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“Syria-ously? Are You Kidding Me?‏

My Friends and Fellow Fans of St Paul:


CAVEAT:  AGAIN I have been censored. This time by MSN, Hotmail, Comcast (for the last time), Live and CFL.RR.  I can either write this thing (such as it is) or spend the rest of the day doing my best to redeliver the kicked back email.  As best as I can figure, it can take me a few hours to resend these things. I am sorry, I just do not have the time anymore. It seems that if I have more than one email going to the same ISP in a mail group, it kicks them back.  To satisfy that requirement I would need to see which ISP had the greatest number of subscribers and have that many groups.  That is not going to happen.  Just today, I had 118 kicked back from Hotmail and there are other groups with one member.  As best as I can tell, if you are reading this,  you have a computer.  That means you can read this on the website.  Going forward I will no longer re-send FISH out but will send out this adviso one last time, individually should that happen again, to that effect and to encourage use of the website.  If you do not care about the FISH and you are in one of those ISP groups listed above, please do me the great favor and ask to be deleted,  You will not hurt my feelings and you can always read this on the internet.


(PREBAR: This was written on Wednesday.  Since then Biff has seemed to changed his changing of his mind in order to change his mind and is now keen on attacking Syria.  He seems to be very fluid in this thought processes.  Also, China and Russia walked out of a Security Council meeting. As if ANYONE cares about the UN.  The Brits have shown some restraint by thanking us veddy veddy much, but they prefer to not partcipate.  There will be more rumors and innuendo leading up to what now seems to be an inevitable attack on Syria.  Over under:  Around 6.00 PM Eastern Time.  I inform you of the above just to show what goes on and when in bad situations like this.)


So sorry for that…. Now, where were we…

Ah, I left you with this: “You seem while all this is going on, that idjit Kerry is picking the wrong side as usual in a fight.  He threw in with the Cong in Vietnam now he is siding with the Muslim B’Hood in Syria.”

Where “love” means never having to say you are sorry (or have not scored in tennis), “Liberal”, apparently means never having to say the truth.

Now, before I take this war criminal to task, ask yourself this: When was the last time Biff, Mc Mensa, Her Thighness, BJ Clinton, Nasty Pelosi, Dingy Harry Reid, She-Jack, Al $harpton, Je$$e Jack$on, alleged AG Stedman, Sen. Chuck Schemer or any of the rest of the usual suspects said anything of substance which was true?

For the RINO test, throw into that mix McLame, Smoking Johnny,  Goober Graham and the rest of the closeted Libs masquerading as “Republicans.”

So, and while not saying that those on the right are spotless, by comparison the Left has about a 1.000 batting average in mendacity.

(POINT OF ORDER: When war criminal Kerry was running for president, every day I sent emails to his Senate offices and his campaign offices calling him a liar and demanding that he sue me if I am wrong.   That offer still stands.)

Desperate for another cover up, like a street junkie, Biff will turn any trick for the currency for another fix.  Or, sell a bunch of souls, none of which his, to pay the next level of those in his Ponzi Scheme as he once again sallies forth into uncharted waters: Statesmanship.

Of course I am talking about Syria and this one is about as convoluted as they come.

There is a TV show called, I believe, “Motive.”  It begins with the crime and who committed it. Boring, right?  Not at all!  It is really a good show the very few times I saw it.  So, I am going to do something like that here.

Asswad did not use chemical weapons.  The, cough-cough, “rebels” are largely the Muzzie B’Hood.  Biff is playing both sides against the middle and he is deathly afraid of Vlad.  Biff will back down, unless by not doing so Israel is attacked.

But it is even more convoluted than that.

You have John Kerry talking out of one side of his mouth saying we must protect and aid the “rebels” and out of the other side of his, Biff saying “er, no so fast.”  Then there is Joey McMensa who was allegedly making a speech (did not see a shot of the audience) and he was so fluking confused his TelePrompTers walked away.

We and the world have tolerated dictators doing awful things to innocent people for ages.  How far back do you want to go?  Saddam?  Pol Pot?  Mao?  Stalin? Hitler?  (Note to the Libs:  This handful of hate have killed over 100,000,000 people.   What do they have in common?  That is right!  They were all Atheists at the time of their dirty bidness.  Now, I do not hold that against Atheists but I offer that to the insane allegation that “more people have been killed in the name of God than anything else.”)

Asswad is no different, just a weaker version of his father. But, unless the Dentist (Asswad is actually a dentist) is far cleverer than we give him credit for, which is not that much, he is not using chemicals on his peeps.  I mean, he would, but not here, unless…

You see, the “rebels” are the ones with their backs up against the walls.  These trapped rats will do anything to survive and win.  They are far more likely to use chemicals knowing that the world will assume that they could not have such weapons and only Asswad has them.  They can use weapons with impunity then point to Asswad and say “Look what he did!”

(Giving Asswad too much credit, one might suggest that Asswad does have the weapons and did use them figuring that he could leverage world opinion to suggest the “rebels” used them.  His father might have tripled that scenario, this guy, not so much so.  Of course, here at home, if Biff were to use such weapons, he could do so on television and blame Smoking Johnny for the damage.   The media would be all over the evil Republicans and Boehner would fold like a cheap suit.)

But there are far more reaching and dare I say dangerous issues afoot.

In the interest of brevity (SHUP!  Stop laughing!  I CAN be brief!  A little!  At times!) A laundry list of issues:

Asswad is in bed with Vlad.  Vlad absolutely detests Biff.  Biff’s narcissism prevents him from acting line an adult.   Biff will not allow him to side with Vlad and hence Asswad.  But, he seems to be talking things up just the same.

The United Nations are saying….  Who cares.

While there are a number of factions fighting against Asswad, a number of them are actually affiliated under the Muzzie Brotherhood.  It would be expected that ought Asswad be flushed out that the MB would take over.  What could go wrong?  Look how well things are going in Egypt and Biff’s other Democracy projects!

Firepower.  We have too damn (and not a word I use lightly) much firepower on station.  Too damn much.  More than we had off Lebanon when that place was a war zone.  (So sad, Beirut was one of the prettiest cities one could even imagine.  Not so much so for Damascus, but tons of history.  All places have ruins now.)  Trust me, this is not Biff learning lessons from Benghazi or elsewhere, he is itching to make a statement. 

Then there is the wild card: Israel.

Whether you believe in God or not, that is up you. But, it is kinda hard to ignore all that has happened in that land that is just about the size of New Jersey.  And, if you read the Book, you know how the story ends.  (Hmmm… Kinda like “Motive”, we know the crime but now we may be living the events leading up to it.)

Asswad has said that if he we attack him, he will bomb Israel.  That is not gamesmanship, that is being a coward.  And that might be the bromance link with Biff.  Then again, Biff might attack the “rebels” and that might draw Vlad into the fray. And if either or both of those things happen it could be game, set, match.  (Not for anything, it is a few hours drive by tank form the border of Syria to Har Megiddo….  Armageddon.  Just sayin’)

We have had wars and proxy wars. We have had wars bought and paid for by banks and industry.  We have had wars based on an ideal or a principle.  We have had wars that were started by artifice, the true reason well hidden.  We have had wars started by brilliant and forthright men. We have had wars started by the most evil and vile men in the world.

I do not know if we will go to war, or get involved in some way.  But, other than all the terrorists from both sides immigrating to New Jersey, I do not see any other way out.

Bear in mind, this narcissist promised to get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan.  Of course, Iraq was a done deal, he was just there to take the credit.  He said that he owned Afghanistan and he figgered that it would be a cake walk.

Uh-oh.  Look how wrong you can be.  He snatched defeat right out of the jaws of victory.  He totally and unequivocally screwed the countries of North Africa.  Need I even mention Benghazi?

So, he has to do something to show the word that he can be a decisive leader, make the tough decisions and cause the end of the world if need be. 

And again, is this yet nothing more than a distraction from the scandals?

And I pity the fool who would dare take me to task for saying that.  If this was a good an honorable man, there would be no scandals and therefore no need to cover them up.

This is as screwed up as a soup sandwich.  The “joke” on Facebook has it just about right. There is a picture of Ron Paul with the quote “Let me see if I got this right…We are attacking Syria because Syria attacked Syria?”

Yup, that about sums it up.

God Help us all.


“Skools Out… For Voters”

My Friends and Fellow “The Honeymooner’s Fans”:

(PREBAR:  In trying to become current, I have brought about a new FISH website.  I thank youse who have registered and left a message.  Apparently not only can you post, others can see your posts.  Two long time and fave readers – both charter member of the “curmudgeon club” and one of them actually came up with the name “Curmudgeon Chronicles”, the other from Virginia – have taken the opportunity to chat with each other.  Well done! It is a work in progress, there are some bugs to be worked out, I get emails when a post is made but it looks like they were applied before I approve them.  So far, no harm, no foul.  I will, with hope, add some more things on the top bar as time allows.  Might be in the market for a deputy assistant under secretary for the web site, sorta like FISH information czar.  Position pays nothing.  No possibility for advancement. 

Concurrent with that and not letting my ignorance of a procedure to stop me from trying doing it, in addition to mucking up a website, there is now – rather a little more attention paid to it –Twitter acct.  Stay tuned….)



Biffimus Grandus, the Wizzer of Odds, is doing a Ralph Kramden with a little bus trip hither and yon.  (I wonder if they are the same presidential busses he used last time.  You know, the ones made in Canada…)

Apparently the sturm und drang (2nd definition) this Maladministration tried to conjure up from ether over the alleged attack attributed to the rodeo clown did not pan out.

People are either: 1) Sick of the lies, 2) Are smarter than that, 3) Are aware every recent President has been subject to the same comedy, 4) Have seen “Blazing Saddles”, or 5) Want answers to the 57 scandals unresolved.

As I alluded to in the sophomoric Abbott and Costello routine, this Maladministration is a Ponzi Scheme of scandal deniability.

As soon as one scandal is revealed, another one comes along to draw fire away from the previous scandal and so on and so forth. Hence each “later” scandal is “paying off” a previous one.

At a certain point one of three things occur. 

The first is the entire house of cards collapse before the perps have any chance to do any further cover-ups can be made or diversions.

Imagine a day where the 30-odd survivors from Benghazi appear in a Congressional Committee, tapes of the murdered Ambassador being told to pound sand by the Sec State as he is pleading for his life, Lois Learner coming forward with all the documents proving that the IRS scandal was a direct order from Biff, ditto the NSA eavesdropping, 50 Mexican drug lords testifying that they have tapes of them  talking to Stedman to get the guns and taped conversations of Dingy Harry, San Fran Nan Chuck Schemer and the rest of the cabal of anti-American “lawmakers” and a picture of Butch Kagan in flagrante delicto  with Janet From Another Planet and a wildebeest at a Starbucks.

Just sayin’.

Exactly how could they spin this?  How could the SRM protect them?

By the second thing.  “Hey, do you think that I or anyone could be the president of our Country if I allowed guns to be sold to drug lord, that I armed terrorists who killed four Americans, that I spied on millions of citizens, that I am arming at least two para-military forces for domestic ‘situations’, that I would listen in on all of your phone calls and read your emails, that I am promoting division and fomenting a race war, that I am trying to control every aspect of every Americans life and decide who lives and who dies while simultaneously brain-washing the children,  destroying the family and stamping out religion while promoting deviant life styles?  Hah!  I gotta laugh, y’all say I don’t do anything all day and take too many vacations.  No I ask you, do you really believe all of that?”

No!  No! Not me!  Nope.  No way!  Uh-Uh!  No siree!


Yes, the lone voice in the wilderness crying out.

But it is equally unlikely that the house of cards will fall into a fifty-foot high pile of smoking guns as Biff admitting, tongue in cheek, to all that he has done.  And, truly, when you read this, you have to ask yourself, where does he get the time to golf?

Where the first two things will happen only once, the third will repeat itself over and over till we are all numb. 

(SIDEOFFRIESBAR: And that numbness is occurring. Apropos of nothing, I heard an ad on the radio to invest in medical marijuana futures.  “With more and more states de-criminalizing marijuana, it will only be a matter of time before it is available for casual use.”  Didja read “Brave New World”?  Do ya remember “Soma”?  Ya think it will be easier to subjugate a stoned population or a wide-awake, lucid and armed one?  You pick.)

So scandal after scandal occurs to the point that you canNOT tell who should be indicted, arrested or impeached without a scorecard.  Then comes the pelosi about the vacations, as if he gives a large rodent’s hindquarters what We the People think about them.  That, too, is a distraction from villainy.

The rodeo clown?  Just like the Cambridge policeman.  Make it all about race, forget about the facts.  And if this little girl had half the pair of Her Thighness, he’d be too embarrassed to say anything, that kind of stuff comes with the territory.

(SIDEOFONIONRINGSBAR:  I posted on F’Book Saturday:  “Oddly enough over the past week or so, the racism has increased. A racist White WWII Vet was beaten to death by a black assailant, two black men beat to death a racist 80-odd year old White woman. There were a number of other reports of other racist Whites being killed or beaten up by blacks. There were those two older racist White women who wanted to see the girlhood apartment of the 92 year old woman. Those racist White women were robbed then dragged down a flight of stairs.  I have come to the conclusion that only a Liberal can use the word ‘racist.’ If a Conservative or a White person says “racist”, then, they are ‘racist.’  Of course, the idiots screaming ‘racist’ or ‘racism’ do not know the meaning of the word and quite frankly, I feel that the wonton use of the ‘R’ word, is in itself ‘racist’ as it is directed something like 100% of the times against the Whites. So, anyone who wishes to call me or anyone the hurtful and inaccurate ‘R’ word, be prepared to be called the ‘N’ word.   Fair is fair and someone prove me wrong.”)

And third thing is in gear as we speak.

Misrepresenting or misunderstanding or ignorant of the 14th Amendment, Biffo is touring schools telling the minds of mush that they are paying too much for their indoctrination.  I mean education, for what it is worth.

I was just perusing the Constitution and in the defined powers of the President (or, in this case, “president”), there is nothing about being educational financial advisor, proctor, bursar or even school m’arm.  But, hey, the Constitution never stopped him before!

This, too, is a smoke screen.   This gives him an “opportunity” to mingle with the liberal voters, aka “kolledge studints”, to secure votes for his pinions next year.  It also gives him “credibility” as an “education president.”   It will also allow him to Jekyll his Hyde by railing against things he has created, such as provisions in the health skare bill which pertain to student loans.

He promised to cut tuition. 

He is not going to cut tuition. He may FORCE the colleges and universities to dig into their endowment funds to ease the burden. 

The top 20 universities in terms of endowment have some $200,000,000,000 in cash, reserves or assets.  How many brains of mush could be molded into impervious to reason or fact Marxist minds, like his, with that kind of dough?

No, I posit, that even this smokescreen is a smoke screen for something else.

You see, it also puts some distance between his own bad self and Washington.

You seem while all this is going on, that idjit Kerry is picking the wrong side as usual in a fight.  He threw in with the Cong in Vietnam now he is siding with the Muslim B’Hood in Syria.

There is far more to that, you will have to stay tuned to this Bat Channel for more info!

“Updates and Downdates”

I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Demanding Ones:

You write, I listen.

Some time back we had a website.  It was rather clumsy, did not allow you to leave comments, there was no interaction to be had.  It was tricky to update and but for Mike, a friend of mine, it would not have existed as long as it did.

On a few occasions, I have been asked about the website, would I do it again and so on and so forth.  Truly, I simply do not have the time to set it up, do the updates, monitor for content and so on and so forth.  (Volunteers????)

All that said, the other day I got an email from one of the “Muses.”  A dear gal who hails from Australia, whose emails to me caused me to create the “Angry Villager” file, was kind enough to ask about the site.

As time has progressed, these websites have become far easier to manage.  I had a few minutes, literally, went to “Bing.Com” and searched for free (I am part Scottish, ya know) website.   Found a few, narrowed it down to two.  Found out exactly how much free cost (not free, but not a lot) and picked one and sent off to create a site.

I have had computers since the 8086 series. DOS 1.3, ASCII, Assembly language.  The Stone Age of computing.

Now we have machines that defy understanding, phones doing 1000-times more than the original personal computers and personal computers able to do most anything.

But, sadly, your Precious is still a computer Neanderthal.

Even so, setting up the page was so easy, even a cave man…

I have posted the last issue and did an “about” page.  I plan to post coming issues there and add more “about-like” pages to round things out.

I do think it has the ability to leave comments but I am not sure if they are only forwarded to me or if they will remain for others if you sign in or the like.  (It is hard for me to figger out as when I go to the page, it knows it is me so I do not know what, if anything you see.)

If someone could check it out, I would appreciate it.  If this thing works, please let me know what you’d like to see on the page.  IF it doesn’t work, well, then, I am out a few dozen dollars.

Check out our new page at “”

(So, if it works, thank Ros!)

Proving he has learned nothing during his regime, or perhaps he has, Biffo is giving he old stink eye to Egypt and Syria.

Back in the peaceful Arab Spring when those peaceful rascals from the religion of peace were having peaceful overthrows of virtually all of the nations on the African Mediterranean, Biff stood silently still as thousands were peaceably murdered.

When it was Egypt’s turn in the barrel, Biff was 157% behind Mubarak, then the “protestors”, then Mubarak, then the “protesters” and so on until we had a “winner.”  However everyone, including Midnight the Wonder Dog, knew, but apparently Biff did not the memo, that the peaceful “protesters” were, ta-da, the Muslim Brotherhood.

Things were going well after all the peaceable murders, arson and public rapes and Morsi was just the guy to run the shop in Biff’s unopened book!

That is until the pooches he screwed the first time decided to return the favor. Now the Generals are most likely calling the shots and Morsi is under house arrest.  The peaceful protestors are getting even with the military by burning down Coptic CHRISTian Churches who have no quarter in this fight.

(SIDEBAR:  Make no mistake.  For a true follower of the religion of peace, there is no room for “peaceful” co-existence with any other religion.  Yes, I am sure that there are some good muzzies who are ecumenical.  Look at Huma Weiner, the Jewish Anthony Weiner’s muzzie wife.  See?  We can all get along!  Except that we can’t and we won’t because of a small percentage of the religion of peace who demand that they kill all infidels.)

More innocent and nocent muzzies are sent to find Allah and all the while we are STILL sending guns and Benjamins to Egypt.    But for some reason, and color me embarrassed if I am wrong, now that the Generals are running the Egypt, permanently or no, NOW those idjits in Congress think that we should cut aid to Egypt.

I mean, Morsi in charge, we send over a billion in additional aid to Egypt.  (BTW, Morsi had nothing to do with the military aid which was the bulk of it, from what I am told.)  Now that the Generals are in charge and they want to stem the Muslim Brotherhood, NOW we cut aid.

I say let them fight to the last man.  But  I promise you this, Biffo the Magnificent will twist, turn, spin and lie about the situation, who he backed and when and the aid every time he opens his pie hole.  Ditto Syria, which is all I can say for now.

A perfect segue on a few counts…

So the traitor Bradley Manning or Barely Manly, was convicted and sentenced to 35 years, reduction in rank, dishonorable discharge and nothing else.

Here is a Poppa Oscar Sierra of everestal proportions. Here is a traitor to our Country.  Here is someone who could have received the death penalty.  And here is someone who will be eligible for release in seven years.

(In case you are wondering and I am sure you are not,  this POS who sold my Country down the river may get out of jail before combat veteran Ranger Lt. Michael Behenna who got 25 years reduced to 15 for dispatching a tango in Iraq.)

Now, it gets worse and sicker.

Barely Manly does not “identify” as a male.  He is a male trapped in a woman’s body.  (I will save you from the obvious jokes and you people have dirty minds!) 

Now he wants to be referred to as “Chelsea Manning” and he wants to have the ultimate nip and a tuck.  So, guess who is going to pay for this traitorous pervert’s whimsy.


This  is about where I would suggest that you contact your MOC and demand that not one penny of taxpayer money is spent on anything more than three hots and a cot for this POS.

(The problem is that, sadly, most of the men in Congress are in the same condition that Barely Manly will be AFTER his surgery.)

If the judge had any sense of justice she would have saved us a lot of time and money and demanding the ultimate punishment.

If she had any sense of humor, she would give Barely Manly and “Chelsea” Manning EACH thirty-five year sentences, if that was the limit of her punishment.  To be served consecutively if he has sexual organ change ( it is not a sex-change operation until you can change all of those butch “y” chromosomes to a cute, little “x” ones) on our dime while he is cooling his heels on stir.  If he really wants to pretend he is a female, let’s see if it is worth the last thirty-five years of his/her life.

I was going to comment about Beau Biden, who became the Attorney General by hard work and his father being the Vice President of the County. Beau was hospitalized for an “undisclosed” illness.  The newsreaders speculated that he may have had another stroke.  (It is sad, he is only 44 years old but after the accident that took his mother’s life he has had issues.  You may not like him or his father or his politics, but he is a human and he deserves our prayers.)

The newsreader allowed that Joey McMensa has an aneurism at age thirty-five, intimating that perhaps the strokes are hereditary.  The newsreader added that there was some procedure done on McMensa as he has not had any other issues since.  I was going to write that they removed his brain from the reptilian part up and his actions and statements in the past thirty-odd years would substantiate that. But, I think that would be in poor taste at this time…

“Who’s (Going to Get Screwed) On First?”

I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

 Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Rowan and Martin Fans:


(Not sure exactly when the next issue is coming out so I will wish my newest g’girl, Elizabeth Primrose, a very, very Happy First Birthday a little early!  G-Daddy loves you!)


 “Yes Boss?”

 “Now what do we do?”

 “About what, Boss?”

 “The Snowden thing”

 “It’s snowin’, Boss?  It’s August!”

 “No, you idiot! Snowden. SNOWDEN!”

 “It’s nice knowing you too, Boss!”

 “And people wonder WHY I picked you for my VEEP!”

 “You want I should get a Jeep, Boss?”

 “Joey, are you channeling Sheila Jackson-Lee again?”


 “Exactly.  No, McMensa, what do we do with Snowden that intelligence guy?”

 “Uh, Boss, I don’t know that much about intelligence.”

 “Boy, isn’t that is the truth!   No, genius, we had a rogue intelligence chap named ‘Snowden’, he spilled the beans about many of our secret programs to the ChiComs and Ruskies. He went to Hong Kong…”

 “I LOVE Chinese food, can we get come take out from ‘Won Dim Bulb’?”

 “Are you serious!  Do not DARE answer that.  Now, where was I..”

 “You was right there Boss, you did not move.”

 (TO SELF:  I swear if I am being pranked or if John Quinonnes walks in, I will have Joey sent to GITMO!)

 “He went to Hong Kong then slipped into Russia where he was holed up in the transit zone of the airport.  And, while he was there…”

 “Uh, Boss?”

 “YES, Joey????”

 “He was stuck in the airport, could not leave…?”

 “Yes, Joey… please don’t say it…”

 “… so why didn’t we send Tom Hanks to get him out?  He was stuck in an airport once and he is a big supporter of yours and…”

 “………… please tell me you are kidding? PLEASE tell me you are kidding??!?!?!?”

 “Well, since you said ‘please’, then in that case…”

 “Joe, stop it.  We have a rogue intelligence guy, sharing highly classified information AND he has more discs, sticks, lap tops full of info and he is in the enemy’s back yard!  He can spill more beans and the enemy will find out not only what we know but who got the information and how.”

 “If he spilled the beans then he should clean it up!  When I was a young lad in Scranton, if I spilled something, my mother….”

 “Really Joe? Really?  ‘Spilling the beans’ is a figure of speech, it means he told something he should not have..”

 “My mother, God Love her, used to say that you should never tell tales out of school.  Also, she said that if you were in someone else’s back yard that…”

 “BIDEN!!! For the love of allah, don’t you see what this means?”

 “Sorry boss, my phone was going off, what did you say?”

 “Sweet Mother of God, that is not a phone, that is an etch-a-sketch!”

 “Well, that explains why…”

 “Lemme explain something to you.  We have the media finally waking up and realizing that Benghazi, SEAL Team 6, IRS, NSA, Fast and Furious and so on and so forth are massive cover-ups. They may trace it back to us.  The media are getting antsy and that Jon Karl character is stirring the pot, and as we all know, the media are little more than sheep….”

 “I love lamb!”

 “… they have the attention span of a goldfish…”

 “Hey , Boss, isn’t that anti-semitic?”

 “…and with those idiots in Congress not stirring up the waters, no matter what we promise that buffoon McCain, or how we threaten Boehner and McConnell…”

 “…Goldfish, Goldberg, Goldstein…”

 “…so we need to leverage this to our best interests..”

 “Ok, so the Jewish guy who went into the snow likes beans in the airport and…  and what Boss?”

 “Did your mother have any children that lived?”

 “Just the three, why do you ….”                     

 “McMensa, look, we got away with “Fast and Furious” because it sounded too far-fetched that the US Gov’t would sell guns to the Mexican gun cartels. Then that idiot…”

 “Yes, boss?”

 “Not you, that other idiot, Stedman, muddied the waters…”

“I love the Blues, boss, and Muddy Waters is one my favorite singers.  Hey why don’t you have one of your huge parties here and…”

“Shut up, McMensa!  Until Stedman let his pals from the Black Panther Party off the hook we looked like we were coloring inside the lines.  AND DON’T YOU DARE SAY ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR COLORING BOOK COLLECTION!”

“Not even about the ‘Vice-Presidential Library?’”

هذاالرجللايمكنأنيكونجادا    Nevermind.  You see, Joey, what happened was there was one conspiracy then another then another and before we knew it we were up to our butts in conspiracies.  The only good thing was that each new scandal overshadowed the last.   Sooner or later we, meaning you, are going to be in big trouble! I am not sure what to do next!”

“We can always call Sharpton and Jackson and they can turn it in to a race issue and our supporters will buy into it as usual.  And there is always Oprah to secure the women’s support.”

“Not going to work, people are starting to figger out that griff.   After 40 years they have figgered out those two race baiters are full of pelosi.  It does not help that Jesse’s kid has been sent to prison and that so-called ‘Reverend’ has a piece on the side.  And Oprah?  A dumber sack of potatoes, present company excepted…”

“Thank you, boss.”

“… I have yet to meet.  Really?  Calling a shop clerk in Switzerland a racist?  Really?  Then saying it was not about race and then coming back home and throwing the race card every three minutes.  Between those three and Stedman, I would not be surprised if David Duke carried the black vote in the next election.”

“OK, boss but we still have the media in our back pocket.  So we can…”

“Joey, who is reading the paper to you? Have you been told about the editorials?  I know you like cartoons, have you seen then one’s on the Op Ed Pages?  Even the media are starting to turn against us!!!!”

“Don’t we still have the goods on McCain, Boehner, McConnell, Rubio and the others?”

“Apparently not as much as we need to keep them on the reservation.  On the other side of the coin, their credibility is shot on both sides of the aisle.”

“I am sure we can figger this out, boss.  We will come up with some kind of distraction, this is not my first time at the rodeo.”

“You are a clown, Joey.  Hey, wait a minute… rodeo?  clown?  Are people THAT stupid?”


Please if it is in your heart and belief to pray for one’s healing, kindly keep these folks in your prayers: George, Marilyn, Jim, Emily, Sandy, Howie, Frank, Laura, Sue, Jennifer I., Gail, Frances C., Otto G., Joanne B., Sue V., Chris, Kevin Downing, Rance McKenzie, Kate Mulligan, George F, Howard B., John Butter, Bill Bryant, Brandi, Billy, Teri, Jim, Kady, Kay, Yvonne, Cindy, Michele, Esther, Doug, Shana, Karen, Craig, Samantha, Shirley, Rhiannon, Tom, Gloria, Ashley, Janet, Ted, Jean, Annie, Jimmy, Collin, Michael, Little Sam, Carol Cover, Zack Cackler (6), James Day, Connor Moore, my dear friend Linda Reiner, Frank J. Iamarino, Callum Kerr (15 years old with a rare spinal cancer) and all those wounded in Colorado, American Hero Richard Creasy, the mother of Mira in the Philippines, WWII Vet Pat Connors, J. Judy Landis, Glenn Shipley (23 years old), Johnny McCafery, Millie Lesley, Buck Duncan, John Pugh, Kathy Kuzma, Zane Savin, the Boston Bombing victims, 19 year old James Harris, Evan Krieger, the good people of Oklahoma and Colorado, Richard DuBose, Chris Pruitt, Steven James Swartz, Linda Ball, Ray Casimaro, John T. Nault

Requiescat in pace: Mrs. E. Tassone, Tom Porter, Chris Ginzel, Chris McLaughlin, Peggy Cline, Johnny Brooker, Anne V, ATF SA John Capano, PO Peter Figoski NYPD, Sean LaPersonerie, Bobby Kleeber, Gene Bree, Msgr. Dan Hurley, my dear friend Rudy Koenig (God Bless you and keep you Ruru), Shirley Pincus, Pam Derr, those from Colorado (Jonathan Blunk, Alexander Boik, Jesse Childress, Gordon Cowden, Jessica Ghawi, John Larimer, Matt McQuinn, Mica lamed, Veronica Moser-Sullivan, Alex Sullivan, Alex Teves and Rebecca Wingo) and those in the Sikh Temple, Dorothy Conway, Presiding Officer NCL Peter Schmitt, Patricia Ann Suglia, NCPD Officer Joseph Oliveri, NCPD Officer Arthur Lopez, Capt. Bill Lesley, Charlotte Bacon (6), Daniel Barden (7), Olivia Engel (6), Josephine Gay (6), Ana M. Marquez-Greene (6), Dylan Hockley (6), Madeline F. Hsu (6), Catherine V. Hubbard (6), Chase Kowalski (7), Jesse Lewis (6), James Mattioli (6), Grace McDonnell (7), Emilie Parker (6), Jack Pinto (6) Noah Pozner (6), Caroline Pevidi (6), Jessica Rekos (6), Avielle Richman (6), Benjamin Wheeler (6), Allison N. Wyatt (6), Rachel Davino (29), Dawn Hochsprung (47), Nancy Lanza (52), Anne Marie Murphy (52), Lauren Rousseau (30), Mary Sherlach (56), Victoria Soto (27), Alan Meyer, Jorma Latva, Tom Malinowski, , Doris Butts, Vinnie Siccardi (RIP Pal), Mrs. Blake, Frank Faeth, Mary Louise Beck, Maria Carmenaty, 15 month old Casen Baker, Lady Margaret Thatcher, Annette Funicell, Jack Lyons, Debra Convoy, 8-year-od Martin Richard, Krystal Campbell, Lu Lingzi, Debby Conroy, Linda Shipley Rowland, the firefighters in Arizona, Jeanette Sepe, Hao Duc Bui, Ray Ball, Monique Casimaro

Any others who are sick or recently deceased and you wish prayers, please ask.


If it is in your heart (which it should be) and in your ability (which I hope it is) that you will take a moment and think of our brave men and women serving our Country.

If you can send a package, that would be wonderful. If you need any guidance on this, please contact me for details. If nothing else, I am sure that it is within everyone’s ability to send them a card with a “thank you for your service” sentiment included. Maybe a prepaid phone card might be something you can slip in the card as well.

If any of you have anyone serving particularly in Afghanistan or anywhere else, please let me know and I will add their name here.

Stephen James Swartz (in Marine Boot as we speak)

Anthony Magri

USS New York (LPD 21)


FPO AE 00579


I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



PS: As always, I appreciate and welcome your thoughts, ideas, comments or criticisms. To be added to this thing, please send an email to: with the words “ADD” in the comment subject line (and anything else you care to write in the body.) To be deleted, same address with “DELETE” in the subject line. Thanks!