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Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Mossy Oak Wearers:

FOREWARD:  “Forward?” No, not in the sense of Commies but as a preface.  Lana, a new friend not only shares many of my views but oddly enough, even though we are not related, the same last name. (But apparently the same political DNA.)  With that said she posted this the other day and she was kind enough to permit me to share with you.  “Here are my thoughts on the Duck Dynasty uproar,…some people are outraged that Phil Robertson has gotten such a huge response of support in such a short amount of time, while the NSA, Benghazi, IRS, Obamacare Obama’s blatant abuse of power, the Iran deal, the Budget deal, the EPA abuses of power, the list goes on, have been ignored. Perhaps this is the straw the breaks the camel’s back, after having so much rammed down our throats, watching as Christ is being taken out of Christmas a little more each year, giving 3 percent of our population so much control and leverage, finally Christians have had enough. I for one have, I think it is petty, spiteful and mean-spirited and hypocritical for a group like GLAAD to pretend, yes pretend, to be offended by one Christian man’s words, words that they have twisted and plain lied about. The gay community has a voice, the atheist community has a voice, the Latino community has a voice, the black community has a voice, the pro choice people have a voice, well time for those folks to show others the same acceptance and tolerance they Demand. And I am hoping when conservatives and Christians see what they can do with small issue, maybe they will take on the big issues. And that is the last I will post on this subject…..MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!”


I reckon you can see where this is heading….


Coincidences?  Whaddya new or somethin’?  There is no such of a thing as “coincidence” when it comes to most things.

Phil Robertson and GQ Magazine fall into that category.

But something tells me that at the end of the day Good WILL Triumph over Evil.

In case you have not heard, there is a show called “Duck Dynasty.” It is about a family in Louisiana who make duck calls.  They have become fabulously wealthy from this endeavor.  The men are all hirsute and wear cammies.  The live to hunt and fish.  The patriarch of the family, Phil Robertson, still lives in the house they had before the money came rolling in.

Other than the fact that you have these “rednecks” (meant in the nice way, not as a pejorative.) who seem to run a bidness, hunt, fish, have big cars, are very family oriented and there is prolly more references to God and the Bible in their show than on any TV station, or, all the commercial stations and cable outlets combined.  At the end of every show, the extended family is seated at the dinner table and Phil says “Bow your heads and pray for God’s Mercy” or some such phrase as he gives thanks to God as he says grace.

And, I know it is scandalous, but he actually uses the name “Jesus”. And in the good way!  (There was some controversy about Phil saying Jesus with the “nice” folks at A&E. But it was resolved. Phil says “Jesus.”)

(SIDEBAR:  Phil was also named one of Barbara Walters’ “10 Most Fascinating People of 2013” and I guess he was even more fascinating when he did not do an interview with Walters.  He was not mean or rude or making a point.  It is duck season.  He is not available for ANYTHING from November thru January.)

But, somewhere along the line he sat down with a “reporter” from “GQ Magazine.”

Here is where the alarms ought to be going off.

“GQ” or “Gentleman’s Quarterly” is a “men’s” magazine. (I hate to be catty, but it is a “men’s magazine” the same way that white zin is a “man’s drink.”  Not that a man can’t drink white zin…..)

Before I go any further, here is a link for the article.  Take about five minutes and read it.  The rest of this issue will make far more sense after you do.


Now, if you have any intellectual honesty and can read what the writer was actually trying to convey, it is unlikely that you would come to the same conclusion of every Liberal on the planet, particularly those in the SRM who did not read same.

To a “man” and “woman” these pillars of the 4th Estate reported that Phil Robertson hates gays and says they are all going to Hell.

First off, he said no such thing.  In fact he said quite the opposite.  But, if you pick only the words that you want then you can invent anything you want it to say.  Second, he admits that all sin is essentially the same and that he is a sinner as well.  Last, he says he loves everyone and it is not for him to judge. 

The haters from the Left made their take on the interview along the lines of “Do you still beat your wife” kind of characterization.

For clarity, I did get the sense than this was a hatchet piece, although that was my suspicion BEFORE I read the article.  The writer, for what it is worth, seemed to have great respect for Robertson and self-deprecating at the same time.  Pretty fair on balance.

It was up to the “Man from GLAAD” and other gay organizations to make the leap from honest belief in God to homophobe and hater.

One of the stupider things said, and that is saying something, was from some unhappy representative from GLAAD.  He had the ba…, er, temerity to say, paraphrasing,: “Robertson does not know what it is like to live a homosexual lifestyle.”

I do not think that Phil would disagree.

What is missing (how many times have I said to read between the lines and the thing missing IS the point) and most poignant is something to the effect that “The writer from GLAAD does not know what it is like to live a heterosexual lifestyle.”

Same thing, right?

So, what does A&E do?

Do they tell GLAAD to back off?

Do they issue a statement supporting their star and saying his words were taken out of context and twisted?

Do they organize a press conference with the boss of their cash cow and give him the opportunity to “clarify” his remarks?

No, they suspend him.

The network that is making millions from the number one rated cable show as well as tens of millions from merchandizing, not only refuses to defend their star but they suspend him.

Now, why would they do that?

They had no idea what they were getting into when they started Duck Dynasty.  The thought it was going to be one more stupid, insipid show that the dim bulbs in flyover land watch.  Like most of the crap on cable, or network for that matter.

The show was birthed from a video Phil and his CEO son Willie concocted and figgered it would be like that alligator hunting show and short lived as well.

Ooppps…  boy did they misunderestimate Phil Robertson and grossly misunderestimate the thirst real Americans have for good, family values TV.

The clowns at A&E (owned, by the way by ABC and DISNEY) would prolly be more comfortable showing Yemeni goat porn than anything of a CHRISTian nature.

Recall, as mentioned above, that the Robertson family prays at the end of the show and the name Jesus is often invoked.  A&E hectored Phil to stop.  He stood by his faith and refused.

And the religion of tolerance, Liberalism, can tolerate anything but goodness and God.  And they hate it when someone pokes them in the eyes when they expect them to back down. So A&E have no love for the Robertsons.

At this point and before the first show aired, they did not need the money.  They do not need the fame so the two things that A&E have as weapons are useless against the bearded ones.

Now, here comes the rub.

Yes, Phil is suspended.  However, the next season is already done and in the can ready for viewing.  Will they cut out Phil?  Nope, no can do.  Will they end the series?  Possibility.  Will they show reruns?  Who knows. 

And it makes little difference.

Other stations are lining up to air Duck Dynasty.

More to come as it occurs and there m-i-g-h-t be a Saturday Short Stack on this.  And in the meantime I will not watch ANYTHING on A&E, and save for JEOPARDY! the same for ABC and Disney. As if they care.  Now.


ONE MORE THING, ok, two.

There is “Duck Dynasty” clothing as well as “Duck Commander.”  There IS a difference.  Anything which says “Duck Commander” is legit and come from the Robertson’s businesses.  If something says “Duck Dynasty” without the “Duck Commander” tag is prolly distributed by A&E.  (I s’pose they have the marketing aspect sewn up.)  So, PLEASE go to the DUCK COMMANDER website for your goods.


The other thing it was like the “12 Days of CHRISTmas” but in a truncated manner. More like the “5 Days of Duck Dynasty.”

As I opened my presents, my true loves gave to me 4 Duck Dynasty Beer cups, 3 Duck Dynasty T-shirts, 2 Duck Dynasty Glass Beer mugs, 1 Duck Dynasty hat and 1 Willie Robertson Duck Dynasty book.

Wonder how they knew I liked the show?


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