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“Here We Go Again, Again Part 2”


“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends & Fellow Xenophobes:

Well, it seems we have a little back filling to do.

In the last issue I made a number of references to previous FISH. It would be very difficult and redundant to repeat each and every citation even if I had them all.

I will start with this.

I am no brighter than anyone else.  I do not have any answers but a plethora of questions. I did not chose to write this on my own some sixteen years ago but it arose out of my writing of letters to the editors.

Many of you already know that.

The one thing that never failed me was the fact that the facts are out there.  You will either stumble upon them or use the scientific method and find them on your own.

Briefly, one of the books that made a lasting impression on me was “Megatrends.”  The authors were very accurate in their predictions.  The key was their assumptions and hypotheses had to do with not was written but what was not written.

Simply put:  those things written between the lines.

Bottom line:  I read, a lot. I read and listen to both (three? more?) sides.  I take no one source as gospel or scourge as even the “enemy” can bring their own rope to their hanging. (Like Uncle Rachael Maddow did recently.)

Somewhere between the hype and the lies is the truth. Even when noted liars Chuck Schemer or SNOPES say/print something, do not dismiss it. Yes, it is prolly untrue but it WILL tell you what the enemy is thinking, and THAT is valuable information.

  • Yes, Schemer, Pelosi and much of the Left ARE the enemy. They ARE enemies of freedom and the American way of life. But don’t believe me, listen to what they say and how that comports with the Constitution.
  • The Left (and to be fair, to a lesser degree, the Right) will let loose with something that has not been on your radar but a topic of great discussion among themselves. As I have said as Liberalism is a mental defect, these folks assume that you 1) agree with them, 2) are as dim as they, 3) do not remember what they said and 4) hate America as much as they do.  This is a motherlode of information.

What I do is to try to find these nuggets and put my thoughts as to what they mean.  That is not to say I know better than you but I just present these things in my own way and challenge you to find me wrong or come up with your own take on things.

Please, please, please do not treat my words with any less suspicion as you would anyone one in the SGRFM or with a “D” after their name.

(For giggles, at the very end under “Bonus Stuff” is a letter I submitted to the Liberal Editor of [Fake]Newsday. It is apropos.)

If I can find any of the old series on money, the “Clubs” and so on, I will post them on the website.


So much for housekeeping for the new readers, we have not done that in a long time.  Thank you for your indulgence.


In the last issue, and first of this series, we discussed briefly the role of Geo Soros and his being nothing more than a well-heeled and well-financed bagman for the NWO types.

In case you don’t know, this Hungarian, when he was a young person (not a man), during WWII, collaborated with the Nazis to turn in his fellow countrymen.    If you know nothing else about this animal is that he has the blood of Hungarians on his hands and he has not become any nicer over the years.

Devoid of any morality and willing to sell his soul to the highest (or only) bidder

(As I write this part on Monday evening, I have just learned that David Rockefeller died.  If you do not know who he is, Google or Bing him then read the fringe sites from both sides.  He more than anyone was the central player in these groups. He was one of the founders of the Trilateral Commission, member of CFR, Bilderbergs and others.  He and his family not just pushed for the NWO organization known as the Useless Nations but donated the land and financed some of the construction.  He was prolly the brains and funding behind much of the mayhem.  The big question is who will replace him?)

Soros’ “Open Society Foundations” (henceforth “OSF”) is, if anything, a front group for Lord Only Knows how many left-wing organization.  On one of their web pages, it is stated that the OSF’s purpose is “to help counties make the transition from communism.”

Sounds laudable, if you do not pay attention (let’s call it “reading between the lines.”)

Here are the two problems.  There USED to be some sixty-odd Communist countries.  Today there are five.  (China, Cuba, Laos, Vietnam and North Korea.)  I do not get the sense that any of them are “transitioning” any time soon.  (Cuba used to be a client state, which is the only one that might transition, to capitalism.)

That is the fluff.  The BIG lie, hidden, is to what are/were they transitioning?

Does not say, right?

Capitalism?  Sure, but prolly not.

Totalitarianism? Could be, but not overtly.

Puppet government?  If run by one of their hand-picked jokers, like Q’artar or Biff, then “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!”

(Remember “The Twilight Zone” episode “How To Serve Man”?  The people found the aliens book and thought it was a plan to help people only to find out it was a cook book.  Fings ain’t always wot they seem!)


(Dots connected before your eyes.  David Rockefeller tapped Jimmah Q’arter for the big chair.  During Q’arter’s reign, Iran fell, hostages were taken and Islamic Terrorism got its footholds around the world. Need I remind you of recent history and the damage and destruction Biff did to our military, standing in the world, fomenting hate and divisiveness, putting more people on assistance, “allegedly” running guns to the cartels, having his agencies write memoranda that had the same effect as law without checks and balances, inviting illegal aliens here, importing peeps and skells from the middle east and placing them in areas where they can soon become a political power and more, and that is all can type in one breath.)

THAT is the kind of “transition” the OSF is fostering, but, gosh, they are just too modest to mention it.

They are also trying to “transition” some legitimately elected governments as well.

While I am sure they are trying to manipulate governments and elections all over the world I am not all that concerned as long as we have issues here. We need to clean our house first before we start meddling with others.

Some years back Glenn Beck rolled out a scroll with all the names of the left wing groups that Soros was funding or was the front man.  (Henceforth, “funding.”)  The scroll was many, many feet long and at that time contained close to nineteen hundred organizations.

I am sure it is more than that today.

From the American Criminal Liberals Union, to (Liberal) Media Matters, to Human Rights Watch, to Amnesty International, to a few dozen orgs with the word “America” in the title, a few pimping “Catholics”, a dozen or more touting “Constitution” or “Constitutional”, all kids of “Citizens” this and “Democracy” that, virtually every infanticide fan club, ACORN, Project Vote and hundreds of others including the Democrat (but not Republican) Party virtually every carp and catfish bottom-feeding, left-wing, America Last T’waffles gets a check from Soros or the OSF.

(Here is a link to a short list: )

Some of these groups have been around for ages, others are well known, well entrenched groups with nice, patriotic names others are of the ad hoc variety.

Not sure if I mentioned it here or elsewhere but think about this (and read between the lines.)

While stealing the nomination from Socialist Sanders, the Hilderbeast was all but picking out the drapes for her girlfriends’ room at the White House. She had it in the bag and she did everything she needed to do but seemed to have forgotten to win the election.

Just in case you thought the fix was is, you were prolly right.  At the end of her “campaign” she could not fill up a Denny’s without paid punters being bussed in from places unknown.

Meanwhile, DJT is filling arena after arena with quarter-mile long lines to get in.

Then, for some reason, even after all the fixing, manipulating, vote stuffing, under/over reporting, somehow DJT did the unthinkable, he “stole” the election from the Beast.

I am more confident today than I was back then that Trump was so much more liked, or, hated far less than the Beast, that, despite the millions, perhaps billions spent by the Left, the Will of the People prevailed.


I am going to stop this here and with hope field dress this sucker in the next issue.




I am a Ranger fan. The other day, they lost to another team, makes no difference why. But, I felt they are the better team so I demand they are credited with a win!

However, they won the next game but the opponents fans are being unfair and demanding their team gets the win! That is just ridiculous!

Yet, day after day you print the most amusing letters by people who just don’t understand that there are winners and losers. They are intellectually stunted to the fact that their candidate lost and refuse to accept that fact.

There was a letter today by someone who said “we do not have the facts even to determine the legitimacy of the presidential election.” No, of course not! The voting, the certification of votes, the Electoral College vote and certification leave a lot of grey area.

Unless one considers the anathemas the Left: those darn pesky facts and Constitution.

Here is the way it works: People rejected Obama and his failed policies and politicizing of hate, racism and division. We the People do care how angry “angry liberals” are about all their often immoral and at times illegal desires.

That is why Trump was elected.

It is humorous that if you actually read news from non-biased sources (sorry NEWSDAY) you will see there was much more contact by the Clinton campaign with foreign nations than by the Trumps. But even if Trumps team met with everyone the Left hates, let’s take a page from Clintons’ book: “At this point in time, what difference does it make?”, iterated after she left four brave Americans to be slaughtered.

So, to all the like-thinking people as that letter writer: “You lost, we won, get over it. We are here for at least the next sixteen years.”




“Here We Go Again, Again, Part 1”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends & Fellow Xenophobes:


First off, thank you for your generosity and kindness and generosity for sending cards to LCpl Logan McKenzie.  His grandad advised me that he received a lot of cards from you bunch.  He and his family sends their thanks and regards.

Literally, tens of thousands (or longer) of years  ago when the Og Tribe, following the migration of the Mastodon, chanced upon the Mung Tribe, they were less than thrilled to see them.

When I say “less than thrilled”, I meant “were speared and stoned to death.”

In the millennia since we have evolved, sorta, kinda, a little, at times.

In the earliest time when folks had no idea they were not alone it would be expected to despatch the others for fear they would take their hunting grounds or women.  Was this prejudice? Was this fear? Are they both one in the same?

I am sure that continued until “civilization”, when instead of tribes fought unknown tribes, kingdoms fought known kingdoms.

Finally man evolved to the point where it was not fear that caused them to hate others but just the idea of “others” as one neighboring kingdom was invading other kingdoms for riches.

Much like Chicago.

Of course this insanity continued unabated until the “Enlightenment” when people, tired of being mad at other people, got mad at God.  The end result were the beginnings of liberalism and the French Revolution.

Two of the most epic failures in all of history.


Fast forward to the United States, mid-19th Century.

Argue all you want about the causation of the Civil War, the Republican Party was formed to end slavery.  (You know, the Dems loved the black slaves soooooooo much they wanted to keep them forever!)

The North won, the slaves were freed and everyone hated the blacks.

Then came the first wave of European immigration when everyone hated the Italians, but still hated the blacks.

Then came the Swedes, Germans and others and people accepted the Italians, but hated the Swedes, Germans and others.  And, yes, still hated the blacks.

The last wave were the Irish.  And everyone hated the Irish, even the blacks.  But everyone else still hated the blacks.

Soon came the Great War and everyone pulled together to beat the Hun.  And they did.  And after the war everyone still hated the blacks and Catholics were still looked upon with a crooked eye.

(If you think I am being unfair to the blacks just look at the long, rich history of our Country doing our best to keep them down.  When I say “our”, I mean the Democrats and other fun loving liberals. This is not and will not turn into a diatribe or apologia, just the facts, Jack. The Dems predicated the Civil War by their intransigence with respect to the slaves.  After the war, while talking a good game, they put off citizenship and voting rights for the blacks as long as they could.  They did not deliver on anything they promised the blacks and as a result drove many to the Communist Party in the 20s and 30s. [It bears mentioning that the Commies “befriended” the blacks but never really helped them. Think of it as a trial run for the Alinskyism of the past eight years.] The Dems fought against the various Civil Rights Acts while simultaneously keeping them in servitude in the ghettoes and projects and courting their votes by telling them how bad the Republicans are.  SMH.)

WWII came and went without integration and eventually there was integration and things were perfect in all branches of military and in civilian life.

Except for one thing:  It wasn’t.

But integration accelerated from 1948 on and soon schools, professional sports and other jobs, restaurants, buses, etc., were integrated.  Anti-miscegenation laws were struck down and today no one thinks twice of all the mixed race couples on television commercials and real life.

No, things are not perfect but they are the best they have ever been between “the races.”  Except for some inbred morons with a penchant for wearing bedclothes and moron poverty-pimps, race-baiters and “rap stars” who are too dim, too hateful to realize that Rodney King’s dream was coming true: we can all get along.

Yeah, sure, we Micks are still drunks (and today being Paddy’s Day, I resemble that remark), Wops are still all in the Mafia, Chinks do our laundry and are good at math (but not driving), Polacks are too stupid to know they are dumb, Jews are cheap and Muzzies are the religion of piece. (Intentional spelling.)

Of course no one nationality or religion have a monopoly on organized crime, accountancy, personal services, poor driving, intelligence levels or parsimony. The slurs were used purely as a dramatic device and if you are offended, I am sorry you are offended.

As for the drinking, we even we Micks are not at the top of the list, that honor belongs to the Estonians (I wonder why, it is a lovely place.) We lowly Micks are in 7th place, but we are trying harder (at least I am.)

As far as the Muzzie being the religion of piece (sic), we are actually getting within hailing distance of the nut of this little slice of heaven of a FISH.

Truly for most of us, we are no longer prejudiced (perhaps with the one exception) to any race, nationality, religion (except…), even gender and lifestyle.

I posit that the percentage of those who are truly prejudiced by their own volition are little more than a rounding error. And, not surprisingly, the younger generations have even less innate prejudices than Gen-X’ers and older generations.

They have grown up with multiculturalism, exposed to every possible prejudice and the fight against them in movies and television and the liberal schools taught that prejudice was bad.

Unless you are White, of European ancestry, a proud American or, ew, ew, ew, “Christian.”

Yeah, pretty much all of us fall into at least one of those categories (I scored 100%.)

While many of us were doing our best to get over prejudice the Liberals were busy making sure that the kids were learning an entire different set of prejudices.

Aw, heck, let’s call it what it is: Hate.

As we have discussed over the years and in great forensic detail last year, Liberalism is a mental defect.  (I am stopping short of calling it a disease as I am not a medical professional.)  One of the signs is also its greatest danger: Self-hate.  And as we all know, misery loves company and the powers that be have made institutional hate a gum’mint department.

Or, departments. (We will discuss this in greater detail as DJT dismantles or savagely downsizes some of those entities.)

If you want to have a Wican Club in school that is fine.  Bible Study?  No, no, no! The Constitution has a separation of Church and State! (No it does not but that does not stop teachers from teaching that and papers printing that.)

You want to study about European exploration of the New World? You will have to do that on your own. If you want to learn about how the Europeans brought disease and danger to the New World, and how horrible Europeans were to the natives, just open up a “history” book.  (Yet, the same Libs do not see the terrorist invasion now as the exact same thing, except without all the good the Europeans did.)

You want to have a hissy fit about which bathroom you can use, well, the school will make sure you can go where you please. If you take exception to having a boy it the girl’s room, well, you are a hater!

There are examples in virtually everything we do.  You get the point.


But where does this hate come from?  I mean, over the millennia we have “evolved” politically and internationally.  Look at WWI and/or WWII.  We fought with the Brits against Germany, Italy and Japan.  Today, all things considered, not just the UK but Germany, Japan and Italy are among our greatest allies.  I’d wager there is very little, if any at all, residual animus against our erstwhile enemies.


Well, we have to go back into the archives prolly seven or eight years back when I did the series on the various Clubs, as I call them.

(I do not know if I still have that series. If any of you do I would appreciate it if you can forward it to me.)

The “Clubs” are the TLC, CFR, Bilderbergs and the rest, basically the NWO types that wish to control the world.  In that series we talked about the early Clubs, some still extent, such as The Round Table, the Rhodes Scholars (do read up on what it takes to be one, who they are and their founder, Cecil Rhodes), the Fabian        Society and more.

One of the commonalities, other than world domination, is patience.  The Fabian “mascot” is a turtle, suggesting a slow but steady place.  But that mascot’s motto is “When I strike, I strike hard.”

A look at the names on the rosters of these organizations will reveal some chilling things.  There is a lot of cross-membership, allowing, say, the TLC to get their messages to the Bilderbergs and vice verse.  You will see heads of state, even former US Presidents, from all over the world.  The captains of industry of virtually every business are represented including virtually every media outlet be it print or over-the-air/cable.

This is where you will see Dick Cheney sitting in a meeting and breaking bread with George Soros.

So, as you can see, nothing to worry about, right?

George Soros…

We have all heard his name and he is universally despised.  Yet, despite everything we know about him there is far more we don’t.

I posit that he is nothing more than the bagman for the NWO clubs.  Much like Henry Kissinger, he came from obscurity to great power, largely accidentally.

He is the face of evil in the world. He is the “Emanuel Goldstein” to the “Big Brother”   of, say, David Rockefeller. Or is he merely “O’Brian”, or, more likely “Parsons?”

We have heard that Soros has funded over two-thousand various organizations whose only commonality is being anti-American.

Really, where does he find the time?

The “Big Brothers” are putting this together and they are funding or allowing Soros to fund these groups.

Look, the Libs can’t organize a proper rallies for the Hilderbeast, their heiress apparent, but we are supposed to believe that the anti-Trump riots the day after his Inauguration and the Million Nasty Women March recently?  (Oh, there WILL be a deconstruction of THAT tea party coming soon.)

It was reported that Soros funded the Nasty Women Marchs all over the globe to the tune of a quarter of a billion dollars.

Really, we are to believe that?

Recall what the FISH is all about:  The facts are out there somewhere, all too often we ignore them.  I am not saying anything I write is the only Gospel truth but I hope there is enough in these love letters for you to explore further.

So, do you think that ALL the gum’mints so assailed would simply allow these marches?  That they were all spontaneously spawned independent of each other? Yet, the funding came from the same person and we even know how much he spent?

Really? Which one is it? Spontaneously spawned or planned in advance?  Where did the money come from and how do we know that is the correct amount?

With everything we are told about all these protests and riots we can be sure of two things:  The SGRFM (Shadow Gum’mint Run Friendly Media) is lying to us about everything, then the lies change, and the force behind all these issues, be it the hate of DJT, to wanting Muzzies here, to gay “marriage”, to this sudden desire for kids wanting to use other bathrooms, to abortion, to you name it, all stem from the same place, the NWO Clubs.

Sure they are flexing their muscles here and there, but they know if they can bend the US, they can take over the world.

More to come, has to be.  Not enough space today to expatiate.

Read and question.


Last, Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  Enjoy the day, drink responsibly and do not drive if you have even one drink! It is a great day, strive to make it better! Slainte mo chairde!

“Tap This”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends & Classmates:

Of course you are my classmates!

You read this, that PROVES you have a lot of class.

It seems that no matter what DJT does, there is an organized (crime) effort to stop, thwart or otherwise upset the apple cart of MAGA.

We can look at almost any aspect of this administration and see the work of evil (you thought it went away with OLG? Silly you!) Be it Schemer in the Senate, Nasty Pelosi and, the ebony to her ivory, racist “Minimum”ine Waters or the ever hateable and irascible, Nazi-sympathizer-about-town, Soros, there seems ALWAYS to be some stumbling block put in front of our fearless leader.

(NOTE: I started this three weeks ago and abandoned it for the last issue.  I have no idea where I was going with this but as the Left are the gift that keep on giving, we are blessed with a new set of circumstances for which the opening is perfectly apropos.)

Recently, the left, lead by Head Libclown Chuck Schemer, are still on their one-note song about Russian ties to DJT, the Trump Campaign, and prolly vodka, blinis, Borzois and ZIL Limousines.

Basically anything, and Trump’s name is tossed in for effect.

DJT and Co. have steadfastly refuted such allegations and refused to act on them.

The Left pull out the stops and caused a good man, AG Jefferson Sessions, to recuse himself from any Russian involvement investigations.  Sadly, for the moment, the next in line to head up such an investigation is a Biff holdover, who MUST go now for reasons we shall soon see.

(Note well, alleged AG Stedman and Lex Luther refused to recuse themselves of far more onerous allegations and both are still walking the streets.)         

Fast forward to Saturday last.

DJT tweets that he believes that the Biff maladministration wiretapped Trump Tower etc.

Of course the Left, having their talking points thy circle the wagons.  AC Schemer, erstwhile WH spokesweasel Josh Earnest, the shifty EX-DNI, Gen James Clapper and others went on the counter-offensive against DJT’s and others allegations.

Well, methinks they over-reached.

Recall a short time back when DJT did not want a Congressional investigation of the Russian allegations.

Well today (Monday) that has all changed.

Not only does he want a Congressional Investigation of any kind of Russian connection but to include the contention of wiretapping.

(First off, the Left is making a big deal of the Russian Envoy with this Republican and that one.  Yet there he is with Schemer, Nasty Pelosi, McCaskill and many others who have denied meeting him. [Schemer had an excuse.  The other two denied it at first.]  This guy has been with more politicians than “Sweet Sweet” Connie Hamzy had been with rock stars and roadies.)

Now, here comes the smoking gun, the connection: FBI Director Comey.

Remember him?  The guy who laid out a damning conviction of the Beast then says there was no way any judge would try such a case.  I guess the fear of immediate mortality could have that effect.

Yes, the same guy who was butt-buddies with both Biff and Mooch, the Beast and her charming hubby, Lex Luther and others.  Nooooo nothing to see here!  Pure as the driven snow.

So now comes Comey stating that not only is nothing going on but the DoJ should not be investigating this.

(Hang on, I need to make a call…  “Hmmm…, I see… It does?… He doesn’t?… He can’t?… Thx.”)


Ok just phoned a friend.  I was not sure for a moment, I mean I thought I was right but I needed to get confirmation because something did not sound right.

You see, the FBI is part of the DoJ. The DoJ is run by the AG.  It is not the bailiwick of the FBI to tell the DoJ what they can or cannot pursue.  Recommend, yes. Tell, no.

While this happening, Comey is saying the DoJ had not asked for a wiretap.  (How would he know what the AG was doing?) When asked about if the Intel Service asked for a wiretap, tap-dancing James Tapper, I mean, Clapper, the ex-DNI obfuscated that “to his knowledge”  and the other “no recollection” type responses if there was a wiretap request from his organizations.

Yet, there are records of two requests for FISA application approvals, one was turned down the other approved, to the relief of Lex Luther.

The only two agencies that can “request” a FISA wiretap are the DoJ and the NIA, and the Director of the FBI and ex-DNI chief “tacitly” deny such requests were made.

Yet, one was given Lex Luther and on the front page of the NEW YORK TIMES on 20 January 2017, left side and above the fold was reported: “Wiretapped Data Used in Inquiry of Trump Aides.”

(The day before was an article reporting that the FBI, NSA, CIA and a Treasury financial crimes division found “no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing. “One official said that intelligence reports based on some of the wiretapped communications that had been provided to the [Obama] White House.” So, if there were no wiretaps…)

So, what is it?

Are we to believe the ever-so-malleable James Comey and the rarely forthcoming James Clapper (he is a spook, I almost want to give him a pass as he would prolly not know the truth if it bit him on the butt), or anyone else named James, or the reports that Lex Luther swung twice and got one hit on a FISA app and an article and a sub-headline on the “newspaper of record?”

(And protestations by ex-spokesweasel and others that Biff never, ever wiretapped anyone might be hard to substantiate.  Just ask Angela Merkel.  And Sarkozy. And Ban Ki-Moon. And Berlusconi. And…)


There is no easy out for anyone.

It is not just Trump at the point who are under scrutiny but Biff, Comey, Lex Luther, Clapper, Ernest, Schemer, Pelosi, and prolly a few dozen other names we know and some we never knew.

Looking a little deeper, apropos of nothing else, this is a borderline genius move by DJT.

In one move, he takes away the “Russian Connections” salivations of the despicable Head Clown Schemer.  He can no longer slobber over the nearest microphone that Trump is afraid of him. And at the same time he puts the entire upper echelons of the previous maladministration under scrutiny if not outright suspicion.


The Left is apoplectic.

Schemer, assuming that We the People are stupider than is he, saying about the wiretaps (paraphrasing) “It is bad that Trump is tweeting that he is being wiretapped and he is not but it would be worse if it is true because that meant that some agency felt there was sufficient reason to issue a wiretap.”

The Head Clown left out the most likely scenario: that it was an orchestrated and possibly criminal endeavor by Biff, the DNC or agents provocateur.          (Occam’s Razor employed here.)

(It is largely possible, and dare I say probable, that Schemer is not part of any real intel sharing and is given enough information so that he would go out and misdirect again.)

By the time you read this, it may all be over.   DJT wants a Congressional investigation to include not just any alleged Russian connections but any and all wiretaps by the previous maladministration.

The big question is not what will be discovered but if the investigation will even proceed.

You see it is most likely that put in the spotlight will be Comey for anything that may or may not have occurred but also for the findings of the Beast investigation.

That introduces the Beast and her server as you know the Trump people will go after that. And when that proves to be a winner, winner chicken dinner, as it will then link to the infamous Anthony Weiner and the sensitive date he received, and with whom he shared what and the allegations that there are various types of porn on Wieners computer and perhaps a trail of who else saw that.


So to sum up, two quick adages.

The first is a quote from the Wicked Witch: “You want to play ball, Scarecrow?” and “Be careful for what you ask, you just may get it.”

We shall see