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Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Nattering Nabobs:


OK, I had this thing written a few days ago. I started on another one, the expected dissertation on Phil Robertson.  But due to a case of ESTO (Equipment Superior To Operator) somehow I saved the newer effort on top of the one put to bed, rendering it gone forever.

I will do my best to re-cobble it.

It had to do with what do I do with all my spare time.  I will let you know when I get some.  But some have asked what else do I do to spread the word.

For some odd reason I am relatively obsessed with that which is going on in our Country.  I write this little thing of ours, of course, and this is an outgrowth of my incessant writing of letters to the editors of various Liberal rags.

And I have the pleasure of responding to emails, at least as best as I can. 

Then there is Facebook.

If you are not on Facebook, that is fine.   It is not for everyone and it can become a time bandit if left unchecked.  But if you are, there are a lot of good people and good articles and posts.

If you are on, by all means, feel free to “friend” me.  There is a “The Daily Fish “page as well but that is used primarily to alert to the fact there is a new issue published.  You could leave comments there, if you wish.

However one of my fave things is to have a tete-a-tete with a Liberal.  I have a few “liberal“ friends who are relatively grounded and there is an opportunity to exchange opinions. 

The downside it that they often have friends who are not as grounded or level headed and they bury you with hate and bravo sierra and the discussion quickly goes south.

Almost like what Vlad said about Biff.  He said “Dealing with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon.  He struts all over the board knocking pieces over, (defecates) on the board and then says he wins.”

You get the point.

But I do make other posts as well.

At times they are just a howyadoin’ on something such as: “On a non-political and personal note, a very Happy 70th Birthday to one of the greatest guitarists of all time, Keith Richards.
I am sure if he thought he was going to live this long he would have taken better care of himself! At the end of the world, it will be Twinkies, McDonald’s fries, Keef and yours truly…..”


Or, I will have the TV at work on some station that is presenting some horse hockey.  This will cause me to post something, and often to that shows FB page which is quickly removed.  (They hate censorship…. For them.) 

An example would be:  “Yeah, on The View they were discussing, as a sidebar, Megyn Kelly and the person who wanted a Black Santa. The argument being that they need ‘more diversity’ in their imaginary beings.

“Just shows to go you how stupid people have become (It is CHRISTmas, will not say anything worse) and how racist people are in the past 5-6 years.

“Now, two can play at that game.

“I want MY Al $harpton to be White. Why do the blacks get a black $harpton? Where is my White $harpton?

“And why is George Washington White? I mean, he is the Father of the Country. And which country today has the most people? China. So I want George Washington to the Chinese.

“If that makes any sense to you, you are as bad off as peeps who want a black Santa.

“And for those who say Jesus was black or brown, that is fine with me. He is what He is. I do not know 100% what color He is. He prolly was not European White. Alls I know is that He died for me. And it is His Birthday we celebrate next week, not a solstice, a season or anything else. So, get over yourself and wish people a Merry CHRISTmas. After all, HE is the Reason for the Season.”


At times there will be an item on the news or an email alert from one of the news organs.  Some of those give me the opportunity to vent.  As in the announcement about the Olympics pending.

“So, the Olympics start soon. They will be held in Russia. Russia has an official state anti-gay policy.

“What does Biffus Biggus Babyus do? Does he show respect to his better, Vlad? Does he try to do the right thing and STFU for once?

“No, this petulant little child will have a gay ‘representing’ the US at the opening ceremonies. Yes, Elton John will be… what? huh? That is NOT Elton John? Are you sure? Really? Billy Jean King? Huh! (Ya know, I have never seen Elton John and Billy Jean King together, just saying.)

“And just to throw a middle digit at Vlad. there the US is showing even more disrespect by not sending an official political delegation.

“If I was ANY serious candidate for the non-Marxist Party nomination for Prez, I would make a point of going to Russia, getting as much press as possible denouncing the disrespect for Russia and using that pulpit to further expose Biff’s weaknesses and fecklessness. So, whoever is serious, Cruz, West, Paul and so on (Pete King can stay home) ought to book straight away!

“’I can’t wait to say ‘For the first time in 8 years I am PROUD of my President.’”


(On an unrelated note male figure skater Brian Boitano came out of the closet.  He announced his homosexuality by saying “I am Brian Boitano and I am a male figure skater.”  Feel free to take that out of context and we can discuss that in the Phil issue coming.)


Then there are the pearls offered up by the MorOns at MoveOn.Org.  Truly, if anyone ever wanted proof that Liberalism is a mental disease, these guys and gals provide ample evidence on an almost daily basis.

This was received the other day:

“Dear MoveOn member,


“That’s the total number of positive stories about the Affordable Care Act on the ABC and NBC Nightly News in the first two months of Obamacare. At the same time, they ran nearly wall-to-wall negative stories.

“Clearly, there were serious problems with the rollout that deserved attention. But zero stories about the largest expansion of health care access in decades? That’s just irresponsible journalism.”

Yes, someone wrote that, someone discussed it, perhaps edited it, approved it and sent it out.  So, the mental issues are rampant.

The Left OWN the SRM.  Virtually everything printed that has a Liberal slant is presented in a positive light, and vice verse.

When there is a clusterfluke of everestal proportions and the SRM have to admit the emperor has no clothes, my antenna go up. I retorted with:

“Ya gotta be kidding me!

“Biff creates this Frankenstein of an ersatz ‘health care bill’ and it is a clusterfluke. Unmitigated disaster from top to bottom. Of course, that may have been the intent.

“All of a sudden, because the SRM is not bowing down to the false god of a bravo sierra bill, the MorOns at MoveOn have their panties in a wad.

“While I canNOT fathom the rationale they are employing in their cavil against reality, it is more disturbing that there are people who are going to say ‘yeah, the evil media’ when they have been carrying Biffs water since before Day-1. 

“They fact that the SRM is bashing OBAMA”S OBAMACARE makes me more suspicious.

“Essentially what MorOn is saying in the last sentence is even though the Hindenberg blew up killing a lot of people, it provided heat for a few minutes…. 

“Asshats, all of them!”

You get the idea.


So, I try to make this costra nostra somewhat readable.  To that end I try to practice my writing, er, “skills” as often as I can.  And I use some of these avenues to blow off steam that otherwise might find its way into THE Fish, and when I write this when I am full of bile and Lord Knows what else, the results are not pretty.

Ok, basta, genug, enough!! Back to more pressing issues, such as the next one on Phil Robertson and there is a little surprise in that issue as well!


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