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“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

My Friends & Fellow Patient Folk:

OK, it HAS been a while since you have seen one of these things. It is not due to any lack of subject matter. In fact, quite the opposite. There have been SO many things going on that were I to start an issue, something else would pop up and divert my attention, which is limited on a good day.

I guess what really drove me to put fanger to keyboard that my wife, who has NEVER read one of these things (I think for fear of being an accomplice or part of a conspiracy, she is the epitome of a “rule-follower” and proving that opposites attract), said that many people have been asking her if I would ever write again. THAT was a sign from Heaven to do this.

(However, I have still been a thorn in the side of many liberal editors, I occasionally Tweet and am on Facebook almost daily. If you want to, send me a friend request there. I am “John Savin” and the current picture is the business end of an A-10 Warthog.)

Let’s look back in time. Back in the half-dark ages we had the worst “president” in the history of the United States and possibly the world.

Barely a day went by that he or his pinions did not do something to destroy America, undermine us, weaken us, and take away our rights and more.

He was a “target rich” environment.

The joy of having DJT as President was mildly overshadowed by the absolute meltdown by the Hilderbeast. She blamed everyone but St. Joan of Arc and herself for her fortuitous loss.

And, in the vernacular, “it ain’t Joan.”

We knew and the new Administration new they had a whole slew of things to undo and make right and they started on Day-One.

What we and the new Administration did not know was that Biff, the Beast, the DNC, the FBI, the DoJ as well as others “allegedly” conspired to steal the election for the Beast.

They were successful in screwing that jackkimmel* of a Socialist, Sanders, out of the nomination. And showing that no good turn goes unpunished, they (the “alleged” list above) by doing so gave the election to DJT.

(For the last time and for clear disclosure and closure, he was not my top choice. I have had the pleasure of meeting the man a number of times years ago and from what I see, he has not changed. But I am thrilled he is he Boss, he exceeded even my most ambitious hopes for any of the candidates.)

I have been joking on FB that had I been elected dictator, none of this would have happened and that what had would have been adjudicated immediately.

Well, as we can see that I have not lost my ability to stray off topic.

Back to the alleged topic…

Back then I was spending my time addressing the hate of the Left and how they are hell-bent-for-leather to destroy the Country. (They do. Read something other than the Left Wing Media.) I was hoping that I would be writing about all of DJT’s many, many successes. (And no Mr. President, I am not getting tired of winning.)

But noooooooooooo…

The same jackimmels who were trying to destroy the Country back then are still at it. Schemer, Nasty Pelosi, Mad Maxine and the rest of the uber-Left have not given up.

The problem is that they are banking on the stupidity and ignorance of their pinions. Sadly all too many of them are willing to make a deal with literal devils to promote the failed agendas they were duped into believing.

To put a point of focus on this I will use one of these ant-tills of hypocrisy as the target of my bile for the Left.

Sen. Schemer has never done anything that anyone on the Right would say “Wow! Chuck bucked his party and voted with the White Hats.” Never happened, prolly never will.

He came out of the gate just after inauguration by stating that (parenthetically) “if the President wants to get things done, he should listen to the Dems and do as we say.” (I guess he forgot that his team lost.)

To me, that is like taking ship captaining lessons from the captain of the Titanic.
Oddly enough, DJT did exactly what anyone with a room temperature IQ or higher would do. He listened to Chuck and the rest of the Left and did the exact opposite.

Let’s get current.

The other day Schemer, from the well of the Senate, lied when he said that “the President should not be allowed to nominate a SCOTUS replacement in an election year, which is the ‘Biden Rule’”.

First off, Schemer lied, he knew he lied, he let his lie be forwarded and no one stopped him because he knew people on the Left are stupid and gullible and will
believe anything they are told to believe by their “leaders.”

We all know that Joe Biden was the dumbest man ever in the Senate let alone as VP. But, and to his credit, he did come up with the idea that ought there to be a vacancy for a SCOTUS Justice in the last year of his final term leaving that nomination for the incoming POTUS.

Joe was in the Senate at that time and this was when Bush 41 was on the way out. And for what it is worth I tend to agree with it.

Hark back to the last year of Biff’s term. Biff wanted the ultra-Liberal Merrick Garland to be on the Bench. The Reps successfully stonewalled even putting his name into nomination by effectively citing the “Biden Rule”. (And once again the Left do not think things through and do not consider the consequences of their actions.)

Now, the Left are citing the rule. Except it is not a presidential election year nor is it the last year of DJT’s second term. THAT is how desperate they are.

I made Schemer extremely aware of that as I posted those pesky facts on his page, ALL IN CAPS. (If you scan/troll his page and see a bulk words all in caps, chances are it is me.)

That is not enough for old Chuck. His next bright idea was to suggest that DJT put into nomination the name of “Merrick Garland”. Yes, the same liberal that the Republicans were able to stymie last time around.

Not sure if that was nerve or just stupidity. But suffice it to say that he stopped that idea pretty quick.

So what does he do?


Yup, second only to lies in the Liberal arsenal is fear. And in this case, he is lying to make the case for fear.

DJT has a list of some twenty-five names he has been considering or the Justice gig. Allegedly all are pro-Life. Of course we have seen where someone who has impeccable Conservative credentials can screw the pooch by his idea of what is and what is not kosher under the Constitution. Look at Roberts’ sustaining Obamacare. But for some reason the Left puts their ideology above the Law of the Land. Noted ACLU Alum, Bader-Ginsberg, has said that “the Constitution means nothing to me.” Someone needs to remind this woman what her job is. (And she NEVER should have been put on the Bench due to her high-ranking ACLU position.)

DJT has a short list of seven or eight and a shorter list of three or four. While I am favoring Justice Barrett, I am not sure he will pick her, but he might just because of her gender. (And as I come from the Barrett Clan of County Cork, we may be related.) I am not keen on Kavanaugh due to this ties to DC and the Bushies. That leaves Kethridge. We shall see.

One of the other reasons I like Barrett is due to Schemer picking on her because she is, like me, Roman Catholic.

Again, the “Party of Inclusion” (stop snickering) is citing religion as a disqualifying issue. After all, remember when JFK was elected and Pope John XXIII came over and ran the shop? Neither do I. (But the way the current Pope is acting, Schemer might actually welcome him.)

You see Justice Barrett has seven children. The Left sees that as seven less sales opportunities for “Planned” “Parenthood.” After all, if a woman has seven children, do you think she might change her pro-life stance? The Libs won’t take that chance.

So what do they do? As I said, create fear and spread lies.

You canNOT listen to a piece on the nomination without hearing the words “Roe v. Wade.” The Left are lying in that they say: “If we allow (like they have a choice) someone who is Pro-Life to sit on the Bench, abortions will become illegal”, or some variation of that lie. (Yet, they are comfortable with, and demand we are as well, someone who will uphold Roe. Like Garland, just sayin’.)
It is pure bovine scatology.

Let’s pretend that a Pro-Life Justice is chosen and a case comes to the Court. The decision is 5-4 to strike down Roe.

Do you know what happens?


That’s right, nothing.

The entire abortion discussion becomes status quo ante, the way things were before. In other words, according to the 9th and 10th Amendments it becomes a state issue. The way it should be and should have been. (We can and will discuss this in greater detail if and when that happens.

So, when one of your Lib friends cry that abortion will be outlawed, ask them for proof. Then ask them why do they like to kill babies.

Well, I think that is a good start and a good place to end. I will try to get these things out more often, at least once a month. But I hope you have missed this as much as I have missed writing this and hearing from you. If nothing else, follow me on FB.

God Bless you all.

Re the * above. Jimmy Kimmel is a disaster, a disgrace, a hater and more. He used to call Mrs. Trump “Melanoma”. A real class act. I have been banned from all of his pages in social media and otherwise. He, my dears, is an ass. (Or “a ass”, if you are a Dickens fan and deign to cite Mr. Bumble.) So, henceforth it has been decreed by Precious Myself, that hence forth and negative citation that uses “ass” shall be replace by “kimmel”. Hence “jackkimmel”, “kimmelhole”, “kimmelwaffle” and so on.
Secondary to that. In the old days the Nielsen Ratings were done manually, now they are done real time. They watch not only how many people are watching a show but for how long. I hope they are watching my viewing. I dutifully turn on the “Kimmel” show and the moment he says something stupid or hateful about DJT or his family, I change the channel. He has gone as long as 5 minutes and as short as his first sentence. I recommend this practice to you all.



“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”



My Friends & Fellow Suspects:

(NOTE: This was started on Monday before the attack by the Sanders/Warren supporter on Rep. Scalise and others. I will comment next time as it will be a natural continuation of this issue.  Please keep Rep. Scalise and the others wounded in your prayers.)

WE shall, as we do often, go off on a tangent.

Since we last met, a lot has transpired.  The Comey testimony, the activity of the D-List “celebs” on the Left (Griffin, Baldwin, Maher, O’Donnell and the rest of the irrleventocracy), the curiously named “Reality Winner”, Biff and Elsie back at it (Elsie?  Yes! Our old friend the Hilderbeast has rebranded herself.  So have I.  “Lying Clinton”, or, LC, Elsie, for short), the treachery and dare I say borderline treason of the SGRFM and last but certainly not least, DJT’s twittering.

Oddly enough this putatively disparate Joe Franklin Panel has more in common than that which appears on the surface.

For the greater part I am not going to discuss Comey’s testimony but only in the broadest of strokes.  Similarly I am not going to waste another pixel on those washed up has-beens and never-weres, other than to hold them up to ridicule and suggest being remanded to custody for psychological evaluation.

Similarly we shall ignore Elsie as she still believes that she should have won the election and did nothing wrong to cause it.  And Biff?  Screw him.  He has rented enough space in our heads for the last eight years, I will relegate him to little or no comment.


Let’s look at the Comey thing.

He is the brother of the guy who does the Clinton’s taxes and has a long standing relationship with not just the Clinton’s but the Obamas and Lynches as well.

After seeing his one-man dog and pony show laying out a case for conviction for Elsie only to say she did nothing to rise to the level of arrest and then coming back a week before the election with Act II.  If I were DJT I might want to jettison this loose cannon as well.

DJT is clever, very clever and he has very good instincts for the most part.

After firing Comey (nothing new, Clinton fired one as well) he dropped a few innuendos that perhaps the convos were taped.

Of course this was tweeted along with other things, some fine and some, well, odd. Covfefe?  Hmmm…

The Comey Show hits the big stage and tried to cover his butt, throw ex-AG Lex Luther under the bus, suggested Elsie was not as pure as the driven snow and admitted at least three times that DJT was not under any investigation by his office.

Oh, yeah, he perjured himself and while he was at it, possibly implicated himself in a few crimes.  (Aw heck, let’s call them “matters” like Lex Luther suggested about Elsie.)

He admitted to taking detailed notes about his convo with DJT (who, as he admitted, was not under investigation but did not take notes about Elsie who was.  Wha???), he admitted to passing these notes to a third party (and the jury, literally, may be out regarding the legality of that action) and he admitted that he was the leak.

I ask myself, after all that, what did he save for the special prosecutor (and good friend…odd no?) for him to save his butt.

You don’t shoot your wad all at once, you have nothing left to bet if you lose that hand. You KNOW he has something on someone(s).

Now, imagine for a moment if DJT did not make the statement and tweet that “he (Comey) better hope that I do not have any tapes.”

Do you think that Comey would have said and implicated all that he did?   Do you think in the back of his mind that he felt that DJT was capable of not only recording but using said tapes and that is what drove him to ‘fess up?

I do.

Enough on that for now.  We shall most assuredly revisit the trials and tribulations of Comey, Lex Luther and, with hope, many others from the most corrupt maladministration in history.

So among his myriad of other tweets, DJT started a post and the last word was “covfefe.”

The Left went batcrap crazy.  They wondered if that was code, was DJT having a stroke or anything other than what it was, a misspelling and an accidental “send”, or, as I have done just that, is my take.  Makes no difference either way.

What did make a difference is that DJT played it up, tweaking the SGRFM and letting them chase their own tails.

That leads me to the subject of his tweets.

I have had discussions with folks on both sides of the aisle.  Oddly enough the majority of all to whom I spoke stated that DJT should tweet less or not at all.

Let me expatiate on that.

Most of those on the Left did not want him to tweet at all. They did want to know of his tweets.  (I was not aware that one had to read or even know about them.)

On the Right, the majority of those with an opinion wanted him to tweet less or have someone tweet for him.

While those on the Left wanted DJT to stop tweeting it was more of a censorship but those on the Right were more concerned about DJT saving face and his reputation.

(I may be wrong but I do not think either of those two things drive him. I am sure he wants to be loved and respected but I think he would rather be right.)

But let’s crawl into that crowded and gen’ly amazing mind of DJT.

He knows, I know, you know, heck even the Left knows that the SGRFM are not only in the bag or the anti-Trump crowd but largely have come to make up their own stories.

Even Comey said that (paraphrasing) “The people who know things are not talking and the people who are talking do not know things.

Everyday there is some mush-head on some Lib media outlet (yes, even FOX which I think are now sub-50% conservative) gushes about some “breaking (bad) news (for DJT)” they got from some unnamed source or the like.

In fact Midnight the Wonder Dog can be one of those sources.

I have posted this on FB a number of times and I will say it again here, if there is no name attached to some statement, assume it is a lie. (If there is a name and it is a Libs, then you KNOW it is a lie.)

“This ‘unnamed’ sources crap has got to stop. DJT should issue an EO banning any media outlet from reporting on anything without attribution to a named source. It is not a weakening of the 1st Amendment but protection of good, honest and innocent people.”

(As a bonus my “proclamation” is at the very end.)

There was a report from, of all places, Harvard University that stated that the media is overwhelmingly critical of DJT with virtually all media outlets reporting more negative stories about DJT than positive ones.

While even a mollusk could figger that out the statistic that surprised me was that CNNs and NBCs coverage of DJT was 93% NEGATIVE.


I was shocked as I had not seen 7% positive stories about him on those networks. (And figgered PMS/LSD would have been even higher. (See link at the end.)

So, given all that, is there any surprise why and what DJT tweets?

To my friends on the Left, I am barely amused about your ideas on DJT’s tweets, to my friends on the Right, this is for you.

I do not care what DJT tweets as long as two things come into play: that the tweet is true and that the tweet does not reveal any classified information.

He can call names, say YUGE and BIGLY, say thing are SAD, that people are liars and the rest.  I do not care how down and dirty he gets, though I would prefer no use of profanity.

Consider that he gets basically ZERO support from any media.  Even FOX seems to be bending over backwards to provide opposing views to any positive thing they may say about DJT.  In a fair world, the crybaby Wahhaaaaan Williams, the shape-shifting Heraldo Hispanic, the recently outed Shemp Smiff (I don’t care he is gay, I care that he is a closeted Liberal) and others.

(Adding confusion to FOX are the likes of Greg Gutfeld – whom I gen’ly like, Kat Timpf – who is now my favorite Smurf, the always charming pro-wrestler, Tyrus – just in case you were not sure the news is fixed, and the recently ubiquitous Eboni K. Williams.  All nice people, all well-spoken – just like The View and he rest are not, but sadly, they all seem to be Libertarian.  Maybe not so much Tyrus.)

(SIDENOTE TO THE MAJOR: I am not dissing Libertarians.  But only by comparison to the Conservatives do I say “sadly”.)

Where were we… ah, yes!  DJT and the Tweets.  (DJTweets?)

Again, I am disabused by what DJTweets as long as honest and non-sensitive.  In fact the more fanciful and off-base his tweets are the more I like them.

Bear in mind, he knows he is not going to get a fair shake in the media, he knows that they are not going to report his every – or any – utterance as Gospel as they did for Biff.

The ONLYEST way he is going to get his word out to the masses is by his tweets.

Be they good, bad, indifferent, his tweets, like raps on the bars in prison, are the only vehicle he has for getting his word out.

The more it confounds and angers the Left, well, that is just a bonus.

So, my friends, chill out on being harsh on DJTweets.  They are the only truthful things we will hear about him.




PROCLAMATION: Let it hearby be known to all men, their kith and kine, henceforth, the SGRFM, aka the “Media” aka the “FAKE NEWS”, as a direct result of their desire to destroy my Country, shall no more and ever again be referred to as the “Fourth Estate” but the more accurate “Fifth Column.” Go forth and shout this from the rooftops so that all may know the level of treachery we are faced with every day.





“Memorial Day”

THE daily fish…

I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

I rarely eat leftovers, I gen’ly do not watch reruns of TV shows, there are very few movies and books that I have enjoyed more than once. That said, it is odd that I would repeat a THE DAILY FISH. Most of the FISH I have written, I suppose, I could improve upon, but this is one of the few that stands out that there is little room for significant improvement. I have not altered it in any way save to change the lapse of time since the last one. I feel the same emotion reading this today as I did when first I wrote it.

As the circulation of this little thing of ours has grown in the past year, I would reckon that there are a fair number of you have not seen this before and I posit that many who have read it before will anew appreciate the sentiment contained within.

That said, respect Memorial Day but remember the reason for it!


My Friends and Fellow Patriots:

Many of you long time readers know that there are a few things that are very special and close to me. You also know that, regardless of what is going on in the world, in our Country, in our backyards, that we have to stop and take pause for a moment and make sure we are shipshape, squared-away, flying right, on top of things, or whatever. In these cases I write a THE DAILY FISH to make sure we do this a few times a year. This is one of them.

On Mother’s Day, I drove out to Calverton National Cemetery here on Long Island. My dad, a WWII and Korea vet was buried there some 30 years ago. Not that long ago, mom joined him and Mother’s Day was her 11th anniversary there.

Like most national cemeteries, Calverton is in great shape, easy to get around, well maintained and if it was not such a bitter-sweet place, you would enjoy going there. Most days, other than the all-too-many funerals, it is quiet and no matter where you are you are almost always alone. Holidays are a bit different and on Mother’s Day I noticed a far higher number of flowers on the graves.

Other than on Father’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day and very few others do you see much decoration on the graves. Sometimes I think that is the way it ought to be; solemn, serene and reflective. On other days it is good to see flowers and flags festooning the final resting spots of so many of our heroes and in many cases members of their families. Our heroes, though gone, still are part of the American Family and many of them have paid the ultimate price so that we can live as we do. It is right and proper that we recognize and honor them with flowers and flags.

There are national cemeteries all over our country, and in fact, all over the world. I am sure that there is one not too far from you, if you stopped to take a look*. Maybe you know of one, or, like me, have loved ones buried in one or more, but if nothing else, there are fields upon fields of the final resting places of our heroes.

Many of these great Americans left their cities and towns, friends and family and traveled to the far reaches of the Earth so that we could enjoy all with which God has so richly blessed us. Most came back home, took off their Ike Jackets, Cammies, Dixie Cups and so forth and continued their lives until their natural end.

Others came home in bags and boxes, having made the supreme sacrifice in a foreign land. Some others suffered great injuries that accelerated their eventual demise. But no matter what level of sacrifice they gave, they all gave.

There is a bumper sticker that is, I hesitate to say is “popular”, referring to the brave FDNY heroes who perished on 9-11 that reads: “All Gave Some, Some Gave All.” Without fear of compromising the sacrifices made by “New York’s Bravest”, that is a sentiment that ought to be conferred upon all veterans as well.

I am going to eschew politicizing this issue for a moment, as this transcends politics or, at least, ought to. We are all affected and effected by the actions and sacrifices of our vets and we owe them all a debt far greater than we can ever repay. Even we vets owe our brother and sister vets the same, and in many cases a far higher, debt of gratitude.

One of the best and easiest things we can do is to fly our Flag from our houses. Or, on our cars. Or, on your jacket lapel. Or, like me, all of the above. I do not know about you but I get a sense of pride every time I see our Flag and recite the Pledge. And, is there a greater song than the Star Spangled Banner? Brings a tear to my eye. But that comes as natural to me and many others as a result of service to our country.

But there is more that we can do and I really do not want to get all preachy here or holier-than-thou but too many of us take too many of us for granted. If you have an iota of respect for our Flag and that which it represents, please, PLEASE, do something a little different this year if you do not celebrate Memorial Day in any manner other than having a cook-out.

If you are religious, perhaps there is a service at your house of worship you can attend. If there is a parade in your community, as there is one in mine, if you do not participate in it, please, turn out and show your support for those who do. While it is not Veterans Day, maybe you might wish to visit a local Veterans home or hospital. After all, those who we remember on Memorial Day ARE all vets!

One of the things I get the greatest satisfaction doing is the laying of Flags at Long Island National Cemetery, or as we locals call it, Pinelawn. I am not sure of the exact number but there are more than 330,000 vets and family members of vets buried here.

Arriving at first light on the Saturday before Memorial Day, the groups gather at various parts of the cemetery. AMVETS, VFW, American Legion, groups of Nam vets and now the latest groups are those from the Middle East conflicts. There are also Boy and Girl Scouts, Knights of Columbus, Elks, Moose and other fraternal and civic groups pitching in.

They will gather at their appointed location and generally have some kind of small service to set the tone for the solemnity of their duty and for respect and commemoration of those whom they honor. The Flags are provided by the cemetery and are placed in large crates spaced so that you can grab a few bundles, decorate the graves and by the time you need more Flags, there is another huge crate nearby loaded with Flags.

The folks take a few bundles of the Flags and generally work in teams of 3 or so, leap-frogging over the others as they place a Flag at the center of each headstone. Many people take half of a tennis ball for the purposes of pushing the Flag in to the ground. Here in New York even in May, the ground can still be hard. Or rain-soaked. Or something else. But no matter what, it is hallowed ground acting as a sentinel over the remains of thousands upon thousands of American Heroes.

We may have up to a hundred in our group and while I do not know the exact number of Flags that we lay, it is likely over 10,000. That may sound like a lot of Flags but it is only a hundred or so person. And, we get it done in less than an hour. In fact, just before sun up there is scarcely a Flag to be seen and only a few hours later, all 330,000-plus graves have been decorated.

It is truly an amazing sight to see, acres and acres of rows upon rows of white pillars, laid out with great precision, each one with a small American Flag placed at the center of the headstones. If this does not make you proud to be an American, there is something wrong with you. And, it is nearly impossible to look at the fields of fluttering Flags in front of their white sentinels and not think of the American Hero that each one represents.

I am sure that many of you do this already. I am equally certain that many more of you have actually wondered how all the Flags got there in the first place. I hope that some of you will be so impressed with this duty that you, too, may wish to get involved and get a great sense of accomplishment.

It is easy to do.

If you already belong to one of the service, civic or fraternal organizations, check with someone to see if your particular post, chapter, council or whatever is involved and then you can volunteer. If your group does not participate or you do not belong to any of these organizations, I am sure you know someone who does and ask that person if they decorate the graves for Memorial Day. If you strike out on both of these counts, you can contact the administrator at the cemetery near you and I am sure that they can either put you in touch with some organization or that they have a cadre that they field for this event.

So, please take a moment and say a silent prayer for all of those who served so valiantly and are in their final resting place. Take a moment and reflect on the sacrifices that they made. Then ask yourself, will it be just burgers and beers this Memorial Day as usual or will you take a little time out of your day off and will you do a little something for those who served so you can have the freedoms that we all enjoy.

And, while you are saying that little prayer, don’t forget those who are currently serving, especially those in harm’s way.

God Bless, God Speed and Thank you for serving.

* If you are interested in finding a national cemetery, here is a link: www.cem.va.gov/cem/cems_nmc.asp


PRAYER LIST: All those current and past who served our Country and were wounded in any manner, especially those in battle.  And an extra prayer for those who have returned and have scars and injuries that no one can see but are just as debilitating.

Requiescat in pace:  All those who have served our Country since day one especially those who have perished on the field of battle and particularly who sacrificed their own lives to save the lives of their brothers in arms.  And an extra prayer for the 22 Vets who take their own lives every day and with the hope that your prayers might bring that number down tomorrow and the next day.

“Nothing in Moderation”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”



My Friends & Fellow Radicals:

“Moderate: Noun: average in amount, intensity, quality or degree.  Syns: tame, soft, neutral, tolerant, compromising, restrained.”

Indeed, all the things I want… in a dentist office.

None of the things I want in a regular person or especially a politician.  (Of course I am demanding that those same “regular people” are good, moral and intellectually honest people.  Sorry Libs, Snowfakes, Antifas and the rest.)

One thing I could never be accused of is being “moderate.”  Back in the day, to me nothing exceeded like excess.  I drank too much, drove too fast, did everything too-too.  If it was worth doing, in my book, it was worth over-doing.

How I lived this long is a mystery to me and medical science.

Even today, when I should know better I still over-do many things.  (Many of them are not as destructive as in the past, such as working out and volunteering, but…)

I do not have a gray area.  Or a very, very little one.  Black/White, Left/Right, Wrong/Right, Liberal/Right and so on.

As it is written in Revelation 3:15-16: “I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.”

Well, that got my attention.

Or, as I say about Liberals (and/or Moderates): “Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything.”  (And THAT is your linkage to Libs and Moderates.)

That is not to say that you are not free to change your mind or opinion, as long as you can defend such a change.

Libs can’t.

Recall a few months back, the Left were clamoring for Comey to be fired.  DJT did just that now they have their panties in a wad.  The women as well.

This was not a change of heart, there was no new exculpatory evidence to negate their previous stand.  They hated Comey before when he was investigating the Beast, not that he threw the indictment under the bus.

The Right was PO’d at that.  But, unlike the Left, we did not riot in the street or loot a Cabelas.

They are not PO’d about that now but that some puppet master spouted the lie that DJT fired Comey because he would not back down from the alleged Russian Connection.

(This may come as a shock to the Left but the FBI director does not actually investigate cases. And, as we are getting back to normalcy and honesty in gum’mint, the Director’s boss, the AG, does not either.  [Unlike Lex Luther and Stedman who used the FBI to do much of their bag work or, conversely, ignored their recommendations.])

A Moderate does not believe in God, but wants to go to Heaven.

A Moderate thinks that “woman’s health” means that it is OK to kill unborn women.

A Moderate thinks that every POS on death row is a sacred life.  However, the most innocent of all, the unborn, are disposable masses of cells.

(Beating that same horse one more time, a Moderate says “we do not know when life begins” [guess what, we do] but is willing to ignore that and murder babies.)

A Moderate embraces homosexuality (and by definition, since they are feckless, they all ought to be bi-sexual), ignoring the fact that it is forbidden under the Decalogue.

A Moderate thinks we should welcome Muslim “immigrants” to our shores, ignoring 1400 years of history and a more recent look at Europe.

A Moderate is too dim to realize that left to run its natural course, the Muzzies will kill all those they see as sexual deviants.  (So much for a lot of Hollweird and almost all of Broadway.)


Moderates are the cause of most of the ills of the day.

Moderate Rachel Carson, and her lie-filled book “Silent Spring” was instrumental in getting DDT banned.  Sure some birds lived and billions of tiny flying bugs as well, but was directly responsible to the deaths of millions in Africa because of those bugs.  (I wrote an issue on this years ago.)

When I was at school there were very few 7th or 8th grade girls (say 12-14 years old) who had any semblance of breasts.  Today, you have ten-year olds sporting D-Cups.  (I am being observant and not prurient.)

Back then one out of twenty-four hundred kids had Autism.  But 2000 is was one in two hundred and fifty. In the US today, it is one in sixty-eight (and as disturbing that is, South Korea’s rate is almost double that.)

And, not for nothing, how many kids today are “diagnosed” with HDD, ADHD, LS/MFT or some such crap and are medicated to calmness?  I would wager that many of my friends, including yours truly, would have been diagnosed as such back the in the 50s and 60s?

Back then we were “hyperactive” or the like and nothing that a few whaps with a belt at home or a paddle at school did not straighten out.

Now, I am not a scientist nor do I play one on TV, but I am sure there is some sort of connection.

I am sure there is a good-intentioned “Moderate”, a la Rachel Carson, who thought putting something in food, water, vaccinations or the like was a great idea.  (Ever read “Brave New World”?  And before you think that is a stretch, did we not just live through at least eight years of “1984”?)

So now we have over-medicated, mentally and physically challenged/altered kids, the girls with large breasts and, based on the rape reports from grade schools, boys similarly “advanced.”

I am not even going to go near the idea of sexual identity where the parents that gave their kid a sex-change operation for its tenth birthday were late to the party as now they are discussing that mutilation for kids as young as six-years old.

And let’s put that in perspective.

There is a faction, albeit small, but vocal and connected, who have proposed that abortion could be performed up to the eighteenth (or, twenty-third trimester depending on how you count.)  Yes, they posit that a child is not truly sapient until he or she is five-years old. (Tell that to Mozart’s parents.)

So what the heck happens in that twelve-month span when a kid no longer facing a demise in the bottom of a medical waste bin (no, you can’t bury it, it was aborted, not murdered, big difference) (that was dripping with sarcasm) to the point that he or she is now bright enough to realize God made a mistake?

Are you seeing a trend here?

There are two types of Liberals/Moderates in the world.

There is the small percentage who are pulling the levers and twisting the knobs in the most horrific and anti-moral way in order to wrest control of the seats of governments and control over the proles, and the larger percentage who are altruistic to the point of danger who are too bleeding stupid to spend five seconds vetting what they are told to see if it is true.

Even “Crazy Lady” (as I refer to Nasty Pelosi when I Tweet to her) has walked back some of her statements of late.

OK, there is a reason for this preface.

As I have said many times before, I am not particularly bright for the most part. But I have been blessed with a different brain.  I seem to be observant to things and trends and my non-linear thinking (technically “a visual-spatial cognitive”) permits me to see relationships in a more abstract way. (“More Ritalin, please, Mom!”)

As most of you know I do not rely on any one source or even one side.  Even the lies and the liars on the Left are a rich vein of intel as invariably there will be other data to trip them up. (Id Est: Comey)  Ergo, I read articles, comment, Tweets, Facebook and other social media looking for anomalies.

One of the latest I have seen in too many places to be coincidence (and you know how I feel about “coincidences”) is the use of the word Moderate and it enhancement.   Yet, oddly to some and not at all to observers, those using the descriptive “moderate” do so in the past tense.

“Yes, I used to be a moderate but I am leaning more to the Democrats (or liberals, if they have a scintilla of honesty, or “the Left”, if they are given to Freudian Slips.)

I assure you, 122.57% of these former “Moderates” voted for the Beast/Socialist Sanders last year and Biff at least twice.

‘I saw Trump as a moderate but now I see him veering hard Right (or, Alt-Right.)”

Yeah…… sure.  I do not know about you but I still do not see DJT as a Conservative.    In fact as he seems to be ticking off people on both sides of the aisle, he might actually BE a moderate.

There is something that someone on the Right or the Left can say (apart from everything else) that they like that DJT did.  Not everything, some, at least one thing.

There is NOTHING that anyone on the Right can say “You know, maybe I got Biff all wrong, I really like what he did there.”

There nothing, zip, diddly-squat, Sweet Fanny Annie, bupkis, nada, zero or any term of your choosing, with which any Conservative could agree that Biff did right.

I am not sure why here is an upsurge of the use of this word.  I may be wrong but I think it is some sort of a defense mechanism.

The SGRMF are less trustworthy than Tijuana tap water, even the Beast seems to be keeping her distance for the greater degree.  What I think is occurring that even the wingnuts on the Left realize that but are too ashamed to come to Jesus and move to the Right.  What they do instead is “admit” they are moving to the Left, when in reality they do no such think.

“Yes I am a moderate, and I am open enough to consider both sides.  As bad as Schemer is with his lies, as totally unhinged as Nasty Pelosi, Muddy Waters and Spreading Bull are and that the DNC is now run by an admitted socialist, I just can’t get past those long ties that Trump wears. That is why I joined Antifas.”

Of course, they believe this, they will believe any bovine scatology that makes them feel good irrespective of its relationship with the truth.

What say you?  Am I too harsh? Ought I “moderate” my opinions….


“Here We Go Again, Again, Part 3”

THE daily fish…

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”



My Friends & Fellow Xenophobes:

When we left off, we went over David Rockefeller, George Soros, the OSF, the litany of anti-American groups they supported and the miracle of DJT winning despite the cards being stacked, the dice loaded, a brake on the roulette wheel and the referees, judges and umpires paid off.

I guess that is why the Beast lives in the wood now.

Despite the fact that the Beast could not fill more than a pair of shoes, for some odd reason, hundreds of thousands sore-losers, whiners and assorted DJT haters “magically” appeared in Washington the day after the inauguration.

It makes no difference the number, some say every living creature what ever lived was there, or a few hundred thousands, the bottom line is that even at the low end of the range, more people showed up to protest DJT than appeared at every one of the Beast’s rallies, combined.

These were not just the “shucks we lost” gang. In their numbers were rioters (hundreds arrested), destroyers of Shariabucks, sorry, Starbucks, and Bank of America buildings (both YUGE lefty supporters, odd no?), wimmens with childrens carrying signs with the worst profanity on them, harassing the police, defecating on the street and leaving the place messier than environmental protestors at a pipeline.

What is very, very telling were the responses by the unwashed masses when interviewed by the SGRFM when asked why they were there and for whom they voted.

The reasons why varied between DJT stole the election (bigly untrue), that he did not win because the Beast got more votes (allegedly true, but these civics scholars have no idea about the Constitution), to he is Hitler (nope, fair haired, no mustache, heterosexual), to ties to Big Business (er, the Beast has been in bed with Wall Street and Big Bidness forever), to he does not know what he is doing  (and let’s assume they think the Beast does.  Look at what SHE did.  Really, a reason to vote FOR DJT.)

You get the point.

But the when asked for whom they voted the three top answers was “The Beast” (and meant it), “the beast” (and they were lying) and “I did not vote.”  (Yes, a handful said “Socialist Sanders” or “Mental Case Stein”, but they were also mumbling a lot of other things and complaining that their tin-foil pyramid hats were too tight.)

My unscientific, but I wager accurate, data suggest more than half of the protesters did not vote or did not vote for the Beast.

So, what would cause hundreds of thousands of peeps to show up in DC at the same time to protest a President who has been in the gig for less than a day?

And let’s look at one other thing, there were three times as many bus permits (some 1300) for the protest than the inauguration (under 400).

How does THAT happen?

But none of those things bother me as much as what is not asked (as far as we know), what is not answered (as far as we know) and what is not reported (that we do know.)

When the tools of the SGRFM were answered by the PITA on the street that they did not vote for anyone, why were they not asked “then why are you here creating a disturbance?”

(I have a FB battle going on with some room-temperature IQ folks on CNN’s page over the useless Jake Tapper.  That could be a whole ‘nother issue.)

I have a friend who is a lawyer.  He told me ages ago that the two questions a lawyer will ask is one that the answer makes no difference or the one where he already knows the answer.  Lawyers hate to be surprised.

The flip of that coin is an honest reporter.

The questions those rare birds ask are the ones that DO make a difference and the ones to which they DO NOT know the answer.

Today’s Liberal “journalist” is off the charts.

The questions they do ask are the ones they are TOLD to ask and the ones they DO NOT ask are the ones that would put the Left in a bad light (or the Right in a good light.)

So, absent of the raw footage or a first person report, we have no idea what questions were asked but we do know that if a snowflake answered that she (either way) did not vote, we will never know that persons reason for attending.

(The SGRFM would never allow any possible or putative chink in the armor of the Lefty’s to be aired.)

What we DO know is that this was not a flash mob, this was not a spontaneous gathering of like-addle-minded folk.

This was a bought and Soros paid for protest with the singular goal of undermining the new President, embarrassing him and stealing his thunder.

Job well done!

But it was not finished yet.

Despite alternating stepping on his own foot and doing something brilliant, thanks to DJT, stocks gained, the deficit shrank and employment increased among other things.  (Imagine if the SGRFM shut up, stayed out of the way and did their job honestly?)

What to Soros and the rest of the creeps do?

Well, they had another party! This one world-wide.  And to give it more gravitas, they called it “The Day of the Women.”

They wanted suffrage!

These idiots already have it, but as they are 1) too dim to know the word 2) assumed it meant something else or 3) will do anything for a buck, they showed up en masse and far, far too many in va-jay-jay outfits or hats.

Not seen on TV or print were various “interviews” by peeps on the right “tricking” stupid people into ending woman’s suffrage.



Yes, that is unfair but the fact remains that one of the biggest reasons given for attending that portable slum was for women’s suffrage.

I posit that 90% or more of those who gave that response were exemplified by the people in the links.  All they know is that “suffrage” was something they were supporting or fighting, made no difference as long as they made noise, created disturbances and that they got paid.


Yes, paid.

Soros et al staged this assault world-wide at a cost of a quarter of a BILLION dollars.

Let that sink in.

Soros can drop $250,000,000.00 and get exactly zero monetary return and he is fine with it.

To him, it is a cost of doing business.  I am sure he figgers at the end of the day when his dream of world control comes to fruition, this will be money well spent.

Our job is to make sure he fails at every step of the way.

Back to the gathering.

One truly needs to go to the Folsom Street Fair to find a more disgusting and reprobate spectacle than what was offered that day.  (If you are not familiar with the Folsom Street Fair, you should look it up, it is infra dig for me to describe it.  You will be shocked and offended.  You have been warned.)

Look, I am not a prude and I am not easily offended by most things in the correct setting.  What offends me are men and women wearing lady-parts costumes and hats on the streets.  What offends me are people walking down the street with signs with every possible filthy word and phrase on them with the vilest signs directed to DJT and his family.

But as bad as the outfits and signs were, the fact that many of these “adults” had little children in tow, some of them dressed as the “adult” and carrying filthy signs.

The SGRFM could have chosen not to have covered these events.  Of course that would never had happened as they were designed to embarrass DJT.   They could have exercised a modicum of decency and civility by not showing the signs or blotting out the offensive words.  If you looked closely you could see that there were “attempts” to mitigate these signs on TV.  But as they “tried” so often, you know their heart was just not in it.

The worst thing was not a woman but a male.  (He is not a man, he thinks he is a tough guy, but he is not, he is a coward.)  I am sure most of you have seen this picture.   Here is this male wearing an outlandish cross-dressing outfit (that he appeared VERY comfortable wearing) suggesting the sundry lady-parts, with a sign with the words “You want to grab my P***y?” (obviously a swipe at DJT) and he is holding the hand of two small children.

What makes it OK to expose children to this kind of lascivious and disgusting exhibition?

Why were the police not instructed to arrest anyone in possession of a profane sign or wearing questionable attire if they have kids with them?

What else must go on in the homes of these reprobates if they are comfortable acting like this in public? Laws aside you would hope that people would at least have the common sense to leave their kids at home.  If they can organize events of this size, they can organize baby-sitters while the parents are out making perfect assess of themselves.

To the point, Soros et al funded these events.  No, he did not pay everyone who showed up at these events but he did pay some, he did pay for organization, he prolly paid for transportation and so on.

(He is also paying rousers of rabble to “attend” the town meetings for the MOCs, especially those with an “R” after their names.  You can look that up.  There is a script, SOP manual and so forth on how to disrupt meetings. Oh, and cash.)

I do not know anyone who went to the post-innaugration melee or the Wimmens March.  I do know people who attended the Inauguration and the Pro-Life march. For that I am grateful.

You see, this only proves my point that liberalism is a mental defect.

What kind of parent would expose their child to any part of any of that?  What kind of parent would take their kid to it?  (I would not be the least bit sad it some law enforcement agency started to look at the video and start “talking” to these “adults.”)

…More to come






“Here We Go Again, Again Part 2”


“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends & Fellow Xenophobes:

Well, it seems we have a little back filling to do.

In the last issue I made a number of references to previous FISH. It would be very difficult and redundant to repeat each and every citation even if I had them all.

I will start with this.

I am no brighter than anyone else.  I do not have any answers but a plethora of questions. I did not chose to write this on my own some sixteen years ago but it arose out of my writing of letters to the editors.

Many of you already know that.

The one thing that never failed me was the fact that the facts are out there.  You will either stumble upon them or use the scientific method and find them on your own.

Briefly, one of the books that made a lasting impression on me was “Megatrends.”  The authors were very accurate in their predictions.  The key was their assumptions and hypotheses had to do with not was written but what was not written.

Simply put:  those things written between the lines.

Bottom line:  I read, a lot. I read and listen to both (three? more?) sides.  I take no one source as gospel or scourge as even the “enemy” can bring their own rope to their hanging. (Like Uncle Rachael Maddow did recently.)

Somewhere between the hype and the lies is the truth. Even when noted liars Chuck Schemer or SNOPES say/print something, do not dismiss it. Yes, it is prolly untrue but it WILL tell you what the enemy is thinking, and THAT is valuable information.

  • Yes, Schemer, Pelosi and much of the Left ARE the enemy. They ARE enemies of freedom and the American way of life. But don’t believe me, listen to what they say and how that comports with the Constitution.
  • The Left (and to be fair, to a lesser degree, the Right) will let loose with something that has not been on your radar but a topic of great discussion among themselves. As I have said as Liberalism is a mental defect, these folks assume that you 1) agree with them, 2) are as dim as they, 3) do not remember what they said and 4) hate America as much as they do.  This is a motherlode of information.

What I do is to try to find these nuggets and put my thoughts as to what they mean.  That is not to say I know better than you but I just present these things in my own way and challenge you to find me wrong or come up with your own take on things.

Please, please, please do not treat my words with any less suspicion as you would anyone one in the SGRFM or with a “D” after their name.

(For giggles, at the very end under “Bonus Stuff” is a letter I submitted to the Liberal Editor of [Fake]Newsday. It is apropos.)

If I can find any of the old series on money, the “Clubs” and so on, I will post them on the website.


So much for housekeeping for the new readers, we have not done that in a long time.  Thank you for your indulgence.


In the last issue, and first of this series, we discussed briefly the role of Geo Soros and his being nothing more than a well-heeled and well-financed bagman for the NWO types.

In case you don’t know, this Hungarian, when he was a young person (not a man), during WWII, collaborated with the Nazis to turn in his fellow countrymen.    If you know nothing else about this animal is that he has the blood of Hungarians on his hands and he has not become any nicer over the years.

Devoid of any morality and willing to sell his soul to the highest (or only) bidder

(As I write this part on Monday evening, I have just learned that David Rockefeller died.  If you do not know who he is, Google or Bing him then read the fringe sites from both sides.  He more than anyone was the central player in these groups. He was one of the founders of the Trilateral Commission, member of CFR, Bilderbergs and others.  He and his family not just pushed for the NWO organization known as the Useless Nations but donated the land and financed some of the construction.  He was prolly the brains and funding behind much of the mayhem.  The big question is who will replace him?)

Soros’ “Open Society Foundations” (henceforth “OSF”) is, if anything, a front group for Lord Only Knows how many left-wing organization.  On one of their web pages, it is stated that the OSF’s purpose is “to help counties make the transition from communism.”

Sounds laudable, if you do not pay attention (let’s call it “reading between the lines.”)

Here are the two problems.  There USED to be some sixty-odd Communist countries.  Today there are five.  (China, Cuba, Laos, Vietnam and North Korea.)  I do not get the sense that any of them are “transitioning” any time soon.  (Cuba used to be a client state, which is the only one that might transition, to capitalism.)

That is the fluff.  The BIG lie, hidden, is to what are/were they transitioning?

Does not say, right?

Capitalism?  Sure, but prolly not.

Totalitarianism? Could be, but not overtly.

Puppet government?  If run by one of their hand-picked jokers, like Q’artar or Biff, then “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!”

(Remember “The Twilight Zone” episode “How To Serve Man”?  The people found the aliens book and thought it was a plan to help people only to find out it was a cook book.  Fings ain’t always wot they seem!)


(Dots connected before your eyes.  David Rockefeller tapped Jimmah Q’arter for the big chair.  During Q’arter’s reign, Iran fell, hostages were taken and Islamic Terrorism got its footholds around the world. Need I remind you of recent history and the damage and destruction Biff did to our military, standing in the world, fomenting hate and divisiveness, putting more people on assistance, “allegedly” running guns to the cartels, having his agencies write memoranda that had the same effect as law without checks and balances, inviting illegal aliens here, importing peeps and skells from the middle east and placing them in areas where they can soon become a political power and more, and that is all can type in one breath.)

THAT is the kind of “transition” the OSF is fostering, but, gosh, they are just too modest to mention it.

They are also trying to “transition” some legitimately elected governments as well.

While I am sure they are trying to manipulate governments and elections all over the world I am not all that concerned as long as we have issues here. We need to clean our house first before we start meddling with others.

Some years back Glenn Beck rolled out a scroll with all the names of the left wing groups that Soros was funding or was the front man.  (Henceforth, “funding.”)  The scroll was many, many feet long and at that time contained close to nineteen hundred organizations.

I am sure it is more than that today.

From the American Criminal Liberals Union, to (Liberal) Media Matters, to Human Rights Watch, to Amnesty International, to a few dozen orgs with the word “America” in the title, a few pimping “Catholics”, a dozen or more touting “Constitution” or “Constitutional”, all kids of “Citizens” this and “Democracy” that, virtually every infanticide fan club, ACORN, Project Vote and hundreds of others including the Democrat (but not Republican) Party virtually every carp and catfish bottom-feeding, left-wing, America Last T’waffles gets a check from Soros or the OSF.

(Here is a link to a short list: http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/viewSubCategory.asp?id=1237 )

Some of these groups have been around for ages, others are well known, well entrenched groups with nice, patriotic names others are of the ad hoc variety.

Not sure if I mentioned it here or elsewhere but think about this (and read between the lines.)

While stealing the nomination from Socialist Sanders, the Hilderbeast was all but picking out the drapes for her girlfriends’ room at the White House. She had it in the bag and she did everything she needed to do but seemed to have forgotten to win the election.

Just in case you thought the fix was is, you were prolly right.  At the end of her “campaign” she could not fill up a Denny’s without paid punters being bussed in from places unknown.

Meanwhile, DJT is filling arena after arena with quarter-mile long lines to get in.

Then, for some reason, even after all the fixing, manipulating, vote stuffing, under/over reporting, somehow DJT did the unthinkable, he “stole” the election from the Beast.

I am more confident today than I was back then that Trump was so much more liked, or, hated far less than the Beast, that, despite the millions, perhaps billions spent by the Left, the Will of the People prevailed.


I am going to stop this here and with hope field dress this sucker in the next issue.




I am a Ranger fan. The other day, they lost to another team, makes no difference why. But, I felt they are the better team so I demand they are credited with a win!

However, they won the next game but the opponents fans are being unfair and demanding their team gets the win! That is just ridiculous!

Yet, day after day you print the most amusing letters by people who just don’t understand that there are winners and losers. They are intellectually stunted to the fact that their candidate lost and refuse to accept that fact.

There was a letter today by someone who said “we do not have the facts even to determine the legitimacy of the presidential election.” No, of course not! The voting, the certification of votes, the Electoral College vote and certification leave a lot of grey area.

Unless one considers the anathemas the Left: those darn pesky facts and Constitution.

Here is the way it works: People rejected Obama and his failed policies and politicizing of hate, racism and division. We the People do care how angry “angry liberals” are about all their often immoral and at times illegal desires.

That is why Trump was elected.

It is humorous that if you actually read news from non-biased sources (sorry NEWSDAY) you will see there was much more contact by the Clinton campaign with foreign nations than by the Trumps. But even if Trumps team met with everyone the Left hates, let’s take a page from Clintons’ book: “At this point in time, what difference does it make?”, iterated after she left four brave Americans to be slaughtered.

So, to all the like-thinking people as that letter writer: “You lost, we won, get over it. We are here for at least the next sixteen years.”



“Here We Go Again, Again, Part 1”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends & Fellow Xenophobes:


First off, thank you for your generosity and kindness and generosity for sending cards to LCpl Logan McKenzie.  His grandad advised me that he received a lot of cards from you bunch.  He and his family sends their thanks and regards.

Literally, tens of thousands (or longer) of years  ago when the Og Tribe, following the migration of the Mastodon, chanced upon the Mung Tribe, they were less than thrilled to see them.

When I say “less than thrilled”, I meant “were speared and stoned to death.”

In the millennia since we have evolved, sorta, kinda, a little, at times.

In the earliest time when folks had no idea they were not alone it would be expected to despatch the others for fear they would take their hunting grounds or women.  Was this prejudice? Was this fear? Are they both one in the same?

I am sure that continued until “civilization”, when instead of tribes fought unknown tribes, kingdoms fought known kingdoms.

Finally man evolved to the point where it was not fear that caused them to hate others but just the idea of “others” as one neighboring kingdom was invading other kingdoms for riches.

Much like Chicago.

Of course this insanity continued unabated until the “Enlightenment” when people, tired of being mad at other people, got mad at God.  The end result were the beginnings of liberalism and the French Revolution.

Two of the most epic failures in all of history.


Fast forward to the United States, mid-19th Century.

Argue all you want about the causation of the Civil War, the Republican Party was formed to end slavery.  (You know, the Dems loved the black slaves soooooooo much they wanted to keep them forever!)

The North won, the slaves were freed and everyone hated the blacks.

Then came the first wave of European immigration when everyone hated the Italians, but still hated the blacks.

Then came the Swedes, Germans and others and people accepted the Italians, but hated the Swedes, Germans and others.  And, yes, still hated the blacks.

The last wave were the Irish.  And everyone hated the Irish, even the blacks.  But everyone else still hated the blacks.

Soon came the Great War and everyone pulled together to beat the Hun.  And they did.  And after the war everyone still hated the blacks and Catholics were still looked upon with a crooked eye.

(If you think I am being unfair to the blacks just look at the long, rich history of our Country doing our best to keep them down.  When I say “our”, I mean the Democrats and other fun loving liberals. This is not and will not turn into a diatribe or apologia, just the facts, Jack. The Dems predicated the Civil War by their intransigence with respect to the slaves.  After the war, while talking a good game, they put off citizenship and voting rights for the blacks as long as they could.  They did not deliver on anything they promised the blacks and as a result drove many to the Communist Party in the 20s and 30s. [It bears mentioning that the Commies “befriended” the blacks but never really helped them. Think of it as a trial run for the Alinskyism of the past eight years.] The Dems fought against the various Civil Rights Acts while simultaneously keeping them in servitude in the ghettoes and projects and courting their votes by telling them how bad the Republicans are.  SMH.)

WWII came and went without integration and eventually there was integration and things were perfect in all branches of military and in civilian life.

Except for one thing:  It wasn’t.

But integration accelerated from 1948 on and soon schools, professional sports and other jobs, restaurants, buses, etc., were integrated.  Anti-miscegenation laws were struck down and today no one thinks twice of all the mixed race couples on television commercials and real life.

No, things are not perfect but they are the best they have ever been between “the races.”  Except for some inbred morons with a penchant for wearing bedclothes and moron poverty-pimps, race-baiters and “rap stars” who are too dim, too hateful to realize that Rodney King’s dream was coming true: we can all get along.

Yeah, sure, we Micks are still drunks (and today being Paddy’s Day, I resemble that remark), Wops are still all in the Mafia, Chinks do our laundry and are good at math (but not driving), Polacks are too stupid to know they are dumb, Jews are cheap and Muzzies are the religion of piece. (Intentional spelling.)

Of course no one nationality or religion have a monopoly on organized crime, accountancy, personal services, poor driving, intelligence levels or parsimony. The slurs were used purely as a dramatic device and if you are offended, I am sorry you are offended.

As for the drinking, we even we Micks are not at the top of the list, that honor belongs to the Estonians (I wonder why, it is a lovely place.) We lowly Micks are in 7th place, but we are trying harder (at least I am.)

As far as the Muzzie being the religion of piece (sic), we are actually getting within hailing distance of the nut of this little slice of heaven of a FISH.

Truly for most of us, we are no longer prejudiced (perhaps with the one exception) to any race, nationality, religion (except…), even gender and lifestyle.

I posit that the percentage of those who are truly prejudiced by their own volition are little more than a rounding error. And, not surprisingly, the younger generations have even less innate prejudices than Gen-X’ers and older generations.

They have grown up with multiculturalism, exposed to every possible prejudice and the fight against them in movies and television and the liberal schools taught that prejudice was bad.

Unless you are White, of European ancestry, a proud American or, ew, ew, ew, “Christian.”

Yeah, pretty much all of us fall into at least one of those categories (I scored 100%.)

While many of us were doing our best to get over prejudice the Liberals were busy making sure that the kids were learning an entire different set of prejudices.

Aw, heck, let’s call it what it is: Hate.

As we have discussed over the years and in great forensic detail last year, Liberalism is a mental defect.  (I am stopping short of calling it a disease as I am not a medical professional.)  One of the signs is also its greatest danger: Self-hate.  And as we all know, misery loves company and the powers that be have made institutional hate a gum’mint department.

Or, departments. (We will discuss this in greater detail as DJT dismantles or savagely downsizes some of those entities.)

If you want to have a Wican Club in school that is fine.  Bible Study?  No, no, no! The Constitution has a separation of Church and State! (No it does not but that does not stop teachers from teaching that and papers printing that.)

You want to study about European exploration of the New World? You will have to do that on your own. If you want to learn about how the Europeans brought disease and danger to the New World, and how horrible Europeans were to the natives, just open up a “history” book.  (Yet, the same Libs do not see the terrorist invasion now as the exact same thing, except without all the good the Europeans did.)

You want to have a hissy fit about which bathroom you can use, well, the school will make sure you can go where you please. If you take exception to having a boy it the girl’s room, well, you are a hater!

There are examples in virtually everything we do.  You get the point.


But where does this hate come from?  I mean, over the millennia we have “evolved” politically and internationally.  Look at WWI and/or WWII.  We fought with the Brits against Germany, Italy and Japan.  Today, all things considered, not just the UK but Germany, Japan and Italy are among our greatest allies.  I’d wager there is very little, if any at all, residual animus against our erstwhile enemies.


Well, we have to go back into the archives prolly seven or eight years back when I did the series on the various Clubs, as I call them.

(I do not know if I still have that series. If any of you do I would appreciate it if you can forward it to me.)

The “Clubs” are the TLC, CFR, Bilderbergs and the rest, basically the NWO types that wish to control the world.  In that series we talked about the early Clubs, some still extent, such as The Round Table, the Rhodes Scholars (do read up on what it takes to be one, who they are and their founder, Cecil Rhodes), the Fabian        Society and more.

One of the commonalities, other than world domination, is patience.  The Fabian “mascot” is a turtle, suggesting a slow but steady place.  But that mascot’s motto is “When I strike, I strike hard.”

A look at the names on the rosters of these organizations will reveal some chilling things.  There is a lot of cross-membership, allowing, say, the TLC to get their messages to the Bilderbergs and vice verse.  You will see heads of state, even former US Presidents, from all over the world.  The captains of industry of virtually every business are represented including virtually every media outlet be it print or over-the-air/cable.

This is where you will see Dick Cheney sitting in a meeting and breaking bread with George Soros.

So, as you can see, nothing to worry about, right?

George Soros…

We have all heard his name and he is universally despised.  Yet, despite everything we know about him there is far more we don’t.

I posit that he is nothing more than the bagman for the NWO clubs.  Much like Henry Kissinger, he came from obscurity to great power, largely accidentally.

He is the face of evil in the world. He is the “Emanuel Goldstein” to the “Big Brother”   of, say, David Rockefeller. Or is he merely “O’Brian”, or, more likely “Parsons?”

We have heard that Soros has funded over two-thousand various organizations whose only commonality is being anti-American.

Really, where does he find the time?

The “Big Brothers” are putting this together and they are funding or allowing Soros to fund these groups.

Look, the Libs can’t organize a proper rallies for the Hilderbeast, their heiress apparent, but we are supposed to believe that the anti-Trump riots the day after his Inauguration and the Million Nasty Women March recently?  (Oh, there WILL be a deconstruction of THAT tea party coming soon.)

It was reported that Soros funded the Nasty Women Marchs all over the globe to the tune of a quarter of a billion dollars.

Really, we are to believe that?

Recall what the FISH is all about:  The facts are out there somewhere, all too often we ignore them.  I am not saying anything I write is the only Gospel truth but I hope there is enough in these love letters for you to explore further.

So, do you think that ALL the gum’mints so assailed would simply allow these marches?  That they were all spontaneously spawned independent of each other? Yet, the funding came from the same person and we even know how much he spent?

Really? Which one is it? Spontaneously spawned or planned in advance?  Where did the money come from and how do we know that is the correct amount?

With everything we are told about all these protests and riots we can be sure of two things:  The SGRFM (Shadow Gum’mint Run Friendly Media) is lying to us about everything, then the lies change, and the force behind all these issues, be it the hate of DJT, to wanting Muzzies here, to gay “marriage”, to this sudden desire for kids wanting to use other bathrooms, to abortion, to you name it, all stem from the same place, the NWO Clubs.

Sure they are flexing their muscles here and there, but they know if they can bend the US, they can take over the world.

More to come, has to be.  Not enough space today to expatiate.

Read and question.


Last, Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  Enjoy the day, drink responsibly and do not drive if you have even one drink! It is a great day, strive to make it better! Slainte mo chairde!

“Tap This”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends & Classmates:

Of course you are my classmates!

You read this, that PROVES you have a lot of class.

It seems that no matter what DJT does, there is an organized (crime) effort to stop, thwart or otherwise upset the apple cart of MAGA.

We can look at almost any aspect of this administration and see the work of evil (you thought it went away with OLG? Silly you!) Be it Schemer in the Senate, Nasty Pelosi and, the ebony to her ivory, racist “Minimum”ine Waters or the ever hateable and irascible, Nazi-sympathizer-about-town, Soros, there seems ALWAYS to be some stumbling block put in front of our fearless leader.

(NOTE: I started this three weeks ago and abandoned it for the last issue.  I have no idea where I was going with this but as the Left are the gift that keep on giving, we are blessed with a new set of circumstances for which the opening is perfectly apropos.)

Recently, the left, lead by Head Libclown Chuck Schemer, are still on their one-note song about Russian ties to DJT, the Trump Campaign, and prolly vodka, blinis, Borzois and ZIL Limousines.

Basically anything, and Trump’s name is tossed in for effect.

DJT and Co. have steadfastly refuted such allegations and refused to act on them.

The Left pull out the stops and caused a good man, AG Jefferson Sessions, to recuse himself from any Russian involvement investigations.  Sadly, for the moment, the next in line to head up such an investigation is a Biff holdover, who MUST go now for reasons we shall soon see.

(Note well, alleged AG Stedman and Lex Luther refused to recuse themselves of far more onerous allegations and both are still walking the streets.)         

Fast forward to Saturday last.

DJT tweets that he believes that the Biff maladministration wiretapped Trump Tower etc.

Of course the Left, having their talking points thy circle the wagons.  AC Schemer, erstwhile WH spokesweasel Josh Earnest, the shifty EX-DNI, Gen James Clapper and others went on the counter-offensive against DJT’s and others allegations.

Well, methinks they over-reached.

Recall a short time back when DJT did not want a Congressional investigation of the Russian allegations.

Well today (Monday) that has all changed.

Not only does he want a Congressional Investigation of any kind of Russian connection but to include the contention of wiretapping.

(First off, the Left is making a big deal of the Russian Envoy with this Republican and that one.  Yet there he is with Schemer, Nasty Pelosi, McCaskill and many others who have denied meeting him. [Schemer had an excuse.  The other two denied it at first.]  This guy has been with more politicians than “Sweet Sweet” Connie Hamzy had been with rock stars and roadies.)

Now, here comes the smoking gun, the connection: FBI Director Comey.

Remember him?  The guy who laid out a damning conviction of the Beast then says there was no way any judge would try such a case.  I guess the fear of immediate mortality could have that effect.

Yes, the same guy who was butt-buddies with both Biff and Mooch, the Beast and her charming hubby, Lex Luther and others.  Nooooo nothing to see here!  Pure as the driven snow.

So now comes Comey stating that not only is nothing going on but the DoJ should not be investigating this.

(Hang on, I need to make a call…  “Hmmm…, I see… It does?… He doesn’t?… He can’t?… Thx.”)


Ok just phoned a friend.  I was not sure for a moment, I mean I thought I was right but I needed to get confirmation because something did not sound right.

You see, the FBI is part of the DoJ. The DoJ is run by the AG.  It is not the bailiwick of the FBI to tell the DoJ what they can or cannot pursue.  Recommend, yes. Tell, no.

While this happening, Comey is saying the DoJ had not asked for a wiretap.  (How would he know what the AG was doing?) When asked about if the Intel Service asked for a wiretap, tap-dancing James Tapper, I mean, Clapper, the ex-DNI obfuscated that “to his knowledge”  and the other “no recollection” type responses if there was a wiretap request from his organizations.

Yet, there are records of two requests for FISA application approvals, one was turned down the other approved, to the relief of Lex Luther.

The only two agencies that can “request” a FISA wiretap are the DoJ and the NIA, and the Director of the FBI and ex-DNI chief “tacitly” deny such requests were made.

Yet, one was given Lex Luther and on the front page of the NEW YORK TIMES on 20 January 2017, left side and above the fold was reported: “Wiretapped Data Used in Inquiry of Trump Aides.”

(The day before was an article reporting that the FBI, NSA, CIA and a Treasury financial crimes division found “no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing. “One official said that intelligence reports based on some of the wiretapped communications that had been provided to the [Obama] White House.” So, if there were no wiretaps…)

So, what is it?

Are we to believe the ever-so-malleable James Comey and the rarely forthcoming James Clapper (he is a spook, I almost want to give him a pass as he would prolly not know the truth if it bit him on the butt), or anyone else named James, or the reports that Lex Luther swung twice and got one hit on a FISA app and an article and a sub-headline on the “newspaper of record?”

(And protestations by ex-spokesweasel and others that Biff never, ever wiretapped anyone might be hard to substantiate.  Just ask Angela Merkel.  And Sarkozy. And Ban Ki-Moon. And Berlusconi. And…)


There is no easy out for anyone.

It is not just Trump at the point who are under scrutiny but Biff, Comey, Lex Luther, Clapper, Ernest, Schemer, Pelosi, and prolly a few dozen other names we know and some we never knew.

Looking a little deeper, apropos of nothing else, this is a borderline genius move by DJT.

In one move, he takes away the “Russian Connections” salivations of the despicable Head Clown Schemer.  He can no longer slobber over the nearest microphone that Trump is afraid of him. And at the same time he puts the entire upper echelons of the previous maladministration under scrutiny if not outright suspicion.


The Left is apoplectic.

Schemer, assuming that We the People are stupider than is he, saying about the wiretaps (paraphrasing) “It is bad that Trump is tweeting that he is being wiretapped and he is not but it would be worse if it is true because that meant that some agency felt there was sufficient reason to issue a wiretap.”

The Head Clown left out the most likely scenario: that it was an orchestrated and possibly criminal endeavor by Biff, the DNC or agents provocateur.          (Occam’s Razor employed here.)

(It is largely possible, and dare I say probable, that Schemer is not part of any real intel sharing and is given enough information so that he would go out and misdirect again.)

By the time you read this, it may all be over.   DJT wants a Congressional investigation to include not just any alleged Russian connections but any and all wiretaps by the previous maladministration.

The big question is not what will be discovered but if the investigation will even proceed.

You see it is most likely that put in the spotlight will be Comey for anything that may or may not have occurred but also for the findings of the Beast investigation.

That introduces the Beast and her server as you know the Trump people will go after that. And when that proves to be a winner, winner chicken dinner, as it will then link to the infamous Anthony Weiner and the sensitive date he received, and with whom he shared what and the allegations that there are various types of porn on Wieners computer and perhaps a trail of who else saw that.


So to sum up, two quick adages.

The first is a quote from the Wicked Witch: “You want to play ball, Scarecrow?” and “Be careful for what you ask, you just may get it.”

We shall see

“Gimme 12 Steps”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends & Recovering Peeps:

“Welcome, and what is your name?’

“My name is Twinkie Snowflake and I am a Barackaholic.”

“Brother Snowflake, will you share you testimony, tell us what lead you down the road to Barackaholism?”

“Yeah, sure. I guess it started a little more than eight years ago. Like anyone else, I was just a regular kid, living in my mom’s basement, like many of my friends.

“One of my pals turned me on to Barack for the first time.  I dunno, I did not like it first, Barack did not seem to make things clearer, as I hoped.  It seemed to mess with my head.

“My bro said that all the kids were digging Barack, you know for what it was, you know, kinda cool and black, definitely black. That’s what my friends dug but I was not so sure.

“Anyway, really, I had no choice.  My friends were all like  ‘c’mon dude, try it, you’ll like it.’

“What could I do? I mean they were my friends and all.   Suds loaned me this cool sarape and Girly-Bean let me chill to her lava lamp in my crib, in mom’s basement.  So not only was it peer pressure but my whole everything would change if I did not go along.  And I love that serape.

“So I tried some more.  I kinda dug the ‘Close Gitmo’ vibe and the being cool to our brown brothers and sisters escaping that bummer in Mexico.  I thought my friends were right, righteous and right-on, this Barack wasn’t so bad.

“About two years into being a Barackaholic I started wanting more.

“I went to a MoveOn meet up in my bro’s mom’s basement.  There were coolios, hipsters, and a lot of others that I thought were like me.  They were all about the mid-term election and I was not into that.  I did my best to avoid any of that as I did not want to get in too deep.

“Then, BAM! here comes the Affordable Care Act.  Wow!  That was so cool, so amazing!  We all dug it!  We were told that poor people would get free coverage, everyone else’s premiums would go down, we could keep our doctor and my mom could keep me on her policy for a few more years.

“Now I was hooked! I wanted more and more of this.  I could not see that I was becoming a Barackaholic. I hung on his every word.  We all agreed that he was the smartest person who ever lived, just like MS/NBC and CNN kept telling us.

“In retrospect, since I was reading the Times and Mother Jones, I was a member of MoveOn and I watched the network news with mom, when she made me dinner every night, then then I watched CNN and MS/NBC on my flat screen in the basement with my friends, I was getting this info all the 12-14 hours a day I was awake.

“We all agreed that it was the best time in the world.  I felt sure for the first time in years that my degree in Mongolian Comparative Poetry would finally pay off.  We all agreed that all we needed to do was to shut down the flow of money from those greedy capitalists on Wall Street, close down the Churches so that women could have as many abortions they want to have, stop the media from reporting anything bad about our drug and, among other things, once pot is legalized then all we would need to do shut down the bad racist police departments.  After all it was the police who are the ones behind the racism.  Right?

“While I always have liked girls, all of a sudden many of them seemed to like girls also.  And a lot of my guy friends also seemed to like other guys.  I am not sure if they were always that way or did they just feel more comfortable now that it was not just not against the law but our president encouraged and supported it.  I was pretty sure he was a closet case and this was his way of making things good.

“I was hooked, and hooked bad. I knew I was involved in something that was all of a sudden was controlling my life.  Yes, I am sure it was around that time that I realized that I was a Barackaholic.  I guess I would have to hit rock bottom before I would come to my senses, just like any other drunk or druggie, and do something about it.

“Then my prayers, if you can call them that, were answered.  My eyes were opened.

“It did not happen all at once, it was not like there was a bright light and a voice from the sky said ‘Snowflake, get your head out of your (fourth point of contact.’)

“There was a riot on TV. There were black people rioting.  I had a hard time understanding why people would wreck their own neighborhoods.  We were told that the police were at fault.  Then there was a second and a third riot.  The president kept blaming the police.  I could not understand that, so I did the unthinkable, I “Googled” the Ferguson and Baltimore riots.  No, I did not look at the usual lefty sources but others I never heard of.  These sites had a different take on things and they also had videos showing what happened.

“Funny, the left media ‘said’ it was the police’s fault, but the right media proved the police did nothing wrong.  I guess it was then that I started to think perhaps there are two sides to every story.

“The president said that the ‘immigrants’ were all good people and truly that is what I believed.  But when I started to read I saw that no one said that they were bad people but what the president and the left forgot to say was that they were lawbreakers.  That the people who said that we should not call them “illegals” were lying to us.  They are here illegally.  They did not have to come here, they willed to come here.  And after I studied this and saw that the Mexican government were demanding that we take their people but they persecute those who try to get into Mexico, that was when one of the other lights that went on.

“I asked my friends about this hypocrisy. They asked ‘what hypocrisy’? It was then that I realized that I needed to find new friends.  I was a Barackaholic and they were enablers.

“They tried to tell me I had it all wrong, that I was being lied to by the right. And for a moment I believed them.  I guess I started to doubt my Barackaholism, just like some religious people have a crisis of faith.  I felt better by their reassurance.

“One day shortly after that mom came down to my basement and said that we were going to have to move.

“I was shocked! I was born and raised in this house and I figured I would spend my entire life there.

“I asked her ‘why?’ and she said that the insurance premiums were getting so high she could not afford both the health insurance and the mortgage.

“I told her she was crazy. I told her that that the president told us that the insurance is going to be free for some people and cheaper for the rest.

“She showed me his bills from a few years ago and the current ones. Wow! They tripled!  The increase was almost as much as the mortgage.

“I told her that I had an answer. I said that we do not need insurance, that I was still young and she was in good shape.

“She told me she thought about that then learned that if she does not have health care she would have to pay a fine that was almost as much as the insurance.

“I could not believe that the president lied to us!

“I’ve been talking a while, let me try to wrap this up.  The big lie of the ACA was my rock-bottom. For us, to have to move because of health insurance that was supposed to help us wound up costing my mom her house, that was it. What was worse was the illegals coming to America were getting everything for free on our backs.

“Look, I am pretty liberal, I know that and I don’t mind helping out or chipping in, but for us to lose everything so that those can get everything for free was too much.

“Then I find out that it is not just Mexicans sneaking in here, but Barack was flying in people from the middle east by the plane load.

“I thought to myself, aren’t we fighting these people?

“I asked one of my buddies, Wingnut, who was not in as deep as I was.  I asked him about the middle east people and he told me some weird stuff.  But since I really did not trust the other Barackaholics, I had to check it out for myself.

“I came to learn that the president was not just taking people from bad places in, but was deciding where to put them.

“I learned that there is a very large middle east presence in Minnesota.  There is a muslim representative in Congress.  That many places live under Sharia Law (look up that one!) and regular people are being thrown out of cabs if the driver thinks they might have alcohol and stuff.

“Also they are putting a lot of them in Idaho.  Idaho?  Idaho is nothing like the middle east.  Why put them there? For the same reason as Minnesota, to create false voting blocks.  I’d bet the Dakotas are next, right in the middle and create one of those caliphates there.

“Sorry, I can go on and on but I think you get the point.  I am sorry for my past sins and I am willing to do whatever I can to undo what I, my friends and that president did.”


“Well said, Brother Snowflake, we have all been there. Can I get an AMEN!”

“Land of Fruits and Nuts”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends & 49 Staters:

Not sure if this is the right word, but try “mesocosm” on for size.

We have all heard of “microcosm” and even “macrocosm.”  They being, respectively, a representation of something on a small or very large scale.  When I thought about what I am about to write, I came up with “mesocosm” that being, I supposed, the  “-cosm” between the more familiar ones.

When I looked up “macrocosm” there were citations of the biologic or environmental nature but not what I expected to find. I had to go through ten articles until I found one that agreed with what I thought:  larger than microcosm but smaller than macrocosm.

Or, as Goldilocks would say: “Just right!”

What am I talking about?

(Always a fair question.)

If you want to see what would have happened to the United States had the Beast or any other liberal been elected, alls you needs to do is to look at California.

California is a mesocosm of an epic disaster narrowly averted.

It is, for all intents and purposes, a one party state.

If you are a Republican you prolly do not have fair representation.  You have a Liberal (moonbat) Governor and both Senators are Dems.  You have less than a one-in-three chance of having Republican representation in the statehouse (only 25 of 80 State Assemblypersons.)  Those are better odds than having a Republican Congressman, where the odds are closer to one-in-four (14 of 53.)

I am loathe to do an overlay of the maps to see the vast majority of Californians who have no party representation anywhere.

Hence, a one-party state.

While not as bad as the Soviet Union was back in the bad old days of Lenin and Stalin, you gotta give them credit for trying!

(Yet, ironically enough, the Left are referring to DJT as a dictator, fascist, despot and more.  One would think that would want an “iron man.”)

How did this happen?

Stupid people.

Now, now, now, I am not saying ALL the people who voted for all the democrats are stupid, just the ones who let this happen.

Full disclosure, I lived in SoCal for over a decade. At the beginning of the 80s almost half of the Congressmen were Republicans, a decade later it was about ten-percent lower and so on until today.

It was during that decade that we saw Nasty Pelosi and the ever nasty Maxine Waters elected to Congress. Those two barriers to common sense are still there.  And speaking of stupid people BOTH of these geniuses are “not calling for the impeachment of DJT, ‘yet.’”

I would ask a rational person on what impeachable grounds, but not these two.  (After all, this is the party of Guam falling over for having to many people, for having to vote for a bill to see what is in it and virtually anything SheJack says. http://www.azquotes.com/author/8662-Sheila_Jackson_Lee )

People, good people, people who, while liberal, prolly had good intentions in mind when they voted for these and the rest of the liberals and their “goodness” tarnished the Golden State.

But people like Pelosi and Waters are parasites.  They are feeding on the goodness and gullibility of good people to attain their evil ends.

Think about it, why would you have all state documents and ballots in any number of languages?  Why would they give driving licenses to people who are not citizens?  Why would they give all the “benefits” to people who are not citizens?

“Aw, c’mon Precious, people have to live!  They need to eat and so on. Don’t you have a heart?”

Yes! Yes I do!  (And my cardiologists will attest to that.)

I have no problem feeding and clothing illegals, for their trip back home.

But the libs in California do not want to send them back home, they want to send them to the polls.

You see, while you need all kinds of ID to get into an airport or the DNC Convention, anyone can waltz, samba, breakdance or whatever into a polling station and vote.

So, let’s connect the dots.

Libs turn a blind-eye to illegals entering the Country, they are given everything they need by the dems, they are given driving licenses, they are told for whom to vote on ballots that are in their native tongue.

For whom do you think they are going to vote?

(Think about it.  DJT did not even bother to campaign there. In fact, is some strange way, if you really break it down, California allowed DJT to be elected.   Had he spent any appreciable time campaigning there he would not have had the time to work Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and so on, the states that put him over the top. But, as liberals never think things through or the consequences of their actions…)

To synthesize that thought, the Lib powers that be preyed on the “goodness” of the Lib on the street who then allowed them to create a situation where the illegals are given, basically, the same right as citizens.  The Lib citizens, still not getting it, just allow this to continue to pick up steam and the illegals get more and more things.

Now, look past the insanity disguised as altruism that is occurring.

Almost ten years ago, THE PEOPLE passed “Prop 8.”

(First off, credit where credit is due.  The land of fruits and nuts is one of the states that use propositions, initiatives or referenda for expressing the will of the people.  It is basically a pure democracy.  Not always the best thing, as we are a representative republic, but a firm pulse of what the people want.)

Prop 8 stated that marriage was between a man and a woman alone.  Essentially banning gay “marriage.”

Despite winning the vote on the proposition, within two years, based on the ruling of one gay justice, the will of the people was overturned.

Need we even discuss the absolutely insane ideas of so-called “sanctuary cities” (and campi?) These are against Federal Law.  (The last “president” turned a blind eye to laws he did not like, like sanctuary cities, selling guns to Mexican drug traffickers, importing potential terrorists [THAT will be a whole ‘nother FISH.})

You may recall a few years back the illegal who had been sent back some half-dozen times only to come back again and murder a young lady in the Frisco area.  (I seem to remember the SFPD would not hold him for or turn him over to ICE.)

And when we DO throw out some criminals, here come the snowflakes demanding the gummint to let them stay.  (Yet, oddly enough, you don’t see any of these same snowflakes inviting an illegal to share their mother’s basement with them.)

Let’s dwell on the immigrant issue for a short moment.

DJT issued a LEGAL ban on peeps from seven counties from coming here. Not the first time. In fact, Biff did that a number of times as have other presidents.

Some liberal “judge” in Washington State (and another in the Somali infested, Muslim represented state of Minnesota ) issued an injunction.

Yes, some unelected (Bush appointee!!!) federal judge has decided on his own that he knows better than the POTUS.

Now, let’s look at this guy for a moment.

He was a private lawyer who was appointed to the bench that has done a ton of pro-bono work for illegal aliens.  (Yeah, nothing at all like the gay judge who struck down the heterosexual marriage proposition in California.)

As a judge, he scolded the Seattle Police and taking up for BLM!!!!!

Yeah, when your liberal “friends” say there are no “activist judges”, here are exhibits “A” and “B”.

(Meanwhile, the gummint appealed the decision to the 9th Circus Court.  The most overturned circuit court. [SCOTUS has overturned between 60-86% of the 9th’s decisions since 2010.] This was before three “justices”.  As I write this, the Liberals prevailed.   This is far from over and at the end of the day the gum’mint will prevail.  Until then, someone needs to take the name of every person who has been admitted as a result of this travesty of justice and insult to the office of the President and if even one gives a citizen a cold, let alone anything worse, some Conservative activist lawyer needs to file suit against these 4 Solons on personal grounds.)

Meanwhile, back in California, education is going to hell in a very large, organic handwoven macramé handbag.

Sure, it is bad enough that they do not teach any useable math these days, history is all about the Europeans giving small pox to the Indians and how the Founding Fathers were slave owners (but never a word about the Irish slaves), where health class would have been banned under the “Hays Code” (look it up) and you can pick your own terlit to use and gym, fuhgeddaboutit.

No, there is this insane Liberal (this one really is, stick with me) who wants to change current history immediately to reflect… if you take a drink, go ahead and get one, you’ll need it, I’ll wait… (DEEP BREATH) “Russian hacking the 2016 elections.”

Yeah, they can’t teach kids how to play sports, they can’t teach them how to do math like a normal person, they can’t teach kids anything remotely moral or Godly, they can’t even be honest with proven history.

But indoctrinating little mush heads to believe something for which there no valid proof, THAT is important.  (Be still your little hearts, I will be doing another, perhaps rehashed if I can find it, series on education.  Here is what I know right now.  The Left hate Sec De Vos. That alone is enough for me to volunteer to bear her child.)

Take anything that is wrong in America, and I will wager that you can trace is genesis to the Left Coast.  (It is often said, looking at map of our Great Country, that if you could pick up the Nation and shake it, all the loose nuts and bolts would collect in Southern California.  And, it is a desert or pete’s sake. If He wanted people to live there He would not have made it a desert.  Think about it.   It defies the Will of God! [I exaggerate for effect.])

You can prolly narrow down “ground zero” to the Bay Area.

Whatever kind of hate, division, perversion, unhealthy practices, social insanity, anti-cop, anti-gun, pro-illegals,  insane politicians, rampant drug use, questionable living situations and great sourdough bread you can find in the Bay Area.

Between San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and Marin County you will find all the above and more in spades.

So had the Beast prevailed last election, you would have seen the tentacles of the Left Coasts failed experiment spread their venom and hate across this Land of ours.

There were rumors of some EOs she was alleged to wish to enact if elected, such as a total gun ban.  (I guess she wants us to be as safe as the citizens in Chicagostan.)  Of course single-payer health plan and prolly having the mark of the beast in your right hand or forehead.  Just sayin’.

Take a few minutes and look at the mess that is California.  Maybe we should build a wall around that place!


(Last word.  Some of you may remember a dark day seven years ago when I reported that my best friend in the world, my darling four-legged son, Midnight James, the Wonder Dog was diagnosed with cancer. He could have been “cured” with a massively invasive operation that would have resulted in his not being able to run or swim.  There is nothing Middy loves more than swimming.  There was a second option, that while no guarantee of a cure or any positive results, but would allow him to enjoy the quality of life he knew.  The Vet said that if he made it through the summer each year would increase his chances for a longer life.

(We chose the latter.

(He swam a ton that summer and in succeeding summers.  He developed some lumps but he showed no ill effects.

(In any event, thank you all for your kind thoughts and words back then.  But today, Middy turned 10 years old and while he is no longer a pup, he is a happy camper and is looking forward to the warm weather so he can do what he loves most, swimming.  If you have not finished that drink and joining me in toasting my best friend.  Happy 10th Birthday Middy!)

(PS he is on Facebook at “Midnight James Seriously Really”)