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“Gimme That Old Time Religion”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Transfer Students:


NOTE:  There will be a dearth of FISH for the next 10-14 days. Precious will be taking a few days off for a “stay-cation.”  Feel free to peruse some of the old issues you may have or catch up on missed issues on the interwebs web-site.

a look at the Bill of Rights.  Take a good look at the 1st Amendment.  Help me out here.  Look at your copy and see if yours says what mine says.  I just want to be sure before I do any further.

Does yours say: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”, can you please confirm?

This is called the “Establishment Clause” and in a nutshell it says that the gummint canNOT pass any laws prohibiting the free exercise of religion.  (It also says that the gummint canNOT create a state religion.  Enough on that for now.)

Not to preach (which is usually a sure sign that someone thinks I will preach) but ours is a Nation that was based on Judeo-Christian principals, founded by men of God (if not actual practicing then believing) and our religious tolerance has welcomed people of all faiths (or even lack of) to our shores without prejudice or restriction.

I do not think there is much to debate there.

We have “One Nation Under God” in our Pledge and we have “In God We Trust” on all of our currency.  So, it is fair to say we are not an Atheist land and freedom to practice ones RELIGION is protected and supported.

Unless you are a Muslim or in the Air Force*.

There are a number of colleges and universities in Washington DC.  One of which is “Catholic University.”   It is not just a Catholic university, such as those bastions of liberalism as are Georgetown and Notre Dame but its name IS “Catholic University.”  And it IS Catholic and it adheres to a strict Catholic orthodoxy.  Yet one needs not be Catholic to attend and in fact there are students of all religions in attendance.

Even though is it a religious doctrinaire school anyone is invited to attend as long as they follow the rules, which are those of the Church.

(SIDEBAR/ALTAR RAIL: My high school alma mater was all male and all Catholic when I was at school. It is now co-ed and accepts all faiths.  [For financial reasons.] Be that as it may, there are still some Brothers teaching, there are Crucifixes in every room and all students must take the religion courses.  Just like Catholic University. I am not sure if the non-Catholic students are excused from the occasional religious service.)

Now, all of a sudden the, now think about this name, “Catholic University Muslim Student Association” are suing the school because the Catholic University does not have separate rooms in which Muslims can pray that do not have Catholic religious artifacts and they are not thrilled that the “Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception” visible from all parts of the campus.

Lessee… the school was founded in 1887, the construction of the Basilica began in 1920 and our friends from the Middle East who got here how many weeks ago think their prayer rugs trump all that?

But wait, it gets worse.

Professor of Law John Banzhaf is filing a suit against Catholic University because they act “with malice” against others (notably Muslims) because of all the Catholic artifacts that are all over the Catholic school and that makes it difficult for the Muslims to pray.

Turns out this is not the esteemed professor’s first suit against Catholic University. Among other things he is upset and peeved that the Catholic University does not have co-ed dorms.

I am not saying Catholics (especially this one) are holier than thou types who never do anything wrong (I have admitted to breaking all of your more popular Commandments), but if a church of any denomination or religious institution of any kind wants to hold their students to the rule, regulations, mores and so on of their religion, a student who is considering attending there must be made aware of such requirements and must either agree to them or simply chose another school.

This is a microcosm of what is not only happening but being allowed and perhaps abetted to happen all over the Country.

Recall FISH past mostly with respect to the illegals.  I mentioned that the various waves of people, be they the Irish, Italians, Germans and others in the late-1800’s and early-1900’s came here and were met with less than open arms. “Irish Need Not Apply”, “No Catholics” and other signs were found at places of business, employment and rental of lodging.

Then, if Enzo Gasolini demanded that the local Kosher Deli sold spicy pork sausage or sopresta he would have been kicked out of the store and banned forever.

Then, if Paddy O’Furniture “demanded” that the local traffic was diverted away from Saint’s Be Praised Roman Catholic Church on Sunday morning, he would have been given a tune up that could almost beat the religion out of him.

Now, you have cab drivers in some cities that will not take a customer if he is carrying liquor or beer from a store. This is from the same guy who avoids toilet paper or has a family member who has removed the head of an infidel all in the name of “religious purity.”  (Perhaps if they got hammered they might see the errors of their ways.)  And the “elected officials” say “well we have religious freedom, they are allowed to discriminate.”

Except that they are not allowed to discriminate.

You have areas like Dearbornistan that live under Sharia Law and think it would be a barrel of laughs if we all did.

You have horrible things happening to less than horrible young ladies at the hands of a patriarch of a family because “it is written.”

Yes, they come here from their Seventh-Century paradise and demand, yes, demand that WE do things their way.  And the gummint thinks that is just swell and, here, have some money.

But, while none of that is the point, all of that is the point.

It is a Catholic University and there are Muslims students getting
PO’d that there are Catholic things going on and there is a Catholic Church on the premises to boot!?!?!

And they are suing!?!?!

Exactly how long do you think you would last at Muslim University if you demanded bacon in the cafeteria?

And imagine if you have the temerity to sue! Well, that is not cricket!

Now, back to the lawsuit.

The suit is being advanced by one John Banzhaf.

Look up this guy.  He is against everything from smoking (not a bad thing necessarily but it does impact personal choice) to “Potty Parity” (look it up) and more.  He is well known for frivolous lawsuits and the use of the courts for “advocacy.”

So here is an alleged man of the Jewish religion who is suing a Catholic University on the grounds that he feels Muslims are not getting a fair shake.

Anyone else see any problems?

Let’s add this:  He is neither a professor at that university (he “teaches” at George Washington University) and no one has asked him to put in his two cents.

Before we wrap this up, another story and a half.  In the mall in Pleasanton California, some guy ripped the crucifix from the neck of a shopper and broke it.  He was screaming “Allah is power” and “Islam is great” (Ah, I can see your point now!) while brandishing a pen in his fist in a threatening manner.  (Is there another manner?)

Now, it gets strange.

His co-workers said that this was “out of the ordinary” (one would hope) and that in all the years he worked there, he had never done anything like this before.

Now: “Through an interpreter, Hamid requested a public defender…”

YOU connect the dots: “Ripped a crucifix from the neck of a shopper”, “worked at the mall for years” and “through an interpreter.”

What am I missing here?


On a lighter note and proof that the Clinton’s and the Snuffaluffagus are immune to the truth along comes Biff.  (I could stop right there.)

Yes, Biffus Minimus was giving a speech and said “I have lived my life guided by the principals of Judaism.”

Indeed!  The person who give cash and succor to Hamas who have in their charter the destruction of Israel, has his alleged SecState playing footsie with the Palestinians who have sworn to destroy Israel, is chomping at the bit to let the Iranians get a nuke as they too have sworn on numerous occasions to wipe Israel from the map, said “I have lived my life guided by the principals of Judaism.”

Last but certainly not least proof that “he who laughs last is slow to the joke.”

Watch this video.  It is from Egyptian TV and involves a discussion with three men one of which is a retired Egyptian Army general. If this does not wake you up, nothing will.  (As far as I can tell, it is authentic.   If anyone can prove otherwise, I will be happy to issue a retraction.)

(I recommend you share that link with all of your lib friends.)



*There is an Air Force General who did the unthinkable!  He talked about… GOD!  Imagine that!  Anywho some Atheists wanted him court-marshaled for such a crime!  (For some reason, there were no believers demanding the prosecution of Atheists for NOT talking about God.  That, my friends, is what is called a “double standard.”)  Read for yourself.  (Happy ending, he was cleared of all charges but the fact there were….)



“TV Mis-Guide”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19  John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Viewers:

IF for some odd reason I was going to hold a children’s beauty contest, I would not think the likes of a John Wayne Gacy would be the best choice for a judge.

Similarly, I am fairly sure that I would not enlist the services of the ACLU to, you know, update the Bible.

I think you get the picture…

It was announced that noted scoundrel (I told you so) Little Georgie Snuffaluffagus was a lying, cheating grifter was found out and exposed as the lying cheating grifter that he is.

We all know there is not a dimes worth of difference between 99% of the TV newsreaders.  That is sad because that 99% give the rest a bad name. We also know that there are far too many cozy relationships between people the media and gummint, in fact, some are siblings and others are married.

Far too many of the lean-back crowd not just get their info from the SRCFM (and has that EVER been a truer statement?) but believe that bovine scatology.

Even still, you expect a modicum of decorum, the slightest hint of fairness, at least a nod and a wink to the facts when it comes to the “news of the day” and not a floating street-corner “Three-Card Monte game” of facts and truth.

Say what you will about the others, and I do, for the greater part Georgie Snuffaluffagus looks like a choir boy, angelic in countenance, in fact his father is a Greek Orthodox Priest and his mother the news director for the Greek Orthodox Church in America.

What did he do? What did B.J. Clinton’s butt-boy do? What did you think he did?


Well, nothing more than many of the rest do.

He was dishonest, not forthcoming and was part of the news he was alleged to have been dispassionate about that which he was reporting.

In other words, he committed the biggest crime.

He got caught.

Despite his oftentimes contentious relationship with the Clinton’s when he worked for them in the White House or when he worked for them as a talking head on television, he was kind enough  to donate somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000 to the Clinton Influence Pedal.. er no, that is not right, oh yeah, the Clinton Protection Racke… opps, my bad, anywho he donated a stack of cash to one of Clintons Funds for the advancement of the Clinton’s.

There is no shock that those in the SRCFM lie, omit, exaggerate, amplify and otherwise distort the news.

There is no secret that almost all on the SRCFM vote Liberal and donate to such causes and candidates.

But even for a Lib it is egregious to be part of something of which you are allegedly reporting and doing such from an exculpatory viewpoint.

Sorta like the New York Times asking alleged, and now former, AG Stedman for his impartial opinion about prosecuting members of the New Panther Party.

Kinda like the objective Al $harpton interviewing any of the Balitmorons on his TV show (is it still on?) about the integrity of the rioters in that fair city.

Actually, it is worse.

You can get the NEW YORK SLIMES will throw nothing but softballs to Stedman or anyone of the Maladministration.  That is a given.

You know that $harpton is a shill, a race-baiter and could be on someone’s payroll. You have seen him suck up to any of his own race in any kind of political or powerful position.

(This just crossed my mind, but has any of you ever seen $harpton with a member of the military?  About the only time I ever saw him with anyone in uniform he was very busy being arrested.)

(Speaking about getting paid off, you DID hear that the protestors in Baltimore were paid to protest, yes?  Something like $2700 of blood money, alleged Soros money. The funny thing is that not all of them got paid and they say they are going to sue whoever promised them the money.  Feature this, going to court to sue for monies owed by someone who promised payment to COMMIT A CRIME. What? On the other side of that coin, and to be 100% fair, when that poppa oscar sierra murdered NYPD officer Brian Moore, many people were paid not to riot.  Well, that is not exactly true. They have jobs and they were at work.)

Now, and slap me nekkid and hide my clothes, how does THIS happen?  You see, in the fallout from Snuffaluffagus’s dishonesty, he is “voluntarily” excusing himself from moderating a Republican Presidential Candidate Debate.

Forget about everything else, forget about Snuffaluffagus’s chicanery and fealty, ignore the money given to the Clinton’s, disregard the fact that he reported on a story in which he was a player.  The real news is that this mendacious midget was on any one’s radar to be a good, fair and impartial moderator for ANY debate that was not a Liberal event.

Recall this coward tried to sabotage Mitt during the Republican candidate debates on the last go-around by asking questions that had nothing to do with the topic at hand.  He should have been permanently banned from any polite partisan political discourse from that point on, eternally.

While he was not as bad as that despicable Candy Crowley who, as Biff was having his lunch handed to him by Mitt, “corrected” Mitt with an utter lie, and that turned the tenor of the debate.

That she interjected was wrong. That she interjected in a partisan manner is inexcusable. That she interjected an incorrect comment is IMHBVAO, borderline criminal and she ought to have been fired, or as she worked for CNN, promoted.

Let’s veer of the road for a moment.

Let’s look at the creatchures who “moderated” the Presidential debates of 2012:  Jim Leher (PBS), Candy Crowley (CNN) and Bob Schieffer (CBS) and on the VP side you had the never-lovely Martha Raddatz (ABC).

This is what the SRCFM refer to as fair and balanced. There were two lefties from two liberal network stations and two lefties from two liberal cable news stations.

OK, that is the big dance, let’s look at the warm-ups, the Republican contenders’ debates. There were twenty of them. (Yeah, I know.  No such a thing as too much of a good thing.  Or, this.)

CBS, NBC, CNBC and Bloomberg sponsored one each, ABC and MS/NBC sponsored two each, FOX had five and CNN had seven. To simplify this sorta-pretend Right Wing had five the Left-to-Far- Left had fifteen.

Of the last seven debates when the candidates had been winnowed down to a handful, FOX had one and the Left had the rest with CNN and MS/NBC crafting the last four.

I am more than ready to accept that the Grand Mosque is not going to take any decorating suggestions from Bibi Netanyahu.

Al $harpton is not going to be named “Man of the Year” of the KKK.

Bruce Jenner, never mind, he writes his own joke.

You won’t find a ham and cheese on rye with mayo at Katz’s Deli.

Yet, I will bet an egg cream (Katz’s made me thirsty) that ALL of those things will happen before the Republicans say:  “Enough!  We are not going to take it!  WE will decide when and where the debates will be and WE will choose the moderator.”

Of course they won’t do that.  ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MS/NBC and more will say “Sure, but you NEED us!  And if you need us we will dictate the terms and who is going to moderate.  We will throw you a bone and let someone we like at FOX to do a few but that is that! Take it or leave it.”

And the cowardly Republicans will thank the SRCFM for being so kind.

The Republicans are ignoring the fact that there are other avenues on cable and terrestrial television as well as on the interwebs.  They won’t allow a Mark Levine, a Glenn Beck, a Rush Limbaugh or the like to moderate.

(The Michael Savages are too bombastic and self-absorbed no matter what their talents are. The Bill O’Reilly’s are all over the map and will turn on you in a sec. The Sean Hannity’s are to impressed with themselves and more impressed by those they   see as betters, such as Master Cylinder Karl Rove.)

Of course the problem with having someone “right-of-center” moderating is that the Left won’t take it seriously and the moderates won’t watch the debates on the interwebs.

I turned on the TV this morning, and there was ol’ Georgie shuckin’ and jivin’ with guests on his weekday show.

In a just and fair world, he would be holed up with his lawyers planning a defense for his journalistic malfeasance.

And why is Snuffaluffagus not fired and indicted?

Because in the eye of the Left he did nothing wrong.

And THAT my friends is the REAL CRIME.


“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

I rarely eat leftovers, I gen’ly do not watch reruns of TV shows, there are very few movies and books that I have enjoyed more than once. That said, it is odd that I would repeat a THE DAILY FISH. Most of the FISH I have written, I suppose, I could improve upon, but this is one of the few that stands out that there is little room for significant improvement. I have not altered it in any way save to change the lapse of time since the last one. I feel the same emotion reading this today as I did when first I wrote it.

As the circulation of this little thing of ours has grown in the past year, I would reckon that there are a fair number of you have not seen this before and I posit that many who have read it before will anew appreciate the sentiment contained within.

That said, enjoy your Memorial Day but remember the reason for it!


My Friends and Fellow Patriots:

Many of you long time readers know that there are a few things that are very special and close to me. You also know that, regardless of what is going on in the world, in our Country, in our backyards, that we have to stop and take pause for a moment and make sure we are shipshape, squared-away, flying right, on top of things, or whatever. In these cases I write a THE DAILY FISH to make sure we do this a few times a year. This is one of them.

On Mother’s Day, I drove out to Calverton National Cemetery here on Long Island. My dad, a WWII and Korea vet was buried there some 28 years ago. Not that long ago, mom joined him and Mother’s Day was her 9th anniversary there.

Like most national cemeteries, Calverton is in great shape, easy to get around, well maintained and if it was not such a bitter-sweet place, you would enjoy going there. Most days, other than the all- too-many funerals, it is quiet and no matter where you are you are almost always alone. Holidays are a bit different and on Mother’s Day I noticed a far higher number of flowers on the graves.

Other than on Father’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day and very few others do you see much decoration on the graves. Sometimes I think that is the way it ought to be; solemn, serene and reflective. On other days it is good to see flowers and flags festooning the final resting spots of so many of our heroes and in many cases members of their families. Our heroes, though gone, still are part of the American Family and many of them have paid the ultimate price so that we can live as we do. It is right and proper that we recognize and honor them with flowers and flags.

There are national cemeteries all over our country, and in fact, all over the world. I am sure that there is one not too far from you, if you stopped to take a look*. Maybe you know of one, or, like me, have loved ones buried in one or more, but if nothing else, there are fields upon fields of the final resting places of our heroes.

Many of these great Americans left their cities and towns, friends and family and traveled to the far reaches of the Earth so that we could enjoy all with which God has so richly blessed us. Most came back home, took off their Ike Jackets, Cammies, Dixie Cups and so forth and continued their lives until their natural end.

Others came home in bags and boxes, having made the supreme sacrifice in a foreign land. Some others suffered great injuries that accelerated their eventual demise. But no matter what level of sacrifice they gave, they all gave.

There is a bumper sticker that is, I hesitate to say is “popular”, referring to the brave FDNY heroes who perished on 9-11 that reads: “All Gave Some, Some Gave All.” Without fear of compromising the sacrifices made by “New York’s Bravest”, that is a sentiment that ought to be conferred upon all veterans as well.

I am going to eschew politicizing this issue for a moment, as this transcends politics or, at least, ought to. We are all affected and effected by the actions and sacrifices of our vets and we owe them all a debt far greater than we can ever repay. Even we vets owe our brother and sister vets the same, and in many cases a far higher, debt of gratitude.

One of the best and easiest things we can do is to fly our Flag from our houses. Or, on our cars. Or, on your jacket lapel. Or, like me, all of the above. I do not know about you but I get a sense of pride every time I see our Flag and recite the Pledge. And, is there a greater song than the Star Spangled Banner? Brings a tear to my eye. But that comes as natural to me and many others as a result of service to our country.

But there is more that we can do and I really do not want to get all preachy here or holier- than-thou but too many of us take too many of us for granted. If you have an iota of respect for our Flag and that which it represents, please, PLEASE, do something a little different this year if you do not celebrate Memorial Day in any manner other than having a cook-out.

If you are religious, perhaps there is a service at your house of worship you can attend. If there is a parade in your community, as there is one in mine, if you do not participate in it, please, turn out and show your support for those who do. While it is not Veterans Day, maybe you might wish to visit a local Veterans home or hospital. After all, those who we remember on Memorial Day ARE all vets!

One of the things I get the greatest satisfaction doing is the laying of Flags at Long Island National Cemetery, or as we locals call it, Pinelawn. I am not sure of the exact number but there are more than 330,000 vets and family members of vets buried here.

Arriving at first light on the Saturday before Memorial Day, the groups gather at various parts of the cemetery. AMVETS, VFW, American Legion, groups of Nam vets and now the latest groups are those from the Middle East conflicts. There are also Boy and Girl Scouts, Knights of Columbus, Elks, Moose and other fraternal and civic groups pitching in.

They will gather at their appointed location and generally have some kind of small service to set the tone for the solemnity of their duty and for respect and commemoration of those whom they honor. The Flags are provided by the cemetery and are placed in large crates spaced so that you can grab a few bundles, decorate the graves and by the time you need more Flags, there is another huge crate nearby loaded with Flags.

The folks take a few bundles of the Flags and generally work in teams of 3 or so, leap-frogging over the others as they place a Flag at the center of each headstone. Many people take half of a tennis ball for the purposes of pushing the Flag in to the ground. Here in New York even in May, the ground can still be hard. Or rain-soaked. Or something else. But no matter what, it is hallowed ground acting as a sentinel over the remains of thousands upon thousands of American Heroes.

We may have up to a hundred in our group and while I do not know the exact number of Flags that we lay, it is likely over 10,000. That may sound like a lot of Flags but it is only a hundred or so person. And, we get it done in less than an hour. In fact, just before sun up there is scarcely a Flag to be seen and only a few hours later, all 330,000-plus graves have been decorated.

It is truly an amazing sight to see, acres and acres of rows upon rows of white pillars, laid out with great precision, each one with a small American Flag placed at the center of the headstones. If this does not make you proud to be an American, there is something wrong with you. And, it is nearly impossible to look at the fields of fluttering Flags in front of their white sentinels and not think of the American Hero that each one represents. (There are some pictures on my Facebook page.)

I am sure that many of you do this already. I am equally certain that many more of you have actually wondered how all the Flags got there in the first place. I hope that some of you will be so impressed with this duty that you, too, may wish to get involved and get a great sense of accomplishment.

It is easy to do.

If you already belong to one of the service, civic or fraternal organizations, check with someone to see if your particular post, chapter, council or whatever is involved and then you can volunteer. If your group does not participate or you do not belong to any of these organizations, I am sure you know someone who does and ask that person if they decorate the graves for Memorial Day. If you strike out on both of these counts, you can contact the administrator at the cemetery near you and I am sure that they can either put you in touch with some organization or that they have a cadre that they field for this event.

So, please take a moment and say a silent prayer for all of those who served so valiantly and are in their final resting place. Take a moment and reflect on the sacrifices that they made. Then ask yourself, will it be just burgers and beers this Memorial Day as usual or will you take a little time out of your day off and will you do a little something for those who served so you can have the freedoms that we all enjoy.

And, while you are saying that little prayer, don’t forget those who are currently serving, especially those in harm’s way.

God Bless, God Speed and Thank you for serving.


* If you are interested in finding a national cemetery, here is a link:



“You’ve Been Schooled”

Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Alums:

For some odd reason, I do not think I am entitled to anything more than what I have earned.  I do not want anyone else’s money or possessions, I do not want credit for something I did not do and I certainly do not want any attention, especially in this atmosphere.

Like many of us, I often carry a balance on some credit cards, but that is the extent of my debt.  While it might be nice to win the lottery, I am not counting on that for my retirement as I doubt I would retire. Even still, I would not want or expect someone to pay my bills for me.

This is the way I was brought up.

I am sure my story is very similar in any number of ways to most of yours.

Like the old joke goes, my parents were born with nothing and still had most of that when they died.  They were children of legal immigrant parents and grew up in the 1st Great Depression.  So the idea of getting anything for nothing was not, shall we say, “encouraged.”

My grandparents were not captains of industry or professional people.  Stevedores and charwomen were on their CV. Like their parents before them, they wanted the best for their kids and they came to America.

The children of both sets of my grandparents were three males and two females.  My dad and my uncles all fought in WWII, Korea or both.  So we were brought up with the sense of duty.  Thank you!

And like my grandparents, my parents wanted the best for us.  We moved from a (not high end at all ) brownstone apartment in Brooklyn to a brand new home at the border of the city, which then was more “suburb” than city.

My brother and I went to Catholic grammar school and I went to on to Catholic High School, my brother opting for a trade’s high school. We were encouraged to do what we wanted to do be to strive to be the best.

We were encouraged to make our own decisions and mistakes.  (But not without some supervision.) They say you learn from your mistakes.  Truly I must be the smartest man in the world if that is correct as I made far more than my share and am still here to tell you about it. Those experiences of trying and failing or trying something and not getting seriously hurt or killed were as important to making me who I am as my formal education.  (I am still learning apparently as I am still making mistakes.)

When the Vietnam War was still on but winding down and with the draft still looming, I followed my father’s and uncles’ lead and enlisted.

I was not a perfect child. Shock, yes, I know, but I did the best I could and I think all things considered I have no complaints.

Now there is someone who DOES have complaints and lots of them.

Yes, Mooch!

“The road is not easy, especially for people like you and me.”

                        -The Moochster, Tuskegee University May 2015

This po po po baby who struggled to go to Princeton on a full ride scholarship, has an axe to grind.

Yes, the same Mooch who went to this exclusive and expensive Ivy League college on someone else’s dime then had the temerity to (poorly) write her senior thesis on, well basically, how much White people suck, is peeved.

Yes, the same Mooch who with her lovely hubby FINALLY paid back their Harvard student loans… twenty-odd years after the fact and after he was elected, feels persecuted.

Yes, the same Mooch who got a six-figure job in her “home town” of Barackistan for some “make work” position that was given to her as a favor, thinks others get more than she.

Yes, the same Mooch who with her lovely hubby “bought” a nice home in Barackistan “allegedly” with the “help” of a certain less then savory individual, thinks she has a hard life.

Yes, the same Mooch who has taken more vacations, junkets and liberties than some people have had hot meals, feels slighted.

And those are just the Cliff Notes.

Mooch made a speech the other day at Tuskegee University.

She belly-ached and moaned about the recent events in Ferguson and Baltimore, leaving out basically all the facts as they do not fit her narrative. Easier to blame Whitey then to offer suggestions and solutions. Or to speak the cold, hard truth.

She suggested that these black graduates (it is an all-black college) would spend their lives being pulled over by cops, hassled by store detectives, be given sub-standard service, being mistaken for “the help” and so on.

(She cited the struggles of the amazing Tuskegee Airmen.  Who, I firmly believe that even at their advanced age, would gladly stand in line one more time to slap her across the head.  I have met some of those great men. They are not black or white, young or old, they are Americans and it was an absolute honor to meet a number of them on a few occasions, shake their hands and thank them for their service. Mooch could take a lesson.)

Rather than challenge the graduates to be good and better people, to look past the history and focus on the future, no, this angry, mean and hateful woman riled up the recent graduates with their “Angry Black Women’s Studies” or “Applied Socialism” degrees.

I would like to think these graduates were too smart to be conned by this grifter.  She preached the divisiveness and exclusion that seems to be the legacy of her lovely hubby’s time in office.

She seems to see things not just in black and white but how things make her unhappy, those things are mostly White people.  Po po po baby.

Here was a great school founded by a great man and it became the site of an infomercial for racial divide.

Booker T. Washington started the school on the 4th of July 1881. He found, built and expanded the school and its system until his death in 1915, as a result of overwork.  (We will NEVER have to worry about Biff and Mooch working themselves to death.)

Now on the other side of the Mooch coin is another Washington.


He, too, delivered a commencement speech, at Dillard University another black school, this one in N’Awlins.

His speech was a little different. Let’s look at some of his words.   “I’m going to keep it short, Number one: Put God first, put God first in everything you do.  Everything you think you see in me, everything I’ve accomplished, everything you think I have – and I have a few things – everything that I have is by the grace of God. Understand that. It’s a gift.”

I did not sense hate, but love.  I did not sense anger, but happiness.  I did not sense envy, but gratitude.  In fact for every negative thing Mooch said, intimated, caviled about and more, Mr. Washington exhibited and exposed only positives.

Biff talked about the “Two Americas.” I agree, there are two Americas.  And it has nothing to do with skin color.  It has to do with heart.

You have the Obamas who have become financially very wealthy during his terms in office.  But all they want is more, more, more. They are angry at the people who gave them much and that they did not give them, mostly Mooch, even more.

You have Mr. Denzel Washington who has become not just financially wealthy but spiritually and humanly more wealthy.  He does not seem to be angry at anyone, just thankful and blessed.

(To be fair, the Obama’s do donate to charity.  In fact, they give more than most Libs do. They have even donated to “Fisher House”, which is a facility for Vets and their families as the Vet is receiving treatment.    Mr. Washington famously made a donation to Fisher House as well, in fact one of the largest donations ever to that fine organization.  Heeding Matthew 6:3, he did not disclose the amount of the donation.)


If Mooch acted and lashed out in 2007 and 2008 as she did at Tuskegee, I assure you Biff would be a go-fer for $harpton or someone else.

If Denzel had another movie coming out, I would prolly see it just to show support for him.

The wolf I choose to feed is the good one.


A grandfather told his grandson, “My son there is a battle between two wolves inside us all. One is evil. It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies, and ego. The other is good. It is joy, peace, love, integrity, humility, kindness, empathy, and truth.” The boy thought for a moment, then asked, “Grandfather, which one wins?”

The old man quietly replied, “the one you feed.”



“And Now, The News… As If!”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Viewers:

Some folks just do not get it.

We had a few recent issues, and more to come, on the deterioration of the social and other norms in our Country.  As said then, before and sadly most likely again, it is a slow and steady erosion.

There was a time when the newsreaders were among the most respected people in America.  Of course that was before the interwebs and other ways to fact check them.

When we did, we found out, among others, that Walter Crankcase, “the most trusted man in America” lied to us repeatedly about Vietnam.  This mental defective decided to use his bully pulpit to lie about the first Tet Offensive and  as a result rather than ending the war, he prolonged it causing tens of thousands of additional American and others deaths.  (And, again, had he kept his yap shut, unbeknownst to him Sr. Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap was going to sue for peace as his forces were decimated.  We have covered that before, enough for now.)

But the temptation to editorialize is not easily stifled.  There are news organs whose entire product is either fabricated or so selective as to be useless.

Even the “big names” can’t help themselves.  Let’s ask Brian Williams about this.

What? Huh? Really?  No kidding!

Seems that Brian unavailable.  He is building a rocket so he can fly to the space station. Again.

Before him was Dan Rather and after Rather was Katie Couric.  All libs and all as familiar with the truth as the average lib.

Not very many, Benny.

Last week, I am watching the 11PM news and a newsreader comes on and, well let’s let the instant massages speak for themselves!  I have added some small commentary, after the fact in red.

And for additional fun, at the very end is a second conversation we had some months back on a different subject.  From the first exercise I sussed how to get him to be more forthcoming.



PRECIOUS:  Out of curiosity, on the news last night in the report on the murder of PO Moore, it was mentioned that the gun used came from Georgia and added to that, “(W)here getting a gun is easier.”  Why was it necessary to add that?

NEWSREADER BILL:  good question john. because a big supply of guns in nyc come from these easy-to-buy-guns states.. wouldn’t it be great if other states started cracking down on the availability of guns? one important way to stop all this violence is to end the insanity of firearms. (I did not see the value of verbally beating him up at this stage.  It would have taken days and I would not get to my larger point. It would take two seconds to disprove his allegations but it would not sink in.)

PRECIOUS: Bill thanks for the prompt reply.  I am not sure if cracking down on the availability of guns is the way to go.  Yes, I agree that a gun in the wrong hands is a recipe for disaster.  But is it not like blaming the barn door for letting the horses out?  The greater question is why are people so prone to violence and more as a solution?  Educating and treating people with respect is the first step.  It is no joke when I quote Rodney King and “Why can’t we all get along!”  We can debate the merits of guns all day long.  But, Bill, my larger question had to do to the omission.  You see, whether guns are more easily obtainable is not the question. The gun that Demetrius Blackwell used to murder PO Brian Moore was stolen.  And you can be sure the person who sold him the gun did not ask for ID.  No amount of background check or any other safeguard is going to keep a stolen gun off the street no matter whence it was stolen.  I just felt it was less than full disclosure by not mentioning the gun was stolen.  I know you just read the news Bill, but you are the face of the news, at least in our house in Massapequa where we watch WABC.  I just feel that if someone (WABC news, not necessarily you) wishes to editorialize that all relevant information should be disseminated so one can come to a fair decision.  In any event, thank you for your time, see you at 11.00!(I feel so dirty for schmoozing… but necessary)

NEWSREADER BILL:  thanks john.. good point. and i don’t just read the news. i wrote that story (Underline for emphasis.)

PRECIOUS: I applaud your honesty.  And as I said, we watch WABC for news.  It is the first thing on at 5.30 AM and the last thing off at 11.30 PM.  (Maybe if I had more sleep I would not feel so cranky.) As mentioned, we will see you tonight. If you wished to advise the gun was stolen, that would be a nice thing. Have a good day!

.. and the next day….

PRECIOUS:  Bill… I was a little disappointed that you did not mention the gun used in PO Moore’s murder was stolen on last night’s news.  People who are not a fan of abortion, just as an example, have to accept the idea that Roe is the law of the land. Similarly those who are anti-gun must accept that gun ownership is not just a law but part of the Bill of Rights of the Constitution. Not to put too fine of a point on the gun issue, consider the attack in Texas.  Texas has relaxed carry laws.  As a result, two bad guys are dead and dozens perhaps hundreds of good people are alive. Had that occurred in New York, I shudder to think of the carnage. Look at the extreme security in place last night at the Museum for the awards presentation.  I posit that had that event been held in Texas there may have been any number of people in attendance able to defend. Maybe you can help me out. You are against guns, and that is fine but why should you care if other law abiding citizens have guns?  If they are good people it does not affect your life and in fact had you been in Texas, it may have saved your life. But my greater concern is the misrepresenting the news. Yes, it was true PO Moore was killed by a gun from Georgia. Yes, it is true that the legal ownership of a gun is easier in some, read: “Southern”, states.  But not mentioning that the gun used to murder PO Moore was stolen is disingenuous and is totally biasing an emotional story.  That is no difference than being asked “Do you still beat your wife.” It is a BS question in most all cases (one can hope) but any answer raises suspicion.  Your linkage to some non sequitur is shameful.  We both have better things to do than this. Perhaps because this murder is so close to us in Massapequa I feel so strongly for accuracy.  I always thought you to be a good guy, a mensch I think you might be called.  I may not always agree with opinions and editorials but I hoped I could trust the facts of the news.  Sadly you have exposed that is not true.  If you get this far, thanks.  Have a nice day anyway. I will watch tonight. Tomorrow?, that I don’t know.  I might as well go to bed early if the news is not, well, the news. (I may have laid on the combination of Liberal and Irish guilt.)

NEWSREADER BILL: (nervously I sense) we did mention it earlier and we’re doing story on it today. we didn’t say anything about the gun in the 11 last night, but we did earlier.

PRECIOUS: I must have missed it this morning and do not watch TV at work. Restores my faith Bill, thanks. See you at 11!


And nothing changed.  As if I thought it might.  More’s the pity as too many stupid people will get sucked into the lies.

(Since that was written the George Snuffaluffagus donation/cover-up gate story has broken and I have been dueling with this guy on that subject. He really wants to say Georgie should be sent to prison and given the opportunity to be a good cell-wife for a very large man but he is stopping short of admitting criminality.  I will poke this bear as long as he lets me.  In the meantime, read below….)


PRECIOUS:  With all due respect, last night on the 11 PM news you blamed the measles on “parents who have not vaccinated their children.” Had you actually considered that is not the case but the increases is this and other diseases are caused by people coming here, legally or not, who are not vaccinated? After all, if nothing else the number of “faith-based” people who do not vaccinate are fewer today yet there are orders of magnitude more unvaccinated immigrants. Be fair. Be honest.

NEWSREADER BILL: Well they remain not vaccinated -and their parents didn’t get them vaccinated. No matter what country they came from. Vaccine has been out how many years? (Makes no difference if they were there from the day God got bored.  If the vaccines are not there, it is no longer the parents “decision.”) But I appreciate your critique — as always

PRECIOUS:  Thank you for the kind and prompt reply. Perhaps we should take steps to ensure those coming here are vaccinated if they are not already. Thanks again, see you at 11.



“Power, Devour All Along The Way”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Victims:

Those who do not study history are bound to repeat it.


And again…

And yet again!

I am not saying that the Right are history mavens or never miss a beat but for some reason they do have a tendency to recall events recent and those not so much so.

Truly if you wanted to rid the world of Liberals, the easiest way would be to remove all warning labels and signs from everything.  There is no doubt that by repeated missteps they will thin their herd faster than they will non-breed themselves out of existence.


The Left, with very little help from the True Right (id est.: Non-RINOs) are almost solely responsible for the ills in our Country and hence the world.

Lemme ‘splain.


Rather than manning up and apologizing to blacks in the 60s, perhaps giving the some “seed money” for “reparations”, real or imagined, the Left put the blacks and poor Whites into a never-ending spiral of poverty.

Why never-ending?

Well, because if you give poor people housing, food, medical, cash money and more and because of either lack of education or inclination there is no job that will pay enough to cover all those necessities.

Now add to that child care, transportation and so on, even the dimmest bulb will figger out that it is better to sit home than to get up, go to work, bust one’s butt, come home, cook a meal and so on for less then what they have now.

At times I can hardly blame them for what they do, or rather not do. And, raising the minimum wage will only make things worse, as explained all too many times already.

So a generation in poverty having a lot of free time on their hands creates another generation of people in poverty. And so on.

Some will say “But Precious, you are being so cold!  Some people just need help!”  And I will say that you are correct in that there are SOME people that need help.

But not tens of millions.

We have all seen pictures of a “welfare” apartment that has nice furniture, big screen TV, a full refrigerator and they are wearing nice clothes and they all have cell phones. Not for anything, I doubt that every FISH reader is living that well.

As mentioned there is no incentive to get off assistance and as soon as enough people try to better themselves, you can bet the Libs will be there to up the ante to keep them in chains.

As LBJ said that in pandering to poor people (and here he was referring to the black poor) he infamously said that “will keep the ‘N-Words’ voting Democrat for a hundred years.”  (Imagine if a Republican President used the “N-Word.”)

Do understand this, WHEN someone gets off welfare, gets a job and sees how little of their money they get to keep after taxes all of a sudden they become Conservatives or at least Republicans. It is to the Dems benefit to keep the poor that way, and ignorant.

That is what is called an unexpected benefit.

Until and unless someone breaks those chains of the slavery of poverty, these poor will continue to eat the grain given to them and do as they are told and vote as they are told.

That is power.


My point is that everything is about power. Yes, even in our own lives.  We want power in what to eat, where to live, where to work, what TV or radio station to put on and so forth.

Now, ramp that desire up about a few-thousand fold and you have those who not only want that for themselves but they want to decide what YOU eat, where YOU live, where YOU work, what TV or radio station YOU put on.

That, my friends, is called “government.”

When you ratchet that up a few notches you get the Club Members, the NWO types, the al-G’ores, the Clintons, the Rockefellers and the other shadowy types who want to not just run a country but the whole world.

You see, there IS a plan.

We can see all the evil, amorality, greed, hate, racism, minimizing the value of a human beings going on.  That breeds poverty, poor education in many areas, infanticide, promiscuousness, promotion of deviancy, attacks on religion and so on.  These things as I have been preaching are not coincidences.  These things are planned somewhere.  Even those who are promoting some, even all, of these things may not be in on the plan.

We have beaten this to death a thousand times.  So, let’s turn our attention to something else that will hasten the demise of our great Nation: Islam.

In case you have not noticed there has been an increase of activity in Muzzie kinds of things.  Alleged ISIS training camps in almost half of the states for openers.  They have their own PR arm now as well as radio stations.  They hate America, Jews, the West in particular but in a more global sense, they hate everyone who is not like them.

They have money and plenty of it.  They are able to broadcast their messages, use the interwebs and in particular Facebook, Twitter their messages and so on.  They are targeting for recruitment those whose heads will first be on the chopping blocks.

The dumb, idle, idealized, hateful, disenfranchised and other Mother’s-basement dwelling largely unemployed and unwashed masses now have a raison d’etre, a cause, something to give them some self-esteem!

Er, yes, self-esteem from a group where your separation from them usually involves the separation of your head as a lovely parting gift.

I am not going into all of that right now. I am not going to mention the attack in Garland Texas and the great job that was done equalizing two Muzzie terrorists on American soil or even the wrong-headed pathologically insane opprobrium on Pamela Geller by the likes of low-life’s as Geraldo Rivera.

I am going to go out on a very short limb here.

There is absolutely no way we are going to eradicate Muzzie terrorism on our own soil let alone anywhere else.

You have a “president” who is committed to being uncommitted.   The Iranians say they would have no problem using nukes on Israel, the US or anyone.  Meanwhile WTLF is tripping over his chin trying to give Iran more so they won’t kill us too badly.

You have a “president” who has made it his priority to dilute the population and demographics of the United States.  And if a few dozen or hundred or thousand terrorists slip in with our friends from the South, well, so be it.

You have a “president” who did not have a press conference immediately after the terrorist attack.  I have not heard him say anything.  If you “Bing” “Garland Texas Shooting Obama” the best you will find is that Biff was “informed” of the shooting. Even that paid idjit Spokesweasel John Ernest called it an “attempted terrorist attack.”  No, not “attempted” but you do get style points for using the “T” word.

I am getting angrier and angrier as I read what I am thinking. There are so many possibilities going on that it is not funny. I have said that I did not have the sense that Biff had any urgency to leave the Whi’te House. I intimated a smokescreen that would allow him to declare martial law and suspend the elections.

Between the race riots he condones and some say foments and now increased terrorism on our soil, that seems more and more real.   (I am not going to countenance the JH15 at this point as I really want it to be what I have heard it is and not what the tinfoil hats suggest. But even that would factor into the equation.)

There are but two ways for the Muzzie problem to end peaceably.

One is tricky.  It would involve stripping them of 1st Amendment protection as a religion and declaring Islam a terrorist organization and prosecuting them under any number of statutes.

The other is tricky.  It would involve getting all the “moderate” Muzzies to condemn the terrorists, to expel them from their mosques and turn all the tangos in to the authorities.

And all that will happen the third Tuesday of last week.

(Meanwhile on national TV, there was a show with a moderator hosting Ms. Geller and an Imam. The dude from the religion of peace basically said that given the chance he would kill Ms. Geller.  Bottom line: nothing happened to him for making a death threat.)

Why are not the so-called “Moderate Muzzies” not standing up to the bad guys? Why was not that Imam arrested for threatening murder?


And when you are afraid of something, that thing now has…


“How One Man Can Make A Difference”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

 Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Humans:

Last week there was a special issue for a special lady who had a very special birthday.  Our friend and fellow reader Jean Butterfield turned 100 years old.  I was very surprised that there were a number of other folks nearing that age.  My brother-in-arms, Farmer Mike’s mom turned 99 on Sunday. Who knew?

I received a plethora of emails back from many of you wishing Jean a “Happy Hundred” and I made her aware of the out-pouring of love and felicitations.  One of the more humorous aspects of many of those emails was a request for me to write a special issue for the sender on THEIR 100th Birthday.


Well, as I said, if you make it and I am still around I will most assuredly write one for you!  Good luck!  May you all live as long as you want but not want for as long as you live.

However, there is someone who will not be celebrating his 100th birthday or for that matter his 26th.  That would be Brian Moore.

Brian was a NYPD Officer.  He was a cop in the 105th Precinct in Queens. That was the number of the precinct where I grew up. I am not sure if my old house is still in that precinct.

He was from my town and in fact I used to live in his neighborhood.  He was friends with another cop from the neighborhood who used to play soccer and hockey with my kid.  We go back some time.  He used to work at a local pizza store I used to go to back in the day.  The detective that pulled him out of the car was another kid from the neighborhood we have known almost all of his life. I used to have a beer with the detectives dad.  All these kids went to the same high school a block from our old house.

Really, it is a pretty unremarkable area of town except for the fact that there are a lot of policemen, firemen, federal agents and Mafia figures who live in the neighborhood. (I could tell ya stories.  Fuhgeddaboutit.)

Oh, one more thing, there is very little crime there for some reason.  (Perhaps because so many of the locals on both side of the badge are carrying?)


Oddly enough, Brian lived on the same street where Eddie Byrne, another of New York’s Finest, used to live.  Before he, too, was shot and killed by four cold blooded murderers some years back.  (There was a vigil for Brian on Monday night at field at the high school.  The name of the field is “Edward Byrne Memorial Field.”)

Brian was on patrol last Saturday night.  Working plain clothes with a partner.  They are watching the streets in a not so great, but by no means a horrible, area.  They saw a known bad guy walking the streets.  They were questioning him when Brian asked what was he doing as he seemed to be fiddling with something in his waist band.

Brian asked “Do you have something in your waist?”

The skell said “Yeah, I got something” and pulled out a gun, fired three shots, one hitting Brian in the face.

Brian was taken to the hospital in critical condition, soon put on life support as brain activity had all but stopped. He was taken off life support late Monday morning, he expired, his tour was over and he went to his reward in heaven.

No matter to whom you talked who knew Brian no one ever had a bad thing to say about him. He was born to be a cop.  As if he couldn’t even if he did not want to be one .  His father and uncle were cops, he has other cousins and other family members on law enforcement hither and yon. Kinda like the family business.


Now, let’s talk about the fine upstanding citizen who murdered Brian in cold blood.

His life was the mirror image of Brian’s.  Demetrius Blackwell was a career criminal.  In fact at the time of the murder, he had outstanding arrest warrants.

He spent time in prison for attempted murder and served time in the “Clinton Correctional Facility.”  (In NY we just call it  Dannemora, as that is where it is.)

You will note that at no time have I used the word “alleged” as I  am wont to do when there is any doubt to guilt.  Other than Brian’s partner Erick Jansen, two regular citizens positively identified Demetrius Blackwell.

Blackwell ran away, of course, and within ninety minutes was flushed out of a neighborhood house and was quickly apprehended.  They would have caught him anyway even if his drawers weren’t falling off of him.  (BJ, what do you always say: “Damn the luck!”?)


Shortly after hearing of Brian’s passing, Biff was on TV for some reason or another.  I gave him all the attention and respect he deserves as I was doing anything else. But in the middle of his lie-fest which I think had something to do with race, as he has been on that kick lately, there was a report of a just-now police involved shooting in, of all places, Baltimore.

They cut to the streets in Baltimore and the reporter was talking to a young citizen who “saw” the whole thing. She “saw” the cop hassling the poor unarmed man. She was asked about that as she was asked to confirm that the innocent citizen did not have a gun.  She said the guy had no gun but she saw the cop fire his gun and all that.   She saw the black guy get murdered and carried away.

Yup, it was more “White cop/innocent black man violence.”

When will it ever end?

The lies that is.

The newsfeeds and TV crawls are reporting all kinds of misinformation.  As it turns out, the guy did have a gun, he dropped the gun causing it to discharge and that was basically that.  No one shot anyone, no one was injured and no one told the truth.

Including Biff.

That does not suit his narrative.  He spent more time talking about something that did not happen in Baltimore than he talked about the cold-blooded murder of a White cop at the hands of Demetrius Blackwell.

Oh, BTW, he did not mention a word.


I am SURE if Brian or Erik or some other White cop aced some career criminal like Demetrius Blackwell, he’d have a bunch to say, how if he had a son he would look like Demetrius Blackwell.  He would send alleged AG Awnt Esther to Queens, as she was sent to Baltimore on Tuesday.

For some odd reason $harpton had nothing to say. I guess he was baiting his race hooks for something else.  (And I tried to work him and his pinions up on his pages but no takers.)

Proof that the media just plain suck (sorry, I am taking this a little too personally, despite my “respect” the media) ABC news Tuesday night reported that Demetrius Blackwell’s gun had been found.  For some reason they had to add “It came from Georgia where the laws for buying a gun are more lax.”

That would be all well and good except for one thing.  The gun was one of almost two dozen stolen from a gun shop in Georgia.  I assure you, some dude selling stolen guns is not asking for ID when he sells the gun.

(You all know me. You know I am not leaving this alone. I IM’d the newsreader and to my surprise he responded.  I did ask him to redact that statement with clarification that the gun was stolen and laws in “the South” had nothing to do with Demetrius Blackwell murdering PO Brian Moore.)  (UPDATE TO THAT:  Yeah, we got it worked out.  I have the IM’s and will send it out next week perhaps, with commentary. )

On Thursday, police from all over the Country gathered at Chapey’s Funeral Home in Bethpage.  On Friday a funeral Mass was said at St. James Roman Catholic Church a few blocks north.

Twenty-five year old decorated NYPD Brain Moore went to his reward.  There was a tremendous outpouring of love, respect and admiration for his fine young man.

Twenty-five miles to the West is career criminal Demetrius Blackwell sitting in a cell in Riker’s Island.  There is nothing going on for this dirtbag.  But we will find out at his murder trial that he was a victim if his circumstances, he was a product of a broken home, his dog ate his homework or some other bravo sierra to humanize this POS who has no regard for the law, himself or others.  Lawyers will beg for acquittal then for leniency.

New York does not have the death penalty anymore.  It is such a good and progressive state.  We have wonderful leaders (two of the top three have recently been arrested for graft and corruption.)

After the shooting in Baltimore and after the kangaroo court rush to judgement in announcing indictments, there were riots, mayhem, vandalism and more.

After PO Moore was murdered, there was a prayer vigil.


I am not the smartest tool in the drawer but I think only one of these were the correct response.

Here in New York a good an honorable and honored young man is murdered in cold blood by another career criminal.

In Baltimore you have the Mayor, the DA, the State AG, Al $harpton and alleged AG Awnt Esther getting their collective government issued panties in a wad over the police cashing a career bad guy’s ticket. (The more I read about this, the more sure I am that these cops are going to be found innocent.)

Y’ever read anything by Kafka?  Are ya good in Chinese Algebra?  They make far more sense than what has gone on in this sad tale of two liberal cities.

(SIDEBAR: When the death of PO Moore was announced, Mayor of New Jack City DeBlahZero did not make the announcement like a real man would have.)

There was a wake on Thursday.  Thousands of mourners filed past Brian’s casket.  The usual cast of characters where there, Cuomo, DeBlahzero, Mangano, Jeh Johnson and others. Some welcome, some not so much.

Friday was the solemn procession from the funeral home up the few blocks to St. James Church.  Led by what seemed to be a hundred or more bagpipers, the hearse arrived at the Church where there was an estimated 30,000 mourners, mostly all law enforcement with the family, friends and neighbors filling out the rest.

Motorcycles more than you can count in addition to other vehicles with an air escort of police helicopters led to St. Charles Cemetery for interment. I guess if you wished you could find much of that on the internet or YouTube.

Driving home I went past the area where the Church and funeral home are. Not a speck of dirt or damage on the street where some 30,000 people were a few hours earlier.  Each and every utility pole for a few miles had a big blue ribbon and bow on them.

I still do a lot of my trade in that part of town.  I stopped in the liquor store that I have been going to for about twenty years now.  There were two girls ringing up the sales.  As one was ringing up mine, the other was talking to a female customer.  I could not help but hear the cashier say that she lived across the street from Brian and went to school with him from grammar through high school.  She was crying the entire time and made no attempt to cover them up.  The woman asked “You are devastated, how can you be here at work in this condition?”  The girl replied “What am I going to do? Riot? That is not what Brian would do.  If the situation was reversed, he would be at work. This is the least I can do for him.”

That is the perfect example of the influence this young man had in his short life.  It also shows the restraint of a civilized and law-abiding population. Read into that what you wish.


I have nothing more to add.  Anything else will just be piling on and cause my heart to break even more.

Job well done, officer.  Your tour is over.   Godspeed home.


“Lost in the Woods”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Happy Campers:


Please read all the way to the end today.  If you do not read all of this, at least read the very end.  Thank you.


Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind,   Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, Reverent.


AS I have said so many times. “Fings ain’t wot they used to be.”

We have seen a precipitous decline in the moral standing of our Country.  No, I am not being a prude, I am talking about the institutionalized destruction of the family and ultimately the religious entities.

Many of you will recognize the dozen words leading off this as the “Scout Law” of the Boy Scouts of America.  (This distinction is going to be important in a few moments.) When we were in our early, or perhaps pre-teens, many of us raised our right hand with the three-finger salute and repeated those words.

Even all these many years later when I am called upon to speak often times the Scout Law becomes part of the speech.  On those occasions when I am addressing Scouts I always incorporate the law and how important it will be in life not just as a Scout for forever.

I was a Scout and while I did not receive the distinct honor of achieving Eagle Scout I feel I learned much from that time of my life.  (My interest in Scouting waned as my interest in females increased.  And as there was no merit badge for that kind of activity, I resigned from the Scouts)

I recall the camping, the jamborees and all the activities quite fondly.  I learned skills that would come in handy not just then or a few years later but throughout my life.  Apparently that was a good thing as I will be the first to admit that I was not a model human being at various times.  I credit my religion, education and my involvement in scouting from making a real mess of things.

Over the years, say what you wish and I am neither pontificating nor casting aspersions, the Boy Scouts of America were largely a “religious” kind of organization.  Many troops were sponsored by and met at Churches and Synagogues. I am not saying there was any institutional dictum to abide by any particular religion but the word “God” is part of the Scout Oath in that “… I will do my best to do my duty to God and my Country…”

B-P (Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of the Boy Scouts) stated that while Scouting was not associated with any particular religion, he felt that spirituality and a belief in a higher power were critical to young men and women’s personal growth and are major tenets of the entire Scouting movement.

In the century-plus that the Boy Scouts have been around the focus on  God, or religious fealty, has not changed.  While in the last few years homosexuals were allowed to join the ranks of Boy Scouts, Atheists and agnostics are politely turned away from membership.

On the other side of the equation are the Girl Scouts.

I certainly think that for the greater part the Girl Scouts are just swell.  Like their male counter parts, these young ladies are afforded a great deal of education and application to be better people when they grow up.

But (and you saw that coming), the Girl Scouts are a bit more, shall we say, “liberal” in any number of areas.

Perhaps the one shared area of liberality is with the admittance of homosexual members.  But it is the other areas which are problematic and the crux of the biscuit of this particular issue.

For the Girl Scouts the “God” thing is nice and all but they are not “quite” as “enthusiastic” about “God” as are the Boys Scouts. I mean they would “like” the girls to have some beliefs but that is not critical. In fact one can be an Atheist or agnostic.  The “reverent” thing is not part of their “Law.”  (Then again they did take “keep herself pure” out of the original Law.)

Now, an excuse me for thinking clearly, this is what happens when you take God out of things, particularly in areas where you have impressionable young girls.  Perhaps some of these kids grow up in families who attend religious services and wonder why others do not.

For instance, the Girl Scouts do have a relationship with Planned Parenthood.  (No need to discuss their business at this time.)  Some contend that there is not a “formal” relationship, others suggest it is at the local level and others still allege there is no connection between the two organizations. (These are the same people who think the Clinton’s are as pure as the driven snow and global warming is real.)

In addition they have “honored” such pro-Abortion supporters as Wendy Davis (aka “Abortion Barbie”) and Kathleen Sebelius.

Enough on that, you can “Bing” or “Google” the “Girl Scouts Planned Parenthood” and you can see for yourself.

Now, they have gone lower than even that low bar.

Now, if a boy sees himself as a girl, well, he, er, she, um, that person is welcome to join.

And they are not done.  You see, how can you be “Girl Scouts” when you have a confused person in your ranks? The last I heard they were going to call themselves simply the “Scouts.” Of course that will cause no confusion at all as the Boy Scouts have familiarly been called the “Scouts.” Gees!

(SIDEBAR:  I am sure there have been cases of sexual identity confusion in the past, just as there has been homosexuality and other issues.  The difference is that it was never encouraged. Now the less “normal family member-is” you are the more you are encouraged to parade your turpitude and deviancy in the street.)

As I have said more times than I wished, all of the things that are happening now are related, make no mistake. Things that seem totally disjointed or offer no possible connection will be found to be inextricably linked.  (Think of “braid theory” in math and how that led proving the existence of other sub-atomic particles.)

All this has to do with power.  Maybe local power, perhaps nationwide or even worldwide.  It may be totalitarian, economic, moral, political, social, religious or other controls.  But, about this be totally clear.  This is about power and power allows control.

To be frank the one odd-ball piece to this screwed-up puzzle is Islam.  When you look at the blueprint, it is not one of the components.  Well, not per se, but as a vehicle to attain other goals.

The blueprint you ask? Of course you know by now that it is the Communist Manifesto.  You also know the power elites, the NWO types, the members of the various “Clubs” and so on have infinite patience and they know that given time and little push-back, eventually they can rule the world.

“They know”, they think.  I do not think most people agree.

When you look what is needed to destroy a country from the inside it is all in the list. Let’s revisit some, shall we?  No more private property, confiscatory income tax (redistribution of wealth), the state controls banks, communication, transportation, manufacturing, farming and education (I guess Marx had not thought of health care or that would be in there), promotion of deviant lifestyle, break-up of the family unit, closing churches ultimately outlawing religion and a very strong police.

Taking all of that into consideration, if many of those in power today were to channel the late Mayor Ed Koch and asked “How am I doing’ “I am pretty sure most would agree they doing a bang up job.

Do not think for a nanosecond that there is anything “spontaneous” about what is going on in Ballot.  If it was not this poor dead skell, it would have been another.  You have a black city, with a black mayor, black congressman, black police chief of a black majority police force. YET this is the White Man’s fault?

Even that brain donor of a mayor who said and went viral that you have to respect the rioters (they are not protestors.  Every time you hear the media say “protestors” mentally edit that to “rioters”), that if they need a place to destroy, they should have it (as she contradicts “protestors”.)  Of course that “place” was not near her house.

Then the next day, after half of the world heard her say those words, she denies she said them and blamed that on “The White media taking my words out of context.”

Gee, when did we ever hear a Democrat lie about something where there was proof positive that they lied?

No, not all the time, just most of the time.

Now dear long time readers, recall what I have said about reading between the lines, that the real story is often the story not reported.

Where has Biff been on this?

He made to my recollection he made exactly one tepid comment about the riots.  For someone who lives about forty miles from the scenes of the crime, Biff seems rather unconcerned.   That seems even more surprising when you consider that like Baltimore, Washington DC has a black majority population.  He was not worried the same might happen near him?

(And before anyone throws the race card on what I just said, recall the powers that be in Baltimore and particularly the number one Balitimoron, their mayor, are blaming Whites.  Which is even odder when three of the six cops are black and the cop charged with the worst crimes is black. But, it is all the Whites fault. Hmmm… I think I understand now.)

Recall in last issue it was mentioned that TV is brainwashing us to certain social behaviors that are not in in the majority.  (How is that for being “politically correct.”)

Look at what the “Girl Scouts” are “allegedly” doing or planning with these impressionable young ladies. (And you wondered where the connection was!)

Well, they are doing the same with race relations.  Show the blacks rioting and destroying and that is fine because Whitey made that happen.

Of course, rioting is the preferred response to curing social ills.   In the top ten cities for poverty, all ten are in Democrat hands.  Some, like Miami and El Paso have NEVER had Republican leadership and the most recent city that was not Democratic is Cleveland, over a quarter of a century ago.

So, you can see why the Dems want to blame the Whites, otherwise they would have to take responsibility for their own actions.  And that is why the SRCFM shows all the insanity. After all, a city on not on fire is not news.

Divide and conquer.  Ever hear of that? That is what the powers that be are doing.  They are dividing or creating real or imagined divides between the rich and poor, the moral and reprobate, the blacks and the Whites, the religious the apostate, male and female and anything else they can think of.

Disagree?  Look around and tell me where I am wrong.


LAST WORD:  Over the weekend 25 year-old NYPD Officer Brian Moore was shot in the face by a skell.  The skell was arrested within a few hours as when he was discovered, he could not run as his drawers were hanging too low. He has an arrest record for various charges including murder.  Brian is from my town.  Oddly enough he lives on the same street as did NYPD Officer Ed Byrne who was shot and killed on the job by four skells twenty-odd years ago. I am not going to mention the skin color of any of the shooters.  BTW, I did post to $harpton’s page y’day if he went to visit PO Moore.  Please keep PO Moore in your prayers. As of 1230 Monday things do not look good.  Please offer prayer for the comfort his family and friends and for protection for all of those who protect us such as the police, military, firemen, EMTs and so on.

Brian had no brain activity and was taken off life-support.  He passed Monday afternoon as a result of his wounds.

You can bet there will be a follow up to this.

“Fun? It Was A Riot But, That Is Not The Point 1”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Pawns:

(Methinks… this issue is out of order. I have another one which is almost done but this subject needs to be addressed.  Oddly enough and depending on how this issue turns out (I am as stunned as anyone when it make sense) it may make the next issue more poignant.)


H.L. Mencken.

Edgar Allen Poe.

George Herman “Babe” Ruth.

Freddie Grey.

One was a brilliant linguist and satirist.  Another was one of our Country’s best and best known writers. The next was one of the greatest sports legends of all time. One had a record some twenty arrests long.

What do they have in common?

They were all from Baltimore.

Stick with me.

As I say, there is not such of a thing as a coincidence.

In case you do not know who Freddie Grey was, he was a street dude, an “alleged” drug dealer, who was arrested almost two weeks ago.  Somehow he wound up dead as a result of a broken spine and cracked vertebrae. Makes no difference how he died, even if the reports that he was just released from hospital after spine surgery are accurate, the bottom line is he died in police custody.

I am not saying that the cops were right in any way, shape or form if he died as a result of their actions or inactions.  The fact that he had a lengthy police record does not make his life worth any less.  (His contribution to society is another matter.) (And I am not going soft.  Stick around.)

Neither am I going to do a post mortem on the actions and inactions of the possibly mentally deficient “mayor.”  Between she, the police chief, the governor and whoever else is involved, this matter is in way too much flux to comment at this point.


Now, let’s expose some ugly facts.

Skells have always been given a tune-up for various reasons.  There have been incidences where an arrestee was actually murdered by those arresting him or her.  There have been innocent people who have been murdered by the “authorities.”  You can go back to Jesus, before and since.

We can look at school de-segregation in the South, the Civil Rights marches, and the assaults and murders of those who supported those initiatives.

Bear in mind, some half of a century ago, just the arrest of a black person in Watts started riots that spread all over the Country with many, many deaths and untold property damage. (And that did not subside until LBJ gave away the farm in his so-called “Great Society” initiative.  All that did was to create a “dependocracy.”)

But, even the Watts riots had some basis in the feelings of people because of the ways they saw or perceived fellow blacks being treated in the previous decade. It was not a spontaneous reaction but a simmering which boiled over.

Ditto the Rodney King riots over twenty-five years later.  The crapshow that was South Central Los Angeles had become a tinderbox. It did not take much to start the fire.  The beating of Rodney King was all it took that time.

The blacks, used to thinking that they were second class citizens, seemed to use this opportunity to bang on not just Whites but also the Hispanics and Orientals, particularly Koreans.  (The Koreans did an amazing job of mobilizing and protecting themselves.  That only fueled the anger towards them and the resultant damage to their businesses.)

It is not always, or rather only, race but a preconceived and ill-conceived pecking order.  Bottom line is that none of this was just because of skin color, per se.  But it had everything to do with the way different people were treated in a gummint that is supposed to treat and protect all her citizens equally.  Read that last line again, slowly.

I am going to throw something out here, let’s see if any of this sticks.

We have been being the nanny for poor people for four generations now.  Make no mistake, it is not a “black thing.”  Not putting any spin on it but based on participation by percentage based on demographics in raw numbers, there are almost as many White people on some kind of welfare as black.  So, it is NOT a black thing.  (Check this out: )

What the gummint has done is to create a “class” of dependents.  (And “class” is an accurate term. It is also a communist term.  This all comes together at one point.)  These dependents have become more and more dependent.  While we are giving them more in items of sustenance we are cheating them in the things they really need: good education, job training, jobs and the like. Those things will breed good citizens and contributors to society.

Instead, in the true lie of the gummint, we are not giving them anything but stealing from them. We are stealing their self-esteem, we are stealing their self-worth, we are stealing the opportunity to allow them to better themselves.

And all the while the Libs are laying trails of grain to the cages for the dependents, they are being told the Left are their friends. And they eat the grain, walk to the cage, the gate is shut and they vote Democrat.


There have been homosexuals forever it seems.   The first mention in the Bible is in Leviticus, which is the third book.  It used to be a crime, it is still a sin (not preaching just saying) and now it is being institutionalized by the gummint.

You can barely watch a TV show (really, I should just leave it at that), ok, you can barely watch a TV show that does not have some gay characters, gay/LBGTLS-MFT or whatever theme, always sympathetic to the gay person and the straight is either bigoted and narrow-minded or they come to see the “error of their ways” and “accept” the gays.

Again, and sadly prolly not for the last time, I have nothing against gays. We are told to hate the sin but love the sinner.  I also know that my sins are not more pleasing to God than those of a homosexual. None of that is the point.

The point is the promotion of homosexuality and the assorted and sordid things associated with that “class” of people. (Two can play at that game.)

These TV shows, viewed over and over numb us to the idea of homosexuality. It is education at best and propaganda at worst. When you look at who runs the studios and networks, it all makes sense.

We all have heard of the “Fairness Doctrine.” Yes, that is the one that is not fair! That is the one where the FCC wants to curtail that nasty “Right-wing” talk radio unless the Left get equal time or are able to rebut or both.  But that only applies to Right wing radio talk shows.  (“Left wing” radio is a typical Left wing failure.)  It does not give equal time to the Right on cable or television.

It is the same thing on TV with homosexuality.

There are no shows showing the pain, unhappiness and diseases of homosexuality unless it is to elicit more sympathy for them. It is almost like blaming the car for an accident caused by a drunk driver.

Additionally there is no “rebuttal” to that.  There are no “God-based” or “God Centered” shows, with the possible exception of some country music awards shows.

I mean it the gays wanted to be fair and show what a great thing they have going on they should be excited to face someone who takes and defends an opposite view. Yes?

But now, what do we get?  Two hours of that freak Bruce Jenner and commercial after commercial advertising that show with Diane Sawyer crying in her beer over this aberrant behavior.

They media are making him seem like he is breaking new ground here when that too is a lie. You have to go back to Christine Jorgenson for the first sex change.

This barrage of Jenner is nothing more than perversion proselytizing.   It is making us see an Olympic champion as some other kind of champion, like he is special, like he is unique.

He is not one of a kind or even one in a million.

He is one of about the one thousand people who have a sex-change each year.

Where are the TV shows, trailers, interviews, weepy devotchka’s and the rest of the side show for the other 999?

They do not matter. They do not have a marquee name. They are not related to the other train wreck, the Kardashians.

As bad as all that is, there is “allegedly” a show coming on the tube that “stars” a vicious, militant gay guy.  But that is not enough.  He curses Churches, God, people who go to Church, who lead normal lives.  It must be on cable and I apologize for not having his name handy.  After watching about two minutes of one of his rants I had to turn it off.

It has no place in the public forum anywhere.  It is not gay, it is not about a lifestyle, it is about a miserable miscreant who hates everything.  And I will wager it is because he is so ironically gay.

Yet, this will be put on TV, the reviewers will call it groundbreaking and it will get ratings at first.

A foot in the door.

The first one is free.

They will lobby to have heterosexuals put in a poor light, churches will be forbidden on TV and they will mock God.

You think I am kidding?  Are you new?  Look back at recent history, the FISH, older TV shows and look at today.  Then tell me I am off.

All of this nothing more than a re-education process.  Be it that the White “privileged” class owes a living to those not as well off to portraying normalcy and decency in a negative light while raising up godlessness and destruction of the family.

We will be bombarded with this junk on TV as long as we allow it and in the meantime more soft heads of mush will be exposed to the lies and hate.

Remember early TV? We were not that far out from WWII. TV reflected good and wholesome stories, intact heterosexual families, religious figures in the show. And that went on till the beatniks, cum hippies came along.

That which we allow, will continue.

“A Very Special Happy Birthday”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Candle Counters:

This is a very, VERY special issue, stick with me.

In the last one-hundred years we saw (this very limited list of) the following inventions: Hamburger bun, Lincoln Logs, the supermarket, cloverleaf highway interchange, tow truck, condenser microphone, toggle light switch, marshmallow cream,  French Dip Sandwich, torque wrench, crystal oscillator, grocery bag, hydraulic brakes, blender, pop up toaster, Eskimo Bar, jungle gym, polygraph machine, flow chart, adhesive bandage, overhead garage door and later the automatic opener, convertible automobile, bulldozer, Q-tip, instant camera, locking pliers, gas chamber, power steering, drive thru’s for shopping, banking, food, etc., bread slicer, jukebox, Kool Ade, corn dog, recliner, ice cube tray, electric razor, Freon, sunglasses, frozen food, chocolate chip cookie, thermistor, electric guitar, bug zapper, gold cart, radio telescope, Richter scale, black light, parking meter, Philips head screwdriver, chair lift, O-ring, computer, beach ball, nylon, Teflon, soft-serve Ice cream, twist tie, ATM, deodorant, bazooka, the slinky, microwave oven, Tupperware, credit card, transistor, supersonic aircraft, cat litter, television broadcast and later cable and satellite, video game, radiocarbon dating, the Zamboni, atomic clock, crash-test dummy, color TV, aerosol paint, leaf blower, TelePrompTer (grrr!!), wet suit, air bag, bar code, artificial heart, WD-40, whiffle ball, Ziploc bags, CPR, radar gun, nuclear submarine (and later other ships), lint roller, hard disc drive, the Betamax later VHS and camcorder, the Bobcat, LASER, sugar packet, bubble wrap, zip tie, IC, LCD, VLSLCD, weather satellite, spandex, Astroturf, GPS, user friendly computer programs, LED, computer mouse, Buffalo Wings, Moog and other music synthesizers, snowboarding, Kevlar, wireless phone, beepers, cell phones, smart phones, CD, DVD, handheld calculators, super computer, laser printer, wide body aircraft, CCD, personal  computer, floppy disc, email, PET scan and MRI scans, jet ski, jet, post it note, UPC/Bar Code, Gore-Tex, microwavable popcorn bag, Mercury, Gemini, Apollo flights, SkyLab, Space shuttle, internet and so on and so on and so forth (and that is only up to about 1980.)

We also saw the discoveries of Einstein’s theory of relativity,  black holes, quantum mechanics, the Big Bang theory, the Milky Way, the neutron, quarks, hadrons, Higgs Bosun,  fission, DNA, polio vaccine,  dark matter and dark energy, cloning and more.

There was WWI, WWII, Russian Revolution, Irish freestaters vs the Irregulars and later “The Troubles”, Spanish Civil War, Chinese Civil War, Korean War, Cuban Revolution, Yom Kippur War, Vietnam War, Panama Coup, Afghan Civil War, War in Iraq and Afghanistan plus untold regional wars, conflicts, uprisings, police actions since 1914.

While there have been a number of sera and vaccines developed over the past century, sadly their distribution has not been as widespread as could be hoped.  More sadly some diseases which have been eradicated in the United States have returned carried by people from foreign nations. I shall not editorialize on this, you know how I feel.

Sirloin steak was eighteen sense a pound, light bulbs twenty cents. Cocoa was thirty cents a pound, theatre tickets were a quarter. You could rent a four-room apartment for ten or twelve bucks a month.  Milk was a dime a quart, butter was forty-two cents a pound. Eggs could be had for a quarter a dozen and a loaf of bread was about a nickel.  Gas was twelve cents a gallon for your car that cost about five hundred smackers to park in front of you two to four thousand dollar home.

While those prices sound inexpensive, the average guy made about ten to fifteen dollars a week, some even less!

There were still just fewer than 100,000,000 Americans that year.

More than a third of people worked and lived on farms and most of those hundred-million Americans lived east of the Mississippi. In fact the population center of the US was near Bloomington, Indiana back them.

(My goodness, there were still a fair number of Civil War Veterans walking around and four kids of our 10th President, John Tyler, were still alive.  Bear in mind Tyler was born in 1790.)

Born that year was TV producer Mark Goodson, Enola Gay pilot Paul Tibbets, baseball player Preacher Roe, Zero Mostel ,McKinley Morganfield (aka “Muddy Waters”), Billie Holiday, Orson Welles, Saul Bellow…

However, celebrating her 100th Birthday is our most senior reader, Jean Butterfield, born in beautiful downtown Minnesota a century ago.

Please join me in wishing the special lady (who is sharper than I am on most days) a very Happy and Blessed 100th Birthday.

Some years ago, I said I would do my best to have a Republican President for her 100th Birthday.  I did promise that I would do a special issue for her on that day.

Jean one out of two is not bad.  Not great, as I am sure you would gladly trade this issue for a real president but this is the best I can do my dear.

I think I speak for all when I wish you a very Happy and Blessed Birthday.  May you live for as long as you want but never want for as long as you live.

With much Love, Happy Birthday Jean!