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“If You Believe That, Try This On For Size”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Alice Cooper Fans:

Nah, I don’t think there are many Alice Cooper fans out there, he of the garish make-up and macabre stage shows.  (Though “Vinny de Boss” is one of the nicest and most generous people you would ever have the pleasure to meet.) 

But the other day listing to the Winner of the “Triple Crown of Lying” (Highest Lying Percentage, Most Lies and Most Pelosi Batted In) I could not believe my ears.  I imagined myself talking to a Biff-Bot who would be cheering at the monumental mendacity and I am saying “Hey, Stupid!  What are you, stupid?” 

Then the Alice Cooper album “Hey Stoopid” came to mind.

When I was a kid, my Unk used to say “Smarten Up, don’t be so smart!  What are you, a wise guy?”  He would say this either as a joke or an admonishment.  But when I was maybe 5 or 6 I asked, naively, “Unk, how can I smarten up but not be so smart?  And how does that make me a wise guy?” For some reason, he became cross, as if I should know better.  “Unk, I am 5 years old, I was not exactly writing my post-doctoral paper on string theory.”      

I supposed what I am trying to say is that even a very young age, I was a pain in the a$$.  But, it also proved that I actually listened to what people said.

And that is why I screamed “Hey Stoopid!’ at the radio and Liberals in general.  Are they so fluking stupid that they have ears to hear but do not listen? Who am I kidding?  Of course, they are zombies both political and patriotic.

Stepping up to the plate, Biff dusted off his cheap suit and said: “I don’t know why the Republicans are making such a big deal over raising the debt ceiling!  Raising the debt ceiling DOES NOT ADD ONE DOLLAR TO THE DEBT! What are they afraid of?” (Nervous chuckle.)

This harks back to “Smarten Up, don’t be so smart!”  You see, he IS correct in the statement that raising the debt ceiling in and of itself does not add a dollar to do so.  But these idjits with their teeny brains of mush did not ask why or have crossed their minds “Well, if it does not add a dollar, WHY do you need it raised?”

Because you know, I know and even Midnight the Wonder Dog knows that the moment the debt ceiling is raised, he will challenge it with pelosi spending!

But, and the man truly is a saint, he has a plan to end the bickering and animus! He wants us all to get along and never ever have to have a nasty debate on the debt ceiling again!

(‘Scuse me as I wipe this little tear from my eye….)

Yes, Biffus Magmus’ big giant idea (and I have to admit, it would end the debates!) is to do away with the debt ceiling!

Yes, let’s give the racist Marxist redistributionist a BLANK CHECK forever and ever amen!

And the proles, tools and pinions clapped as if he found the cure for cancer!

But, wait, there is more!

Boy Blunder was explaining that we HAD to pay our bills!  It was our duty to pay our bills!  “WE’s gotsta pays our bills!”

And he is right. We HAVE to pay our BILLS.

We do not have to go shopping or out to dinner.

He made one of the more obtuse non-sequiturs of all time (aka: “a lie”) to “prove” his “point.”  He said that if someone bought a car a few years ago, they could not decide to stop paying the note every month because they did not want to pay the note.   And THAT is why he needs a blank check.  (I hope he does not get any ideas to give free cars to po’peeps!)  I swear, I thought I heard orgasmic sounds by those fooled by this chump.

The only thing he said that made sense is that if you PUIRCHASE something, you must PAY for it.  That makes sense and is fair and square.

If you want to give your kids a thousand dollars for their birthdays’ and you are flat broke, you have no moral obligation to beg, borrow or steal that money.  That is not an obligation, that is a gift.

Even in a shut down or extreme austerity, paying our military is an obligation.  Paying most gov’t employees is an obligation.  (I would suspend pay to the legislative and executive branches.)  Re-paying social security is an obligation.  (After all, it IS our money!) Paying interest on our debt is an obligation.  And there are a few others.  Very few.

Paying for Biff-fones, is a gift.  Paying for most assistance (MOST, not All and we have talked about this) is a gift.  Most pelosi programs created to buy votes every elected are not just a gift, but a criminal bribe. 

Then there are the useless departments and secretariats such as education, energy, health and human sacrifices, DEC, EPA and until we get a REAL AG, the D of J, and a few others.

Do understand, there is not a stack of cash sitting around gathering dust from last year.  Cash flow is fluid.   VERY fluid.

What is not mentioned is that the treasury has a few hundred billion coming in every month from taxes, levies, taxes, fines, taxes and so on.

In other words, there IS enough cash coming in EVERY month to satisfy the responsibilities and a little left over.

(SIDEBAR: One of my guys, Jim, wanted to take an extended vacation.   While we have contingencies for regular time off, he needed an extra week. I asked him who was going to cover for him the extra week when he was away and he had an answer.  A BAD answer.  He said “It is no problem, Joe can do my job as well as his.”  When I asked him if he wished to reconsider his answer he said “No, Why?” I said that if Joe can do your job as well as his own, they I did not really need both of you, now did I?  He got the point.)

So, taking the last two paragraphs into consideration, Biff is AFRAID of “shutting down the gov’t”, even if it is not really “shutting down” and even though it does not need to because there is enough cash coming in on a regular basis. 

Back in the 60s and 70’ there was a hippie saying “What if that gave a war and nobody came?”  Wow, dude, that is like so heavy, man, groovy vibe, bro.

Borrowing that, “what if we ‘shut down’ the gov’t and nothing changed?”


Here is Biff crying, lying, hat in hand, saying that he just needs a little ol’ blank check to tide him over till no one has any cash. 

And, poof, as if by magic, he did not need it after all!

It is a shell game, it is a canard, it is a crime and it has happened before and it will happen again.  The difference is Biff has raised lying to an art form.

There is a pic of Biff on the web sitting at a desk, reflecting and the caption reads: “Even I can’t believe what they are letting me get away with!”

His problems will just be beginning if we can stop the health skare scheme, “shut down” the euphemistically called “non-essential agencies” and the Earth does not slide off of its axis and hurtle towards the Sum.

But wait, he was not done yet!

Remember when he was running the first time?  Remember the lies from that campaign (some 976 have been documented thus far?)  Remember: “I will reduce the deficit in half by the end of my first term!”

Let’s see how well he did on that promise:  The deficit was something north of $9,000,000,000,000.  Today it is almost $17,000,000,000,000. And when he finally leaves office it is expected to be OVER $20,000,000,000,000.

So, if my math is correct, he “reduced” the deficit by negative-eight-billion dollars.  (Do not get excited, Liberals, that means he GREW the debt by $8,000,000,000,000.  So, that is a $12,500,000,000,000 difference.

But, he trotted out that old lie.  He said, again, that he would cut the debt by half by next year.

He has a better chance of walking on water.

You see, projecting out one year, it would take EVERY DOLLAR generated by every business, company, enterprise and earned by EVERY citizen to be confiscated to retire that much of the debt!

Even if he changes his tact and say he was not talking about the debt but the budget.  OK, let’s see… the estimated deficit for FY 2008 (the last year before he screwed the pooch) was estimate to be about $239,000,000,000 and wound up being $454,000,000,000.  (This is when W went off the reservation.)

OK, let’s give the kid a pass.  All’s he has to do is cut the 2008 deficit by half, and we can use the high number.

That means we should expect a projected deficit of $227,000,000,000.

Let me check the numbers for next year….

Oooooppssss…  It is PROJECTED to be over $1,000,000,000,000.


Now, factor in heath skare (the ten year GAO projection has quadrupled in the past two years) and Lord knows what over pelosi-sandwiches he will foist on us . Not only do we have a recipe for disaster but apparently a president who is the bottom of the class in math.

And, still, the crowd cheered.

And Biffus Magnus smiled.

Because no one fact checks him and when we do and call him the liar he is, we are called racist.

And the media are complicit.

And they will he called to answer for their sins in a few short years.

And if you think THIS is bad, wait for it…. The Muse is franticly throwing numbers and facts at me….  We shall save that for next time, kids.  (For Liberals:  “facts” are those things one can prove, that Biff twists and about which you have no clue.)

No sir, no sir, don’t like at all…. But you will see next week.







“Gimme That Old Time Religion”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

 “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

 Genesis 3:19

My Friends and Fellow Infidels:

I am not a prejudiced person, I keep saying and now to convince myself as to convince you.   I harbor no animosity against any person because of their sex or even sexual preference, color of their skin, nationality, religion, or any of the defining characteristics.  (Though I do find it difficult impossible to cotton to a Red Sawx or New England Patriot fan.)

That said, I am forced to re-revisit something which I have brought up before.


Most of the folks in our Country are of the Judeo-Christian family of religions.   Be we any of the various Jewish options, Protestant denominations, Evangelical/Pentecostal/Four-Square sects, Roman or Eastern Rite Catholics we have more similarities than differences.

There are some in our Country who are Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs and other religions.   There are some “fringe-type” religions, and I am not judging but just sayin’, such as Satan Worshipers, Wiccans, Druids and Mets Fans.  And of course, there are those with no religion or beliefs at all.

For what it is worth, out of all of these various beliefs there is no real animosity against the rest of the world.  (However, while the Sikhs and Hindus get along with the rest of the world, they do not play so well with each other.)

So doing a quick check it appears that we have identified all of the world’s major, minor and teensy-weensy religions.

That said I want to …  what?  Wait, not all at once.   Huh? I made a mistake?  Yeah?  Did I?  What was it?  Oh, I left one out?  Really?  Which one?   What?  Islam?  No, I did not leave Islam out, I am talking about religions.

I have said before and I will say now and I am sure I will have to repeat myself, but Islam may have forfeited their claim on being a religion. But, please, stick with me.

Sure Judaism is over five thousand years old, Christianity over two grand and Islam is some thirteen hundred years old.  The difference is that over the millennia, most religions have made progress, kept up with the times.  But not the Muslims.  They are still living in the 7th century.  Heck they make the Amish, the Hassids and others like them seem like neo-modernists by comparison.

You see, a “religion” which demands that the infidel convert or face the sword is not exactly like turning down a tea at an Episcopal Church social.  A “religion” which allows honor killings or beating any of one “wives” is hardly the same as being shunned. 

And the once-localized cabal of hooliganism and internecine channeling of the Huns and Goths has now “evolved” into “Terrorist, Inc.”  

Sure we look at the events and murder on 9-11 as the start of this recent wave of terrorism, and we would be wrong.  We could look back to the hijackings of various planes, the takeover of the Achille Lauro and the murder of Leon Klinghoffer as the start of terrorism, and we would be wrong.  We could look at the attacks the Olympics in 1972 and the murder of the Israeli athletes as the genesis of terrorism, and we would be wrong as we were above.

Any thoughts as to when Islamic terrorism started?  Turkey? Nope. Saudi Arabia?  Nope.  Anyone?  Yes, you waving your arms, Arnold Horshack, isn’t it?  What are your thoughts?

The Crusades?

So close, but, no.

IMHBAO, the terrorism of the Muslims started the day that “religion” was founded.

It would almost be like if Al Capone started his gang and called it a “religion.”  Except that Capone did not target innocent people or beat his wife.

Of course, “Caponeism” would not be just the thugs, triggermen, yeggs and molls.  There would be others in the fold even if not committers of crimes. 

You’d have to have some businessmen, shop owners, truck drivers, police and perhaps even elected officials who may have broken one law or Commandment but gave cover to the gang, or provided and front for a business, or maybe dropped a dime (or, a nickel back then) and alerted the gang that a bust was coming or to call off a heist.

You get the picture.

Not everyone involved or associated, either actively or tacitly was necessarily  thug.  But all were associated and if they really knew better, which I think all of them did, they were just as guilty as the button men and the rest of the varmints.

Take a quick assessment of the people you know.  Not just immediate family or neighbors, but ALL the people you have known in your life.  By all means start with friends and family, add in neighbors, figger in co-workers and those related to work (toll taker, bus driver, lunch place workers, coffee shop, delivery people, etc.)  Go back in time and think of those from previous jobs and places were you lived.  Recall those with whom you served in the military, peeps from college, high school, grammar school and chums where you grew up.

Holy cow, that is a lot of people.  How many peeps did you think of?  A hundred?  Five hundred?  A thousand or more? 

How many were crooks, criminals, had arrest records, were evil, or basically the type of person you would never had seen featured on “Ozzie and Harriett”, “Father Knows Best”, “I Married Joan” and the rest?

A few I would wager.  Maybe only one-percent of all those close or simply acquainted throughout your life.  Maybe two percent?  Three?

Not a lot, right? Just a few strayed from the straight and narrow.

Now, consider the sum total of Muslims.  Over 2,000,000,000 chaps and chapettes in the so-called “religion of peace.”

Let’s use your percentages of bad guys and factor the number of Muslims who would fall into the very bad category.



Even at 1% there would be over 20,000,000 bogies that are busy  on Friday nights.

Even at 1/10th if 1%, there would be over 2,000,000 baddies.

The infinitesimally small 1/100th of 1 percent still leaves 200,000 terrorists.  Or roughly the same amount of all people living in Richmond Virginia, or Spokane Washington, or Reno Nevada. 

(If you take that number and include family now you are talking about the population of San Diego, Dallas, Philly, perhaps even Houston.  Imagine going to Houston and finding this huge city was 100% Muslim and EVERY FAMILY has a terrorist as head of household!)

Now, I am not saying that all Muslims as bad people, not even 99% of them, of their own volition.  But that still leaves 20,000,000 bogies!!!!

Sadly 100% of the Muslims are being tarred by the crimes of a few.  Indeed, some live in abject poverty in horrific climes and candidly they have no idea what is going on in the world in Allah’s name.

And many DO know what is going on but they have their own problems and canNOT be bothered with the actions of a few.

And there are some who do know and do care and are scared to death, literally, to do anything. They are cowards fearing the worse dare they do or say anything.  Much like the Dems in Congress or those who voted for Biff both times.

It is a horrific thing to kill six Israeli athletes.  It is a horrific thing to hijack jets and in at least one case, identify a member of our military, shot him then throw his body onto the tarmac.  It is a horrific thing to take over a cruise ship and push a disabled man overboard.  It is a horrific thing to aim planes into the symbols of America and murder thousands.  It is one thing that those we are training to secure their homelands in Iraq and Afghanistan only to have them turn the weapons we gave them on our soldiers.  It is one horrific thing after another in Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and other places where the terrorists have taken over.

One can see this escalation of terrorism, fear and mayhem has “evolved” from acts by small bands of Muslim ne-er-do-wells to a world-wide escalation of a coordinated group of terrorists under the al Qu’ada banner.

What was once “making a statement” a la Lawrence of Arabia or the PLO has become a worldwide attack by “Jihad, Inc.”

Do not think for a moment that the Somali hijackers are renegades, they are part of al Qu’ada.

Need I remind you of KSM and the others cooling their sandals in GITMO and where they have parked their 401(k)’s?

I could add Muslim attacks on the barracks in Beirut and Saudi Arabia.  Or the attacks on the embassies in Tanzania and Kenya.

And that leads us to the events of this week, the attack on Infidels in a shopping center in Nairobi.

How do I know this is a terrorist attack? One where American citizens were involved on both sides? That feckless coward Biff did not immediately condemn it!

And besides, allegedly the local Muslims were warned not to be in the mall.

That makes this not just Jihad, not just a terrorist attack, this is an attack on non-Muslims and by extension, the industrialized, wealthy and Judeo-Christian world.

No, they have forfeited their right to be a considered “religious.”  Sure, in their world their criminality is accepted or even encouraged.  But not in the civilized world.

The 97-99.99% of “Muslims” who are good people and can be educated to follow their scriptures without the bastardization of the alleged principles without the j’hate and jihad.

The rest have screwed the pooch for them.  The terrorists are NOT following a real religion that preaches love and compassion. They are no better, in fact far worse, than the Capones of the world.

But, what are we to do?  Are they not  to be protected by our 1st Amendment Freedom of Religion? I dunno.

What of the criminals and terrorists hiding under the skirt of “jihad”?  Are they  criminals, do they deserve not Constitutional Rights but the RICO Statutes?  Again, I canNOT answer through the prism of our law.  (I am disabused as to what Biff or Stedman think, the law means nothing to them.)

When a group of organisms somehow come together and set to destroy the world and lead it to the seventh century, they must be crushed with every bit of the resolve of every good person on Earth.

Until the good Muslims be separated from the terrorists and they can profess their un-hateful, un-terrorist, un-caliphate desiring love for peace, love and waterbeds, then they are as evil as those who kill innocents in a mall in Kenya, or blew up embassies or barracks or aimed planes into buildings.

But, until they can get their act together, are they all  to be considered enemy combatants, as three of the terrorists in Nairobi came from the US and two are represented in Congress by the Muslim Ellison?

Until we have law and order throughout the world and the evil of the Muslim terrorists have been stilled and vanquished something must be done.

But the next time there is a terrorist attack on our soil,  or the first time a mall is attacked  on our shores (and it is bound to happen) don’t come running to me, even if you can, if you do not write your MOC about this real and present danger.


“Life Imitates Art Imitates Life”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

 “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19

 My Friends and Fellow Peter Sellers Fans


President Merkin Muffley: Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room.

I had a great idea.  I was going to write about the idiocy of a certain Maladministration.  And being the well-read and erudite person I think I am, my mind wandered towards the classics.

Sadly, never got there.

Found “Dr. Strangelove” and was mesmerized.  Yes! This is it!  This is the RosettaStone of trying to figger out the gang that could not govern straight.

While clearly an anti-war movie of the cold-war type, it could not be more poignant if copied from today’s papers, if the papers reported the pravda, tovarish.  I mean, the truth, my friend.

But as sad as this is, this can also be related to the horrific murders at the Navy Yard in DC.

Paraphrase the top quote and you might get “Sailors, you can’t have guns here, this is a naval military installation!”

Not so funny now.

Here you have a naval facility, loaded up with military as well as civilians, all UNARMED.  The Clinton administration felt that while he was fine with our Squids throwing Tomahawks at tents and aspirin factories every time Monica Lewinski was mentioned in the papers, having armed sailors on a naval base was a silly idea.

So, they hired civilian contractors to provide security.  Yeah, that worked out swell.  Half of them appeared not to have been vetted and the others appeared to be criminals.  Brilliant!

So, now some nutcase… Wait, I will save that.


General Jack D. Ripper: Mandrake, do you recall what Clemenceau once said about war?

Group Capt. Lionel Mandrake: No, I don’t think I do, sir, no.

General Jack D. Ripper: He said war was too important to be left to the generals. When he said that, 50 years ago, he might have been right. But today, war is too important to be left to politicians. They have neither the time, the training, nor the inclination for strategic thought. I can no longer sit back and allow Communist infiltration, Communist indoctrination, Communist subversion and the international Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.

Problem with this is that it is true on both levels.  On the one hand the politicians are calling the shots, putting tools in “charge” of the military who will rubberstamp anything which comes down the blower, like a certain Chairman of the JCS.

Or a president who will invoke the War Powers Act when he wants.          

Or a president who says he does not need the War Powers Act when he is in a snit.

Or both, but deny the other when convenient.

The second truism is the infiltration of, well, not exactly Communism as we knew it in the 60’s, but socialism of which we are seeing more and more every day.


President Merkin Muffley: I will not go down in history as the greatest mass-murderer since Adolf Hitler.

General “Buck” Turgidson: Perhaps it might be better, Mr. President, if you were more concerned with the American People than with your image in the history books.

It is said that BJ Clinton ruled by polls. (No jokes!)  And ya know, if you REALLY think of it, that is not a terrible idea.  After all, back then we still had a Constitutional Republic.  And getting feedback from Congress and confirmation, or not, by polls of the people, allowed one to rule close to the wishes of the people.  No, it is not ideal or perhaps even cricket. But it is far better than making up your mind then providing the polls which support all the sides one might have including the idea that he has not developed as yet.

That said, we are saddled with the onerous weight of a severe narcissist, a borderline personality, a megalomaniac who is everestally insecure.  He is defined by what he thinks of himself, screw the rest of us, but we better agree with his own self-assessment.

So, for him to declare war on Syria, Serbia, Antarctica, the Grand Duchy of Fenwick (another cold war reference) or South Carolina (the one on the Gulf….) is only a feather in his pointed hat as far as being a “decisive leader.”

Meanwhile, Rome still burns.


President Merkin Muffley: Why haven’t you radioed the plans countermanding the go-code?

General “Buck” Turgidson: Well… I’m afraid we’re unable to communicate with any of the aircraft.

President Merkin Muffley: Why?

General “Buck” Turgidson: As you may recall, sir, one of the provisions of Plan ‘R’ provides that once the go-code is received, the normal SSB Radios on the aircraft are switched into a specially coded device which I believe is designated as CRM-114. Now, in order to prevent the enemy from issuing fake or confusing orders, CRM-114 is designed not to receive at all. Unless the message is the correct three-letter recall code prefix.

President Merkin Muffley: You mean to tell me, General Turgidson, that you will be unable to recall the aircraft?

General “Buck” Turgidson: That’s about the size of it. However, at this moment our men are plowing through and transmitting every possible three-letter combination of the recall code. But since there are over 17,000 permutations… it’s going to take us about two-and-a-half days to transmit them all.

President Merkin Muffley: How soon did you say our planes will be entering Russian radar cover?

General “Buck” Turgidson: About 18 minutes from now, sir.

This is exactly the kind of conversation which easily could be happening between Biff and WTLF, or Valerie Jarrett and Biff, or Joey McMensa with himself regarding Syria.

Sure, you would have to massage it a bit, but the underlying fact is that you have people deciding the fate of millions who have no idea what they are doing, how to proceed, when to stop, how to stop and what to do when the whole thing explodes in their faces.


So, if you have not seen one of Kubrick’s classics, it is time to watch “Dr. Strangelove”


Back to the murderer.

He brought a gun into Washington DC – ILLEGAL

He was in possession of a gun as he travelled –ILLEGAL

He took said weapon onto a military base –ILLEGAL

He killed a dozen people – ILLEGAL

Now, I am a pretty good Philadelphia lawyer when it comes to certain aspects of the law. And while I may be adept at reinterpreting treaties, re-reading property lines and finding a loop-hole in most anything this side of a birth certificate, for the life of me I canNOT imagine a law that could be passed that could have prevented this carnage.

Assuming that EVERY CITIZEN was disarmed but, silly kids, that is EXACTLY their plan.

The poor souls who were murdered by a madman were not cold yet when former (?) concealed carry permit holder, Sen. Frankenfinestein, was belly aching for more laws.   

I will spare you my utter contempt and vitriol for this horrid bit, er, witch.  She will try to gain political capital for her insane desire to disarm the citizenry.  And, for the love of, pete, she is on the off-ramp.   And so will Biff. (If he did not do so from the time I put this to bed and posted it.)

I am half surprised, and please excuse my jaundiced view but it is deserved, that Biff does not have two planes at the ready, each with survivors or the family of the slain from Boston, Sandy Hook, Aurora, and Arizona just to be ready to trot them out at a moment’s notice so he can have more photo ops.  (Hark back to the quote above regarding the American People versus his image.


I am really becoming troubled over all of this. Yes, of course, the crime and pain and anguish of the various situations which have occurred over these past four-plus years.  I am troubled that is all I seem to write about.

But I can’t stop.

Every time I turn my head we are being buggered again by Biff & Co.

Did you see the text book that citing the 1st Amendment mentioned the so-called “Separation of Church and State?” And not to make the 2nd Amendment jealous, that one got a face lift also as now kids are being taught that “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Anyone notice anything missing?

Like “The Right of the people” between the words” “State” and “to.”

So you have the crime of commission by adding something which does not exist and the crime of omission by taking out something which does.


I have said it before more times than I can count, if you like the way things are going just sit on your duff and you will love Act II. 

I have said more times than I can count, if you don’t like the way things are going, get off yer duff and do something.  NOW!  Do not wait till next year or the year after or the year after that.

Will you live that long?  Will our nation?

If not you, then who?

If not now, then when?

Make it so.


“Tennis, Anyone?”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

 “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

 Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Sports Fans:

 Space…. The final frontier!

Wait, that is not what I wanted to say.

Space… wow, it is one of those words that has so many meanings as to be meaningless.  (And stop thinking ahead.  You are most likely correct, but then you wouldn’t need me.)    

Not so sure why that came to mind, and I am not a Trekie or the like but I guess in my tiny, little, confused and improperly wired brain, that word, in some of its various definitions, seemed to sum up the clusterfluke which is Syria.

(SIDEBAR: I am of the, possibly misguided, belief that this will be the defining moment of the Biff Reign.  But it may be an all-or-nothing result.  Depending on how this plays out, if Biff comes out on top, God Forbid, he will have even more delusions of adequacy.  However, ought he to come out on the short side, not only will the bloom be off this particular rose but that will give his opposites the chink in the armor they are looking for to go after all the other scandals.  I am still not convinced that this is not a charade.)

You see “space” can mean an emptiness, much like what is in the collective heads our chaps screwing this particular pooch. 

It can mean a period of time, as in the space of time it took for our keeping our noses clear of Syria until Biff was repeatedly embarrassed by Vlad.

It can also mean a blank area, akin the piece of paper which contains our entry and exit plan if we invade Syria.  

It also could mean the ability to express themselves, much like WTLF expresses yet more incredulity every time that bridle-less mouth opens. 

Conversely space could infer some private time, as I am sure Biff and McMensa are having while trying to extricate themselves from this mess.

So, my grasshoppers, this word can have myriad meanings and much like a certain bad word, it promotes many different views and opinions.

Now, as we all know I love sports. Virtually any sporting event from “Rollerball“ tiddly-winks will get my attention.  Well, everything but the NBA.

While I am not the biggest tennis fan, I do watch from time to time, especially the Grand Slam tourneys.

And this “crisis”, be it real or contrived, in Syria is similar to tennis as viewed from the sidelines, head snapping left then further left as we are told:

The rebels have chemical weapons, snap…

Assad has chemical weapons, snap…

We are going to attack Syria, snap…

We are not going to attack Syria, snap…

We are going to attack Syria but it will be incredibly small, snap…

Vlad says we can’t attack, snap…

I need to check with Congress before I can attack, snap…

I don’ need no stinking’ Congressional approval, snap…

Vlad says we can’t attack, snap…

We need to see the CW, snap….

Russia is going to get to control the CW, snap…

…And “Operation Enduring Clusterfluke” continues.

YET, and I was beyond belief upon hearing this, despite his having an idjit for a Number Two who makes his Sec State look downright capable (if you believe in Santa Claus), this jerk of no trades has been routinely and serial pantsed by Vlad and still he gave a number of interviews that had me scratching my head.

“Well, we have them just where we want them.  Yes, it took fifty-nine minutes and we are on our own three-yard line down 57-3 but NOW we can work our magic! Watch this!”

At least in baseball you can down three games to none, have two outs in the ninth inning, down to your last freaking strike and get a hit, then win the game and beat the Yankees the next three games to take the AL title.  Well,  as much as I hate to say it, but while the hated Sawx DID actually do that to my Yankees, Biff would have looked at strike three then would have taken credit for striking himself out.

And that is pretty much what the most hated person in the world did this weekend.

He is taking credit for being a coward, for being indecisive, for equivocating, for minimizing Vlad’s efforts and for saying that he has Asswad just where he wants him.  (Biff will tell us just where that is sometime in the future.)

Truly, I am so tired of this skinny-mussolini with his political glass jaw jutting out as if to say “I dare you!”  If you did, he’d run away then hide behind the skirt of the SRM and say what a bad person you are.

Again, the more he postures, the more he telegraphs his next move, the weaker he becomes.

And even street-wise community activist would not do that.

So, what is his agenda? What is he cooking up that he is willing to be made a global laughingstock?

It will not be good for us if that is the case.


All for now.  It is time to pray for the souls of those who were murdered this morning at the Navy Yard this morning.

“Ut animas omnium fidelium defunctorum animas requiescant in pace Amen.”  (It has been a while… if you know the correct translation, please advise.  George?  Farmer Mike? Any of my priest, deacon or seminarian friends?)

“Saturday Funnies If It Was Not True Edition”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

 “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

 Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Voting Bikers:

All righty then… Tuesday was Election Day hither and yon.  Wednesday was 9-11 everywhere and there was the “Million Muzzie March:” and “Million Biker Rally”, both in Washington, District of Criminals. 

Friday was Pizza and Chianti night, but that is a different story.

To just touch on that, show of hands, how many of you heard about the Million Muzzies and/or Bikers in your local media?

Me neither.

I did follow it as best as I could but there were no clear figgers as either can be manipulated.  But as far as the Muzzies, they were able to muster somewhere between 21 and 3,000.  True number may be, and I am being generous, in the hundreds. (Quote:  “A few hundred people walking the streets.”)

The bikers, well, that was a different story.  The numbers ranged somewhere between 800,000 and 2,000,000.  And, of course, the low number was an “official” estimate by the police early in the day.

The bottom line is that when push comes to shove and despite the racist and hateist rhetoric of this “president” and others, the Muzzies are unable or disinclined to profess their faith.

Similarly despite the racist and hateist rhetoric of this “president” and others, the Americans are strapped, Hog Riding Patriots and  are ready to take their Country back.

If you did not hear of this, please complain to your local SRM and demand the truth. Maybe suggest that a biker march on their offices might have them come to Jesus.


OK, that said, what I aim to focus on is the election coverage by the media, specifically in New York for example.

There were races for nominations for Mayor, Comptroller and a few other minor races in the City and the ‘Burbs. 

The Republicans had two major candidates: Lhota, who was recently the head of the Metropolitan Transit Authority.  Everyone hates him because he raised the bus fares, tolls, you name it, he got the blame. 

Then there was the chap, Cats, called so largely because no non-Greek could say “Catsimatidis.”  Everyone hates him because he is a self-made billionaire who is not a Liberal and owns Gristedes, which is the largest and by far the most expensive grocery store chain in Manhattan.

These two critters shared something less than 55,000 TOTAL votes of something like 475,000 registered Republicans.  So, the true winner was “None of the above.”

On the other side was a Socialist, gay, black, suspect and pervert.  No, I am not talking about Biff but, believe it or not, five different people.  (So, he CAN do the work of….)

There was Bill DiBlasio, socialist White dude who hates the rich, is married to a black woman and pimped his mixed-race kids in his ads.  What a creep.  

Then there was Christine Quinn, the Rosie O-Donnell-type loud and brash Lesbo whose bloom came off the rose early.

Next up, Bill Thomson, prolly the most moderate of the bunch and a black man.

John Liu had no chance of winning largely because he has some serious legal problems emanating from some financial issues. 

Then there is the self-hating moron of the century Anthony Weiner.  (Sue me, please!)

Weiner, as odd as it might sound, may have been the best political choice for the job if you are a regular Lib.  (And for fodder for at least four years of late night talk show humor.)  But he is a reprobate, photo-philanderer, and can’t keep his mouth shut or avoid starting a fight with a voter. 

He had the unmitigated temerity so run ads late in the campaign showing him on the stoop of a brownstone saying, almost matter-of-factly that “The voters do not care about my personal life.”  Welllllll, apparently they did. He was leading the pack until he was exposed for exposing his package. 


And despite the fact that his Muslim wife, Huma Weiner, stood up for him when he made is confession, she was not seen again during the campaign.

(The other sad thing is that there were four others running for the Dem nod and the above quintet of ne’er-do-wells beat them.  In all candor, they were not serious candidates.)

So, with over three million registered Dems, with 645,000 voting, again the overwhelming favorite was “none of the above.”

Speaking of Huma Weiner and her conspicuous absence from the campaign, the post-election rallies were very telling as well. 

All throughout the campaign, each candidate seemed to have their personal United Nations entourage and their ads reflects the vaunted “rainbow coalition.”  However, at the various post-election gatherings it appeared the truth came out.

Of the twenty or so folks on the dais with Bill Thompson, I saw exactly one White man among all the black folk. 

On DiBlasio’s dais where was a similar number of people and the exact same number of White people, that being one.  That being the candidate.

Really?  Ya over doing it a bit, Bill?  For that reason alone you should be disqualified, your overt racism is daunting.

In the race for the Brooklyn DA, there were zero Whites on the dais.  Fuhgeddaboutit, mah man.

In a lesser race, the disgraced ex-Governor of New York, “Client 9”, aka Eliot Spitzer, lost big time to Scott Stringer for Controller.

Spitzer is a creep and a fraud and his campaign was a litany of half truths.  While lionizing his accomplishments of punishments here and fines there the truth is that in virtually case when he was Attorney General the results were arrived via plea bargaining.  There was only one case I could find that went to trial, but he did not prosecute it as it was turned over to the Feds.

Oh, one last thing on the corrupt politics and borderline criminal reporting thereof, the talking heads were saying (paraphrasing) “The Democrats most assuredly will win the mayorship ending over two decades of Republican governors.”

Well, ain’t that just like a pile of pelosi all wrapped up in nice paper with a bow!

The last time there was a “Republican” mayor was Rudy Giuliani (and he is very liberal social issues such as on abortion and marrying cousins).  The least time there was a Republican mayor was in the ‘30s with Fiorello LaGuardia. (You can’t count Lindsey in the 60s he was far, far too liberal.)

And, of course, the SRM is appealing to the Low Information Voter who thinks that Midget Marxist Mayor Mike Boob-berg is a Republican.

You see, Midget Mike was a Dem his whole life, until 2001 when he changed parties to buy the mayorship, as the Dems boxed him out. Then he became an, ahem, “Independent” because even the liberal Republicans in NY said he was too far to the left and there was no Marxist Party on which to run.

So, you want to know how some absolute beginner of a person can get elected president, the politics and media of New York City serve as a microcosm for that result.  (Chicago is just too far corrupt to be used as an example and Detroit is, well, never mind….)


Speaking of Midget Marxist Mayor Mike Boob-berg, on the other side of the coin, his throwing money into places he does not belong is starting to backfire.  One can only hope that he will flood all states and various counties with all of his cash in order to bend the law till he is broke, thence irrelevant.

There was a recall election in Colorado where anti-gun state senators, Angela Grion and John Morse were BOTH recalled.  Oh, BTW, they are BOTH Democrats.

But, it was not simply a recall of two tools (twools?) of the anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment and prolly anti- a lot of other things we hold near and dear. 

You see, when voters were questioned they saw it not just the recall of two senators who do not share their views on guns but a repudiation of the Wh’ite House.  The bill that made draconian limits on magazine capacity (or “clips”, if you are a Liberal), background checks and other restrictions passed without Republican support.

While there are a lot of hippies, yuppies and other garden variety Liberals out in the Rocky Mountain High as a Kite State, it is still the West.  And despite some the losers in public office in Arizona, Colorado, Arizona, Montana, Arizona, Utah, Arizona and Arizona, among some other western states and there are still some good people who share our collective values of the validity of the Constitution and ALL of the Amendments, the rule of law and so on.

The kind of people who I like to call “Americans.”

But, two recalls of two liberal ant-Constitution state senators do not a landside make.  However, Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper was on the wrong side of this debate and he is up for election next year.

Then there are the traitors to the cause elected to Congress over the past two elections who pledged fealty to the views of the tea party types who sorta kinda forgot who elected them and they went off the reservation.

They need to go.

In fact, EVERY C’man, Senator and your state officials who are anti-gun and pro-healthskare MUST be voted out of office.

And if we can attain a sizable, unassailable, veto-proof Congress, then we can set our sights on other, er, er, er, issues….

… just sayin’

There will be more on elections as we go on I can assure you.

That said, have a happy Saturday, today is the only day today we have, let’s make the best of it.

Your Precious will be kicking up his lederhosen tonight at our annual German Night fundraiser.  Great food, great beer, great company and great fun.  Wish you ALL could attend!

9-11-01…9-11-13 NEVER FORGET!

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

 “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

 (DISCLAIMER: This issue is a repeat. This is devoid, as best as I can, of any politics. I first wrote this about nine years ago. There have been some things which have happened since, but I am loathe to edit it.  In re-reading it, I cannot, I will not change a word other than to make the year current. Sadly, nothing can ease the pain. Nothing can make this make any more sense now than it did twelve years ago, perhaps even less sense now. Sadder still, nothing much has changed for the good and prolly more for the worse. Please take a moment and consider all those who were murdered twelve years ago. Keep them in your heart and your prayers. And make a vow to yourself that you will do all that you can to keep our great Country as great as it is and in the mold that our Founding Fathers had envisioned and intended.  And looking at things and the current climate, it does not look like it is getting any better.   God Help us all.)

 Lester Marino. Kathy Mazza. Patrick Lyons.

What do these people have in common?

Not a whole lot, really.  A few things, but other than living in my neighborhood and being my neighbors, not all that much.A tradesman, a cop, a fire man, just regular people. One thing that they do have in common is that there are streets named for them in my neighborhood.

You never heard of them? I am not surprised. They were not politicians or, to be candid, famous in any way to those outside of their families and friends would be my guess. So why are there streets named for them? Because like a few dozen others from my town, and many hundreds on Long Island and close to 3000 men, women and children, they were murdered twelve years ago this morning.

You see, we are regular Americans, we have many differences and many similarities. In my middle-class neighborhood, we have all kinds of people; police, firemen, teachers, tradesmen, salespeople, soccer moms and yes, gasp, criminals, just like most any other neighborhood or area in our country. Many houses have flags flying, not all but quite a few. And no matter what one’s views are, what their politics are, what kind of person one is, we are all pissed that terrorists felt the need to murder our neighbors.

There was nothing out of the ordinary the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001. A late summer morning and the sun was shining. As always, I turned on the television to get the morning news. Not a lot of things going on and I was more interested in the business forecasts than anything else that day. I had just come out of the shower when I glanced at the TV and saw a building with smoke billowing from it. It took a second for me to recognize it as one of the World Trade Center towers. The crawl on the screen that read: “Small plane hits WTC.”

Then, a second plane hit.

My first thought was “Bastards, we have been attacked.” And I was, for once in my life, correct. Stunned, I watched the screen as I tied my tie over and over again, absentmindedly. Finally, I snapped to and resolved to myself that I was not going to do anything different. I was sure it was a terrorist attack and I know that one of their aims would be to disrupt, confuse and frighten the populace.

I drove to work, radio on, listening to the reports, conjectures and speculations. Numb, I arrived at work, flipped on the computer and tried to get some work done. The radio played in the background and there was little talk among my fellow employees, nothing really needed to be said, we all felt the same.

Phone rings, it is my wife who tells me that James, her cousin, may have been on one of the flights as he was to fly from Boston to California that morning. My gosh! Fortunately, we soon learn that he decided to change his plans the night before and was safe in Beantown. His brother, Sean, is a fireman. In a strange coincidence, he was on vacation that week. But, like many, many other police and firemen, after hearing of the attacks he rushed to the scene. Going to his firehouse first was not an option as he knew they would already be on scene. So he went to the WTC and reported to the first captain he saw and went to work. Good luck and God’s Mercy shined on the brothers as most in Sean’s firehouse perished. Had he been on duty, that may have been his fate, had James not changed his travel plans, it was a distinct possibility that they both would have been murdered.

The report of the Pentagon being attacked was almost surreal as was the news that the first of the towers had collapsed. By the time we heard in short order that a plane had crashed in Pennsylvania, we wondered what was next.

America was under attack, there was no doubt about it. But would there be more?

For some reason I can still feel it in my bones right now just as I did twelve years ago and that is that I was mad as hell, not scared, not worried but mad.  And, it was a shared feeling. Every man and woman and in the office felt the same.  We all knew it was an attack, we all wanted to know who did it and we all wanted those behind the attacks to suffer very, very horribly. There was no fear, in fact, there was resolve. There was no blaming of the President (although the Dems did that after a respectful amount of time) and only support for those who were on the scene.

None of us knew any more than anyone else at that time. Nor did we know the extent of the loss and who we may have lost.

I remember bringing a piano to the Windows of the World, many years ago. Oxymoronic, really, because at the time as when I was delivering the piano, the building was still under construction and there and not all of the windows were installed. For over thirty years, the Twin Towers dominated the New York skyline, like the Empire State Building did before and, sadly, does again now.

I live on the South Shore of Long Island and even from some thirty-odd miles away, the towers were visible, especially from the Great South Bay. The sadness of being out on the water in the week after the attacks and seeing nothing but a pillar of smoke and then, eventually, nothing, was devastating. Especially in contrast to seeing the towers off in the distance, like old friends, for so many years.

My seats at (the old) Giants Stadium were in the end zone of the west side of the stadium. Off to my right, the towers could be seen, looming over the top tier of seats, mute spectators to the sport being played.

Walking on Bleaker Street one could look south down Sullivan or Thompson Streets, for instance, and see the towers piercing the sky in contrast to the 3-4 storey buildings on those blocks, and at night, the spectacle was even more dramatic!

You see, if you lived in New York anytime from the late ‘60’s when the towers were being built until late 2001, they were part of your life.

They took years to build but only hours to destroy.

And with that, almost 3,000 lives were snuffed out that day in New York, The Pentagon and a lonely field in Shanksville Pennsylvania. The last a result of the heroics of a few who found out what had already happened, quickly surmised the plan afoot and took actions to thwart the terrorists dastardly plot, even though they knew their time on, or rather, over, God’s Green Earth was short.

We have been blessed that in the past twelve years there have not been any more terrorist attacks on our soil. We reacted quickly and decisively in Afghanistan and later in Iraq to do our best to contain and where possible eradicate terrorism.

There are those Americans, even some who hold or aspire to high office, who think our actions in the Sandbox and Afghanistan are foolish, futile and dangerous.

I would have them look at those countries that supported our efforts at first then succumbed to pressure from their Left and abandoned us. With the UK being an anomaly, as they have remained steadfast allies to us, other counties have suffered terrorist attacks in their cities.

Terrorists are not conventional warriors or fighters, they are cowards. Their chief weapon is fear. They will leverage the people’s fear as a weapon to destroy that country. For the life of me, I do not understand why these savages are hell-bent on trying to destroy the world. If they are doing it in the name of their god, then they are apostate as no true God would condone such action. If they are doing it simply for world domination, well, they are attempting to operate above their pay grade as they are throwbacks from the middle ages and could not possible run the world. That is, of course, unless they wish to live in the stone-age.

So why do they attack us? Why do they want to kill us?

I wish I knew. The only plausible reason, discounting the above, is that they are jealous, ignorant or both of those living as a free people. I wish I had a better answer. I am sure my neighbors wish that as well.

Yet, despite the carnage of that day, despite the lives lost, despite the sense of community all across our Country, despite the fact that we freed over 50,000,000 people from bondage in Afghanistan and Iraq, despite the fact that we have been safe on our soil due to the sacrifice of our brave men and women in the Armed Services especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, despite all that and more, there are those who think should turn tail and surrender in Iraq, who think we can negotiate with these cowardly animals, who do not give a large rodents hindquarters about us, in fact hold us in contempt.

I so did not want this to become a political screed but I hear the voices of those who perished that day as clear as a bell. The recordings of the last phone conversations of a husband calling to say “good bye” to his wife and kids are forever in my mind. The sights of people who jumped from a window almost a quarter of a mile high in the sky in a last, desperate attempt to avoid the same fate that awaited them inside the tower are etched indelibly in my mind’s eye. I cannot let it go. I cannot forget. I will never forgive until each and every person who wishes us harm and are willing to act upon that are dispatched to their hating and vengeful god.

When I see a politician wanting to cut the funds to our troops, I see the face of Mohammed Atta.

When I hear the voice of a politician telling us we have lost the war in Iraq, I hear the voice of Usama bin Laden.

When I read an email from the Left that tells me that things have never been worse and that we need a “regime change”, I see the political graffiti of the rest of the terrorists.

When I hear a politician tell me that we need change, I hear those who died that day crying out that we do not need change, we need to stick together and fight this to the end.

Hardly a Saturday from when the weather became pleasant until the first frosts that Lester was not up early, getting his boat ready for a cruise around the bay or just to do some fishing. Hardly a Saturday has passed since 9-11 that I do not think of that.

Do what you want, vote for whomever you wish. If you can live with yourself knowing that your vote might cause the death of many and the destruction of our county, good for you.

If you think I am an alarmist or some nut case, let me posit this: If I told you on September 10th 2001 that the following day, four planes were going to be hijacked and the Twin Towers would be destroyed, that the Pentagon would be severely damaged and that one plane, bound for Washington D.C. would be crashed by the heroic actions of a few brave passengers rather than let the terrorists score another victory, I am equally sure I would have been called an alarmist, nut case or worse.

Remember this, we have to be right all the time, the terrorists have to be right only once.

On this somber day, regardless of your political stripe, I hope you will take time out of your busy day and do something to remember all those who were murdered that day.

If you are inclined to prayer, say one, if not, offer some kind of respectful thought. If there is some kind of public observance, make every honest effort to attend it. If there is not some kind of observation, perhaps you might wish to organize one or have something at your home.

I will try to get out into the bay, imagine Lester there and take a forlorn look to the West and remember a day, a day or more than twelveyears ago, when the silver sentinels stood their post over lower Manhattan. Then off to a prayer service followed by some reflective time.

I will see the faces, I will hear the voices and I will probably shed more than one tear.

I will thank God for all the blessings He has bestowed upon our Country in general and me in particular.

I will pray for those who are protecting us, here and abroad, especially those in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I will do a lot.

But I will never forget.

I will never forgive.

 God Bless, God Speed and God Bless America


PS: As always, I appreciate and welcome your thoughts, ideas, comments and criticisms. Distribution with attribution, please. To be added to THE DAILY FISH, please send an email to: with the words “ADD TO FISH” in the comment subject line (and anything else you care to write in the body.) To be deleted, same address with “DELETE FROM FISH” in the subject line. Thank you.




“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

 “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

 Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Victims of Whimsy PART III:

 Let’s just talk a little, ok?  We have not done this in some time.

Before I get into things, I just want to mention something that happened this weekend.  On Saturday went to see the Charlie Daniels Band at Westbury Music Hall. 

The first thing I saw as driving to the parking lot was a huge American Flag suspended by two hook-and-ladder fire trucks.  In the beer garden outside was a band comprised, as best as I could tell, of veterans.  There was a raffle of a signed guitar, a 50/50 raffle and other things in support of Wounded Warriors, a very worthwhile and highly recommended organization.  (Some pix on my FB page.)

Usually, when you go to concerts you find the hippy and lefty groups shaming you into a donation and signing some pelosipetition to stop GMO on Neptune or some equally worthwhile endeavor.

Here there was none of that here.  If you did not want to contribute, that was up to you, there were no threats or catcalls.

The show was great, no doubt about it.  And there were three amazing things.  The first is that he verbally pantsed Hank and his asinine plot on Syria, and that got and standing “O”.  Then, on the same thread, out of the blue he started reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and without being prompted EVERYONE stood, took off their hat and recited along.  Of course he talked about Second Amendment rights and so on but when he mentioned that year-old child killed in Georgia, there was no doubt what he would do.  But what brought down the house was towards the end of the show, sitting on a stool with an acoustic guitar, he started singing low and slow and old favorite Gospel song.  Just before the chorus the keyboard player joined in with the Hammond B-3 organ, then as this seventy-seven year old patriot got to the chorus, the entire band played as Charlie belted out “How Great Thou Art” with a voice of a man half of his age.  AND, most of the audience sang right along.

Lemme tell you, I left there refreshed and renewed.

About year ago, went to see Crosby, Stills and Nash on the same stage.  It was the opposite of the above with the greasy beggars and MoreOn.Org types.  Nash in particularly and Crosby to a smaller degree spewed their left wing hate and their support for our enemies, such as Barely Manly.  (Manning, not Biff.)  (Well…..)

Anywho, Stills played there the next tonight with his new side band. I hope “How Great Thou Art” was still ringing in the rafters and perhaps that old Texan will come back to Jesus.  And in two weeks time, Nash returns.  And I hope that he sings barefoot as he often does and the soles of his feet burn under the heat of real Americans who were just on that stage.

God Bless you, Brother Charlie!

Back to the regularly scheduled rant….

This Syria thing is really grating on our nerves, if the 100% of the emails and comments I get from you are any indicators.

Some of you have a patella reflexive response to anything Biff says or does.  That is a pretty safe course of action.  In fact, and someone help me here, is there ANYTHING he or his pinions have done for the GOOD of our Country since his reign begin?  (I am serious, did I miss something?)

Some of you take umbrage and/or are in high dudgeon over his duality.  WE need to tighten our belts.  HE needs a number of multimillion dollar vacations.  WE need “healthcare.”  HE is fine with what he has.

And so on and so forth. 

It is almost like the misquoted line from Marie Antoinette “Let them eat cake.” And in fact, that is perfect.

You see, this Maladministration’s motto should be “Do as we say, not was we do.”  And when we do as they say and we need something, they tell us “too bad.”

BTW, Marie Antoinette NEVER made that comment.  In fact, if you read up on the secular humanist slaughter which was the “French Revolution” (and perhaps that is the template for this Maladministration), you would know that she was a good and just person.  Second, the anecdote refers to the allegation that when told that there was no bread for the peasants that she said let them eat brioche, which is like a cake for this discussion. 

Ergo, when we complain about the health care plan, when we say we will have less coverage for a higher price, we are told to get a better doctor if we do not like the new plan, essentially told to eat cake.


I warned you all and all those who have ears to listen and eyes to see that this guy is a flim-flam artist, like the Great Oz, that he would slowly but surely impose his will on us. I canNOT count how many times I cited name of that old album “What Once Were Vices Are Now Habits” to reinforce the idea that little by little we will slide down his anti-American, anti-God, anti-All that is good slope and now, here we are, screwed.

The other day as he was trying to put this clusterfluke of a political ploy or symbolism before Congress he said: “I did not put this before Congress as a political ploy or symbolism.”

Now, this is telling.  Just like a criminal returning to the scene of the crime here is Biff doing the same thing.  Of all the Presidents before him no one but this president has made such an admission.

Do not bring up the flawed Nixon with his “I am not a crook” line.  He was a lot of things, but not a crook.  This is more in the line of his contemporary and better (but, who isn’t), Her Thighness, when she bellowed “What difference does it make?”

Look, Biotch, it makes a lot of difference, then and now.

Sitting at my trusty electronic Underwood as I channel one of my very few literary heroes, Hunter S. Thompson, I am bombarded by electronic update after update on Syria.  Even ignoring that truly despicable reprobate, WTLF, there was still a ton of data incoming.

It almost reminded me of boot camp where some poor sap who did usually nothing wrong got the DI right up in his face at about 110 decibels.  There would be two other SGTs in each of your ears doing their best angel/devil act.

As the DI is screaming at you about ½ inch from your nose, one chap is quietly saying in your ear: “You know he hates you, his is going to pluck your eyes out just to make an example out of you.”  Meanwhile the other one is whispering: “Don’t worry, he thinks the world of you, he is just showing off. He might take you out to dinner later!”

So, you have the DI screaming in your face utter nonsense because you canNOT process what he is saying, let’s call him “WTLF” and you have the other two whispering in your ear antipodal things, such as from CNN and, well, almost anyone else.

So, we are going to bomb Syria unless we do not then we will bomb Syria but it will be sooooooooo fast you won’t even know it. But, to be on the safe side, we will bring this to Congress to get their approval, but, even if the picture of Smoking Johnny in a compromising position with a calf does not do the trick and Congress demurs, there is WTLF saying that “El president Beeeef?  He don’ need no stinkin’ Congressional approval.”  And that drooling idjit Joey McMensa is doing his bobble head impression.

But, pooch be screwed!

Despite the fact that Biff has been making an appeal for bombing Syria further back into the Stone Age, (he is s’posed to do a TV thang to make his case. Sorry, I am getting a perm, I will take a pass) and is playing both sides to the middle, here comes Vlad who just internationally biotch-slapped Biff again by offering to take Asswad’s bad medicine.

Biff is not sure, he thinks that Vlad might be untrustworthy.  This coming from the “president” with the lowest trustworthy ratings since Nixon, but I am sure he will best that mark.

Vlad, our other enemy, is doing all the right things. Then again, he had a real life where one had to be a man or perish.

Biff, well…, hey, look, a shiny penny!

Bottom line is this: If you back Biff in any way, shape or form on any issue, be it  Syria, healthskare, or whatever, then please explain to me why.  If not then why are you not doing everything in your power to take our Country back.

DO NOT MISUNDERESTIMATE ME, when Biff is done and gone, things will NOT, repeat, WILL NOT go back to “normal.”  THIS is the new normal.  YOU need to make sure Biff’s pinions are not elected to ANY position.

I tire.  I am sorry.  Tomorrow is too much already.  You know why.


I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

 Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Victims of Whimsy PART II:

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Really?  REALLY?  We are involved in one of the most historic episodes in this historic “president’s” historic reign, that being declaring war or whatever you want to call it when you are about to bomb the Muzzie “rebels” back further in to the Stone Age.

What are the giant brains doing?

Well, John McLame, having thrown in initially with Biff has now changed his mind and is against an attack now.  I wonder how he found the time to ponder that, as he was playing poker on his iPad during that meeting.

Then, of course, there is everyone’s cheap prom date, Smoking Johnny steps into the fray.  Seriously, if he was a woman he would have a mattress strapped to his back, he is THAT easy. 

This flooking idjit forgets, or does he, that HE is really the only thing standing between Biff and his doing whatever he wants to do. 

(Of course, he is some more emasculated than was San Fran Nan as his party is in such disarray.  And the growlings of my erstwhile friend, Rep. King, is doing little good to help the party or remain in my good graces.)

(SIDEBAR:  I have come to the conclusion that there is no more Republican Party.  There are too many flooking RINOs, there are too many who do not embrace ALL of the Bill of Rights and there are too many who were voted in purely by accident or chance.  Where the Democrat/Liberal/Progressive/Marxist/Socialist Party are in lock step 95% of the time and will roll-over or bend-over at the merest whim of their “Leaders”, the so-called “Republicans” – henceforth “Republicrats” unless they have come to Jesus – are not a party but a coalition.  There are those who are true to the Constitution, or hold less Socialist and secular humanist views then most on the other side of the aisle, or are RINOS or just do not have the gonadature to admit what they are and go to their true home. So, I am DONE with them.  Not just done but SO done and until there is real leadership somewhere and sometime soon, the likes of Biff will totally destroy our country over time.)

Ok, so Smoking Johnny is on board, Pete King is on board, McLame is off for the moment but wait he will cave again and ditto Goober Graham.

So, let’s do the math. 

The Liberal-Socialists control the Senate and anything coming out of committee or body as a whole will be largely along party lines plus the RINOS. (Committee vote was just that with one semi-brave Dem abstaining.)

The House is controlled, er, has a majority of Republicrats with the feckless Smoking Johnny as nominal leader.  Lord knows what can happen there.  And even if the House votes something down, they usually lose their lunch money when it goes to conference.


Off that for a moment, time for a pop-quiz.

For 269.7 bonus points “What is the triumvirate of Evil?”

(Play the theme from Jeopardy! in your head here.) 

Answer: 1) Biff, 2) The SRM and 3) Ignorance of We the People.

Let me ask a few rhetorical questions and you tell me if #3 is unfair, ok?

WTLF said that there was proof that sarin gas was used.  Did he give any suggestion as whence it came?  Should we believe that it simply popped out of the ether or, as reported in a Turkish newspaper, that the gas originally was manufactured in America?  (Nooooo, no one in this gov’t would EVER do something like that!)

What is the physical location of Russian troops and tanks on land?  Do you think Vlad is going to sit by idly as one of his client states is being attacked?

And speaking of the “bear from the north”, which Russian ships are positioned in the East Mediterranean Sea between our ships and land?  And if, as allegedly promised, that there will unequivocally not be any “boots on the ground” in this “effort”, then why are there amphibious craft in this area?

Speaking of “alleged”, let me share a post from this morning:  Out on his ‘International Cry -Baby Tour’, Biff had the temerity to say ‘My credibility is not on the line, the international community, America and Congress’s credibility is on the line’


 “You are part right.  You would need to have had credibility in order to lose it.

 “Grow a pair. You started it, you finish it without bombing the wrong side or shedding one drop of American Blood!!!”

 But, hey, that is just me.

 Snap Quiz number two and for 623.42 bonus points:  Of all of the major conflicts in the world right now, how many of them do not involve Muzzie terrorists, Muzzie B’Hood or any Muzzies?

 WOW!  All hands raised at once!  Great job!  That is correct, ZERO PERECENT.

 So, someone PLEASE answer me this:  If the Muzzie “Brotherhood” are the enemy in Egypt and al Q’ada are the enemy in Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen among other places, then WHY ARE WE CONSIDERING ATTACKING THEIR ENEMY IN SYRIA?

 What kind of sick mind says “Hmm… we need to protect those guys in Syria!  Sure they are responsible for 9-11 and are killing our people in many other places in the world, but here in Syria they are a bunch of swell fellows!”

 Nothing adds up.  No info is forthcoming but innuendo equivocation and obfuscation.

 Why would we give a large rodent’s behind about Syria?  We have people we hate fighting a leader we hate.  No matter which side we throw in with, we will get screwed.  Look at Afghanistan.  There we are in large numbers saving their useless derrieres. What do they do to thank us?  The shoot us, they bomb us and the find other ways to kill our brothers and sisters.

 And we are fighting side by side with these mutts.  How do you think the Muzzies in Syria are going to treat us?

 Despite the pelosi rhetoric that “ridding Syria of chemical  weapons is in our national interest”, I need some Liberal to tell me why they agree with that and how that is different than when Bush said it, except there is even LESS concrete evidence now.

 Even assuming that they have such weapons, not that we would find them now, how can they having them be a threat to our national security. 

 (“Bad Idea When Having A War”: Sending out a “Save the Date” reminder when you are going to attack),

Syria is barely a second world county, in parts.  I do not think they have the throw-power to deliver any kind of weapon to our shore.  Ergo, our nation is secure.

 To me THAT defines “national security.”  But like charity begins at home, so ought to national security. (See Letter to the Liberal Editor at the end of this mess.)

 Biff’s, WTLF’s, The Hillderbeast’s or ANYONE’s word regarding anything to do with “national security” while they are letting millions of who knows who over our border canNOT be taken the least bit seriously.

 Now, take a quick look at the map of the region.  Lebanon:  Muzzie.  Turkey: Busy on Friday nights.  Iraq:  No bacon here! Jordan:  Do you like minarets?  Israel:…


 Yup, tiny little Israel.

 Israel, when you get down to it is prolly the only country in that part of the world that really has anything to fear from any kind of attack.

 And there is no way in the world Biff would cross the street to spit on them if they were on fire, if you get my drift.

 Assuming that Biff and Jarrett alone are pulling the levers on this, it is far more likely that they would arm BOTH Asswad and the terrorists against Israel.

 (BTW, there is a nice pic of Mr. and Mrs. WTLF having a nice cozy dinner with Dr. and Mrs. Asswad. Yes, it was a few years ago but who knows maybe they exchange Ramadan cards. )

 So, what is the deal?

 Biff is afraid of Vlad.  Vlad has no use for Biff.  The Saudis are getting ticked off over this.  Last I looked Har Magedo was still in Israel.  Biff is trying like the dickens to get support at home and now overseas for his quixotic future failure.  He claims that he has the Constitutional authority to do whatever he wants, per Joey McMensa.  (Truly, they are more like the Kray Brothers every day.)

 The Ruskies was trying to be the honest broker and offered to have a delegation speak to Congress.  Smoking Johnny said “Cough, cough, Nyet, cough.”  (Not that he came up with THAT on his own.  Seriously, Biff must have pictures of Smoking Johnny with barnyard animals or something.

Sooooo as I am fond of saying, connect the dots.  There is no “national interest” concerns in that area, the Ruskies are flooding the area with defenses, the Ruskies are trying to make nicey-nice and explain this mess but we won’t have it, WTLF is lying like a cheap rug with his pelosi explanations why we should think the unthinkable, Israel is prolly pissed about being put in such a nasty situation, WTLF is pantsed and loses it when Sen. Paul questions him in committee and makes a link between Syria and Benghazi. 

And, ding-ding-ding-ding, THAT is the answer.

Until someone with some integrity, someone with a modicum of decency, someone with a soupcon of credibility comes forward with proof positive that either Party A or Party B are the culprit to the other, then there is zero percent chance I will believe anything coming out of this Maladministration.

That leads me to the final hypothesis: This is yet one more cover-up or diversion.  And at this point I have nothing else to hang my hat on other than the hubris and ill-advised ego of a certain someone to cover up the cover ups of the scandals and so on.

This is almost like one of those desperate attempts by someone who commits a crime then burns down the house to cover their criminality.

My friends, where there is smoke…..




I hope that you will agree with me that the actions of this president and the media are beyond the pale.  It is like one has been asleep for a dozen years only to find a Democrat doing that for which a Republican was blamed back then.

This current internecine conflict has been going on for ages. While terrible, it has nothing to do with our “national security.”  After all, if “national security” was important we would enforce our borders. 

Allegedly sarin gas was used and that is why we need to attack Syria.   Kerry states that sarin was used on the Syrian people but he does not offer where it may have come.  Papers in Europe have reported that chemical was made in the United States.

The media are reporting that we have many ships in the Eastern Mediterranean and more on the way.  What our media are not reporting is that between our ships and land are an equal number of Russian warships. And it is not just warships in the region.  Any guess as to who is mobilizing armor to the area?  Something else not reported by the media.

We have an imperious and imperial president who is doing the exact same things as he blamed his predecessor with far less proof.  There are the ersatz war-hating liberals tripping over each other to start an unnecessary war and those on the other side of the aisle should know better to aid and abet a war whose only real purpose would appear to be one more cover up for all the president’s scandals the media are not reporting.

“The Royal Scam, Part I”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

 “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

 Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Victims of Whimsy:
Well, here is a clusterfluke of everestal proportions.

Normally, it is easy to pick sides where Biff is involved.  Whatever he says, we want to do the opposite.   However, where Syria is concerned all bets are off.

As usual, he has staked out both sides at different times.  This way, he is always right and if you call him on the time he took the other stance, well, then, bucko, you are a racist.

But, this time it is different.  He has another congenital liar in the form of the serial marrier-for-money, John “Why The Long Face” Kerry.  (Henceforth: “WTLF”)

Kerry is the front runner in the leading from behind crowd.  He is lying left, right and center. It is almost like Biff got tired of his toy, Sideshow Carney, and got a new one on which he can pull the strings. 

Even when WTLF is saying something which might even be true, he looks uncomfortable.  In making the case for attaching Syria he came back and said that there was proof that sarin gas was used based on hair and tissue samples.

What he could not prove was whence the gas came.

When WTLF does not seem credible enough or does not seem to have the right amount of gravitas, there is Susan Rice showing her a$$ to the world.

Nah, there is something wrong here and I do not get it.

You have NEWSDAY tacitly recommending no attack on Syria and painting WTLF as a buffoon.

You have Rep. Peter King who is urging that Syria is bombed.  (Pete, this just may the end of a beautiful friendship.)

You have the idjits at MoreOn.Org with another of their weekly petitions, this one demanding that Biff does not bomb Syria.  (This is akin to the adage that even a blind squirrel can find his own nuts.)

Then, shock of all shocks, TweedleDum and TweedleDumber, McLame and Goober Graham said that as must use force.  (This force thing seems to be confusing for the doddering old man McLame.  He hates war, he loves war, but it seems that he does whatever Biff tells him to do.

Really, it all comes down to two things:

1)      Did Asswad bomb his own people and if so why?

2)      If this is such a good idea, why is there no backing for it like we had in Afghanistan and Iraq?  (Which are two of Biff’s many failures.)

Only those with the military acumen of the Hakawi Indians from “F-Troop” would announce an attack then say “Oh wait, just kidding….  Not quite ready yet.  Can ya hang on a bit? Great!  Cheers!”

I am reasonably sure Ike did not say, “Yo, Adolph, we will be joining you in Normandy on 6 June, weather permitting.  Are you free that day?”

You get the point.

“Allegedly” we are going to attack Syria because the gov’t allegedly used nerve gas on their own people.  The rest of the rationale is a little sketchy.  Do we want to get rid of Asswad?  If we do what happens in the resulting power vacuum?  Will Al-Q’Ada or the Muzzie B’Hood step in as keepers of the peace?  Or Hezbollah? Or the PLO? Or some other band of thugs that we have been fighting in other parts of the world?

The bottom line is this: it is a no-freaking-way-in-Hades-win situation.  Unless, of course, that is the plan.  I mean if Biff and his boss, Valerie Jarrett, are planning for a possible involvement of the other Muzzie countries in the Mid East we have not screwed over yet for some reason, there does not seem to be a compelling reason to attack Asswad. Especially now that we have telegraphed our plans and have given him ample time to hide, protect or move the things we might wish to destroy.

Despite the fact that not only are a number of the left-wing stalwarts, like MoreOn.Org, urging no attack but it is widely unpopular with we proles.

But, hey, this is not the other Marxist, BJ Clinton, who lived and died by the polls. This is Biffus Magnificus, Vacationer Extraordinaire!   He does not care about polls.  Heck, he does not even care about the Constitution.

As the old Chinese adage goes “May you live in interesting times” one might have hoped there were capable leaders go along with that.

Then again, might Biff have other plans for these interesting times? 

He may read the tea leaves wrong where a few Reps and RINOS are throwing in with him.  Of course he is ignoring the Dems and Libs who claim now that they would vote against attacking Syria.  (Of course, he is figgering that his lap slugs, Nasty Pelosi and Dingy Harry, will return the errant sheep top the fold.

And he did spend a good deal of time with his “advisors” who advised him that not only should he attack despite what the law might be BEFORE he took it to Joey McMensa, WTLF and the rest of the cabal.

Some smart money is saying that he is waiting to the G-20 Summit next week where he can hope to “charm” (read: threaten) some of the smaller countries to throw in with us.  Not that they need to do anything  but to provide window dressing so that Biff can say that he had a  “wide coalition”  (not sure that Andorra and Benin would satisfy that definition.)

Anywho, those of you who voted for him well done!  He is now off to help those who brought you 9-11-01.  But, hey, like Her Thighness says “What difference does it make.”

Really, SMH, I have nothing more to offer.  I am so embarrassed.