“Here We Go Again, Again, Part 3”

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My Friends & Fellow Xenophobes:

When we left off, we went over David Rockefeller, George Soros, the OSF, the litany of anti-American groups they supported and the miracle of DJT winning despite the cards being stacked, the dice loaded, a brake on the roulette wheel and the referees, judges and umpires paid off.

I guess that is why the Beast lives in the wood now.

Despite the fact that the Beast could not fill more than a pair of shoes, for some odd reason, hundreds of thousands sore-losers, whiners and assorted DJT haters “magically” appeared in Washington the day after the inauguration.

It makes no difference the number, some say every living creature what ever lived was there, or a few hundred thousands, the bottom line is that even at the low end of the range, more people showed up to protest DJT than appeared at every one of the Beast’s rallies, combined.

These were not just the “shucks we lost” gang. In their numbers were rioters (hundreds arrested), destroyers of Shariabucks, sorry, Starbucks, and Bank of America buildings (both YUGE lefty supporters, odd no?), wimmens with childrens carrying signs with the worst profanity on them, harassing the police, defecating on the street and leaving the place messier than environmental protestors at a pipeline.

What is very, very telling were the responses by the unwashed masses when interviewed by the SGRFM when asked why they were there and for whom they voted.

The reasons why varied between DJT stole the election (bigly untrue), that he did not win because the Beast got more votes (allegedly true, but these civics scholars have no idea about the Constitution), to he is Hitler (nope, fair haired, no mustache, heterosexual), to ties to Big Business (er, the Beast has been in bed with Wall Street and Big Bidness forever), to he does not know what he is doing  (and let’s assume they think the Beast does.  Look at what SHE did.  Really, a reason to vote FOR DJT.)

You get the point.

But the when asked for whom they voted the three top answers was “The Beast” (and meant it), “the beast” (and they were lying) and “I did not vote.”  (Yes, a handful said “Socialist Sanders” or “Mental Case Stein”, but they were also mumbling a lot of other things and complaining that their tin-foil pyramid hats were too tight.)

My unscientific, but I wager accurate, data suggest more than half of the protesters did not vote or did not vote for the Beast.

So, what would cause hundreds of thousands of peeps to show up in DC at the same time to protest a President who has been in the gig for less than a day?

And let’s look at one other thing, there were three times as many bus permits (some 1300) for the protest than the inauguration (under 400).

How does THAT happen?

But none of those things bother me as much as what is not asked (as far as we know), what is not answered (as far as we know) and what is not reported (that we do know.)

When the tools of the SGRFM were answered by the PITA on the street that they did not vote for anyone, why were they not asked “then why are you here creating a disturbance?”

(I have a FB battle going on with some room-temperature IQ folks on CNN’s page over the useless Jake Tapper.  That could be a whole ‘nother issue.)

I have a friend who is a lawyer.  He told me ages ago that the two questions a lawyer will ask is one that the answer makes no difference or the one where he already knows the answer.  Lawyers hate to be surprised.

The flip of that coin is an honest reporter.

The questions those rare birds ask are the ones that DO make a difference and the ones to which they DO NOT know the answer.

Today’s Liberal “journalist” is off the charts.

The questions they do ask are the ones they are TOLD to ask and the ones they DO NOT ask are the ones that would put the Left in a bad light (or the Right in a good light.)

So, absent of the raw footage or a first person report, we have no idea what questions were asked but we do know that if a snowflake answered that she (either way) did not vote, we will never know that persons reason for attending.

(The SGRFM would never allow any possible or putative chink in the armor of the Lefty’s to be aired.)

What we DO know is that this was not a flash mob, this was not a spontaneous gathering of like-addle-minded folk.

This was a bought and Soros paid for protest with the singular goal of undermining the new President, embarrassing him and stealing his thunder.

Job well done!

But it was not finished yet.

Despite alternating stepping on his own foot and doing something brilliant, thanks to DJT, stocks gained, the deficit shrank and employment increased among other things.  (Imagine if the SGRFM shut up, stayed out of the way and did their job honestly?)

What to Soros and the rest of the creeps do?

Well, they had another party! This one world-wide.  And to give it more gravitas, they called it “The Day of the Women.”

They wanted suffrage!

These idiots already have it, but as they are 1) too dim to know the word 2) assumed it meant something else or 3) will do anything for a buck, they showed up en masse and far, far too many in va-jay-jay outfits or hats.

Not seen on TV or print were various “interviews” by peeps on the right “tricking” stupid people into ending woman’s suffrage.



Yes, that is unfair but the fact remains that one of the biggest reasons given for attending that portable slum was for women’s suffrage.

I posit that 90% or more of those who gave that response were exemplified by the people in the links.  All they know is that “suffrage” was something they were supporting or fighting, made no difference as long as they made noise, created disturbances and that they got paid.


Yes, paid.

Soros et al staged this assault world-wide at a cost of a quarter of a BILLION dollars.

Let that sink in.

Soros can drop $250,000,000.00 and get exactly zero monetary return and he is fine with it.

To him, it is a cost of doing business.  I am sure he figgers at the end of the day when his dream of world control comes to fruition, this will be money well spent.

Our job is to make sure he fails at every step of the way.

Back to the gathering.

One truly needs to go to the Folsom Street Fair to find a more disgusting and reprobate spectacle than what was offered that day.  (If you are not familiar with the Folsom Street Fair, you should look it up, it is infra dig for me to describe it.  You will be shocked and offended.  You have been warned.)

Look, I am not a prude and I am not easily offended by most things in the correct setting.  What offends me are men and women wearing lady-parts costumes and hats on the streets.  What offends me are people walking down the street with signs with every possible filthy word and phrase on them with the vilest signs directed to DJT and his family.

But as bad as the outfits and signs were, the fact that many of these “adults” had little children in tow, some of them dressed as the “adult” and carrying filthy signs.

The SGRFM could have chosen not to have covered these events.  Of course that would never had happened as they were designed to embarrass DJT.   They could have exercised a modicum of decency and civility by not showing the signs or blotting out the offensive words.  If you looked closely you could see that there were “attempts” to mitigate these signs on TV.  But as they “tried” so often, you know their heart was just not in it.

The worst thing was not a woman but a male.  (He is not a man, he thinks he is a tough guy, but he is not, he is a coward.)  I am sure most of you have seen this picture.   Here is this male wearing an outlandish cross-dressing outfit (that he appeared VERY comfortable wearing) suggesting the sundry lady-parts, with a sign with the words “You want to grab my P***y?” (obviously a swipe at DJT) and he is holding the hand of two small children.

What makes it OK to expose children to this kind of lascivious and disgusting exhibition?

Why were the police not instructed to arrest anyone in possession of a profane sign or wearing questionable attire if they have kids with them?

What else must go on in the homes of these reprobates if they are comfortable acting like this in public? Laws aside you would hope that people would at least have the common sense to leave their kids at home.  If they can organize events of this size, they can organize baby-sitters while the parents are out making perfect assess of themselves.

To the point, Soros et al funded these events.  No, he did not pay everyone who showed up at these events but he did pay some, he did pay for organization, he prolly paid for transportation and so on.

(He is also paying rousers of rabble to “attend” the town meetings for the MOCs, especially those with an “R” after their names.  You can look that up.  There is a script, SOP manual and so forth on how to disrupt meetings. Oh, and cash.)

I do not know anyone who went to the post-innaugration melee or the Wimmens March.  I do know people who attended the Inauguration and the Pro-Life march. For that I am grateful.

You see, this only proves my point that liberalism is a mental defect.

What kind of parent would expose their child to any part of any of that?  What kind of parent would take their kid to it?  (I would not be the least bit sad it some law enforcement agency started to look at the video and start “talking” to these “adults.”)

…More to come







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