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“Et Tu. Facia Bruta Part 4”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Neville Brothers:


I think this should wrap it up…

Let’s look at a few things.

When Biff was running for the nomination virtually everything he said was either provably untrue or a platitude with the odd bit of truth to throw you off the scent.

One of the very few bits of truth spaketh by Biff was the infamous (paraphrased): “America is the greatest Country in the world and we are going to fundamentally change it.”

And, for better worse or worst, he is not done yet.

We already know about Biff, Mooch-747 and the rest of his pinions, let’s look at something on a more local level yet equally diabolical.

The Communist Billy Boy Di Blasio was elected for Lord knows what reason why.  He is prolly as qualified to hold his job as Biff is to hold his.  Bear in mind that while he received something like 75% of the votes cast, less than 20%  eligible voters exercised that right. So, 75% of 20% is not exactly a mandate.

One of the major planks this plank ran on was “universal pre-K for all kids to be paid for by a tax on the rich.”

He could have run on a platform of free mandatory kicks in the groin for everyone to be paid for by a tax on the rich with the same results, as the number of folks positively impacted is not enough to get him elected dog catcher in his district.  But that is not the point.

(Billy Boy derisively calls his home town “A Tale of Two Cities.” Those being the rich and the poor.  To be fair, while there is a large and vibrant middle-class in New Detroit City.  In Manhattan, however, the middle-class is a guy named Murray who runs a dry-cleaning establishment and is the only renter in New Detroit City not in a rent controlled apartment.) (“Rent Control” is a story for another day.)

He promised additionally that he would make sure that all parts of the city were treated equally.

Proof that God has a Sense of Humor, He sent a snow storm to New Detroit the day after Billy Boy’s inauguration and another a few weeks later.

He almost sorta acquitted himself during the first one. There were some snafus but all in all not a bad first time out.  However, proving that he was just a regular Joe (Stalin), he was out there shoveling his walk.  And throwing the snow into the street.  Which is against the law. But, he got a pass even though his “crime” was caught on camera.

(When asked why he was doing the shoveling when he has a young son, Dante, Billy Boy inadvertently confirmed a stereotype by saying that he was sleeping.   A few hours later, Photo Op Dante was seen shoveling the already shoveled walkway, without a hat.  No hat is the tip-off that it was a photo up.  One might think it was the re-shoveling but that would be wrong.  It is in the DNA of those of the Left to have people to useless, repetitive, unneeded or redundant tasks.)

But he got a pass on the first one.  However, on the second snow storm he did not do as well.

You see, while most of the City was plowed and plowed again, the upper East Side and Staten Island were decidedly less so.  When Billy Boy chirped that the streets were in great shape, the phones started ringing predicating Billy Boy taking a trip uptown where it was taking up to an hour to go one block.

If you are familiar with New Detroit City, then you know most of the money in the City lives in the Upper East Side at night.  While it is not as far left as the Upper West Side, it is still very liberal over all. But these are the people that Billy Boy aims to soak to pay for his universal pre-K plan.

But why Staten Island?  Well, Staten Island is one of those predominantly middle-class areas.  Oh, and mostly Republican and the only Borough Billy Boy did not win.  So, this was a
“stink eye” to them.

Let’s discuss the universal pre-K.  First of all, it is a crock.  The people most likely to benefit do not really need it.  They are largely the inner-city folks, many (ahem) of them have no set “schedule”, if you get my drift.

So, why have universal pre-K?

As Her Thighness said some years back “it takes a village to raise a child.”  And while that sounds all nice and groovy, that harks back to the “Communist Manifesto” where it is admonished that the quicker kids are taken from their families, the quicker they can be brainwashed.

And recall, Billy Boy and Mrs. Billy Boy ARE Communists.

(Do the math, one starts First Grade at five or six years old. Which means Kindergarten at four or five. Which means pre-K at three or four.  Where were you at three years old?)

Now, enter Gov. Facia Brute, Jr..

Let me link these two reprobates then a quick work on Facia Brute.

Cuomo said that there is money for universal pre-K and added that the city cannot raise a tax without the State’s approval.  He then biotch-slapped Billy Boy by calling his desire to soak the rich “a tax looking for something to fund.”
Before you think that Cuomo is anything but a Lefty poppa oscar sierra, consider this:  there is already a millionaire tax surcharge in New Detroit City, and Cuomo, who has his jaundiced eye on Biff’s job in 2016 and re-election this year gets a huge percentage of his campaign backing from the same rich that Billy Boy wants to tax.

So, who is to say that these two longtime friends are not working in some kind of collusion playing both sides for their own benefit?

Now, to Facia Bruta.

He is divorced from Kerry Kennedy (yes one of THOSE Kennedy’s and the one awaiting trial on some silly thing like driving under the influence of drugs and having an accident or something) and a supporter of infanticide.  Yet, he still considers himself a “Catholic” and yet, he is not refused Communion.  Hmmmm…

A few weeks back, Cuomo said (paraphrasing) “If you do not support a woman’s right to choose, you support guns and do not embrace gay ‘marriage’ then there is no place for you in New York.”

I am sure this came as a big surprise to Cardinal Dolan and all people of faith.

Of course, he tried to walk it back by inferring that he really was referring to the Tea Party.  Oh, that makes all the difference in the world!

“Governor, I am pro-Life, I am pro-Gun and I am against gay marriage!”

“You have to leave New York NOW!!!!!!”

“But, Governor, I am not in the Tea Party.”

“That’s different, you can stay!”

Ya think?  Neither do I!  His lame explanation was a lie of everestal proportions and worthy of being uttered by Sideshow Carney.

Let’s clarify for a moment, let’s employ Occam’s Razor.  Let’s leave out infanticide for a moment as it is legal for the time being.  Let’s put aside the gay thing as it is not universal and only in a few states.  Let’s look at the cream filling of that particular Oreo.  “…If you support guns… there is no place for you in New York.”

Er, Sparky, that is part of the Constitution.  Roe and Lawrence are new kids on the block compared to the Constitution.  And damning someone for accepting as law something in the Constitution is borderline treasonous.

No big deal you say, you don’t have a gun you say, you don’t want a gun in your house you say.

I tell you what, I am fine with that.  However, I do not want you to speak, write or anything I find offensive, and to compound that, I will not tell you what I find offensive.  So, you canNOT speak, write, tweet, whatever.

“You can’t tell me that! I have rights, you know!”

Where? In the Constitution?  The same one where you don’t believe in the 2nd Amendment?  If you don’t like the 2nd, I won’t let you have the 1st.  And I will give both rights back to  you when you pull your head out and apologize to America.  (Of course, that is all editorializing, I am sure no one here feels like the Constitution is a buffet.)

So, let’s recap.  Biff got elected on the basis of his skin tone.  I am not being racist but factual.  A White man, even a Liberal White man would not have gotten elected on his agenda and if so would not have been re-elected.

The table is set.  White people of all colors are afraid of saying anything because Biffs goons, from the streets to the boardrooms are quick to throw the race card.

Now, that we are punch-drunk from being called racists, we let this scoundrel get away with far more than is in the Constitution.  Then there are these other a’hats in various elected positions who say “Gee, that looks like fun!” and they do the same thing and by now, we are too stupid to realize the guy is White.

Then the next step, and an avowed Communist is elected Mayor of the most important city in the world, and hardly anyone votes, except for those who want something.

Now, add a fake fight and we are distracted and asked to take sides between a Commie and a Socialist.  “Gee… whoever shall I choose???”

Like said in “My Cousin Vinny” “That is a BS question.”

Rather than picking sides between Facia Bruta and Billy Boy, you should be figgering out who to run for governor this year.

And Congressman.

And Senator (if applicable in your state.)

And all the local guys and gals.

THIS is our last chance.  We canNOT afford to wait till 2016.  We must emasculate and eviscerate the Liberals and RINOS NOW!

Make it so.

(Hope it was worth all that.)


“Et Tu, Facia Bruta? Part 3”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Neville Brothers:

OK, where were we… when we last met of I posited:

“Not when you consider that the likes of David Rockefeller picked this post turtle for the gig.

“But, that is not the whole story.

“Just like the first socialist president, Wilson, was the nominal president with the day to day business controlled by ‘Colonel’ House who was on the payroll of and took orders from the House of Morgan, so, too, is Biff little more than a figure head.”

Look at what the cat dragged in.  He has an AG whose law firm represents not just terrorists, but terrorists in GITMO. He has a Secretary of Energy who hates energy, a Secretary of Health and Human Services who supports infanticide and so on and so forth.

So, when you vote in someone, look at who they hang out with, a’cause he or she is bringing them to the prom.

Now, growing up we were all influenced one way or another or both by our peers and elders.  We learned how to be polite, or cuss like a sailor. We learned how to change a tire or steal a car, depending. But the bottom is that we are the sum of our parts and we have a tendency to hang out with those more like us than those who are not.

So when you see a creatchure like Biff, and if you spent five minutes vetting him (which would be about five minutes longer than the SRM did), you would have seen that he was an Alinski-ite Marxist. And I tried to warn the masses.  (And I will remind you again about the Castro Brothers in Texas.  Wait for it.)

When you see your older brother or sister smoking, you will want to smoke.  If you see your older brother or sister studying, getting a part time job or volunteering, the chances are you will do the same.

Increase that orders of magnitude and now you have possibly the least qualified person to hold the job er, “leading” the Country.

And he brings with him a coterie of similar losers.

But there few things worse than having a bad habit and those are being a bad example and lying about it.

“But, mom, Jimmy smokes!”

“Billy, Jimmy is nineteen years old!  You are seven!”

But as bad as that is consider this:

“Here Billy, smoke this!”

“Thanks, Jimmy! You are the bestest brother ever!”

“Billy, were you smoking?”

“Yes, mom.”

“And where did you get the cigarette?”

“Jimmy gave it to me.”


“Yes, mom.”

“Did you give Billy a cigarette?”

“No, I would never… he is seven years old!”
What we have here is president Jimmy.

Now, it is bad enough, trust me it is bad enough, he brought all the smokers and drinkers and puffers and playas from the corner and the ‘hood to work against America, I mean, work for him.  But he has been handing out smokes and blunts and 40’s to Billy Boy, Facia Bruta  and SheJack, the Castro Brothers, and most any other progressive, liberal, Marxist, Socialist, Communist or other assorted anti-American.

Not that I think it makes a difference, but not that many years ago a White man running for Mayor of “New Detroit” or any major city would not have a wife who was black, a lesbian, a Marxist, or activist and certainly not one who hit for the cycle.

But that did not stop Billy Boy from trotting out his Trotskyite.

(Of course, there is also his daughter’s drug use and Lord knows what secrets Link harbors.  And as a rule I do not pick on politicians kids, unless their parents pimp them first. And once one gives you that ghetto head shake, all bets are off.)

Then after screwing the snow pooches his first two chances up to bat, we come to learn that Mrs. Billy Boy wants a job in her hubby’s administration.  She does not care what it is, she is equally “qualified” for them all. That being not at all for any of them.

And when did we first start seeing unqualified wimmens looking for big gigs in gov’t?

Could it be Martha Washington?  No!

(… fast forward through the next thirty-eight Presidents, recall Cleveland was a non-sequential President…)

Could it be Barbara Bush?  No!

Could it be Hillaroo?  Ding, ding, ding, we have a “winner!”

Could it also be Laura Bush? No!

Could it also be Mooch-747?  Ding, ding, ding, we have another “winner.”

(To be fair, Mooch-747 might fill a position where ones “voluntarily retuning ones law license” might be a prerequisite.)

So, riddle me this, what is the romance that Liberal, Socialist or Commie wimmens have with having some kind of paid position in their hubbies’ administrations?

(To be fair, Hillaroo had a reason to be close, to be able to keep an eye on BJ.  To be fair, BJ prolly had good reason to stalk some, er, “interesting” wimmens.  I mean as much as I try to follow the 10 Commandments, BJ would be absolved with no questions asked if he begged forgiveness.)

Now there is no comparison with what the Republican First Ladies did, in fact even most of the Democrat ones.  Jackie Kennedy and Lady Bird both had taken on other positive interests within the scope of First Ladying.

But it was not until the (thusfar) unindicted Hillaroo who wanted a big job (little did we know two decades ago what her true aim was), then there is the oxygen thief Mooch-747 who thinks she should be paid for taking multi-million dollar vacation after multi-million dollar vacation.

If you look at both of these “wimmens” work “history” there is little for which be proud of and they can HONESTLY say they did 100% er, 50%, er .5% on their own.

Now comes Billy Boy’s shorty and she wants some kind of governmental welfare.  Trust me, if there was something she could do, someone is already doing it.  Other than organizing and angravating.

(And I think her major attribute is being Billy Boys beard as well.)

Funny, really, these three socialist/communist wimmens who WANT something for nothing.  What happened to “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need?”

Trust me, their abilities for honest contribution is scant and they cash in far more than their need.  But, what difference does it make?  Yet more examples of Liberal hypocrisy.


OK, I have done it again…  I do so want to get to Facia Bruta and Billy Boy and it is important that I do. But it was equally important to set the table for his clowns.

You see, it is not just the Liberal/Marxist/Socialist we elect but the Joe Franklin panel of assorted leeches, hangers on and ne’er-do-wells with which they come.

Now, add to that their closest people, their spouses, and see they are particularly disposed to aiding and abetting their hubby destroy the city, state Country or world as long as they are fat and happy.

Soon come Part 4 and with hope that is the last installment of this topic.


Biff will deliver his “State of the Union Address” tonight.  In case you are too busy to watch it as you are attending to more important issues such as sorting your sock drawer or polishing the garage floor I am sure I am not letting the cat out of the bag with the following.

Biff will tell us what a great job he is doing.  He will say things are moving along on time and on schedule.  He will update us on the great strides OBAMA’S OBAMACARE is making.  He will tell us of the great work he is doing creating and saving jobs.  When the Pelosi starts to get too thick, he will point out some peeps in the audience who were hand-picked and coached.  He will tell us of the amazing things they did and or their heartbreaking trials and tribulations that they overcame with the underlying message that he had something to do with their now good fortunes. (The racial makeup of the pimped will not accurately reflect the actual percentages.)

Then, after he tells is what a great job he thinks everyone thinks he is doing and then cures the sick and commands the lame to walk so that all will look at him in amazement and wonder, THEN he will drop the hammer and tell us that he is not getting the cooperation he needs from Congress to finish us off, I mean, finish the job that we ALL want him to do and he will outline how he will circumvent the Constitution to achieve his pernicious goal.

(If I score less than 80% accuracy on my take of the SOTU address, I will provide the next ten issues to you at no charge.)

(I said that to see if you are paying attention and that is what you will need to weed through the Pelosi coming your way later tonight.)

“Et Tu Facia Bruta, Part 2”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Neville Brothers:

BEFORE….we enter today’s FISH, I just wish to point out one thing which may or may not have to do with anything.  Y’day was the fortieth anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Some fifty-five million baby deaths have not softened the hearts of the Libs.  I know that not all of you agree with my Pro-Life stance, that is up to you.  You will have to defend that at some time.  We can say that not every president was Pro-Life. But everyone but this one has made some kind of, if not supportive at least not insulting, comment on this anniversary.  In fact every year there is a March on Washington.  No, really there is. The SRM rarely if ever mentions it.  Most presidents have made a public comment marking the day, almost without fail complimentary on the event.  Not y’day, not Biff.  A’Hat-One made another insulting attack on those who hold life sacred by repeating his mantra about “women’s health” and the choice of what they can do with their bodies.  I do not want to go off on a tangent but his insults are compounded by his everestal ignorance.   You see, the “mother” of the modern day infanticide, on Margaret Sanger, was a racist and saw abortion as a method to effectuate genocide on the black population.  Just sayin’.)


I try to love my enemies. I do.  If someone has a problem with me, in virtually every situation I am willing to sit down and try to work things out.  It may or may not work out well but I will be fair and give it a shot.

Now, when you are messing with my family or my Country, well, as old Merle said “When you are running down my Country (or family) you are walking on the fighting side of me.”

I have no tolerance for hate, I have no tolerance for stupidity and I l have less than zero tolerance for someone who is in possession of both.

Such a person is Governor Facia Bruta, Jr.  AKA Andrew Cuomo.

He is low. Low. Way low.  Lower than whale dung low.

But I will get back to him as we go along.


People have asked me: “How in the world did the idjits in New Detroit City vote in a Commie like Billy Boy?”

Well, he got elected the same way the fools in New York voted for Facia Bruta and he was elected by the same entitlement class who voted in Biff and so on and so forth.

The difference is that when Jimmah Q’artah was elected, people had no idea what a despicable, hateful, anti-American, anti-Semite he was.

You see, there was no internet back then.  He looked and seemed squeaky clean.  In fact I know a lot of people who not only voted for him but did fundraisers for him and knew him.  THAT is the kind of sneaky poppa oscar sierra he is.

But, without Q’artah, there would be no Reagan.  Without Reagan there would be no Bush Sr., who begat not just Geo W., but B.J. Clinton, well, politically.

Politics left to their own designs, like water, will seek its own level. It took an absolute tool of the Left to allow the Savior of the Right to be elected.

After the polemics of the Right and Left came B.J. Clinton.  Sure, he is a poppa oscar sierra as well, but, give him some credit, he is not as bad as his beard.

The carny barker that B.J. is, after not guessing our weight, tried time and time again to get us to move further to the Left than was Q’artah. (1992, recall, he wanted to put medical care under Hillaroo.. sound familiar?)  But, Slick Willie was too slick and despite putting a stain on the presidency he never was accused during his terms of being the anti-American One Worlder that he really is.

While people could not put their finger (or “fanger”) on it, they knew that were wary of Geo W. but al-G’ore was just not likable, trusty or honest enough to get the nod.

W. acquitted himself fairly well enough that when that smarmy serial-wealthy-wife-marrier, John “Why the Long Face” Kerry ran and won the nineteen liberal states, he fell far shorter than al-Gore.

But in his last two years, W. went off the reservation.  “Clean and articulate” Biff appears on the horizon and he is a “‘-ther” (that is half of a “bro-ther”.)  All the Libs and all the blacks voted for him.  So did the Bush haters, who got that way via the SRM.  The fact that Karl Rove stood the RINO John McRINO to run was tantamount to a clean sweep as he was decimated by his, er, opponent.

By 2012, the fix was in and even though Romney was head and shoulders better than that a’hat RINO McRINO, the fix was in.  the SRM wanted Biff, the members of the Club knew they had a self-absorbed narcissistic megalomaniac who was willing to take in the neck so that he looked cool and take multimillion dollar vacations on backs of We the Sheeple.

But while the bloom is off the rose with Biff, to the point that he is now calling those, which is most now, who do not approve of him “racist.”  “Your Honor, I wish to enter as evidence why we should bring back the ‘N’ word without any social or political stigma. The half-brotha earned it.”)

(Told you I was going to angravate some of you.  Stick around….)

Yes, indeed. All of a sudden, Biff, who was acting like “Il Duce” with his weak jaw jutting out all of a sudden has a case of “po po pitiful me” claiming that We the People do not like him because he is “black.”

Yes!  As my friend Chip calls him, this “Halfrican” unable to defend his actions or lack of such, his inability to be honest has become so patently obvious that the SRM is staring to have to call him on it and lack of anything concrete that he has done positively has resulted in his approval ratings in the sub-40% zone.

And real man might become somewhat circumspect and say “gee, I have screwed up!” or “I am going to have to come clean on Benghazi/NSA/IRS/ Fast and Furious and the rest of the sins, high crimes and misdemeanors!”

No, not Biff.

He huddles with $harpton, Jack$on and St. Oprah and decide the only logical reason why Biff’s approval rating is because he is black. Of course, they are assuming that no one is going to figger out that some, quite a few possibly, of those who do not approve of him are, gasp, black as well.  (Just ignore that fact, move along.)

Why I am even mentioning Biff is purely for background.

What he is is the first “president” who was elected about whom we knew next to nothing.  For some reason, the SRM that looked under every rock and into every cranny to find that Romney may have said something untoward when he was in high-school or that W got a DWI twenty-odd years ahead of his election, could not be bothered to find out if Biff was even born in the US (and, again, I am not a birther), or anything about his mother posing for porn pictures, or that his parents and maternal grandparents were communists, or his lack of school records, or his admitted drug use, or, or, or.

Odd, no?

Not when you consider that the likes of David Rockefeller picked this post turtle for the gig.

But, that is not the whole story.

Just like the first socialist president, Wilson, was the nominal president with the day to day business controlled by “Colonel” House who was on the payroll of and took orders from the House of Morgan, so, too, is Biff little more than a figure head.


OK, OK, OK, I need to wrap this up and I have not even gotten to my point. (And neither the first or last time that has happened.) But this is all needed for setting the table.

I will leave it right here and pick up on this next week.

Hope to see you then!  Stay warm!!!!


“Et Tu Facia Bruta – PART 1”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

 “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Neville Brothers:

FIRST: A Brigid Update! I spoke with Ben, her hubby, the other day. She is still in very bad shape. But there is much good news!  Her internal organs have miraculously began to work properly, kidneys, liver, etc.  The whole in her lung has healed.  Her memory is largely intact but her speech is slow and deliberate.  While it is too soon to tell the initial postulations of multiple amputations, while not inconceivable, are becoming less likely and some may be expected.  But I am sure I speak for Brigid, Ben and the kids as I thank you for all of your prayers.  I do not believe she could be as improved as she is (yes, it is relative) without them. PLEASE keep praying for Brigid and her family!  Many of you sent a line or more expressing your prayers, good thoughts and the like.  I sent a few emails to Ben with those kind words.  He asked me to tell you that you have no idea how uplifting it is to hear such positive words from strangers.  Heck, we are not strangers, we are just friends who have not met yet.  Keep up the good work, kids!


“Give them an inch and they want a yard.  Give them a yard and they want an in-ground pool put in it.’

Am I right or am I right?

If you look at the history of the Left in our Country, (which, BTW, goes back to our earliest days as a nation but picked up speed with T. Roosevelt) they are ruthless.

Sure, they talk a good game.  They point out all the good they “want” to do.  (And remember “want” is the same as “do” or “did” in the Lefty Lexicon.)

What happens is that they make a case, something which is kinda hard with which to have a problem at first.  They will cajole you, prove that they are being altruistic and beg, plead for your approval.

The swear kittens are good pets.  (Stay with me on this.)  They are cute and cuddly and no problem at all.  They are great companions and everyone should get one.

The Left will stay on this tack, they will make all kinds of feline-friendly pronouncements. “Look, we LOVE you, we want YOU to be happy!  Kittens will make you HAP-HAP-HAPPY!”

Next thing you know, the Left have created the “Fabulous Furry Friend Bill of 2014.”  What could go wrong?  After all, it is going to be great as all people love cats they say.

Those of us who are not cat fanciers shut our mouths, for fear of being labeled a “feline-fobe.”  And, since it is a no-big-deal bill, like voting on the state yo-yo for Montana, it passes with huge majorities in both houses.

A few days later there is a knock on your door.  There is a nice young man in BDU’s, Kevlar and a huge cage.  What is this, you ask yourself?  But before you can answer yourself, the chap says “Smith, where is your Corgi?”  You say that she is in the back yard and before you realize what has happened, your dog is taken from you.

The next day, a cat is delivered to you.

The day after the bills for putting down “Elizabeth I” and for your new, untrained, unhousebroken cat.

You call and complain to no avail.  You are advised that the “Fabulous Furry Friend Bill of 2014” was more than just an introduction and support to cat husbandry.  It banned all other pets. Dogs, gerbils, fish, birds, komodo dragons and all other animals that fly, walk, swim or slither are all outlawed.

“I loved Muffy! I had her since she was a little pup!”

Too bad.

“Rex is my hunting dog!  I need him!”

Rex is history and soon too will be hunting.

And we ALL know, no one loves dogs more than me, so you know that was hard to write.  But before you say it could not happen, even though that is kinda sorta how we had OBAMA’S OBAMACARE shoved up our, um, down our, … well, somewhere.  But that is not the analogy.  OBAMA’S OBAMACARE will be found to be a criminal activity.

No, you see, what happens is that the Left will ask all “please and nicey” for something.  It is usually something that canNOT be legislated out of the gate, there has to be some framework first.

They will swear, it is no big deal and it will not affect you in the least!  In fact it is such not a big deal you won’t even know it exists!

Then the Lib will make you feel bad about not supporting this “no big deal” that you won’t even know will be existing.  Of course, you will be called a “bigot”, some kind of “–phobe”, needless to say a “racist” and the expected “hater.”

Finally, like a weak parent giving in to the screaming of one’s children (and creating yet MORE Liberals) you finally acquiesce and the next thing you know, they are coming for “Muffy.”

You see, the Left’s SOP is to make nothing out of something, plead till they get their way calling good people evil, intransigent, haters and so on. Then they play the pelosi card “tolerance.”

For some reason, “tolerance” is one of those strange words that have mystical and magical powers.  But, like Biff, if is a chimera.  It is just a word.  But spoken by a Lib, it is like being accused of using the “N” word.  (I will get back to that one day.)

“My friends, I must say, as much as I admire Precious, he is not a friend of ours, he is not a tolerant person!  Imagine, such a man who thinks that just because a few fellows like to put on a bathrobe and grill steaks that they should not be allowed  to be married!  Really!  In this day and enlightened age, can’t we be more tolerant!!!”

Guilty. I s’pose.

I hate to bring this up, but I told you.  What I am referring to is Lawrence v. Texas in this case.

You see, in this case a few fellows were, as much as I want to be snide and gross, I refrain out of respect for you, bottom line (no pun) was two fellows were having gay sex and their house was busted by the police.  But it was the wrong house.

Had that house not been invaded accidentally things might be different today.  But the invadees who had their privacy violated sued not just for the invasion but for privacy.

And of course, the lawyers caviled that the gays did nothing wrong, they hurt no one, they just wanted some privacy.  And really, pinky swear, if you find in their favor saying that adults can do whatever consenting adults want to do, we will keep it in our pocket, out of sight and behind closed doors.  There will be no debauchery, no naked people in the streets, no live sex acts in front of kids, we will be just like church mice!

The stupid court found in their favor and to everyone’s surprise (but mine and yours) the very next day in Greenwich Village, San Francisco and other gay centric areas there were debauchery, naked people in the streets, live sex acts in front of kids and everything they promised would not happen.

What happened after that?


They wanted the same rights as everyone else.  They did not want special rights.  But they ALREADY had the same rights as everyone else, what  they wanted was special rights.  And I could go on but I need not.

But our problems manifested as what EVERYONE on the  Right did was to emulate the Left.

After all, how many times have I said that the Left does not think things through?  How many?  A zillion!

And now, because the Right are weak and feckless, they are letting the Left get away with everything they want.

We let them get what they wanted under the guise of “tolerance” and “fairness.” We want to be nice and to get along.

But as soon as they get what they wanted there is ZERO chance of them being tolerant and fair to us.  In fact they will make fun of us and tell us we are stupid for giving them what they wanted.

And then they will ask for something else ridiculous and like the Neville Brothers we are (Chamberlain, in this case) we bend over and give them whatever they want.

But if we give them a loaf of bread and ask for a crumb, you KNOW they will let us starve.

Enough for now, that is the table set.

It is going to get rough from here on in.  I expect many of you to part ways with the FISH over the next few weeks.  We shall see what you are really made of.

“And Now It Begins For Real”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Waiting Room Chums:

I try to be a good person. I am not always successful.   As I have said, I pray every day that my words would reflect His Word.  And, sometimes they are because I listen to Him and sometimes they are not, because either I do not listen to Him or I think I know better. In those cases when my point (my point, not God’s) is swung at (swang?  swanged?) at and missed, I am lead back to the Lord’s Prayer with “Thy will be done…” and it all makes sense.

I think today’s might be a good one.  When they come easy and all but write themselves, I sense the inflatus.  Then I want to add something or say something that I know God would not say.  Oh, well. Lessee what happens.

Just in case you still have any liberal friends out there or who think that Biff is a swell guy and a regular George Washington and Abe Lincoln rolled up into one you need to ask them about that which I am about to share.

Like virtually all of you, my health care program has changed.   I had a very good plan that covered everything I ever needed.  I never had a test or procedure denied and I had no ethical issues with them.  My primary doctors are great guys and personal friends and they seemed to have been operating a thriving practice.

A few months ago we were advised that our plan was changing.  There were a few options offered.  I assure you none were as good as what we had. 

There were myriad “options” and “health savings plans” to cover the immense deductibles.  There is a lifestyle survey and a little thing called a “health provider screening form“ which will provide for a few ducats to be put into your health savings plan.

We went back and forth and weighted the cons and the other cons of the plans.  We settled on one that could prolly wind up costing us up to $11,000 more per year.  Less if we saw no doctors or had the common decency to die.

When Biff lied and said “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan”, I guess I had no idea that I did not like my plan.  After all, he is always right, no matter how wrong he always is and how far to the Left he is.

I have not seen a doctor for a while but I had a regular checkup scheduled for right about now.  My first foray into OBAMA’S OBAMACARE.

So, imagine my surprise when I received the above mentioned “health screening form.”  It is an innocuous looking little form with your very basic personal info (name, date of birth, address and so on) in section 1. 

(Oddly enough, in that section you are asked for your “postal code.”  Gee, here in America, we have a Zip Code but in the UK, Canadania and other places you have a “postal code.”  However in the second section, the address including the “Zip Code” for your “health provider” is asked.   Not for anything, is ANYONE proofreading this stuff? Of course not.  We are not supposed to read it at all, as you will see.)

Section 2 requests some basic medical information.  Too basic, if you ask me.  Your “health provider” is asked to enter your blood pressure, height and weight (ergo: BMI), cholesterol components and glucose.  “Relax, I’ll need some information first, just the basic facts” as related in the Pink Floyd song “Comfortably Numb.”          

Again, benign, nothing to worry about.  No red flags (other than “postal code”) and you should be well at ease to the point that you will skip over Section 3, the boilerplate, the fine print.  Again, don’t bother to read it.  After all, you do not read all that folderol on the internet when you accept the terms and conditions of a web page, now do you?  And, after all, this is from the gov’t, what could possibly be wrong or bad?

                                                What could possibly be wrong or bad indeed!

The first section advises that there may be an out of pocket charge for biometric screenings.  Ok, fair enough.

In section the second, you give your physician (what happened to my “health provider?”) permission to disclose results with your health plan, you know for “administering wellness benefits” and “incentive awards.”  And that tact is amplified upon. 

But, even that section is no big deal.  Or is it? 

If you are in sales the next section is called “the close.”  We are advised that participation is voluntary.  Whew!  That is a relief!  But, wait, there is more! “However, I understand that there may be certain wellness benefits (including incentive awards) under my health plan that I will not be eligible for as a result of not participating in this program or not providing my biometric screening results to my health plan.”

What kind of “wellness benefit” are they talking about?  Does that mean I will not get to see a doctor/health care provider/shaman? Gee!  I BETTER sign up! 

The old “fear close” or the “sense of loss close.”

I am sure this is written so that you are so concerned about not getting care that you will sign anything at that point.

(And I wonder, why would your insurance company need the “biometric screening”, after all, they have all of your other medical results and records. And excuse my insensitivity, when I see “…will not be eligible … participating in this program” for some reason, I see trains headed for Dachau, Treblinka, etc.  I know, I am prolly over-reacting.  That kind of thing could NEVER happen now! Right?)

Do so at your peril.

Following that piece of happiness is the deal-breaker in my book.

“I understand that my health information may be subject to re-disclosure by the recipient and that if the recipient is not a health plan or health care provider that information may no longer be protected by the Federal privacy regulations.”

Read it again.

And again.

One more time.

You see, today there is a thing called HIPPA.  This, among other aspects, gives you complete privacy and confidentiality about your medical status.  In fact, unless you sign off, even your spouse cannot have access to or knowledge about your health, medications or treatments.

But, IF the powers that be decide that they want to “re-disclose” anything about your health status, well, all bets are off, HIPPA goes out the window and they can put up billboards with the health status of anyone they want.  If they wished.  And they will. 

(And it is not “re-disclose” it is “broadcasting.”  “Re-disclosure infers disclosing again to the same entity.  That is NOT the case here.)

Now, just in case you are less than confident as to the intentions of the administration of this scheme, there is a little “don’t you worry about it” clause to wrap up this theft of your privacy.

“I understand that I may revoke this authorization at any time by notifying my physician in writing.  …  Unless revoked earlier, this authorization will expire one year from the date of my signature.”

See, nothing to worry about!  If you like your privacy, you can get your privacy back!  Alls ya gotta do is ask the gov’t. And ANYONE who has EVER had any dealings with ANY gov’t agency, be it for a copy of a deed, a parking ticket, a request for an easement or the like, knows how easy, seamless and quick these processes are.

Seriously, this is one of the most dangerous pieces of paper I have ever seen.  Were this to be a different time and a different set of creatchures running the shop, I might be less concerned.

But here is a Maladministration who has made a cottage industry of shredding the Constitution.  When? Where, you ask? Gee, Biff has changed or modified the terms of his own albatross of a so-called “health-skare scheme” nineteen times.

He has no respect for the Constitution.   He repeatedly ignores the separation of powers and now with this little codicil about ceding your privacy with respect to your health care, your agreement will allow them to take more of your privacy away. 

Makes little difference, they would do it anyway.

As I have been saying since before “Day One” (note: Biff does not say that anymore…), this OBAMA’S OBAMACARE has far less to do with health care than it does with subjugating the masses.

People, we are running out of time.

God Help us all.

“New York City? Er, New Detroit”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

 Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Shell Game Shills:

Yeah, so, where were we??  Oh yeah, the typical Liberal hypocrisy and their everestal inability to think things through.

Let’s look at a coupla things, New York City (soon to be called “New Detroit”), where the Libs are screwing the pooch and Louisiana, where the Liberals are being forced to come to Jesus.


Billy Boy DiBlasio is simply put, a Communist.  (I will be relentless on this guy. I will be on him like the cheap suits he wears.)  That is all.  Anything else is just piling on.  But let’s do that anyway!


Anyone with a double-digit IQ would easily be able to surmise that Commies like Billy Boy are either: 1) Stupid, 2) Ignorant, 3) Have no idea what they are doing and/or 4) Counting on the stupidity and greed of the Low & No Information Voters.

To put this in perspective he wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour and at the same time welcome illegal aliens.

On the other side of the spectrum, he wants to raise the taxes on the “wealthy” to provide better education at a younger age  for kids while he claims capitalism is a failure.

Now, because the Forth Estate is up the backside of the Left for some reason, it is understandable that they lie.  No, not mis-report, not under-report. I call it what it is: Lying.

There are active lies (“I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinski”) and there are passive lies (“ …“  that is if they do not speak the truth they must, then they are guilty by omission.)  The SRM have gone to more of the latter than the former.

Note, there was precious (yes? Oh, sorry) little commentary on Biff’s vacation in Hawaii.  Note, there was even less comment on Mooch-747 staying behind, er, to the rear, er, remaining in Hawaii.

Why the half-black out?

A’cause they do not want you to know what they are doing.

Sure, make grandiose pronouncements that you want to raise the “living wage” to $15.00 per hour. Heck, make it $25!  Do I hear $50?  These idjits are immune to facts.

Many years ago I heard a preacher, he is still around, by the name of Kenneth Copeland.  I am prolly one of the few Catholics who think he is spot on.  Anyway, he was talking about money.  To make a long story shortish, he said that money was relative.  (I say there is no such thing as money, but that is a different discussion.)  Getting to the point, he said that a good suit today costs $600. (This was a while ago.)  But his g’dad said in his day a good suit cost $20.  Bottom line in 1930 an ounce of gold was valued at $20, in 1980 it was $600.  Ergo, the relative price was the same.

So, to, as I prophesized, that give the minimum wage peeps $15 per hour and soon you will have $15 Big Macs.  But there is more.

Many, most, if not all, unions, have their contracts tied to the minimum wage.   For instance a diesel fitter represented by Local 69 of the International Brotherhood of Bloomer Manufacturers is guaranteed $37.54 per hour above minimum wage.  With the federal minimum wage at $7.25 (I had to look that up), then this fellow earns $44.79 per hour.  Now, if the min wage skyrockets to $15 per hour, our friend’s wage jumps to $52.54 per hour for the same job.

Needless to say this is not widely reported.  Needless to say many in the various media industries (not the “on air, er, talent” so much) are in IATSE or the Teamsters or the like the ones positively affected by such a rise in wages.  And besides, the “talent” are in a union as well.

Closed shop/closed mouths.

So, while the ghettoeers will vote for whomever they are told (PROOF?  Billy Boy = 73% of the vote with 96% of the black vote) the quiet secret is the HUGE union support this Commie received.

And, to be fair, not just the trades and the skilled but also for the less skilled, to be polite, of SEIU and AFSCME.  Both of which, in a perfect world, would be subject to the RICO statutes and their leaders to criminal prosecutions for myriad of crimes.

So, to sweeten the pot, the Dems do not just trot out a White Marxist married to a black radical lesbian feminist but, sotto voce, have him announce a support for raising the minimum wage to garner the support of the unions who will also benefit.

“But, Precious” you will say, “but he supports the illegal aliens.  They will work for peanuts.  Won’t that undercut the unions?”

Sure would, if they can get a job in one.

It is one thing to cut lawns and wash dishes, it is another thing to lay bricks, drive a K-Whopper and set up a stage.  And, sure, they will eventually get in the unions.  The unions will make a big deal of “hiring” the first illegal so they will get everyone off their backs.  (And they did and they did and the SRM “covered” it for one cycle. Now YOU find the illegal who was hired.)

Bottom line, they make lip service to the illegals and there are there for the pimping.  And when they DO not get a job, do you think they will vote for a Republican?   Not  chance!  They will be told that the Republicans hate them.

I am sure you are getting my point.

Let’s move on.

But first, this.  These are the same Commies and Marxists who claim that Capitalism is a failure.  Well, it sure is!  Except in the countries where it has been tried.  Let’s compare that to the list of  Commie states, shall we?

Cuba, North Korea, Laos and a few others.  Tell me, how is that working for the local loyal comrades?

Out of the other side of the mouth of these a’hats who are claiming that Capitalism does not work are complaining that those who make less than $50K per year have realized a roughly 9% return on their investments in the market, pensions, 401ks and so on where those earning over a half of a million dollars have more than ten-fold higher increase in return.

So, tell me.  How is a workers paradise better when the rich make more money but at the same time the Commies and Marxists want to take them to “be fair” to “chip in a little more” to …. “PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE?”

How does that work?  You stink because you earn more than the poor but when you are taxed out of existence you will be blamed for the failures of the Politburo?

Tying this together and moving to the Bayou State.

Here in NYC Marxist Billy Boy wants the “rich” to pay more to increase the education “opportunities” for the po’ babies.  According to Billy Boy it will be the poor and underprivileged (read: black) who will benefit.  Of course when the rich say thanks, but no thanks, then Billy Boy will trot out his family and call all the right Whities racists.

(And WHY is no one screaming that they do not want their kids to go Pre-K and Pre-Pre-K!   Why are the mothers not screaming that they do not want their babies taken away and brainwashed by the Commies?  And if you have a hard time grasping that WHY have YOU not read the “Communist Manifesto”, as this is a page straight out of that book!)

Ok, for sake of argument and ignoring the Communist undercurrents of this let’s look at what is going on in Louisiana. (Correct me at any time, DW.)

The link is below, but the bottom line is there is a VERE successful school voucher program in Louisiana.   The schools are non-union and enjoy a 93% satisfaction rate.  Kids are excelling in scores and graduation rates.

And Biff hates it because of the union issues.

But 90% of the recipients are “minorities.”

How do you balance union and minority concerns?

The unions support Biff and donate tons of cash to the Dems and the “minorities” are expected to vote as they are told.

Problem solved, throw the po’ kids under the bus.


From the article:  “The DOJ alleged that, because the vouchers were being used mostly by minority families, and therefore sending a high amount of minority students to alternative schools with the state vouchers, the program violated federal laws of school integration from the 1960s.”

“Indeed, Holder and Obama argue that too many poor minorities are receiving a good education by escaping failing schools.”

So, the entire idea of charter schools, scholarship schools and the rest of the educational entities which are NOT union run are anathema to Biff & Co.  They have all but closed them down in Washington DC for the crime of teaching (yes, teaching, not babysitting till they are old enough to get out of going to school) for far less than the cost for attending a “cite school.”

And what do Biff and Stedman do?  They pull the race card on their own people.

Yes, we all know about “separate but equal” and then with desegregation the town fathers built far better facilities in the black neighborhoods than the White ones with the express intent in keeping the racers separate.  Then, of course, when people got wise, they introduced bussing.

And this is EXACTLY the same thing for the EXACT wrong reason.

While it was noble and admirable to tear down the walls erected by the White Man to keep the blacks at a distance, what has happened over the past half century is that the black “leaders” like $harpton and Jack$on have been working overtime to build them right back up again.

Now, add the power and might of the gov’t and the DoJ wanting to make those walls taller and thicker, and what you have is institutional racism on a national level.


Argh… Look at the time….   More to come on this subject….

“New York City, Just Like I Pictured It…Not!”

 “Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Brick Throwers:


Many of you got a kick out of my “Peter Principle” comment regarding JoeBama.  It was not just funny and accurate, it was also true, sadly.

Today we are going to do a quick look at the qualifications and abilities of others. 

Let’s make it a game, what say? 

OK, first up. Who is:

– Community agitator.

Any guesses?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, not all at once and, yes, you are all correct!

It is Biffus Magnus!  Having no competence of which we have been made aware, Biffus has risen to the pinnacle of maximum incompetence.                      

Now, we can do down the entire litany of the anti-saints and I do not think anyone would disagree.  So, let’s throw a ringer in there.


–          Changed his name (many years later) because his parents divorced when he was a child.

–          Actually WENT to and was graduated from NYU with a degree in “Metropolitan Studies with a concentration in the Politics of Minority Groups.”

–          Member of the Urban Fellows Program in NYC

–          Political Organizer for the Quixote Center in Maryland.

–          Worked WITH the Quixote Center in Nicaragua supporting the Sandinistas.  (Illegal!)

–          Member of the Nicaragua Solidarity Network.

–          Is, er, married to a radical Marxist feminist lesbian.  (They honeymooned in Cuba, how quaint! ALSO ILLEGAL!)

–          Is the parent of a teenaged son and daughter, the latter admitted AFTER the election that she suffers from depression (wouldn’t you?) and had substance abuse issues.

And those are just the low-lights!

As he can PROVE he actually went to school he is far more competent than Biffo, hence a subservient position.

Any guesses?

Yes, we have a winner!

Billy Boy Di Blasio!

Di Blasio was sworn in as New York’s newest mayor.

His platform was to tax the “rich” to subsidize his school programs, make homosexuality one step away from being mandatory (his, er, “wife” may have something to do with this) and basically EVERY knee jerk, anti-American and anti-God kind of idea you might ever consider is on his agenda.!

Look, as we all know, I was NEVER a fan of Midget Marxist Mayor Mike Boob-berg, but even I do not think he got a fair shake from this poppa oscar sierra.

At Billy Boy’s inauguration after B.J. Clinton swore him in, (why?  I guess because the Clinton’s and the Di Blasé-O’s are longtime friends and perhaps have a lot in “common”) Midget Mike sits on the dais with the Clinton’s and a cornucopia of commies from all sorts and dregs of New York.

(SIDEBAR:  Ever play that “slap” game?  You know the one, where you put your palms face up and someone puts theirs on top of yours and you have to flip your hands and hit the others hands? You make small motions, as it to draw them offsides for if you pull your hands away, you get whacked.  So, there is a certain amount of trepidation there.  When most people put their hand on the Bible, even if they know they are lying, like Biff, they pretend to be big boys and slap their mitts right on the Good Book.  Not Billy Boy!  He put his finger tips on FDR’s Bible and he was shaking as if he was going to get slapped.  Struck by lightning would have been more appropriate.  And, BTW, when the festivities were over, this bunch of amoral a’hats LEFT the Bible on a chair and, as reported, it was not the easiest thing to return.)

But after a few rounds of talks, including one by some “Reverend” who referred to the “New York Plantation” under Boob-berg and a few dozen (no lie) equally asinine remarks by racist a’hats Billy Boy got up, said a (very) few kind-ish remarks.  All the while, Boob-Berg is sitting there they were showing pictures of him in flagrante delicto with a ruminant.

And, I so hate to bring this up, every person who made an unkind and/or racist remark against Boob-Berg were not only black but the first ones to toss the race card any time any of them get their racist noses in a tizzy.   (In case you do not know, Billy Boy is White and his lesbian radical Marxist wife is black.  Their kids favor the mom.)

(And if any of those racists read this [HAHAHAHAHAHA] they would call ME a racist for exposing their racism.)

If you think this is a hit piece on Billy Boy, you would be accurate except EVERYTHING I said is not only true but verifiable.  (Hence no future in politics for Precious.)

What is the first thing he does?

He, HE ALONE, decides that the horse and carriages which have graced the streets in and around Central Park for ages MUST GO!

HE says the treatment of the horses is inhumane.  Without beating a live horse, they are horses, not humans.  Of course it is inhumane.  But is it cruel?  So far no proof that it is.

But typical of the Left, Billy Boy has not gone to the next step.  What will happen to the horses?  Gee, will they go to the happy farm upstate?  Not a chance!  If you canNOT pull your own weight (or a carriage) it is the glue factory for them.

So, tell me, who is inhumane? (Or inequine.)

(Yes, Billy Boy thinks the rubes will equally dig driving around in a replica of old time electric cars.  Yeah, sign me up…..)

In the interim between his campaign and election to office and his installation, his daughter, she of the continual head side shake when she speaks (the one with flowers in her hair, like she is going to San Francisco) admitted she was depressed and had substance abuse issues.

I raise that twice because he was quick to pimp his family but not so much do express the dysfunction of same.


Almost immediately after his inauguration there was a big snow storm in NY, as well as other places.

Billy Boy almost hit for the hypocrite cycle!

First, he was shoveling snow.  Wow! What a man. Except he was shoveling snow into the street, which is illegal in New York.  So, like his betters, first full day on the job, he is breaking the law.

Second, he was expecting his son, Dante, to come out to help with the shoveling of snow photo op.  Later on in an interview, he gave Dante an “A” for effort but “F” for punctuality.  Not for nothing, I do not blame the tardy kid but his retardy father for being a weak parent. 

Third, he was quick to take as much credit has he could for the prompt clean-up of the roads. That is when he FINALLY arrived at the next photo op.  (Apple does not stay in bed far from the tree.)  Of course, he had absolutely nothing to do with the clean-up.  After all, he had not gotten around to firing the Sanitation Commissioner or any other capable people.


Why do I pillory Billy Boy so?

Because he deserves it, he is anti-American (you CANNOT be Pro-America and a commie and I do not care what any of the Clinton’s say) and proof that people are stupid and will vote for anyone who seems willing to screw the pooch.  (We will talk about his giant ideas on minimum wage and illegal immigration in future issue.  SPOILER ALERT: he wants to raise the min wage and let the illegals in.)

And what it worse, he is just the first of a new crop of “politicians” who will run for office under insane pretenses and the Sheeple will vote for them.


Saturday Short Stack #3. What Is In a Name Part 1

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19

My Friends and Fellow Revelers:


Hope you all had a good, safe and relaxing New Years.   All of us (me) here at “Fish Industries” wish you and yours nothing but the best for the current year.  I ask God to bless each and every one of you and yours. We will need every bit of help that we can get.

It being Saturday, it is time for another Short Stack.  Todays will be more in the way of FISHISTORY (a new word!) rather than commentary.  As you are joined by more and more people all the time, some of the slang and nicknames are not all that clear.  I will attempt to advise as to who is what and why.

(I hesitate to say “new people.”  For my literate sense of things, “new people“ are babies, and precious few of them can read. It is just the weird way I read and hear things….)

First off, why “The Daily Fish”, I am asked, after all it does not come out every day?

Well, let’s break it down to each word.

“Daily.”  For the most part, I write this during the day as my nights are consumed with other activities, meetings and the like.  A word that expresses “during the day” is “diurnal”, as opposed to “nocturnal.”   A synonym for “diurnal” is “daily.”  So, as this is not written at night but during the day, but not necessarily every day, the synonym “daily” is appropriate.

See how easy it is?

“FISH” is a tad trickier.  For many, MANY years, I have been using the term “Attila the Hun Irregulars.”  I will not claim authorship nor will I agree to cribbing.  I suggest we call the genesis of that word a case of spontaneous inflatus. 

So the initials of those folks would be “A. H. I. “, or, “Ahi” for short.  Now, the other name for the yellowfin tuna is “ahi”, and not to be confused with the dolphinfish “mahi-mahi.”

So, “ahi” is a FISH.  And those with a keen appreciation for things less than Left wing, might be more inclined to be an “AHI” then, say, a Marxist or socialist. 

Ergo, this costra nostra (Italian for “This thing of ours” and not a criminal cartel, we leave that for the elected) is written during the day for those whose politics are right of center or for those of the Left who want to know what we are thinking.  Hence: THE Daily Fish.


Of course, all nicknames are employed with the same amount of deference they deserve.  Using the literary vehicle of farce, hence emblematic of exaggeration and extravagance, some of the names just lend themselves to their sobriquets

Obama:  He has had a number of nicknames during the years.  It started as “Hank” as during the campaign his peeps said that we were not to use his Muslim middle name of Hussein because IT was “racist.”  Yes, they actually said that, his name is racist.  Exactly how dim must one be to vote for someone whose name is racist?  This was just the beginning of the fool’s tools trying to bamboozle us and, yes, lie to us.

So, what is more of an American name that begins with an “H” than Hank?  (Sorry, Henry’s, Harry’s, Hal’s, Hubert’s and others, Hank it is.)  Then the explicable happened:  the REAL “Hank’s” did not want to share their name with him. 

Can’t say I blame you.

So, time for a name change.

Remember “Back to the Future”?  Cute little flick.  The premise is there is a car invented which can travel in time.  The admonition is that nothing from the present day can go to the past.  Well, of course that idea fails and McFly has a sports magazine with the results from all kinds of sporting events.  Biff, who is a current day buffoon (in the movie, that is), gets his paws on that book back in time.  Of course he uses that information and makes a fortune of betting on sporting events.

On one of the trips back in time you can see what was a beautiful little Midwestern town has been turned into a den of inequity with every vice, sin and corruption imaginable ruining the place.  (Think of “It’s a Wonderful Life” when George Bailey gets his wish to that he was never born.)

So, somehow, the president must have gotten his hands on a book that allowed him to come back in time (he does not have much of a history, now does he?) and leverage that information all the way to the big chair.  And looking at the havoc he has visited upon us, he has done all the fictional Biff did and more.

At one time, when someone like this got anywhere near as close to power as Biff, it was suggested that “he had pictures of his enemies with a dead girl, a live boy or a goat.”    Apparently that level of opprobrium is SOP for the Left.  (I submit Ted Kennedy, Barney Frank, etc….)

Biff is also referred to as “Biffus Magnus” when he does something imperiously imperial.  Also he is the “X”-i- C, where the “X’ could refer to anything such an M-i-C could be Marxist in Chief and so on.

His #2, Joe Biden, the dumbest man ever to serve in the Senate and then disproved the Peter Principal by exceeding his level of incompetency, is lovingly referred to as JoeBama in these pages.  He is so far up Biff’s butt, that one might think the skinny lawyer has four legs.  So, the symbiotic relationship they have created the entity as JoeBama.  (There is a rumor/joke that Biden was picked or the second seat as a life insurance policy.  While I hope that is not true, it is funny.)

Then there is that bitter ray of sunshine, Biff’s wife/beard, whatever she is.  This darling is called Mooch-747.  “Mooch”, not so much a nickname for “Michelle” but for her mooching from the public teat.  From her basically “no work” job in Chicago to her sumptuous living at the People House and on her many vacations, here is someone who lives high on the hog on our dime.

The 747 parts refers to the jet: wide body.

I assure you, more and more about this couple will be disclosed as time goes on providing he does not to all Caesar on us.

All for now, next week, God Willing, we will address the rest of the nicknames and neologisms.

It is stupid call cold here on the East Coast and if you are in any kind of chilly area I hope you are taking every precaution to stay warm.  Stay well, we NEED you!