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“And The Beast Goes On – Part 2

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Pawns:

Well…  So apparently Custer was short a few Indians.  Perhaps that will make sense in a few minutes.

I readily admit that I am not the sharpest trout in the book but when something does not seem right my alarm bells go off.

On the “Republican” side there are a few guys who have declared for prez and a whole passel who are threatening to do the same.  You have guys (and perhaps one woman) who range from “ultra-conservative” (as if there is such a thing) in Ted Cruz to the Libertarian Rand Paul to the dregs of the Left side of the party in the forms of JEBush and Krispie Kreme Christie.

On the Progressive/Marist/Socialist/Communist/Democrat side you have, thusfar, Her Thighness, the Hilderbeast.

The Dems, to cite Winston Churchill, are like a “riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” They are as open and as forthcoming as the Politburo during the Stalin years and as easy to understand as Chinese Algebra.

As discussed in the previous issue, there are no guarantees, anything can happen. When it comes to the Dems when “anything can happen” it is rarely a good thing.

You see, the SRMFM are touting the Hilderbeast as the best, most capable, most accomplished and most experienced candidate out there.  For “defendant” I might agree. For “president”, not a chance in Hades.  She is exactly none of the above for the big chair job.

As we saw in the last and previous installments she has more problems than Carter has little liver pills.  As dumb as I think all too many voters are, twice, taking the “race issue” off the table might even out the prejudice vote.

(SALADBAR: I do not know of any women who are the least bit likely to vote for the Hilderbeast. I am sure there are some who will vote for her because of her politics and not her plumbing. On the other hand I do know some black people who voted for Biff for the sole reason of his skin color.  Not all voted for him the second time. I mention this because the issue of prejudice is far stronger with respect to race than it is with gender.  This does not help her.)

I have intimated before there is something not quite right and every day my radar pings with yet another intellectual “bogey.”  I really could not put my finger on it.  I looked at the Hilderbeast and I could not image a more flawed or less capable presidential candidate. I know some wise guys in Howard Beach who are far more ethical and trustworthy.

Watching the Hilderbeast she seems to be doing all of the wrong things, but one.

She is secretive, she has an over-protective sense of need for security, her meetings are staged, her crowds are hand-picked and no one seems to care.  That is due largely to the unindicted co-conspirators in the SRMFM.  She puts on that fake smile and that buffoonish “wow! I am soooooo surprised to see you!” phony look with a side order of pointing at no one in particular.

I think it is all staged and not for her ascendancy.

There has been talk about Lie-a-Watha running for the gig. The problem is that she is just as honest as the Hilderbeast but not as likeable. (That is a joke folks.)  In all candor, purely from a sheer pragmatic point, she is more electable the same reason she is not electable: she is not the Hilderbeast.

Then there is some talk about the O’Malley character from Maryland.  If the Left like him, I don’t.  I am sure that as soon as the story of his wife having run over the ABC newsreader with whom he was having an affair gets more air, his fortunes will fall.

And in case if you like your bar lowered even more, there is a rumor/threat that Comrade Wilhelm De BlahZero, the Commie mayor of New Jack City may run.  (If there is any good news at least he admits he is a commie unlike the rest who pass themselves off as Dems, but I repeat myself.)


Where this is going is that every day there seems to be a new allegation of some criminality, malfeasance or something else perpetrated by the Clinton’s.

If there was any justice or fairness in this world such a candidate ought to have the common sense to drop out if the race for the good of their party, the Country and decency in general.

The Clintons have no such sense of honor or decency.  Again if half of the allegations about the three of them are true in a fair and just world they would be guests of the state on the family plan.

That the SRMFM (maybe that should be changed to the SRClintonFM for the duration) are not bringing any of this to the fore with any sense of urgency or alleged criminality is preposterous and only serves to confirm my opinion that they are in on the griff for one reason or another.

On the other side of that coin there is much chatter that all the bad news about the Hilderbeast comes from one source, directly or indirectly:  Biffus Minimus.

Yes, there is no mystery that there is no love lost between the Clintons and the Biffuses.  The story goes that Biff made the Hilderbeast SecState not because of her “talent” or “acumen” on the world stage but to keep her on a short leash.

As a senator she could have had a much larger role in many more things and consolidating power and collecting favors.  As SecState she is little more than a state department employee who reports directly reports to Biff. I have always wondered why she took that gig. Now I think I know.  Biff had the goods on her and now he is letting them out of the bag.

Biff still sees the Hilderbeast as a formidable threat.  Ought she to be elected (God Forbid) Biff will fade off into the sunset.   The Clintons have far more favorability than do the Biffuses. (When I say “the Clintons”, I mean BJ.  Why? Who knows.)

The other side of that coin is that a Hilderbeast as prez could/ would/should mess with some/all of Biff’s programs and initiatives.  This would be doing what the good Soviet Commies used to do to their predecessors.  Old habits die hard.  (This is odd, as so many other things seem to die so easily around her.)

In contradistinction to that would be a Billy the Red, Lie-a-Watha or an O’Malley or even a Saunders.  They are so under-qualified, incapable of cogent leadership, anti-capitalist and have no respect for law that anyone one of them would be little more than a third term for Biff.

Truly, that group represents a pretty good cross-section of the kind of people who should not be elected to any position.  Yet, they are perfect Dem candidates in the eyes of that party.

There is little doubt in my mind that there is a supreme irony here.  This group has a false sense of superiority or even adequacy.  Yet they would be easy pickings for Biff’s influence.

The more I think of it, the less I think of it.  There is some kind of weird kabuki theatre going on.

In the one hand, you have the SRCFM excoriating each and every “Republican” candidate.  (With the exception, it seems, of JEBush.  I am confident that the SRCFM see him as having no chance so they treat him nicely.  You see, having a “Bush” on top of the ticket spells doom for the White Hats.)

On the other hand there is some kind of disconnect with a side order of lucidity.

As I said the talking heads see the Hilderbeast as the one, the queen, the answer to all of our problems. Yet, with every passing day and every new scandal I think some of the media are giving her not so much a second thought but considering an alternative to a Hilderbeast run to be on the safe side.

I give the Dems little credit for doing the right thing but even I think they can do better than a Lie-a-Watha, Billy the Red, Larry the Socialist or Parnelli O’Malley.

We shall see.

As I said, I am not 100% confident that some kind of a deal was struck some seven years ago. I am not 100% confident that if such a deal had been forged that both sides are going to keep their end of the bargain.

It may be early yet at the same time, it may be way too late.

We live in interesting times.



“And The Beast Goes On. Part 1”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Poll-Bait:

Ok…  We all know that about 99% of the Media are as straight up and honest as a street-corner Three Card Monte game.  We know the SRMFM are not above elaborating, stretching facts or just plain lying to make their point, especially if it do the detriment of the Country, the Right, God or decency.

If you think I exaggerate, watch then news, read the papers and then get back to me.

Last Sunday I had a busy day on tap. I went to the gym earlier than usual and while I was doing my cool-down on the bike machine I was drawn to one of the big screen TVs on front of me.

There was the smarmy countenance of Bob Schieffer on “Deface the Nation.”  (What? Oh, sorry.  My bad.  The name of the show allegedly is “Face the Nation” for some reason.)

Say what you will, but most of the Sunday morning news shows,  moderators and most of the panels of any of those shows are Lefties masquerading as “objective journalists.”  Even by that low standard the “FTN” show last Sunday was something else.

Bear in mind, I am in a noisy gym wearing headphones and even
if the sound was up on the TV I would not have been able to hear it.  The close captioning was on so I could read the words, read the body language but no joy on speech pattern and inflection.  (As we have discussed the words are but a small part of communication.)

Sadly I could not readily identify any of the panelists. From what I could gather they seemed be evenly divided between those who thought Hillary was truly a living saint walking among us or just merely the greatest person of all time.

In other words, a typical kangaroo court.

One of the things I found odd was the use of the word “Republican” over and over as if it was a bad word.  There was a “Republican” plan, a “Republican” stonewalling, a “Republican” hindrance, a “Republican” this, a “Republican” that, a “Republican” other thing, none of them in a positive light.

They would mention a “Democrat” by name but everyone else was a “Republican.”  I really wish I could have heard them say the word “Republican”, I wonder if they got as queasy feeling in the labonza when they said that “bad word.” (Or “gut” if you are not familiar with the Italian slang.)

What I found interesting is that there were a number of her past “issues” brought up in addition to her current alleged criminality. The panelists were quick to pooh-pooh, white-wash, gainsay, or simply ignore any wrong-doing.

That and they simply said without explanation, reservation or a clue that the Hilderbeast is the only real choice.  Bear in mind, the Republicans have not even come close to picking the wrong candidate and none of the other Democrats have thusfar intimated they have made a decision to run.

Yet, the SRMFM are already suggesting Hilderbeast start looking at drapery and cutlery patterns for the Whitegirl House.

This is not news. Let’s follow the progression of the Hilderbeast.

“Well, Vince Foster was clearly despondent over the Hillary Healthcare initiative.  There is no doubt he took his own life.”  (I throw that in just to show that taking over health care and all that goes with it goes back way before Biff.)

“Look, there are millions of files on millions of people. Just because the White House security chief wants to see them, it is no big deal!” (It is a big deal when the files were of previous administration’s appointees and they were shared with peeps outside of gum’mint.)

“You know, travel for the First Family and staff is very sensitive.  It is preferred that there is someone they trust to handle that aspect of White House life.” (Unless it is the prez’s 25-year old cousin and the qualified people were fired to put their own people in and there were allegations of financial irregularities.  One aspect of this did go to trial.  The Hilderbeast refused a request from the GAO to “shed some light.”)

“Oh, come on now people!  What happened in the Rose Law Firm and Whitewater were all before BJ was elected. This is old news dredged up to sully their good names!”  (Except their names needed to be sullied.  There have been books written about this time of their lives, little if any is good. When deposed by the Starr Commission, in one deposition the Hilderbeast is reported to have said “I don’t recall” to over fifty questions.  One of Ken Starr’s deputies gave her an “F” in truthfulness.)

(SIDEBAR:  Recall in the Watergate days when she was “let go” by Jeffrey Zeifman for her unethical practices. He said later “I could not recommend her for any subsequent position of public or private trust.”  She went from: “What did the president know and when did he know it!!” to “What difference does it make!?!?!?!”)

Truly my friends, this is just the tip of the iceberg, she has only gotten more brazen with time. And most of the above is over twenty years old.

They say “fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.” For the love of pete, what kind shame is “fool me a thousand times”?

None, the Left have no shame.

Considering all the dirt there is on the Hilderbeast, I can see why the Left picked Biff and his shadowy past.

Yet, the SRMFM are relentless and unapologetic in their support for this wo… er, um, that is, ex-Senator.  It is almost like re-doubling every losing bet in the anticipation that one win clears all the losses.


There is the lie bandied about that the Hilderbeast has been cleared by seven congressional committees on Benghazi.  There are two more coming up.  The SRMFM are complaining this is unnecessary as she has been cleared.

Well, except for one thing.  She has NOT been cleared.  She has been as forthcoming as Lois Learner and James Clapper, meaning not at all.

Either she will come clean or face contempt of Congress charges, either way she could be in deep trouble.  Hypothetically, she could be under house arrest and the SRMFM would kvell her praises that she was not only the first female to run for president but to wage a virtual campaign from one of her mansions!  WOW!  What a wo, er, la, um, Hilderbeast!

Let’s put on the back burner the “allegedly” scathing and revealing book coming out.  Not to spoil the obvious but “allegedly” it discusses “alleged” cash contributions made to BJ’s foundation that there is an “alleged” implication that said donations are a pre-emptive quid pro quo if the Hilderbeast gets elected. And, not to mention the signing over of a good deal of our uranium to the Ruskies.   At this point the SRMFM are ignoring all of that totally.  It did not happen yet and when it does they won’t cover it.

Something NOT on the back burner is the email scandal, cover-up or whatever you wish to call it.  Essentially no matter how you parse it she has “allegedly “ broken the law either by deleting files, not turning over her files and if she says she did not know because she did not sign the form, well, not signing the form is “allegedly” a crime.  (From what I am led to believe she did sign the form ergo making the “alleged” destruction or “alleged” mishandling of “allegedly” sensitive material criminal acts.)

(Here is a case where the “right wing media” may be as bad as the SRMFM.  There is no one other than the Hilderbeast that knows exactly what she had on her private email server.  There is innuendo that there are a lot more things than just “normal” correspondences, hair dresser appointments and chats with friends.  I will not mention these allegations because I do not know if they were in the emails.  The allegations have surfaced before and to my knowledge have never been addressed one way or the other. I may detest this wo, er, lad.. um, candidate, but at this stage I wish not to spread something which, ironically, she feels will hurt her.)

Moving right along there is the possibility that between the results of Benghazi and/or the emails and/or allegation of fiscal chicanery to be aired in the upcoming book that the Hilderbeast could be cooling her heals in a different type of gated, public housing with a lot of security.  Maybe orange is the new white.

And even then the Shultz’s, Maddows’s all the other sycophants and toadies on network TV will only love her more.  “The Hilderbeast is the best president ever!  She is available 100% of the time and has chosen to live in a more austere yet equally secure facility. I mean, home.”

She could be on death row and the media would complain that is a “vast right-wing” conspiracy, the facts were not presented, the judge is a Bush supporter or it is all the fault of global warming and either protest her innocence or simply ignore the fact that  the woman is behind a curtain, behind bars.

What did the candidate know and when did she know it. Because it DOES make a big difference.


“Hilderbeast of Burden – Part 1”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Dupes:

I have been asked repeatedly and recently why I do not like, rather why do I detest, the word “minority.”

Well, because just like almost that comes out of the pie-holes of the Left it is either a lie or a distraction.  I have covered this before but since the gauntlets are being thrown down hither and yon and the lies are being proffered, I think it is worth another look.

(When I say “lies are being proffered” I am inferring that somewhere near 100% of the lies are coming from one candidate in particular.  No names, cough-cough-the hilderbeast-cough-cough.)

Years ago I was a habitué of a local emporium of fine spirits.  One of the chaps I knew from that place was an auto mechanic.  He wanted to expand his business and went to the SBA to apply for a loan.  Mind you, this was well over twenty-years ago in Southern California.

Upon his return from the SBA I asked how he fared.  He advised, sullenly, that he was turned down even though he had all of his papers in order, a business plan, a payback schedule, et cetera.  I asked if all that was true why he was turned down.

He looked straight in my eyes and said:

“They only have money for ‘minorities’.  So, I said I was a ‘minority’ and the lady said I was not.  I asked what constituted a ‘minority’ and she said that it was a group of people who are not like most of the other people.  I asked her how many left-handed, short, Welsh auto-mechanics apply here for a loan on a regular basis and she said none. I said that I am a left-handed, short, Welsh auto-mechanic and if I am the only one then I am definitely a minority.”

And he went on and on, as my Welsh friends are wont to do, and apparently things went south when he asked the woman if she was a minority and she said she was.  Taffy said: “My dear, I assure you there are far more black women in California than left-handed, short, Welsh auto-mechanics.”

I suggested that since she was a minority that he could have asked HER to get the loan, but that was water under the bridge.

The point is we are all minorities in some way, shape, manner or form, be it here or worldwide.  There are slightly more females than males but then you have all shades of White, yellow, red, brown and black people.  You have tall or short, thin or adipose, smart or Liberal, religious or not (and within the set of religious there are subsets of the various religions and subsets of those of various sects), wealthy or poor, healthy or ill, or just “average.”

In fact, it you took a woman (most popular gender) who was also in the majority of all the other parameters of height, weight, age, religion, et cetera and so on,  she would not be in the majority but in fact in a very, very small minority if not a singularity.

In fact, such a person would be as common as a “Left-handed-midget-albino-lesbian Eskimo” as my dear departed pal and chopper jockey Larry “Beans” Mahoney would have said.

So, when someone talks about this “minority” or that one, look for the other shoe.  That “minority” is accompanied by something else, such as some kind of preferential treatment or a prejudice.

And often both.

After all, when the schools were “desegregated” many school districts in our land built better schools in the “poorer” areas (read: “black”) so that the kids/parents would not want the students bussed to other (read: “White”) areas.

So the great Liberal minds in many cases force something on “minorities” for their own evil purposes.

Which is a nice segue to the Hilderbeast.

Do not misunderestimate me, I have no love for this, er, er, er, former Senator from New York.  None.

I assure you she is not as “nice” or “good” of a person as is Biff.  I am talking as a person not a political figure.  She is even more dangerous and calculating in that second capacity!

Her Marxist roots go back to when she was at school.  No? You doubt me?  Hmmm…  Well, her senior thesis at Wellesley was on Saul Alinsky. I assure you, she did not pick that topic out of a hat.

(While we are on the subject and how the past is often a good predictor of the future, Mooche’s thesis was on how terrible White people are.   She did this at Princeton, a largely lily-white school.  Where she attended on scholarship.  Even today, blacks are underrepresented, if you will, at about 7.5% of the enrolled students versus about 13% of the total population.  So, I find it hypocritical.  Well, pretty much anything she does or says is hypocritical.  On the plus side, for some reason, Biff’s college thesis is missing. Shock, I know.  Columbia does not have a copy, of course Biff does not have a copy and even the professor of the class for which he [allegedly] wrote a thesis does not have a copy [he swears he looked everywhere!]  Even though Biff was an “unremarkable” student by any account said professor, Michael Baron, recalls it being very well written, “allegedly” about cold war arms race and that Biff received an A. I canNOT recall the names of teachers I have had, which are far-far fewer than the number of students a teacher faced, and we are to believe Professor Baron not only remembered one “unremarkable” student’s paper but also the grade from over thirty years back when he went by the name of “Barry Soetoro – a foreign student”?  And we are to believe he does not have a copy or actually remembers this?  Er, yeah…)

Let’s look at the Hilderbeast’s presidential journey so far this go-around, shall we? Do! Let’s!

Lessee… she starts out with a trip to Iowa in a van.  (I am sorry, I still do not believe 1) she spent all that time in a van and/or B) that her detail did not leave her on the side of the road somewhere.)  She went to a Chipotle restaurant and ordered stuff she prolly never had before.  (And her “visit” was not announced.  And “no one recognized” her!  Makes one wonder.)

While she is in that area, she has a sit-down with some local party hacks.  They have their phones and camera’s confiscated before being allowed in the room with her.  How thoughtful!  (I am sure that they could have slathered on a few pounds of pancake make-up so as not to scare the kiddies.)

Then, she makes an appearance at a college in Iowa, where she sneaks past the press and enters through the back door.  While the school is on lock-down.  Nice touch!

She is seen at a staged meet and greet where everyone had been hand-picked so that there were no embarrassments!  Gee! She thinks of everything.

Of course she has NOT fielded one question from anyone and the myriad questions shouted at her have gone 100% ignored.  She showed, however, how committed she is to “discussing” the issues of the day with some “you know, regular folk.”

Yes, “regular folk.”

I am sure we have seen the pic of her sitting at the table with those three “regular folk” “discussing” the issues of the day.   Alls I know is that when I sit with three “regular folk” “discussing” the issues of the day, they are not a Biff staffer, a party boss and a big shot from “Planned Parenthood.”

Seriously, you canNOT make this up.

Oh, wait, she is not done.

You see, she is most qualified to be president because all of her grandparents were immigrants!  And that shows how qualified she is to be president if nothing else does!  Except that three of her four grandparents were born right here in the good old U. S. of A.!  (I am sure she said that so that we would be sure to check out her claim and we could learn even more about her and her wonderful family!  How progressive, thank you Hilderbeast!) (More on this train of thought soon.)

(OPEN BAR: While we are on the subject of Hilderbeast’s grandparents, I wish to point out that they also would be Chelsea’s great-grandparents.  I point this to show the rotten apple does not roll far from the tree.  Chelsea, speaking at a women’s conference, bemoaned the fact that her great-grandparents “did not have access to services that are so crucial that Planned Parenthood helps provide.”  Connect that dot to the one where her maternal grandmother was born out of wedlock to the abortion-deficient great-grands.  She totally ignores the fact that had PP been around back then, she would not be around now.  And don’t make me say it, I am STILL Po-Life. That did not change my mind.)

In any event, the Hilderbeast campaign is a sham and a canard.  If she gets elected it will be the crime of the century and America as the Country we all knew will be no more.

“Let The Festivities Begin!”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

 Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow 1/3 of 1/3 of 1/3:

Before you ask, yes, I will be doing something on the Hilderbeast.  No, this is not it.  But to be fair, if this was a football game, that would be the equivalent to “piling” on. I am not sure who is doing more damage to her: the party opposite or herself.

That said, the electorate is roughly one-third each “Democrat”, “Republican” and “Independent.” And that is not exactly a definitive breakdown as we shall see.

The Dems the Reps are pretty much going to vote along party lines.  If there is a “minority” candidate of some sort you may see some defections.  (I DETEST the word “minority”, I prefer the word “person.”  Do realize that the labels, tags and “minority” status were christened by the Left.  That has caused most of our problems.  ‘Nuff on that for now.)

(SIDEBAR:  I predicted – and so could a ham sandwich – that all of a sudden, you nasty, evil people on the Right who were racist are all of a sudden becoming sexist.  And shame on you women for not wanting to vote for this harridan based solely on your particular plumbing! How dare you put the Country before gender! I am shocked! At least that is what they are going to try to pull!)

You are going to hear those numbers bandied about, within a few percentage points, for the next year and a half. Pundits are going to say the Reps will vote for the Reps and vice-verse and the “Independents” hold the key to the election.

Be that as it may it is not, how does one say, accurate.

Now, do not misunderestimate the “Independents.”  They are not sitting around saying “I do not care which party gets in, I just want the best person! I will judge based on their qualifications.”

Well, shouldn’t we all!

I consider myself an “Independent” only because neither party are comprised of Constitutional Originalists.  I will vote for the candidate who best matches my values. (And before some wag asks: “Well, what if neither candidate fits the bill?” Well, in that situation, I will vote 3rd party, as in the case of a disaster I am moving to climes outside of the continental US.  I assure you that if the Reps run someone anathema to the Right, then we will know the fix is in and the idea which was America is over.)

That said, the point that I am attempting to make is that in that one-third of so-called “Independents”, prolly one-third each of them are further to the Left or Right of a major party. Almost by default the Progressives, Socialists, Liberals and Communists will vote for the Democrat and the Conservatives and possible the Tea Partyers will vote for the Republican.

That leaves one-third of one-third of the voters who will decide the election.

One-third of one-third of all of those voters who actually take the time to get off of their collective duff to go vote hold the rudder of the ship of state in their hands

So, if the numbers hold true and the same percentage of eligible voters vote as before, out of some 130,000,000 actual voters, some 15,000,000 will actually decide the election.

Note that the last time 60% or more of eligible voters went to the poll was 1972.  Look how well that turned out. Since then the average turn-out has been 53.4%.  Rather than talk of the so-called “Independents” the true power is in the “stays-at-home.”   With the turnouts that low, the key will not be to convince the “Independents” to think about voting for the Dem or the Rep. It would be far easier to get “sympathetic voters” (or their names) to the polls.

Now, where can we find a few million people who may not regularly vote who might be willing to sell their, I mean, pull the lever for, say, the Dems?

Particularly in states where having citizenship, or identification or a clue might be “invited” to vote.  Perhaps where those things are not enforced or, perhaps, even encouraged?

Screw the “Red” and “Blue” states, this election can very easily be won or lost in the “Brown” states.

Just sayin’.


Again, this will be relatively brief.  We will get more and deeper into particulars as they evolve.  Yesterday (Sunday as I write this) the Hilderbeast declared. Today so did Rubio. Not sure who is next.

We will be explaining and looking at any number of things.  For instance, was there a grand deal struck in Chantilly, Virginia in 2008? Is the Hilderbeast a lightning rod or a stalking horse for another candidate?  Could the possibility exist, at the peril of the Republic, that Biff will executive order himself into a third term?

Put nothing above the Left.

Don’t misunderestimate me, the Right are not exactly running away with any kind of popularity contests, even within their own party.  But I have been saying for years, the Dems are far better either organized or willing to march lock step with the rest of their party faithful.

The Republicans are like college freshman on Spring Break.  They are all over the map, off the charts and act like Delta House to their “Dean” Martin party “leaders.”

It is almost as if they went from the Party of Abe Lincoln to the Party of Abe Vigoda.


The bottom line, for now, is that as bad as 2008 was (the outcome of 2012 was all but a foregone conclusion) with us being saddled with that festering boil on the bottom of the Nation, we are at the most critical crossroads our great Country has ever faced. Worse, I dare say than 1861 or any time since or before.

Truly the fate of the Country is in the hands, we hope, of the voters and not the “Club.”

It is getting ugly already.  The Hilderbeast can’t answer a direct question, attends hand-picked staged events only and so on.  That moral reprobate and fraternal punching bag, Dingy Harry, can’t say enough nice things about the Republicans. In fact, he can’t say any.  He called Earl McCornbread a “lump of coal” (ok, he nailed that, beginners luck) but he called all the Reps “losers.”  (And, yes, it was his alcoholic brother who gave him the much deserved tune-up and his injuries were not a “treadmill accident” We can only hope his injuries are not trivial.)

So, enough for a balmy Saturday morning.  Go out and make the best of this day. Today is the only today you get, don’t let us down.


UPDATE: In the last issue prayers were asked for SSG Merlin Quiles, a combat vet of Afghanistan who was involved in a motorcycle accident in Houston earlier this week.  He was taken off life-support and his organs were donated on Wednesday. He is to be buried today, Saturday. Please pray for the repose of his soul and to comfort the grief of his family and friends.  Godspeed home, troop, your mission is over.  Job well done and God Bless.

“I’ll Be Watching You!”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow People of Interest:

They Say if you do not do anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about.

Er, no. Not so much anymore.

If you wish, (PLEASE) take about a half hour and watch the following clip.  It is a “show” by some “chap” (he is English you know) called John Oliver. The entire show is about surveillance and domestic spying.

He attempts to put in some humor but, well, it is not a funny subject and his “humour” is not everyone’s cuppa tea.  He does go to Moscow, he does sit down with Edward Snowdon and, say what you want (and I have plenty to say), he does offer a lot in the way of insight and information about gathering information in the digital age.

It is as obvious that Snowden is as intelligent and well-versed in his craft as he is a traitor/hero, depending on your particular point of view. (“Crosby, Stills and Nash” fans need not comment.)  No matter what you think of him, he does a yeoman’s job of explaining of what the gum’mint is doing, but not so much why.

But, since you have not done anything wrong, none of that should affect you, right? I mean you don’t have to worry about XKEYSCORE, or MYSTIC, or MUSCULAR, or UPSTREAM, or PRISM, or any of the other programs, right? Or what is in Section 215 of the Patriot Act. Right?

It is not like you ever use Google, Gmail, Facebook, a toaster, an electric light, or drive, or have a job or any stuff like that right?

You do?


Maybe you do have something to worry about.

Take a look, it is, er, interesting.  WARNING:  Some of the major points made after the twenty-minute or so mark, refer to a term for a “selfie” of the male genitalia.  Sadly, it is a sign of the times that kind of vulgarity is not just understood but acceptable by many people.  (Blue Laws, I tell ya, bring back the Blue Laws!)   As much as I hate to say it, it actually makes it far easier to understand what is going on by using a crude and base example.  If you are easily offended, PLEASE DO NOT WATCH THIS.

You have been warned.


OK, now that you all know that you are actually living in the TV show “Person of Interest” perhaps (told ya you would see that again), as opposed to merely watching it you may have some more, er, “interest” in this.

Why this is going on?  Well, the one thing I know about the community is that is the question for which you will ever get a straight answer. So I am told. Not sayin’, just sayin’.

There will be virtually no additional comment but to save you some time, lemme learn ya up about some the terms used above.  You are quite welcome.

SECTION 215 of the Patriot Act: “Allows the Director of the FBI (or his assigns) to apply for an order to produce materials (tangible things) which are needed for an investigation to protect against terrorism or clandestine activities by another country.”  Such “things” as books, papers, documents, records, virtually anything. One of the issues is that once such order is given to “secure” said “tangible things”, the reasons WHY the order was granted remains secret, so as not to jeopardize the investigation. There are also gag order provisions and a lot of other neat, cool things. This is up for reauthorization on 1 June, BTW. Got my fingers crossed!

MYSTIC:  This program was used to record virtually every phone call made in one particular country at one time.  The time fame was for thirty days and after that the earliest call recordings were over written so that there was no longer than a one month archive.  Allegedly, this same technology can be used to record virtually all calls in virtually any country.

MUSCULAR (And similar): Is a joint effort between some major players in the US and Great Britain’s intelligence communities. “Allegedly” they “hacked” into the data centers that connect the Google, Yahoo and other interwebs company’s data centers.  To paraphrase Carl Sagan, we are talking about ”billions and billions” of records.

PRISM:  Allows the gum’mint to collect data from about a dozen major American interwebs programs from foreign nationals. Virtually all of the interwebs and social media companies have either denied any participation or cooperation, such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and others, despite the fact of evidence to the contrary.

UPSTREAM: Intercepts phone and interwebs data from the web via the main data routes.  You see, just because your call to Madge was from Tucson to Tucumcari or Tehachapi to Tonopah, it may have gone thru the interwebs to a temporary storage site in the Philippines then back the US, which is how a bill becomes a law. Er, no, it is how a domestic call becomes an international one and can now be subject to more scrutiny. Collection is done under any one or more of the BLARNEY, FAIRVIEW, OAKSTAR or STORMBREW programs.

XKEYSCORE: To simplify this very complicated program, suffice it to say that more than one expert in the program said that it can allow virtual unlimited surveillance of anyone in the world.  Through related programs an analyst can read any email, listen to any phone call, see documents on your computer, search your browser history and more, all without the need for a pesky court order. Oh, one real neat thing, it can create a virtual digital “fingerprint” of you based on a series of your routines and habits and they can be alerted, say, if they were looking for you and you decided to drop off the grid. Sooner or later, you are going to contact someone or someone to contact that person or go to a certain website and as if by magic, you will be found.

You can run but you can’t hide.

Oh, with respect to the comment about using a toaster or electric light, that is not a joke.  There are new “digital electric meters” being installed on new houses and retrofitted on existing ones, perhaps yours.

Unlike the old analog meters which had to be read by a meter reader every so often, these new, cool gadgets can be read via a radio frequency signal. Neat huh! No more meter readers coming into the yard, scaring the dog and all.  And for some reason the power companies are supporting this 100%.

Oh, BTW, unlike the old meters which display just the total electric consumption the new ones are real time.  They can report exactly how much electricity one uses at any moment throughout the day. It can differentiate between a hairdryer and a power drill.

It can monitor the times that certain recurring usages occur.  (Lessee, spike from the coffee pot at 0515.  Draw from a light bulb at 0545 for one minute. Draw from a larger light bulb at 0546 and so on. So, it knows that you went to the bathroom then to the kitchen for your coffee. Without a camera.)

So a rather detailed dossier could be created to literally track your every move in your own home.  And if you think that you can fool it by turning off the lights in a different room first to make the machine think you are sleeping in another room, it most likely can hear you. But that is another story.  (Speakers are transducers and so are microphones and one can act as the other.  And, do you have a remote-control sensor on your TV or cable box….?)

You might say that you will go off the grid and get solar panels.  Sure, for now.  But let’s say you do, it would not defeat the digital box if it was in place, you would have to be totally off the grid.

One last thing about the digital meters, you can opt out from the “upgrade” if you own your home, possibly. There are some homeowner associations which can dictate (that is the correct word) that all houses must have the same meters.

Some towns will allow you to opt out. For a steep price. Then there is a hefty charge assessed when the meter needs to be read.

As far as your car, if you have GPS, you are seen.  If you have a newer car, your computer is like the “black box” on a plane and they have varying amounts of recent data stored.  No need to mention the scanners with which some police cars are equipped that can read thousands of license plates a minute.

Do you work?  Do you have a work ID? It may have an RFID chip built in somewhere. (RFID =  Radio Frequency Identification.)  This kind of ID can be used to allow not just entry into a building buy can limit or allow access to various parts of an office, plant or other work area.

And as it is on 24/7/365/Infinity, while it is on you, smile, you may be on Candid Camera.  (That is as joke. You are almost always on Candid Camera already.  This allows others to know where you are.)

Last, for this issue, there are credit cards with RFID chips. How do you know? Chances are if you see the little chip in the center left part of the card, that is a tip off.  Or, if your card can simply be  “waved” over the reader to make your purchase, you have one.

(If you have one or more of those cards, it would be a good idea to get a RF blocker sleeve for your card so that someone with a reader cannot glean your info out of the ether. Ahem, cough cough.)


Worse than 1984, right? And all the information above is available on the interwebs. Now, imagine the stuff that is so black, so secret that just a few have access to the knowledge of its existence.

Some say all this is paranoia.  Lessee.. “Paranoia – (n) – An unfounded fear or exaggerated distrust of others” or “Extreme or irrational distrust of others.” There are more and similar definitions available.

If you take out “unfounded”, “exaggerated”, “extreme”  or “irrational” you might be on to something.

This is fact.


Perhaps “The Machine” from “Person of Interest” is real.

Maybe the other computer from that show, “Samaritan”, is real.

Could be that neither are real.

But don’t bet on it.

Based on just those very few programs listed, they are just the tip of the iceberg. After all, those listed above were mentioned by Snowdon and he was only a “low-level analyst.” You might be correct in assessing that he did not have access to everything.

Right Lars?


ONE LAST THING:  SGT Merlin Quiles, a US Army Sapper and Ranger had not that long ago returned from a deployment in Afghanistan.  On Monday, while on leave in Houston, he was involved in a motorcycle accident and is on life support.  He is not likely to survive.  It is sad no matter what for a young person to die but what a cruel irony that this brave warrior should lose his life on the streets in an accident after surviving war in Afghanistan.  I ask you all for your prayers and good thoughts for this young warrior that if it is time, that he goes quickly and painlessly and if not his time that he receives full healing.  And also to offer comfort to his friends and family.  Thank you.

“A Nest of Vipers”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Beguiled:


Someone help a brother out.

Ted Cruz announced his candidacy for President last week.  As I eat my lunch today (Tuesday) I am watching Rand Paul do the same.

At the moment I am OK with either one of them for one reason and one reason only.  (This is NOT an endorsement.)

There are not socialists.

(As we speak the “Queen Bee” has not announced even though she has secured office space in Brooklyn. I am sure the office is solely for the purpose of going thru all of her emails as Sec State. [Allegedly she is going to announce on Sunday.  Something to do with Federal Election laws.] [Funny, almost everything about the Hilderbeast must be prefaced with “alleged.”] Senator Lie-a-watha has said repeatedly that she is not running, but, with her track record for veracity, I am shocked that she did not simultaneously announce renting office space as well.)

Watching FOX this morning as a lead up Paul’s announcement, they were showing polls and match-ups.  For whatever reason they have John Ellis Bush as the “best” match to The Hilderbeast.

Perhaps it has a lot to do with their commonality of goals.

Equally perplexing was the poll that while Bush is alleged most likely to be the Hilderbeast, that Cruz had already declared and Paul was getting a lot of press, none of them have the highest favorability ratings.

That would be Mike Huckabee.

Mike Huckabee?

Yes, Mike Huckabee.

Now, again, this is on FOX and Huckabee was a long time talking head for them. Maybe some good coverage, along with some Lee Press-On Nails, was one of his lovely parting gifts.

That poll is a distraction.

Who cares who is more likable? If I am looking for a barber or a butcher, that might be important. If I am looking for drill instructor, I am looking for the meanest, toughest guy who will break someone down and build them up correctly.  The guy who you may hate at first but will wind up saving your life.  (Basically, cruel, but fair.)

Apropos of that I cannot find a reasonable list of the most hated people that does not include Justin Bieber (who is she?), Lady Gaga or Geo W. Bush listed ten times.  That said I would be shocked if Her Thighness was not on it.

She brings nothing good to the table. She is the abusive spouse in the relationship with America. “Oh, well sure I was involved in a million scandals, who hasn’t been right?  And, gosh, do you tell your girlfriends everything?  Of course not!  I mean, a girl has to have some air of mystery, am I right? So, why the big deal over a few tens of thousands of some silly emails, nothing more than ‘mash notes’ to Bill and some recipes, really.  Why make a federal case out of it?  After all, that was a long time ago. What difference does it make?!”

All the while she puffs out her chipmunk-like cheeks and does that gaping mouth with the eyes bugging out look as she points to no one in particular to make her look warm, er, no, nice perhaps, hmm nope, kinda human, no not that either.  Ok, something less monstrous.

Now, this is not an attack on the Hilderbeast, she has done enough damage to herself on her own. It is hoped in many circles that she is finally charged for all the crimes she has been alleged (see!) to have committed.   You know, to clear her good name.

Stop laughing.

A bumbling fool such as Lie-a-Watha could be the next Joey McMensa. Or, Joey McMensa in a dress. (I DID see one pic of these two brain trusts together so, unless it was photoshopped, Lie-a-Watha is not Joey McMensa.)

Where I am going with this is that there is no guarantee that a Hilderbeast or a Lie-a-Watha will be one of the candidates and if one is chosen, will she be low-hanging fruit.

After all, Biff was “elected” after paying his dues after all those grueling days in the Senate. There is a post turtle for you.  No guarantee it will not happen again.

(Of course, as I have been saying, if it does, then we know the fix is in and the Country is doomed.  Doomed, I tell you.  Keep these peeps in charge it will make “Person of Interest” look like a walk in Eden.) (And re: “POI” wait till the next issue that is ready to go…)

What I am saying also is that there is no guarantee that just any “Republican” is going to be any better.  Look at the idiots running Congress. (Apologies to all idiots.)  Between Smoking Johnny and Earl McCornbread they have control of both houses and could not organize giving out pardons in a prison. Somehow, they would screw that up.

In fact, some big fat cat such as Soros might have an easier time getting some quisling “Republicrat” elected than a socialist.  Then again, he could back both sides like the House of Morgan did in 1912 when they bankrolled both Wilson and Roosevelt.

The larger question is not just who is in the big seat but who comes with him.  Look at the den of vipers, socialists, racists, communists, criminals and more that Biff has installed in all sorts of sensitive positions.  Some, of course, such as the aptly named “czars” are in position without Congressional approval or even any oversight!

We would love to see the list of people any candidate would put in his cabinet and similar positions and ensure those are the ones that are installed.

I detest the analogy but it is accurate, America is the abused spouse in this relationship. Of course, the Hilderbeast will say she never did anything wrong ever, she is so sorry and will never do it again.

And close to half of the addled-brained voters will believe her.

Or, believe that Lie-a-Watha will never do the things that the Hilderbeast has done, and she is sorry in advance and will never do it again, if you give the Liberals/Socialists/Democrats just one more chance!

If it was expedient to their campaign/putsch they will throw Biff under Air Force One so fast that it will make Mooche’s head spin.

Back to the other side of the aisle…

Cruz and Paul have announced.  A few issues back I gave a thumbnail sketch on a number of pretenders to the throne from both sides.  As much as I would love to be fair, unbiased and independent, I cannot see the Left fielding anyone for whom I might ever possibly considering pulling the lever.

But that does not mean the Republican candidate automatically gets my vote.  (N.B.: I called referred to the “Left” rather than the Democrats but did not refer to the Republicans as the candidates of the “Right.”  Please make a note of that.)

Rather than staying in an abusive relationship with the Left, it would be equally foolhardy and dangerous to get into bed with the first candidate that treats us with respect.  We could wind up in an even more abusive relationship.

Fortunately for us, the Left will dig up as much dirt as they can on any of the “Republican” candidates. Inadvertently, some of the info that seems anathema to the Left might be more of a positive for the Republican.

“The Republican is against gay ‘marriage’!”


“The Republican is against immigration!”

If you mean “illegal immigration”, yes.  What part of “illegal” are you having a problem with?

“The Republican is against having laws to prevent police brutality!”

Er, there are already laws to prevent police brutality.  They are called “laws.”

“The Republican is against benefits for Veterans!”

Um, if you think that this maladministration’s treatment of vets, cutting benefits to give money to the illegals, running the VA hospitals like a back-alley abortion parlor are the ways it should be done, then, yes, they are.  Who wants THOSE benefits?  We will give them the ones they have deserved even if that means some illegals will have to go home because we just ran out of freebies!

“The Republican wants to divert resources to protect an indefensible border!”

By “indefensible” if you mean the Democrats refusal to fund the fence and provisions for additional Border Patrol, then yes it is indefensible because of the refusal of the Left to defend it.  Let me ask our Liberal friends this: “How close are you comfortable with having an ISIS camp to the US?”  Seven thousand miles?  Five thousand?  Well, despite any answer, there “reportedly” is one less than ten miles from El Paso.  Next question, please.

And so on.


Yes, this issue has wandered a bit of the reservation, not an uncommon event. But I will end with this for now, and there will be further discussion.

Let us not be so quick to jump into bed with a lesser evil. It is still evil.  By the time the next inauguration comes around we will have suffered eight years of evil rule.  Enough is enough.

I can say without fear of contradiction, there is no one the Left will field who would be attractive to a good God-Fearing, America-Loving citizen of this Country.  There may be that one thing or the other that you may like about any of them, but it is like the drug pusher: The first one is free!  Sure, that one thing may be a big deal but selling your soul for that one social issue is not worth the other ninety-nine things you detest with which you will be saddled.

The same holds true with the “Republicans.” We must be as circumspect as we can be to choose the best and right candidate to face the Left.  There will be those who will come in sheep’s clothing, speaking honeyed words but in reality are really wolves and are no better than the party opposite.

More to some on this as we “progress.”

Enjoy your weekend. Carry on.


“Tolerance? Er, Yeah. Sure… PART II”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Oppressed PT II:

THINGS are about to get real.

(We shall start with a very brief recap from the previous issue and, with hope, seamlessly merge with the rest of the story.)

The other day as I am being inundated by the lies and misstatements of the Left I had a rare flash of an idea:
“If we give one group something at the expense of another it is no longer equality but brutality.”

You are a baker, to use the example, a God-believing, church-going baker. You have all of God’s Love for all people. You know all kinds of people: Black, White, young, old, straight and, yes, even gay.

You are honest with yourself, that is the first thing. You do not judge people because you know that you are a sinner as well. You know that your sins are not more pleasing to God than anyone else’s, you are honest after all.

Two guys come into your bake shop and they want you to make them a wedding cake. After some discussion you come to find out that these two guys are getting married. You are having a hard time with that as you see that as being against God’s Law. (And we do not have to get into Leviticus and some of the arcane laws to prove that.) For whatever your reasons, you apologize and say that you cannot agree to their wishes for personal reasons.

You feel, rightly or wrongly, that making a cake to celebrate a gay “wedding” is like your stamp of approval and while you love all people you love God’s word more. You see it as condoning the act, tantamount to giving an alcoholic a drink.

Next thing you know you are being sued for discrimination.

You are shocked! The guys seemed real nice and understanding when you had to beg off and now this! (And unless I missed something, for some reason, it is always two guys with the wedding cake, never two girls. And if so, never two real good looking girls. Just an observation, draw your own conclusions.)

There are two possible scenarios here.

Chances are that Adam and Steve had no intention of buying a cake from you. They were tipped off or figgered out that you were “religious” and this was a set-up or they were sent to create this mess.

Second is that they had no ill-intention and when refused they told others and one of their friends suggested the lawsuit.

Really, it makes little difference, the bottom line is that they feel like their “rights” have been trampled yet no one seems to care that yours were as well.

It is not like these two guys HAD to go to that baker. And if you have ever been involved planning a wedding, virtually everything from the venue to the menu to the limo to the photographer and more have been suggested or recommended by others whose opinion you trust.

I mean you don’t get five raving reviews about five bakers or candlestick makers, ignoring all that then say, “Gee, let’s check this guy out! I know nothing about him!”

Bravo Sierra.

(Now, excuse me for thinking clearly, but I would bet that these same people who are filing a suit for “discrimination” prolly own an automobile. Which runs on gasoline. Said gasoline came from the Mideast. Where all the oil producing countries are Muslim. Where homosexuality is punishable by death. Where is the outrage about killing gays and does that not make not getting a cake almost a joke?)


Much like almost every other bovine scatology case where someone does not like something good, holy or American, it is something far deeper, far more sinister and far more evil than it appears on the surface.

And worse than that, where the Left do not think things through as we know (unless it is evil), the Right are too afraid to challenge or put up a fight.

Think about it, Michael Newdow did not want the Pledge of Allegiance said in school because he is an Atheist. He did not want his child exposed to the words “under God.” However, he was not the custodial parent and hence had no standing. (You can follow the entire saga here: )

You see, one disgruntled, hateful misanthrope filed a suit to take “God” out of the Pledge or to stop saying the Pledge in public buildings until that happens.

On the topic of Atheists, it seems every religious holiday one of them has a bug in the butt and sues to take down a Nativity or Menorah or Crucifix or what have you. Usually the argument is along the lines that the state is sponsoring a religion (I do not know of any religions that incorporates a Nativity AND a Menorah) or that such artifacts are evangelizing in the attempt to convert the non-believers.

For some unknown reason, judges both from the Right and the Left will agree or disagree with the plaintiff (seems to me there are rarely jury trials) based on some previous fuzzy ruling or ambiguous statute.

I have never heard or read of a jurist saying “Son, I hear what you are saying but it just isn’t so. We have been a Country going on two and a half centuries and in all that time there have been public religious celebrations and representations of all kinds. Heck, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City is older than our nation! Don’t you think if there was a plot for a state sponsored religion that we would have one by now and not the hundreds of religions which flourish? And in all that time don’t you think that if that was meant to convert you, you would have been? Now, I am going to tell you what I going to do. I am going to assess you court costs for wasting my time and I will hold you in contempt of court but vacate that unless you try to challenge this in any court in the land. Now, get out of here and grow up.”

Or something to that effect. (You can see why I am not a judge.)

We have previously discussed shopping for judges, perhaps that is why this is happening in Indianapolis, rather than, say, Evansville. (And perhaps some of my Hoosier friends can help me out here…)

All that is irrelevant at the moment.

Let’s not get hung up on gays and cakes. It is the EXACT same thing as religious institutions and, for example, abortions.

It is one thing for a baker not to make a gay-themed wedding cake and it is the exact same thing for a religious hospital not to perform abortions, or to pay for them for their employees.

(Have any of you seem the video where a guy pretending to be gay goes to Muslim bakeries asking for a gay “wedding” cake? More than half said no. Where are the law suits?)

The ACLU, the rest of the Litigious Left and the Socialists really could not give a large rodent’s hindquarters about gay cakes or even abortion, truth be told.

There is only one thing about which they really care.   Their raison d’etre is not giving you civil liberties, or reading the tea leaves of laws finding special rights for the “oppressed class.”

They wish to destroy America.

No, they are not going to burn it down or blow it up. They are going to eat it from the inside. They want to destroy the “idea” that is America.   A land of the free, ordained by God (believe it or not, up to you, but the Founding Fathers saw it that way) where men could fairly and justly and equally rule, judge and co-exist with all the other citizens.

There is no other place on the face of the earth like America. But we are sliding into the pit of misery the Left lives in and loves so much.

The easiest way to destroy America is to destroy the morals of her people. The easiest way to destroy the morals of her people is to take away her moral compass. And that means destroying the Churches.

I have been “preaching” this for years. OBAMA’s OBAMACARE is one of the major attacks. The continued assaults by the gay activists are another. (There is not one gay person I know who supports what the activists in Indiana or anywhere are doing in their name. I guess that is why they are my friends, they think correctly.)

If the Left can get a foothold   in the larger Churches, it is all over.   It is already happening in some that are sanctioning homosexual “marriages.” These Churches should bone up on Revelation.

They are trying desperately to control what is said from the pulpit. (Remember the mayor of Houston, I believe it was, who wanted to approve sermons.) They will try to limit what can be said that runs afoul of that which the Libs hold dear.

And if they don’t, there will be some trumped up “executive order” that will force capitulation versus closure.   (How many Churches and Synagogues were there in Russia in 1880? In 1930?   I rest my case.)

I was going to dovetail that into the looming apostasy and atheism in Europe, specifically England, but we can see the results of their complacency, capitulation and Liberalism over the past fifty years and see where that has gotten them.

Do not misunderestimate me, it can happen here, we can see signs of it already. But it is moving so slowly that we do not perceive the little changes. But they are there.

Do not be beguiled that “it is only a cake” or “it is only a ceremony that does not affect you” or that “it is only a blob of cells, not a baby”. That is what they are doing. They are misdirecting and misinforming you.

They are right, it is only a cake and a ceremony and a non-viable human being, if I may be so “progressive” to say for the purposes of making a point.

That is not their goal, their plan, their evil design.

They are destroying America one brick at a time.

Doubt me? Take a look around.


“Tolerance? Er, Yeah, Sure. NOT!”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Oppressed:

THIS issue was written last week. The subject is still fluid and there have been some activity in this area.  I felt it best to leave this as it is rather than to clumsily redact it and I will amplify on this in the Tuesday issue. 

On an unrelated note I wish to take a moment to wish all my CHRISTian friends a very Happy and Blessed Easter and to be mindful of the significance of this day.  To all my Jewish friends, I wish you and yours a Pesach Same’ach.  Shalom.  To all my non-believing friends, I wish you a happy day and with hope one filled with good thoughts and service to others.  Carry on.

“THIS law does not openly allow discrimination, no, but what it does is create a road map, a path to discrimination” so sayeth one State Representative Ed DeLaney of Indianapolis, Democrat.

In case you have not been following the goings on in Indianapolis, there was a law passed that prohibits state laws that substantially burden anyone with any law that would inhibit them from following their conscience or adhering to their religious beliefs.’

(“Person”, in this case, can be an actual person a legal entity such as a business, organization, religious institution and others.)

Basically, it harks back to the gay wedding cake kerfuffle.

(There was a baker who refused to make a gay wedding cake and was sued.  The case went to court and the baker lost and was assessed a $150,000 judgment.  That drove him out business.)

Let’s get into the “Way Back Machine”…

Some (not that many) years ago sodomy was against the law. In fact there are still some states which have anti-sodomy laws on the books but not enforced.  Sure, everyone knew there were gays.  There was the “committed bachelor” uncle or the “spinster” aunt in some families.  There were some people on TV and the movies that just did not seem right.    Then came the Paul Lyndes and the Charles Nelson Reillys and others.  (Not sure who was the first openly gay actor, perhaps Quentin Crisp?)

As it was not “socially acceptable” to be gay, they largely stayed to themselves.  To be “outed” was usually the end of a career in many industries, even in liberal Hollyweird.

Then came the end of the Blue Laws (you saw that coming), the permissiveness of the 60s and all of a sudden while not widely accepted by most of Americans, the counter-culture and hippies were like so cool with that, ya know… lie, whatever turns you on man.

Then there were the “Stonewall Riots” in 1969 in Greenwich Village, in NYC, a gay bastion. This was during the time of race riots, still smoldering from the Watts Riots some years earlier and a year after the Democrat National Convention Riots in Chicago and other anti-war riots of the time.  (Hippies? They were a riot!)

So, when the smoke literally settled the war was still on, the blacks did get some respect and their civil rights and the gays were coming out of the woodwork as well as the closets.

But there was still a social stigma for many years in the mainstream through the 80s and 90s and into the new millennium.  Lawrence v. Texas all but opened the floodgates and “legitimized” homosexual behavior.

To make a long story short there was an issue when cops went into an apartment without permission of the owner and “allegedly” came across two males in flagrante delicto. They were arrested under Texas’ anti-sodomy law.

There were a number of machinations with respect to the arrests went down, the trial and finally the appeal.  The thing what was said over and over again by every liberal was “we only want to have the right to do whatever two consenting adults do in the privacy in their own bedroom!  That is all! Nothing else! We are not looking to get married, we are not going to dance in the street naked, blah, blah, blah…”

Repeat a lie often enough…

Those of you who were “lucky” enough to get the FISH back then will recall what I predicted.  I said that IF Lawrence prevails, there will be partying in the street with every kind of sexual deviancy on display and that is will be a stepping stone to legalize gay “marriage.”

Lemme ask you, what happened?

Yup, the day after the ruling there were parades, the dykes-on-bikes, all but naked folks in the streets in the areas with predominantly gay residents and ever since then a high-pitched hue and cry about gay “marriage.”

Putting on my pyramid-shaped tin hat a few years later I said that the thrust for gay “rights” and “marriage” has nothing to do with that at all. The gays were just one of many mere pawns in a game to destroy the American Way of life and ultimately America herself.  (This was in the series of Communism’s roots, goals, history and how the Communist Manifesto is being used by a socialist activist to ruin us.)

By promoting the gay lifestyle, you are simultaneously marginalizing and minimizing the family.  (I am not getting preachy and not trying to disrespect anyone. For purposes of this thing of ours the “family” is the “conventional” family.)

All things considered not that long ago, Lucy and “Ricky Ricardo”  were married on the show as well as in real life. And their bedroom featured twin beds. How quaint!  (How did Little Ricky get here???)

Today, on daytime soaps you can see two “naked” guys in bed, again in DAYTIME. And, how many TV shows feature a gay character, gay themes and so on?

Like the lies from the lawyers for Lawrence, all that they claimed would not happen, did.  And we did not care because we were sick of it, sick of hearing about it and has been said, the only thing necessary for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing.

I am not going to get into the conspiratorial aspects of the Lawrence case.  But, it is a little strange that three “allegedly” drunk gay guys could change the entire gay perception overnight, no?

(I hate to explain myself but I prolly must.  For the millionth time, I am not anti-gay, a homophobe or anything of the like. I have gay friends, and they are well, friends and not defined by being gay. You know what I mean. Ditto blacks or anyone else.  It is that I am not afraid to open my big fat mouth and say what many are thinking.)

The way I perceive it is just another step by a Godless cabal who are hell-bent for leather to destroy the moral fabric of America and eventually the Country herself.

Baby steps, you see.

I am not saying that this is their plan but this uproar in Indiana is over something that just makes no sense and less difference as you will see.  If it was not for this law things could really go south.  Left to its ultimate end, if this law is overturned many/all religious institutions might go away.

I know what you are thinking: Just because it is written in the Communist Manifesto that religion must be eradicated and all the evils that have visited us of late are from that book does not mean this will come true, right?

Er, yeah, sure, you just keep on believing that.

But first what have you been told recently by the gum’mint that has been the truth?  ISIS? Syria? Iran? Israel?  OBAMA’S OBAMACARE? “Shovel Ready” jobs? Solyndra? What else?

This guy is a magician making your freedoms disappear under your very nose, like anything else, this is a distraction, this is not how it appears.

I work hard for my money. That mean YOU need to work hard for my money. If I go to a place and get sub-par services or quality of goods, you lost me as a customer forever.  (I went to a chain Italian restaurant in California over 20 years ago.  I had a bad experience. I have never set foot in one since.)

If a gay couple felt as I do and they went to a baker and he refused a gay wedding cake, I would take my business elsewhere.  I would not make, literally, a federal case out of it.  I would not argue my point as then I would be concerned about quality, process, delivery, etc. I would go elsewhere.

Now, follow me here as we have covered some of this in previous issues regarding OBAMA’S OBAMACARE and providing insurance that covers abortions for employees of religious institutions.  If the gum’mint can force a business owner to compromise their principles under penalty of law, what is to say that religious institutions will not be forced to perform gay “marriages?”

I mean, what is the difference? Right? It is a service, it is not free ergo the case can be pressed that is covered by the Commerce Clause of the Constitution as most religious denominations are nationwide if not worldwide.

(And PLEASE do not bring up the so-called, mis-applied and alleged “Separation of Church and State.” As WE all know, it does not exist, and even if it did, other than in the addled minds of Liberals, it would only work in their favor.)

To recap, the law as written is not discriminatory.  In fact, if you really think about it, it is a law of equality.


Lemme let you answer this.

A gay couple wants a wedding cake. The baker (for example, any similar situation would apply) is against gay “marriage.”  What happens is one set of beliefs is off-set by another, it is neutral, it is equal.  One does not get a cake, one does not make any money. It is neutral, it is equal.

Now, if you FORCED a baker to bake said cake (and for argument there are people to make sure it is made correctly and on time) and the baker’s beliefs are compromised, where is the equality?

Now, you can’t refuse to sell gas to a gay person because they might drive to their boyfriend’s house.  There is no moral responsibility or religious belief involved in such a case. But refusing to rent a hall run by a religious organization for a GLAAD meeting, refusing to make a gay cake, refusing to perform abortions, and the like are all matters of religious conscience and must be respected.

The cake is, IMHO, an extreme example on the surface, but the others are less so. I can agree with not making the cake less than making a statement, though others may disagree, but to thwart further erosion of religious freedoms.

If they can make us bake cakes, they can then cite precedence and demand the rental of the Knights of Columbus hall, then demand a Church to perform and bless gay marriages under the penalty of the yet-unwritten law that gay “rights” trump religious freedom.

You think I am joking?  Ask 1930s Germany.  Ask the 6,000,000 killed in the concentration camps. And if you think I am crazy, by all means tell me your scenario if we give people not “equal  rights” but “extraordinary rights.”

Last thing, don’t let it slip by.  If we give one group something at the expense of another, it is no longer equality. It is brutality.

“Chain, Chain, Chain… Chain of Fools”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19/ John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Cancelled Voters:

(OPEN BAR: Today is Wednesday, prolly no surprise to most of you. That is unless you have been commiserating ad nauseam with Johnnie Walker, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels or the like. As you may or may not have become accustomed, I gen’ly endeavor to send this tantalizing array of awry thought out on Tuesdays and most Saturdays – at no extra charge, and barely worth that.   Oftime when the issue does not go out on time it is due to either my having run out of daylight to conjure up an issue or on occasion there is nothing about which to write. This may come as a surprise to some/most/all but I do not wish to bang out something for drill which is not salient or germane.   You might surmise that my level of things which I think passes for an item of interest is set low. You surmise accurately. But, all it takes at times is a word, a phrase or something else in an email or a tweet from one of which is the acorn from which a mighty FISH blossoms, to mix metaphors. But the tardiness of this particular missive was not due to an influx of work or an outflux of inflatus but for purpose. As this issue will discuss very briefly some of the characters and creatchures aspiring to the Big Chair, what better day to trot them out than today, the First of April – April Fool’s Day. Enjoy!)


The Beauty Contest is starting.

Which one?

The 2016 Presidential list of wannabes!

The Republicrats are boasting the likes of John Bolton, Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Jim Gilmore, Trey Gowdy, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, Lindsey Graham, George Pataki, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Donald Trump, Scott Walker and others.

The Liberal Socialist Democrats (LSD) (you HAVE to be tripping!) are considering Corey Booker, Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, Howard Dean, Rahm Emanuel, Martin O’Malley, Mark Warner, Elizabeth Warren, Jim Webb and more that ilk.

There are a large number of other Liberals whose names are being bandied about. From Ben Affleck to Sherrod Brown to Kristin Gillibrand to Janet from Another Planet to Vermin Supreme and more. (I am not joking about the last one, you can look it up.)

Of course, there are always a few ultra-nutty-loonies running and they typically are the one issue types. (Looking at the laundry list of lib losers, that is saying something!) Like the dude that ran for mayor of New York on the “The Rent is Too Damn High” ticket. So, you can imagine what his one issue was.

(However, later on it was discovered that he was living in a house rent free. As a result of a blatant lie and running on an issue in which he had no beef, he was forced to register as a Democrat.)

While it is far too early to have a presumptive candidate for either party (especially as only one “viable” candidate has announced) and there are a brazillion candidates suggested/suggesting, I am not going to spend a lot of time on each. Perhaps just a positive (relatively speaking) and a negative for each.

For those of you who have asked me who I like, I will repeat what I have said: There is only one person I could trust 100% to run the joint and I am about two-billion dollars short to wage a campaign. Who my second choices are will be determined once the field has been winnowed to a reasonable number.

So, to quote Gary Mark Gilmore, “Let’s do it.”

Socialists, Liberals and Democrats:

Corey Booker: Positive: He has done it on his own and has done a pretty fair job cleaning up the sewer that is Newark. Negative: He is an ultra-liberal Biff-Lite. (For the record, Biff has tainted the possibility of a black Democrat being elected perhaps for generations. IMHBVAO.)

Hillary Clinton: Positive:   Has a lot of experience. Negative: None of it good. Is considered a liar and untrustworthy by those in her own party. She could be picked because the Left gets nothing right.

Andrew Cuomo: Positive: Looks good in a suit. Negative: Is a cry-baby hypocritical megalomaniac. So, he could be a VEEP candidate. (I live in NY, he is the governor. I ASSURE you, I do NOT have his horrible accent and improbable speech pattern.)

Howard Dean: Positive: He is humorous. Negative: He is insane.

Rahm Emanuel: Positive: All but guaranteed the dead vote. Negative: Is in a run-off for his own job against someone hardly anyone has heard of in a city that he owns.

Martin O’Malley: Positive: No one as heard of this former governor of Maryland. Negative: If you did, you prolly know of his “alleged” affair with a news woman who “allegedly” was run over by a car as she was about do a report on TV. This “allegedly” happened after his wife learned of this “alleged” affair.

Mark Warner: Positive: This senator from Virginia is like any guy you know who is worth over a quarter of a billion dollars and married a girl he met at a frat kegger. Negative: He is a party hack with ties to big business and banks and has a spotty record with respect to elections he has had involvement in any way.

Elizabeth Warren: Positive: Has not, er, um, ah, I mean… Negative: Per the previous issue, she brings a lot to the table. Sadly it is all baggage. Seems to be unacquainted with the truth in many issues.

Jim Webb: Positive: Decorated Nam Vet. Negative: Prolly has second or third most skeletons in his closet that are sure to arise to his and his party’s discomfort, if they had any shame.

RINO’s, Republicrats and Republicans:

John Bolton: Positive: Brilliant man and one of the brightest with respect to foreign matters. (Did not want to say “affairs” so as not to insult the Dems.) Negative: Bombastic and comes off too tough. (I love the guy.)

Jeb Bush: Positive: John Ellis Bush is married to a Latina. Negative: Is all over the place with his convoluted message. (We need another Bush like Custer needed more Indians.)

Ben Carson: Positive: A brilliant man who put Biff in his place. Bona fides are generally good though there is some kerfuffle about is fealty to the Second Amendment. (Misinformation?) Negative:   Biff spoiled it for a man of color to ascend to the presidency. Maybe VEEP?

Chris Christie: Positive: Speaks his mind. Reminds one of William Howard Taft. Negative: Too many suck-ups with Biff and his excuses for doing so are pathetic.   Reminds one of William Howard Taft.

Ted Cruz: Positive: Is a Conservative, is a brilliant man and skillful debater. Negative: Is not warm and fuzzy, rubs people the wrong way. (Because he was born Canadania all of a sudden the Dems have a great interest in who is eligible to be president. His mother is American, he has never taken any steps to accept Canadanian citizenship [as he left there when he was four years old], ergo he is a natural born American and Constitutionally is eligible.)

Carly Fiorina: Positive: A very bright, very successful female. Negative: Not that widely known outside of business circles and may be tainted by the “female brush” due to the case of Liberal wimmens who can’t seem to do anything right, tell the truth and/or keep their feets out of their mouths. (Sadly, about 99% of the Lib wimmens give the rest a bad name.)

Trey Gowdy: Positive: Brilliant prosecutor and has the gonadature to Pitt-bull anyone. Negative: Is not warm and fuzzy either, while sort of charismatic his demographics do not translate to a win. (I’d vote for him but perhaps he could be a REAL AG!)

Bobby Jindal: Positive: Adds another dimension to the face of the Republicans. Negative: Not that highly regarded in his own state. Seems not to have a clear vision of what he really wants to do. (If he was a bit more Liberal, he could be a conservative Dem candidate.)

Mitt Romney: Positive: Telegenic, good communicator, great problem solver, except for one thing. Negative:   The one thing is he can’t get elected President. He SHOULD have won last time but he let Biff off the hook at the second debate and let the ultra-biased Candy Crowley feed Biff (wrong) answers and let her call the ball. Had he pantsed Biff as he did in the first debate and called Crowley out for her partisanship, I am convinced we would be discussing his re-election. Let JEB and him buy their own country to run.

Donald Trump: Positive: He appears to be a winner in everything he touches, driven, good bona fides. Negative: Has an ego bigger than Biff’s which is off-putting to some. (While not taking up for him, his is far more deserved.)   He could get my vote.

Scott Walker: Positive: Is pilloried by the SRMFM so he must be threat. Instrumental in making Wisconsin a right-to-work state. Negative: Is not widely known and that gives the SRMFM to define him. I am not sure that he can overcome that.


There are others, of course, who aspire to the big chair. Virtually every Democrat in Congress thinks he or she deserves the job. In the exception that proves the rule of the Peter Principle, they can’t even do their current jobs well so they are ripe for promotion.

On the Republican side there are the likes of Jim Gilmore Mike Huckabee, Lindsey Graham, George Pataki, Rick Santorum among others who are considered by others (or themselves in some cases) to be viable candidates.

I did not profile them (yet) as I do not see any of them going any further. But, I have been wrong before.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts, ideas and faves. It would be great if you could post your opinions on the website so you can see what others are thinking and perhaps discuss!