“Second Things First”


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“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends & Fellow Skeeter Davis Fans:

IT is time to revisit the 2nd Amendment.

I will try to explain it in such a way that even a Liberal can understand it.

As we have been told, you can lead a horse to water but you can make him drink, sadly so is true that you can lead a Lib to the truth but you can’t make him think.

I am not going to give the entire background on the Amendment. I am not going to parse the alternative wording that was considered.  We are going to look at these simple, unambiguous words.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Let’s break this down first, phrase by phrase.

“A well regulated Militia…”. Basically this refers to a standing army, one that is not just armed but trained.

“…being necessary to the security of a free state”.  Refer to the need for a standing army if there is going to be a free state to protect the people from the invasion of a foreign entity.

“…the right of the people to keep and bear arms”. This gives the people the right to own and, quite frankly, carry, guns.

“…shall not be infringed”.  There is no discussion, no modification and no exceptions. Basically, Molon Labe.

Pretty easy stuff, right.  Even piece meal it is self-explanatory.

What happens it that you have these Interpretive Dance and 14th Century Sri Lankan Poetry college graduates who think they have found loop-hole after loop-hole in these two-dozen-plus words.

If they started at the end of the Amendment, they could have ended there: “Shall not be infringed.”

Let’s rephrase this for the Libs out there at home: “Because a free Country, to remain free from enemies, must have a trained armed forces, it must allow their citizens also to be armed to prevent the state from imposing their will on the people by force.”

Capice?  Get it?  Unnerstan? Copy?

In light of the fact that the Colonies had suffered under the yoke of oppression by an occupying force, one that was their de facto government, one that held ultimate power over all aspects of daily life, the Founding Fathers took pains to see that this would not happen in the future.  (They must have envisioned a “Biff.”)

Unless you are severely mentally deficient it does not mean that the people can keep and bear arms as long as they are in the militia.  It does not mean that now that we are not under British control that there is no longer need for this. It mean what it says.

(It also means that no matter what some school books say, THOSE are the words, not one more, not one less.)

Militia, in Revolutionary times referred to the military.  At this time each state had a militia and by the Continental Congress and the Articles of Confederation stated: “…every State shall always keep up a well-regulated and disciplined militia, sufficiently armed and accoutered, and shall provide and constantly have ready for use, in public stores, a due number of field pieces and tents, and a proper quantity of arms, ammunition and camp equipage.”

The controlling interest in the military shifted from the individual states to the Federal government with the adoption of the Constitution and limned in Article I, Section 8.

The Revolution was from April 1775 until September 1783. The Constitutional Convention was May through September 1787, years AFTER British rule.

So the idea that the militia was just the basic citizens or akin to the National Guard is dispelled. The thought that it only applied when we were under British controlled are similarly inane.

If you wanted to be absolutely crass and in your face about the intent of the 2nd Amendment, it would read something like: “The government has a well-armed military force.  We canNOT guarantee that you will always be ruled by good or benign people.  To give the average citizen some leverage and some level of protection, no law now or in the future will ever take away the right of the people to own and carry arms to protect themselves, ever, from the government.”

Capice?  Get it?  Unnerstan? Copy?

As you can see, the problem is that no matter how long or short a law or anything else is, leave it to the Left to refine or redefine what the few or many words “really” mean.  I mean, look at the crapshows and cesspools of legislation the Left have made of the 8th Amendment (where the left found the secret “abortion clause”) and the all but unrecognizable 14th Amendment (the “Slave Amendment” that hid the mysterious “gay marriage clause” all these years).

The Left, largely, hate guns. And the Military.  And the Constitution.  And God. And all things right, good and just. (Why?  We discussed this in the multi-part “Why Liberalism is a mental disease.” In a nutshell: They hate themselves, to make them feel better they try to do “good things”.  Sadly they have no idea that all the “good” they are trying to do is actually evil.)

I have owned guns.  Not once did one ever jump out of the case, cabinet, safe or holster and fire at anyone.  I have heard the same from all my fellow gun owners.  My guns never judged.  They never looked for a person who might be “different” in some manner to do any harm.

But we have seen all kinds of Left-wingers, Muslims, mentally-defectives and the like shoot up schools, waiting rooms, movie theaters, night clubs, churches and the like.  These are the places that most people call “Gun-Free Zones.”  In fact 92% of the sites of mass gun carnage, the ONLY gun there was there illegally.

You do the math.

Libs create “safe places” where guns are banned to do a “good thing” and the only ones not obeying the signs are the murderers.   So, basically, anyone who has ever voted for a gun ban, gun free zone and the like have the blood of the murdered on their hands.  If there were armed people in those situations either the crime would not have happened or perhaps the first and only “victim” might have been the shooter.


We can beat this horse as much as we want, but the bottom line is that the Founding Father’s in their nearly infinite wisdom, saw what can happen when a gummint runs amok and starts to limit, curtail or ban certain things.  They saw the need for a freedom of the press (and we WILL be talking about that real soon), freedom to worship, freedom to assemble freedom to speak one’s mind as well as own a gun and the rest of the items contained in Bill of Rights.

Indeed, you can look at virtually every one of our rights and guarantees in the first Ten Amendments and look back to the events of the day under British rule and see how they were in response to the iron fisted rule over the Colonists.

(One can only imagine if there were to be a Constitutional Convention today and some of the things that might be in today’s version of the Bill of Rights.  I can think of a few.  If you have any ideas, by all means, send them to me and perhaps we will do an issue.)

So the next time a Lib tells you that we do not need AK-47s to hunt deer, tell her she is right, but we do need to certain types of gun to protect ourselves from being the hunted.  (Wait for the next issue for further “ammunition.”)

“Strange Bedfellows”

      “Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

                              Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends & Fellow Victims:

(FIRST OFF: Yesterday was the 241st Birthday of the United States Army. I wish to extend greetings and felicitations to all my Army brothers and sisters.  Equally important is the shared holiday of “Flag Day.”  However, I am of the belief that EVERYDAY ought to be Flag Day, as I fly mine every day to show my love and support for our Country, and now with renewed vigor for the retaking of our Country. Amen.)


As I have said, there is no such thing as a “coincidence” (right, Joey?)

Hark back to recent “jokes.”  One that is appropriate is the one where it was suggested that if you wanted to make a Libs head explode create a situation where they would have choose between gays and Muslims.

(We have talked ad nauseam about if the Libs took about five minutes to look at Sharia Law with their prohibition against homosexuality, abortion, drug use, etc., they would change their tunes in a second, right?  Of course they would not, they would try to “reason” with them.  Sadly there are countless stories about these heads of mush who travel to the Middle East to share their love only to be brutally raped and murdered.)

Last week, those two factions collided in a gay bar in Orlando.

An avowed Muslin terrorist, one who had just professed allegiance to ISIS, allegedly suffering from a terminal case of butthurt from seeing two gay guys kissing on the street, marched into a gay bar and shot the place up, killing 49 and wounding over 50.

Despite the walking, quacking duck, Biff called it a dove.

Where even the leftmost of the left wing outlets said the words “terrorism” and “Islamic terrorism” we were advised, eventually, that it might be something else, per Biff.

Rather than admitting that it was a terrorist act, Biff & Co. started the predicted mantra of gun control.

(For the record this clown had legal guns. Somehow.   He was investigated a number of times by the FBI, born in the US of Afghani parents, whose father is a Taliban “sympathizer”, who had traveled to both Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia and had met with a suicide bomber, whose wife said he was batchit crazy and violent and yet he was allowed to get a gun?  I dare you to show me any other case where a non-Muslim with even half the strikes as this guy was given an “okey-doke” to get a gun. I am not saying that the FBI turned a blind eye but perhaps there was other interference. Just sayin’.)

Sunday afternoon, Biff trots his skinny butt out for a “news conference”, fashionably late, of course.  He tap-danced all over the joint and finally said something to the effect that this was the fifteenth time in his maladministration that he had to address the nation in the wake of a mass murder/terrorist attack.

(Of course, he neglected to add that in those fifteen events where hundreds of our fellow citizens were murdered that these crimes were committed by Muslims, Democrats/Liberals and/or the mentally defective.  There was not one committed by a Republican or Conservative.  Additionally he neglected to say how many lives were saved by a legal gun owner using his 2nd Amendment right to protect himself and others.)  (You won’t see that in the Times or the networks either.)

He repeated that this latest attack proved that more gun control was needed. I am glad he did not totally screw the pooch by telling the lie that the city with the most restrictive gun ownership laws, Chicago, boasts the highest murder rate, is an example of the “success” of draconian gun laws. Or suggest that France, where the gun laws make those in Chicago look like a mere suggestion (where the police can enter any home at any time to look for guns), have great ideas.

After numerous attacks in France in the past few years, the gun ban seems to be working.  The other day two people were murdered in a terrorist attack… with a knife.

A knife.

Even though knives, rocks, cars and a laundry list of other things kill more people each year, the Left wants guns banned.

And we know why.

And if you are not sure, I refer you to the 2nd Amendment.  (Time for a refresher issue on this topic.)

In the forty-eight hours (or so) since Biff stood up and insulted the collective intelligence of the Country by not saying what 99% of those outside of his maladministration was calling it, he stands up again Tuesday morning.

It was widely expected that he was going to finally utter the words “Muslim extremism” or “Muslim terrorism.”

Do you recall how you felt when he finally mouthed those words?  Neither do I.

Quite frankly, I got the impression that he wanted that we should feel badly for the terrorist.  He did everything to exonerate him short of blaming Bush or global warming.

He stood there with that ugly, mean, glaring, hateful stare all but daring us to challenge him.  The measured stern tone he used was an attempt to bend us, break us, demean us and make us see his diseased point of view.  He tried to school us and it seemed as he went on, the meaner and virulent he became.

What a leader.


Will there be a reckoning between the gays and Islam?  Where there be some discussion between them? Will the Left finally see that there is no reasoning with the enemy and if they want to continue to live their debauched lifestyles they will have to disavow Islam? (And that kinda makes you think a little, no?)

What will Biff’s next (mis)step be?

What will the Hilderbeast do and say?  (I do not see this being a good thing for her. She is counting on the gay and Muslim votes and the backing of the proles in Congress. If she does not slam Islam and call it what it is she will prolly lose the support of those in Congress who are also running for re-election. And if she does, the same will happen.)

Even though in previous election cycles I suggested Trump to run, I admit he was not my first choice this time.  While I do not think it will be as bad to vote for him as it was for McLame and Romney, he can make that task far easier depending on his response to this tragedy and Biff’s “response.”

I am not convinced that Trump really means everything he says.  Let me rephrase that. I AM convinced that Trump really means everything he says but at times has to walk back his ideas when they are unobtainable.

This is in stark contrast to what the Beast says.  There is no possible way of knowing what she says truly is the truth or a lie largely because, being pathological, even she does not know when she is lying or telling the truth. (Handy tip: If she says something that ticks you off that is prolly the truth, if you agree with that which she is saying, there is your lie.  You are quite welcome.)

(I hear talk from a number of people, many I truly like and respect, who say that they will not vote for Trump.  That is a TRE and I will address an issue to that, pros and cons, but in the meantime, please do keep an open mind.)


(I had this puppy finished y’day as I was flying back to NY.  For some reason, it did not save.  Having lost the train of thought I was on it is impossible to recall the last few paragraphs.  They may have been good, who knows.  So like many of the great composers, this will have to be an unfinished symphony.  LOL)

“At a Loss For Words”


“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16

My Friends & Fellow LGBTheletes:

(NOTE: This was supposed to be an issue for a later date.   But with this crapshow masquerading as a Maladministration absolute, but with hope revocable, destruction the moral fabric while shredding what is left of the Constitution, it canNOT wait. Youse guys know how see things, will you agree after reading this?)

 For those who have been reading this thing of ours know that I am not the brightest tool in the book. I am not anywhere near as clever, smart glib or well written than those whom I admire.   What I can do it look at the bleeding obvious that others have glossed over or ignored totally and put forth a new take on things. I do not like to toot my own horn but I have a pretty good track record of pointing out that which is right in front of your face.

If you would just look.

Recall some nine years ago when we were first discussing Biff when he was just a mere pretender for the Democrat nomination. Recall that I stated he was an empty suit who spoke in platitudes and was a socialist.

I got a lot of grief from many of you for calling him that. You said: “How dare you! This is America! We don’t elect Socialists!!”

And in the months that followed his inauguration the apologies started to flow in.

We studied the various “clubs”, such as the Bilderbergs, Trilateral Commission, CFR, Fabians (we will revisit them in a moment), the Club of Rome and others. We had an entire course on money, central banks, the Fed and the criminal bankers who begat WWI with their greed, avarice and unbridled drive to redistribute wealth. (That being from the US to Europe where the central banks of the several nations were bankrupt.)

Where else have we heard “redistribution of wealth?” And for “folks to chip in.” And more recently and more insulting “paying your fair share.”


I have paraphrased the line from “The Hunt for Red October”: “The Ruskies don’t take a dump without a five-year plan.”

Now recall the Fabian Society.     The one that has a “wolf-in-sheep’s clothing” on their coat of arms. The one that has as its “mascot” a turtle indicating a willingness to take one’s time to achieve a goal.

Oh, the motto under that turtle? “When I strike, I strike hard.”

Now let’s just look at some of the stranger of the recent events.

Actually, don’t. It will make you ill.

Between so-called “Black Lives Matter” movement formed by the Left and funded by Soros, to the attendant manufactured racism, to allowing millions of illegals into our Country, to a rogue Department of Justice that is more than willing to subvert the Constitution to further the aims of the criminal cartel running the shop, to the focus of the balance of this essay.

Killing the population.

Of course they are not going to come out and kill six out of seven humans on the Earth to get to the number they think is the idea number of people. After all, if you kill six billion people some folks are going to notice.

They are going about this in all kinds of disparate and desperate ways. From the so-called “global warming” hoax with the cutting down of the use of fossil fuels (except in their mansion, jets and limos. Right, Al-G’ore, Leo Decaprio, Babababa Streisand and others?) From banning GMO foods (to be fair, there is some logic in some of the cases) to limiting heath care to the citizens. (The US is late to the party. In most “industrialized” countries in the world if you have a serious illness you will die. Biff though that was a great idea and came up with the illegally passed OBAMAS OBAMACARE scheme.)

Yes, those who hate and despise us, that being the uber-elite, the mega-giga-capitalists (how rich? Trump is too poor to qualify), the Club Members, the remaining monarchs, the worst of the worst (Rothschilds, Rockefellers) and those doing it for drill (Biff, Clintons, Democrat Party) have found a new way to achieve their goal of near global mortality.

Richard Pryor was a very funny but troubled man. One of his jokes back in the 70s was how China was going to take over America. As there was a billion or so of them back then, he opined that they are going to come over on boats and wearing sneakers to be stealthy, will break into our homes and (sex) us to death. (He used another word. You get the idea.)

Well the troubled and very unfunny people calling the shots have a plan that is essentially the exact opposite. To be fair there may be some sort of physical congress between “people” but not the sort that brings children.

Yes, there are some gay woman who give birth to children, in virtually all other cases there are no pregnancies.

Now, let’s ramp this up a bit.

All of a sudden we have “transsexuals.” First off in 99% of the cases that is a lie. Like many other words the Libs have changed the original meaning. What once was a word that referred to a physical removal/mutilation of the original genitalia, now means you are in touch with your feminine or masculine side even if you were born the other way.

(We will discuss more, but I assure you, if my wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, grand-girls or any female I know went to the loo and some guy who “identifies” as a woman decides it would be a good time to use the facilities, I will absolutely identify as the tooth fairy and knock his teeth out. It should be an interesting trial. And I assure you, this IS going to happen somewhere, soon.)

I know this is all over the place but it is a new topic and the genesis of it and the supporting ideas come from many places. Where the Left has a plan, I assure you it is asymmetrical and they are trying to keep us off balance while all the time wearing us down.

It started in the 60s and 70s with the gay movement, the Stonewall riots and culminated with the Lawrence decision (another instance where I predicted not only the decision but exactly what would happen if the court ruled in favor of Lawrence.)

Bear mind there were anti-sodomy laws on the books in prolly every state, and still are in some! So, what was a crime almost overnight became a Constitutional right. (Much like the illegal aliens who broke into our Country and broke the law in doing so and now there are self-described and tacitly approved “sanctuary cities” where apparently you can’t hold illegals so they must be let free to kill innocent citizens.)

Now I am not going to be catty and suggest that gays give so much money to the Dem Party because they have money to give that they saved by not having kids, that would be wrong. They donate, bribes if you will, to pressure the spineless Dem “leadership” to give them special rights. (I refer you to the series on Lawrence where in detailed where any extra right given to ANY group of people is unconstitutional.)

We are getting off track, as usual.

Let’s put a few more things in perspective.

Some folks are “OK” with “socialism” because it is “democratic socialism.” Let me be clear. Socialism is socialism regardless of the modifier. Socialism’s only purpose is a lead-in to communism and that is the precursor to the real end, totalitarianism. Calling “socialism” anything but what it is it like trying to pick up your dog’s droppings from the clean end.

Now that we know the socialism is communism ‘lite’ we can look to their play book, the Communist Manifesto, for their next move.

We have discussed this in detail but let’s look at two main points: closing of the churches, dissolution of the family. Promoting deviant lifestyles comport with those goals.

You can’t watch a TV show or movie where there is not a gay person featured. (Please, I have to say it, don’t misunderestimate me. I do not dislike gays, I am not their judge and I have plenty of my own sins and issues to deal with. Love the sinner hate the sin. OK? And besides, I am down to my last bad habit.)

The Left equates all this with civil rights for blacks. I assure you I don’t know any person, black or white who does not know what they are.   OK, there was that one nutjob White woman who identified as black. Asteroids have hit the Earth with the same frequency. That is a bovine scatological suggestion and will only be embraced by the feeble of mind or the wracked with guilt, they being the Left.

There is an effort, a movement for us citizens to be more tolerant, more understanding of the Trans types, after all, they say, they are just like you and I.

Er, no.

We will talk more on this as time goes on and as needed. This is opening up a big can of worms and this may be one of the biggest issues in the “presidential” campaign. After all, the Hilderbeast has been accused and it has been alleged that she plays for the other team and Lord know where Trump stands on this issue.   Today.

The potential for a Constitutional battle is looming as North Carolina passed an anti-pervert bathroom act (Harsh you say? Wait till it happens to someone you love.) and the alleged AG is threatening to file suit and withhold federal funds to that state, thus abrogating the 9th and 10th Amendments.

But the bottom line is this, the Left (tools of the Intellegencia) are willing to destroy the moral fabric of our Country and to promote deviant lifestyle.

Sadly the Left, and the Fabians in particular, have endless patience. Fortunately as they do not think things through, their plan can be thwarted.

If heterosexuality is all but outlawed (and don’t kid yourself that if the future we should become a minority that we will be afforded any special rights), reproduction will decrease to the point of the numbers the Elite want.

Of course that will never happen and if it did it would take far more generations than there are the wealthy.

It is just another crackbrained scheme that only hurts all involved. Or, SOP for the Left.

More to come on this thread, unless you beg me not to.

For the rest of you, read: “Pascal’s Wager.”

“Confused? Just Wait… Part IV”


“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16

My Friends & Fellow Confused, PT IV:

“The more I think of this election, the less I think of it.”

That should be everyone’s mantra.

Seems that old Precious might have been on to something with respect to the RNC.  Seems they are not oblivious to the will of the voters.  It is quite the opposite.

They are contemptuous of us.

Even a cursory look at the machinations of King Karl and Prince Prius would reveal that they are doing their best to screw the collective pooches of We the People.

(I am sure there must be a law, felony preferably, proscribing subjugating the will of the people voting-wise.  But perhaps I answer my own question when I look at the pains the Dems are going to in order for felons, illegals and other the opportunity to vote for them. More on that in a later issue.)

I need not say again that Sanders is totally unqualified to run anything but his own mouth.  If people are stupid and greedy enough to vote for this guy it shows how low we have come as a Nation.  Apparently the videos of him carted off physically during an arrest for protesting seems only to endear him to the ilk of people who would do the same.

(I do not want to hear that he was protesting for civil rights in the 60s. His party, he was a Dem at that time, was STILL voting against civil rights for blacks then.  And not thirty years earlier his party STILL could not see fit to have an anti-lynching plank in their party platform.  And as bad as they are today, it was the Republican Party what was formed to fight the Democrats so as to end slavery.  Anyone who was a Democrat during those and these times are guilty of the crimes their party refused to fight.)

There is no reason to even discuss the positives of the eventual Dem/Socialist candidate, the Beast. There are none.  Other than “guilty” she deserves no one’s vote.  It is not “her turn.”  She is not entitled to the gig because she has lady parts. The fact that she has “experience” is a false argument when you look at her complete and utter failures in her every position.

She abused the “position” of FLOTUS when she was up to her eyes in scandals and intrigues. The only thing that saved her then was Monica Lewinski was up to her eyes at BJ Clinton’s belt line.  Her record as a carpet-bagging “Senator” is as remarkable as Biff’s.  That is it was distinguished only by the lack of any important legislation ether of them introduced.  There is not reason one to even discuss her abject failure at State.

Not for anything, a guy who gets in the ring a hundred times and loses every bout has a tremendous amount of “experience” but nothing to show for in the “success” department.    One can say the same about the Beast.  Except that the bad fighter does not say that he won every fight, denying the truth.

Let’s get back to the creatchures at hand in the Kafkaesque “Republican” Party.  As I have said, none of these three stooges get me all warm and fuzzy.  Trump and Cruz are certainly not the best possible candidates they could have fielded and Kasich falls far short of that low bar.

The fact that lapdog of the RNC, Paul Ryan, had to make an announcement that he was not running for President and if nominated would not serve only shows the discord that is in the RNC.  (While I do not wish ill on anyone, a seven-month stay at some facility without any contact with the outside world for King Karl might be the only thing which can save our Nation.)

(Do you see why I have no use for Hannity? He has been a Rove suck-up for ages and getting worse.)

The sad thing is not just that Trump and Cruz are not doing anything to sway the populace over to their side from that of their opponents, they seem hell-bent-for-leather to damage their own campaigns.

I half wonder at times if Trump ran as a joke to see what would happen and when he rose to the top of the heap, he realized that he was in over his head.  By then, it was too late and he was in without any way of getting out and saving face.

Cruz has perhaps the best organized campaign of all the “R’s”. He had troops on the ground in every state, wooing local pols and getting his name out. He knew the rules, as fluid and fungible as they are, and used them to his advantage or, at worst, to Trump’s detriment.

He is a lawyer and a master debater and can hold his own against most any peer.  And therein lies the rub.

He missed the third part of Rummy’s admonition.

He had the “knowns” down cold.  He had the “known unknowns” sorted out better than anyone.  But he did not figure on the “unknown unknowns” at all.  (Don’t you just love it when parts of other issues start to make sense!)

And that “unknown unknown” was Trump.

Trump did/does not play by the rules.  No, I am not suggesting he is cheating.  Perhaps it would fairer to say that Trump does not play the game in a conventional manner. Cruz is like the Army, Trump is like the renegades.  Cruz is following the order of battle with his campaign and Trump is running an asymmetrical warfare hit-and-run campaign.

Trump does things for which there are no conventional responses in the “play book.”  That works to Trump’s benefit and has Cruz chasing his own tail.  The problem is that where on paper Cruz is the better candidate, every time he tries to counteract what Trump does, he winds up swinging and missing. He either does not clearly articulate what he really means or he gets down in the gutter and comes off worse than Trump.

And where Cruz is trying to be a nicer, warmer candidate, and that does not seem to be resonating as he hoped with the hoi polli, Trump is the same vile, vulgar and angry billionaire who states that he is a nice guy or promises that he will be a nicer guy going forward the immediately reverts to being the vile, vulgar billionaire that he is.

Truly, I have no idea where this clusterfred is heading.

You have a guy running from the Left who would have been under surveillance by the federales back a few decades ago.  His challenger is under close scrutiny by the same federales for so many crimes that she could be the first individual indicted under the RICO statute.

On the other side, you have some little known governor who is there only to muck up the works who brings nothing to the table and is only doing the will of the RNC with the hope of getting a bone at the convention. (Perhaps, Ambassador to ISIS.)

Then there is the Senator from Texas who is the most conservative and prolly would be a good president.  But he can’t get out of his own way and seems to have a knack for mucking up any victory.

And of course, the Mouth the Roared.  He might wind up being the nominee.  He might even beat the Beast (assuming she is not “indisposed.”)  I wager that if he becomes the POTUS he might shake things up so much that he might do a good job.

But I am not interested in “mights.”

The thing I have noticed is that Trump is a quick study and not only is he not making the same mistakes over and over but has learned from the Left (and to be fair, politicians in general) to switch positions, change his opinion on how the delegates ought to be allotted and the rest.

Oh, yeah, Buddy, there is FAR more to come.

So, here are the teasers for the upcoming issues.  We will continue with Part V of this series with a discussion of the Electoral College. On the social side of things, there will be an issue or two on the hypocrisy and racism of the Left.  (OK, that is too broad.  We will address the Beasts position on gun control and the changing faces on our currency.)

Last thing, there was a primary here in NY.  Sadly I received but one vote that I know of so I am officially mathematically eliminated from the R nomination (but I am still $3Bn away from an independent run at the brass ring.) Voting irregularities aside the interesting thing about that primary was that Ben Carson was on the ballot.  (For some of the voting issues you can take a look at my personal FB page on that day.)

Pray for our Military

Pray for our Country.


“Confused, Part III – Take Me Out to the Ballgame”



          “Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”


     “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


                                         Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16

My Friends & Fellow Confused, PT III:

“You have reached the Fire Department.  There is no one here to take your call.  Please leave your name, number, the nature of your call and a good time to return your call and we will when we have the chance.”

“Uh, hello?  Hello?  Er, yeah, this is Joe Doakes, my number is 867-5309, my house is on fire.  NOW would be a great time to call or better yet send some units to put the fire out before I lose my house.  Please hurry!”

Eight hours later: “Mr Doakes, this is the Fire Department, you left a message for us earlier, how can we help you?”

“Gee, thanks for calling.  No problem now. You guys did not answer the phone and my house burned to the ground.  Thanks a lot.”

“Mr. Doakes, are you saying that your house has burned to the ground?”

“Yes, that is right.”

“And that there is no longer an emergency?”

“Yes, the emergency is over, you did not answer my call and I lost my house.”

“So, your house burned down and you did not call us back to cancel the emergency?”

“What? WHAT? What the actual heck are you saying?????”

“Mr. Doakes, need I remind you that placing a call for an emergency is a serious matter and not alerting us that the emergency is over could prevent us from going on another call. How would you feel if your house burned down?”

“Are you kidding me!!!!!  My house DID burn down!”

“Well then!  Now you know how it feels. Next time maybe you will think about that!”

“You are joking, right?  Why could you not come to save my house? Where were you guys anyway?”

“Oh, we were at our annual softball game.  Would you like to buy some tickets for next year’s game?”


This could never happen, right?  I mean that would be like the president of the United States flying to an enemy country and playing grab-ass with the leader that hates us and trying to get on the good side of that dictator while at a sporting event when one of our allies was attacked by a known enemy and he just sat there like the fool that he is.

Nah, that could never happen!

First when a President goes to a foreign country with whom we have had issues for over half a century, it would be all business, right?

A President might try to give the appearance of being cordial but would never abase his office by sucking up to some tin-horn dictator of some banana republic, right?

Even if a President was at some informal function with said dictator and there was some attack or other catastrophic event, the President would take a moment or two to collect himself and his thoughts and excuse himself from the frivolity, right?

Yes, that is right!

And that is exactly what this president did NOT do in each and every case.  (And now do you see why I refer to this disaster with a lower case “p.”  He has earned it!)


Following the lead of his betters (that would be NY Gov Facia Brutta, Jr and Komrade Wilhelm De BlahZero, who, quite frankly are lower than whale droppings) Biffus Minimus heads to Cuba to suck up to Fidel’s retarded brother. While at a beisball game, your local friendly Muslim Terrorists did some remodeling to an airport and train station with explosives in Brussels.

(SIDEBAR:  A friend of mine was in Brussels that day on his way back to NY after a vacation.  Even though he was minutes away from both locations, he had no idea what had happened until a representative of the airline contacted him to arrange alternate travel plans.  If this was in the US it would be all over ever media and we would be told not to prejudge or jump to conclusions.)

Somewhere around the Seventh Inning Stretch, Biff made the announcement we were all waiting for: “Do not prejudge or jump to conclusions.”

Then he went back to his churro.

Remember on 9-11 when W was reading to the school kids when he got the word of the attack?  He took a few more minutes so as not to upset the kids, got on Airforce One and took control of the situation and led the Nation.

What does OLG do?

He hangs around a little longer where he is not wanted, in this case Cuba, then does he head home?  Does he have a major news conference?  Does he fly to Europe?

Nope, nope, nope!  The dope heads to Argentina.

(LOW CALORIE SALAD BAR: In the midst of this tragedy, he and the Mooch were at an event in Argentina and asked by tango dancers to dance.  After demurring a few times he finally acquiesced and danced with the young lady.  Surprising no one, she led.)

Going for the “World Most Tone Deaf and Feckless ‘leader’ Triple Crown” he continued his magical ignorance tour by attending a meeting with the leaders of Europe and other civilized lands and promptly and expectedly made an ass of himself, further making my Country a larger laughingstock than we were earlier that day by making faces during the group photo and flashing a “peace” sign. But knowing this chumps motives I would not be surprised if it was a gang sign or even an ISIS call out.

At a sit down with one of the leaders, the French one I believe, as that leader was talking about “Islamic terrorism”, for some odd reason, our and the American translator seemed to have left out the word “Islamic.”

This guy did not apologize for not stepping up, or rather, stepping away from the plate while he was in Cuba while Brussels was attacked. He did not return back here to TCOB, rather he and the Mooch went almost to the ends of the Earth rather than having to show some guts.

Then he heads to Europe to angravate anyone not mad at us and inflame more those who are. Then the piece de resistance, the word “Islamic” was stripped from its partner word “terrorism.”

And you KNOW this was by is direction at one point or another.

The only good news was that Fidel Castro wrote a scathing letter to Biff that made fun of his efforts, chided him for being a pretend commie (my take) and excoriated him for thinking that Biff could buy his way into the good graces of Cuba and by extension the Castro Brothers.

I am sure that Biff is still crying himself to sleep still.


All that said, this is why we do not need Socialist Sanders.  I hate to say it but I think the Beast would have handled this differently.  (Not that she has a shot of ever getting my vote for anything, except a “Guilty” verdict.)  Maybe not the way I would want but she is no stranger to blood on her hands.

Kasich is an idiot and I trust him with nothing sharper than a black board eraser.

Trump is still a wild card IMHO.   I can see him carpet bombing Iraq then inking a “huge” “amazing” “incredible” deal to build Trump-Mosul County Club with his “good friends” the next day.

Cruz might be the one guy who may have done the right thing but that is pure speculation as he has never, to my knowledge, had been in a position to make such decisions.

In other words, we are pretty much screwed if you go by the morning line.

Who knows, maybe Cruz or Trump may surprise us and rise to the level of leadership and respect we have lost.  Maybe Rove/RNC, Inc., will screw both of those guys and put in a “real good candidate”, one that even my unicorn likes.

This is the first time that I can remember that I am not excited about the election. I am far more anxious than eager.

I do not have the answer and the only one palatable to me is short the $3,000,000,000 I would need to wage an effective campaign.

Look at what we have.  Let Biff’s one and only positive use be that we do not want to elect anyone the least bit like him.  Let’s start there and hope and pray for the best.

Sadly, more to come.


LAST WORD:  God Rest the soul of Merle Haggard.  Say what you want but here was a man who learned from his mistakes.  Fewer people, other than perhaps George M. Cohan, wrote mote patriotic songs than Merle.  Some of you know that the sign-off tag on some of my posts on the various parts of the interwebs was a quote from one of my favorite songs of his: “When you are running down my Country, you are walking on the fighting side of me.”  (BTW, I posted a Youtube video of that on a about a half-dozen “Bernie” pages.  I can feel the hate already.)  Anywho, job well done Merle, you are now in the green, green grass of home.  And may His Own Angels guide you to Heaven and “Sing you back home.”




“Confused? Just Wait. PART II”

                                     “Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

                                “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

                                                           Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends & Fellow Confused, PT II:

When we last met we were threatening to get onto a more salient topic. Criminality.

Yes, criminality.

(And before we go any further, I will hate to burst your happy bubble but for the first times this election season the word “criminality” is not connected to the Beast.)   (I am shortening the Hilderbeast to just the “Beast.” No, it has nothing to do with Revelations and the mark of the same, I am tired of the extra seconds she steals from me as I have to type “Hilder.”)

Let’s paint in very broad strokes for the moment.

In the last issue I stated: “Trump is getting beat up from all sides but the actual voters. The RNC claims not to like him, the SRMFM clearly does not like him, the RINOs hate him, the Conservatives really can’t make up their mind so they hate him to be on the safe side but will prolly vote for him and his one real challenger, Cruz, is not feeling the love for him.”

Again, for the umpteenth time, I am not a Trump supporter nor am I carrying any water for him. But he is the candidate that is running who can perfectly explain the inner workings and machinations of the political parties.

Let’s work backwards. We can see why Cruz, and by extension “Short Bus” Kasich, have no love for Trump, he is the one in the way of their greatness.

The Conservatives do not like him because he is not consistent in his “conservative” opinions and still harbors a lot of opinions that are not espoused by the Conservatives. That, and he is willing to change his position on almost any topic mid-sentence. (At least he says it rather than promising not to then changing one’s position once elected.) In other words, he is not conservative enough.

The RINO’s hate him because he espouses what they consider ultra-conservative positions. He is not a go-along to get-along kind of guy. He is not going to follow Earl Mc Cornbread’s or Paul Ryan’s ideas and plans just because they are “leadership.” He has his own opinions and ideas and those are the ones he will follow. In other words, he is too conservative.

The SRMFM does not like him because he is not socialist enough, or at all. He is not an insider, an establishment fixture and despite his support for many liberal causes in the past, even if he still did today, he does not support them as much as does the Beast.

(The SRMFM have no backbone and no courage whatsoever. They will be obedient to whoever is in power, to some degree. But I will let you in on a little secret. Secretly, many of those in the trenches are hoping for a Trump administration. Not because they think he is a really “one of them”, they know better. They do know that Trump in the White House would be a four or eight year target rich environment for news and especially entertainment.)

We can look at all the above and agree or not. Even if every one of those things were dead wrong or spot on, it would make not a whit’s worth of difference, it would not change one vote.

The real critters here are the RNC.

I have been calling that cad “Master Cylinder” Karl Rove “Public Enemy #2”, just after Biff. Why? Why not indeed! Bear in mind, this is the clown that brought us Geo W. Bush and that was the BEST thing he ever did! (And that did not turn out so great. Ask Scooter Libby.) He was the power that stood up the RINO John McLame to run. And look out how well that worked out!

Not to be outdone, the next quadrennial contest saw him back Judas Mittcariot. Judas fooled a lot of us, many of us saw him as the guy who could beat Biff. He destroyed Biff in the first debate and when the second debate came he was so milquetoast that if Candy Crowley could not feed Biff a wrong answer quickly enough, he was Johnny-on-the-spot to help her out. Again, look how well that turned out.

I am not saying Judas threw the debate, I am saying he was told to throw the debate and from that moment on all but dared us to vote for him. (And who was his VP nominee, where is he today and there is no collusion or quid pro quo?)

Now, here we are, again locked in a mortal battle with evil. (And when I say that, I mean straight from the bowels of hell kind of evil. No? Exhibit A – Biff, Exhibit B – the Beast, Exhibit C – Geo Soros, Exhibit D – David Rockefeller, need I go on?) Who does Rove pick? Does he pick George Patton? No, he picks Gomer Pyle.

(Perhaps instead of Patton I should have said Chesty Puller, as Pyle was a Marine. Or, I could have said Will Stockdale, but that was the Air Force. Or Ensign Parker, nope, Navy. I guess the Army did not have any screw-ups.   LOL!)

Yes, in this case the Gomer Pyle is the least likely one you would think, Little Jebbie Bush (or Jeborah, your choice.) This trained seal would do anything that Rove would tell him and I think the people were just a little too sharp to see Little Jebbie as a viable candidate. And to be fair to Jebbie, if Trump was not on the dais he may have had a shot. But Trump’s personality is almost as big as his ego and he made Jebbie and others look like wimps, especially when going one-on-one with Trump.

Over one-hundred million dollars wasted and Jebbie, with no wind, smartens up and drops out.

Do Rove and the RNC Chair, Rancid Prius, see the writing on the wall, cave and back Trump?

No, don’t be silly, that would make sense. Or at least back Cruz, the most Conservative and who has the best chance of surviving Trump.

They back that weak-sweaty-sister Dorko Rubio.

(They say Cruz in unlikable. Maybe so. But I am not having tea with the President so I would rather have one that is not a laughingstock. Again.   And not for anything I do not find Dorko that charming.)

Now Dorko is dead meat, here comes Judas Mittcarriot again.

Really? Are we THAT stupid?

You would think the only game in town to the eyes of most people in the RNC leadership is that useful tool, Short Bus Kasich.

Here is where reading between the lines comes in handy.

You see, the RNC fathers know Kasich is not their guy.   If he was they, would be pouring shedloads of cash into his campaign in order to siphon more votes from Trump in order to force a contested convention. Don’t misunderestimate me, it is not that he would not be a good and faithful lap dog and do their biding, but I think they want someone who is already trained. But Lord knows who they really want, as Judas did not fly. Again, again.

But despite that, that is not what makes me think the fix is in, or if it is, that that is the driving force in selecting the “nominee” with the blessing of the party opposite.

You see, if there were to be no Trump, there would be a Little Jebbie or a Dorko. They would not have been exposed for the weaklings they are.   Dorko prolly would have gotten the nomination, as in 2008, they would have played the race card this time and he or the Beast (if she can escape incarceration) would win and it would be business as usual for RNC, Inc., and DNC, Inc.

But, no.


RNC, Inc. might possibly do everything in their power to stop Trump even at the expense of having the Beast in the White House. (Socialist Sanders would never get elected and his place in the contest was to make the Beast not look like a Marxist. If the Beast gets some bracelets that are not from Jarrod’s, Bernie might do well to avoid being in rooms with area rugs.)

If the Beast should get elected, it is still business as usual for RNC, Inc. Or, at least they are still in business.

Should Trump prevail, the monopoly that was once Rove and Co., will be broken.

Rove has no hooks in Trump.

Trump owes Rove nothing.

So when Rove, Rancid or anyone else comes around to “tell” Trump who they want for this position or that cabinet position or that ambassadorship, he will tell them to pound sand.

To be fair while Trump knows a million “amazing”, “huge”, “incredible” people in all walks of life I am not certain that he knows who the “best” people would be to fill the myriad positions of patronage and esteem. And to be fair, Trump’s strong suit in business has been to find the right people to do the job. That said, he prolly knows the people that know the people for the job.

Of course there are more and greater issues with which to contend before one announces a wake call for the RNC.   Such as the Congressional elections and do the Republicans maintain majority, add or lose? And knowing the White House is out of their control, might the RNC double down and stack the deck in Congress with their own?

Soon we shall see. It is going to be a tough ride for both parties and truly the only winner that I care about is my Country. I can’t tell you for sure who I want to win but I can tell you whom I don’t. That would be anyone with a “D” after their name.

And, yes, you know me so well… more to come on this.

Last and certainly not least, I wish each and every one of you and yours a very Happy Easter.

(I know that not all of you are Christian and this is OK. I do not wish you a Happy Easter for any other reason than it is our most important Holy Day and I want to share that joy with you.   And as I wish everyone a happy whatever holiday or Holyday you celebrate, I am just doing my best to remain not politically correct by offering Spring Equinox felicitations but Happy Easter.   Now, go have fun.)


“What Are the Odds…?”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16

My Friends & Fellow Math Scholars:

The other day, one of youse posted something on my personal Facebook page.   I was really touched by the post.  The fellow who posted it, a fellow vet, has been a long time reader and we have communicated a number of times over the years.

The post simply read: “Hang out with me for too long and I’ll brainwash you into thinking for yourself.”

I was touched, as I said, and I commented “You know me so well.”

That, my friends, is the mission statement of The Daily Fish.

I have said all along, I try to remain as impartial as I can be, difficult given the last decade.  But I never pontificate that only I have the right answer.  Oftimes, I will suggest a number of possibilities and wax rhapsodic on each.  But the bottom line is that I present either an argument or a soliloquy and the end you draw your own conclusions. Don’t go by me alone.  After all, you pay nothing for this piece of my time every so often and I try to give you your money’s worth!

One of the things I have stated over the years is to “read between the lines”, that is, what is NOT being stated.  How do you know what is not there? Well, if you read enough articles on the same topic eventually there will be any number of things which are different from each one. Some will cancel others out, some are mere repetitions of something else but there will be a few nuggets that will cause you to re-read a sentence or a paragraph as it contains something new.

Recall when I mentioned the brilliant job our brains do 24/7/365 filtering all sorts of things.  Some are important (alerting us to alarms, gun shots, Hilderbeast’s lying) and alerting us to be on guard.  As well as things mundane, such as background noise, a gentle wind, normal traffic and the like.

And that there was a third possibility; the unsure.

I gave the example of you are sitting in a crowded restaurant with a friend or loved one and there are a hundred people having fifty conversations.  You are oblivious to the other forty-nine conversations until you hear your name across the room.  You immediately stop and look around to see who spoke of you.

You were consciously listening to your diner mate but your brain was monitoring all the other conversations seeking clues, signs of danger or anything out of the ordinary.

Same thing when you read an article.  You have already read a dozen or so articles on the same topic and out of the blue, BAM, there is something new.

THAT is reading between the lines.

Now as we are in the middle of the insane pageant of political chicanery and, as the stakes have never been higher, we have to ramp up our prognostication skills a few notches.

We canNOT possibly believe everything that every candidate says, or 99% of what any Democrat opines.  We canNOT afford to be like the Dems where their candidates are equally lethal for our Country. Only the methods of our demise are differing.

George Friedman came up with something called “constraint theory.” It is a nonquantitative piece of multidimensional mathematics.  The book he wrote on this topic has more to do with business rubrics but can easily be massaged for most any other situation.

(For instance: Biffistan declares war on Romneyville.  We are unsure for whom to back, all other things being equal. It then boils down to an economic exercise in that who much would it cost to do this or that.  What will it cost is if we don’t.  It is not all fun with numbers as one of the variables can be the number of casualties.)

On the other hand there are the theories of probability and predictable outcome theories.

Do note, the word “theory” is used in all of these as there is no certainty at hand until after the fact.  A little hard to “check your work” before handing it in!

Add to all this, the thoughts of one of my favorite SecDefs, Don Rumsfeld.

He mused on one occasion: Reports that say that something hasn’t happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t know we don’t know. And if one looks throughout the history of our country and other free countries, it is the latter category that tend to be the difficult ones.”

I posit that the good secretary had employed any number and permutations of the previous mentioned “theories” to in an attempt to divine the “unknown unknowns.”

We will get to the politics of the day in a moment, this is all needed for background and, with hope, allow you to draw your own conclusions and candidates.

I have been using a mélange of those theories, unbeknownst to me.  In fact I did not even know there were names for them until I “started to do the math.”

Basically take any set of variables. Key to any likelihood of success is not to have any preconceived idea as to any kind of desired or undesired outcome.  Think off all possibilities as your children: you do not love one more or less than the others. (Though, my mother favored me.  Can’t blame her.)

Like the “constraint theory”, you eliminate all results that would be impossible.  (The Hilderbeast becoming a nun and turning herself into the FBI for her crimes, for instance.)

In the process of assigning valuation to the rest of the possibilities a pattern will generally emerge as to the trend as to where the logical result might be.

However, if things are not going according to Hoyle and a representative chart of probability is not providing any kind of rational solution, you may have uncovered one of Rummy’s “unkown unknowns.”

(As I have expressed before, my thought processes are not the type in common with most folks. So nontraditional or nonquantitative thought processes are more the norm for me and I was heartened to see that there was actually math that buttressed my ideas.)

In the next issue we will start to deconstruct the various candidates, their initiatives and platforms, how that plays to the various factions of the electorate and other variables.

My methodology will entail listing the impossible and then coming up with a list of probabilities, possibilities, likelys, and the unlikelys and improbables to go with the impossibilities.

You can all play.  Feel free to send me your thoughts on any candidate and any level of thought from impossible to likely.  If I get enough of a sampling we can use that as a baseline and see how well your powers of divination are.

In issues prior I have cited the name of the old “Firesign Theater” album: “Everything You Know Is Wrong.”  In this election, that just might be true.

Last election, I do not recall many of us excited by the now-called “Judas Mittcariot.” But back then we all detested Biff and wanted him gone.  Alas, that was not to be as apparently Judas Mittcariot liked him just fine.  Or at least enough to throw the election. IMHBAO.

Time before, even fewer of us backed the RINO McLame.  We were temporarily fixated on Sarah Palin who, by comparison, seemed like the real deal.  But even Klondike Barbie turned out to be a disappointment on a number of levels.  (That is a clue.)

This time we do not have the benefit of hindsight to help us out.  Other than the Hilderbeast none of these clowns have been trying for the big dance before.

Most of us are painfully unaware of even a fair amount of what “our guy” REALLY stands for or stood for previously.  Some look like one thing and are really another, some seem to stick to their guns while others treat points and positions like moving targets.

And those are the peeps we LIKE!  The one “known known” is that none of us (correct me if I am wrong) want any “D” to win ANY seat, especially the big one.

Or, might there be the odd exception?  (Recall how I suggested that I would be fine if Earl McCornbread and Smoking Johnny lost their seats?  They did not and we are the worse for it.)

So, hang on, it is going to get rough as we dive into the murky waters of uncertainty.  We will try to makes sense of these characters, or, at least enough for you to make an educated decision on “our” guy.  And I guarantee you that exposed to the same set of “facts” and “deconstruction”, we will not all agree as to the “best” candidate.

Think about all the above and please, PLEASE, take a few minutes to do your homework and send me your thoughts and ideas.



“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16

My Friends & Fellow Sheeples:

Just in case you thought things were strange last issue then “you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

(Again, clear disclosure.  I am NOT a Trump supporter. I am a supporter of America.  I prefer any “Republican” to either of the Socialists and, after voting for McLame and Judas Mittcariot, I could vote for any of these current idiots.)

I start this issue Thursday afternoon, after Judas Mittcariot made an utter ass of himself and exposed the soft-white underbelly of the despicable Republican National Committee and Trump, being Trump, gave a soft rebuttal to Judas.

A few points.

Do not miss the true big picture because of the “big picture” the RINOS want you to see.

Judas Mittcariot made a series of damning statements about Trump.  Candidly it makes little difference if they were true or not.  There was prolly some truth and some fiction and after Trump’s speech, he did a fair job of acquitting himself.  The fact was he went up there and tried to destroy Trump and even more perplexing (though I am sure it will be explained away) he did not suggest one of the other candidates (or, himself) would be a better alternative.

The fact that Judas made that speech is critical.  What is more critical is what is not being said.  (Remember I told you, read between the lines, what is NOT being said.)

Do you think that Judas woke up and said “Gee, what a nice day, let me get some air time and vent a tad.”

Of course not.

Either on his own or by selection by the powers that be, there was some discussion with the RNC.  By that I mean Public Enemy #2, the Master Cylinder Karl Rove and RNC Chair Rancid Prius. Their blessing was given and off went the Mittless Wonder.

There were threats veiled and innuendo proffered.  There was talk that the RNC might withhold support for Trump.


After that loser’s hissy-fit, I posted the following on the RNC pages, my page, a number of other groups and in tweets the following: I hope

I hope that you agree and will post and share that as well.

(SOAPBAR: Mitt presented himself as a choir boy when he was running.  Yet he went on this insulting tirade at the Hinkley Institute at the University of Utah.  Among other things they “support” are minority rights and Planned Parenthood, hardly “conservative” issues.  On a related note, his accusatory tone of Trump vacillating on his opinions was second only to his own.  After all, Judas Mittcariot’s health care plan in Massachusetts was the template for the illegal OBAMA’S OBAMACARE. Just sayin’.)

The RNC demanded a loyalty oath from Trump then they try to railroad him.  And again no one is talking about that.

Speaking of support, something else off the radar are the musings of some mush-heads and haters of the party.  More than one (Ex-Rino Gov. Christie Todd Whitman, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, et alia) have said that they would vote for the Hilderbeast before Trump.

I do not care if you are a 100% Conservative or have the highest ACU rating in your state (which neither of them are or have) you should be drummed out of the party.

Well, you would be, except that you are saying EXACTLY what the Party Line now is.

(Think about it, Whitless is as relevant as Ellen Degenerate’s last girlfriend and, Adam Who?)

That is two things under the radar.

The last, for now, is the most disturbing.  Rather than rehashing my previous thoughts, here is what I posted Thursday afternoon.

If Judas Mittcariot was as brutal on Biff four years ago as he was on the Trumpster today, Biff would be a towel boy in a bath house, the Hilderbeast would be in stir, we never would have had Obama Care we never would have heard of Eric Holder, Butch Kagan, Sonny Sotomayor, “Beer Summits”, BLM, apologies to Haji, we would not have a criminal cartel running the banking system (well, maybe we would have) and a litany of other ills and the Mittster would be cruising to re-election.

But he was a feckless coward then and is a cheap-shot artist feckless coward now.

So, and please excuse me for this, but I think we owe Biff an apology. He was going to do what he did, a creatchure canNOT change it spots. He was going to screw the pooch one way or the other, it is in his questionable DNA. Judas Mittcariot backed down from this little girl in a debate and let him win.

So, all the troubles in my Country right now I lay at the feet of Judas Mittcariot.
(And again, I am not a Trump guy. I just have some sick in my mouth from when that quisling lied earlier today.)

Disagree? By all means, but please bring your facts.


Meanwhile, and thusfar, Ted Cruz and Dorko Rubio have kept their silence, as has the other guy, good old whatshisname.  Of course it is in their benefit for the RNC to excoriate Trump. Only they can benefit by their treachery.

OPENBAR –  Since we are talking about things that are important but no one else is, there is one, glaring, important statistic that is not getting much traction: Voter turnout.  The Republicans are up from 10-50% in voter turnout so far while the Socialists are off 10-30+%.


In a word: Trump.

His supporters are showing up in great numbers and the supporters of the others are showing up in great numbers to counter them.  This is one of those rising tides that raise all ships.

The RNC is pathologically neglectful in this statistic.  They ignore that Trump is mobilizing the folks, his fans and detractors.  And if you let nature take its course, the discussions of all the candidates will be fleshed out and the last man standing’s vitriol will be focused on the Socialist and the lemming like attention of the average vote will follow that focus.

That is enough for now.

The next in this series will start to focus on why the RNC is doing this and what the true stories may be.

Spoiler alert: We are screwed (and I am being optimistic.)


Sideshow Bob’s Yer Uncle

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends & Fellow Side Show Fans:

The freak show of a circus continues…

Yes, according to what I have heard and read of late, we are all stupid.  We are all too dim-witted to see the elegance of the actions of Biff.  Yes, he is the smartest biped ever to roam the Earth!

Recall early on, we saw one of the first signs that the fix was in.  Some spokesperson or another said that Biff was the “smartest man ever to be president.” When asked what was his IQ, the answer was: “way high, off the charts.”  Asked again and a similarly vague answer was offered.

I am not saying he is not smart, I am sure he has some smarts.  Then again so does a circus clown and that is where we are; in a circus, in a freak show.

(JFK once said at a dinner honoring Nobel Prize winners, back in the day when it meant something [and presidents were not out to destroy us]: “I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered together in the White House, with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.”  Yeah, like Biff is smarter than that.  Hear that whirring sound…?)

On the one hand, the same Geek Chorus who said back in 2006 and 2007 that if, IF there was a vacancy on SCOTUS Bush should not be allowed to nominate are the same ones demanding that Biff not only nominate someone to fill Scalia’s chair (certainly not his intellect) but the Republicans should be honored to confirm him/her/gender fluid to the bench.

Needless to say the useful tools on social media are making the same noise. At least here I have fun.  I tell them what Schemer said and of course they deny it.  Give them a bunch of citations and they still won’t believe.

Add the clips of Joey McMensa saying the same thing and they still can’t wrap their scrawny arms around that.  So the camps are divided in half: some say it is all made up (denial, so sad) and the rest say that “things are different now.”

When I ask how so and when was Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 changed and then their heads explode.  I thank them for their ignorance and hypocrisy and I move along.

You see, if Biff was a good person, a trusted person, a good and fair leader, a jealous protector of the Constitution, I assure you, the Senate would be eager to entertain a replacement.

But, sad for us, he is none of those things.  He is a liar, a cheat, a fraud, a conman, a grifter, a racist and a hater of America.  Can you blame the Senate (and most of them are not that much better than Biff) for not doing what he asks?

Meanwhile, the thusfar still on the street, Hilderbeast boasted that she would appoint a “progressive” to the Supremes.

That line alone should send shivers down your spine and disqualify her from high office.

The Justices of the SCOTUS should be non-partisan, should be agenda-free, should be unbeholden to the man who appoints them, should be able to impartially and unemotionally rule on any decision without any prejudice and so on.

Basically, they should be EVERYTHING that Biff’s nominees have not been.

We can look at Sotomayor and find fault.  We can look at Butch Kagan and not only find fault but perhaps criminality for not recusing herself during the OBAMA’S OBAMACARE trial.  And the first name Biff floats to fill Scalia’s seat is the Latino Republican of Nevada.

Yeah he is a “Republican” like most “Republicans”, that being a RINO.   Add to that he is a pal of Dingy Harry.  Oh, he is pro-infanticide.

So, Biff tries to pimp and fool the Republicans, the Latinos (because we know there will never be a case involving the illegals before SCOTUS, right….) and the baby-killers.

When you try to fool everyone you fool no one.  And it is only the mentally defective who think otherwise.

As I said last issue, we do not want or need a moderate on the bench and we certainly do not need an activist or a progressive or a socialist or anyone chosen by one who is.

And that, my children and fellow grasshoppers, is the crux of this particular biscuit.

In the worst of times, the worst president will do their best to keep us safe (Biff not as much as he could.) In the best of times, they not only kept us safe but made us strong and feared by our enemies.  He did the best for the majority of the commonwealth and did little for special interest or activist agenda groups. (God Bless you, Ronald Reagan.)

Other than keeping us safe the next most critical job of a president is to ensure the laws are being acted on properly, laws are being followed, lawlessness is punished and the Law of the Land is properly interpreted.

That is why, other than the responsibility for the nuclear football, the most important thing a President does is to nominate people to the SCOTUS.

Sometimes a President gets it right (Scalia [Reagan], Thomas [GHW Bush], Alito [GW Bush]) sometimes the President gets it wrong (Souter [GHW Bush], Breyer [Clinton], Roberts [GW Bush]), and sometimes the president picks a tool that should be nowhere near that level of power (Butch [Biff], Sotomayor [Biff].)

The bottom line is that the nomination of one to be a Justice does not always work out.  (Biggest shock, and quisling, was Roberts.)  But unless there are other “Roberts’” out there, and I am sure there are, one hopes the next President (or God Forbid, president) will exercise all due diligence and counsel to pick the right person for the job.

Yes, there is a big stink going on now with Biff trying to twist arms to get his guy/gay/gal/gender-fluid/illegal alien on the bench.  I must say I do not have the confidence that I wish I had that Earl McCornbread is not going to sell the people of America for a few pieces of silver. He is barely a step above Dingy Harry.

To his credit, as far as we know, he held fast in a meeting with Biff et al on Tuesday.  To his shame, Sen. Leahy (A-Hat) lied when he said the “president shall nominate and the Senate shall…”  Er, no, the Senate “shall” do no such thing.  But, he is a weasel, what do you expect.

In the last issue I showed the paradigm shift in the Court from barely Originalist, to split, to Activist.  (I calls ‘em as I sees ‘em.)

When you have people (not “men”) like Leahy, Biff, Hilderbeast, Dingy Harry and others who have such little regard for us that they will boldface lie to us with what is easily found to be true in the Constitution, it shows a pathological personality.

But my concern is not with the current vacancy. For all I could care it is nothing but political posturing on both sides.  Someone, eventually, is going to get that seat.

The odds are not looking good for Biff to get that chance but nothing is foolproof as this fool has proved time and time again.

To summarize and to set the table for future issues, the following:

Justice Ginsberg is 82, Kennedy is 79 and Breyer is 77.

It is not out of the realm of possibility that the next P/president will nominate not one, but absent of other influences and accidents, as many as three or four.

We NEED, we MUST replace Scalia with an originalist just to maintain status quo.  With two of the three likely to no longer be on the bench in the foreseeable future of the Left and the third the unpredictable “swing vote”, can you now see how critical it is not to elect any Democrat/Socialist/Communist/Marxist?

For one, those who would vote for a Democrat/Socialist/Communist/Marxist have proven that they are mentally deficient and we must be protected from them and us from them.

Second, most of those folks regard the Constitution like BJ Clinton respects his marriage vows.  Meaning they will try to get away with everything and if they get caught, big deal, who cares, none of your business.

Except that it is.

(Hilderbeast is promising a “progressive”, Biff said he won’t nominate a “moderate.”  If you know what the charge of the SCOTUS is this flies in the face of it.  Both of these clowns should be barred in perpetuity from making such a nomination. Yet, their pinions cheer.  And again, proof of mental defect.)

To put a finer point on this the greatest threat to our Nation is the person who may be elected to the highest office in the land, IF it is not the RIGHT person.

We will discuss this more as we discuss the pros and cons of the Republicans.  There is no sense to even to discuss the Hilderbeast or Socialist Sanders.  They are one in the same, but as much as I do not trust the Hilderbeast, I trust Socialist Sanders that much less.

Last word: Supposedly, sometime today, Mitt “The Loser” Romney is going to give a news conference on Lord Knows what. I can only assume it will be either/or anti-Trump or the words of the Master Cylinder and the rest of the “RINO” power “elite.”  I find it odd that the powers that be tapped a big loser to tell Trump where he is going wrong or to lay out the case that they need to pick anyone but Trump. Romney is beneath contempt and almost as abhorrent as Rove.  You can be sure I will have a few words.


“We Can Beat This Disease – Part 2”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

 “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16

My Friends and Fellow Sufferers:

WE are just getting started…

In the last issue we stated that liberalism is a mental disease. Let’s dig a little deeper into that.

Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing, time after time, and expecting a different result.  Another definition of insanity would be refusal to accept the truth when faced with an overwhelming body of facts.

There is an old story of a woman who attended a talk on astronomy.  As the speaker was talking about how the earth and the other planets revolved around the sun and how our solar system revolved around in our galaxy this woman stood up and said that the speaker was all wrong.

The speaker, being nicer than he might have been, asked the lady what was HER explanation of how the earth and the other planets move around the sun.  She explained that earth and the other planets sit on the backs of turtles and they walk around the sun.

OK, said the lecturer, but how, he asked her, did the turtle move around as the earth was suspended in space.  The woman was prepared and said “Don’t trifle with me sonny. It is turtles all the way down.”

Er, yes, I see now.

Faced with the cold hard facts that disprove their beliefs, they come up with their version of “turtles all the way down.”

The sad thing is that they are so deluded, so detached from reality that they are willing to believe almost anything but facts.

(I joked recently on a Libs friends FB page that “global warming” killed the unicorns.  Some dim-witted chickolina used that later on in the thread as “proof” of “global warming.”  It would be funny, but she votes.)

Recall some time back some anti-gun genius suggested that if a woman is being sexually attacked that one of the best weapons would be to wet her pants.  (Sorry.)  Of course, a gun in this situation would be useless, claimed these geniuses that is would be far better to do this to dissuade a potential rapist then to shoot him.

Ignoring the fact that such an action might even been more exciting to the rapist it totally ignores that being armed and trained would not only protect the young lady but if he pressed the issue she would have the ability to solve the problem.  And that particular problem would stay solved.

Recently some folks set up a fake website that was eliciting support for potential rape victims.  To be fair, I am not a fan of mocking legitimate victims, I see no advantage of making someone’s misery even worse. But the site was less a slam on any victims but of the mental defect of those who were supportive of looney causes.

The bottom line is that the website suggested that women wet their trousers as a sign of solidarity for those who have been attacked.

What happened was not only did women do that but so did “men” and they were kind enough to send in pics. Needless to say the “thoughts” of these folks were equally disturbing as their lack of hygiene.

I guess it depends.

(If you are interested, locate “Chicks on the Right” on their website of the same name and you will find the link.  I am loathe to put the link to the article here as even the title of it is not for proper company.)

So, as we can see, the Libs afflicted with their disease are unable to separate fact from fiction when it comes to ideology.

But there is something worse: The Carrier.

You see, liberal bovine scatology does not just pop up like dust bunnies under your bed. It needs a host to spread the disease.

With the advent of the interwebs all kinds of things are offered for consumption for folks of all stripes. But, even when some peeps start a website for a fictitious cause to taunt the lib twits, it will never get the currency and wide dissemination it does with the help of the house organ, the State Run Muzzie Friendly Media.

It is bad enough they lie, dissemble, under- and mis-report the events of the day they feel like reporting but they are not above letting the low-double-digit-lower-information-voter from having their ignorance displayed for their kindred ilk to read, believe and spread like small pox in a penal colony.

(I was so hoping to make this the last part of this train [or train wreck] of thought, but I can see that by the time I get to the intent of where I want to have been this issue, it would be way past any of our bedtimes.)

For those of you who have been reading THE Fish for any length of time know that this thing of ours evolved out my letters to the various editors.  Over the years I have expressed my loathing for one paper in particular, my local rag and substandard absorber of car fluid leaks, NEWSDAY.

Once a respectable newspaper, it has since devolved to a poor excuse of a Pennysaver except with a better sports column and a good Saturday crossword puzzle.

Back in the day it reported almost exclusively on things on Long Island in particular and the metro New York area in general.  Sure, there were other nationwide and worldwide stories, but it was a local paper.

Do recall, years ago there were any number of papers in New York, at times close to twenty daily papers. There were “bull dog editions” (the earliest edition of the paper, usually just after midnight), morning, afternoon, evening and at times late night editions and of course, “Extras!” (Read all about it!)

There was no internet, there was no cable TV, in fact there was about thirty minutes or less of news per day on the three networks.  Therefore, other than from the radio, you did not get the “latest” news and certainly not in any detail except from the newspapers.  The papers each had a niche and time or times of a day they printed.  (I recall the “stars” on some papers so you knew which edition you were reading.)

With TV news, cable and now the interwebs, there is 60/60/24/7/365 dissemination of information.  The papers had to pick and choose their demographics and somehow, NEWSDAY went straight to the gutter for the least common denominator.

Proving Einstein was right, I have been insanely writing letters to the editors for yonks pointing out their errors, lies and ideology.  (I missed “catching more flies with honey” class, apparently.)

I have had run-ins with this Marchaud chick who is one of the opinion page editors and an opiner in her own right.  She once took me to task for agreeing with her.  She could not understand that I actually agreed with her assessment on something and she assumed I was putting her down.  This is the same woman who, when I would send in a letter, would want me to cite my sources.  Yet, they print whatever they want when it suits their slant.

Or, my feud with a long-gone and now forgotten editor who did a hatchet job on my letter to the point that I threatened a lawsuit.  This predicated a call from this guy who told me I was wrong and he had been an editor for thirty-five years.  When I suggested that most people know their jobs after that long he asked me if I thought I could do better

“Better?  How hard could that be? I will be there at 9.00AM, with my ‘Fowlers’, I take my coffee strong and black and where shall I park.”

For some reason, I must have lost the connection.

Three weeks ago, some genius had his letter printed about how the 14th Amendment gives citizenship to all born here.

Wrong.  Fail.

Two weeks ago, another genius had his brilliant letter printed where he stated “since the Constitution guarantees a ‘Separation of Church and State’ that…” what came next is irrelevant.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Fail, fail, fail.

This week, the dimmest of the dim bulbs proved that one can be braindead and still have his letter printed.  Truly I should not blame him, he is just ignorant.  But the 4th Estate of NEWSDAY should have not printed something which caused him much ridicule.  He claims that the ONLY reason FOR the 2nd Amendment was for a militia.   He buttressed is insanity by proving himself correct in that we have a strong military now and there is no longer a need for that Amendment.

He even WROTE the Amendment verbatim. Too bad he did not read it.  It CLEARLY states the reason why we have such a right is BECAUSE the gummint DOES have the militia and power to subjugate us.  The Amendment is for US to protect ourselves from a rogue gummint.  (Now does it make more sense why Biff wants guns taken away?)


For your edification the letters I wrote, sent and were promptly ignored are at the bottom for your perusal.

There is no good place to end this part either.  There will be a third part to this which I hope will be the last part. Don’t bet on it.


PRAYER  LIST. Please if it is in your heart and belief to pray for one’s healing, kindly keep these folks in your prayers: Ugo Baroni, George, Marilyn, Brigid Vogt, Billy Copeland, Steven Moore, Annette S, Mrs. Schoelkoph, Meghan and Glenn Shipley, my dear pal Manny Cirenza, William “Bill” Cates, John Nault, David Keith, Dr. Jim Van Ostrand, Vairee Pruitt,  Laura Kirk Mergens, 6 year old Christopher,  Larry Zontini, Chuck Wallace, Frank Kitzerow, Alfred Croix, Mr. Smith (Kim’s dad), Tracey (Nam Vet, friend of Chris), Jon and Heidi Anderson, Mary Rose, Regina, Justin Shamblen (28 years old diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer), my dear friend Father Tony Heinlein, Joshua Streby, Frank  Marino, our dear reader and original angry villager Roz, Kathleen Coyne (pancreatic cancer), Erica Coyle, Larry Marini, Donald Mason, Thomas Gallagher, Harold Johnson, Sgt. Brazzell, a friend of mine -Jim, Tammy’s dad, Shaun Klein, Gregory and Sue Stojny, Tom Coulter, John Huffman, Mike Duncan, The Major, Beth and Mike, Julie Solan, Tina Boyd

Requiescat in pace: My dear friend Vinny D’Amico, Ron Bridel, Ross McGillis, Eddie Montalvo, my very close pal Al Bukofzer, Bob Bukias, Tom McGuckin, Kate Mulligan, Susan Simpson, Norman Allen Hansen, SGT Shawn Farrell (KIA Afghanistan), dear long-time friend Billy “BMT” Harning, Guitar great and old pal Johnny Winter, Robin Williams, Tucky Coles, Greg, 10 year old cancer patient Jules, Greg (friend of Lana), Bernice Croix, SGT Franklin Corley, Bernhild Corey, Bobby Keys, Bob Moulder, Sr., my old friend Joe Cocker,  NYPD Officers Liu and Ramos, Eli Asbury Beeler (94 year old WWI Vet.  Job well done, Sir!), Dan Anderson, Tricia Youngblood, David “DC” Clack, all the Marines and Navy who perished in the chopper crash in Florida, the plane crash in the Alps, soldier killed in Afghanistan killed while protecting our envoy, Father Francis Nuss, SSG Merlin Quiles, Calvin Kelley, PO Brian Moore,  Bill Schwarz, John Brennan, Betty Jane Law, Mike Hyland, SFC Richard Creasey (RET), the 4 Marines and 1 Sailor murdered in Chattanooga, Ralph Patrick Conners (91 year old WWII Vet and my father-in-law) , Tommy Sears, Jack Parker, Doug Solan (PTSD victim), Anna Amalfitano

Any others who are sick or recently deceased and you wish prayers, please ask.


If it is in your heart (which it should be) and in your ability (which I hope it is) that you will take a moment and think of our brave men and women serving our Country.

If you can send a package, that would be wonderful. If you need any guidance on this, please contact me for details. If nothing else, I am sure that it is within everyone’s ability to send them a card with a “thank you for your service” sentiment included. Maybe a prepaid phone card might be something you can slip in the card as well.

OS2 – Anthony Magri OPS/01


Unit 100333

Box 1

FPO AA  34092-1721


E-1 SR Morales, Samuel M

3288 CPL Johnson Road Unit 3027

Fort Sam Houston Texas 78234

If any of you have anyone serving particularly in any -Stan or anywhere else, please let me know and I will add their name here.


I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



As usual there are letters printed that have no basis in realty but promote NEWSDAY’s dangerous liberal agenda.

The letter writer from South Huntington would have us believe that the purpose of the 2nd Amendment was to arm a militia.  He goes on to explain that it is no longer needed as we have well established armed forces and law enforcement.  It is apparent this writer not only did not study this topic but did not read what he wrote as he cited the Amendment.  The purpose of the Amendment was to protect the people FROM our own armed forces and law enforcement.

By the looks of the way this administration is running roughshod over our constitutional rights, issuing executive orders, ruling by fiat and more it is more apparent every day that the Founding Fathers knew what they were doing.

Perhaps a remedial course in the Constitution for that writer and the editorial board would be in order.  This is at least the third time in as many weeks that NEWSDAY has directly or tacitly trough letter writers who do not know better misrepresent the Constitution,


As usual you can’t be trusted. From misreporting to not reporting to ignoring the basic tenets of fair journalism, you keep sinking to new lows.

You allow “letters to the editor” to carry the contaminated water which you can’t bring yourself to claim authorship but do not have the integrity not just to print blatant lies and misrepresentations but then refuse retract them when called upon.

Please, show me where in the Constitution I can find the “separation of church and state” clause.

Please, point me to the part of the 14th Amendment that states that a child of a foreign national born here is a citizen.

Yet, when there is something so plain to understand as the 2nd Amendment, for some reason Newsday and your water carriers cannot understand what it means.

We can go on and on with your ignorance, or is it disdain, of the Law of the Land but that is a start. Yet, you wrap yourself in the 1st Amendment.

Today, you have a letter from a former medical examiner who throws out the red herring that the “selection of the district attorney should be apolitical” then uses as an example how he became a medical examiner.

If we used his rubric for selecting all of our elected officials, there would be vacancies from the White House to the local court house.  Despite what Newsday and that writer suggest, the Founding Fathers had some good ideas including those on election.

Ms. Singas has had the opportunity to distinguish herself as acting DA and so far she has done little to do so. Meanwhile Ms. Murray has a far more distinguished and accomplished CV than does rival.

With all due respect, kindly start reporting the news, unvarnished, unspun and totally and stop letting people who ought to know better carry your water.

Newsday should not be an acronym for “Not Everyone Wants Slants, Disinformation And Yellow-journalism.”