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My Friends & Fellow Patient Folk:

OK, it HAS been a while since you have seen one of these things. It is not due to any lack of subject matter. In fact, quite the opposite. There have been SO many things going on that were I to start an issue, something else would pop up and divert my attention, which is limited on a good day.

I guess what really drove me to put fanger to keyboard that my wife, who has NEVER read one of these things (I think for fear of being an accomplice or part of a conspiracy, she is the epitome of a “rule-follower” and proving that opposites attract), said that many people have been asking her if I would ever write again. THAT was a sign from Heaven to do this.

(However, I have still been a thorn in the side of many liberal editors, I occasionally Tweet and am on Facebook almost daily. If you want to, send me a friend request there. I am “John Savin” and the current picture is the business end of an A-10 Warthog.)

Let’s look back in time. Back in the half-dark ages we had the worst “president” in the history of the United States and possibly the world.

Barely a day went by that he or his pinions did not do something to destroy America, undermine us, weaken us, and take away our rights and more.

He was a “target rich” environment.

The joy of having DJT as President was mildly overshadowed by the absolute meltdown by the Hilderbeast. She blamed everyone but St. Joan of Arc and herself for her fortuitous loss.

And, in the vernacular, “it ain’t Joan.”

We knew and the new Administration new they had a whole slew of things to undo and make right and they started on Day-One.

What we and the new Administration did not know was that Biff, the Beast, the DNC, the FBI, the DoJ as well as others “allegedly” conspired to steal the election for the Beast.

They were successful in screwing that jackkimmel* of a Socialist, Sanders, out of the nomination. And showing that no good turn goes unpunished, they (the “alleged” list above) by doing so gave the election to DJT.

(For the last time and for clear disclosure and closure, he was not my top choice. I have had the pleasure of meeting the man a number of times years ago and from what I see, he has not changed. But I am thrilled he is he Boss, he exceeded even my most ambitious hopes for any of the candidates.)

I have been joking on FB that had I been elected dictator, none of this would have happened and that what had would have been adjudicated immediately.

Well, as we can see that I have not lost my ability to stray off topic.

Back to the alleged topic…

Back then I was spending my time addressing the hate of the Left and how they are hell-bent-for-leather to destroy the Country. (They do. Read something other than the Left Wing Media.) I was hoping that I would be writing about all of DJT’s many, many successes. (And no Mr. President, I am not getting tired of winning.)

But noooooooooooo…

The same jackimmels who were trying to destroy the Country back then are still at it. Schemer, Nasty Pelosi, Mad Maxine and the rest of the uber-Left have not given up.

The problem is that they are banking on the stupidity and ignorance of their pinions. Sadly all too many of them are willing to make a deal with literal devils to promote the failed agendas they were duped into believing.

To put a point of focus on this I will use one of these ant-tills of hypocrisy as the target of my bile for the Left.

Sen. Schemer has never done anything that anyone on the Right would say “Wow! Chuck bucked his party and voted with the White Hats.” Never happened, prolly never will.

He came out of the gate just after inauguration by stating that (parenthetically) “if the President wants to get things done, he should listen to the Dems and do as we say.” (I guess he forgot that his team lost.)

To me, that is like taking ship captaining lessons from the captain of the Titanic.
Oddly enough, DJT did exactly what anyone with a room temperature IQ or higher would do. He listened to Chuck and the rest of the Left and did the exact opposite.

Let’s get current.

The other day Schemer, from the well of the Senate, lied when he said that “the President should not be allowed to nominate a SCOTUS replacement in an election year, which is the ‘Biden Rule’”.

First off, Schemer lied, he knew he lied, he let his lie be forwarded and no one stopped him because he knew people on the Left are stupid and gullible and will
believe anything they are told to believe by their “leaders.”

We all know that Joe Biden was the dumbest man ever in the Senate let alone as VP. But, and to his credit, he did come up with the idea that ought there to be a vacancy for a SCOTUS Justice in the last year of his final term leaving that nomination for the incoming POTUS.

Joe was in the Senate at that time and this was when Bush 41 was on the way out. And for what it is worth I tend to agree with it.

Hark back to the last year of Biff’s term. Biff wanted the ultra-Liberal Merrick Garland to be on the Bench. The Reps successfully stonewalled even putting his name into nomination by effectively citing the “Biden Rule”. (And once again the Left do not think things through and do not consider the consequences of their actions.)

Now, the Left are citing the rule. Except it is not a presidential election year nor is it the last year of DJT’s second term. THAT is how desperate they are.

I made Schemer extremely aware of that as I posted those pesky facts on his page, ALL IN CAPS. (If you scan/troll his page and see a bulk words all in caps, chances are it is me.)

That is not enough for old Chuck. His next bright idea was to suggest that DJT put into nomination the name of “Merrick Garland”. Yes, the same liberal that the Republicans were able to stymie last time around.

Not sure if that was nerve or just stupidity. But suffice it to say that he stopped that idea pretty quick.

So what does he do?


Yup, second only to lies in the Liberal arsenal is fear. And in this case, he is lying to make the case for fear.

DJT has a list of some twenty-five names he has been considering or the Justice gig. Allegedly all are pro-Life. Of course we have seen where someone who has impeccable Conservative credentials can screw the pooch by his idea of what is and what is not kosher under the Constitution. Look at Roberts’ sustaining Obamacare. But for some reason the Left puts their ideology above the Law of the Land. Noted ACLU Alum, Bader-Ginsberg, has said that “the Constitution means nothing to me.” Someone needs to remind this woman what her job is. (And she NEVER should have been put on the Bench due to her high-ranking ACLU position.)

DJT has a short list of seven or eight and a shorter list of three or four. While I am favoring Justice Barrett, I am not sure he will pick her, but he might just because of her gender. (And as I come from the Barrett Clan of County Cork, we may be related.) I am not keen on Kavanaugh due to this ties to DC and the Bushies. That leaves Kethridge. We shall see.

One of the other reasons I like Barrett is due to Schemer picking on her because she is, like me, Roman Catholic.

Again, the “Party of Inclusion” (stop snickering) is citing religion as a disqualifying issue. After all, remember when JFK was elected and Pope John XXIII came over and ran the shop? Neither do I. (But the way the current Pope is acting, Schemer might actually welcome him.)

You see Justice Barrett has seven children. The Left sees that as seven less sales opportunities for “Planned” “Parenthood.” After all, if a woman has seven children, do you think she might change her pro-life stance? The Libs won’t take that chance.

So what do they do? As I said, create fear and spread lies.

You canNOT listen to a piece on the nomination without hearing the words “Roe v. Wade.” The Left are lying in that they say: “If we allow (like they have a choice) someone who is Pro-Life to sit on the Bench, abortions will become illegal”, or some variation of that lie. (Yet, they are comfortable with, and demand we are as well, someone who will uphold Roe. Like Garland, just sayin’.)
It is pure bovine scatology.

Let’s pretend that a Pro-Life Justice is chosen and a case comes to the Court. The decision is 5-4 to strike down Roe.

Do you know what happens?


That’s right, nothing.

The entire abortion discussion becomes status quo ante, the way things were before. In other words, according to the 9th and 10th Amendments it becomes a state issue. The way it should be and should have been. (We can and will discuss this in greater detail if and when that happens.

So, when one of your Lib friends cry that abortion will be outlawed, ask them for proof. Then ask them why do they like to kill babies.

Well, I think that is a good start and a good place to end. I will try to get these things out more often, at least once a month. But I hope you have missed this as much as I have missed writing this and hearing from you. If nothing else, follow me on FB.

God Bless you all.

Re the * above. Jimmy Kimmel is a disaster, a disgrace, a hater and more. He used to call Mrs. Trump “Melanoma”. A real class act. I have been banned from all of his pages in social media and otherwise. He, my dears, is an ass. (Or “a ass”, if you are a Dickens fan and deign to cite Mr. Bumble.) So, henceforth it has been decreed by Precious Myself, that hence forth and negative citation that uses “ass” shall be replace by “kimmel”. Hence “jackkimmel”, “kimmelhole”, “kimmelwaffle” and so on.
Secondary to that. In the old days the Nielsen Ratings were done manually, now they are done real time. They watch not only how many people are watching a show but for how long. I hope they are watching my viewing. I dutifully turn on the “Kimmel” show and the moment he says something stupid or hateful about DJT or his family, I change the channel. He has gone as long as 5 minutes and as short as his first sentence. I recommend this practice to you all.


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