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“Hey, Didja Hear…”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Matriculates:


Let’s eavesdrop on some conversations, shall we? Do! Let’s!

“If you don’t let me go out with my friends, I am going to call Child Protective Services!”

“If you insist on putting up those horrid decorations for your Christmas, don’t expect me to shop here!!!”

“Oh, Coach?  My Jason has been sitting on the bench all game! When will it be his turn to play?”

“No, she’s sixteen and she ain’t got no babies yet.  Sixteen!  What up with that!?”

“It is just an old rag and if I want to burn the flag, that is my right!”

“For the life of me I have no idea why all these so-called Christian people just hate Muslims!”

“I can’t wait to be able to say ‘President Hillary Clinton’!  Look at all the great things she has done!”

“No, YOU don’t understand! You MUST make us a wedding cake with two grooms on it!”

“¡Este es América! ¡Usted tiene que aprender a hablar el español!”

“Billy has always been a gentle child. We let him play with dolls of course and got him an E-Z Bake oven.  We say if he wants to grow his hair out and wear a dress, that is ok. Either that is who he is or he will grow out of it.”

“Miss Freenbean I do not care how long you have been teaching my little Nelson is not a ‘C’ student!  You must have his grades mixed up with some other student’s! I want you to fix that right now!”

“He was a good boy, used to help his mother and stuff.  He was thinking of going back to get his G.E.D.  He wanted to be a rapper or a DJ.  He looked after all his baby-mommies!”

“I ain’t paying for that!”

“We don’t want no police around here.”


No joke. I have heard each or read each and every one of these statements.

I am not sure of the average age of all of you but I’d wager the vast majority were around in the 50s and 60s.  I want you to re-read that list of statements again, close your eyes and imagine what would happen if they were said back then.  (Trick question: If you said any of those things you would prolly not be reading this right now.)

Imagine telling your parents that you were going to call the police on them or sue them.  Do you think anyone would visit you in the hospital?   And while a physical response is not always the best thing one did not often make the same error twice.

If a kid rode the pine, it was because he was not as good of a player as the other boys.  (Note the use of the masculine.  Girls, as far as I remember, did not play organized sports.)  Back then all the boys did not play every game like they do today. For what it was worth the better kids playing and the poor ones sitting down was more representative of real life.  The army is not comprised of all generals, companies are not all presidents and the like.

Unwed mothers were often shunned and while that might be extreme it is better than encouraging a child to have babies to game the welfare system.  (No, really, you should have heard the entire conversation. You can’t make it up.  There was a part of this overheard conversation that went “Remember the fight I had with that dude in the bar the night I got out of prison?”  And THIS was a woman saying this!)

If some kid acted like the opposite sex it was certainly not encouraged.  A girl might be a “tom boy” but, chew gum, she was not allowed to have a buzz cut and wear boy’s clothes.  And effeminate boy was ridden hard.  Can’t say it was fair but the point is if you wanted to act like that you had to pay the piper.  Today, in some liberal circles it seems that parents almost force the kid to think he should be some kind of trans-something.

We can go on and on with respect to each and every one of these examples.


People are stupid.

Plain and simple.


In some cases some of these examples might be almost acceptable were they not done for the wrong reason or for some ulterior motive.  (There will be a whole ‘nother FISH on other motive-driven insanity.)

I suspect, and someone correct me if I am wrong, that the people/parents that are creating all the problems are the one who as kids were picked on, did not play sports, were effeminate, were kicked out of the Boy Scout or the Military to other bearers of grudges.

In other words, immature losers.


You screw up, you take your lumps and carry on.

You DON’T get your butt Articled out of the Army then go around bad-mouthing the Military and burning Flags.  Not around here you don’t.

But, yet, we let them.

We let these petulant cry-babies get their own way then we are surprised when they act as they do.  We are as bad as the parents who let them get that way.

Let’s get serious now.

The uber-PITA hippies, the Yippies, Zippies, Weather Underground, Black Panther, Maoists, Black Liberation Front, Commies of all color demonstrated and rioted, there were the “Days of Rage” and then it got ugly.

Understand, these wastes of DNA who ravaged the Country in the 60s and 70s were two things: They were cowards and they all learned all of that crap somewhere.

Note, that in the last forty-odd years the armed services have been all volunteer.   Back in the 60s and early 70s there was a nasty war fought in a godforsaken spit of land called South Vietnam.  There was a draft to fill the ranks to fight there.

The pansy-butted cowards who were afraid to fight for their Country and were subject to the draft left the Country, went to divinity school, got married, pretended they were gay, got a college deferment and other things short of manning up and either taking one’s chance with the draft lottery or enlisting, as I did.

(SIDEBAR:  Imagine what would have happened if W initiated a draft to fill the ranks of our armed services.  It would be the 60s all over again!  There were no/few riots and demonstrations because these cowards had no skin in the game or their butts in BDUs.)

Now, the college “professors” in far too many cases an especially in the Ivy League and other “top tier” colleges were themselves, disaffected Red Diaper Babies and were all too happy to exploit these idiots in their classes.

(READERS’S DIGEST VERSION.) They were successful in convincing the students that they were going to lose their student deferrals and be called to fight if they did not “mobilize” and force the gummint to end the war on any terms.

They were relatively successful.

So, now you have a radicalized generation with no moral compass and a hate for our Country.  In this generation are the radical professors who radicalized their students with the writings of Marx and Alinsky. Some, like the Hilderbeast, wrote their thesis on Alinsky.

Other radical profs were fomenting racial divide.  Some of their students wrote their thesis on how much the White man sucked, most were black students. One was the Mooch.

Let’s recap:  You have a large Communist influx in the 20s and 30s.  You have the Red Scare of the 40s and 50s.  You have the HUAC and Black Listing and the upshot is that the cockroaches still survived, hiding in plain sight in academia.

They created the clusterfluke of the 60s and 70s, educated the next generation of commie and socialist “professors” and they educated the current rezidents of the Whi’te House, West Wing (should be “Left Wing”), much of Congress, most of the SRCFM and others.

And people wonder WHY all the ills of today as limned above occur.

It is one of two things.

It is the natural path of a destruction of a society or the ignorance of all things good and decent.

But I repeat myself.


“A New Lease on Life”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19  John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Alums:

“YOU can all go to hell.” 

Yup. That is what we were told one day.

In church.

In the sermon.

True story.

Father Tony is one of my favorite priests and he does the Mass we go to each week. He is a brilliant man and a great priest.  He is knowledgable in the classics and knows the original languages of the Epistles and Gospels and is very good at explaining passages that do not seem to make sense and even amplifies on those that do.

Father Tony is a gentleman who recently celebrated one the birthdays in the 70’s range. He is a tall fellow and very affable and approachable.  And I never met a priest who was more self-deprecating than he. If we were Jewish, I would call him a “mensch.” Oy!

One day, after the Gospel in preparation for the sermon, he kinda walks to the transept without a word, gets to the middle, effects a smile and says “You can all go to hell!”

Half the congregation laughed and the other half gasped. And we waited a few pregnant moments for the explanation.

And he did not disappoint.

He looked at us in all earnestness with the book of scriptures in his hand and he said: “It is true, you can all go to hell. It says it right here, and thumbing some pages, and here and so on.  But the great news is that you don’t HAVE to go to hell. It says how that can happen here and here and here.”

You get the point.

What does that have to do with today’s issue?

Not a dern thing.

But, last month when I wrote this, the inflautus for this gave me an opening line.  And as you know my mental dot connecting is not linear, Father Tony’s words rang in my ear.

The way it was SUPPOSED to start (and continue) is:

You should not be reading this.

No it is true.

And, no, it has nothing to do with content, verbiage, 1st Amendment or anything else.

I should be dead.

And like my pal Father Tony recently celebrated a birthday, today is sort of a birthday for me.

About this time last year I was in the worse physical shape of my life.  I was 293 pounds and while my 6-5 frame can handle that, most of that extra baggage was in the belly.  I ate poorly.  I went through at least one pizza pie a week and a few bacon sandwiches was no big deal. And I salted everything, even Mac and Cheese.  Mexican food?  Mas Gustso! Chinese Food?  Xie! Xie!  There were very few beers I did not love and fewer days that I did not have a few. Yet, I did not have high blood pressure and my cholesterol was rather low.  But I also have COPD and I blamed that for a lot of things which were affecting me.

I could not take a shower without taking a rest as just washing my hair (which is high-and-tight for the most part) tired me.  Even walking to the car was a chore.  I had to rest once I got to the front door.  Trudge to the car thirty feet away and then rest again as the car warmed up.

I thought it was just COPD getting worse but my regular doctor suspected something else and referred me to a cardiologist. I saw Jim, my now cardio guy on Wednesday. He sensed there was something wrong but not sure exactly what as my EKG was normal.  (My EEG, well, that is another story for another day…)

So he scheduled a stress test for that Friday and told me to go home and rest until then. Bright and early Friday morning, we get to the office and a few hours later after all the tests he tells me that he is scheduling an angiogram for the following Monday.

There was nothing out of the ordinary but he sensed despite no evidence of a problem there was something going on.  And, who am I to argue, he was the doc.

He explained the procedure and that if they found something they should be able to either ablate it and/or put in stents. If it was real bad they would have to operate and if they found nothing he said that he would be real surprised. But his thought was this would take care of my problems.

As we are getting ready to leave he said that if I felt poorly this afternoon to come back to the office.  He added if I felt badly tonight or over the weekend to go to the hospital. He said the worst that would happen in that case would be that I would be early for Monday’s procedure.

Went home, later on had dinner, prolly pizza and chianti as usual, then sat down to watch the Yankees after the meal. It was a nice night and the missus was in and out and going to the neighbors who were sitting outside.  After a bit I felt a tightness in my chest. I lied to myself that it was agita.  (I never get heartburn so I knew that was not true.) When it did not go away, I thought it was because I was sitting too long, then that I was dehydrated then every other excuse in the book except the truth and I knew what it was.

Hoping against hope that it would go away I bided my time as the pain and tightness increased.  Finally at about ten o’clock the missus came in and I walked to the kitchen and said I think I should go to the hospital.  She said that she will call 9-1-1.  I said by the time they get here we can be half way to the hospital.

We roll up to the ER of the hospital, a very few minutes later a wheel chair appears, I am wheeled to reception. They take some vitals and an EGK and the next thing I know I am admitted.  An IV started and meds given.

A few hours later the attending physician comes for a little visit. She says I had an “event.”

“Event?” I say, then ask if that is anything like a heart attack.  She says, well, we could call it an “episode.”

“Episode?” I say, then ask again if THAT is anything like a heart attack.

She they do not use that term. So I said, “If there were no such words as “event” and “episode”, what would one call this?

Well, she finally cracks and says “In the old days, yes, we would call it a heart attack but back then we did not have the technology we have today.  So to assuage any fears and to assure that in almost all cases like yours there will be a favorable outcome.”

So, I am put in a room with a roomie not of my choice.  I tried to make the best of my forced vacation and did my best to keep the doctors, nurses, orderlies or anyone else amused.  This, in turn, amused me.  And it is written that a merry heart doeth good like a medicine.

Saturday and Sunday pass with little excitement I had a TV and my cell and I could watch my sports, news or educational shows.  They put me on my new low-fat, low-sodium diet and much to my surprise it was not bad, in fact, not bad at all.

(The above-mention Father Tony came to visit and offered Communion.  As it I was in a Catholic Hospital someone came around every day to deliver Communion to those who wished.  But, he was kind enough to give me the blessing of the ill and after a nice chat, off he went. The next day, my pal Father Jim (who is reading this), comes by, offers Communion and again too late.  He then offers the anointing of the ill. I asked how often can one received such blessing and he said about once a month.  I said that Father Tony was here the day before and he gave me a blessing.  Well, Father Jim had been a priest for about two weeks at this point and recalled that giving the anointing is a grey area and if I have not received the chrism and so on, he could do it again.  And besides, he said, it would be his first time and as I was a friend and all.  Well, I guess I am good to go if I am in a bad situation without a priest.  Thank both of you guys!)

Monday morning I am wheeled down for pre-op.  They to all the tests and so forth and send me back to my room.  A few hours later I am wheeled out again to go to the OR.

There is a jam-up in the hall and I am stopped while they sort out the mess.   About ten feet down on the other side of the hall they roll out some guy maybe ten years or so younger than me.  He does not seemed to be to bothered by things either.  I make eye contact and I say “What are you in for?”  He taps his chest and says “Heart, what about you?” “Sex change” I say and was as surprised as anyone else at what I said and of course now the entire hall is laughing.

He replies “Well, gimme your number, you are kinda cute, let’s see how it works out.” And if someone was not laughing before they were then.

Down we go to the bowels of the hospital. I am prepped and sedated but not knocked out.  To make a long story short, I had over 80% blockage in three of the four more popular arteries.  cardio office is addressed by their first names) says afterwards that everything went fine, there are no problems expected, and, oh, by the way, by the size and locations of the blockages, had they not done the procedure that or the following day I would have suffered a massive heart attack and most likely would have died.

So, I decided that I was given this second chance.  As it is said “God Don’t Want Me Yet.”  So, He must have a plan for me.  I have no idea what it is. Maybe I am doing it, maybe not.  I don’t know but I am still alive on my first new birthday and I will listen for His Word.

(For all of you who were aware of this and were kind enough so send emails, texts, cards, letters and gifts, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU and THANK YOU AGAIN from the bottom of my repaired heart.  You have no idea how much you blessed me.)


PS:  Since then I have met with the docs a number of times and I have had a few more procedures on my legs.   Jim said that I had to go on this draconian diet. I told him it would never work.  Never.   We chatted and we came to some understanding on what made me tick and how far I can be restrained.  I assured him I would beat his expectations left to his guidance and my own internal determination.  I stick to the diet more than 95% of the time.  I make up for it when I stray. I use “MyFitnessPal”  app to monitor everything I eat.  I have not had a beer in over a year.  Yes, I do enjoy my wine and spirits but not like before.   I can count the times I have had pizza (very few) and visits to Mexican and Chinese restaurants (zero.) When I got stabilized and my strength back I started going to the gym three times a week.  In the past year, I have lost fifty pounds, converted about ten pounds or more of fat to muscle, and I am in the best physical shape that I have been in in the past thirty years and getting better every day.  Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  I am not going anywhere till He calls me home.




“That’s News to Me!”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Cocoon Dwellers:

This is not the issue I was going to send out today. I have one on deck and one warming up.  But while I may have been on vacation the ever vigilant and occasionally sober Muse was not.  (Perhaps my fictional alter ego has a device on her leg, just sayin’.)

To begin with, it is a good idea that if one is willing to dispense suggestions then that person ought to be willing to follow them as well.   Not a “do as I say, not as I do” situation.

I have said, among very many other things, to look at the present through the prism of the past.  Don’t just do the Zen thing and look at the “now” and the condition of things without factoring in the way things were in the past, both recent and long ago.

The problem is if you do not have a frame of reference you have no idea how you got to this condition or state of things.  I mean, how can you know if things are good or bad without some reference point?

That is, is $50,000 a year salary good or poor?  Are cars safe?  Is it warm outside?

Fifty-K is not bad in many places and is darn good compared to the 1940s and 50s.  But if you live in New York, San Francisco, Honolulu and other places, you are almost in poverty.

Cars are safer now then they have ever been but will they eventually become safer or may some of the “safety advancements” prove to be less-than-safe or perhaps even fatal?

(Consider the “feature” on some cars that will automatically slow down a car in the case of an emergency.  Who is to say the computer could not hiccup while you are motoring down the interstate, jam on the brakes and you get flattened by a Kenworth booking at 80 MPH with a driver floating on “West Coast Turn-Arounds.”)

Oh as far as “Is it warm?”  That was a trick question. The correct answer is: “It is global warming that is all Bush’s fault, you racist.”

To put all that in some perspective:  I was in a self-imposed news-black out for most of the past two weeks.  While my Disney Channel Quotient went up many fold, my exposure to the events of the day were virtually nil.  I had no idea what was going on and unless there was an emergency of some kind I would have sashayed through my day in complete and utter bliss and ignorance.

In other words, I was like a Low-Information Voter.

So, I come back to reality, or at least what the media would have us believe is reality, and in the space of a dozen or so days I found out that so many things have changed.

Some not so dramatic.  For instance, Biff is still an idjit but I did not know that ALL the other leaders of the world detest him as much as real Americans do and he has the uncanny ability to make the skin crawl of any woman who comes near him, or more accurately, any woman he approaches.


Others, like the Iraqis abandoning tens of thousands of vehicles and ordnance to the chaps of ISIS. Were the Iraqis cowards or was this some kind of Muzzie Lend-Lease Program?


Some are just strange and unsubstantiated.  Such as John WTLF Kerry.  Allegedly he had a bicycle accident.  Supposedly he broke his leg.  Purportedly he was immediately flown back to the States for surgery. The questions arose that if it was just a broken leg, why could that not have been addressed where he was or at least in a military facility?  (He married enough money that he is not encumbered by OBAMA’S OBAMACARE.)   Where were the pics of the event?  (Like he or anyone of such stature travels without official photogs or the paparazzi.)

(Since the information was rather thin, there was some speculation as to what “really” happened.  Was there an assassination attempt? Was he caught in the crossfire of an ISIS attack in France?  Was he taken to Geneva to be stabilized then rushed back to the States for surgery and is now near death? Where the photos of him provided well after the fact and perhaps photo-shopped?  We now know that it was a bike accident or in any event something from which he has now been released from hospital.  But, where were the updates?  Something is still not right.)

Up until 1992 I would not have given the initial story a second thought.   Then came the Clinton’s and the curious body count, including Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown.

And to add to the distrust, there had been very little or anything about WTLF’s condition.  One can speculate accurately that most people do not care what happens to him or the “out of sight, out of mind” theory comes into play.


Then there are the rampant murders and carnage in places such as Baltimore and Chicago but that is not news unless a cop in involved in some way.

Then there is the propagation of the myth that all cops are bad, racist and the White ones just want to kill blacks.  Sadly, that myth is being promoted in schools and there are collages of what the students are told to think of cops.


Biff is sending four-hundred and fifty additional troops to Iraq.  Fifty of them will be there in a training capacity and the four hundred others are there for support of the trainers.  (WHAT????)

BTW, those fifty trainers will NOT be allowed into the field or be allowed to participate in any battle.  I guess the Iraqis are such quick studies they do not need supervision.  Besides, we have seen what a bang up job the Iraqis can do on their own.

Some are calling this “mission creep.” As bad as that sounds, I suggest that that is from Biff’s supporters. I call it cowardice.  You see Biff took credit for “winning” the war in Iraq and achieving “victory” in Afghanistan.  So, he canNOT re-re-engage anyone in Iraq.  That would make it look like he went back on this word.  And when I say that I mean:  “He does not want to take any responsibility for sending troops into battle as that would tarnish his legacy as a wartime president.”

Let me assure you, he tarnished the Presidency when in January 2009 he raised his hand and swore “to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.”


And it goes on and on.

Recall the story of the pigs and the grain.  Someone placed grain on the ground and erected a wall on one side. The next day, more grain, the pigs came and another wall.  Later on more grain, the pigs returned and the third wall and finally more grain and the fourth wall completing the pen and trapping the pigs.

Recall the story of the frog dumped into the pan of boiling water: he immediately jumped of the pan.  But the same frog put in the same pan with water at a lower temperature that is increased to boiling will be scalded to death as he gets used to the condition.

When we do not take time to look around and see the walls going up, if we do not take temperature readings and compare them to earlier ones, we have no idea if we are being led to a trapped, having our figurative goose’s cooked or what our condition is.


I have admitted to being a news junkie, or “current information consumer.”  I canNOT understand how ANYONE can take ANYTHING for granted, especially now. I do not understand it.

The Hilderbeast, Lie-A-Watha and Socialist Sanders are each vying for the brass ring from their party.  In a fair and just world, it is possible that two of them might have had some jail time behind them and the other forced to register with the authorities.

Don’t misunderestimate me, the Republicans are not exactly setting records fielding the best slate of nomination seekers ever, even when you remove the half that are RINOs.

But, how does a Democrat make a decision between three socialists? Or two women and a guy from Vermont?  They have it just as hard as Republicans.  After all, the media love the Hilderbeast and may also be afraid of that chipmunk-cheeked little darling.

Other than PMS/LSD who are so far Left that they think Lenin was financed by the Koch Brothers, you rarely hear a good word about Lie-A-Watha or Socialist Sanders if there is any news about the Hilderbeast.

(It was not the Koch Brothers who financed Lenin, it was David Rockefeller’s father and the Morgan’s who did.  Yes, the same David Rockefeller who tapped Jimmah Q’artah to be president and allegedly picked Biff as well.  Funny, huh?  Except it is not.)

If you are a low-information Republican (which is still orders of magnitude more informed than your garden variety Democrat), you might have to make your decision based on which candidate the SRCFM hates the most (indicating fear) or by piecing together the information from the various media outlets.  (And again DO NOT RELY on the SRCFM. Look to papers outside of the Country, even some Lefty ones. You will be surprised what you might find there!)

That said, isolating myself from the news for a dozen days was a shock to the system when I came back to the info world.  That said I can almost understand why certain supporters feel as they do.

They are not stupid.

They are ignorant.

They do not know the truth and sadly 99% of them are too proud to admit they are wrong.

And pride goes before a fall.

That is fine, but don’t take me or my Country with you.

So, my friends and fellow grasshoppers, it is up to each and every one of us to protect and defend the Constitution, even if others won’t.  It is up to each and every one of us to help educate the ignorant masses.  And if you try and they get mad at you, it is their loss, not yours.

They are mad because you are right.

Make it so.