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“Always Dumbest Before the Dawn”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Nielsen Families:

Not sure where to start today’s opprobrium.  There are just so many choices.

You have the ridiculous Nasty Pelosi who was out there bashing fracking.  Yes she is sooooo against fracking.  Is it because her getting-richer- every-day-husband is involved in the oil industry?  Is it because she has concerns about water tables?

No, this 0.3 IQ stalk of celery brain is against fracking because… drum roll please… she is a fan of… wait for it… wait for it… yes, she supports fossil fuels.

Apparently the mouth-breather from Boys Town is getting her talking points from Sheila Jackson Lee.  (Please, if you are unsure on the whole fracking controversy and/or what a fossil fuel is, please contact me.)

J-u-s-t in case you thought San Fran Nan is the absolute bottom of the intellectual food chain along comes the human petri dish, Sandra Fluke.

Yes, as in the land of the blind the one man eye is king, so too does Nasty get a leg up on the dumb tree as she is, get this, admired for her “intellect” by the back- room pass-around toy.

No, you can’t make that up.


Moving on to a more sensitive topic.

(And perhaps I did lead with Nasty on purpose just to dull your senses intentionally.)

The State of California have come to an agreement in principal with the ACLU over voting registration.

Why don’t I step away or a little bit and let that last statement marinate for a moment.

Indeed, the State of California and the ACLU “discussing” voting registration is like a couple of coyotes discussing dinner options with a sheep.

The bottom line is that both criminal enterprises are in some sort of league with each other to get the registration rolls of the almost four million Californians who have “signed up” for OBAMA’S OBAMACARE and any other number of sites and situations  where the preponderance of peeps are in the “getting something for nothing” caste.

They must think we are stupid.  The State of California and the ACLU “debating” on who should be assisted in having their voter registration taken care of is akin to a debate on which is your favorite eye to have punched. They are both working for the same goal, that being most assuredly something un-American or a plot to get more Dems and Libs to vote. But I repeat myself and I repeat myself.

You will be interested to know that nowhere in these “discussions” and “negotiations” and “agreements” and “capitulations” is the idea of any kind of Voter ID mentioned.

Now I am not saying that the State of California and the ACLU are racist in any way shape or form.

They say it themselves, as a cursory perusal of each of their websites will validate that assertion.


Here in New York on ABC Sunday’s morning there is a show called “Tiempo”.  There is a Hispanic moderator who discusses the issues of the day that are of concern to the Latin Community with well-dressed and well-educated Latinos.

Anything wrong with this?

Just for grins, let’s say, no, it is fine.

In case you have not had enough race-based TV, that show is followed by “Like it Is.”

There is a black moderator who hosts a show which usually features some very serious looking dashiki wearing black men, amazingly coiffed and wrapped black wimmens and a smattering of black college professors bitching about how tough they have it, how bad Whites are and the man is always trying to get them down.  (If you are in the NY area, tune in for proof.)

(Here is one too long episode for grins: )

The thing is that both shows have as the staple of their guests the 3-5% of the Latino’s and blacks who in no way are representative of the other Latino’s and blacks.

OK, anything wrong with this, then?

Just for grins, let’s stay the course and say, no, it is fine.

But, I do wonder what it would be like having a talk show called, say, “White Bread” hosted by some Ivy League WASP interviewing the so-called “One Percent” who sit around and complain about how slow the room service is at the Carlton or the condition of the greens at Shinnecock Country Club.

(And, yes, I know that is prejudicial and racist and if you ever listen to non-White comedians, that is how many perceive Whites.  And, I for one think it is hysterical!  See Robert Townsend’s early stuff for examples.)

But, we will never see a show of White people complaining about blacks or the Hispanish (new word.)  That would be racist.

And when a White person does something real or imagined that could be the merest slight to a black or a Hispanish, they will go on “Tiempo” or “Like It Is” and complain about the racism of the Honkey.

(Funny, I watch “Sabado Gigante” from time to time.  Trust me, my Spanish is not that good but I get what they are saying and gags are gags. And I all the years I have been watching Don Francisco I have NEVER heard him say a racist word.  But I bet if they got him on “Tiempo” they would twist his words.)

Know what I’d love to see, a show with a black, a Latino, a White, and some random homosexual.  Just regular peeps representative of their own demographic and let THEM hash it out.

I would wager a stack of food stamps that if you got that group together they would eventually work things out and come to an agreement on virtually every topic.

Of course, no one would watch the show.  The press, and to be fair, the public really do not like it when people get along.

And THAT is why we don’t.


(On a sorta related note we had a board meeting this week.  On discussion were the actions of the Boston Brewing Company, Guinness and Heineken Breweries and their willingness to show favoritism, sexism and a blatant disregard for St. Patrick and by extension religion.  As they feel that they can continue to operate and thrive on the 15% of the population they see as more vital to their businesses, we decided to assist them in that quest.   A motion was made and passed no longer to sell any products from these three brewers in the club or catering operation.  If you belong to any club, organization, operation, wholesaler, retailer or any concern which buys, sells or in any way provides products from these companies, I encourage you to follow our lead.)


…And yes, yes, yes, there will be more discussion on the “missing” plane, the Mess in the Ukraine – that would be WTLF Kerry, The G-8 er, G-7, the actions and reactions to the breweries and their capitulating to the screechy minority, etc. etc. etc…


“Leaving On a Jet Plane…Oooppss…”


“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Infrequent Fliers:

As Clark Griswald said to Cousin Eddie “If I woke up with my head sewn to the carpet I wouldn’t be more surprised than I am now.”

Even when there were world wars, riots and insurrections all over the planet, the world seemed to have more order, more control than there is now.

It is like when the teacher left the room and she appointed the nerdy kid the class monitor and all hell broke loose.

Now, bump that up a fifty levels of magnitude.

The other problem is that we have been lied to so often, particularly in the last half of a dozen years, that we have no idea what the truth is. The more jaded among us might opine that is the plan.

Take the Malaysian plane incident.

Where is it?

Did it crash?

If not, where is it?

Who has it?


Where are the passengers?

Who is in on it?

Who else knows?

What is the plan?

In these nine questions, eight have to do with something outside of an accident.

And I detest so much to be so suspicious, to be untrusting, but we have a gov’t built on deceit that has created this mistrust.

I find it odd that there are sensors in some neighborhoods that can triangulate whence came a gun shot.  Or satellites that can detect an explosion anywhere on, above, or below the globe.  Or that we can track a cow with mad cow disease.  Or from outer space, they can see the license plate number on a car.

Yet, they say that they not only can’t find a jetliner, but they have really no idea where to look.


It is almost like that, what is it, one of the cable companies TV ads: “When your cable goes down, you get antsy. When you get antsy you can’t sleep.  When you can’t sleep….” And it progresses to where the subject of the commercial has eaten weird berries and he is chasing imaginary butterflies in the middle of what is ostensibly some kind criminal deal.

Of course that commercial, while droll, is virtually impossible to believe as real.

So, too, with this plane disappearance.

As time progresses more things are coming to light, such as the homes of the pilot and co-pilot.  And to be more cynical. Are those REALLY their houses? How much do those pilots make?

And while we have known the pilot has his own simulator in his house (who doesn’t) the question is why? (And with some of the data deleted, we may never know.)  With 18,000 hours behind the stick you would HOPE he was a good pilot.


The more I think of this the more convoluted it becomes.  Why this plane?  There are others with longer ranges and can handle larger payloads.  If you are wearing your tin hat and are a fan of Alex Jones, you might come to other conclusions.

(I have related this story before.  But for the newer readers…) Many years ago, I was taking a ferry from Newcastle England to Gothenburg Sweden.  I was standing on the aft of the ship that morning having a smoke. Soon after we passed the top of Denmark I was something stick out of the water.  To make a long story short, soon I could see a big red star painted on the side of the sail of the sub that was most likely shadowing us. 

Back then, possibly still, there was an array of sensors what went from the top of Denmark, up and over to Iceland then to Greenland.  The Russian (Soviet, at that time) Northern fleet could get to the Atlantic from Polyamy by scooting down the Norwegian Sea. 

Sometimes the Reds might like to surprise us and with the sonar array in place, it was tricky to get into the warmer waters unnoticed.

That is unless you drove your sub a few meters under a larger and noisier vessel.   By shadowing such a vessel and with the state of the art of the day being what it was and not having the complete library of cavitation signatures as they have today, it was not that uncommon for a sub to transit to the Atlantic unawares by us.

One of the more kooky hypotheses is that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was shadowing Singapore Airlines Flight 68 over the sea, into Indian and Pakistani Airspace then broke off. 

“Flying dark” with no transponders and allegedly the signal from SIA-68 might have masked the signals from MH-370’s engines, the two planes could have looked like a single plane.

And where would MH-370 land?

Well, Turkmenistan or China, or Kyrgyzstan, or Iran, or the Fortress of Solitude or the Bat Cave, or…   

Why there?

Well, the odds of that above scenario occurring are less remote than remote. But, really, can we count out anything at this point?  (Truly the logistics to make that happen are borderline insane.)

But now, there was a report on Tuesday that some villagers of some remote island west of Malaysia saw a Malaysian airliner flying extremely low. 

One can suppose it may be preparing to land.  The closer to the ground one flies the more fuel is used and there would be no reason to fly low except to land.

But where?

Again, The Fortress of Solitude, the Bat Cave or one of many hundreds of all but deserted islands in the waters in that part of the world what could have had a runway built on it.


I could wax on endlessly with any variation of scenarios.  But here is one:

Said MH-370 is repainted, a new tail number affixed, avionics and tracking device signal that are counterfeit of another planes, simply made up or removed altogether.  It is laden with troops, bombs or who knows what and off it goes.

To where?

Well, on 9-11-01 passenger plances hit the WTC, the Pentagon and were stopped before they reached Washington DC to commit heinous crimes.

Pick an island or some place in the badlands of Asia. Put a compass in on it and rotate that puppy to create a circle with about a 6,000 radius.  You will cover virtually all of Europe and Asia.

And most certainly Israel.      

Bottom line, for my WIC or EBT card (neither of which I have), there is only one of two possible scenarios and they fall under the “Duh” category.  The plane has or was crashed or it has been stolen/hijacked and taken to some hidden location.

If it is the first reason, why were the transponders turned off, course changed, etc., etc.. 

If it is the second possibility, three questions loom large:  Who did it, where is it and why, meaning what is the next part of the equation.

To wrap up this FISH, even if there was no foul play, there are still many unanswered questions as there were a number of things outside of the normal life of any particular flight.

However, if it is a criminal or terroristic action, and these guys can disappear a plane in plain sight, then they can undisappear it, prolly easier.  And who knows for what purpose.

We shall see.

Or not.

“Is That a Shillelagh In Your Pocket…”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Victims of Hate:

 God is good.

Yup, He sure is.

Don’t worry, as this is not going to be another of my sermons.  But it is true, God is Good, all the time.

You see, as I am quick to mention, I am a sinner.  And, so are you.  And so is every person on Earth.

Now, stick with me for a minute, this might seem a tad strange, but, with the Muse’s input could we expect any less?

Here we go…

There is a guy, we will call him “Jim Beam.”  (You can see the Muse’s fingerprints already, canthca!)  Jim likes to drink.  A lot.  Not just one or two in a social setting, but till he passes out.  And he is unconcerned about those around him. 

He might start a fight, annoy a woman in a bar, have less than the best manners, might exhibit some questionable hygiene, might even try to drive a car or worse when he is in an inebriated state.

Now, Jim LOVES being drunk.  He thinks everyone should be drunk and if they don’t want to get drunk, they should let him be as drunk as he wants whenever and wherever he wants to be.

(By now, many of you may think you have figgered this out.  But, you would be only half-right.  For if I left it at the obvious, I would not get to my greater point, and that would be preaching.)

But, of course, cooler heads prevail and while many people think that begin constantly drunk and engaging in dangerous behavior is wrong, they say that it is up to him.  If Jim wants to drink himself to death, that is fine, just don’t hurt anyone else.  They say he should find a nice quite apartment or rented room somewhere and drink to his heart’s content in the privacy of his own home.

Jim does not want to do that.  He wants to be out and public and have everyone see how drunk he can be.  In fact, just yesterday, he wanted to march in the St. Patrick’s Day parade with a group of his friends, but they were stopped even before they got started.

The group that were running the parade had no problem with Jim and his group marching but not as blind, staggering, fall-down drunk as they were!

So, what do Jim and his friends do?  Do they agree and think it better to go home, or even to a bar, and avoid being a nuisance? Nope, they try to convince the organizers, supporters and other marchers to boycott the parade because of an “alcho-phobic” atmosphere.

By now, you are saying that could never happen.  Maybe you are right. But who is to say? 

Now, substitute “gay” for “drunk” and you have what is actually going on in some hamlets, villages and cities.   Some, like in New York, the gays want to be identified as, well, gay, in the biggest and oldest parade honoring the feast day of a Catholic Saint.  Note well, it is a Feast of a Saint.  Not a secular holiday.

(And it is only a matter of time before they put an end to this parade.  After all, separation of church and state which has been in the Constitution for the 400 years that Sheila Jackson Lee says it has been around.  I AM kidding, you know.  Sadly, that Congressperson wasn’t.)        

The organizers of the parade have no problem with gays marching. Or warlocks.  Or druids.  Or Trekkies.  They just can’t wear anything, carry a banner or otherwise identify themselves of any group without the organizers permission.

Billy the Commie DeBlahZero refused to march in the New Detroit parade to make a point. As we know, he could give JoeBama a run for the money in the common sense department. 

(It bears mentioning that prior to hitting the top of his Peter Principle, he marched in the parades every year, ditto that new idjit Mayor Walsh in Baaaaaston.  It also bears mentioning that Marxist Midget Mayor Mike Boobberg is a big proponent of “gay rights” and he marched every year he was mayor.) 

Again, without being preachy, drunkenness is no different than homosexuality to the Big Guy, both are sins.  One sin is not more pleasing than another. 

Of course, many of you saw that coming but what comes next may have been off your radar.

The fact that I am guilty of, say, over imbibing does not afford me any moral superiority over any other sinner.  (And recall, love the sinner but hate the sin.)

So, be that as it may, here comes an odd confluence.

For some odd reason, Jim Koch, he of the Boston Brewing Company, better known for Sam Adams Beer, has announced no support for the St Paddy’s Day parade in Boston and canceling the annual breakfast they sponsor.

In addition, Guinness has been bent over by GLAAD and they have withdrawn support for the NY Parade.  And not to be outdone, Heineken has gotten in bed with the gays.

Sadly, these are three of my favorite beers.  No, don’t cry for me.  There are plenty of other great beers out there as well as other potables.

Like Commie Billy DeBlahZero, Sam Adams, Guinness, Heineken and other brewers are throwing in with the small, vocal, and hating minority because they are pitiful cowards.

I was not aware that the gay “community” are big beer drinkers.  Well, if I had my way, the gays will be the only ones buying those beers.

I had a few Guinness’ the other day at a St Pats corned beef dinner, but that was before I learned of this.  I have one more Sam at home and it will be poured down the drain this evening.

What I encourage all of you beer drinkers to do is to make your unhappiness over their molly-coddling to the gays known to the brewers.  I have posted on some pages (the one to Sam Adams is at the very end) and I plan on posting on their page and/or sending those brewers an email EVERY TIME I BUY A BEER OTHER THEN THEIRS AND WHY I DID.

Again, nothing against any gay people. They are no better than I and I am no better than they, but everything against the haters like GLAAD, just like the haters at the National Action Network, the DNC, and any and every organization that has some kind of agenda that negatively affects good people.


To lend a little clarity to this, I have nothing against Atheists either.  In fact I know that a few of you who read the FISH are Atheists.  And they are not to whom this next bit is directed.

There are Atheist groups hither and yon who want crosses taken down that might be on public land.  In fact some have gone as far as to demand that the crosses on the graves of heroes at National Cemeteries be replaced.

Their rationale? 

Well, there is the non-existent Constitutional right to a separation of Church and state.

Sorry, I have no sympathy for them. NONE.   For openers, if, IF, the public display of Crosses was an attempt to evangelize, apparently it is not working. Right?  If it did, we’d be fresh out of non-believers.

Then there is the claim that it is public land.  Ignoring the fact that more of the tax-paying public are, if not CHRISTian, are not Atheist.  And as a majority carries the vote, strike two.

But the one to which they have been forced to express their desire to rid the Country of Crosses is that that are “offended.”

Awwww, boo-hoo.

Let me tell them something.  The hateful, spiteful Atheists who want to take the Crosses and all the rest (and do not misunderestimate them, they want not only Crosses gone, but Churches, Synagogues and other Houses of Worship gone) OFFEND ME.

And so does porn on television and in ads.  And public display of any kind of sexuality in the streets.  And anything else that destroys the moral fiber, the family unit and the American Way.


So, we have another choice. 

We can ignore the actions of Guinness, Heineken, Sam Adams and others at our own peril.  If their sales are not negatively impacted there will be no reason for them to change their minds.  Additionally, it will embolden other companies to do likewise.   

Maybe I am just too sensitive but every time I see some stupid corporate move made for a social convention particularly one I find anathema, I take it kind of personally.  In fact I can almost hear the hateful voice of Bill Maher saying “No Winter Ale for you, CHRISTian”, as I see is as an attack on not just good people and the American Way of Life but on God Himself.

And if I appear too sensitive, perhaps I am just sensitive enough.


I have been drinking Sam for many, many years, me brand of choice.  But no more.

I am sick and tired of small minorities stridently protesting something for which they do not have a dog in the fight.

When you dropped out of the St Pats Parade in Boston, I dropped you as my beer.

I have nothing against gays. And there is no need to expatiate on that point.

But just as the parade in NY has rules and regs, gay are permitted to march but not with identifying items to advertise being gay.

Before you get your panties in a knot, let me advise that druids, warlocks, Trekkies and others are also allowed to march, but not in regalia.

What drives me crazy is the blatant hypocrisy.  For instance, Mayor DBlasio has decided to protest the exclusion of any overt gay recognition in the NY parade.  I have no problem with that.  If he wants to molly coddle the 10-15% of gays, that is up to him.  But please notice that when he marches in gay parades, the 85-90% of straight people do not care.

It is the small and strident faction of all minorities who scream and squelch like spoiled kids until they get their own way.  Well the tides are changing and people have had enough.

And, Jim, you caved to the gays, that cost you at least one longtime fan.

If you ever decide to grow a pair, put on your big boy pants and tell every screaming faction to shut up, lemme know.  I may come back.

Till then it is sad, pathetic and cowardly.


“The Bear Facts”


 “Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

 “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

 Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Childrens:

 A guy has a bad day at work and is heading home.

Then there is the guy who likes the ponies and loses his paycheck at the track.

Of course, we have all heard of the guy who stops at the local, after work if he has a job, gets load on the heads to the missus.

And what is the commonality with these three guys?

The statistics show that he is abusive to his wife, his kids or both.

It does not take a rocket scientist, or even an 8th Grade student, to know that “man” with self-esteem issues yet with an inflated sense of self canNOT allow “things” to happen. They HAVE to do something.

The problem is that they are generally cowards.

The guy who “had a bad day at work” must realize that the reason it was a bad day was because of his own inadequacy.  Some have hard days at work, tricky days, but never a bad day.

The gambler is another issue.  Either he is an adrenaline junkie or just another working stiff who can’t pay the bills.  The difference is that the true gambler likes the excitement but can control their impulses.  The dude who is wagering is pay check is in most cases not a bad guy.  More likely than not he is trying to generate more income for his family.

The issue is that he is failure at work and hence his need to enhance his income.  But he fails at gambling as well and when he gets home, be she sympathetic or not he is going to light up the bride.

Then there is the true loser. Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a drink more than most people, so I am not being critical on that aspect (the drinking that is.) But the guy who canNOT face his own reality climbs into the bottle and comes out swinging.

Sad but true, there are these horrible males (certainly not “men”) who canNOT control their inadequacies or face their failures.  But do they take stock of their situations? Do they see the errors of their ways?   Do they try to rationally cogitate on how to get their lives back on track?

Hell no.

They are idiots (and if that hits close to home, by all means I am here to talk.)  And because these guys are real or imagined losers, they take out their aggressions on those weaker than themselves; their wife and kids.

Now, let’s crank that up a flock of degrees of magnitude.  And, as a bonus, ratchet up the deficiencies, inadequacies, fear and delusions of grandeur by an equal amount.

And what do you have?

The Biff and Vlad Show.

Vlad has had Biff’s number before Biff even knew he even had a number.

Sadly, Biff was out golfing or holed up with his doppelganger when the numbers came out.

Biff hates Vlad.


Because Vlad is everything Biff is not and never will be.  Not just a “leader”, but as a man.  (Ever see Biff throw a ball? Ever see him run?  Ever see Vlad ride a horse?  Ever see him wrestle a bear?)

I started this a week or more back.  Since then things have changed but despite that I felt that I should still send this out as I have just earned my pretend degree in amateur psychology.

Politics are and always will be a game, like chess at times, like playing chicken at others.

Our problem is that we have a guy dressed up for a squash game on a football field.  He does not know the game and his false bravado will allow him to be crushed.

Vlad, on the other hand, could show up on a football field dressed for squash and if not win, make the other guy hurt.

As I am all too fond of saying, there are no such things as co-inky-dinks.

Biff bends over any old way to appease the stridently vocal tiny minority of gays.

A few weeks before the Olympics, Vlad outlaws homosexuality.  Anyone question the timing?

Biff says he will not send an official delegation but instead ships over a few homosexuals.

Vlad says nothing.

He won.

How did he win?

There were no issues and gays are still illegal.


That said, the woes in the Ukraine… again total and utter mishandling typical of a beginner, are being handled so poorly.

Biff, and to be fair most people, does not understand the relationship of the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine and Russia.  That part of the world was given to the Commie local leaders way back when (it is the breadbasket of Russia) as it made no difference as it was all part of the Soviet Union.  After the end of the USSR and the various and several nations had autonomy, parts of what should have been Russia were part of Ukraine.  So, in a way, I can understand why the Eastern Ukrainians would want to rejoin with their fellow countrymen.  But that is not part of this discussion.

So, Biff is really involving himself in what is really a civil war.  And throwing money at a problem, the quintessential Liberal SOP, is not going to work. The crook ex-president has prolly stolen a number of times the billion bucks Biff is offering as a bribe to play with the West.

What is infuriating is Biff’s insistence that Russia (whenever you hear him say “Russia”, hear the word “Vlad”) is breaking international law.

I am sure Vlad gives THAT a lot of credence as I am sure he is well aware of all the laws Biff has broken and continues to do.


I am going to end this at this juncture. The one thing that I canNOT put my finger on is if this is all part of a greater scheme…

LAST WORD:  Again, please keep our friend Brigid Vogt in your prayers.  She has had to undergo some more operations and outlook is variable…  keep her husband Ben and the kids in your prayers as well… thanks so much!

“Happy Fat Head Tuesday”


“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Krewe Members:

BUT FIRST…..  A Happy Fat Tuesday to all y’all.  And who dat who say who dat!  Laissez les bon temps rouler!  Yup, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the penitential season for many CHRISTians and today is the last day to clean out your fridger, finish up the Kings Cake from Haydel’s Bakery and make your resolutions and do your best to keep them.  If you are a Catholic, remember It is a day of fast and abstinence. I am sure one day won’t kill you!  So, let’s do our best to be better people not just in Lent but every day.  We are up against a tough foe…          


I wonder.  About a lot of things.  Often.

I am asked about things.  All kinds of things.

You see and hear things then you have to ask yourself what did you REALLY think you saw and heard.

You read the editorials, the letters to the editors, various posts on websites, Facebook and the like and you are forced to ask yourself:  What planet are these people from?  And do not be surprised to learn they feel the same about us.

I will try to explain.


It is said the last thing a politician needs to be is caught with a dead female, a live boy or a goat.  (Kennedy’s are apparently recused.)

And while that may be true, I wonder, a lot, about how often things like that occur in the various halls of power.

And while I wonder how often that happens, I wonder more, a lot, as to the circumstances.

Back in 2010 the “Republicans” picked up some sixty-three seats wresting the control of the House from the Wicked Witch of the West, San Fran Nan. While I do not have the exact figgers at hand, most of the freshman and a number of veteran House members considered themselves members, supporters or kindred spirits with the Tea Party and if not in name then certainly ideology.

In both the House and Senate you have seen some of those professing true Constitutional bona fides only to screw the pooch at some juncture.

The Judas Marco Rubio’s price for selling out was some undeliverable promise of immigration reform.  The lowest of the low, Sen. Schemer did the Republicans and Conservatives the big favor for outing Rubio.

“There is this long time powerful Senator who wants poor little old me to help him!  Wow!  I must be special!”

Er, yeah, Marco.  You are tied to the immigrant community and Schemer knows that. He is slicing your political Achilles tendon by throwing in with him. He has nothing to lose, he is a reprobate and unlike you, Marco, does not care a whit about the illegal aliens except for the perception that he wants to help them, but he does not care one way or the other.  You wanted to help them but you threw your paycheck on shore leave to the first hooker you met on the dock.  (Apologies to hookers linking them to Schemer.)

Of course, others have fell by the wayside of true Constitutional belief.  Paul Ryan fell on his own sword. Eric Cantor was hoisted by his own petards.   And there is a killing field of others all the way up to Smoking Johnny himself who apparently is not smart enough to drink the political hemlock and get out of America’s way.

Yes, that is all well and good and you all know that but what of the others?

And that is what I am wondering about.

Of those sixty to one hundred plus so called “Tea Party” peeps in the House, what happened to the others.


Here in New Detroit there is long history of organized crime.  Ditto in Chicago, Boston, Philly, virtually in every major city.  In the Mafia, be they Italian, Irish, Columbian and so forth, there are gangs running far more of the city than the voters think.

Usually what happens is that some goon comes up to a shop owner and says he will protect his business for some money each week.  The shop owner says that he does not need protection.

And a week later, something bad happens to the business.

Or, some fellow comes over to a council member or alderman or other relatively low level elected official and says that a friend of his would be very grateful if the official voted a certain way.  He repeats this “promise” to a number of officials.  The vote is held on who gets the carting contract and those who played ball received “contributions” to their election campaigns.

Those who didn’t may have experienced, er, “car troubles.”

In Washington they have elevated this kind of behavior to an art form.

“So you are the new Congressman from Bacon Flats, eh?  And you were supported by Trey Gowdy, huh?”  (If you do not know who he is, look him up – preferably on

“Why yes sir!  I am proud to represent the fine people from my district!”

“That’s nice, glad you feel that way.  We will be in touch to let you know how we want you to vote on certain issues, not all of them of course, you have to represent your constituents, but from time to time we will tell you the way we would prefer you vote.  Our friends can be very generous, then again….”

Now, this guy sloughs it off.

A few weeks later he is at a dinner/gathering/bar or some such place.  A stunning woman strikes up a conversation with him.  She is so impressed that he is Congressman!  They have a few drinks and the next thing he knows, he is waking up in a hotel room with a woman not his wife.

A short time later a bill is coming up for a vote.  It is not a bill he can support.   He gets a visit from a lobbyist who tries to convince him to vote for the bill.  The lobbyist tries to grease the wheels without making it look like a bribe but this guy can’t be bought.

The lobbyist thanks him for his time and says perhaps next time they can do business. Before he leaves, the lobbyist drops a manila envelope on the Congressman’s desk as he leaves.

Back at his desk, the Congressman turns the large envelope over and sees that is it addressed to his home.  Out of curiosity he opens the envelope to see a packet of pictures of him and the stunning woman doing all kinds of things.

Message sent and received: We now own you.  You vote the way we tell you, or your missus will see these…

Maybe this is how Representative Henry Radel of Florida wound with possessing cocaine?  He resigned. Of course, if he was a Kennedy or running a gay brothel out of his apartment…

So, who is to say?  Are we so naïve to think that there are people who want to destroy our Country for their own ignoble aims but would stop short of setting up someone in a sexual situation or putting drugs on them?

And this happens because we let it happen.  Both parties are guilty it is just that the Left seems to enjoy it more.  And besides, many on the Left have as hobbies what the Right find abhorrent or aberrant.

I think you are getting the picture on this.  And until someone elected to Congress travels 24/7 with a professional witness, such as a Cardinal, they may just get caught up in something.

Unrelated in a way and quite frankly I am loathe even to report this but here is the type of people who are running the Country and schools.

You need not even open the link, the words in the link tell it all.  I am without words.   Judge for yourself.

Disturbing, yes?

But, just in case you think that is an anomaly. Let’s see if we can find something else equally offensive but less prurient.

Oh, here we go!

How many of you are married?  Hmmmm…  wow!  And how many of you have raised children?  Ohhh, impressive!

Did you know that per NBC you are living an “alternative lifestyle?”

Of course, the libs out there might agree.  Just because someone is married to a person of the opposite sex (sorry, redundant), has a child with that person, believes in God and attends Church does not mean that is the only way to live!

They see nothing wrong with homosexual relationships, sex-changes, bi-sexuality or anything else.  So, by definition they are correct, living a moral, heterosexual God-Fearing life IS alternative to what the Left supports and proclaims.

But the underlying message is of a different sort of semantics.

By inference, NBC is stating that living as we ought IS the alternative and not the norm.
That is enough for now, don’t you think?

More to come….