“Saturday Funnies If It Was Not True Edition”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

 “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


 Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Voting Bikers:

All righty then… Tuesday was Election Day hither and yon.  Wednesday was 9-11 everywhere and there was the “Million Muzzie March:” and “Million Biker Rally”, both in Washington, District of Criminals. 

Friday was Pizza and Chianti night, but that is a different story.

To just touch on that, show of hands, how many of you heard about the Million Muzzies and/or Bikers in your local media?

Me neither.

I did follow it as best as I could but there were no clear figgers as either can be manipulated.  But as far as the Muzzies, they were able to muster somewhere between 21 and 3,000.  True number may be, and I am being generous, in the hundreds. (Quote:  “A few hundred people walking the streets.”)

The bikers, well, that was a different story.  The numbers ranged somewhere between 800,000 and 2,000,000.  And, of course, the low number was an “official” estimate by the police early in the day.

The bottom line is that when push comes to shove and despite the racist and hateist rhetoric of this “president” and others, the Muzzies are unable or disinclined to profess their faith.

Similarly despite the racist and hateist rhetoric of this “president” and others, the Americans are strapped, Hog Riding Patriots and  are ready to take their Country back.

If you did not hear of this, please complain to your local SRM and demand the truth. Maybe suggest that a biker march on their offices might have them come to Jesus.


OK, that said, what I aim to focus on is the election coverage by the media, specifically in New York for example.

There were races for nominations for Mayor, Comptroller and a few other minor races in the City and the ‘Burbs. 

The Republicans had two major candidates: Lhota, who was recently the head of the Metropolitan Transit Authority.  Everyone hates him because he raised the bus fares, tolls, you name it, he got the blame. 

Then there was the chap, Cats, called so largely because no non-Greek could say “Catsimatidis.”  Everyone hates him because he is a self-made billionaire who is not a Liberal and owns Gristedes, which is the largest and by far the most expensive grocery store chain in Manhattan.

These two critters shared something less than 55,000 TOTAL votes of something like 475,000 registered Republicans.  So, the true winner was “None of the above.”

On the other side was a Socialist, gay, black, suspect and pervert.  No, I am not talking about Biff but, believe it or not, five different people.  (So, he CAN do the work of….)

There was Bill DiBlasio, socialist White dude who hates the rich, is married to a black woman and pimped his mixed-race kids in his ads.  What a creep.  

Then there was Christine Quinn, the Rosie O-Donnell-type loud and brash Lesbo whose bloom came off the rose early.

Next up, Bill Thomson, prolly the most moderate of the bunch and a black man.

John Liu had no chance of winning largely because he has some serious legal problems emanating from some financial issues. 

Then there is the self-hating moron of the century Anthony Weiner.  (Sue me, please!)

Weiner, as odd as it might sound, may have been the best political choice for the job if you are a regular Lib.  (And for fodder for at least four years of late night talk show humor.)  But he is a reprobate, photo-philanderer, and can’t keep his mouth shut or avoid starting a fight with a voter. 

He had the unmitigated temerity so run ads late in the campaign showing him on the stoop of a brownstone saying, almost matter-of-factly that “The voters do not care about my personal life.”  Welllllll, apparently they did. He was leading the pack until he was exposed for exposing his package. 


And despite the fact that his Muslim wife, Huma Weiner, stood up for him when he made is confession, she was not seen again during the campaign.

(The other sad thing is that there were four others running for the Dem nod and the above quintet of ne’er-do-wells beat them.  In all candor, they were not serious candidates.)

So, with over three million registered Dems, with 645,000 voting, again the overwhelming favorite was “none of the above.”

Speaking of Huma Weiner and her conspicuous absence from the campaign, the post-election rallies were very telling as well. 

All throughout the campaign, each candidate seemed to have their personal United Nations entourage and their ads reflects the vaunted “rainbow coalition.”  However, at the various post-election gatherings it appeared the truth came out.

Of the twenty or so folks on the dais with Bill Thompson, I saw exactly one White man among all the black folk. 

On DiBlasio’s dais where was a similar number of people and the exact same number of White people, that being one.  That being the candidate.

Really?  Ya over doing it a bit, Bill?  For that reason alone you should be disqualified, your overt racism is daunting.

In the race for the Brooklyn DA, there were zero Whites on the dais.  Fuhgeddaboutit, mah man.

In a lesser race, the disgraced ex-Governor of New York, “Client 9”, aka Eliot Spitzer, lost big time to Scott Stringer for Controller.

Spitzer is a creep and a fraud and his campaign was a litany of half truths.  While lionizing his accomplishments of punishments here and fines there the truth is that in virtually case when he was Attorney General the results were arrived via plea bargaining.  There was only one case I could find that went to trial, but he did not prosecute it as it was turned over to the Feds.

Oh, one last thing on the corrupt politics and borderline criminal reporting thereof, the talking heads were saying (paraphrasing) “The Democrats most assuredly will win the mayorship ending over two decades of Republican governors.”

Well, ain’t that just like a pile of pelosi all wrapped up in nice paper with a bow!

The last time there was a “Republican” mayor was Rudy Giuliani (and he is very liberal social issues such as on abortion and marrying cousins).  The least time there was a Republican mayor was in the ‘30s with Fiorello LaGuardia. (You can’t count Lindsey in the 60s he was far, far too liberal.)

And, of course, the SRM is appealing to the Low Information Voter who thinks that Midget Marxist Mayor Mike Boob-berg is a Republican.

You see, Midget Mike was a Dem his whole life, until 2001 when he changed parties to buy the mayorship, as the Dems boxed him out. Then he became an, ahem, “Independent” because even the liberal Republicans in NY said he was too far to the left and there was no Marxist Party on which to run.

So, you want to know how some absolute beginner of a person can get elected president, the politics and media of New York City serve as a microcosm for that result.  (Chicago is just too far corrupt to be used as an example and Detroit is, well, never mind….)


Speaking of Midget Marxist Mayor Mike Boob-berg, on the other side of the coin, his throwing money into places he does not belong is starting to backfire.  One can only hope that he will flood all states and various counties with all of his cash in order to bend the law till he is broke, thence irrelevant.

There was a recall election in Colorado where anti-gun state senators, Angela Grion and John Morse were BOTH recalled.  Oh, BTW, they are BOTH Democrats.

But, it was not simply a recall of two tools (twools?) of the anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment and prolly anti- a lot of other things we hold near and dear. 

You see, when voters were questioned they saw it not just the recall of two senators who do not share their views on guns but a repudiation of the Wh’ite House.  The bill that made draconian limits on magazine capacity (or “clips”, if you are a Liberal), background checks and other restrictions passed without Republican support.

While there are a lot of hippies, yuppies and other garden variety Liberals out in the Rocky Mountain High as a Kite State, it is still the West.  And despite some the losers in public office in Arizona, Colorado, Arizona, Montana, Arizona, Utah, Arizona and Arizona, among some other western states and there are still some good people who share our collective values of the validity of the Constitution and ALL of the Amendments, the rule of law and so on.

The kind of people who I like to call “Americans.”

But, two recalls of two liberal ant-Constitution state senators do not a landside make.  However, Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper was on the wrong side of this debate and he is up for election next year.

Then there are the traitors to the cause elected to Congress over the past two elections who pledged fealty to the views of the tea party types who sorta kinda forgot who elected them and they went off the reservation.

They need to go.

In fact, EVERY C’man, Senator and your state officials who are anti-gun and pro-healthskare MUST be voted out of office.

And if we can attain a sizable, unassailable, veto-proof Congress, then we can set our sights on other, er, er, er, issues….

… just sayin’

There will be more on elections as we go on I can assure you.

That said, have a happy Saturday, today is the only day today we have, let’s make the best of it.

Your Precious will be kicking up his lederhosen tonight at our annual German Night fundraiser.  Great food, great beer, great company and great fun.  Wish you ALL could attend!


One thought on ““Saturday Funnies If It Was Not True Edition”

  1. Roslyn Atwood says:

    Wow I had seen some info on the NY elections but you really exposed the details! What a fiasco, is this the best we can do? Or are all the decent folk afraid of the attacks on them & their families that running for office with a communist media will undoubtedly expose them to? [ack that’s awful grammar! Never end a sentence with a preposition,LOL] I looked all over the “news” for something about the biker ride & there was NOT ONE REPORT!!!! AAARRRGGGHHH! Unbelievable! However , the fizzle of the muzzie march filled me with glee, are they all a bunch of cowards afraid to come out & be counted? Happy Saturday, your event this evening reminds me of the great Octoberfest celebrations we experienced in Deutschland, I would love to be able to sing along with all the great beer drinking songs! Enjoy as you hoist a few 7 temporarily zone out of the disaster our nation is right now. GB XXXX

    Sent from my iPad

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