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“Your Shibboleth Is Showing”

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“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Linguists:

We are going to be hitting some old ground but with an odd twist.

It is akin to a shibboleth or a tricky sports question.

(A shibboleth has come to mean something like a code word, something that would identify someone as a member of a group.  It comes from the Bible where the men of Gilead asked the fleeing Ephraimites to say the word “shibboleth.”  Because of their speech patterns they could not make the “sh” sound, thus exposing themselves as the enemy and we killed.  We have evolved, we no longer kill our enemies, rather, we elect them.)

You see, our old friend “Affirmative Action” (AA) has hit the newswires again.  The University of Michigan ceased using AA back in 2006 after the voters passed a referendum banning it.

Now, before you start crying racist, and you know your Precious is anything but a racist, let me amplify on this for a second.

AA was, like many laws, based on a good premise.  It was created by an Executive Order signed by JFK to eliminate racial discrimination in hiring people: “not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, creed, color, or national origin” and “take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed, and that employees are treated during employment, without regard to their race, creed, color, or national origin”.

There is nothing at all objectionable about that statement.  Now, of course this has been corrupted, but that is nothing new. I am not sure when it happened (and it is irrelevant) but somehow, AA became the way for “minorities” to get into college.

(SIDEBAR:  I canNOT attest that educational was part of the initial AA deal.  But looking more recently At Lawrence, when the lawyers claimed that gays just wanted “privacy” and were not looking for marriage, how long after they prevailed in court was the talk about “marriage” bandied about?  Days?  Hours?  Minutes? So, it was plausible that the Left used this as a springboard for AA in schools.)

We need first to discuss the rampant racism in the Democrat Party.  From the support of slavery to the rise of the KKK to the eugenics of Margaret Sanger –yes, she was a Socialist but how many of today’s Dems are? – to the continued segregation, bussing and so up to the racist president LBJ.

LBJ was aware that the poor, particularly the poor blacks put more emphasis on “entitlements” than “moral issues.”   And that is why despite the best efforts of even their own religious leaders that the topics such as abortion do not resonate with them.  And of course they do not believe that Sanger promoted black genocide. In fact, LBJ (in)famously said that the purpose of the entitlements was designed “to have them n*****s voting Democratic for the next two hundred years.”   See:


So far that plan seems to be working.

Back to the story…

The poor, and for the most part, the poor black kids have a number of strikes against them, some of their own doing, others thrust upon them.  Their schools are not the best and until the advent of the Charter Schools and others similar, was their no true excellence in the poorer schools.

One of the results, other than truancy, drug use, sexual activities and more was low test scores.

Some of these poor (in both senses of the word) were graduated functional illiterates, others were “retired” from school at the age of twenty-one.  Bottom line is that very few of these kids could get into a college.

It took the Democrats to identify the dearth of blacks on campus to find a cause that they created that with their meddling would be made even worse.

They somehow saw “employment” as the same as “college education.”  They used that to force schools to accept a certain number of “minorities” to their freshman class.

I stand-off “minorities” because it has nothing to do with “minorities” as technically as there is a not a majority of any one ethnic group, say, Germans, then we are all minorities. However, for the purposes of their own racism, the Dems refer to blacks as “the minorities.”

Let’s be pragmatic for a second.  In the best of worlds, fifty-percent of the doctors, lawyers, engineers and so forth are graduated in the bottom-half of their class.  Now, add to that those whose previous education has not prepared them for the rigors of college.

And before you say that the poorer students will wash out, consider that most colleges and universities are run by Libs, Socialists, Communists and NWO-types, is it far-fetched to say that some are graduate despite their education rather than because of it?

Is there any wonder why today there are degrees offered in Communication, Women’s Studies, African Studies, Lesbian Studies and other degrees that with that sheepskin and $6.50 you can get a vente-double-coolatta-mochca-arabica with a shot served to you by another communications major?  Once you are graduated from a college, especially a prestigious one, your GPA is secondary in many cases.

(Ironically, some “college” athletes wish to organize in a union.  I find that odd as technically they are students and I would venture that most if not all of the Division I major sport athletes are on some kind of free ride.  Add to that the perks they get, the “gifts” from supporters and so on in addition to an “education” worth north of $150,000 in many cases and STILL they want to “organize?”)

(Dunno, but if you asked me, instead of having a set of “Dr. Dre Beats”  on top of your head 24/7 and getting tattooed on every part of your body and if you actually went to class and paid attention and got a REAL degree you might not feel the need to be in a union.  After all, you will be in that union only until you are graduated in 4, 5 or 6 years, right?)

Do not misunderestimate me.  I think everyone who truly wants a college education should be given a shot.  If their grades or tests are not up to speed, then they should be allowed a year or so of “99” or remedial classes to catch up.

After all, you are not entitled to a driving license.  You have to take tests and prove you can drive.  (In a perfect world…. But that is whole ‘nother FISH of a different color.)   Should we expect any less from any sort of legitimate college graduate?

Imagine, if you will, you get your “degree” in whatever and it is not a BA or a BS but a BAA,  a “Baccalaureate of Affirmative Action.”  Of course, that would never happen, it would be to demeaning to the recent graduate. One sort of “shibboleth.”

But, I ask you this, is it better to “demean” a student than to be at the mercy of one who is not at the top of his or her game?  Substandard perhaps?  And sure there are boards and bar exams but that does not mean there is one less doctor or lawyer, but it could be that there is someone who could be a great doctor or lawyer who was a victim of prejudice because they were not black, but White.

The Michigan case was upheld by a 6-2 vote.  Sotomayor and Bader-Ginsberg against, Kagan recused herself (should have done that with the OBAMA’S OBAMACARE case as well) and the rest of the men voting for the majority.

Yes, even Justice Thomas who had stated in the past that he benefited from AA voted to uphold the right of Michigan to ignore AA.

Sotomayor was incensed by the ruling and in a typical Democrat way, proved that she was 100% wrong by the “logic” she employed to make her case.  Another kind of “shibboleth.”

It bears mentioning that much of this was of not widely disseminated in the SRM and much of the stuff of the interwebs called the ruling “racist” and it was all the fault of the “conservative majority of the SCOTUS.”  This makes me wonder of the source of that brilliant statement was math deficient, does not follow recent SCOTUS rulings or is a beneficiary of AA.

Let me put this entire thing to rest.  If you look at the statue of “Justice” she has scales in one hand, a sword in the other and  typically  is blindfolded. Perhaps college admission ought to be as well.

Not saying this is a perfect solution, far from it but better than what we have today, admissions applications have no name or address, sex, ancestry, skin color, religion or any kind of identifying information.  Their grades will be on a generic transcript that has been weighted by the strength of that school’s curriculum.  ACT or SAT scores will be provided but little else.  There may be some other non-identifying information required, such as major and minor fields of interest.

Basically this way a candidate for admission is chosen solely on his or her credentials. (I feel people should be elected in a similar way.  We may talk about that someday.)

Of course this will make the admissions process a bit more difficulty  and onerous and there will be fewer students admitted to college.  Yet, the ones that are admitted are considered able to do the work.

After the first round and it comes to grants and financial assistance perhaps then we can look more into personal aspect of the candidate but for admission alone only the bona fides will be considered.

(I have not worked out the “athleticships” – after all they are not necessarily based on ones scholastics – for the various athletes but I am sure someone will figger a fair and equitable way of making that work.

But, let me leave you with this.  Some claim that those against  Affirmative Action are racist because they are saying that some should not or might not get into college because of their skin tone.  But, if a purple person gets into a school because he is not the most qualified but because he is purple and a green person who is qualified does not get in because the purple person got  his spot, you tell me who is racist.


“(drink coke)(buy popcorn)(buy more candy)”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

 “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

 Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Vote-Bait:

We left off with a hint of things to come election-wise.

One of the more disturbing things to pop up is the Chelsea (Clinton) Mezvinski pregnancy.   OK, it is disturbing on almost every level but the most disturbing is the inevitable glomming on to her daughter’s uterus by Her Thighness, Hillaroo.

Not since Janet Reno or Janet From Another Planet Napolitano has there been a candidate who looks less grandmotherly than Hillaroo.

(On The View today – don’t ask – that harpie Barbara Walters went off on someone who allegedly said that Hillaroo should not be president because she is a grandmother.  She then listed a number of Presidents or contenders who were grandfathers.  First of all, I doubt anyone said that, this is just a figment of her addled memory.  I do not think ANYONE would disqualify Hillaroo or any woman from the Presidency because they are a grandmother.  However, she should be disqualified from that gig until she stands in the dock to answer for all of her crimes: Hiding the Rose Law Firm records, insider trading, Benghazi just for starters. So, shut yer festering gob, Walters.  She is bad enough without having to lie as well.)

And how great will it be for this young’un when he or she comes to the realization that both grandfathers are convicts and both grandmothers have had “issues” with money, that being the use of other people’s money.

We all know about Her Thighness and the Rose Law Firm, the land deals, the stock “tips” and the rest of her deceit.   Now, giving her a small run for someone else’s money is Marjorie Margolies.

Of course, we will not see that in the SRM anywhere, much like we do not see any of the shady, and dare a court say illegal, deals which seem to be the Reid family business.

(The Reid/BLM/Bundy episode is far from over and will merit at least one FISH devoted to at least the topics.)

All of a sudden we are seeing and hearing more about Senator “Lie-a-watha” Warren. With the Libs, nothing is “all of a sudden.”  To us, maybe, but not to them.  All their activities are well choreographed, I assure you. The good Senator’s “makeover and rewrite of history” is no different.

For some reason all of the inconsistencies and, well, lies in her personal history have been corrected, massaged and now in 2014 she appears to be a perfect candidate.  She was on “The View” y’day (again, don’t ask) and gosh darn it, her pretend life story is almost as compelling as JoeBama’s pretend life story.

As you are aware, the Left, and by that I mean the “Left Wing of the Wh’ite House”, have been doing Lib product placement in TV shows and movies for years.  I do not have the numbers at hand but I would suggest that there has been more of this both subliminal and conscious advertising in the last six years then there has been since the invention of the wheel.

One of the most egregious examples of Lib pandering is “The Good Wife”.  This litany of Commandment breakers is set in the political cesspool what is Chicago.  Overtly, the “positive” show characters are Democrats.  There are occasional appearances by noted Dem harridan and complainer, Donna Brazile and so on.

Then there are the covert things, like saying in dialogue: “Yes, I know him, he is a big donor to Emily’s List” when there is no reason to have any linkage to an abortion PAC.  Or, a picture on a credenza behind a character of said character and, say, Hillaroo.

When was the last time you saw Geo W or Ted Cruz or Trey Gowdy in a TV show?  When was the last time you saw a picture of Ronald Reagan in a show (since 1988 in any event)?

They have put it little “hints” and “reminders” about OBABA’S OBAMACARE in shows here and there.  Or the so-called global warming.  And of course guns are evil but you can be as gay as you like!  (Not judging, just drawing a distinction.)

Even on the rare show where there is a “Republican” character, there is enough going on to provide, er, er, “equal time.”  One example is “Last Man Standing” with Tim Allen.

If you “BING” this show (I do not “Google”) you will see links for “Last Man Standing cancelled” dating back over a year.  Like the product placement ads on TV, so too in internet searches will you find a bent and a bias with respect to results.  (“” is the fairest of them all.)

The truth is that is it one of the highest rated shows on Friday night and wins its time slot much of the time.  (For some reason, the unwatchable “Unforgettable” has done well the first few weeks back. )  And while the show has a “family values flavor, even if there is an unwed mother in the mix, and the Allen character makes remarks of the Conservative sort, there are plenty of remarks from the “Left” side of the house.   (In a recent episode the home alarm went off. The mother said that “the code is 2-2-6-6-2, if that is hard to remember, it spells ‘obama’”

Wouldn’t 2-7-8-9 be easier to remember?  After all, it spells “Cruz.”

The point is that you many not even recognize the subliminal ads that are abounding.  But your brain is picking up on them.  As I said before, imagine you are in a crowded restaurant with fifty conversations going on.  You ignore all as you are deep in conversation with your tablemate.  All of a sudden, from the back of the room someone mentions your name.

As if by magic, you are craning your head to see who took your name in vain!

You see, even if you are not “actively” listening or watching, your brain is monitoring everything going on and will alert you as needed.

While you are watching “The Good Wife” and you see a pic of Her Thighness, or hear a mention about “Emily’s List” or the like, it is recorded in your brain and the more you hear and/or see  these “subliminal” ads, the less danger they pose and eventually they may not even seem negative.

That, grasshopper, is called “brainwashing.”

(On an unrelated note, a court recently allowed that lying in a political campaign is considered  “free speech.”)

So, now you have to be trebly aware.   You first have to figger out who the best, er, good, ummm…the lest evil candidate is.  Then you have to be hypersensitive to every nuance on every TV show and movie to subliminal advertising. Then you prolly cannot believe what either candidate says as they are permitted to lie.

Or, SOP for the Left.

As I said, it will be politics as usual.  The Dems will use every cheap trick in the book and the Republicans will field the worst possible slate.  After all, if you thought Krispie Kreme Christie was a bad choice, now they are floating Jeb Bush’s name.

God Help us!

(END NOTE:  We are all familiar with MorOn.Org, the uber-Left political action committee.  If you are ever unsure for whom to vote, check out their pages and see the characters they support.  In at least 100% of the situations, you should vote the other way.  One of their mucky-mucks is Ilya Sheyman who is one of their Executive Directors for Political Action.  He considers himself a “community organizer at heart.” Did I mention he is from Chicagoland?  Did I need to do so?  This Russian immigrant ran for the nomination of the Left Party for the 10th Congressional District of Illinois.  This district is over 75% White and is one of the ten wealthiest CDs in the Country.  But that is where this “progressive” calls home.  Typical of the Left.  But, I am sure he knows what the sponge on the street is thinking.  Oh, he ran in the primary and he lost to the eventual winner of the seat.  Oh, he blamed “the polling” for his loss.  Let that sit for a moment.  It was not a flawed campaign, it was not a better candidate, it was not the will of the voters that caused him to loose.  It was the “polling.”  And if you were unsure as to his bona fides as a “community activist”, there you go.  BTW, as I was researching this carp/catfish a number of the links to the pages containing his information requires that you have to sign in.   The disclaimer reads:  “Why do I need to sign in?  When your friends & colleagues make the news, Newsle lets you know.
You’ll never miss an article about someone who matters to you.”
Even Lars had a laugh at that one!  I suspect that any personal information divulged to them, or any group, will go where it will do the most good for them and not necessarily you!)

“To Everything Spin, Spin, Spin”


 “Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

 “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

 Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Boob Tube Victims:


As I have said time and again, it is not what is written or said that is important, that is only what the powers that be want you to know.  It is what is not written or spoken that is important.  (Did that make sense?  But, if you have been a long time reader, you know what I mean.)

(Case in point:  How many of you know of the stand-off with the BLM and NPS with a rancher over grazing rights in Nevada?  How many of you know how it ended, for now?  Any guess which MoC is in it up to his ears?  Did not think so and if you did, you did not see it on TV.)

After a very enjoyable Palm Sunday Mass and Brunch at the Seminary, I repaired to stately “Precious Manner” for a relaxing afternoon of viewing golf.

I was rooting for Jordan Spieth in the Masters only to see this rookie come in second.  Apparently I was too stunned to change the channel afterwards. 

“60 Liberal Minutes” came on and there was going to be a piece on the new Pope.  So, what the heck, I sat back and watched it.

Uberlberal tool, Scott Pelly did the piece.  The initial focus was on the fact that this is a very different Pope than his recent predecessors.  I was waiting for the other shoe to drop as he was being rather deferential and complimentary to the new Pontiff.

Then, BOOM, there it was.

The abuse issue.

(Now, do not misunderestimate me. One child abused is too many.  Much the same as one rape.  Or one abortion.  I find them all anathema and there is no way whatsoever to mitigate the damage in any way. I do not nor will ever suggest that there is not culpability for this.)

Prolly what predicated the piece were two things.

The first of which was the Pope taking full personal responsibility for the abuse over all those many years. No, he was not Pope during all those many years nor was he even alive for almost all of them, but he did what he felt was right and accepted responsibility.

Candidly, I do not know if or how this changes things.  I doubt this admission has any legal standing nor can it undo the harm.  But, it is refreshing to see someone take ownership of an everestally horrific issue.

But, grasshoppers, what was missing?

Yes!  Exactly!  You have all be doing your homework!  69,083.54 bonus points for you all!

There was no compare and contrast!

Yes, if you read virtually anything about the abuse, one would be forgiven for thinking that it only ever happened in the Catholic Church by priests.

Sadly, and this is not an excuse, the same thing happens with Protestant Ministers, Jewish Rebbes, Pastors of Evangelical Churches and so on.

But, even so, all of the abuse at the hands of the “religious” pale in comparison to the amount of that which happens in the secular world.  There are instances of rape and abuse in the corporate world and even the military. 

But whence do the greatest numbers of victims come?

Public Schools.

Yes, public schools.

(And I know I have brought this up in the past but it is important to refresh our memories.  And like with the Catholic Church, it is not a large number of creeps, pedophiles and abusers in the public school system, in fact I am sure it is a low percentage over all.  And I know that there are a fair number of educators who get this thing of ours. I am not directing this to you.)

I have stated previously that because of unions and tenure  and here in New York, there are a number of “Rubber Rooms.”

What is a “rubber room?”  It is a building filled with “teachers” and “administrators” who have been found to be unfit to be with children as well as other misdemeanors, infractions, and felonies. In fact there are thirteen such places in New Detroit ranging in size from a few rooms to a building.

While they are in “teacher purgatory” they still collect full pay, full benefits and are required to do no work. It is like paid detention.

Of course, these peeps rail against the union for “not representing them”, yet, like any good liberal they ignore the fact that were there not to be a union, most of these people would have been fired and perhaps in jail.

But, and while I could wax on that subject for hours, suffice it to say, the SRM has up to 0% interest in even addressing this kind of abuse, let alone investigating it.

Now, consider the Ukraine, this dog-and-pony show of the missing plane and anything with WTLF Kerry’s or JoeBama’s fingerprints on it.

That is almost guaranteed to be either dis/misinformation or red herrings to throw you off the track.

Whenever you hear Ukraine, you are not hearing Benghazi.

Whenever you hear WTLF Kerry, you are not hearing about Lois Lerner.

Whenever you hear the plane search, you are not hearing about the failure of OBAMA’S OBAMACARE.

And so on…

The second thing sorta kinda ties all of the above together. (And, yes, I know, it has been so long that you would be excused for forgetting there was a second point)

After the pap piece that was really a set-up of the Pope, the tool Pelly “interviewed” Biff.

Now, I am sure that no matter how useful of a tool you are, how guaranteed you are to lie the right thing at the right time, that even the most low-life, carp-and-catfish of the so-called “media”, the Pelly’s, the Crowley’s, the Couric’s, who am I kidding, EVERYONE on all the usual suspect channels are vetted before reaching the inner sanctorum which is Biff.

They are either told what to ask, told what to stay away from or they are asked what the questions are going to be asked so that El Biffo can have an “off-the-cuff answer” ready.

Pelly started off innocently enough asking about what it was like to meet the new Pope.  Of wow! What a blockbuster question! 

And Biff’s mouth could not form the words.

He stuttered, he stumbled, he, he, he, he could not just say something honest and sincere.

He obviously does not like the Pope, Catholics or any people of Judeo-Christian faith.  Yet, he tried so hard to pretend to like the Pope that he oversold his game.  As big of a con and street hustler he is he could not convince me to buy his goods, even if the “first one is free.” 

He even referred to “CHRISTians” in an editorial way.  Like “you CHRISTtians…” as opposed to “in our CHRISTian faith…”

Again, it is not what one says but what is omitted where the true story is.

But this exercise of ineptitude was not just painful to watch, but it had to be painful to produce. Imagine debating on whether or not Biff needed a TelePrompTer to make a few “casual” statements to a fellow traveler.  Imagine someone being scolded for their insolence for making such a suggestion, only to find out it would not only have been a cogent suggestion but would have made Biff look less addled.

But, and lemme adjust my tinfoil hat a moment, having Biff on right after Papa Frankie was not like an eyewitness to history or a confirmation of what the Pope said or even one’s take on someone’s opinion or intention.

It was clearly evident to this old Altar Boy that popping Biff on the show right after the Pope was an effort of linkage.

Pictures of the Pope and Biff, a few anecdotes and WAKE UP CATHOLICS, BIFF IS ONE OF US!

Er, no.

Not even close.

If there is anything the least bit about Biff which can be linked to the various CHRISTian faiths, it is most assuredly found in the last book of the Bible.

Yes? No? Maybe so?


“Score One For The Bad Guys”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Sports Victims:


(First Off… A Very Happy Passover to all of my Jewish friends    and readers.  Pesach Sameach. [Did I get that right?])





These seem like blow out football scores, right?  I mean blowouts of the type that if you had zero class you might accidentally spike the football on the 1 yard line but you don’t worry about it because you have not only the game but the officiating team in the bag.

The scores might appear on the surface that one team totally dominated the other. But if you followed the game, you’d see that was not the case.

It was a fix.

Every touchdown the good guys got was reversed on some personal foul call, virtually all of them were bogus.  Even when the instant replay on the stadium’s Jumbotron clearly showed the bad guy was down on the 1 yard line and he placed the ball over the goal line after the whistle had blown, the refs called it a touchdown.

It got to the point that the 65,000 in the stands and millions at home must have felt like it was some kind of mass hypnosis, no one could make that many bad calls, no team could make so many boneheaded mistakes.   After all, this was the Superbowl!

And that, my friends, is a poor sports analogy of OBAMA’S OBAMACARE.

It was a clusterfluke from the beginning.  From the “you have to vote for it to see what is in it”, to every dirty bottom-dealing, possibly illegal use of Senate rules, then to add this poppa oscar sierra bill to some spending bill, where “technically” one did or did not actually vote for or against it, as it was a rider to a spending bill.  (Bear in mind not one Rep in the House voted for it.  As if they should be proud….)

Then having stacked the SCOTUS with fellow travelers, who, at least one ought to have recused herself and perhaps one was promised a quid pro quo for a favorable vote, and the ultimate judicial quisling, (Dis)Honorable Chief Justice Roberts, when the case eventually had to get to the SCOTUS, the deal would all but be done.

Six of the nine “justices” are Catholic (not that makes a difference in a legal sense), yet they vote again and again against the Constitutional Laws which also comport with their alleged beliefs.  In this particular case, someone, somehow got to Roberts as he was the swing vote that screwed the Country.

(As the old joke goes, and I would not be the least bit shocked to see, you do not want to be caught with a dead girl, a live boy or a goat.)

Had he had 1/1000th the set of Mooch-747 or Her Thighness he would have said, correctly, that even Helen Keller could see that the individual mandate was not a tax, but a penalty.

(Check out the history of FDR and Social Security for a little history on lies and chicanery on what is a tax and what is not a tax and what is a penalty and what is not a penalty.  And if you want to see the ultimate in chutzpah, read the bill where it is stated in more than one place that the “penalty on line such and such is to be considered a tax for the purposes of….”)

OK, so, Biff’s tools in Congress force thru a partisan bill fraught with unconstitutionality and then has that piece of legislative offal held up by his kangaroo court.  Of course, that is not the end of it.

Needless to say, the unindicted co-conspirators, the SRM, were all over this bovine scatology like the flies they are and coming up and telling us it is the best smelling rose of all time.

So, just for fun, let’s call another fumble a touchdown and call it a game.

But no, not content to win and more than cover the spread, this a’hat has to pile on.

Now what does he do?  What could be worse than that horrid bill?

Well, changing it at least two dozen times, CLEARLY against the Constitution and hence the law.

It is said that if you steal a little, you will steal often.  Perhaps it is the same with shredding the Constitution.  Pelosi gives a rip, Reid gives a rip, SCOTUS take their turns tearing off a piece here and there.

Now add the SRM with their Orwellian newspeak telling all the low-information voters what a great job Biff is doing to fix the damage to the Constitution.

And the Sheeple are so bleeding stupid, they will believe the lie.  After all, look at who they keep electing.

Meanwhile, with his phone and pen, Biff is changing the law, the LAW, to suit his myriad special interests: Muzzies, Unions, abortionists and so on.  Basically everyone but good and moral people who are do dang polite and too dang chicken to do anything except be mad.

(And I will repeat that which I have said for years:  You want to see whose fault it is, all most people have to do is to look in the mirror.)

So after this allegedly-elected chap (more to come on that topic) has broken the law some two dozen times to alter a probably illegal law, he has the unmitigated gall to say that no one can touch OBAMA’S OBAMACARE, because it is “settled law.”

Unless he wants to change it.

On his own.


Changing gears:

Biff put one of his famous “lines in the sand” as a goal for acceptance of his failed plan.  He wanted 7,000,000 signed up by 31 March.

Before we rip that apart, a few days earlier, no-shame tool of the  Left, Diane Sawyer, gushed that “With only a few days left, already almost six million have signed up!”

She said it like it was a huge victory!  But I assure you, had it been a Republicrat who was in a similar mathematical situation, I am sure the bottle blonde would have said “With only a few days to go, Bush’s plan is still over a million people short. The experts are saying it is sure to fail!

OK math geniuses, riddle me this.  How is it that with approximately 95% of the time allotted for signing up expired and they are roughly 85% to quota that they were not stressing?

Because when the ball was spiked on the three-yard and the bad guys were awarded a touchdown, Biff & Co knew the fix was in.

If 12 people signed up, they would have called it a victory.

But, one of those very, very few days in my adult life that I was not 100% proud to be an American is when that common street thug boasted about what a success the plan is, what a great thing that they made their numbers and so on.

Then he became even more cocky then usual and in a football game there would have been a penalty for taunting.

It was almost like the joke about Putin calling dealing with Biff is like playing chess with a pigeon.   (“The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, craps on the board, then struts around like it won the game.”)

I was sicker to my stomach than usual.

But in virtually every analysis, except by the criminally insane, OBAMA’S OBAMACARE  is an abject failure.

Let’s even grant they made the 7,100,000 alleged “new” “customers”, bear in mind, those are Liberal customers.  No, I do not mean they are Liberal politically, I mean that just like when a Lib says he wants to do something, to him or her that is the same as actually doing it.  Same deal here, Bucko.

You see even just starting the application was counted in the 7,000,000.  Now, subtract out those who actually completed the application but have not paid the premium and compare that against the people who are currently WITHOUT the coverage they once had, there is a net LOSS of American’s covered.

And those numbers will worsen or the Maladministration as time goes on.

So, before anyone starts saying how great of a success this plan is, ask them how many more people are actually covered, how many have lost coverage and how many people’s premiums have gone down by the promised $2,500 per family.

Or, $250.00

Or, 25-Cents.

Or, how many premiums really went up. (Raising hand.)

Call them on this,  Call them hard and often.  Because if we do not carp and complain, if we do not challenge these lies, if we do not write letters to the editors, if we do nothing, these a’hats will twist this thing so that it looks all purty and all and the enemies of the state will run ON OBAMA’S OBAMACARE and we are dead as a nation.

If not you, then who?

If not you, then who?

Make it so.

“Send Out The Clowns”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Bailbondsmen:

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(CASHBAR….  As you may have known or come to realize, Precious took a much deserved and much-er needed vacation.  Spending a week in the Crescent City was what this body needed.  There is a lot of stuff going on and this was written the week before I left.  I have one in progress and about a half of a dozen other percolating.  So, I will leave it at that.  But, as Al $harpton, [aka CI-7, for Confidential Informant #7] might say: “Leave the gun, take the collards.”)



What do these following fine upstanding peeps have in common?  (It will be multiple choice for your convenience.)

State Senator Leland Yee of California.  He was arrested for accepting contributions to introduce an undercover agent to a terrorist arms dealer.  (Oh, before this apparently he was virulently anti-gun.)         (SEE 1 BELOW)

State Senator LaAnna Washington of Pennsylvania.   She is bound over for multiple felonies involving theft of services and conflict of interest with respect to fundraising on company time. (2)

Councilwoman  Maria Del Carmen Arroyo of New Detroit City. While she herself is not in trouble, yet, two of her campaign workers were arrested for multiple felonies for forgery and falsifying business records when gathering signatures to get her on the election ballot. (3)

Mayor Patrick DeAngelo Cannon of Charlotte.  Was arrested and immediately resigned after being charged with corruption and accepting bribes. (4)

Speaker of the Rhode Island House, Representative Gordon Fox, of RI.  Resigned and won’t seek reelection after the FBI, IRS and other state and federal agencies raided his home and office. (5)

Assemblyman William Scarborough of New York.  The FBI raided his home, both of his offices and motel room, the last at 0545AM on abuse of travel expense and vouchers. (6)

Ex-Assemblyman William Boyland, Brooklyn, yo.  Will remain in jail until June when he will be sentenced on his corruption conviction.

What do these recently arrested (or subjects of raids) have in common?

A)      They are all Democrats

B)      They are all Democrats

C)      They are all Democrats

D)      A, B and C

Any answer is correct and give yourself 254 bonus points.

As far as any other commonalities or similarities, you can divine them on your own.

I am not sure why all of a sudden there is an interest in ridding gum’mint of (allegedly) bad Democrat people. I have ideas but no poof.

Of course they are not going after ALL the bad peeps or even bad Dems.  Were that to be the case Chicago would be set for cruise control and a fair number of those in Congress will be spending meaningful time with Counsel.

There is no reason why Harry Reid and most of his family should not get group discounts at some lockup somewhere.

A diligent prosecutor could easily make cases for those whose wealth increased as a result of sponsoring or supporting a bill which benefits a family member.  Right, San Fran Nan, Diane Frankenfeinstein, Barbara Boxer and others?

On what planet would Congress allow the likes of a James Clapper admit (paraphrased) “I got as close to the truth as I could…” in a Congressional hearing.  Ditto the Lerner chick from the IRS who claimed 5th Amendment immunity then went on to detail a whole passel of things about which she could not be questioned.

And need I even sully your ears with the name of the “smartest woman in the world”, Her Thighness herself, Hillaroo?

After all, all Secretary of States when confronted with an attack on one of their assets, where an ambassador and three others were tortured and murdered, where offers for help were not only refused but when the COs tried to countermand them they were relieved of duty, where there is a cloak of a cover-up that goes all the way past Biff and seems to end at the Muzzie woman Jarrett,  have the nerve to screech the answer “What difference does it make?”


Now, let’s look past criminality for a moment.  Let’s throw in a side order of dimbulbosity.

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) was concerned about too many people going to Guam.   As it is an island, he was concerned that it might tip over into the ocean.

Rep. Nasty Pelosi (D-CA) could have a book written about her slips of her fetid tongue, gaffs, lies and just plain stupid things.  Most recently was her opposition to fracking for oil and natural gas because she supports fossil fuels.

This year’s holder of the “JoeBama Stupid Award” is the racist Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX). Where do you start? That we have had a Constitution for 400 years?  That our astronauts planted a flag on Mars?  That she wants to change the name of “welfare” to “a transitional living fund”, as if someone who is “alternately viable” is any less undead. Or, “I stand here as a freed slave because this Congress came together.”

And that just scratches the surface of her disconnect from reality.

Of course, we can bring up John WTLF Kerry but as he is not going to seek elective office, we can just write him off as an everestal failure a creep and a charlatan who is unable to read the directions on a botox bottle.  Expounding on his failures will only take too much time and would be the equivalent of piling on.

Nope, at the bottom of the heap is…

Nope, no Schemer, he is too clever by half.

Not McLame either (technically still an “R” in bad standing)

Not even Little Dick Durbin, Harry Reid or any of the others.

Scrapping the bottom of the barrel, the worst of the worst is….

…Little Mr. Debbie Wassermanhyphenshultz.

She is just plain dumb as a box of rocks if she really believes ANYTHING she says when told to by that slimy Schemer, the girly-voiced Reid or any of the others.

Where SheJack is just plain stupid Little Mr. Debbie so desperately wants to be liked by her own den of thieves she will allow herself to be pimped by those who have no use for her other than she will parrot anything anyone tell her if it will help the Dem Party.


So, what does all this mean?

Stick around… we are just getting started.