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My Friends & Fellow Suspects:

(NOTE: This was started on Monday before the attack by the Sanders/Warren supporter on Rep. Scalise and others. I will comment next time as it will be a natural continuation of this issue.  Please keep Rep. Scalise and the others wounded in your prayers.)

WE shall, as we do often, go off on a tangent.

Since we last met, a lot has transpired.  The Comey testimony, the activity of the D-List “celebs” on the Left (Griffin, Baldwin, Maher, O’Donnell and the rest of the irrleventocracy), the curiously named “Reality Winner”, Biff and Elsie back at it (Elsie?  Yes! Our old friend the Hilderbeast has rebranded herself.  So have I.  “Lying Clinton”, or, LC, Elsie, for short), the treachery and dare I say borderline treason of the SGRFM and last but certainly not least, DJT’s twittering.

Oddly enough this putatively disparate Joe Franklin Panel has more in common than that which appears on the surface.

For the greater part I am not going to discuss Comey’s testimony but only in the broadest of strokes.  Similarly I am not going to waste another pixel on those washed up has-beens and never-weres, other than to hold them up to ridicule and suggest being remanded to custody for psychological evaluation.

Similarly we shall ignore Elsie as she still believes that she should have won the election and did nothing wrong to cause it.  And Biff?  Screw him.  He has rented enough space in our heads for the last eight years, I will relegate him to little or no comment.


Let’s look at the Comey thing.

He is the brother of the guy who does the Clinton’s taxes and has a long standing relationship with not just the Clinton’s but the Obamas and Lynches as well.

After seeing his one-man dog and pony show laying out a case for conviction for Elsie only to say she did nothing to rise to the level of arrest and then coming back a week before the election with Act II.  If I were DJT I might want to jettison this loose cannon as well.

DJT is clever, very clever and he has very good instincts for the most part.

After firing Comey (nothing new, Clinton fired one as well) he dropped a few innuendos that perhaps the convos were taped.

Of course this was tweeted along with other things, some fine and some, well, odd. Covfefe?  Hmmm…

The Comey Show hits the big stage and tried to cover his butt, throw ex-AG Lex Luther under the bus, suggested Elsie was not as pure as the driven snow and admitted at least three times that DJT was not under any investigation by his office.

Oh, yeah, he perjured himself and while he was at it, possibly implicated himself in a few crimes.  (Aw heck, let’s call them “matters” like Lex Luther suggested about Elsie.)

He admitted to taking detailed notes about his convo with DJT (who, as he admitted, was not under investigation but did not take notes about Elsie who was.  Wha???), he admitted to passing these notes to a third party (and the jury, literally, may be out regarding the legality of that action) and he admitted that he was the leak.

I ask myself, after all that, what did he save for the special prosecutor (and good friend…odd no?) for him to save his butt.

You don’t shoot your wad all at once, you have nothing left to bet if you lose that hand. You KNOW he has something on someone(s).

Now, imagine for a moment if DJT did not make the statement and tweet that “he (Comey) better hope that I do not have any tapes.”

Do you think that Comey would have said and implicated all that he did?   Do you think in the back of his mind that he felt that DJT was capable of not only recording but using said tapes and that is what drove him to ‘fess up?

I do.

Enough on that for now.  We shall most assuredly revisit the trials and tribulations of Comey, Lex Luther and, with hope, many others from the most corrupt maladministration in history.

So among his myriad of other tweets, DJT started a post and the last word was “covfefe.”

The Left went batcrap crazy.  They wondered if that was code, was DJT having a stroke or anything other than what it was, a misspelling and an accidental “send”, or, as I have done just that, is my take.  Makes no difference either way.

What did make a difference is that DJT played it up, tweaking the SGRFM and letting them chase their own tails.

That leads me to the subject of his tweets.

I have had discussions with folks on both sides of the aisle.  Oddly enough the majority of all to whom I spoke stated that DJT should tweet less or not at all.

Let me expatiate on that.

Most of those on the Left did not want him to tweet at all. They did want to know of his tweets.  (I was not aware that one had to read or even know about them.)

On the Right, the majority of those with an opinion wanted him to tweet less or have someone tweet for him.

While those on the Left wanted DJT to stop tweeting it was more of a censorship but those on the Right were more concerned about DJT saving face and his reputation.

(I may be wrong but I do not think either of those two things drive him. I am sure he wants to be loved and respected but I think he would rather be right.)

But let’s crawl into that crowded and gen’ly amazing mind of DJT.

He knows, I know, you know, heck even the Left knows that the SGRFM are not only in the bag or the anti-Trump crowd but largely have come to make up their own stories.

Even Comey said that (paraphrasing) “The people who know things are not talking and the people who are talking do not know things.

Everyday there is some mush-head on some Lib media outlet (yes, even FOX which I think are now sub-50% conservative) gushes about some “breaking (bad) news (for DJT)” they got from some unnamed source or the like.

In fact Midnight the Wonder Dog can be one of those sources.

I have posted this on FB a number of times and I will say it again here, if there is no name attached to some statement, assume it is a lie. (If there is a name and it is a Libs, then you KNOW it is a lie.)

“This ‘unnamed’ sources crap has got to stop. DJT should issue an EO banning any media outlet from reporting on anything without attribution to a named source. It is not a weakening of the 1st Amendment but protection of good, honest and innocent people.”

(As a bonus my “proclamation” is at the very end.)

There was a report from, of all places, Harvard University that stated that the media is overwhelmingly critical of DJT with virtually all media outlets reporting more negative stories about DJT than positive ones.

While even a mollusk could figger that out the statistic that surprised me was that CNNs and NBCs coverage of DJT was 93% NEGATIVE.


I was shocked as I had not seen 7% positive stories about him on those networks. (And figgered PMS/LSD would have been even higher. (See link at the end.)

So, given all that, is there any surprise why and what DJT tweets?

To my friends on the Left, I am barely amused about your ideas on DJT’s tweets, to my friends on the Right, this is for you.

I do not care what DJT tweets as long as two things come into play: that the tweet is true and that the tweet does not reveal any classified information.

He can call names, say YUGE and BIGLY, say thing are SAD, that people are liars and the rest.  I do not care how down and dirty he gets, though I would prefer no use of profanity.

Consider that he gets basically ZERO support from any media.  Even FOX seems to be bending over backwards to provide opposing views to any positive thing they may say about DJT.  In a fair world, the crybaby Wahhaaaaan Williams, the shape-shifting Heraldo Hispanic, the recently outed Shemp Smiff (I don’t care he is gay, I care that he is a closeted Liberal) and others.

(Adding confusion to FOX are the likes of Greg Gutfeld – whom I gen’ly like, Kat Timpf – who is now my favorite Smurf, the always charming pro-wrestler, Tyrus – just in case you were not sure the news is fixed, and the recently ubiquitous Eboni K. Williams.  All nice people, all well-spoken – just like The View and he rest are not, but sadly, they all seem to be Libertarian.  Maybe not so much Tyrus.)

(SIDENOTE TO THE MAJOR: I am not dissing Libertarians.  But only by comparison to the Conservatives do I say “sadly”.)

Where were we… ah, yes!  DJT and the Tweets.  (DJTweets?)

Again, I am disabused by what DJTweets as long as honest and non-sensitive.  In fact the more fanciful and off-base his tweets are the more I like them.

Bear in mind, he knows he is not going to get a fair shake in the media, he knows that they are not going to report his every – or any – utterance as Gospel as they did for Biff.

The ONLYEST way he is going to get his word out to the masses is by his tweets.

Be they good, bad, indifferent, his tweets, like raps on the bars in prison, are the only vehicle he has for getting his word out.

The more it confounds and angers the Left, well, that is just a bonus.

So, my friends, chill out on being harsh on DJTweets.  They are the only truthful things we will hear about him.




PROCLAMATION: Let it hearby be known to all men, their kith and kine, henceforth, the SGRFM, aka the “Media” aka the “FAKE NEWS”, as a direct result of their desire to destroy my Country, shall no more and ever again be referred to as the “Fourth Estate” but the more accurate “Fifth Column.” Go forth and shout this from the rooftops so that all may know the level of treachery we are faced with every day.