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Back With a Vengence

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Back by popular demand:

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My Friends & Search Party:

Yes, it has been a minute.

Sorry, got tied up.

I have about a half-dozen FISH that are done or almost done, but has they were about the debates and up to the election, they are old news now.  (As you can see, the last issue was supposed to go out over two months ago.)

I am going to start up this next generation of The Fish with a dialogue on Facebook the other day.

I am going to spend a good deal of time in the near future tearing up the Snowflakes, Swamp Donkeys and other ne’er-do-wells of the Left.  (I will explain those terms in a soon issue.)

To set the stage, a person whom I respect professionally posted something on his page. (He is trypically not political and his page has to do with music.)  As I did not want to come in with both guns blazing as is my wont on political pages I tried to be nice.

I was civil.

For me.

Actually for most people.

“Drummer” is the name I gave to the person whose page it is.  He was walking a tightrope between keeping his peeps happy, expressing his views, and not pissing me off as he (and you) can see that I was a model of decorum.

For me.

I changed the names of everyone but me (I mean, after all…) and one lovely chap who deserves all the “recognition” he can get.

I left it without comment in all but a few items which I could not leave alone.

The “Snowflakes” are males, the “Swampers” are females.  (For some reason, I think gender is important.)

I hope this sets the tone for the upcoming series that expatiates and amplifies on the idea that Liberalism is a mental defect.  This Gang of Angry Libs prove that to a person.

I will do my best to be a bit more, er, er, frequent.  But, please bear with me.   I will be including from time to time some life lessons and a tad of introspection, trust me, it makes sense and fits with the larger dialogue.

Lastly, in the interest of being current and space constraints, I will truncate the prayer list to remembrance in general of all whose names have appeared here in the past and on 1 January, will add new names.  (Feel free to ask to have names placed.)

Tired of me yet?  You will be after this…



DRUMMER  I always thought that most people have protective instincts. Most of us would not climb into the pilot’s seat of a commercial aircraft and accelerate down the runway. We wouldn’t pull into traffic if we couldn’t see out the windshield. But some guy said he wanted to do it, and since a lot of us were sick of the last pilot, we gave this guy the job. By popular vote, we have a new designated driver. It’s not even January, but he already pulled into traffic. I’m in the back seat, and I’m starting to panic….


SNOWFLAKE 1 Why worry when your seat-back doubles as a flotation device? Totally safe.

SWAMPER 1 Perfect metaphor and waasaahhhhhhhh

SWAMPER 2 Well said.

SWAMPER 2 It’s going to be a white knuckle ride for sure.

John Iwasneverthere Savin I am not his biggest fan but I say give him a chance. Usually I say go with the devil you know over the devil you don’t. But in this case as she is prolly blood kin to the Devil, in this case I am willing to see what happens. Can’t get much worse

SWAMPER 3 Yes it can ,especially if we “give him a chance” to do what he says .

John Iwasneverthere Savin Swamper 3 truly do think things are better now than they’re were 8 years ago? Do you think race relations have improved in the last 8 years ? Do you feel safer than you did 8 years ago? Just askin’. For a friend

DRUMMER Now, I’m not trying to start a fight here… I just wonder if anybody has their eyes on the road, or the knowledge to take the controls. For eight years – hell, for the past 240 years, despite party affiliation – we held a course. Now, we are flying by the seat of our pants, and I think I wet mine.

John Iwasneverthere Savin Drummer, I think too many people are having visceral reactions to something what has not happened yet, to that I offer the screaming crying hordes protesting after the election. Drummer, this reaction has less to do with anyone winning or not than it is an indictment of spoiled generations of people who have always got what they wanted and got a participation medal for just showing up. I agree with you for the most part. But FFS people should just shut up and let’s see what happens. If he sucks he can be voted out. If he does well we all benefit. Things are far worse than 8 years ago. We are far less safe. My medical ins is off the charts more expensive. Bush was no bargain either and I think McCain and Romney would have screwed things up as well. Trump is no Republican and certainly is no conservative. I don’t get all the Hissy fits. People forget that Clinton is a hawk militarily. I see Trump as much like Clinton but far more honest and less likely to get us in a shooting war. I am willing to retract any statement I make if I am wrong as long others are willing to apologize if they are .

SWAMPER 4 If his behaviour over the past year and a half is anything to go by, and his hiring of billionaires and millionaires (when he said he would do the opposite) surely you are not that blind to see the truth for what it is. He is psychotic, and thrashing our agencies is the same as treason. You want the general public to be against these agencies? That is not a good thing. It is frightening. The past 8 years were bliss compared to the previous.

DRUMMER  John Iwasneverthere Savin That is fair, and I agree…but this plane only flies forward, so there ain’t no going’ back, and you and me can apologize to each until we turn blue. I’m just worried that the ‘turn blue’ part might happen sooner than I was hoping

SWAMPER 3 I do not feel the negatives of the past 8 years (of which I see to be much less than John Iwasneverthere Savin) were not due to the Obama administration but rather a persieved notion that he is an anti American terrorist sympathizer which I find to be RIGINATED in racism and packaged for general consumption . PS ,my medical and my wifes medical as working stiffs is better and more affordable than ever .I know we all do not seem to have that same experience but thats my take

SWAMPER 5 He already had his chance. He officially blew it.

SWAMPER 1 Are you effing kidding me John Iwasneverthere ??!!! I don’t know what FFS is, but I am SICK to death of people accusing others of what Trump has perpetrated the ENTIRE FREAKIN’ CAMPAIGN! His entire rhetoric was built on fear mongering and whining for Gods sake ie. The voting is rigged, the judge is unfair, the immigrants are the source of all our problems…well, the immigrants of color apparentlly. The double standard of Trump supporters and those who are saying “give him a chance (said with most obnoxious tone of voice) is alarming and terrifying. And I shouldn’t be worried about what hasn’t happened yet???!! We shouldn’t have concerns and fear over his cabinet choices??? How dare you put us down for having fear of the future based on a rational concern over his ridiculous nominees who have clearly documented issues of racism, anti-semitism and anti-environment just to name a few. Sigh! Yes, in fact, I do think things are better then 8 years ago in many ways including health care, especially for folks that had none; struggling single parents for instance……what are all the “hissy fits???’ he’s a sociopath who cares about NO ONE buy himself and he’s proving his little ha ha joke that, basically…at least so far….he could shoot someone down in the street and folks would still support him.

((Note: I highlight this because of the level of anger this woman exhibits.  She accuses me of putting her down.  Sorry, sweetheart, you imagined that all by yourself, perhaps when you realize your beliefs are off that the truth hurts.  No need to comment on the rest of the SRMFM concocted lies.  Truly a deranged mind.))

DRUMMER  One more thought – we DO at least realize that the ‘experiment’ in democracy is now officially over, right? With the new (assigned) Secretary of State, we must admit that we are now officially an Oligarchy. Sorry messrs. Jefferson, Adams, Washington, Hamilton and Franklin – you didn’t see this one coming, did you?

MIGHT BE A PATRIOT  Most of the founding fathers were businessmen first, and became accidental politicians when the British regime became too oppressive. Kind of like Trump…

SWAMPER 5 Ah, but they did! The Mango Moussolni isn’t pres YET. ELECTORAL COLLEGE DO YOUR JOB!  ((Er, the EC’s job would be to validate the votes this coming Monday, but, let’s not let facts get in the way…))

SNOWFLAKE 1 Nah,nothing that sophisticated. Just a for-profit corporation.

John Iwasneverthere Savin SWAMPER 5 not to put a too fine of a point but if there is an electoral college challenge the vote goes to the House for Pres and the Senate for VP. Trump still wins. Just sayin

DRUMMER John Iwasneverthere Savin – that is true

SNOWFLAKE 1 Please return your seats to the upright position and close your tray table….

DRUMMER  SNOWFLAKE 1 if you can find your seat, with all this anti-gravity messing things up….sorry for the turbulence…

SNOWFLAKE 1  DRUMMER For those on the left, there’s a beautiful view of the Statue of Liberty as we make our dissent. For those of you on the right, thanks for flying American airlines. (that punchline loses some of its meaning without the rest of the joke but some may know it).

SWAMPER 5 There’s always impeachment!  😉

SNOWFLAKE 1  SWAMPER 5 impeach the mango?

John Iwasneverthere Savin Can’t impeach who is not in office. (I thank you all for making my case for me)

SWAMPER 5  Again, YET. YET. Key word. YET. ((Note:  No one said “yet.”))

SWAMPER 5  SNOWFLAKE 1 I see what you did there  😉

DRUMMER  SNOWFLAKE 1 emphasis on ‘dissent’….

DRUMMER   SNOWFLAKE 1 yeah, im’Peach’ ….’mango’…get it??

SNOWFLAKE 1  DRUMMER I actually thought I typed descent. Dissent works better. Thank you AutoCorrect.

SNOWFLAKE 3 I’m trying not to panic Drummer, but shit this is pretty bad. As SNOWFLAKE 1 said, “Who could believe we found someone who is CATEGORICALLY worse than GWB to the point where he makes him look like a GREAT president????”  ((She did? Where?))

MIGHT BE A PATRIOT 2 The stock market doesn’t seem to share your concern

SNOWFLAKE 3 Give it time…

DRUMMER  Indeed, the stock market IS a large part of my concern. They just (about) put perhaps the single most powerful CEO in the world in the co-pilot’s seat, so the stock market is feeling pretty good about it’s odds right about now. Can’t blame them for being stupid-happy

SNOWFLAKE 3  I see what you did there. They are going to be practicing some human alchemy.  The day you buy a load of shit on credit might seem like good times…

DRUMMER  Don’t get me wrong – Big oil, and big banks always exerted undue influence on what was left of our democracy. But now that they OWN it, it isn’t a democracy anymore. Plain and simple.

SNOWFLAKE 4 Yeah no shit.. no more EPA or banking controls and lower corporate taxes all add up to more corporate largess. Still not too late for the working man to get some Exxon and GSCO stock… oh yeah, they got no money and no job, tough shit, right Joe? I’m a f***ing stock guru and predict that those and many other energy and financial stocks will perform very well for the next four years if they don’t blow up the banking system again… or cause a massive oil spill off our shore again


AskTheElectors is a quick tool to email members of the Electoral College.


John Iwasneverthere Savin Seems rather one sided



DRUMMER  Now, I’m not trying to start a fight here… I just wonder if anybody has their eyes on the road, or the knowledge to take the controls. For eight years – hell, for the past 240 years, despite party affiliation – we held a course. Now, we are flying by the seat of our pants, and I think I wet mine.

SWAMPER 5 Drummer, you’ve now just officially used every metaphor in the book!!!!  😊

SWAMPER 4 He did not win by popular vote???

John Iwasneverthere Savin No. we are a representative republic and not a democracy

SWAMPER 4 Way more than that. It is appalling what we’re seeing right now. A traitor being let away with this bullshit. It’s shocking!

John Iwasneverthere Savin Swamper 4 who is the traitor?

SWAMPER 4 Who else – Trump

DRUMMER  John Iwasneverthere Savin – You know my intention is keep this civil, so try to not get too upset by the rhetoric. No, we can’t impeach him if he isn’t in office. No, he isn’t a traitor unless he is found guilty of some form of espionage. Whether we love him, hate him, or (odd, but) just feel ‘meh’ about the man, the outrage is based on fear…which is ironic, since the left (including me) always said that ‘fear is what will get Trump elected’, and now look who is quaking

SWAMPER 4 Wow! Trump is the king of instilling fear. Don’t you know history? Hitler did the same. Wake up! It’s far from rhetoric.

DRUMMER   SWAMPER 4 Actually, that’s my point. Before the election, I preached that fear was his main strength, because the people who voted for Trump seemed to be afraid of everything and everybody…but now the tables have distinctly turned, and it’s us who are afraid.

SWAMPER 5 I can smell the work camps being set up as we speak.

Mick Hargreaves I obviously need to get with the program, festooning weapons-blinged memes all over the place, and be a self-described enrollee in anger management.  ((This mental giant peeked ay my page. There may be some weapons-blinged memes on my page, esp if you look a little.  But most of the recent posts have to do with Liberals being mentally deficient. Of course, he can’t be honest.))

John Iwasneverthere Savin Swamper 4 why is he a traitor? Under what statute is he guilty? Where is treason in the Constitution?

Mick Hargreaves Rhetorical questions, by definition, are questions you already know the answer to. ((No, they are rhetorical questions only if I introduce them as such. [“A rhetorical question is a question that you ask without expecting an answer. The question might be one that does not have an answer. It might also be one that has an obvious answer but you have asked the question to make a point, to persuade or for literary effect.”] Next they are not rhetorical, I wanted the answer, especially the part about treason. But, hey, Mike, nice job letting your fellow travelers off the hook.  And as I was being too nice to excoriate you there I shall do that here.))

John Iwasneverthere Savin Drummer you are correct. Again he was not my first choice. I am not the least bit upset. I find this rather amusing and quite frankly it is a good learning experience for me. Or perhaps validates some of the things I have been thinking. For the most part I think this had been very civil compared to what I have seen on political pages. Thank God this is not one. But what “scares” me is the rhetoric from both sides, the rushes to judgement, the bias in the media and people reacting emotionally to a pragmatic matter. As I am in the minority here as I as an independent I shall refrain from further comment and reserve any future comments to your great job on the radio. (If anyone wishes to discuss any of the topics we have been here by all means send me a PM and I would be glad to chat with you.)

((So far no takers.))

Mick Hargreaves A lot of us are independants. Most of us are not laughing about the rapidly accellerating, painful death of the American Dream.

John Iwasneverthere Savin Mick Hargreaves hate much? Some of us are proud to have served our Country. Some of us actually have a good sense of humor and we are secure enough to poke fun at ourselves. Some of us are not looking for new things to hate. I’m sure you are prolly a good person under it all but try channeling that emotion to more positive vibes. Good luck. Out. (Last comment, promise. But feel free to PM this conversation)

SWAMPER 5 Pretty hard when everything is pretty hateful coming from Trump’s camp and his followers.  ((Esp with respect to the love and understanding this bunch shows.))

Mick Hargreaves Lamenting the Impending Death of The American Dream isn’t hatred. It’s sorrow.

Mick Hargreaves But yeah. I’ll just sit here, pretend everything is fine, sing Kumbaya, and see how that works out. Jobs in old industries are not coming back, and the very people who should be receiving assistance in the form of retraining/repurposing in new industries are simply going to get their existing benefits taken away. We’ll just tell them a pony is coming.

SWAMPER 6  Not even the seat belts are going to keep us safe.

SWAMPER 5 Actually, he didn’t win by the popular vote…..that’s the SADDER part.

Mick Hargreaves The saddest thing is that when some of us yelled as loud as we could have from the top of the biggest hill we could climb… that Clinton could lose this thing, you’d better put Bernie in there…. not enough people listened. We had a clean towel to use. We chose the dirty one.

SNOWFLAKE 6 Sad part is…. this road rager is going to get us all killed by picking a fight with someone who plays dirtier than himself

SWAMPER 7 He also filled the windscreen washer fluid with enamel paint, filled the tires with nitro glycerin, and replaced the engine with one of his sons.

MAYBE A PATRIOT 2 you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you just might find, you get what you need