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“We Are From the Gov’t, And We Are Here To…”


 “Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

 “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

 Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Vets of All Stripes:

(NOTE: Today’s edition is being preempted by this one.  Not that I think this masterpiece is better than the one I cobbled together last week for today’s delivery.  It is that I neglected to forward that issue to this computer.  So, the one that you will see on Tuesday, most likely, will have been today’s issue.  Trust me, you will feel five days younger when you read it!  But in all seriousness, this may be one of the most daunting issues I have delivered.)


We know how I feel about co-inky-dinks.  As George Burns may have said: “Ain’t no sucha thing, Gracie.”

We hear all kinds of things in the ether.  Some of us do not follow the news. And truly, as time goes on, I can’t say I blame you, but do so at you own peril.

Then there are those who just listen to the point of view which agrees with theirs.  If you are a Lib, heck throw dart, virtually all of the SRM is with you. If you are a Conservative, your pickings are slim.

But, to really be “fair and balanced” you MUST absorb as much from each side as you can.  You MUST read between the lines as I always admonish you to do. You MUST keep an open mind to all that comes down the pike, as even a blind squirrel can find his own nuts.

I get more good information from MorOn.Org than many of the sites on the Right.  Why? They are laser focused on one thing, whatever that is, but to their own detriment.  You see, to make their case they are going to give up more than they ought.  But, ssshhhh, don’t tell them!

So, you read the right wings sites, blogs, ad items.  You see that the DHS or some agency just bought 2,500 Hummers and billions of rounds of ammo.  Or that the IRS just got 8,700 rifles and millions of rounds of ammunition.

And so on and so forth.

But you need to be aware whence said info comes.

For instance, there was a thing a while back about ammo.  Now, there is no mystery that there is an ammo shortage.  Some of it is real and some “man made.”  Think of the runs on the banks in the first great depression and what we most likely experience again.

You see that the gum’mint used to sell the spent brass to ammo manufacturers for reloading. Then it came down that this Maladministration decided that they had enough money so they said that going forward, the ammo makers will not have dibs on the spent shells but they would be shredded and the dross sold to … China.

Of course, real or imagined, the idea of there being a lack of shells automatically creates a market greater than reality suggests. (But with this bunch, entirely understood.)

Now, how do I know that the ChiComs are getting our spent brass and that the shortage of ammo is both real and contrived?

Well, let’s go back in the archives.

Do you remember the movie “Men in Black”?  Do you recall the part where the Tommy Lee Jones character says to the Will Smith character “We need to get the cheat sheets to see what the aliens are up to”, and he picks up the tabloids:  News of the World, The Enquirer and so on.  Smith tells him that they are pelosi and Jones says, sure, whatever, let’s see.

So it is with Snopes.Com.  You see, the nice folks who own SNOPES are true blue Biff-Bots.  They are not above, er, “grading on a curve” to make this bunch look good.

So, if you Bing (I do not Google. I “Bing” or “Duckduckgo”) “spent brass” SNOPES will be one of your choices.  Usually they will say “True” or “False.” And when someone who is a tool of this cabal such as SNOPES has to equivocate with “Mixture of True and Outdated Information”, then you KNOW it is true.

But that is only part of it.

Recall what I said about the Fabians.  They are (note: “are”, present tense) hell bent for leather to take over the world.  And, recall, their mascot is the turtle, hark back to Aesop.  They are very content to let things happen and unfold at glacier speed.

Now, you may have heard last week that noted Trade School Grad and current SecDef “Chuck” Hagel has decided to “trim” the military.  (And what is it with Libs and calling themselves “Chuck.” “Chuck” is a good name, a man’s name.  Look at Chuck Norris, Chuck Connors, Chuck Berry, heck even Chuck E. Cheese. They are men!  When a Lib calls himself “Chuck” it is kinda like penis envy.  Sorry, Schemer.)

Yeah, right on Chuck! Let’s cut back the military to pre WWII levels.  Or, as Don Adams in “Get Smart” might have said:

“Would you believe we have 23 divisions of trained killers ready to attack?  Well, would you believe 10 wings of fighter aircraft laden with bombs?  Then would you believe 3 asthmatic Boy Scouts with an incontinent chihuahua.”

And despite the rhetoric of the Left on how much money we will save and we are finally winding down the war that Biffus Magnus won five years ago and how we no longer will be the world’s policeman (more on that to come) and all that other pelosi, be assured none of that has one scintilla of truth as the reason why the military is being eviscerated.

I mean, hush, this gum’mint has proved time and time and time again that if they need money, they just fire up the Fed printing presses.  And even if they were not rolling in the aisles laughing about the dangers of raising the debt ceiling, even pretty much low double- digit IQ folks could figure out that they could save even MORE money that would be saved by the Pentagon having a “Going Out of Business” Sale by stop giving money to people who do not deserve it.

“But, hey look, a gay football player!”

“But what about the Army?”

“Yeah, but whoooo a gay basketball player!”

“But what about the PXs and Class VIs?”

“Did you see Moochelle on Fallon?”

“But what about the air wings?”

“Did you see Biden on Meyers?”

“But what about the cut to military pensions?”

“Did you see Biden on the View?”

“But what about not refueling the aircraft carrier Lincoln?”

“Did you see Biden on the 25-cent horsey ride?”

Point is that there is a whole bunch of unnecessary pelosi all over the news that has but one purpose: to make you take your eye off the ball.

Recall one of Biff’s promises, one of those that sounded so alien but now could be Book of Revelation prophetic.

2 July 2K12:  Biff threatened a “Civilian National Security Force”. He said: “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

(Before we go on, do consider that he is, to my knowledge, the only president who even suggested the need for the military to address domestic national security.  Of course the “domestic” part is left out of his threat but inferred by the need for his “civilian national security force.”)

Just in case you think this is far-fetched, even though there are aspects of this already in place, where else might you find authorization for a modern day Praetorian Guard?

Well, where else but in the so-called “Affordable Care Act”, OBAMAS OBAMACARE!

So, in the health care act there is control of all your finances, access to all of your health care records, college loans and now the SS.  In fact there is EVERYTHING in that bill but…. health care!

Now, of course there are always to methods of achieving parity or superiority.  The right way is to work hard, to improve in all areas and eventually you will have the momentum to equal and surpass your competition.

As we all know the Left hates competition.  That is why they do not keep score in “sports”, why they support Common Core education because 8X8 is around 70 or so, after all 64 is so exclusionary.

So why does the Left want to shut down the military?

Because it will be that much easier to run the show with their own “Civilian National Security Force”.   Cut down the other guy, and you look bigger! Just read any Lib OpEd piece or listen to NBC, PS/LSD, CNN, etc.

After all, we do not want to be the world’s policeman, we want to be our own Country’s policeman.  And, with our own personal presidential police force, well, we don’t need no steenkin’ military.  And besides, not only do they have weapons, they know how to use them.

And as I just said, the Left hates competition.


Again, I am not sayin’, I am only sayin’.

This is only food for thought, you draw your own conclusions.

I could be waaayyyyyyy off base, but in case I am not, I call dibs on the comfy shackles.



“Where Do They Find These People?”


“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

 “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

 Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Vortex Victims:


(PREBAR: There will be a follow up to the last FISH with the additional educational information as provided from the Far East.  Many of you are chiming in and I want to allow sufficient time to reply and digest.)

Quite frankly, over the past few years many of these pages are been devoted to exposing the lies and excesses of gov’t and in particular this Maladministration.

Biff has proven himself expert in three key areas: Community Activism on a national scale, vacationer-in-chief and being totally tone deaf.

But, to quote Her Thighness, who would have been slapped in irons for being in contempt of Congress in a fair and just time, “What difference does it make!”

Hark back to the previous issue, these “politicians and appointees” have no allegiance to our Nation or any.  They do not take any oath seriously.  They do not care about anything not on their personal agenda.  They are misanthropic, kakistocratic, feckless New World Order types.

People voted in Biff the first time. He TOTALLY screwed the pooch.  In any country with a shred of decency and an honest Fourth Estate not only would he not have been re-elected, but possibly run out of office before he did the damage he did going forward.

Many of you learned of his initial excesses and misdeeds from things like the FISH and not the SRM.  Many of you refused to believe it. I can’t say I blame you.  But you could have checked the allegations and facts and rather than calling me crazy for calling him a Marxist, you could have found out for yourself.

But, that is a vent for a future FISH.

You have the worst people in the most sensitive of positions.  You have a cabal of Czars who have not only zero approval by Congress but zero oversight of the henhouse except by the wolf himself.

You see, all these departments, directorates, agencies and more ALL come under the Executive Branch.

Yes, The EPA and DEC, the HHS and ICE and all the others work for Biff.  The wacko environmentalists of the EPA and others issue memorandums that have the effect of a law passed by Congress.  Except these “laws” are not passed by anyone who has ever been elected to their position.

Forget about the bought and paid for Ambassadorships to the plum countries which are given to campaign donors and big names.  Nothing new there, all Presidents have done this.  But as a rule they are not going to screw things up.

On the other end of the spectrum are the Ambassadors and Diplomats to the roughly half of the world’s countries of which most people have never heard.  Here you have the career foreign service guys who go from one God Forsaken hell hole to another.

Then there are a few dozen countries where we do not have all that much in common or trade, they are basically just acquaintances rather than friends.  And it is a country like beautiful Norway that Biff wanted to send one chap from Long Island, George Tsunis, who is a big money supporter to be the US Ambassador.

All went well till the Q&A in the Senate hearings.  Tsunis was trying to make points with the Norwegian President by saying nice things about him, but he was quickly advised that, gee, ooops, Norway does NOT have a president. Then he had the positions of the main political parties backwards and was 100% wrong on the gov’ts positions on sensitive topics.

On the bright side, he has never even been to Norway.

He was stopped from further embarrassment on a few occasions by Sen. Johnson and this idjit had the nerve to say, twice, “Thanks for the save, Senator.”

I believe the nominees for Ambassadorships for Iceland and Argentina were equally qualified. When I say “qualified” I mean that in the sense that they should not be allowed to roam the streets without a minder.

Oh, note that one of the seats on that august panel was filled by Sen John McRINO of Arizona who categorized the nominees as “ignorant.”

Again, Biff is not the first president to appoint people to the cool places for some kind of quid-pro-quo. Most of them, however,  had some idea about  the country for which they were under consideration to represent our Country.

And it is actions like this, these political paybacks, by Biff to people so patently unqualified that is eventually going to get someone’s nose out of joint.

(The Verdens Gang, Dagbladet, Aftenposten and other Norse papers have excoriated our decision and feel incredibly slighted.  If you see Vikings coming to our ports, then you know they mean business.)

Now, step it up a notch.  Let’s look at some high profile peeps who are underqualified to be a hall monitor but are representing us on the world stage.

Ok, there is no love lost between Biff and Mooch-747 and the Clintons.   Hillaroo’s appointment to Sec State was a calculated move. It gave her a high profile gig – after all , she was not going to accept Secretary of the Interior – and it kept her, by and large, out of the Country and DC in particular.

It would have been far more difficult for her Thighness to build on her power base for a potential run against Biff in 2012 had she remained in the Senate or even in the Country.  Now that 2012 has come and gone, so has she.

Her utter mishandling of Benghazi resulting in four American deaths and the parallel to her campaign ad of some years earlier hastened her departure.  (Recall the ad: “Who do you want answering the phone at 3.00 AM?”  Not her!)  She is now a political liability but now that she is out of the Maladministration, the Ministry of Truth can re-write history and there is no connection between her and Biff.

Enter someone who must share at least some of JoeBama’s faulty DNA:  John “Why the Long Face” Kerry.

Here is a guy who came from a family what had some wealth and connections.  Yup, setting the stage for the future, WTLF’s dad married into the Forbes/Dudley-Winthrop Family. Later, Little Johnny would marry two wimmens with tons of dough.

But Kerry did well not on his own actions and abilities, per se, but on meeting people, cultivating relationships with them and then seeing what they could do for him.  (If you do not have a dictionary handy, that is also the definition of a leech.)

He was a member of the “Skull and Bones” secret society while at Yale. That opened doors for him later on in life.  He is a suspect war “hero” possessing a rather contradictory recollection of events. But it allowed him to be for the war before he was against it.

A chant he would repeat on other occasions and I would suggest much to his delight.

You see if you tell a bald-faced lie without breaking out in fits of laughter and your constituency says to themselves: “Er, I guess that can be true”, then you will succeed in a Democrat environment for years to come.

(And if YOU believe that line of pelosi, I have a book I’d like to sell you.  “How To Double Your IQ” with my famous “no money back” guarantee!)

He treaded water thru his Senate “career.” He is , after all, an uber-Liberal from the bluest of blue states and if you think getting elected as a Lib in the Bay State is tricky, just take a look at the deviants, miscreants and political soul-sellers, who get elected there.

So his CV is rich in many respects save for any kind of meaningful accomplishments.  What does someone do with someone like this?

Promote him!

He is a tool.  He has no self-respect but an oddly inflated sense of self-importance. He is a member of the Club. So, he will do anything to prostitute his and his better’s world view.

This buffoon is traipsing all over the world spreading the Liberal gospel of the so-called “global warming.”  (Yes, yes, yes, we will revisit this and the other incorrect Liberal falling sky predictions..)

After screwing up Syria (and who is vetting this idjit, Tsunis?), working on promoting a civil war in the Ukraine (and Biff is not just chiming in but taking sides on this one), WTLF is out there telling assemblies and groups all over the world the twin lies that “global warming is the number on threat to the world above terrorism” and that “Americans see this as a grave threat.”

Just to lend a scintilla of clarity to his remarks, the number one threat to the safety of the world is a photo-finish between Biff and terrorism.  The so-called “global-warming” is not even in the top ten concerns of the average American.

To put his asinine accusation in some perspective, four of the top ten important issues comprise three quarters of the voting.  They are: The Economy, Unemployment and Jobs, Healthcare and (get this) Poor leadership, corruption and abuse of power in gum’mint.

The “global warming” is just below the push for Ford to bring back the Edsel and just ahead of concern over the welfare of the snail darter.


Yes, this will continue as we are starting to see that the issues and players are intertwined.  This suggests collusion and a concerted effort to wreck the Nation.

One last thing.   Ever since al-Gore’s proclamation of the danger of “global warming” was just so much hot hair disproved by the vast majority of real scientists and climatologists, they have been calling it “climate change.”

Just like Biff is trying to distance himself from OBAMA’S OBAMACARE by calling it everything but his eponymous bill, I have no choice but to call it what it is.  So, the alleged and misnamed “Affordable Healthcare Act” is now and will be in perpetuity “OBAMA’S OBAMACARE” so too will “climate change” for forever known as “global warming.”

I am not letting them get off the hook, I not going to let them re-invent terms.

After all, we have always been at war with Eastasia.  It is double-plus-ungood.


“WARNING: May Cause Poverty Loss of Freedom…”

 “Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

 “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

 Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Shills and Shells:

A good friend a long time reader from Bangkok emailed me the other day. He commented that there should be some kind of disclaimer on any bill passed by Congress.  We shall get to that…

But first, there are soooo many of you out there who are complaining that this president or that attorney general or the other cabinet secretary or the random Member of Congress is not upholding their oath of office.

Virtually every oath of office, just like being sworn into the Military, refers to upholding and defending the Constitution and swearing said allegiance to God.  Typically, one raises his hand to God or places it on a Bible and swears that the words of the oath and your fealty are true.

Lemme refresh your memories.  Recall some five or six years ago when I brought to your attention, many for the first time, the words of one of Biff’s pals and later a Czar, Cass Sunstein?

(I am sick and tired of his creep and his foreign-born bride, Samantha Power, who is the US Ambassador to the UN.)

Anywho, this Cass-hat said “by the year 2020, the Constitution as we know it will be largely irrelevant.”

And everyone laughed.

And it is becoming true.

And don’t you just want to spit those few times the Left actually tells the truth!

Let’s walk back a little.

You apply for a job, you pass the interview and get the gig.  On your first day at work you go through some kind of orientation, fill out paperwork and the rest of the first day events.

Now, before anyone is dismissed and sent to their offices, they are all told to stand, put their hand on a copy of “Silent Spring” and swear to Rachael Carson that they will not create anything which might adversely affect the environment.

Sure, you do it.  After all, you are a diesel fitter at the bloomer factory.  There is very little if at all anything in your job description with respect to the environment. Second, you have no idea what is in that book and have even a smaller idea who Rachel Carson might be.

So, too, is it with our Liberal/Socialist/Marxist friends and they have as much as told us!

They do not believe in the Constitution.

They do not believe in God.

(Someone prove me wrong.)

So, swearing to something that they do not believe in to a Deity they do not think exists is the EXACT same as swearing on a book  to some enviro-wacko nut who is responsible for millions of deaths.

(Yes, Rachael Carson may be the biggest mass murderer in history after Margaret Sanger.  She is largely responsible for having DDT banned.  Long story for another day but that was the “global warming” type hoax of the 60’s.)

Without further ado, from my pal Howie in Bangkok, a most excellent exegesis to amplify on the above.  More to come!

(Take this seriously people.  And If you wish to comment please do.  Howie expressed an interest in feedback, please do noyt let us down.)

People must learn to understand what politicians are doing TO them under the guise of doing something FOR them.- hbm


Thanks for the quick reply. Let me clarify. I don’t want to stress anything as a warning label. I want a detailed “Harmful Impacts Statement” in each piece of legislation, just like each piece of legislation contains information on who benefits. Any warnings about who is responsible are much lower priorities, and may not be needed. I’ll get back to “Warning Labels” at the end of this email.

Harmful Impacts Statement

I am talking about requiring a paragraph in every piece of legislation that explains what foreseeable harm it will cause, who will be harmed, and how long it will take before people can feel the harmful impacts.   I believe that legislation, like physicians, should do no harm, but there are instances when avoiding some harm might not be possible.

Main Points

  • Legislation never tells us what we can expect in the longer term or who will be impacted besides the people in groups specified in the legislation itself. That is insufficient for understanding the effects of the legislation. We say, for example, that this law will improve the lot of the poor.  A law never says it will help the poor only in the short term, or that in the long term  it will hurt the poor because of the inflation the new law will cause. But that is what the legislation should say. 
  • Many or most people do not understand that they are affected by legislation even if their name or their  group is not cited in the legislation. “Oh, I’m not poor, so this doesn’t affect me.” This is nonsense of course, but it causes people to care less what gets passed…and when the consequences come back to bite, they are clueless why things got worse for them. For example: legislation causes inflation, and a tiny bit of inflation will not be noticeable to most.  However, the aggregate inflation over time of thousands of laws, rules and regulations is the reason that cars cost 5-6 times what they did before the inflation of many decades. Inflation is a tax that hurts the poor the most because it makes necessities cost more. The poor are the most harmed by inflation.  So when things start getting bad for the poor again, they scream for more increases in the minimum wage. (COLA increases are also minimum wage increases, but I won’t go into that now).

My concept is that every piece of legislation must contain a paragraph  detailing the foreseen harmful impacts of the legislation on all groups, not just on the target group.

I got the idea from reading Henry Hazlitt’s “Economics in One Lesson”, and W.E.B. Griffin’s  military historical fiction books in which he talks about a  military “dog-robber”  (general’s aide-de-camp). In one of Griffin’s books, the scenario is this: A general’s aide is briefing his replacement.  He tells the replacement ‘…when the general is talking to you, it is more important to listen to what he doesn’t say than what he does say.’

Now, every time I read something, I ask myself what is missing, not what is in front of me.

I have read many pieces of legislation and ask myself what is not being said.  Then I got the idea that legislation does not say what harmful effects it will cause, and that is a terrible omission.  

Known and foreseeable impacts of any legislation should be included. It is a severe flaw in the method that politicians use when they write legislation. The people should have the right to know what harm legislation will or is likely to cause, and they should not have to wade through thousands more pages of CBO guesses, which are based on the assumptions of the party that holds the chair of the committee that submits the bill, and should never be called bi-partisan.

Henry Hazlitt said (and this is the basis for the whole idea)
Economics really means to look at BOTH the short term AND long term impacts of an act or policy AND being able to trace the impacts of the act or policy on ALL groups, not just one or two. ” [emphasis mine]

Why should this be limited to the study of economics?  The legislation itself has economic impacts, so it should tell us 1) the  foreseeable impacts, 2) good and bad, 3) on all groups 4) over the short and long term.  Since politicians write legislation as if it fixes something (which is not what laws do, but that’s another story), the politicians should be required to tell us  what the legislation is likely to break.  And approximately when.  All legislation has costs paid for by re-distributed wealth, so the people need to know that sooner or later their wallets and other aspects of their lives will be affected by any new law. Some will benefit and some will be harmed.  Some will be both harmed and benefitted.  For example, people think that if they earn more than minimum wage, they will not be impacted by a minimum wage increase, but we know this is not true.

The “Harmful Impacts” paragraph which I would require in each piece of legislation,  must explain the following: 

  • The short and long term harmful impacts of the legislation.
  • Who will be harmed in the short run and the long term?
  • What form will the harmful effects take?
  • When are the harmful impacts likely to be felt by each impacted group?
    The economics “ripple effect” ensures that there will be short and long term impacts that affect many people who are not directly targeted in the legislation.  Technically, the ripple effect can affect everyone in the world in some way].

Minimum Wage examples of  Harmful Impacts
Lets take a very simple example:  Minimum wage increases.

“The true minimum wage is Zero” – Thomas Sowell.

1.  A minimum wage increase law seems to tell us that people getting the minimum wage need to be helped. So we know who benefits (at least in the short term).
2. As we well know those laws never tell us who gets harmed, or when.  But there is harm done, even if not so easily identified:

  • Unskilled, low educated, inexperienced people (including the poor) who have never worked are likely to be priced out of the job market. This not only keeps them from earning anything, but it also prevents them from getting experience, skills and workplace knowledge putting them behind many of their age group peers, and turning to illegal activities, including violent crime, becoming illegitimate parents, etc.    
  • People who just got minimum wage jobs are likely to get fired first, when a minimum wage increase makes their labor services no longer unaffordable.
  •  It is hard to prove that someone did not get a job because of the minimum wage increase, but it should be possible to get a study done asking companies for estimates of how many they will not hire when the minimum wage is increased and how many they will have to fire.
  • The “Harmful Impacts Statement” in every piece of legislation will show people that money that is being used for harmful legislation could have been used by the private sector for other purposes, like job creation to provide knowledge, skills and experience to limit the time anyone needs to be on the lowest available wage level in the first place.
  •  If you read this article,, you can see that the impacts of special interest groups (aka cronyism) on the economy are hidden and need to be exposed, as well. They cause reductions of competition and thus higher prices to consumers, and we are all consumers. 

 Warning Label

An additional warning label would be more of a disclaimer that there will be UNforeseen impacts that cannot be determined at the time the legislation becomes law. It could also say that one or more of the foreseen or unforeseen  problems can change at any time. It can also state that special interest groups will cause more harmful effects and that the public can only hold politicians responsible for harmful effects by making good voting choices.

No politician will accept anything that holds him responsible for anything.  So trying to make a politician responsible for his actions at other than voting time is a waste of time.  The people need to be made more aware that they (we)  are responsible when bad choices are made.

In summary, this long screed is really about alerting voters that legislation has harmful impacts as well as benefits.

It may even make some people aware that some legislation should not be passed (in fact most legislation should not be passed). 

 If people know that legislation has so many harmful effects, and that the benefits  are generally only short term, more people might read the legislation to see how hard they are likely to be hurt.  Conceivably, it could lead to less legislation.

If the people can learn to understand harmful effects, more Americans might wake up to how the politicians are harming them personally.

Next topic:  All laws should be complete in themselves and no law can be modified in any way after being signed into law except with the consent of congress. (that’s for another day…but I will say that if this were required now, it would probably have taken another 4-5 years to write Obamacare, which probably would not have been completed. We would have known what was in it before it was passed.



“Inbred Family Feud”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Snowboarders:

I kinda saved part of last issue for this one.

I mentioned that San Fran Nan said that waiting for hours in an ER is a great way to meet new people.  Then it was mentioned that it is expected that many people will cut back their work hours so that they will make less money so that they will qualify for subsidies to pay for the health care.

(And for some reason the SRM or anyone else is not pointing out the insanity of that situation.)

But Nasty goes one step further. She who would do anything, stoop to the lowest denominator, say any lie or commit any crime to back up her boss, sees the cutting of hours as a good thing.

She actually said that cutting back your hours was a good thing, that you could be home for dinner, you can tuck your kids in, you’ll have more time for hobbies!  Gee, isn’t she swell!

Of course, she is leaving out the fact that while you will have more time to have dinner with the fam, tuck them in at night and work on your hobbies you will also have less money.

So, you might be having dinner with the fam… in the car before you tuck them into bed in the back seat.  That will give you time to work on your hobby of making sculptures out of gum’mint cheese.

“I’d like to get my cell phone tuned back on, please.”

“We will need you to be current on your bill, pay the disconnect/reconnect charge and a deposit. That will be $1285.69.  How would you like to pay for that?”

“I have a lovely sculpture of Mt. Rushmore done in a yellow dairy medium!”

But, while thousands upon thousands are cutting back hours in order to remain health-insured, the damage to the economy will be even greater in scope.

After all, if you are living hand to mouth, living with others, living in your car, you are not buying TVs, you are not going out to dinner, you are not headed to the cinema for the latest crap Hollyliberalwood is flogging.


Now, we can look at all the pelosi that is being foisted on us from all directions and throw up our hands and say “there is nothing we can do”, or worse, “it is not all that bad.”

Trust me, there are things we can do and it is worse than you think.

I am fond of Occam’s Razor so perhaps we shall employ it as a tool to get a deeper yet clearer look at what is going on in the Country.

As I have mentioned on a few occasions, the communist, Billy Boy De Blah-Zero was “elected” mayor of New Detroit City, formerly New York City.  I am not going to recite this guy’s commie’s (or his wife’s) bona fides again. If you do not want to take my word for it, feel free to look it up.  But suffice it to say, he is looking to do a lot of things to New Detroit that are like a microcosm of what Biff is doing to all of us.

To out this in perspective, he is so far to the Left that the Leftwing Jackwagon, Faccia Brutta, Jr says he is too far to the left. (It is so hard to pick here.   Like Biff and Stedman drowning, who do you root for?)

Anywho De BlahZero gave his state of the city address the other day.  Let’s look very briefly on some of his giant ideas and why they are all wrong.  ALL.


He wants to raise the local minimum wage.  He claims it “will send a powerful signal…that we honor work and that we are committed to making work pay.”


Again the percentage of adult “bread winners” earning minimum wage is under 5%.  The impact on the minority of people getting a substantial increase in wages will be more than offset by the loss of business resulting in less tax money coming in and more jobs lost due to labor costs.


Because he is owned by unions and many unions base wage is tied to the minimum.  Ergo, raise the minimum and union workers get the same rise in wages.


“We pledge to preserve or construct nearly 200,000 units of affordable housing – enough to house between 400,000 and 500,000 NY’ers – to help working people by literally putting a roof over their heads.”


Two key phrases. First is an Alinsky trick made popular by Biff. “Preserve or construct”   and “Literally putting a roof over their heads.”


The first phrase says nothing.  It does not say it is creating even one apartment when qualified by “preserving” them.  Like Biff “created or saved 8,000,000 jobs.   And besides, there is no space left to build that many apartments in the City. The next infers that those near half of a million people are walking the streets at night, that they are living in the subways or park benches.  So, where are they Billy?  Ohhhh…. They are in the currently to be preserved apartments?


Wants to roll out a universal Pre-K and after-school program by taxing the “rich.” (Income over $500k per year.)


Because like any Commie knows from Marx that it is critical for Communism to expand by having a “village raise that child” by getting the kid away from the influence of his parents as young as possible.


First off, NYC canNOT unilaterally assess a tax on a particular group, income bracket in this case, without approval of the State Legislature.  Second, Faccia Brutta Jr has his own plan and funding for these efforts.  Billy just wants the control over the agenda.


Wants to issue ID cards to all residents irrespective of immigrant status.


Wants to appeal to all the Los Illegals to make them feel at home, like they have rights and most of all to insure they vote D. Just pimping the illegals.


Virtually impossible to enforce.  As Her Thighness might say “What difference does it make?”  You see, you are dealing with lawbreakers, does he think they are going to listen to his law because he is in solidarity with them?  And what happens to a guy or gal who works in the City but lives in the ‘burbs?  Can he make them get ID’s so they can work?


But all of that aside, if you want to know the most troubling, most dangerous thing this idiot has said, it has to do with his “feud“ with Faccia Brutta, Jr.

He claims that he is 100% within his “rights” to demand certain autonomy for New York City with respect to the State.  His assertion is that “States and the Federal gov’t have issues all the time!”

Yes, genius, THEY do, YOU don’t.

Why?  Well that piece of paper with which you are unfamiliar called the Constitution, specifically the 9th and 10th Amendments.

Of course that Biff, Stedman and the rest routinely ignore the Law of the Land except when it is politically expedient to misinterpret it.  (SEE VERY BELOW FOR AN EXPANSION OF THAT IDEA.)


So the lesson here is that the Left do not give a big rat’s patoot abut the law.  And each succeeding “generation” of Lefty goes a step further.

BJ Clinton, at the time, would have been considered a progressive, Al Gore was just bat-pelosi crazy, with WTLF being one unfamiliar with the truth and a socialist.  Then comes Biff who is a stone cold Marxist.

And that brings us to Billy Boy De BlahZero and his particular flavor of Communism. I guess next step is to reanimate Lenin, but candidly, he would be disgusted with today’s commies.

De BlahZero and his ilk have no respect for the law as far as I can see and are as big of hypocrites as they are dangers of freedom.

Again, Billy Boy wants to get rid of the Central Park Horse Carriages, ignoring the fact he has no plans for the welfare of the poor animals but he has a big campaign donor who is interested in the land the stable is on…

More to come kids…


EXPIATION:  Not to beat a dead horse or angravate any one but for some reason Liberals can find all sorts of things in the 14th Amendment that are not there, such as abortion, but canNOT  see that we have the right to bear arms which is specifically promoted in the 2nd Amendment.  They are also a little confused when it comes to equal protection under the law when they extend extraordinary rights to groups such as homosexuals and illegals.  And on that track, be careful about the 1st Amendment while you are at it.  THEY can say things because they have the Freedom of Speech YOU don’t, because using the exact same words is “hate speech” coming from the Right.



“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Downhill Racers:

As I have said many times over the years, I love sports.  All kinds of sports.   You name it, I like or love it, except the NBA.  (Although, one of my faves is college basketball.)

The, now bi-annual, Olympics are like a cake store to a fat kid,  and I am the kind of guy who would pull up a chair to a sports smorgasbord.

Other than skiing, I have not participated in any winter sports but that does not mean I cannot enjoy them.  And from what I have heard from some of you, we are all watching this together.

Now, I am going to try to tie this together by the end, but first, some lies from your fave gum’mint…

Let’s look back wistfully when inane perorations came off little more than criminality in politics.  Recall when San Fran lied that “You have to vote for it to see what is in it”, referring to the now Anticonstitutional OBAMAS OBAMACARE?  Those were kinder, gentler times.

But I posit that Nasty herself is due for a checkup for her mental faculties as she is going further and further off of the deep end.   (Now, I say that will all sincerity but little sympathy.  I honestly believe that she is mentally deficient.  To be fair and candid she would not be the first MOC or Supreme so suffer so.  To be fairer and more candid, if you look at her CD, she may be considered MENSA material in contradistinction to her electors.)

The bloom started to come off the rose as it had to be admitted that OBAMA’S OBAMACARE seemed to be losing wheel after wheel, and people were losing their health care, and that the new plans in many cases assigned people to different doctors (and often without notice), and that emergency facilities were becoming over-crowded with interminable waits, and so on.

What does the Maladministration do? Do they admit their mistake? Do they demand that the entire clusterfluke be scrapped and start from square one?  Do they issue a stay of execution on the populace?

No!  They trot out the CHRISTmas Tree light bulb of brightness and have this oxygen thief Pelosi lie to us again. Getting more and more like Katherine Hepburn every day (one of the reasons I really am trying to be kind to her) she had the gonadature to say “Long waits at the emergency rooms are good things! You will have the opportunity to meet new people!”

Let that sink in for a minute.

Ok, let’s put that in perspective.  You are having a heart attack.  You rush to an ER but are forced to take a pew in the waiting area. Gang banger after gang banger are having their GSWs tended to, but you clutch your chest.

But, don’t be a wet blanket!  Take the time to wheeze to the person next to you how thankful you are that our Feckless Leader has not closed the Catholic Hospitals… yet. It is an “opportunity to make new friends!”  Yes, she actually said that.

You get the picture.

Now, just in case you thought that most of your fellow Americans were not idiots, here comes the next crock of pelosi.

And in typical Orwellian double-speak, on the one hand Biff is crowing about all the jobs he has created (when in reality we are down millions) and on the other he is saying that peeps need to re-think their “full time status.”

Even Biff has a hard time with this lie that he has to trot out that mouth-breather Nasty Pelosi.

Pimping on the fact that a lot of people are going to cut back on their hours so they qualify for assistance for health care.

(Please do not make me explain again that this Marxist is driving us into Communism.  We are now getting all excited to get something less than we had before for more money and far more restrictions.  How long before the idiots come to realize that?)

Having over 50% of the population getting some kind of assistance is not enough.  Having more people in poverty then in any time in generations is not their only goal.

Despite the pleas and threats to raise the minimum wage (of course he means none of it), Biff is paving the way for fungibility of employees.

If you are willing to work fewer hours in order to get previously unneeded health care subsidies, then you have proved to your employer exactly how “valuable” you are to him or her.  And  IMHBAO, anyone who does that has not been listening to voices of reason, the alarms and more and are playing right into Biff’s hands.

This topic demands far more discussion and indeed it will receive it.  But I know someone is going to question my use of the word “unconstitutional.”

No, I am not a lawyer, Constitutional or otherwise.  But I can read.

Let’s assume for a moment that OBAMA’S OBAMACARE was passed legally, a point that many legal scholars and peeps far, far brighter than I have posited otherwise.  Ok, it is a “law.” The only place a law can be made or modified is in the House.

I have lost count how many times Biff has unilaterally changed or modified OBAMA’S OBAMACARE.

He has moved dates, excluded certain groups and unions, targeted other groups and religions and as recently as the past few days changed the percentages of people corporations of a certain size must have enrolled and a new (?) tax on health club memberships. (Which in my eye seems counterintuitive.)

Where is all this leading? 

Well, for openers there will be much more on Biff’s antics.  But do let’s turn our attention to what is not getting attention, that being the politics of the Olympics.

The Olympics have always been some kind of political thing almost from the outset.  Hitler raised that to an art form back in ‘36 and thank God for Jesse Owens for winning four gold medals at that event, showing up the host.

This year is no different.

First off Biff and Vlad are two people who do not like each other.  (Much like Biff and any Right-leaning, or gun-owning, or religious, or Constitutional American.) And Biff has no problem at all tweaking Vlad from afar.

The Russians have all but outlawed homosexuality, one of the sacraments of Liberalism.  So, what does Biff do for the US Delegation?  Does he go himself?  Er, Might be tricky.  Does he send Mooch?  Er, no, and my guess is that she said “nyet” to being there.  Does he send JoeBama?  Er, that loose cannon would never get past the ring of steel.

So he sends Billy Jean King and Brian Boitano, both openly gay, to represent.  When King’s mother took ill and died precluding her appearance, Biff sent in her stead the lovely and talented and now outed Janet From Another Planet Napolitano.  (Connect the dots, will ya?)

Now, before the opening ceremonies, Biff sat down with a Bob Costa who seemed to be trying to redeem himself for some of his recent less than clever comments.

I am not sure what time this was taped or if it was live. But Biff looked, er, er, er, tired.  Some have suggested that he may have imbibed in something, but there is no proof but his droopy eyes and curious thought process.

These two yucked it up for a bit, mentioning the King/Napolitano trade, did not talk about  the civil war next door in the Ukraine (where we are sticking our nose to tick off Vlad.)

Then the topic turned to US-Russian relations and Costa made the comment about the reset button  and that it appeared that Vlad was doing all the heavy lifting. 

That perked up Biff who slobbered through a litany of things for which he is willing to take credit. For some reason his body language did not comport with his words.

Then Costa intimated that things were “icy” between Biff and Vlad.  Well, that woke Biff up.  He took that as a challenge and said that while there is perception that Vlad is a “tough guy”, that is all for show back home. Then he added that they have difficult and strong discussions  but sometimes there are jokes and good humor and that there is mutual “respect.”

The last two points were contradicted by body language and particularly with Biff’s eye contact.  Then again, perhaps he was just tired.

The rest is just window dressing and no need to address it any further.  The point is that there is a systematic scheme to deceive the American people that has been going on for some six years now.  Add to that the imperiousness of Biff’s contempt for the law and you have a recipe for disaster, one that will require and receive further comment.


“A Committee For One”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Abettors:

I have a friend.  You know him, or of him and some of his chums.  I have posted some of the more insane tete-a-tetes I have had with him, mostly by his pinions from Facebook, and so on.

As I said, “Bill” is a good guy under it all.  He was a union worker his entire working life and was a shop steward as well.

For the greater part, Bill does get it and is willing to discuss things rationally except when it comes to business.

He hates corporations.

Now, Bill makes two grievous errors.  He assumes I love corporations and he keeps saying that I hate Biff.

Neither is true.

I am unable to hate anyone.   I try not to and pray for strength.  If I can sit here and tell you that I do not hate Biff, then I can NOT hate anyone.

Now, as far as corporations are concerned, like anything else, there are good ones and there are bad ones.  (Will discuss some of them later on.)

To paint with an extremely broad brush, some one hundred and forty families control close to one-half of all the wealth in the world.  We have had this discussion before.

But that is not important except as background.

I would venture that at least one person from each of those families have some involvement with one or more of the “Clubs.”

And that is where the peril lies.

Say what you want about this company or that one.  There are conversations, talks, mergers, territories, products and more being discussed in the board booms with the C-Level execs but when the rubber meets the road, Erinco Gasolini rings up Major Sir Reginald Fissionchips and the deal gets done.

Over and over again, all over the world.  Opps, there goes another deal right under our noses.

But you see none of us really know what is going on. But at least we know something is and if we do not know the names of the players, we at least know what team they are on.

And it is rarely ours.

But we are smart enough to know that we are smart enough to know that we do not know jack.

Now, enter some union guy.  (This is not a smack on all unions, just the socialist ones and there is a point that of course is further down line.)  All he knows is that the union tells him.  (Again, not all union guys, just those with this mindset.)

You know the type.  The guy who would rather go on strike to make a point, to show “management.”  The type of who winds up upside down when the strike has settled gets his “raise” (and in this day and age, gets to keep his job.)

But, the union stuck up for the little guy and they beat the bad corporation and who cares how much money he lost, right?

Here, go pay your mortgage with your principles.

No, I am not saying to give in.  Look what has happened over the past six years.  What I am saying you pick your fights, ones that mean something at the end of the day.

But, I digress.  Shock.  Yeah, I know.

You see, Bill thinks he knows everything about business.  And to be fair, he and his type do not know the first thing.  They have no idea about profit and loss, except the C-Levels make too much money.  They have no idea about staffing levels, except they need more guys to pay union dues.  They have no idea about minimum wages except that their wages go up if the minimum does.  But they not think about the repercussions of pricing themselves out of a job.  (Really, $74 per hour to wave a flag at a worksite, like reported in NEWSDAY recently.)

But, at the end of the day, he and his ilk are tools for those they tilt at so many windmills.  Tools for the likes of Hoffa and Trumka who have not picked up a tool or put in shift for years or, ever.  Who make as much as C-Level dudes and are not living in rent controlled apartments.

But, let’s get to the point.  (Yes, wise guy, there IS one!)

For reasons which will become patently obvious, there is no formal list of not just the previous professions of MOCs but if they ever actually worked at it at all.

Let’s pick a name at random.  Oh, here we go Senator Chuck Schemer.  Lemme read this quick…  hmmm…  oh?… hmmmmmm? Really…  Hmmmm…

OK, Schemer was graduated from Harvard Law in 1974, took and passed the NY Bar Exam in 1975 and went to work for…

…We the Lucky People!

He was a state assemblyman from 1975 to 1980, then he was a Congressman from 1981 to 1999 then won a Senate seat in 1998 where he has been annoying the world ever since.

So, Chuck has been “serving” we the people in various levels of gov’t. but did anyone notice anything?

That is correct!  He has NEVER WORKED A DAY IN HIS LIFE IN A REAL JOB!!!

Here is a guy who is on the Senate Rules Committee, Judiciary Committee, Finance Committee and Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee.

Look very closely at his CV.

Ok, he is a lawyer, so, sure, the Judiciary Committee is a fit.  Senate Rules?  Er, seriously, are there any we can understand or that canNOT be twisted by Dingy Harry?  So, being the good solder, selling what is left of his soul for a few farthings, sure, why not.

Banking? Finance? Housing and Urban Affairs?

Er, no

But, you see Schemer raises a lot of money, LOTS of money, for himself and for the Democrat cartel.

He received more money from Securities and Investment types than anyone else (what WE call “Wall Street” and what the Left calls “The One-Percenters.”)  Nope, you can’t make this up.) In fact, over 75% of his PAC money comes from “Business.”

Oh sure he gets money from other sources, such as real estate, entertainment, insurance and others.  And, he does get money from the “little guy” and as much as 2% of his contributions some from small donors.  Hence, “little guy.”  (See link at bottom.)

Oh, something to chew on, he is also the top recipient of cash from hospitals and nursing homes.  So, you can see why he is sooooooo interested in our health and well-being. And OBAMA’S OBAMACARE.

I’d like to tell you his wealth but it is hard to say as it is hard to get a good read on his REAL value.  In some reports, his listed wealth is between $500,000 to just under a cool mil.   On some other “less official” documents, he was too shy to admit.

Yet, he is not alone.

Sen. Frankenfeinstein is in the Top 10 in Congress.  I am not sure if that reflects the sweetheart deal her hubby got by buying surplused gov’t buildings, if that has already occurred.

Speaking of hubbies, also in the Top 10 is none other than San Fran Nan herself. She of the one who cares for the environment of America soooooo much, that she has voted against any kind of drilling or licensing for oil, natural gas or anything else her hubby’s company can extract the same in the Middle East without an environmental concern.  She is on the House Appropriations Committee (fox in charge of the hen house) and most likely as a joke, on the Intelligence Committee (her website is a wee bit light on specifics.)


Sure we can add more and I am sure there is a Republican or two who are not above reproach.  But it seems that the Democrats have made into a cottage industry professing about things for which they have no knowledge and even less expertise.  And mostly to our detriment.

Some do it for personal gain, others for power, others still to advance an agenda or ideology.

And then there are some who do it just for sport.

They just hate America.

How can we tell which ones hate America?

Easy! They are the ones who are so busy telling us how much he or she loves the Country and all of her citizens.

But, don’t you dare challenge their “patriotism”, they will look at you and lie and speak honeyed words.  And like Queen Gertrude in Hamlet you would be spot on by saying “methinks the lady doth protest too much.”

So, I am putting the cart before the horse when I say we need a top to bottom revamping of all the congressional committees, who is eligible to be on them and an exclusion of any who accepts  corporate money.

See, Bill, we have some stuff in common…

More to come… much more…