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My Friends and Fellow Targets of Racism:

Everything happens for a reason, which is the corollary of there is no such of a thing as a coincidence.

The last FISH was supposed to be sent out today.  The one that was supposed to go out on Tuesday went missing.  Just can’t find it anywhere.  I found a half-finished draft but not the finished product. (I have been taken to task for being lax in sending out more frequently.  I am trying and, well, I am trying.)

But, be that as it may, I sent out the last issue and that garnered a lot of conversation.  (And I wish that you would post to the website to gets other’s feedback!)

Concurrent with that was the banning from the NBA for life as well as other punishments of the not-for-long owner of the LA Clippers.  And that will be today’s topic.

Oh, not exactly.  While, yes, I am going to touch on Sterling’s comments and so on, I am going to devote most of this to the reaction by the usual suspects.

Donald Sterling is a billionaire and he is the longest tenured owner of an NBA franchise.  From what I can see, overall, he is not a nice person, but that is my opinion.  On the one hand he has promised a homeless shelter that has yet to materialize and has said rather disparaging remarks about blacks with respect to them renting apartments in buildings he owns.

On the other hand, he is very philanthropic and has been received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the NAACP and was slated to receive if again this year!

I am not taking up for him. Not at all, not even a little.  Perhaps his words were taken “out of context” and that the conversation was a “private conversation” between two parties and that even the conversation was “staged” to get him to say those words.   I am the judge and jury of my own opinions and I say that irrespective of all of that, he still said those words.

I do not care WHO you are, WHAT kind of conversation we have, WHY you we are talking and so on, there is NO WAY I or, I surmise most of you, would ever say words remotely close to those.

So, he is a mean guy, prolly racist to a degree and has a big mouth eclipsed only by his ego.  It was a private conversation and it was racist.

After this came to light, there were a few murmurings here and there.  His team did a silent protest and another team or two joined in.  There were a few tweets, posts and so on but not that much until Wednesday.

The president of the NBA, some soon- to- be-very-unhappy a’clown called Adam Silver banned Sterling from the NBA for life, he canNOT go to his office, training facility, even go to a ball game.  He was fined two and a half million dollars and he may be forced to sell the team.

Of course, the carp and catfish are out already.   However, if the owners say he must sell, they canNOT determine for what price.  Sterling bought the team for $12.1 million in 1981 and it is valued today at $575 million.  (Color me shocked – is that racist?- $harpton says the NBA should TAKE the Clippers from Sterling.  If Sterling had a hair on his butt he’d say that he consider it AFTER $harpton paid the judgement from the Tawana Brawley case AND his back taxes.)  Depending on the players and playas, it may go for even more…. We shall see.

Let me see if I get this straight… noted racist Oprah Winfrey, with two partners, is interested in purchasing the Clippers. We all remember Oprah.  She went on TV all weepy about being “profiled” in a Swiss store.  Opps, turned out she had it backwards, SHE was profiling and making outrageous racist lies on national TV.

Also interested is noted racist Jay-Z  (Mr. Beyoncé).   You may have noticed his “5%” medallion from the “Al $harpton Starter Kit.”  What does that mean? Oh, it is a racist organization of the Nation of Islam which claims all blacks are “gods” and all Whites are dogs.  Sounds legit, right?

While that smarmy Liberal Silver is Torquemadizing Sterling for saying some racist things guess who is sitting in the front row.  Yup, Spike Lee.  You see, Sterling is de facto an employee of the NBA and that is how the Commish had any juice to punish him so.

Noted racist Spike Lee, who should be either incarcerated or institutionalized for his hateful, racist and threatening statements against whites, was front row at Silver’s sentencing of Sterling.

We have heard about all the hate we want to hear out of that half-a-man Lee.  After all he hates Whites so much that he has said on occasion that White people are ruining his neighborhood and that he would have no problem killing White people.

I guess it is a good thing that he does not work for the NBA!

Oh, wait, he DOES!  Yes, he is a commentator and analyst for the NBA on SiriusXM Radio.  And this penultimate consummate racist was sitting in FRONT of if that beer-tap-looking Commissioner who was handing down a very severe penalty on a White man for far, far, far less than has done Spike Lee.

The top of the racist food chain, race baiter and poverty pimp is the only one who got it right but for the wrong reasons. $harpton and is tree-trunk-level IQ  was the only guy who claimed racism in the NBA.  ‘Cept he had it backwards.

When you listen to virtually EVERY basketball player who spoke out and every one of the ones I saw are black, they, too, all cried racism.  And $harpton the loudest, proving once again that an empty drum makes the most noise.

EVERYONE who denounced Sterling is a racist and only a dim bulb like $harpton could claim that the NBA, with 78% of their players being black, is racist.

Someone riddle me this:  Was Sterling racist in his stupid and hurtful remarks but having that Joe Franklin panel of racists and haters condemning you prove theirs is the institutional racism in the US?

Allow me to posit this:  Once you find the one person that Oprah, Jay-Z, Lee and $harpton have in common, you have found the genesis of this hate of White people.  Need a hint?  Did not think so.


Let’s look at some statistics to “back up” $harpton’s claim of “racism:”

Blacks = 12.6 % of population                                    Whites: 72.4%

Blacks = 28.1% in poverty                                           Whites: 9.9%

Blacks = 39.6% of prison population                      Whites: <25%

Blacks = 38% of the people on welfare                   Whites:  39%

Blacks  = 78% of NBA players                                    Whites: 17%

So, someone tell me how the NBA which has about six-and-a-half times more representation than the general population is racist?

Let me ask $harpton and all the other haters: Why don’t you boycott basketball?  Why don’t you all quit?  Why do you take the White man’s money, then curse him?  Why is there only one black majority owner in the NBA?  Dunno, sounds like sour grapes to me.

And why won’t they walk out to protest the “racism”?  Because it would take exactly one draft to get players from college and Europe to fill the sneakers!  Further proof the Liberals  – and they are –  do not think things through.

I would say to boycott the NBA, but for me that is too late.  As you long time readers know that I love sports, all sports and I will watch any sporting event EXCEPT the NBA.  Love college hoops but I do not have .05 second for the pros.

All that said, if I was Sterling I would find a new hobby.  Let’s face it, he is old, he most certainly not going to outlive his billions.  I would hire a battalion of private eyes, confidential informants, moles and a crack legal team and watch every move and record every word of each and every one who spoke out against him.

After that, whatever. He can file defamation suits, he can sue for libel and slander, he could even sue himself and have his detractors testify against him and then expose their hypocrisy in cross-examination.

He could even sue the NBA under RICO statutes if there is any sign of collusion. (And there is and take a guess who is linked? Here is a hint, it is someone whose last name rhymes with
“klinton.”  No, you can’t make this up.)

Now, I can be wrong but I think this is just the beginning.  And if this plays out like it looks, that it is a racist conspiracy, then perhaps we can finally rid our nation of the haters and racists and all get along as we should.

Yup, he is going to be “Sterling’s Silver”

Peace out, cub scout.


One thought on ““Foul Shot”

  1. Mike Pruitt says:

    I do not watch Pro basketball, used to follow the Bulls years ago when Jordan, Pippin, Rodman were there, but it has become no good, like John, I watch college hoops. Hope the unions don’t ruin this.

    Owners have a right to say anything they want. People do, and they can be stupid. This apparently was a conversation in private. Girl friend, 50 years younger, was P.O.’d and decided to get back at him. Still don’t make it an acceptable statement.

    The NBA is in for a big fight, and I hope he will. I’m no lawyer (thank GOD!), but would have to say it is going to be a long battle.

    All the race-baiters, racists, black folks chiming in, are as wrong or worse than him, especially the likes of Sharpton, what a moron.

    Several calls are going out for a “black” league. Fine, when can we have a “white” league? Pretty much do in the NHL, but that isn’t my game either. When they get their all black league, let me know how it goes especially with the profits. Viewership, sponsors, etc. are going to be pretty sparse.

    Of course our racebaiter-in-chief has chimed in, and you know everyone listens to what he lies about.

    I have many thoughts on this, but am trying not to sound like a rednecked country racists, and I’m not.

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