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“Shoot Off Yer Mouth”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Bleeding Hearts:

This may be one of the most difficult issues I have written.  Sure, we have discussed controversial topics, there have been times when the discourse has been less then genteel and there have been other situations that would not be confused for the local Pennysaver or church bulletin.

Like many of you, I am a parent and a grandparent.  Absent of anything else I love my kids and g’kids more than anything.

More than ANYTHING.

I would gladly take a bullet for anyone of them if it would spare them any pain.  I do not think I am unique.  As it is said the greatest thing a person can do is to lay down their life for another, should it not be academic that we would do that for our own flesh and blood?

God Forbid, and I mean that seriously, were anything to ever happen to any of my progeny, I would be inconsolable.

We will get into sticky wickets here.  We will be talking about death in perhaps less than solemn tones.  I do not wish to offend but I canNOT promise that we won’t get into to uncomfortable places.  If part of a discussion which may involve the death of a child is too much to bear, please delete this now. I do not wish to open up more hurt.

Last week, one Elliot Rodgers went on a killing spree.  To say he had mental issues is an understatement. His misogyny knew no bounds and he blamed the fact that he was a twenty-two year old virgin as the excuse for his murderous spree.

Now, not to get all preachy and I am the last person to cast stones for sinning, but you have to wonder what kind of society in which we live that could cause someone to resort to murder and mayhem because he was still a virgin.  I mean by the Good Book, we are supposed to remain chaste until marriage.  I doubt that he was the only virgin, yes?  But, still, to be so consumed with rage that he resorted to multiple murders, were there no other avenues?  Even a prostitute?  I do not think he could claim any sort of moral position against paying for sex, after all, he craved not to be a virgin and he killed people.

But none of that is the point.

My first inclination when I hear of something happening to a child or young person is to try to fathom the pain that the child and the parents are experiencing.  Sadly, here in the New Detroit City area, since Billy the Red de BlahZero was elected mayor, there seems to me to be more and more murder and gunfights on the streets.  Sadly, it appears to me more and more babies, children and young kids are getting caught in the gunfire.

I am not without sympathy and a heart. But there is one chap who is testing my limits for being understanding.

Richard Martinez lost his twenty-two year old son, Chris, to that madman Rodgers.  My heart aches for him.  I canNOT fathom the pain.  But this guy has a strange way of showing his.

His FIRST reaction that I saw on the first interview is to call for stricter gun control.  OK, fair enough, his son was shot to death, he does not like guns (I suppose) and he is lashing out.  I am not sure I could blame him.

Yet, in subsequent interviews he is still beating the same drum.  In fact I had to go thru a few interviews, both video and written, to find his son’s name.

How many times have I said to read between the lines, it is not what is said, it is what is omitted which is important.

When a parent of a slain child, or any similar situation, has a catch phrase and a campaign lined up to abridge YOUR Second Amendment rights but he does not mention his dead son’s name, there is something wrong.

This may be painful to watch but do but look at it from a clinical rather than emotional viewpoint.  He makes the argument that only the killer gets the press but the victims are forgotten. Yet he forgets to use his own son’s name!

Watch further as he gets more and more agitated.  There is no sense of grief that I see which is not overshadowed by his politicking this and referring to Sandy Hook.

And lest you believe this is a legit interview, it is posted by the morons at MoveOn.Com. The “news organization” is anything but legit. TPM, which they say stands for “Talking Points Memo” but after a quick look at a few of their articles that would more accurately be called “Totalitarian Propaganda Mendacity.”  The little tool-ette sitting in on the “interview” is little more than window-dressing with a side order of bomb-throwing.

Please, do not misunderestimate me, this entire thing is a tragedy.  It is easy to blame Rodgers, his parents, the police who did not do a good job of checking out Rodgers’ apartment when they were called there, heck you can blame ALL of the media and entertainment in the world for making this sick mind think he was even worse off than he thought because he is not getting all the benefits as did the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Irrespective of who is at fault, it will not bring the seven people back from the dead. May God have mercy on their souls.  What is reprehensible is the politicizing of this event.

I have not read every article nor saw every interview and I am not going to do so. But what I have seen and heard is just Mr. Martinez and his numerous demands for the banning of all guns.

And, again, in case I was not as clear as I could be, this guy has an agenda and he is using his son’s murder to advance it.

You see Martinez wants guns banned.  Almost understandable in one’s grief.  Yet, guns were not the only “weapons” used.

Rodgers stabbed people, he ran people down with his car and yes, he shot people.

Why do Martinez and others like him demand guns taken away?

There are thousands of Americans killed every year by knives and stabbings.  And despite the general decline of auto related deaths, cars still kill two to three times as many people as do guns.

Oh, in case you have not come to this conclusion, of guns, knives and autos, only one is protected by the Constitution.

And in case you have not come to this conclusion, of guns, knives and autos, only one is constantly attacked by the Left.

Any guesses?

I am disinclined to research this Martinez fellow and further as I do not want anything to assuage my sympathy for his loss, but not his activism.

As I stated at the outset, if you are still with me, this was a very difficult issue to write and I know some of you well and how this can be very painful to you.  That is not my intent.

What I was forced to do was to come down to the level of the Left and fight them the same way they fight: Dirty.

It is time for ANYONE running for elective office as a “White Hat” to learn that same lesson.  Perhaps when we beat them at their own game we can go back to civility and the way things once were.

God rest the souls of the dead and comfort to all of their families.


“Indian Takers”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Indians, Chiefs & Redskins Fans:

Recently the “Senate” received a letter which said in part and paraphrased that the Democrats are to immediately submit their resignations and passports.  They are to make themselves immediately and permanently available for providing testimony at any number of committee hearings until they screw up and are charged with a felony.

In addition they agree to refuse any preferential treatment by the DoJ.  Of course their only out will be to implicate and to testify against those in positions of elected or unelected power.  Ought they to provide evidence to convict said conspirators they will be treated with leniency. Ought they to falter, they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Of course, it is to be understood that any “presidential pardon” will be considered null and void and any protestation of that will only make the eventual sentence that much more punitive.

Of course the members of the Senate will ignore such a dicta especially as it comes from a committee of one.

Yet the fact that such a “demand” from a body with “no controlling authority” will fall on deaf ears does not mitigate the fact that such demands from their very own “august” body from making similar insane and devoid of legal backing pronouncements.

Last week a number of idjits in the Senate had a powwow.  (When I say “idjits” I assure you I am not being judgmental but accurate.)

You see, filled with gumption from I do not know what, or being used as tools for the tools who are ruining our Country, the Senate under the “leadership” of Dingy Harry crafted a demand letter.

For reasons that only someone far sillier, dimmer and more bought and paid for than you and I could possibly fathom the “Senate” passed a so-called “resolution” demanding that the Washington Redskins football team change their name.

Ignoring the fact that they have been the (Boston) Redskins since 1931 and forward after their move to Washington DC in 1937 the Liberal Senate thought they needed to chime in.

(Oddly enough, the Redskins were the last team to integrate and that it took threats by the federal gum’mint of not allowing them a place to play that forced them to sign a black player.)

And, no, this is not the first time someone or group got their panties in a wad over the name “Redskins” or any of the other Indian named teams.  But it does seem to be the first time the “Senate” tried to force the issue.  (Last year ten members of “Congress” sent a letter to Redskins over Dan Snyder asking him to change the name.  The ten MOC’s were told basically to go and pound sand.)

Now, between 75-91% of those polled in a large number of polls have no objection to the name Redskin.  The poll that had 75% approval was commissioned by Sports Illustrated… and they polled solely American Indians.

(Point coming I promise you…)

The ONLY poll that did not show overwhelming support for the name Redskins was one conducted by PMS/LSD.  Only the home of Ed Shultz, Uncle Rachel, Al $harpton and others could be behind such a poll.

The MSNBC “poll” indicated that a mere 37% thought the name was OK. Of course, we do not know the wording of the question, how many people were asked, the demographics, how many were actual sports fans and the like.  But, chew gum, that is good enough for the socialists at the W-H Broadcasting Studios, no matter how far out of line they are with the rest of the real world.

So, armed with such underwhelming support, forty-nine Liberal Democrat (but I repeat myself) senators crafted a silly bed-bug letter to NFL Commish Roger Goodell demanding he take action to have Mr. Snyder change the name of his team.

(BTW, Part 1:  NO Republicans were invited to add their name.  Wonder if it is because none would and Dingy is saving some of his scary face or if this is part of the Nasty Pelosi Non-Partisanship by threatening to boycott the Benghazi hearings.)

(BTW, Part 2:  Even though you can read the letter and count all forty-nine names, the Huff Post “headline” is “‘Racial Slur’: 50  Senators Urge NFL To Change Washington Redskins Name.”   In addition Huff Post, other than poor math skills are intellectually dishonest in not quoting “Democrat” senators in their headline.)

Of course, this little letter has no force of law.  It is only an exercise in trying some mis-guided do-good-osity (and recall, our friends on the Left see “trying” the same as actually “doing”), pandering to the PMS/LSD vote, is racist in nature (the name Redskins had and has the blessing of Native Americans and in fact, it was Native Americans who came up with the logo.)

Now, consider again, there are forty-nine “Senators” involved here.  Let me make this clear.  Even if they had some legal standing IT IS NOT A MAJORITY!

But, rules and laws and majorities mean nothing to this bunch.  Look at the clusterfluke OBAMA’S OBAMACARE and how THAT got “passed!”

Clearly this is a leap of no-faith by the malcontents in the Senate.  They are riding the coattails of the NBA ruling against Sterling to make a point.

(Of course the powers that be in the NBA did not come down on Mark Cuban after HIS racially insensitive remarks!  And, there is no reason to afford him and special status.  Other than being a billionaire, he is not a member of a minority.  While his name may be “Cuban” he is Jewish.  It was changed from Chabenisky.)

Now I point all this out not because I give a large rodent’s behind about the name Redskins, other than if it angravates Liberals I am all for it.

It is the machinations of a certain small rodent called Dingy Harry and the entire misguided mindset of the mentally deficient Liberals that is in question.

First out of the gate ANYTHING the Left does must be treated with suspicion and to look for the real issue at hand.  I’d wager that Dingy is not even a sports fan and given his druthers, he’d throw Indians off their own land if he could make a buck on the oil or minerals under the reservation.

Second, the higher up the food chain that someone is doing a dog and pony show, the more serious the issue or the more afraid they are.   Dingy Reid foisting this piece of owl droppings is prolly about Benghazi as his analogue in the House, Nasty Pelosi, is going kicking and screaming into any room containing Trey Gowdy.  That she does not want Democrats on the committee and the Senate invited zero Republicans to this canard speaks volumes.


(Just what the heck Biff was doing in Afghanistan is anyone’s guess.  The one thing I do know, it had nothing to do with simply visiting troops.  I wonder where else he went?  With whom else did he talk?  “Alls” I know from people who are there and no one was happy to have him drop in.)

Then of course, there is the SRM’s take on this.  They are doing little more than carrying water at this point. Other than the Huff Post I have not seen any other lies.  Then again, I canNOT watch PMS/LSD.

But what the SRM is guilty of is passive assistance.  And that is a problem.

To me, mis- or under-reporting the news is just as bad as lying about it. If they do not say that this letter has the same legal standing as a shopping list, they are giving it status.

When they do not question that a minority comprised of one party alone is issuing fatwas, they are equally complicit in subjugating the rule of law.

And you thought this was going to be a walk in the park.

Enough for now.  I am sure they will do something else stupid/ illegal/ evil soon enough.


“Memorial Day 2014”

I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

I rarely eat leftovers, I gen’ly do not watch reruns of TV shows, there are very few movies and books that I have enjoyed more than once. That said, it is odd that I would repeat a THE DAILY FISH. Most of the FISH I have written, I suppose, I could improve upon, but this is one of the few that stands out that there is little room for significant improvement. I have not altered it in any way save to change the lapse of time since the last one. I feel the same emotion reading this today as I did when first I wrote it.

As the circulation of this little thing of ours has grown in the past year, I would reckon that there are a fair number of you have not seen this before and I posit that many who have read it before will anew appreciate the sentiment contained within.

That said, enjoy your Memorial Day but remember the reason for it!


My Friends and Fellow Patriots:

Many of you long time readers know that there are a few things that are very special and close to me. You also know that, regardless of what is going on in the world, in our Country, in our backyards, that we have to stop and take pause for a moment and make sure we are shipshape, squared-away, flying right, on top of things, or whatever. In these cases I write a THE DAILY FISH to make sure we do this a few times a year. This is one of them.

On Mother’s Day, I drove out to Calverton National Cemetery here on Long Island. My dad, a WWII and Korea vet was buried there some 27 years ago. Not that long ago, mom joined him and Mother’s Day was her 8th anniversary there.

Like most national cemeteries, Calverton is in great shape, easy to get around, well maintained and if it was not such a bitter-sweet place, you would enjoy going there. Most days, other than the all- too-many funerals, it is quiet and no matter where you are you are almost always alone. Holidays are a bit different and on Mother’s Day I noticed a far higher number of flowers on the graves.

Other than on Father’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day and very few others do you see much decoration on the graves. Sometimes I think that is the way it ought to be; solemn, serene and reflective. On other days it is good to see flowers and flags festooning the final resting spots of so many of our heroes and in many cases members of their families. Our heroes, though gone, still are part of the American Family and many of them have paid the ultimate price so that we can live as we do. It is right and proper that we recognize and honor them with flowers and flags.

There are national cemeteries all over our country, and in fact, all over the world. I am sure that there is one not too far from you, if you stopped to take a look*. Maybe you know of one, or, like me, have loved ones buried in one or more, but if nothing else, there are fields upon fields of the final resting places of our heroes.

Many of these great Americans left their cities and towns, friends and family and traveled to the far reaches of the Earth so that we could enjoy all with which God has so richly blessed us. Most came back home, took off their Ike Jackets, Cammies, Dixie Cups and so forth and continued their lives until their natural end.

Others came home in bags and boxes, having made the supreme sacrifice in a foreign land. Some others suffered great injuries that accelerated their eventual demise. But no matter what level of sacrifice they gave, they all gave.

There is a bumper sticker that is, I hesitate to say is “popular”, referring to the brave FDNY heroes who perished on 9-11 that reads: “All Gave Some, Some Gave All.” Without fear of compromising the sacrifices made by “New York’s Bravest”, that is a sentiment that ought to be conferred upon all veterans as well.

I am going to eschew politicizing this issue for a moment, as this transcends politics or, at least, ought to. We are all affected and effected by the actions and sacrifices of our vets and we owe them all a debt far greater than we can ever repay. Even we vets owe our brother and sister vets the same, and in many cases a far higher, debt of gratitude.

One of the best and easiest things we can do is to fly our Flag from our houses. Or, on our cars. Or, on your jacket lapel. Or, like me, all of the above. I do not know about you but I get a sense of pride every time I see our Flag and recite the Pledge. And, is there a greater song than the Star Spangled Banner? Brings a tear to my eye. But that comes as natural to me and many others as a result of service to our country.

But there is more that we can do and I really do not want to get all preachy here or holier- than-thou but too many of us take too many of us for granted. If you have an iota of respect for our Flag and that which it represents, please, PLEASE, do something a little different this year if you do not celebrate Memorial Day in any manner other than having a cook-out.

If you are religious, perhaps there is a service at your house of worship you can attend. If there is a parade in your community, as there is one in mine, if you do not participate in it, please, turn out and show your support for those who do. While it is not Veterans Day, maybe you might wish to visit a local Veterans home or hospital. After all, those who we remember on Memorial Day ARE all vets!

One of the things I get the greatest satisfaction doing is the laying of Flags at Long Island National Cemetery, or as we locals call it, Pinelawn. I am not sure of the exact number but there are more than 330,000 vets and family members of vets buried here.

Arriving at first light on the Saturday before Memorial Day, the groups gather at various parts of the cemetery. AMVETS, VFW, American Legion, groups of Nam vets and now the latest groups are those from the Middle East conflicts. There are also Boy and Girl Scouts, Knights of Columbus, Elks, Moose and other fraternal and civic groups pitching in.

They will gather at their appointed location and generally have some kind of small service to set the tone for the solemnity of their duty and for respect and commemoration of those whom they honor. The Flags are provided by the cemetery and are placed in large crates spaced so that you can grab a few bundles, decorate the graves and by the time you need more Flags, there is another huge crate nearby loaded with Flags.

The folks take a few bundles of the Flags and generally work in teams of 3 or so, leap-frogging over the others as they place a Flag at the center of each headstone. Many people take half of a tennis ball for the purposes of pushing the Flag in to the ground. Here in New York even in May, the ground can still be hard. Or rain-soaked. Or something else. But no matter what, it is hallowed ground acting as a sentinel over the remains of thousands upon thousands of American Heroes.

We may have up to a hundred in our group and while I do not know the exact number of Flags that we lay, it is likely over 10,000. That may sound like a lot of Flags but it is only a hundred or so person. And, we get it done in less than an hour. In fact, just before sun up there is scarcely a Flag to be seen and only a few hours later, all 330,000-plus graves have been decorated.

It is truly an amazing sight to see, acres and acres of rows upon rows of white pillars, laid out with great precision, each one with a small American Flag placed at the center of the headstones. If this does not make you proud to be an American, there is something wrong with you. And, it is nearly impossible to look at the fields of fluttering Flags in front of their white sentinels and not think of the American Hero that each one represents.

I am sure that many of you do this already. I am equally certain that many more of you have actually wondered how all the Flags got there in the first place. I hope that some of you will be so impressed with this duty that you, too, may wish to get involved and get a great sense of accomplishment.

It is easy to do.

If you already belong to one of the service, civic or fraternal organizations, check with someone to see if your particular post, chapter, council or whatever is involved and then you can volunteer. If your group does not participate or you do not belong to any of these organizations, I am sure you know someone who does and ask that person if they decorate the graves for Memorial Day. If you strike out on both of these counts, you can contact the administrator at the cemetery near you and I am sure that they can either put you in touch with some organization or that they have a cadre that they field for this event.

So, please take a moment and say a silent prayer for all of those who served so valiantly and are in their final resting place. Take a moment and reflect on the sacrifices that they made. Then ask yourself, will it be just burgers and beers this Memorial Day as usual or will you take a little time out of your day off and will you do a little something for those who served so you can have the freedoms that we all enjoy.

And, while you are saying that little prayer, don’t forget those who are currently serving, especially those in harm’s way.

God Bless, God Speed and Thank you for serving.

* If you are interested in finding a national cemetery, here is a link:


PRAYER LIST: All those serving on active duty especially those in Afghanistan and special prayers for all those injured.

Requiescat in pace: All those who have made the supreme sacrifice from our War for Independence to this day especially SGT Shawn Farrell of A-CO 1-32, 3BCT, 10th Mountain Division.  (If you wish to help in a fundraiser for his family please see my friends: )

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



“Celebrate! Dance To The Music! That Is An Order!”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

 Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Vocabulary Mavens:

So, is it your birthday? No?  Anniversary?  No?  Might it be some other “special day?” No?  (BTW, the laws of averages indicate that today, in fact any day, would be some of your birthdays or anniversaries.  If so, have a Happy Happy and God Bless!)


Why do I ask?

You know me better than that!  There is a possibility of a point on the horizon!

We “celebrate” one’s birthday.  We “celebrate” one’s anniversary.  We “celebrate” a promotion or even retirement.  You see, we regular folk, the vast, VAST majority of everyday people lead rather normal lives.

Just like the word “conversation” oozing out of the pie hole of some media lizard, bought and paid for politician or some “actor” means: “This is the way it is going to be” and not a “conversation” at all, but basically an “order.”

“Yeasssssss, we are going to have a ‘conversation’ about healthcare” might be said/slurred by Nasty Pelosi.

“We need to have a ‘conversation’ about the evil Republicans”, someone, like Mr. Debbie Wassermanhyphenshultz might bark.

“It is time for a ‘conversation’ with the Executive Branch with regards to these criminal activities that might be perpetrated by this witch hunt possibly perpetrated by the Speaker” could be squeaked by that half-of-a-man Dingy Harry.

As you can see, “conversation”, in the addled mind of the low-double digit IQ set, is anything BUT a “conversation.”  It is a pronouncement, or a lie, or just a canard to stall for time or anything else under the sun but an honest discourse and exploring the ideas and views of others.

It is less an information highway than a one-way street with a car as wide as the entire road coming at you.  (Or, a Buick.)  In other words, THEY will tell YOU what the “conversation” is.

As we all know, the Left speaks in code.  “Conversation” is only one of them.  They have plenty of code words.  At least that gives then plausible deniability in contradistinction to their usual SOP, outright lies.

There is another we hear from time to time and I find it patently offensive on any number of levels.


Yes! Gee willikers gosh golly me oh my!  Celebrate!  We are going to have a party, with hats and games and a clown and ice cream, cake and lots of surprises!

No, silly person, that is a celebration as one might do for a birthday, anniversary or the like.

“Celebrate” means much the same as “conversation” but gen’ly on a moral level as opposed to as political one.

(I am not going to define the following remarks with any kind of apologia.  If you do not know my feelings and heart by now, the words would not make a difference.  If you are a new reader, I assure you no harm or foul or criticism of the person is meant in any way, shape or form.  First off, I am not perfect.  As I say, I am a sinner.  My sins are not more or less pleasing to God than any other person’s sins. I am not coming from a point of moral superiority.)

We hear that we are supposed to “celebrate” diversity. I dunno, I thought I grew up in a diverse neighborhood. There were Irish, Italians, Poles, a few Germans and a smattering of Jews.

No, there were no blacks, no Spanish, no Orientals or much of anyone else.  It has taken me a while to figger that one out.  Some night say mine was a lily White, mayonnaise flavored neighborhood. And they would be right.  But that did not stop us from calling our friends Micks or Wops or Pollack’s or Krauts or whatever.  I am SURE that if there were blacks, or Spanish or Orientals we would have used equally offensive terms for them as well.

What I am trying to say is that these childhood “prejudices” are sort of a rite of passage. Unless you lived in an Amish commune, I would expect that your youthful experiences are similar to mine.

As we got older, or should I say, matured, those jokes and names went away especially in light of the fact by the time we got to high school were we well aware we not the only game in town.

I am not sure we “celebrated” diversity as much as honored it.

Then came the race baiters, the rousers of rabble and the merchants of hate.  They are preaching a need for a “celebration of diversity” when in reality they want nothing of the sort.

When I said we “matured”, it was largely due to having interaction with a more varied group of peeps. The race issue occurs when the misery pimps have not matured, have not had interaction with Whites and the potent stew of fear, misunderstanding and dare I say envy of material things create an unpalatable dish.  And rising to the top of this mélange are the noisy race baiters who do not want integration and assimilation but segregation, with benefits, so that they can control those they ought to be uplifting.

(If you doubt any of that, I invite you to re-re-read the history of the Democrats [Liberals] with respect to race relations and rights and you will see who is keeping whom down.)

Ergo, on the rare occasion when a $harpton or a Jack$on talks about a “celebration of diversity” most of the times it falls on deaf ears as most people (99.44%) know they are full of bovine scatology.

Even so, the term resonates and We the Sheeple are familiar with it.  So it should come as no surprise that the gays have co-opted this term but in the more fascist manner.

“Oh, look, these two lovely ‘brides’ walking down the aisle! Let’s all celebrate their diversity!”

“Wasn’t that special!  Michael Sam sharing a kiss with his Mafioso boyfriend when he was picked in the NFL draft!  The president called him to congratulate him and to celebrate his diversity.”

You don’t hate your birthday, do you? (All kidding aside.)  You don’t hate your anniversary, do you?  And you celebrate those!  So, how can you hate a pair of gay brides or a gay football player and his boyfriend making out? After all, we “celebrate” that. Right?

Noooooo, we don’t and we should be smart enough to not fall for a Liberals poor attempt at “logic.”  You see, we don’t “celebrate” bank robbery.  We don’t “celebrate” murder.  We don’t “celebrate” dishonoring our parents.  We don’t “celebrate” lying.  (I mean, if you are not a Liberal….)

So, why should we celebrate adultery?  After all, ANY kind of sex outside of marriage is adultery.

And while I am sure a few, some, many, all of us have broken one or more of the Commandments in our lives, we are not to be proud that we do not do certain things, for surely we have done others.   And a quick show of hands, how many of you can walk on water?

I thought so.

So, it I am not coming from any high and moral position.  All of us who have sinned have fallen short of the Glory of God. So, I am not suggesting a holier-than-thou attitude.  That is not the point of this missive.

But, hark back to the TV shows of the 50s, then the 60s and so on and so forth.

Back in “Father Knows Best” time, he did and kids did not mouth off.  Then the permissive 60s and the attendant Liberal guilt.  Kids mouthed off and the parents did nothing. Later on they caved into them and now kids tell the parents what to do on TV.  (And the medium is what, class? The message.)

I assure you my parents NEVER asked me for advice when I was growing up and I think, strike that, I KNOW we were better and more intellectually honestly educated.

So, once you have the decapitation of the father figure from the family hierarchy, anarchy follows.

Now cheating at on your spouse is fine.  Ripping off your job in any number of ways is condoned.  A weak family structure permits the tail to wag the dog.  Any kind of moral, intellectual, financial or legal short cut is allowed and in fact expected that we utilize them.  Nothing exceeds like excess!

Now that we are desensitized to all of that, it is only short step to acceptance.


We are so used to seeing any shred of morality being ignored, laughed at, scorned or debased.   We are subliminally and consciously told that morality, God, Commandments and on a different level, the Constitution is old and outdated stuff. Sure it was important for the simple and stupid people of the past, but not the uber-bright modern folks into which we have (d)evolved!

You see, preying on our past, perhaps contrived prejudices, adding to that the slow but steady erosion of morality, heaping on a huge helping of secular humanism we are easily led down the path of further debasement as a civilization.

When we hear “celebrate” now it not so much about diversity these days but an acceptance of the gay lifestyle.  And the biggest trick and the biggest lie is that these destroyers of family and morality equate black civil rights with gay “rights.”  And as we have already gone down that path, suffice it to say that it is a typical false Liberal argument and quite frankly incredibly insulting to blacks.

Hate to beat a dead horse, but recall when “Lawrence” was handed down and all that which I predicted occurred and continues to do so.

They claimed all they wanted with privacy, were not going to make a big deal out of it, did not want to get married and it would not be a stepping stone to further debauchery.

And what happened?

Gay parades with nothing left to the imagination in the streets of large cities, demand for extraordinary rights over and above what they and all citizens already had, demand for gay “marriage” and they got it.

Now, there are situations where three women are “married” to each other, certain states saying pedophilia and bestiality are fine and dandy and Lord knows what else.

Again, this not a de facto condemnation of the gay “lifestyle” they, sadly, are the target because they are using their status for more deterioration of our Country.

I go on too long…

Suffice it to say, question EVERYTHING. From the Left, the Right and even yours truly.   Do not take anything (but this admonition) at face value.  Beware the honeyed words of deceit from the Left.  Be on the look-out for words that you thought meant own thing but are being used in a total and unfamiliar context for the express purpose of misleading you.

No, my friends, none of that is a celebration in any way shape or form.

It is more like a wake.

(Just for grins, check THIS out, lest you think I overreact. )

“You Caught Me! Shame On You!”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Legal Punching Bags:


Not sure how this is going to work.  Started writing this the other day, I think I may have had a plan where it was supposed to go but not sure.

That said, something happened on my way into work this morning that might dovetail with my original idea.

I was driving up a side road approaching a larger road.   As I was a few hundred feet from the intersection, I see this giant Buick driven by a Liberal turn into the road.

How did I know he was a Liberal?  Well, I don’t know for sure, but stick with me.

I could not help but notice two things. The first is he was looking more or less back whence he came.  The second was he was driving smack down the middle of the block and veering, this clearly predicated by his distraction.

I hit my horn as he is closing in on me, he snaps out of his daydream, sees he is about to run into another car that has no place to go because by now he is almost entirely in my lane.

What does this genius do?

He swerves out of the way and curses at me for beeping my horn.  “I saw you…what is your… problem” was the condensed version without the profanity.

So, let’s recap.  Someone is driving a large car, not watching where he is going, driving on the wrong side of the road.  A citizen (me) hits his horn to alert the gerbil as to his condition and I elicit a profane tirade for my trouble.

That is why I think he is a Liberal.  (Of course he could be a loony tune from the Right but his behavior is more constant with the Left:  “I did something wrong, you caught me, it is your fault.”)

For some reason I saw that as the nexus of the woes of the world as visited upon us by the Left.

Now, where was I….

I guess to touch on what Zander said last week, there is something going on that troubles me.

OK there are a lot of things going on and most do more than merely trouble me.  Some make me want to chew nails others make me so uncertain about the future that all seems to be in vain.

But when an absolute Lefty like Baldwin hits the bull’s eye with a statement such as: “New York City is a mismanaged carnival of stupidity that is desperate for revenue and anxious to criminalize behavior once thought benign”, you have to take that somewhat seriously.

In all candor, had he been let off with a warning, none of this ever would have happened.  He would have said whatever he needed to the cop and went off on his merry way.

Like it or not, Baldwin ought to have been aware that he was breaking the law.  So, he really has no excuse.  And just like the guy that nearly ran into me, rather than accept the ramifications of his actions, he lashes out and makes himself appear as a bigger buffoon than he already does.

The fact that his statement was 100% spot on is merely a footnote to the larger issue.

That being that laws are for the “other people.”

And in the eyes of the Libs, WE the PEOPLE are the other people.

Recall that the Left were all giddy about OBAMA’S OBAMACARE?  They could not wait for its implementation.   Then when the inevitable occurred and we found out it was a house of cards built on a foundation of lies the Left could not understand what happened.

“Hey, I was dropped by my insurance carrier!”

“Wow, man, I can’t sign up for the new health care plan on the interwebs!”

“Dude, my insurance rate just doubled and now I also have a huge deductible!”

In other words, they did not expect all the things we KNEW were going to happen, happen.

Well, more accurately, they did not expect all the things we KNEW were going to happen to happen to THEM.

You see, in the Libs jaundiced eye, laws are for the “other people.”

Be it obeying a traffic law with your bike or your car, be it with respect even to an illegal “law”, or using the legislative process to line your pockets and those of your friends, family and contributors, the Left think those pesky little laws do not apply to them.

Even as we speak, that horrible little woman, Nasty Pelosi, has not decided whether or not the Dems are going to participate in the Benghazi hearings.  Like it would make a difference.  Again, this is the Left subverting the Law so that when the hammer comes down, they can say that it was not a fair proceeding.


And we are stuck with that, for now.

But, when the ranks of the Dem “leadership” begin to thin due to many of them busy covering their butts, they will find out that We the People are not playing.

(For some reason, I see Biff handing out presidential pardons to the subpoenaed on the way in to the hearings, and alleged AG Stedman setting aside convictions on the way out.  Truly, God help them if that happens, that might be enough to have the whole shop collapse.)

And that is where we are today.  Each and every political hot potato is ignored by the SRM (though, that worm is slowly starting to turn) and replaced with some bovine scatology such as the so-called “global warming” or alleged AG Stedman’s latest mantra that Whites are racists, ignoring the irony let alone the untruth of that statement.

So, class, let’s recap:

You are riding you bike in violation of the traffic laws.  What do you say?

“I did something wrong, you caught me, it is your fault.”

Very good.

Now, you are oblivious to on-coming traffic because you are not paying attention and when you are alerted you curse like a sailor.  What is your excuse?

“I did something wrong, you caught me, it is your fault.”

You allow four Americans to be tortured, killed and dismembered (or any one of an insanely long litany of unanswered questions, to be polite.)  What is the next step.

Well, when you get this high on the Liberal Totem pole, a singularity occurs and the laws of physics break down.

“We did nothing wrong, you caught me, it is your fault.”

See, it all makes sense now.

“Peddling The Same Old Stuff”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Peddlers of….:

As I have said many times the law of averages demand that eventually someone will be correct, even a married man.  That can be stated as “at times, even a blind squirrel can find his own nuts.”

As difficult as it is to be correct 100% of the time, it is equally as difficult to be wrong 100% of the time.   And when you look at most of the Dem “leadership”, hangers-on, appointees and other socialists plus the coterie of anti-constitutionalists in Congress you would be excused that they are trying to be wrong 100% of the time.

(For instance, the lying Nasty P.:    )

For every positive Conservative action there is an exponentially larger and incorrect Liberal reaction.

There is not polite way of putting it, the Right might tell a lie at times but the Left knows not how not to lie.  They just can’t help themselves.  And the higher up the totem pole of socialism you go, the less likely you are to hear anything resembling the truth.

That is until one is no longer on the totem pole and just becomes part of the food chain.

Timmy Geithner is an example of this.  This Peter Principle Graduate and potential accident victim was the Sec Treasury.   He is beyond contempt and a tool but that did not stop him from writing a book.

In it, he “alleges” that he was told to “lie” by the Wh’ite House.  Yeah, I am just as shocked as are you.   So, now, all of a sudden this one-time golden boy is persona non gratia.

(I made a small error, I said he may be a “potential accident victim.” I was a tad confused.  This Maladministration will throw you under a bus, the Clinton one would run you over with it.)

As you have seen in the recent FISH involving dialog with those who are not in their “Right” mind: facts, decency, discourse and the like are alien concepts to the Left.

For the most part those, especially those with any kind of power, prestige or position, have little to no decency, less honor and no conscience. Yes, they are evil.  There is no other rational explanation.

Now, don’t misunderestimate me, I am not saying those on the Right are perfect, far from it, but it appears to me that the Left aspire to these cesspoolian goals.

The nearer to the truth, the uncovering of facts, the closer the investigations are, the more panic stricken, the more outlandish the pronouncements and the more egregious the lies we will hear from the Left.

But, there is a point somewhere.  And as I said to open this piece, every once in a while, the Left will accidently speak the truth.

There is no secret that I have somewhere less than zero use for the fat, bloated, bloviating, angry-beaver and home-town boy, Alec Baldwin.

“Zander”, as he was known growing up and as a life guard,  is a bitter, angry, vile person.  I am not sure if it is his narcissism, delusions of adequacy or he is just tetched in the head and he canNOT control his infamous temper, but hardly a week goes by that he is not getting some ink for his impulsive and repulsive behavior.

This week was no different.

He was riding his bicycle in Manhattan and was pulled over for riding it the wrong way on a one-way street, oh, and for “disorderly conduct.”

You can read the silly details elsewhere, but this blind squirrel found his own nuts when he stated/tweeted: “New York City is a mismanaged carnival of stupidity that is desperate for revenue and anxious to criminalize behavior once thought benign.”

(Before we go any further, for clear disclosure I must remind you that this is the same dude who said if G.W. Bush was elected he would leave the County. This coward did not leave because he claims Bush was not elected.  He stated after one of his many run-ins with police and others that he was going to move out of New York.  Oh, he is not just STILL in America, he is STILL in New York.)

We can breakdown “Zander’s” statement and applaud the inadvertent genius he exposes.

“New Detroit City is a mismanaged carnival of stupidity…” And he could not be more correct, if not for the past dozen plus years, at least since Billy the Commie De BlahZero was elected by almost no one.

“…that is desperate for revenue…”  Wow!  That is true!  There was a time not that long ago that if you ran a red light and a cop was inclined to ticket you, you incurred a fine AND points on your license.

Well, here, as in other areas, there are “red light cameras.”  You run a red light, a camera takes a picture, and they send you a love note and a picture of the crime associated with the license plate of the car and a demand to pay fifty bucks.

(We have all heard the joke where the guy sent back a picture of a check since he was sent a picture of the infraction and the cops sent back a picture of a set of handcuffs.  He paid the fine.)

What happens here are two things, one perhaps good and one perhaps bad.  You see, there are far more red light tickets being electronically issued now than there were manually. That is a good thing. Yes, it does increase revenue but it is not punitive in that the driver is not getting the ticket, per se, but the registered owner, as they can prove that the car did run a light they canNOT prove who was driving.  So, you can run as many red lights as you want but you do not get points on your license.  (BTW, the company that owns the red-light cameras gets almost half of the revenue.  This serves to support the first part of Baldwin’s rant. Mismanaged and stupid.)

This has escalated to the next step and eventually this will predicate a FISH or four.  They are now instituting speeding cameras.  Again, what was once a point-gathering event on the whole will soon become another money grab with no real consequences other than a hit to the wallet.

But, check THIS out… on Long Island, one of the plans being floated is to install about a hundred and forty or so of these speeding cameras… in school zones.

OK, fine, you say, kids do not pay attention, traffic patterns at times of the day are tricky, why not penalize those who speed in a school zone?

I am having a hard time with this as this plan stipulates that part of the revenue generated by a speeding camera will to the school where the camera is located.

And again, this is one more invasion of privacy and one more step closer to Bigger Brother.  I mean, could you imagine if Midget Marxist Mayor boob-berg was still running the shop and he had saturated-fat monitors, big gulp cameras,  smoking sensors in  Gotham?  So far….

Which leads us to the final part: “…and anxious to criminalize behavior once thought benign.”

This is paradoxical in that what once was a moving violation (criminal behavior?) is now a ticket (benign?) but his overarching allegation is spot on as intimated above.

Any given number of cops can give out a finite number of red-light and speeding tickets are one time, typically one.  But a machine can catch EVERY violation.

As I mentioned by channeling Boob-berg’s nanny state spirit, if they can lasso your wallet for red-light and speeding tickets, maybe Big Brother’s eyes and ears will find and prosecute other and perhaps new crimes, such as thought crimes.  (Don’t laugh… remember what I said about “Lars”?)

The law in New York is that a bike rides in the same direction as the traffic.  We will not discuss the common sense or physics of this law now, we will accept it as the law.

Then again, if you ever have been in             Manhattan during the day,  “traffic” is a relative term.  You can make decent time on some streets but for the most part the traffic moves somewhere between gridlock and a glacier.

There are these death-defying bike messengers who zip in and out of traffic with wild abandon, there are food delivery guys equally as reckless and some driving bikes with baskets on them which could serve as shelter for a small family.

But as they are, gen’ly, going with the flow, they are cool.  But poor Zander who rode prolly no more than a half of a block the wrong way won himself a free ride in a police car.

Yup!  But, hey, don’t stop and frisk!  That’s racist!

(I need someone to help me out here.  Back when I was young-er, for some reason I thought we were told to ride facing the traffic. Am I misremembering that?)

So, Zander might be on to something here… we shall see.

But my old pal Mac out in beautiful downtown Idaho sent me a gem!  He wrote:  “I  substituted ‘Liberals’ for New York, and changed the verbs to match…”

Let’s see how that plays out…

“Liberals are a mismanaged carnival of stupidity who are desperate for revenue and anxious to criminalize behavior once thought benign.”

Kinda brings a tear to your eye for its pure beauty and simplicity of defining Liberalism.

Outstanding, troop!

“The Beat(en) Go On, and on, and on…”


“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Angravated Class:

Thank you all for the many kind words and emails of encouragement in the wake of the “Saturday (Not So) Short Stack” issue.  Yes, it is all true and some of you actually saw it on Facebook before it was yanked.

The most common question asked was why do I bother responding to these people?  I guess for the same reason people preach to the heathens, to at least give them the opportunity to have a better message.  Of course, many of the heathens martyred those priests, padres and friars sent to the New World, so, I may have been wiser to have chosen a different field of endeavor.

While I am not saying my message is anywhere close to the Gospels but it is, in a sense a different kind of gospel to a different kind of heathen.

I take on these folks from the Left and I do so for a variety of reasons.  I am sure I have discussed this at one point.  One reason is to fact-check myself.  If someone makes a valid point that runs athwart to what I allege, I need to make sure I have MY facts correct. After all, would I not to do so, I would be the same as they.  In the one-thousand-plus FISH so far, it has happened once or twice.  And when I was wrong, I publicly apologized.

In those rare cases, I was dealing with someone from the who used facts which were verified.  (Invective and lies are, in the Liberal mind, kinds of “facts” as well, but do little to enhance one’s position.)

Hark back to the Saturday issue. I asked two simple questions: How can windmills be bad and might that be part of the evolutionary plan?

Of course, no one got remotely close to answering the questions, not even in the same neighborhood.  I was accused of being anti-alternative fuel even though I expressly said I was for them and I was taken to task for my comment on Darwinism.

Indeed, according to these “good and kind people” and one notable coward, I am an idiot because I do not believe in Darwinism.  Of course no one could defend or prove Darwinism and perhaps I AM too ingrained in my beliefs to countenance that a eugenicist is someone in which to place any faith.

For what it is worth I received an email the other day “PROVING” Darwinism.  This dear soul provided an article from “IFLS.COM” (if you look this up, I apologize for the “F” in the name.) The allegation that there was “proof” of Darwinism in that the human and squid eyes “evolved” the same way, I was smugly advised.

I accepted that allegation with the proviso that the same person explains that if that is the case, how is it that a human and a banana share about 50% of the same DNA. With that being proven science, why are there not appendage-less, yellow thick skinned people on the street?

I am sure they are still researching their reply. (And this from one of the Darwin supporters who claimed I was stupid for not believing in alchemy, I mean evolution. (Both the same, really.)

When I say that “Liberals never think things through” I am being more than kind.  I am being generous in the use of the word “think.”  As time goes on, I find that “think” and “Liberals” are becoming more and more mutually exclusive terms.

Another reason I do this is to share ideas and concepts.  Of course this is a little tricky when one is called names for allegedly calling names that one never called another.   So, it does take a lot of separating the Liberal wheat from the Liberal chaff.

Sadly, chaff wins all too often.

As iron sharpens iron, it is hoped that one might find a worthy adversary with which to do battle.  It is a quixotic quest for roughly 99.99% of the attempts.

So, I do this for drill.  I have the strength of ten men because my heart is pure.  I will ignore the taunts and their attempts of making a point in their mind and press on.  Of course, this is tantamount to poking the bear and they get only more angravated. While I do take a certain amount of schadenfreude over this, it is my fervent hope than when their brains do finally explode, there will be room in their cranium for COMMON SENSE and FACTS.

Sorry for yelling.

As I said, the dialogue in Saturday’s issue was public information.  If you are on Facebook, you will see things like this from time to time on my page.

Irrespective of anything else, I do enjoy the battle for two main reasons: My (our) points and positions are almost always validated and there is the slight hope for conversion.  (Barring that there is the driving the Left crazy.)

The other day there was a post that read “A Quick History Lesson” then listed: “13th Amendment Abolished Slavery 100% Republican Support- 23% Democrat Support, 14th Amendment Gave Citizenship to Freed Slaves 94% Republican Support- 0% Democrat Support, 15th Amendment Right to Vote for All 100% Republican Support- 0% Democrat Support, Obamacare 0% Republican Support- 86% Democrat Support.”

Of course this had the desired effect of drawing criticism.  Yup, our old pal Phil returns!  (I have one more of these “discussions” on tap that talks about minimum wage. If you want to see another or not, just drop me an email or post on FB.  Majority rules. I would send it out on Saturday.)


PHIL:  Both parties suck, for sale to the highest bidder…. and, you are talking about 150 yrs. ago??

JOHN:  I am not talking at all. The fact remains that these 3 Amendments to the Constitution showed what the Republicans did. Add to that the Civil Rights Act which was passed DESPITE many Democrats voting AGAINST it and BECAUSE Republicans voted FOR it. (Need I add the institutional slavery created by the Democrat LBJ?) But, I do agree with you in the sense that neither party is worth a dang thing and about 95% of Congress should be primaried and voted out. Perhaps Phil, there is only one party these days…. “Republicrats.”

Funny thing about time, Phil. The peeps are JUST as free (all things being relative) as they were 150 years ago. But, isn’t it funny that when questioned about Benghazi, the Nat Sec Spokesweasel said “Dude, that was like two years ago” but for some reason, everything is still Bush’s fault, and that is like, 6 years ago. I guess as your girl Hillaroo might say “What difference does it make!”

PHIL:  Well, we all know Bush had nothing to do with Benghazi and while the current administration deserves jail time for it, I say put them in a cell with Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld for their part in lying about Iraq and getting thousands killed needlessly for money…

JOHN:  Like I said, Phil, there is plenty of blame to go around and there are virtually no differences in the parties. The ruling class all belong to The Club, regardless of party affiliation.

PHIL:  I agree!! But, all you ever post is anti-dem stuff, how about some balance??

JOHN:  No, all I post is pro-Constitution and pro-Freedom stuff for the most part. Perhaps when the Dems become pro-Constitution and pro-Freedom, it won’t look so damning about them. If you want balance, look at my checkbook. But when it comes to following the Law of the Land and Freedom, I do not want “balance”, I want it all!

PHIL:  Both sides are at fault, wouldn’t know it from your posts….

JOHN:  Phil, I have NEVER heard a Republican suggest there needs to be “First Amendment Zones” I have never heard a Republican say that citizens can’t own guns (too many to Dems count), I have never heard a Republican say that the gum’mint should have complete control of the media (joke is on them, they already have it), I have never heard Republican running for Pres who said they would not enforce the entire Constitution (Hillary) or hold high office and not obey it (Biff, Alleged AG Stedman, Biden, etc. etc.) Tell me my brother, what ILLEGAL or ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL things a Republican has done in the last 5-6 years or so. I am sure there must be one. But as I write this laws are being broken and freedom threatened and not by the Republicans. Did you see the link from Ted Cruz and his allegations about activities of the Pres? I’d be happy to send it to you. Feel free to send me any illegal activities by any Republican.

Phil, again I will say it, we are prolly closer in ideology than you think. The issue is that you are taking me to task for taking the Dems to task and not the Reps. I would do the same to the Reps if they did illegal and anti-freedom things. I do not think you will disagree that the narrowest minded, most exclusionary and most prejudiced people are found on the Left. I am sure we are both against all that, right?

PHIL:  Please, they’re on both sides…..No???

 JOHN:  Name them. I just gave you a list. Name 5 Reps who have violated the Constitution or sought to take away or limit freedoms in the past 5-6 years. Name 4.

(About 3 mins later…) Make it 3

And now, when the cover may be blown off Benghazi, all of a sudden Nasty Pelosi wants the same number of Dems and Reps on the committee. She wants bi-partisanship. Where was that when they foisted obamacare on us? Now she is threatening a boycott.. Yup, gotta love those dems.

(About 5 minutes later…) Make it 2, Phil. Find me 2

(About two more minutes later…) Anyone? Anyone? Beuhler? Beuhler?

(Finally a few minutes after that…) ONE?????

PHIL:  Sorry, got busy….Repubs have consistently tried to limit the rights of women, the LBGT community, unions, immigrants and the poor. Don’t have time to go searching for specifics, you can if ya want….

JOHN:  Which rights of women? What rights of LBGT? Please let’s speak the same language. I just double checked the Constitution and the Amendments. I saw nothing that said that anyone had fewer rights than anyone else. I saw no current restrictions based on gender, race or anything else. Sure, there are those who want MORE than what is in the Constitution, but too bad. I find it insulting that the Left calls murdering babies “women’s health” sorry, that is a canard. I am SURE you know the founder of so-called “Planned Parenthood” was racist and a eugenicist (as was Darwin, BTW) and her goal was to wipe out the black population. But, you knew that. You know what I think about unions so, we do not have to go there. “Immigrants?”  I LOVE immigrants. My grandparents were immigrants. They came here, learned the Lingo (the non-Irishers), and became citizens and so on. IF you are referring to the illegal aliens, no, they are law breakers. Not that I do not have sympathy for them but they need to play by the rules. Let me put that in perspective. I break into your house. But, you can’t throw me out. In fact, since I was successful in breaking into your house, now you have to feed me, clothe me, take care of my medical and all of my other bills. Tell me the difference. And as I suspected you did not answer my question. Just like the other day (and not just you, all the others.) I asked you to name 5, 4, 3, 2, even 1 Republican who abused the Constitution. You could not so you change the topic. I am happy to discuss any or all of these as well…. one at a time. The problem is that when someone calls something it is not, the discussion falls apart real quick. I will use one of your terms: So, you think it is ok to kill babies? Just asking. Last thing, please do not ask me to research the random things you or anyone throws out there.. I have my facts, kindly come with yours. (That is not directed only to you but to all…) Peace out cub scout….

REASONABLE ONLOOKER:  Lawd have mercy! This is like a bad after school special

MY BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER: He forgot the racist part…..


‘Nuff said.

“Really? That’s News To Me!”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”


“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Paper Subscribers:

(A QUICK THING….  The other day, I received an invitation on Facebook to friend a reader.  I accepted and went to her page to thank her.  I noticed that I had just missed her birthday by a few days.  I hope you will all join me in wishing a long time dear reader, Jean, a very Happy NINETY-NINTH Birthday!  God Bless you dear!)

Having a nice evening listening to the “Flying Burrito Brothers” from the Gram Parson’s days. Playing right now is one of my all-time faves “She’s a Devil in Disguise (Christine’s Song.)”  No, not the Elvis tune.  Not that much music that puts that big of a smile on my face, and I purely love a good pedal steel guitar, even if a lot of it was liberal crap.  I still can enjoy the music.

What I can’t countenance is ignorance. Stupidity is one thing, without that there would not be a two-party system. And to be fair, I am not sure which of the two parties have a monopoly here.

But ignorance, or rather creating and fostering, ought to be a capital crime. And THAT is the stock and trade of the Left.

Lies, mis-/dis- information, false science, fear, and just plain bravo sierra are all chapters in the Liberal playbook.

I do not consider myself any smarter than anyone else, and I seem to prove it more and more with every issue.  Yet, I have a yen for learning. As most of you know, for what it is worth, I watch JEOPARDY! as often as I can.

Currently they are running a championship of the top winners in in each of the three decades that this fine show has been broadcast. They are down to some sort of semifinals for each of the decades in preparation for a big throw-down which I suspect will be the winner from each of the three decades.

So, riddle me this, on Tuesday night the show has three big previous champions who have survived one or two preliminary rounds and each of them garnered a stack of cheddar tonight.

It is anyone’s game as they go into “Final Jeopardy.” The category was “States.”  Actually, I think it was “US States.”  I like to question the answer before it is asked. I believe I answered “Idaho” as a smarmy answer to the unanswered question.  (I am sure it was “US States” now that I think of it. Being the PITA that I am, I might answer have answered “plasma” if the category was simply “states.”  Right, George O?)

The answer was (paraphrasing) “Between 2006 and 2013 this state went from number 39 to number 6 in state production and to the lowest in unemployment.”

The missus said “North Dakota”, Midnight the Wonder Dog said “Norrrrrrrth Dakotagrrrrrrr”, Frank D. Cat ignored the whole thing.

Bear in mind, we have three of the smartest JEOPARDY! players of a decade playing for fame and glory and a stack of cash! It would be reasonable to expect that my dog would not be smarter than any of these otherwise nice folks.

But no!

Two of the three of these geniuses were wrong.

One guessed Texas, which would have been a decent guess but they were certainly not in 39th place in production seven years ago.

I am not sure what the person who answered “Washington” was thinking. But to my friends and readers in the People’s Republic of the Northwest, love you all, you are prisoners of circumstance.

How many of you saw that show?

Hmmmm… I would have expected a few more. (I know Stetson Jim and the Pole Dancing Court Reporter were watching.)

How many were shocked at the results?

Really?  REALLY? That few!

As I have been saying for the past dozen years, read between the lines. And this was a perfect opportunity to do so.

If you have been following the REAL news, and not what the SRM tells you to think, or gleaned something from this thing of ours, you would have heard of “fracking”, “Bakken Oil Fields”, “Shale Oil” and so on.

It is the fracking of shale oil in the Bakken Oil Fields which has suddenly propelled North Dakota to an embarrassment of riches and virtually full employment. In fact they are advertising for workers for jobs that are paying over $100K per year.  But, sorry, it is hard work.

I find it, well, disturbing that someone could have a working knowledge of 16th Century Belgian pottery or have the ability to recall the names of the Consuls during the reign of Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus yet have no idea what is happening in their own Country today.

I mean, it is not like it is a secret!  For someone with a curiosity it might be expected that even by accident one of the two incorrect contestants might have chanced upon some discussion, even negative information, about this phenomena.

Sure, we all know the Wh’ite House controls the media (and to their credit, even some of them are getting angravated about that) and we all know that a lie is easier to believe than the truth, as you do not have to prove a lie, because you canNOT prove a lie.


And THAT is why Libs “think” and “argue” as they do.  They canNOT stay on topic, you make a point and they claim “global warming” is real or that it is Bush’s fault, or Dude, that was like two years ago (yet it is STILL Bush’s fault over six years later…. See the pattern?), or “What difference does it make!?”

They have to shapeshift the dialogue, change the subject or just plain lie to propagate their canard.

And that is why two of the three smartest all time JEOPARDY! contestants of all time got a, to me at least, simple question wrong.

Said shapeshifting is exactly what his cartel does every day with ever crisis.

When was the last time you heard the Wh’ite House talk about “Global Warming” or “Climate Change?” When was the last time Biff got out there and told us to check the air in our tires and so on.

Yes, exactly.

But the day AFTER Smoking Johnny names Pitt Bull Gowdy to chair the panel to investigate Benghazi, “alls of a sudden” Biff is concerned about the environment.

He produces this work of fiction complete with backwards engineered “proof” to suit their claims and makes an impassioned plea that we must do something and do it now!

That is to ignore Gowdy.  THAT is the only (or, “onlyest”) reason for said photo up.

For further evidence that the Left are irony proof, within twenty-four hours of delivering his latest manifesto of lies, he and Lordy knows how many peeps and hangers on are winging their way westward to the Left Coast.  On this trip Biff will introduce MORE carbon emissions into the air than most people do in a life time.

But, they c-a-r-e about the environment.


The winner for the most impressive set of gonadature goes once again to Nasty Pelosi. Nasty said of the Benghazi Hearings that there should be “the same number of Democrats as Republicans on the panel.”  She added “If this review is to be fair, it must be truly bi-partisan.” Then in a spirit of that sense of “bi-partisanship” Nasty added that the rank and file (note: Union term) Democrats are “suspicious of whatever the Republicans are trying to do.”

Read that again. The Dems are “suspicious” of the Republicans and apparently those same Republicans are “trying” to do something.

Yes, genius Nasty, they are trying to get to the Truth.

We saw what a great job Her Thighness did in the dock.   Can’t wait to see her testify under oath.

(She is also threatening a Dem/Lib/Socialist “boycott” of the hearings.  Quite frankly I am pretty much for anything that will keep Elijah Cummings for assaulting any of my senses and sensibilities.)

We will talk about this more as we go on….

Enough for now.

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“It’s Gowdy Duty Time!”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Members of the Jury:

It is said that nothing is foolproof because fools are not smart enough to know some things just canNOT be done.

But that does not stop fools from trying.

Not sure how closely you have been following things in the District of Criminals, but all of a sudden there is chatter from the Left about Benghazi.

Even though a spectacularly and everestally ignorant ex-Spokesweasel actually said “Dude, that was like over two years ago” when speaking with Brett Baier.

(Yet, for some reason, this does not apply to the Left.  They are STILL blaming Bush for things over six years ago.  Of course you can’t call the Left on that as they will call you a racist, hating, global-warming denying, “one of those” kinds of peeps.  And, we let them get away with it.   Like every other Libertard lie and bon mot, “their chickens are coming home to roost.”  And wait for “dude” to become a catch word.)

A quick check of the statutes of limitation for prosecuting certain crimes, such as murder, indicate that some have no expiration dates.  While I am not saying that Benghazi was murder, that will eventually be the job of a jury to decide, whatever it was is still on the front burner of many peeps out there.

Now, when was the last time you heard about “Fast and Furious?”  Hmmm… that long ago?  What about GITMO?  Solyndra?  The wiretapping?  Nope, they have been off most people’s radar for some time.  Even if it does come up in conversation or posed as a question to a politician, it is quickly sloughed off as they are not “topical” at the moment.

In this case “topical” means “no threat of any investigation.”

As Shakespeare said “The lady doth protest too much methinks” so too are Dingy Harry, Nasty Pelosi, Spokesweasel Sideshow Carney and others are all of a sudden claiming there is nothing to Benghazi and oppps… those emails had nothing to do with Benghazi, so ignore the socialist behind the curtain, shut up and buy more healthcare.

But, even the SRM is finding the lies and deception to be too large to ignore any more.

Let’s look at some selected quotes from some, at the moment, unindicted co-conspirators.

Tommy Vietor, the Spokesweasel actually said “Dude, that was like two years ago” when asked about Benghazi and if he changed the Wh’ite House talking points from “attacks” to “demonstrations.”

Dingy Harry proved he has no shortage of ignorance and lies.  Prior to alerting us to the nonexistent “multiple investigations” about Benghazi he had the unmitigated gonadature to intone: “Republicans are showing yet again that they have nothing to offer the middle class. Republicans care more about defending billionaires like the Koch brothers and trying to rekindle debunked right-wing conspiracy theories than raising the minimum wage or ensuring women receive equal pay for equal work.”  Even the non sequiturs to the non sequiturs were non sequiturs.

Not to be undersmarted, Rep(tile) Elijah Cummings is moaning about a subpoena presented to John “WTLF” Kerry on what he knew about Benghazi.  One of the stupider things to say, other than Cummings saw it as “shockingly disrespectful”  (yeah, I know, I laughed as well) he protested that Kerry “should have been given more time to prepare…and that Darrell Issa should have followed a more formal process for issuing the subpoena.”

Now, excuse me for thinking clearly, but, if one is going to speak ONLY the truth, do you really need ANY time to collect your thoughts?  But, seriously, “a more formal process?”  That he, Her Thighness and a few dozen more were not cuffed and manacled and frog-walked down Constitution Avenue ought to be considered a favor.

So, all of a sudden there is the smallest bit of talk in the SRM in virtually all of their usual suspects.

That is but CBS.

Why not, you ask? And should!

You see one David Rhodes is the president of CBS News.

What difference does that make, you ask?

David Rhodes has a little brother, Ben, who happens to be Biff’s “Assistant to the president and Deputy National Security….blah blah, blah.”  He is a hack and a speech writer of little note.

Here is some of his fine work.  This is part of an email sent to Ambassador Susan Rice: “We’ve made our views on the video crystal clear.  The United States Government had nothing to do with it.  We reject its message and its content.  We find it disgusting and reprehensible.  But there is no justification at all for responding to this movie with violence.”

You would think that David Rhodes would be proud of the little guy!  Why not kvell to the world what Ben wrote!

Now look at what Hillary said: “Let me state very clearly… that the United States Government had absolutely nothing to do with this video. We absolutely reject its content and message…This video is disgusting and reprehensible…There is no justification, none at all, for responding to this video with violence.”

(It is worthwhile to check this out so you see the change in viewpoint in a very short period of time. )

Er, yeah, nothing to see here.

For yonks the Wh’ite House is lying and stonewalling and now that some of the emails are being released we see that there is a concerted cover up.  Rhodes words to Rice are virtually identical in content to Hillaroo’s.

That means either: 1) Hillaroo reads other people’s emails, 2) She is prescient to the Nth Degree, 3) JoeBama wrote Hillaroo’s words or 4) this is a cover up.

But, if you want to know the BEST quote to emerge of late, it is the one by Rep. Trey Gowdy, of SC.

“I have evidence that there was a systematic, intentional decision to withhold certain documents from Congress and we are just sick of it.”


In a shocking development, Smoking Johnny Boehner has appointed Gowdy to chair the committee investigating the murder in Libya.

I guess he had to.  There was so much pressure on Smoking Johnny to do so that in light of other 99 betrayals to the American People, he felt he had to throw us a bone, and boy did he!

A criminal would rather face a fully armed and Kevlar-clad SWAT team at his/Hillaroo’s door than to have to face Gowdy under oath.

I assure you, he will not accept a General Clapper’s claptrap of “getting as close to the truth as I was comfortable with” or whatever bravo sierra he said.

A lawyer, make that a good lawyer, will only ask two kinds of questions:  The ones where the answer makes no difference and the ones he already knows the answer.  Gowdy was the equivalent to a DA in SC and a US Attorney. Nah, he knows the answers and I canNOT wait till the first buttknuckle tries to lie to him.

So, maybe, just maybe, we will get some closure, some answers.  I am not so naïve to think much will actually come of it as the DoJ will overturn or set aside any penalty.  But, that will only add years to someone else’s bid when the dust settles on 21 January 2017. (Assuming there is still a Country.)

If nothing else, these hearings will provide hours of sound bites for the 2014 and 2016 election cycles.  And if this does not sink Hillaroo, nothing will.

The only thing which bothers me is the nagging feeling that the Republicans did something right for once, they did not wait until AFTER the elections to bring this up. Then picking Gowdy?  Something is not right because this is exactly the way it should have been two years ago.

We shall see…



“Foul Shot”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19



My Friends and Fellow Targets of Racism:

Everything happens for a reason, which is the corollary of there is no such of a thing as a coincidence.

The last FISH was supposed to be sent out today.  The one that was supposed to go out on Tuesday went missing.  Just can’t find it anywhere.  I found a half-finished draft but not the finished product. (I have been taken to task for being lax in sending out more frequently.  I am trying and, well, I am trying.)

But, be that as it may, I sent out the last issue and that garnered a lot of conversation.  (And I wish that you would post to the website to gets other’s feedback!)

Concurrent with that was the banning from the NBA for life as well as other punishments of the not-for-long owner of the LA Clippers.  And that will be today’s topic.

Oh, not exactly.  While, yes, I am going to touch on Sterling’s comments and so on, I am going to devote most of this to the reaction by the usual suspects.

Donald Sterling is a billionaire and he is the longest tenured owner of an NBA franchise.  From what I can see, overall, he is not a nice person, but that is my opinion.  On the one hand he has promised a homeless shelter that has yet to materialize and has said rather disparaging remarks about blacks with respect to them renting apartments in buildings he owns.

On the other hand, he is very philanthropic and has been received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the NAACP and was slated to receive if again this year!

I am not taking up for him. Not at all, not even a little.  Perhaps his words were taken “out of context” and that the conversation was a “private conversation” between two parties and that even the conversation was “staged” to get him to say those words.   I am the judge and jury of my own opinions and I say that irrespective of all of that, he still said those words.

I do not care WHO you are, WHAT kind of conversation we have, WHY you we are talking and so on, there is NO WAY I or, I surmise most of you, would ever say words remotely close to those.

So, he is a mean guy, prolly racist to a degree and has a big mouth eclipsed only by his ego.  It was a private conversation and it was racist.

After this came to light, there were a few murmurings here and there.  His team did a silent protest and another team or two joined in.  There were a few tweets, posts and so on but not that much until Wednesday.

The president of the NBA, some soon- to- be-very-unhappy a’clown called Adam Silver banned Sterling from the NBA for life, he canNOT go to his office, training facility, even go to a ball game.  He was fined two and a half million dollars and he may be forced to sell the team.

Of course, the carp and catfish are out already.   However, if the owners say he must sell, they canNOT determine for what price.  Sterling bought the team for $12.1 million in 1981 and it is valued today at $575 million.  (Color me shocked – is that racist?- $harpton says the NBA should TAKE the Clippers from Sterling.  If Sterling had a hair on his butt he’d say that he consider it AFTER $harpton paid the judgement from the Tawana Brawley case AND his back taxes.)  Depending on the players and playas, it may go for even more…. We shall see.

Let me see if I get this straight… noted racist Oprah Winfrey, with two partners, is interested in purchasing the Clippers. We all remember Oprah.  She went on TV all weepy about being “profiled” in a Swiss store.  Opps, turned out she had it backwards, SHE was profiling and making outrageous racist lies on national TV.

Also interested is noted racist Jay-Z  (Mr. Beyoncé).   You may have noticed his “5%” medallion from the “Al $harpton Starter Kit.”  What does that mean? Oh, it is a racist organization of the Nation of Islam which claims all blacks are “gods” and all Whites are dogs.  Sounds legit, right?

While that smarmy Liberal Silver is Torquemadizing Sterling for saying some racist things guess who is sitting in the front row.  Yup, Spike Lee.  You see, Sterling is de facto an employee of the NBA and that is how the Commish had any juice to punish him so.

Noted racist Spike Lee, who should be either incarcerated or institutionalized for his hateful, racist and threatening statements against whites, was front row at Silver’s sentencing of Sterling.

We have heard about all the hate we want to hear out of that half-a-man Lee.  After all he hates Whites so much that he has said on occasion that White people are ruining his neighborhood and that he would have no problem killing White people.

I guess it is a good thing that he does not work for the NBA!

Oh, wait, he DOES!  Yes, he is a commentator and analyst for the NBA on SiriusXM Radio.  And this penultimate consummate racist was sitting in FRONT of if that beer-tap-looking Commissioner who was handing down a very severe penalty on a White man for far, far, far less than has done Spike Lee.

The top of the racist food chain, race baiter and poverty pimp is the only one who got it right but for the wrong reasons. $harpton and is tree-trunk-level IQ  was the only guy who claimed racism in the NBA.  ‘Cept he had it backwards.

When you listen to virtually EVERY basketball player who spoke out and every one of the ones I saw are black, they, too, all cried racism.  And $harpton the loudest, proving once again that an empty drum makes the most noise.

EVERYONE who denounced Sterling is a racist and only a dim bulb like $harpton could claim that the NBA, with 78% of their players being black, is racist.

Someone riddle me this:  Was Sterling racist in his stupid and hurtful remarks but having that Joe Franklin panel of racists and haters condemning you prove theirs is the institutional racism in the US?

Allow me to posit this:  Once you find the one person that Oprah, Jay-Z, Lee and $harpton have in common, you have found the genesis of this hate of White people.  Need a hint?  Did not think so.


Let’s look at some statistics to “back up” $harpton’s claim of “racism:”

Blacks = 12.6 % of population                                    Whites: 72.4%

Blacks = 28.1% in poverty                                           Whites: 9.9%

Blacks = 39.6% of prison population                      Whites: <25%

Blacks = 38% of the people on welfare                   Whites:  39%

Blacks  = 78% of NBA players                                    Whites: 17%

So, someone tell me how the NBA which has about six-and-a-half times more representation than the general population is racist?

Let me ask $harpton and all the other haters: Why don’t you boycott basketball?  Why don’t you all quit?  Why do you take the White man’s money, then curse him?  Why is there only one black majority owner in the NBA?  Dunno, sounds like sour grapes to me.

And why won’t they walk out to protest the “racism”?  Because it would take exactly one draft to get players from college and Europe to fill the sneakers!  Further proof the Liberals  – and they are –  do not think things through.

I would say to boycott the NBA, but for me that is too late.  As you long time readers know that I love sports, all sports and I will watch any sporting event EXCEPT the NBA.  Love college hoops but I do not have .05 second for the pros.

All that said, if I was Sterling I would find a new hobby.  Let’s face it, he is old, he most certainly not going to outlive his billions.  I would hire a battalion of private eyes, confidential informants, moles and a crack legal team and watch every move and record every word of each and every one who spoke out against him.

After that, whatever. He can file defamation suits, he can sue for libel and slander, he could even sue himself and have his detractors testify against him and then expose their hypocrisy in cross-examination.

He could even sue the NBA under RICO statutes if there is any sign of collusion. (And there is and take a guess who is linked? Here is a hint, it is someone whose last name rhymes with
“klinton.”  No, you can’t make this up.)

Now, I can be wrong but I think this is just the beginning.  And if this plays out like it looks, that it is a racist conspiracy, then perhaps we can finally rid our nation of the haters and racists and all get along as we should.

Yup, he is going to be “Sterling’s Silver”

Peace out, cub scout.