“Gimme That Old Time Religion”

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 “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


 Genesis 3:19

My Friends and Fellow Infidels:

I am not a prejudiced person, I keep saying and now to convince myself as to convince you.   I harbor no animosity against any person because of their sex or even sexual preference, color of their skin, nationality, religion, or any of the defining characteristics.  (Though I do find it difficult impossible to cotton to a Red Sawx or New England Patriot fan.)

That said, I am forced to re-revisit something which I have brought up before.


Most of the folks in our Country are of the Judeo-Christian family of religions.   Be we any of the various Jewish options, Protestant denominations, Evangelical/Pentecostal/Four-Square sects, Roman or Eastern Rite Catholics we have more similarities than differences.

There are some in our Country who are Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs and other religions.   There are some “fringe-type” religions, and I am not judging but just sayin’, such as Satan Worshipers, Wiccans, Druids and Mets Fans.  And of course, there are those with no religion or beliefs at all.

For what it is worth, out of all of these various beliefs there is no real animosity against the rest of the world.  (However, while the Sikhs and Hindus get along with the rest of the world, they do not play so well with each other.)

So doing a quick check it appears that we have identified all of the world’s major, minor and teensy-weensy religions.

That said I want to …  what?  Wait, not all at once.   Huh? I made a mistake?  Yeah?  Did I?  What was it?  Oh, I left one out?  Really?  Which one?   What?  Islam?  No, I did not leave Islam out, I am talking about religions.

I have said before and I will say now and I am sure I will have to repeat myself, but Islam may have forfeited their claim on being a religion. But, please, stick with me.

Sure Judaism is over five thousand years old, Christianity over two grand and Islam is some thirteen hundred years old.  The difference is that over the millennia, most religions have made progress, kept up with the times.  But not the Muslims.  They are still living in the 7th century.  Heck they make the Amish, the Hassids and others like them seem like neo-modernists by comparison.

You see, a “religion” which demands that the infidel convert or face the sword is not exactly like turning down a tea at an Episcopal Church social.  A “religion” which allows honor killings or beating any of one “wives” is hardly the same as being shunned. 

And the once-localized cabal of hooliganism and internecine channeling of the Huns and Goths has now “evolved” into “Terrorist, Inc.”  

Sure we look at the events and murder on 9-11 as the start of this recent wave of terrorism, and we would be wrong.  We could look back to the hijackings of various planes, the takeover of the Achille Lauro and the murder of Leon Klinghoffer as the start of terrorism, and we would be wrong.  We could look at the attacks the Olympics in 1972 and the murder of the Israeli athletes as the genesis of terrorism, and we would be wrong as we were above.

Any thoughts as to when Islamic terrorism started?  Turkey? Nope. Saudi Arabia?  Nope.  Anyone?  Yes, you waving your arms, Arnold Horshack, isn’t it?  What are your thoughts?

The Crusades?

So close, but, no.

IMHBAO, the terrorism of the Muslims started the day that “religion” was founded.

It would almost be like if Al Capone started his gang and called it a “religion.”  Except that Capone did not target innocent people or beat his wife.

Of course, “Caponeism” would not be just the thugs, triggermen, yeggs and molls.  There would be others in the fold even if not committers of crimes. 

You’d have to have some businessmen, shop owners, truck drivers, police and perhaps even elected officials who may have broken one law or Commandment but gave cover to the gang, or provided and front for a business, or maybe dropped a dime (or, a nickel back then) and alerted the gang that a bust was coming or to call off a heist.

You get the picture.

Not everyone involved or associated, either actively or tacitly was necessarily  thug.  But all were associated and if they really knew better, which I think all of them did, they were just as guilty as the button men and the rest of the varmints.

Take a quick assessment of the people you know.  Not just immediate family or neighbors, but ALL the people you have known in your life.  By all means start with friends and family, add in neighbors, figger in co-workers and those related to work (toll taker, bus driver, lunch place workers, coffee shop, delivery people, etc.)  Go back in time and think of those from previous jobs and places were you lived.  Recall those with whom you served in the military, peeps from college, high school, grammar school and chums where you grew up.

Holy cow, that is a lot of people.  How many peeps did you think of?  A hundred?  Five hundred?  A thousand or more? 

How many were crooks, criminals, had arrest records, were evil, or basically the type of person you would never had seen featured on “Ozzie and Harriett”, “Father Knows Best”, “I Married Joan” and the rest?

A few I would wager.  Maybe only one-percent of all those close or simply acquainted throughout your life.  Maybe two percent?  Three?

Not a lot, right? Just a few strayed from the straight and narrow.

Now, consider the sum total of Muslims.  Over 2,000,000,000 chaps and chapettes in the so-called “religion of peace.”

Let’s use your percentages of bad guys and factor the number of Muslims who would fall into the very bad category.



Even at 1% there would be over 20,000,000 bogies that are busy  on Friday nights.

Even at 1/10th if 1%, there would be over 2,000,000 baddies.

The infinitesimally small 1/100th of 1 percent still leaves 200,000 terrorists.  Or roughly the same amount of all people living in Richmond Virginia, or Spokane Washington, or Reno Nevada. 

(If you take that number and include family now you are talking about the population of San Diego, Dallas, Philly, perhaps even Houston.  Imagine going to Houston and finding this huge city was 100% Muslim and EVERY FAMILY has a terrorist as head of household!)

Now, I am not saying that all Muslims as bad people, not even 99% of them, of their own volition.  But that still leaves 20,000,000 bogies!!!!

Sadly 100% of the Muslims are being tarred by the crimes of a few.  Indeed, some live in abject poverty in horrific climes and candidly they have no idea what is going on in the world in Allah’s name.

And many DO know what is going on but they have their own problems and canNOT be bothered with the actions of a few.

And there are some who do know and do care and are scared to death, literally, to do anything. They are cowards fearing the worse dare they do or say anything.  Much like the Dems in Congress or those who voted for Biff both times.

It is a horrific thing to kill six Israeli athletes.  It is a horrific thing to hijack jets and in at least one case, identify a member of our military, shot him then throw his body onto the tarmac.  It is a horrific thing to take over a cruise ship and push a disabled man overboard.  It is a horrific thing to aim planes into the symbols of America and murder thousands.  It is one thing that those we are training to secure their homelands in Iraq and Afghanistan only to have them turn the weapons we gave them on our soldiers.  It is one horrific thing after another in Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and other places where the terrorists have taken over.

One can see this escalation of terrorism, fear and mayhem has “evolved” from acts by small bands of Muslim ne-er-do-wells to a world-wide escalation of a coordinated group of terrorists under the al Qu’ada banner.

What was once “making a statement” a la Lawrence of Arabia or the PLO has become a worldwide attack by “Jihad, Inc.”

Do not think for a moment that the Somali hijackers are renegades, they are part of al Qu’ada.

Need I remind you of KSM and the others cooling their sandals in GITMO and where they have parked their 401(k)’s?

I could add Muslim attacks on the barracks in Beirut and Saudi Arabia.  Or the attacks on the embassies in Tanzania and Kenya.

And that leads us to the events of this week, the attack on Infidels in a shopping center in Nairobi.

How do I know this is a terrorist attack? One where American citizens were involved on both sides? That feckless coward Biff did not immediately condemn it!

And besides, allegedly the local Muslims were warned not to be in the mall.

That makes this not just Jihad, not just a terrorist attack, this is an attack on non-Muslims and by extension, the industrialized, wealthy and Judeo-Christian world.

No, they have forfeited their right to be a considered “religious.”  Sure, in their world their criminality is accepted or even encouraged.  But not in the civilized world.

The 97-99.99% of “Muslims” who are good people and can be educated to follow their scriptures without the bastardization of the alleged principles without the j’hate and jihad.

The rest have screwed the pooch for them.  The terrorists are NOT following a real religion that preaches love and compassion. They are no better, in fact far worse, than the Capones of the world.

But, what are we to do?  Are they not  to be protected by our 1st Amendment Freedom of Religion? I dunno.

What of the criminals and terrorists hiding under the skirt of “jihad”?  Are they  criminals, do they deserve not Constitutional Rights but the RICO Statutes?  Again, I canNOT answer through the prism of our law.  (I am disabused as to what Biff or Stedman think, the law means nothing to them.)

When a group of organisms somehow come together and set to destroy the world and lead it to the seventh century, they must be crushed with every bit of the resolve of every good person on Earth.

Until the good Muslims be separated from the terrorists and they can profess their un-hateful, un-terrorist, un-caliphate desiring love for peace, love and waterbeds, then they are as evil as those who kill innocents in a mall in Kenya, or blew up embassies or barracks or aimed planes into buildings.

But, until they can get their act together, are they all  to be considered enemy combatants, as three of the terrorists in Nairobi came from the US and two are represented in Congress by the Muslim Ellison?

Until we have law and order throughout the world and the evil of the Muslim terrorists have been stilled and vanquished something must be done.

But the next time there is a terrorist attack on our soil,  or the first time a mall is attacked  on our shores (and it is bound to happen) don’t come running to me, even if you can, if you do not write your MOC about this real and present danger.



2 thoughts on ““Gimme That Old Time Religion”

  1. Roslyn Atwood says:

    I may have mentioned before the book by Serge Trifkovic “the sword of the prophet” that details the history of islam from the beginnings, confirming absolutely that it is NOT a religion but a political movement couched in quasi religious terminology. It explains the crusades & how they were a reaction to centuries of slaughter and persecution by the proponents of this organization. The numbers of possible jihadists you quote are shocking but verifiable from stats we know, would you consider recommending the Trifkovic book to your readers, I think it is a fascinating though terrifying exposure of the dastardly & demonic plot that is islam. Right now I am following the defund oboofhead deathcare plan with extreme agitation, personally Jack I think we are stuck with this monolithic pan to destroy our nation from the inside by bankrupting us & controlling every breath we take. AAaarrrrgggghhh Heaps of hugs GB Sent from my iPad

  2. John Croix says:

    Thanks for the recommendation on the book, but it doesn’t take much study to understand this is not a religion but a theocracy with the intention of enslaving the world. I will take a look at the book.

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