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“What Is In A Name?”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19  John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Inquisitors:

I have been writing this, sometimes edifying, sometimes educating, sometimes just a plain hot mess, for years now. I have lost track of how many issues and sadly I have lost many of the actual issues but I calculated a while back that I have written somewhere around two million words.

(To put that in perspective, if I was paid one dollar per word that I have written, that would be equal to what the gum’mint spends about every ten seconds.  How long would it take you so spend two-million dollars?)

Some of you have been with me since the beginning and some have joined over the years.  In the past few months there has been a fair number new subscribers. I just wanted to take a few moments and address a few things, such as what it is the purpose of this thing or ours and what are all those nicknames and acronyms all about.

(I have done an exercise like this a few times in the past but it has been a few years since the last one. So, this may be new land for some or a refresher course for others.)

First off, this thing is an extension of the “letters to the editor” that I used to, and still, write.  As most letters were universally ignored by the Liberal editors, I would send the letters to friends whence came the encouragement to expand my musings.  (And yes, there is a real pretend Muse and the Muse does show up from time to time.)

September 11, 2001 was a turning point in my life as well as many (all?) of yours. My main thrust started as a result of those horrific, barbaric, inhumane events.  Even still, the issues of the first years were more in the realm of “reporting” rather than “commentary” or “opinion.”

My goal then as now was to educate, to illuminate, to expatiate and perhaps expose all y’all to other sources of information and viewpoints.  I tried early on to be fair and I try still to this day.

The differences between what I present and what the media do is that I will not lie to you, I will not present something as fact that is not so (to the very best of my ability) and I have no hidden agenda.

My hope is that I am able to give you more information than you might ordinarily see and allow you to think more deeply on a topic.

Around 2007 or so the Dems/Libs went off the reservation and the media right along with them.  One of the main reasons we are saddled with this miserable failure occupying the People’s House is because of the lies and the assistance of the SRMFM.

I shan’t go into greater discourse on that as it is water way under the bridge.  I came to the decision that I would no longer be unbiased, but unlike the SRMFM at least I admitted that I was not.  I presented the exact same information in the exact same manner but with my commentary and IMHBVAO (we will get to the acronyms), nothing if not verbose.

Some of you have liked my snarky comments, my unbridled sarcasm and sometimes successful attempts at a joke.  Some others of you, not so much so. (More’s the pity. Life is short, have some good, clean fun. Have a laugh, will ya?!)  I have incorporated a number of you in the issues as characters when needed for illustration purposes.  There are other things which go on within the indents of these paragraphs that will resonate with some of you on a personal level.  The point is that this thing is as much yours as mine and I try to make you feel as inclusive as if I was writing a letter to a friend.

I hope I am succeeding.

There are certain things I hold near and dear.  There are some things where I am not the least bit flexible or willing to compromise.  (That includes most everything but there are some where there is absolutely no wiggle room.)  I make no bones about them and I will defend them to the end of days. I will also respect your opinion to think otherwise as long as you can defend your opinion as well as I can mine.

I am a Catholic Christian.  I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  Without Him I am nothing, without His Death and Resurrection, I am doomed. I like to get that one out of the way early.  I am not trying to convert anyone, I just want you all to know where I am coming from.

I am 100% Pro Life. I can defend my position.  I respect your opinion to think otherwise. I have asked countless times for someone to convince me I am wrong.  It has not happened yet.

After God and Family, I love this Country of ours more than anything else.  Feel free to find fault, that is fine. But do something to fix it.  If you are going to complain how bad it is here and how great other places are, you have to be mentally deficient to want to stay here. Please leave.   As Merle said: “When you’re runnin’ down my Country, you’re walkin’ on the fightin’ side of me.”

I am pro Military, pro use of overwhelming force and pro Veteran.  I could not imagine I would have to expand on any of that.

Really, is there anything else that is as important as those things?

Sure, I am a NY Yankee and NY Giant fan. You probably aren’t. that is fine. That does not change a thing.  But you canNOT come up to me and say: “You know, the guys in the infantry are paid too much” or “Is Sean Penn a genius or what!” or “Thank goodness for Al $harpton!”  Those are not “opinions”, those are the mumblings of a diseased mind.  I will help that person come to their personal Jesus.


Nicknames and Acronyms.  Why do I use them? One reason is that in most cases, they are time savers and easier to type.   One would think I could type well after all this time.  I assure you, I wear out “backspace” keys a’cause of mistakes.

The other thing is I get bored easily.  Coming up with and using nicknames amuses me and in some cases makes writing about certain creatchures less distasteful as I need not mention their names. Also, it serves as a gentle reminder of the type of person with which we are dealing.
Here is a smattering of the nicknames and acronyms.  I intend on putting these on the website.  (FEEL FREE TO COMMENT THERE!!!!)  I am sure I have missed some names and acronyms.  If you think I have missed one, shoot me an email or post to the website and I will address and add as needed.

Here we go…

BIFF: Obama.  Have you ever seen the movie “Back to the Future”?  Marty leaves his “sports almanac” in the past that has all the winning sports scores for what would be then the future. It falls into the hands of the local thug and goon, “Biff.”  Biff ruins the town and part of Marty’s going back to the past is to get the book back so that will undo all the evil Biff did.  This Biff ruined a perfectly good Country because of his greed for power.

MOOCHELLE:  People say this family spends money like drunken sailors.  That is not true.  Drunken sailors spend their own money.  This version of the Clampett’s see nothing wrong with taking multi-week vacations, taking separate vacations, taking separate jets to the same vacation, sending a private jet for their dog, throwing huge shindigs in the People’s House for the benefit for their friends and supporters on our dime.  Hence: Moochers. Hence Mooch-elle.  (I am being more than fair, she is called far worse by many more.)

JOEY McMENSA: Arguably the dimmest vice-president who exceeded his personal Peter Principle of being the dimmest Senator in US history.  Of late, he is becoming more of a “hands-on” kind of guy.  With Dems, that is never a good thing.

B.J. CLINTON:  Yes, Bill Jefferson Clinton, he was the previous Democ…. What?  No.  I am sure.  No, “B.J.” means Bill Jefferson and has nothing to do with…. No problem, we are good.  But, if the shoe fits…

HILLAROO/THE HILDERBEAST/HER THIGHESS: Yup, good old Hill. She is rarely given credit for what a truly horrible reprobate she really is. I mean she was cited for ethics violations during the Watergate hearings and her “reputation” was bruised but not enough. Then again, “what difference does it make?”  Widely thought by the Libs to be the next president of the US.  If that happens, there is only one thing I ask. Will the last American leaving please take the Flag with you.

LIE-A-WATHA: Senator Elizabeth Warren.  Darling of the Ultra-Left, possible further to the Left of, but not as pretty as, Sen. Bernie Sanders

ALLEGED AG STEDMAN: That would be that the racist and terrorist sympathizer Holder.  He looks like Oprah’s beard Stedman Graham.  I refer to him as “alleged AG” as he has done more damage to the Constitution than very few others.   His greatest crime is breaking laws while pretending to uphold them. (BTW his possible successor, Loretta  Lynch, aka “Lex Luthor” is just as bad, if not worse.)

JOHN “WTLF” KERRY/”WTLF”: “WTLF” stands for “Why The Long Face.”  Speaks for itself.  As low as he has gone in the past, he exceeds even the lowest opinion one might have of him at every turn. Truly a disgrace and yet, an improvement over his predecessor.

NASTY PELOSI/SAN FRAN NAN: Rep. Nancy Pelosi. A dumber, more useful tool there are very few more than this one.

  1. LITTLE DEBBIE WASSERMANHYPHENSHULTZ: And here is one now. A she makes Pelosi look like a Rhodes Scholar (and that is not necessarily a compliment.) She has no redeeming qualities and it is an insult to men to refer to her as “Mr.”

DINGY HARRY: Sen. Harry Reid.  Harry sold his soul to the devil but the devil sued him to get his money back as he had no soul.  He could have been a good perhaps even great Senator had he used his knowledge and power for good rather than the dark side.  He will be lucky to live out his days in a “gated community”, if you get my drift.

SMOKING JOHNNY:  Rep. John Boehner. He smokes, but he is not that hot.

EARL McCORNBREAD: Sen. Mitch McConnell, current majority leader of the Senate.  This shows what you get when you perform a partial cranial-rectumectomy on someone like Dingy Harry.  I use this sobriquet not to insult rural people, rednecks, Southerners or Lynyrd Skynyrd fans (“FREE BIRD!!!”) but only to point out  that here is someone who is in over his pay grade.  My honest opinion is that he is not to be trusted, not because he is not honest but I do not believe he is smart enough to do anything but cover his own butt.

KRISPIE KREME CHRISTIE: The RINO Governor of New Jersey and pal of Biff.  “Krispie Kreme” is a donut chain.  Capice?  (NOTE:  “capice” is pronounced “ka-pee-shh”, it means “understand.” Popular term in New York, New Jersey and Di Niro films.)

SNUFFALUFFAGUS: George Stephanopoulos.  The ex-Clinton communication director (Joseph Goebbels was a communications director of sorts also) and current ABC-TV News puppet.  He is a useful tool of the Left, he is a Rhodes Scholar (again, not necessarily a good thing) and seems to elicit trust from far too many a’cause he “looks like a good fellow.”  Remember, kids trusted John Wayne Gacy.

FACCIA BRUTTA Jr.: Would be New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo.  “Faccia brutta” is an Italian for “ugly face.” In some cases, it is meant as a term of endearment. Here, it is not.  He is a disgrazia, a disgrace, by all measures, even against his late father, Mario “Faccia Brutta” Cuomo.  If you want to know what is wrong in the State of New York, here is your number one reason.

BILLY THE RED/KOMRADE WILHELM/BILLY THE COMMIE DE BLAH-ZERO: and so on, for the Communist mayor of New Jack, er, York City, Bill Be Blasio.  Elected by 15% of eligible voters and that was generous.  He almost makes Biff look competent.  Yes, what is wrong with NYC is this pretender.  And yes, he IS racist, possibly closeted and most certainly a Commie.


SRM/SRMFM:  “State Run Media”, “State Run Muslim Friendly Media.”    If you think we have a free press, you have not been reading the FISH closely enough.  All the mucky mucks in the press/cable/TV are all palsy-walsy and all seem to have a Left-to-  very-Left Agenda.  (ABC, NBC, CNN, THE TIMES. etc)

IMHBVAO: “In My Humble But Very Accurate Opinion.”  Snarky, yes.  Correct, usually.

SOC&S: “Separation of Church and State” is a Jeffersonian concept found nowhere in the Constitution that is universally misapplied by Liberals no matter how hard they try.

C&M: “Cowboys and Muslims.” Hey, they picked the game, not me.

NWO: “New World Order” (aka “Novus Ordo Seclorum” –  see the back of a one-dollar bill.) This is the centuries old plot of a one world gummint.  It is getting closer every day.  I wrote a complete series on this some years ago.

GMTA: “Great Minds Think Alike”… I tell many of you this, especially when you agree with me!

RINO: “Republican In Name Only.”  See: McLame, Christie, etc.

Enough for now, don’t you think or don’t you?  I hope this helps, if you have any questions, let me know and I will do my best to answer!

Enjoy your weekend!


“Gimme That Old Time Religion… NOW!”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19  John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Immune:


I have referred to the movie “Men in Black” in the past.  There is a part where the Tommy Lee Jones character tells the Will Smith character that he needs to get the “cheat sheets.”

The Smith character asks what the “cheat sheets” are and the Jones character replies that they are the periodicals that detail the comings and goings  of the intergalactic aliens.

Jones comes  back with a handful of tabloids such as the National Enquirer, The World and so on. Smith says that they are rubbish, they are the tabloids.  Jones says while that is true, that is where the information is.

And this is where we come to MoveOn.Org, or, as I prefer to call them: “ MorOn.Com.”

These ultra-Left wing wackos have been on the wrong side of the equation in virtually every situation. There have been one or two instances where a rational person might say “that is a good idea!”

But, just like the blind squirrel who can find his own nuts from time to time, MorOn being correct is a rare event indeed.

They are keen to support any whack-a-doodle idea, they support every nut-case candidate and they are very clever in their approach and funding.

Now, they boast something like eight-million members, hardly an exclusive club.  But, I signed up for their email updates years ago and that is all I do, yet, I am considered a “member.”

I have often joked that the cruelest irony for them would be that the founders and original members are the only true believers in their brand of socialism and the other 99.99% were people like you and I who troll their pages to see what the “intergalactic aliens” are up to.

One of the things they promote is their petition page.  Any mouth-breather and a computer can create their own petition.  Take a look at the petition page on their website and you will see petitions from all kinds of “members” from the truly whacko to the one-issue voter to the union bosses (yes, they use MorOn to spread their flavor of socialism) and more.

I don’t blame them. They are entitled to their opinions even if they disagree with mine. After all we have the Constitution and the freedom of speech.

Then there are the kinds of petitions that strain credulity. And that is where we are going today.

You see, you have to factor this into the prism that MorOn is a tool for the Left in particular and I posit that they are not above carrying water for the Maladministration.

When you consider when there is something that most people find anathema to be done that Biff wants to happen, he is quick to say that he as a “pen and a phone” and that if Congress is not willing to do what he wants he will “work around Congress.”  (Pity he never read the Constitution, criminal that people have not called him on that.)

But, when there is something that he does not want to do, all of a sudden, he has to consult Congress which is shorthand for  “I am a coward and I am trying to distance myself from this issue.”

When there is something truly despicable to be done, the powers-that-be always look for some willing stooge to get into the barrel. I am not saying this guy we will meet in moment a stooge and not just a mere tool, you be the judge. But if it quacks like an alleged AG…

Here is the top of the MorOn.Com email; that is all which is needed.  (The entire email is at the very end):
Dear New York member,

A MoveOn member named Paul Hogarth recently created a petition on our public petition website entitled “Sign     the petition: Ban belief-based vaccination exemptions”—and we’d like to know what you think of it.

The petition is addressed to Governors in 48 states, and reads:

The re-emergence of measles in the U.S. has shined (SIC)  a light on the dangers of allowing personal beliefs to trump public health.

Please introduce legislation in your state to ban all belief-based vaccination exemptions.

(NOTE: Should be “shone” as that is the past tense of “shine” in the sense of the shining of a light.  “Shined” is the past participle of “shine” intimating a reflection, if you will.)

Let’s deconstruct this, shall we? Do! Let’s!

I am addressed as a “New York” member.  Throw-away line? Nope.  That is designed to make this guy look like a local, to get my buy in.

Now, Paul Hogarth is described as a “member,” again, commonality.   We shall come back to Mr. Hogarth in a moment.

His petition wants you to ignore everything you have ever heard about infectious diseases, particularly those which have been all but eradicated in the US.

What he wants you to do is sign a petition that anyone who wants to opt out of childhood vaccinations based on religious beliefs may do so.

Does anyone see a problem with this?  Anyone see about a dozen problems?

First off, I can’t tell you about where you are but in virtually every state a child can not be enrolled in school without MMR immunizations.  Faith-based or not  heretofore there were virtually no incidences of Mumps, Measles or Rubella and there were no outbreaks. (And almost all of the incidences we have had in the past twenty years can be traced back to “foreigners.”)

Did I or did I say that when the Los Illegals came here that they were bringing diseases that we have eradicated? I did, yes, I recall.  And so did a lot of other and smarter people.

So, that allegation is equine scatology.  He is using a false argument to make his case.

Second, his clown is making people to make a leap of faith that all of a sudden “belief-based” peeps have decided not to immunize their kids.  Hello? Where is that proof?

Because of this irrational assertion people who have not the least bit of faith or belief-based thoughts will be encouraged to refuse immunization.

There is little doubt and overwhelming proof that these diseases can be traced back to immigrants, legal or not.

A more honest petition would be to change the verbiage in this petition from “belief-based” to “illegal alien.”

You see, this “petition” has nothing to do with measles.  In fact it has nothing to do with anything but an attack on religion.

Why do I say that?

Same reason this guy mentions “faith-based” rather than “religious.”  He tries to put an arms-length distance between what it is and what he wants you to think it is. Though as we will see, where he comes from that makes no difference.

Rather than literally preach to the choir, let’s get to the Cliff Notes of this issue.

IF there is a ban on exemption for immunizations on “faith-based” grounds, there is no longer a “separation of Church and State.” The State will now be able to dictate what Churches can and canNOT do.

IF they can say “no relief from immunizations” they will soon be able to say “no Bible study on Wednesday or Mass on Sunday or Shul on Saturday.”

Oh, you don’t think so?  Really?  You think that given half a chance in the next two years if Biff could close the Churches that he would not?

It comes down to this: Do you trust Biff?

OK, why am I getting worked up about this? Well, here is one reason and it is VERY disturbing.

The “author”, Paul Hogarth is very modesty described as a mere “member.”  No, he is far from that!  First off, he is a serial petition creator.  He hates just about everything.

So I decided to look into this chap.  I looked up his name in the interwebs then cross-checked those with social media and I believe I have found our boy.

(And why am I pretty certain it is he?  The first post on his Facebook page – as of 1427 on 11 Feb 2K15 –  is about the immunizations.)

He is:

  • Campaign Director of the Daily Kos
  • Lives in San Francisco
  • Part of a website that challenges the SF Chronicle
  • Additional petitions are of the extraterrestrial type
  • His contacts look like a Who’s Who of the Local Left
  • In solidarity with the illegals
  • In “solidarity” with LBGT and LS/MFT
  • And a heck of a lot more.

This chap is not what Phil Robertson would call a “Bible Person.” In fact as there is nothing to suggest anything religious, holy or moral about him. In face one can deduce that he is an amoral, Anti-American (though prolly thinks he is not) Anti-God rouser of the lowest and most ignorant of ovine rabble.

This is exactly the type of person if he was in the West Bank or some other such paradise would strap on a homicide vest and kill the enemy.

Who am I kidding.  He is a coward.  He would get someone else to do it. But he would secure the vest and drive the person to the site of the crime.

You see, he creates a cute little petition.  He uses small words.  He does not explain anything. He makes a non sequitor statement to make his case that is not accurate in any aspect. Then he simply asks politely to “pass this legislation.”

End in sight…

I love calling out the libs for their hypocrisy.  There is little doubt in my mind that this has anything to do with ultimately banning religion.  Prolly not Hogwart’s idea but he is fine with it, he is just carrying the water.

But, the hypocrisy is using part of the 1st Amendment to try to destroy another part of the 1st Amendment.  They are using freedom of speech to curtail freedom of religion.

And the whole “separation of Church and State” is going to come back to bite them in the butt if we can survive the next two years.


(The rest of the email is at the very bottom.)


Dear New York member,

A MoveOn member named Paul Hogarth recently created a petition on our public petition website entitled “Sign the petition: Ban belief-based vaccination exemptions”—and we’d like to know what you think of it.

The petition is addressed to Governors in 48 states, and reads:

The re-emergence of measles in the U.S. has shined a light on the dangers of allowing personal beliefs to trump public health.

Please introduce legislation in your state to ban all belief-based vaccination exemptions.


Here’s what Paul wrote about it:

In every state except Mississippi and West Virginia, parents can legally choose to not vaccinate their children against common illnesses before enrolling them in school.

The consequence of these vaccination loopholes has been the re-emergence of diseases like the measles—an illness that had all but been eliminated in the U.S. in 2000.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are over 100 reported cases in more than a dozen states, and the U.S. is “likely to see more cases.”

Mississippi hasn’t seen a measles outbreak since 1992 and West Virginia, not since 1994. That’s because neither state permits children to enroll in kindergarten without getting their full roster of vaccines—no matter their parents’ personal or spiritual beliefs.

The anti-vaccine movement puts our most vulnerable populations at risk, including children under 12 months who simply cannot get vaccinated.

Public health mu st trump parental choice. Tell your governor to introduce legislation to ban all belief-based vaccination exemptions.

Can you click to let us know what you think?


We’ll decide whether to send this petition out to additional MoveOn members in your area based on your feedback.

In case you haven’t heard about it, MoveOn’s petition site allows anyone to start an online petition and share it with friends and neighbors to build support for their cause.

Thanks for all you do.

–Milan, Maria, Manny, Bobby, and the rest of the team





Some people ask why are not all the issues posted here.  Well, there are a few reasons. Primarily there are some things which I would prefer to share only with subscribers.  Most everything is fair game but there are certain threads that I prefer to hold back from general consumption.
Second, people ask what does this acronym mean and to whom does that name refer.  These are all fair and good questions.  Long time readers have come to understand the inner workings of my little mind.  Newer readers have not be subjected to that in great enough detail.
When I come up with a new or modified acronym or a new nickname, I will explain it at the first citation.  If you happen to miss or gloss over that, the sheer brilliance of the magnitude of my expiation might be lost.  (But, as evidenced by that last sentence, none of the self-deprecating sarcasm will be missed.)
No promises as far as timetable is concerned, but I will collect as complete of a list as I can and add it to the headers here for your reference.  Until then, if you are unsure about an acronym or a name, drop me a line or pose your question here, I will get back to you.
I hope to make this site a bit more user friendly, inclusive and more current.  I hope you will join me.
God Bless

“Liberalism: A Disease Explained”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Survivors:

“Obsessive Compulsive Disorder” is dastardly little bugger. It runs from what some people might call being “anal compulsive” to “the counters” to those where there are triggers that make them unable to function.

In some cases the causes are psychological, others are physiological and others have not-so-finely defined roots.

Some of the manifestations are what one might be called “anal compulsive” where certain things must be done in a certain order or once a task is started it must be seen to perfect completion.

Those on the next step on the ladder are the “counters.” They lock a door and then have to check it, say, five times and counting out loud to that number while checking the lock. Some set arbitrarily higher numbers, say, twenty-five, and count to that number. Now, if they think they miss a number they have to start from one again.

In some cases, the counting is a prelude to more severe actions as they will use higher and higher numbers almost to force themselves to doubt that they reached that preordained number without missing one. In such a case, they will start from one again and count until they are satisfied.

Then there are the “cleaners.”   The cleaners are not so much “clean” and in fact rarely “neat” but the item or environment must be clean of dirt, disease, microbes and so on. Often times this is part of a larger issue. Other times it is a ritual because the person feels “dirty” about something be it physical or of some actions or even thoughts. In the later cases, they think the ritual cleaning will “cleanse” them of their bad, evil or dirty deeds or thoughts.

But then there are the extreme cases. These are people who have an irrational fear about something and when faced with it can render them paralytic with fear and dread.

Often times the trigger is something which can be very reasonably explained away but the victim refuses to accept any explanations. In all many cases when a person in is this state they know what they are doing is irrational but that dread, that fear, that has a hold on them transcends any cogent and rational explanation.

They will often try to “trick” themselves to allow them to be convinced there is nothing irrational about their irrational actions by creating such an elaborate scenario that it becomes like the “counter.” Sure, you can explain this, that and the other thing but now there is X and you cannot explain that away. When you finally do, there is Y and so on and so forth.

For instance: A person “develops” a sudden fear of, let’s pick a manufactured crisis but a real thing nonetheless, Ebola. Now, this person decides that Ebola exists and he has to do everything in his power to make sure he does not get it. Of course EVERYONE else in the town, city, state and Country are at the same risk. And, of course, this person knows that but he focuses on Ebola as his pretend bête noire.

Now, this person can go hours, days, weeks, even longer until a trigger occurs to set them off. (Of course, if it goes too long, the victim will introduce another aspect, condition or something that will hasten the trigger so they can slide into the distress and panic of “getting Ebola.”

So, if someone sneezes, there you go, Ebola. Yup.   Ebola is in the air and believing they are exposed, the person might have to run home, take a shower, clean or throw away their clothes, disinfect everything with which he came into contact in the house.

OK, so someone spends a great deal of time to explain to that person that he cannot get Ebola just because someone on the street a block away sneezed.

The victim accepts this and has to come up with something else.   So, their attention and focus is on Africa. While a bit of a stretch, if the person goes shopping and sees an item that was made in any place in Africa, the victim might convince himself that the rug, shawl, fez or whatever has sufficient time in Africa to be exposed to Ebola and any contact would infect them on the spot!

Oddly enough, the victim is drawn to primitive arts classes, shows, expositions or whatever where they are subconsciously drawn to the thing that they think will destroy them.

With very little education one can prolly talk a normal person out of this line of irrationality. But these people we are discussing have a severe mental issue. These people are not necessarily stupid or dim, they are afflicted with a disease and they can be reasoned with on a logical basis and depending on their state of mind at the time they will accept reasonable explanations. Unless the psychosis is deeper in their mind where any amount of rational thought is dismissed.

But now, there is nothing triggering their anxiety and that is even worse than having a trigger. The victim is irrationally convinced that something terrible is going to happen to them and that anxiety is exacerbated by the fact that now it is something unknown that is going to kill them or their loved ones. That will never do!

They are in a mentally deficient state but they know enough that if there is not physical thing that they can say “See, that has Ebola!” then anything can and will set them off. They know that they are acting irrationally but they would prefer not to be bedridden in a bath of Lysol 24/7. So, they create another trigger.

As long as there is a trigger, or an (un)reasonable facsimile, they can live a “normal” life. Even though “normal” to them might be having daily episodes of paralytic anxiety.

It goes on and on.

While there are drugs and therapy that is available it is still a debilitating disease. The victim typically cannot hold a job. Well, if they live alone they may be forced to but if there is someone to take care of them they will panic themselves out of the workforce.

New relationships and friendships are usually rare for the more extreme cases. Sadder still is that the victim oftentimes will, by design or circumstance, create a distance between themselves and most of their loved ones.   (They will always make sure they have one ally to take care of them be it a spouse, parent or barring them, a friend.)


This is not a dissertation on this disease. This is to prove that Liberalism is a mental disease.

You can take out “Ebola” and insert “global warming” or “weapons of mass destruction” or “path to citizenship” and you will get the same response from a Lib that you will get from an OCD victim.

You will get an irrational explanation of the indefensible. For instance, the weather here in the Northeast has been horrendous. The weather prognosticators are all over the map with respect to temperature, snowfall, wind or anything else. These nice folks are pouring over tons of data 24/7 and STILL they miss the mark.

Yet, we are supposed to suspend belief that these same folks who cannot accurately predict the weather tomorrow somehow can predict what the climate is going to be in five, ten, twenty years? Really?   And I am crazy for not agreeing with them?

Here is one of those silly Liberal things, the back and forth persiflage with ordinarily normal people who when faced with a way out of their conundrum, throw another obstacle in the way.

One friend posted a link from some left-wing-nut site that read: “So car companies have to pay workers less to stay globally competitive?” Then there is a picture of a VW Minibus with the following “Germany produces twice as many cars as the US while paying its workers twice as much.”

Midnight the Wonder Dog shook his head when I read that to him!

You see, if ANYONE with a modicum of common sense, of any idea of anything to do with cars or wages, or had an interwebs to look up things, looked at that they would cry “Foul!” Or worse.

Yet, there are those who see something like this, it hits their “trigger” and they are forced to expose their ignorance.

Here is my back and forth:


Number 1: 2013 US Auto production: 11,045,902. Germany: 5,718,222. So, how does that work? Number 2: just like all the other socialist countries in Europe who “are paid more than the US” are also the countries who pay more in taxes than the United States. Ergo irrespective of wages/taxes, by disposable income the US is #1, Germany was #11. Old Friend, the problem with agenda driven links is that there are no facts to support their claims and tons of data to disprove them. That DOES explain a lot, however…


John, for once your facts correlate with the real issue…. are we happy. We come in at rank 17 while Germany only comes in at 26. So we are, according to the World Happiness report (…/02/WorldHappinessReport2013_online.pdf) ,happier than the less productive Germans. But we are not nearly as happy as the residents of Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, Finland, Austria, Iceland, and Australia, to name a few. So the higher pay and higher taxes of Denmark may make it the happiest country in the world. Now we don’t necessarily have to be the happiest country in the world, but perhaps we should emulate their model of paying everyone better for their work and taxing everyone to provide a higher quality of life for everyone. Hmmm………


Old pal. My facts are always correct and accurate, of course, one might choose other sources for data, but the number of cars made is a solid number, ditto who pays what in taxes the percentage of disposable income and average shoe size of mesomorphic males under 1.8 meters tall. These are all quantitative, a “happiness report” is hardly. First off, I eat breathe and sweat this stuff, not that you do not. But I am always suspect at any kind of thing like this, irrespective of the author, because it conflates qualitative with quantitative with objective and subjective. I have been to most of the countries on that list and there is no way I give it one bit of credence. I could take those same statistics and come up with any result I wished. As soon as I see the Useless Nations, Gallup, et al, you should, at least I am, be suspicious as the results will fit the desired outcome. I do appreciate the “compliment” and I harbor no ill to you and/or Old Friend as I have known you both for an aggregate 75-80 years or so. We do not have to agree on politics. I can compartmentalize that and put it to the side and we can discuss slew rates and rise times, CIRC and the like. But our politics are mutually exclusive. I am loath to post or pontificate, trust me I AM holding back, but when I see something so egregiously incorrect I have to comment.

Then there is a brief interlude by someone trying to explain that the Germans make luxury cars? And I rejoin the conversation with:


One quick aside Old Chum, on your happiness chart it shows Mexico and Panama AHEAD of the US. If that is true, why are their citizens coming to the US? Just asking


I don’t have all the answers. I just want to be happy too and right now, like most Americans, I’m just making the most of things. I’m willing to look at a better way and nothing I’ve seen on the conservative side of things offers people at the bottom, or even me, much hope. And I’m not even near the bottom. The Scandinavian countries are happier than we are. The study I quoted was just an effort at factualizing it. But the sad truth is that are often used to justify totally wrong situations rather than bring us to a better place. My opinion is that the liberal side of things is more likely to bring us there.

(Huh? WTHeck? Does that even make sense?   YP)


Old Chum, with all due respect socialism does not work. I can tell you as someone who have travelled extensively particularity in the Nordic countries. There is far higher taxation, there are far less freedoms, there is the expectation that you will be exactly like your fellow proles. I assure you, it is NOT a better place. (It is beautiful, however.) Having had the exposure to that and other kinds of Socialism, I say, if that is for you, old pal, move there. Leave me alone, let me live in my deluded Constitutional Republic and let me rise and fall by my own works and NOT what a political party can “give” me. SRSLY Old Chum, conflate your rationale with the illegal aliens. They come here illegally and ignoring the fact that on your list they come from happier places, they want us to feed, clothe, heal, educate and more. Yet, they refuse to learn the lingo, won’t get along with others and have the unmitigated balls to demand that we do more for them. Old Chum, if they come from such a better, happier place, why are they risking all to come to America? If America sucks as much as you and the rest of the Left would have us believe, why do they come here and better question, why are people breaking into their countries? (Old Chum, this does not mean I don’t respect you.. I respect your opinion and right to hold it. But, do consider the alternative. Peace.)

I will leave the epilog to you.