turned off. BUT!!! They are going to turn in on again, but they say it might take a few days.

So, how long did take to turn it off?  How long will it take to turn it back on?

You DO realize that it costs MORE to close something that is out in the open, such as the WWII and Nam Wall Memorials than to leave them alone? Right?  You DO realize this is an ATTACK on We the People!  You DO realize that a loving, heck, even a POS president would never do things like this, but a dictator does.

I am not sayin’, I am just sayin’.

(And recall, I called him a Marxist years ago, and many of you laughed…)

Federal Amber alerts were closed down but Mooch747’s so-very-important “drink a lot of water” and whatever that boogie thing she is doing to get kids to exercise websites were NOT shut down.

On the other side, the religious equation.  Catholic Priests who volunteered to say Mass or perform Baptisms were threatened with ARREST if they said Mass or performed a sacrament because, because, because they are paid to say Mass.  And the fact that they volunteered to say Mass for free was unacceptable because the gov’t was shut down.  (As if we STILL had a 1st Amendment!)

Except that the gov’t employees WILL get paid for not working and the only things that are affecting the population are those things important to Americans. REAL Americans, not Liberals, not Socialists, not Enemies of We the People.

But if a Catholic priest wants to say Mass, HE will be arrested.

And all this comes from Biff and Dingy Harry the ELF is his evil little accomplice.  You see, Biff will bitch and moan about everything, including the actions if Dingy Harry the ELF, even though Dingy is carrying out his wishes and water. 

(Just in case you thought the moral venality was limited to our Country, his Biffness has closed down US Cemeteries overseas.)

He is waiting. He is patient.  He is tone deaf and he does not care. Vets will wait, the Memorials will be closed but his golf courses are open.

He said that he has “bent over backwards to work a deal with the Republicans and has toned down his rhetoric” all the while telling the Republican he will NOT negotiate and he caterwauls like a stuck pig.

Now, go out and find your friends who voted for this fraud and possible criminal. Demand of them a reason WHY thy think all this is good.  Remind them as often as you can that THEY voted for him therefore THEY are just as guilty.

My friends, it is crunch time now. It is working.  Even Smoking Johnny has appeared to have found Jesus at least for the moment. LEAN HARD on all of your MOCs, be they black hat or white.  Do not let up the pressure, that is the only reason why some are doing the right thing.

(For the record, and I have made it perfectly clear to him, I am disgusted with my friend Pete King.  And I will remain that way until he sees the light.)

No pole dancers were harmed in the writing of this epistle.

“Recall This…”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Petioners:

(I was going to send this out on Tuesday but the Muse slurred from her Glenlivet induced tirade: “Ya think there will be nothing else going on between now and then? In what kind of fantasyland do you live?  Send this out, I’ll give you another!  ‘Go whatever team is playing the Red Sawx!”’  Then, she passed out.  So…..with that said, slurred or whatever… the Saturday Edition)

We all get tons of emails.  Many of which have the best (or worst) intentions.  Some make perfect sense, others somewhat less cogent.

Additionally those of us on FB also get barraged with all kinds of folderol.  (And please feel free to contact me directly, my page is under my name and the current picture is that of the Capitol with a banner around the dome reading “Everything Must Go!”, or the The Daily Fish page, but that gets very little activity.)

The thing is to read things c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y before you act or pass them on.  Misinformation is the #1 cause of Liberalism.

A friend who is more center than I would ever be had posted that silly picture of the alleged pensions of the president and members of Congress over the alleged pay of soldier and alleged social security recipients income.

On the one hand, it is nice to see someone sticking up or the military and aged. But, not that the expense of a lie.  Or series of lies.  And what will happen is that some well-meaning person who is NOT a Liberal will read it, agree with the principle and forward or re-post it for others to get sucked in.

This is how misinformation spreads.  And the first one is free!

There is also one going around about a 28th Amendment which would subject all in Congress to any and every law they pass that affects We the People.

Great idea!  And so is cold fusion.  Both have about the same likelihood of success.

For the love of pete, Dingy Harry the ELF won’t even pass a CR that makes the requirement that all member of Congress sign up for OBAMASKARE.  Ya think he would say that a more reaching demand would be agreed upon?  (We shall return to the clusterfluke that once was a system of governing of what was a representative republic shortly.)

You see, things like the two examples above are victims of what is equivalent of the old game of telephone.  A simple premise is proposed, say, military pay or social security benefits.  Then some genius sees that an ex-president gets millions in perks.  Then they add the salaries of various positions in Congress, correct or not, you are not going to check.  Then some genius adds that every Congressman gets their salary for the rest of their life even if they serve one term or less.  (We know this is not true, we have already discussed it.)

Or, the 28th Amendment issue.  The plain text is fine and I do not think any REAL American would have any issue with it.  But one iteration of the proposal makes it sound like it is in the hands of the state governors to make it so.

Er, no.

The basic amendment process is fairly straightforward.  Each house must pass the Amendment under consideration by a two-thirds margin and then it has to be approved by three-quarters of the states in a specific period of time.  Other than a constitutional convention, there is no other way.

Which brings us to Biff.

More and more people want less and less of Biff until we do not have any of him ever again.


But it “ain’t a gonna happen”, at least not until the next election, with hope that there is one and that he has not decided to run again.

There are impeach demands all over the place.  The “Bridgers” put signs up on overpasses, there are emails and petitions and so on and so forth. Some true representatives of We the People have initiated bills in the House. (I hope one day to meet them and shake their hand.  Prolly in a gulag.)

And pigs will fly before even the first little bit of traction will occur.

I assure you there is about zero change Biff will be gone.  If the criminals in the Senate won’t pass a watered down version of a watered down bill, what make you think they will say “Gee, the people are angravated!  We better do something! Let’s convict our impeached leader!”

I assure you they do not give a big rat’s patoot what we think or what we want.

If you want an Amendment with some teeth, repeal the XVII which allowed the direct election of Senators. I assure you we would not have this clusterfluke now.  The Libs and Socialists have a majority in the Senate, but there are 30 Republican Governors (well, 29 and Krispie Kreme Christie) and 27 Republican controlled state legislatures.  If the Senators were chosen as before, things would be different.

I assure you, Dingy Harry the ELF would be either a tour guide in Searchlight, NV or in jail were the XVII Amendment in place.  There WOULD be no argument about a CR for funding, because there would be a budget. (Trick question: How many budgets has Biff signed?)  And, there would be no Biff.

(And it is no mystery that the XVII Amendment became law during the period of greatest gov’t malfeasance up until now.  Add that to the Fed, the theft of the election of 1912, Colonel House, the House of Morgan, The Russian Revolution, WWI and, connect the dots kids….. they are ALL related and done in that decade.)

You are not going to get Biff out, as I said, via impeachment, at least not with this cast of critters.  So, what can we do?

Get rid of this cast of critters.

While no member of Congress has ever been recalled, bear in mind that until 1903 no man had ever flown and it was not until 1969 that man stood on the moon.  Never say never!

Now, add to that there at only eighteen states that even allow a recall:  Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington and Wisconsin.

In seven of those states, there are specific grounds under which and only under which, they may be recalled.  However, in Alaska, California, Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota and Oregon there are no limits as to why one can be recalled.

Of course, there are procedures involved, such as a petition, but that is not too hard.  (We have seen videos of people getting people to sign petitions to ban water, air, allow abortions at any time after the baby is born and so on.)

Feinstein, Boxer, Udall, Bennett, Landrieu, Levin, Stabenow, Reid, Menendez, Heitkamp, Wydnen and Merkly are the less than savory Senators from the no-fault states.

The House boasts such targets as Garamendi, Pelosi, Honda, Chu, Cardenas, Waxman, Waters, Sanchez, Dingell, Conyers, Palone and Holt who are up for grabs,

Now I picked these names based on my knowledge of their uselessness, treachery, treason, bias and bigotry, mental failure or some other disqualifying, and usually Liberal, trait.

Let’s not gloat prematurely but imagine a series of recalls and bear in mind that in some cases there is a simultaneous election, in others it is later on and in some case the governor can appoint a replacement.

(I apologize, if I thought about this, I would have created a Excel sheet with the states, MoC’s,  governors, recall process and method of succession, but this is just flowing into me as the Muse yells data and telemetry as I try to type this!)

Where was I, oh, yeah.  So just because there is a recall that does not mean you will win.  And if you win there is no guarantee that you will get your own guy or if you do that your guy is any good.

“So, Precious, why even bother!?”

Well, grasshopper, the laws of averages are ultimately on your side.  Even if hell freezes over and Bite-me Boxer, Frankenfeinstein and Nasty Pelosi are recalled (and better than even money two of them would go), and Moonbeam Brown could name a replacement (which he can’t, it is a simultaneous election in the land of fruits and nuts), you put the Three Witches of Macbeth not just out of a job but the seniority carousel starts anew.

In a perfect,  in a reasonable wor, in a world that was not on the brink of disaster, we would not have these kakistocrats allowed anywhere near Washington, District of Criminals

But it is not.

But we can do something.

The best outcome would be that petitions were started and run their various and sundry courses.  Some will fail, some will proper.  But even if a Nasty Pelosi survives a recall, she is damaged goods and prolly no longer the House Minority Leader and willful puppet for Biff.

If these recall elections can be spread out over time, that will keep the DNC and the West Wing at sixes and sevens at all times.  You see, with that much recalling going on, sooner or later some of the truth will leak out and the SRM might accidentally report it.

And, peradventure, ought it to continue for a while, one of two things will happen:  The entire Liberal house of cards will fall or the people will be sick of the Right doing the Right thing and have voter backlash in ’14.  (Of course, there is option three: Biff announces martial law and lets loose the hounds, aka his private militia, and it is good night Irene!)

Food for thought, think it over, leave your thoughts on the website. (Just scroll to the bottom to register, quicker than OBAMASKARE)

And I promise, no references to poll dancing this issue!


(Inside joke)

“Mezza Mezza”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Statistics:

“Madge!  Can you believe this horse hockey!  There is that darn Marxist again lying to the We the People!”

“That’s nice dear, what is he saying now?”

“That lying sack of elk droppings is saying he has fixed the unemployment crisis and now 169% of the people are employed!”

“I know, dear I heard that too! Isn’t that wonderful!”

“Madge, are you dim or something?  How can MORE than 100% of the people be employed, or ANYTHING!”

“Gee, that is a good question. But, if you hear it on the news, it must be true and he IS the president, honey.”

“Madge, Jim next door is not working, Vince is living on food stamps since the plant closed. Heck, even Candy is working as a pole-dancer since they moved the court offshore!  So, tell me, HOW can we have 169% of the people employed if I just named three who are not!”

“Dear, they are just numbers, they do not mean anything!  Do you remember what that nice Mr. Carney said?  That the debt was just silly numbers, the deficit does not exist. But I did not know who ‘Albert Max Fry’ is.”

“For the love of pete, Madge, he did not say ‘Albert Max Fry’, he said ‘arbeit macht frei.’”

“Who is he?”

“Not ‘who’, but ‘what’.  It means ‘work makes you free, and…”

“That’s nice, dear, I like that idea!”

“…Lemme finish.  Those words were on signs at the entrances to Nazi concentration camps during WWII. No, it is NOT a nice idea.  Especially not when coming out of the trap of that chump off the old blockhead.”


Sure this sounds like Archie and Edith Bunker but I am sure there are conversations like this going on all over our Country.  One of the pair has some idea of what is going on and the other is a low-information voter, swayed by the media and disabused of learning the truth.

But, I kid you not.  Just as Khrushchev won 105% of the popular vote in one of his “elections”, do not be surprised when (not “if”, but “when”) Biff lies about his great job of putting more than everybody back to work!

“Precious, I am not as dim as Madge but how can he put more than everybody back to work?”

Well, Grasshopper, glad you asked.  And the words will have had come from the venomous sewer known as Sideshow Carney’s fetid pie hole.  (Your Precious is not a fan.)


Hark back to last Thursday (which is weird for me as it is Thursday as I am writing this part of the letter) where, at the end of the missive, the Muse was reported slinging figgers like crazy.

You see, it is all there.  How many times have I said to connect the dots.  How many times have I said to read between the lines.  It is all there.

If this disaster called OBAMASKARE is fully implemented a (large) number of bad things are going to happen.  We are going to discuss two of the real important ones.  (No, not your health what does that have to do with anything? Or, you dying, again, a statistic. ) 

(And, credit where credit is due.  You will notice the clusterfluke I now reference as “OBAMASKARE.”  You see, when he thought it was great and We the Sheeple would cave, Biff took full credit for it.  He feigned embarrassment and shyness while basking in the adulation.  He dies not have a modest or decent bone in his scrawny body.  But now that the bloom is off the rose, the curtain has been pulled back and we see how devastating this scheme is, all of a sudden it is referred to as the “Affordable Health Care Act.”   I assure you that if his popularity drops any further, he will call it “PelosiCare” to assign blame to that two-digit IQ legislator.  But, I digress.)

The two big things that will adversely and perhaps irreparable effect our Country are the economy and our standard of living.

The way it works is that if you are an employer, you have to provide OBAMASKARE to your full-time employees or face fines.  Some companies will continue to pay for those benefits.  Others will pay the fines.  Some others will scam the system and cut folks hours.

Instead of Bob having a full time job as, let’s say, a truck driver, his boss will invite him to take it easy, not work so hard, say, take a few days a week off, or work half days.  Essentially, he is being part-timed.  (Or, will they call it “right timed”, like when there are layoffs. Just like the employees are not being “laid-off”, they are being “right-sized.”)  

While Bob’s income has gone down, his bills haven’t. In fact under Our Feckless Leader, they will go up and his standard of living will plummet.

So, what happens?

Bob talks with Neal who is also a truck driver in the same boat.  They hatch a plan.  They are both aware that their companies will be looking for more drivers as they have had their hours cut.  So, they apply for a part-time job at the others company.  As they both have experience, neither will get benefits, they both get hired.

Bob and Neal are both working at least full time.  But, they have less, if any benefits (and, ergo, a diminished standard of living), there is no opportunity to work overtime and they are paying for their own OBAMASKARE.

Now, the spin.

Hark back to the issue in unemployment from a few years back. Recall the numbers are a shell game.  The unemployment figgers are NOT a real, true or accurate representation of those unemployed.  They poll a specific number of people in various regions to see who is, is not, or partially employed.  Since the same statistical model is used over and over the results are compared one to another.  But the TRUE measure of employment, or lack thereof, is the percentage of working age people who are, well, working.

THAT number canNOT be skewed.  You see, in the so-called “unemployment” figgers, people who have exceeded their benefits allotment and/or have just simply given up looking for a job are no longer counted as unemployed.  While those folks shrink the sample for “unemployment” figgers, as long as they are still living, breathing, pliant humans of working age, they are still in the overall percentage of the employable.

So, rather than using the tried and accepted methods of ascertaining the level of employment, or lack thereof, Biff & Co will flip the script and use the rubric they have heretofore ignored and played down: “Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey.”  Or, the table for how many people are able to work and how many are.


Well, to be truthful (I have no way of explaining to any Libs out there what the truth is.  So, I will have to define truth by what it is not.  The truth is NOT what is coming out of the mouths of Biff, Sideshow Carney, Nasty Pelosi, WTLF Kerry, Dingy Harry the ELF [ELF =  Evil Little FFfffffff….ella.  You get the picture.]) even then they will tweak the figgers. 

The chart from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is pregnant with figgers of all kinds, sorts and states.  There are enough facts and figgers to make most any case.  Quite frankly it is rather interesting reading, but largely for those who enjoy reading telemetry.

That brings is to the old saw “There are lies, damnable lies and statistics.”  And with that in mind, Biff & Co. will easily and comfortably, lie.

Why would they lie?  Well, the statistical data show how many people are employed in any number of endeavors.  Again, how many people are really and employed irrespective of the number of jobs have they.

Now, take our friends Neal and Bob.  Sure they are both working, so in the great scheme of things, those statistics do not change. 

Or do they?

While they are both working, they are both working two part time jobs each to make ends meet.  Who is to say that Biff or one of his pinions would not instruct the BLS to double count Neal and Bob and all others how are compelled to have multiple jobs to survive.

Let’s assume for the moment that there is some integrity at the BLS.  (I believe there is.)  Let’s say they refuse to alter the current measurements.  Let’s say as a concession, they agree to make an additional category which shows how many people are working  but if someone is working two or three jobs, they will count as two or three people.  (I will save you the trouble, the numbers will look like they are improving.)

But it is all a crap shoot anyway.   Even now, the majority of jobs “created” by this Marxist fall into either the public sector (and that costs us money) or part time jobs already.

If you want to scare a Liberal, take the last two or three years of pronouncements Biff made regarding the “jobs he created.”  (Bear in mind, he is comfortable saying “jobs he created” rather than his previous mouth of pelosi of “jobs he created or saved.” Heck, you can say you saved ALL the jobs….)  Then have them add them up.  Add that to the number of people working at some point in time, say 2009. 

You see, facts are funny fings.  In 2009, there were 154,142,000 people working out of a base of 235,801,000.  After 2012, there were 154,975,000 people working, which is an increase of 835,000 people working but the base also increased to 243,284,000, which is an increase of 7,483,000 in the labor pool.

So, 7,000,000 MORE people, 800,000 MORE jobs.   How many did Biff claim to create?

But, wait, there is more!  The so-called unemployment rate went from 9.3% in 2009 “down” to 8.1% at the end of 2012.  How does that work?  An almost 10-to-1 ratio of more new people in the work pool versus actually working and the unemployment rate went down?

Well the important figger is the percentage of working.  Sure jobs were created, if you wish to believe that.  Sure the unemployment rate went down, if you wish to believe that as well.

BUT, the percentage of working Americans FELL from 65.4% to 63.7%.  THAT is the real number to watch.

And THAT will be the number Biff & Co, will try to pump up.

More to come…