“Celebrate! Dance To The Music! That Is An Order!”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


 Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Vocabulary Mavens:

So, is it your birthday? No?  Anniversary?  No?  Might it be some other “special day?” No?  (BTW, the laws of averages indicate that today, in fact any day, would be some of your birthdays or anniversaries.  If so, have a Happy Happy and God Bless!)


Why do I ask?

You know me better than that!  There is a possibility of a point on the horizon!

We “celebrate” one’s birthday.  We “celebrate” one’s anniversary.  We “celebrate” a promotion or even retirement.  You see, we regular folk, the vast, VAST majority of everyday people lead rather normal lives.

Just like the word “conversation” oozing out of the pie hole of some media lizard, bought and paid for politician or some “actor” means: “This is the way it is going to be” and not a “conversation” at all, but basically an “order.”

“Yeasssssss, we are going to have a ‘conversation’ about healthcare” might be said/slurred by Nasty Pelosi.

“We need to have a ‘conversation’ about the evil Republicans”, someone, like Mr. Debbie Wassermanhyphenshultz might bark.

“It is time for a ‘conversation’ with the Executive Branch with regards to these criminal activities that might be perpetrated by this witch hunt possibly perpetrated by the Speaker” could be squeaked by that half-of-a-man Dingy Harry.

As you can see, “conversation”, in the addled mind of the low-double digit IQ set, is anything BUT a “conversation.”  It is a pronouncement, or a lie, or just a canard to stall for time or anything else under the sun but an honest discourse and exploring the ideas and views of others.

It is less an information highway than a one-way street with a car as wide as the entire road coming at you.  (Or, a Buick.)  In other words, THEY will tell YOU what the “conversation” is.

As we all know, the Left speaks in code.  “Conversation” is only one of them.  They have plenty of code words.  At least that gives then plausible deniability in contradistinction to their usual SOP, outright lies.

There is another we hear from time to time and I find it patently offensive on any number of levels.


Yes! Gee willikers gosh golly me oh my!  Celebrate!  We are going to have a party, with hats and games and a clown and ice cream, cake and lots of surprises!

No, silly person, that is a celebration as one might do for a birthday, anniversary or the like.

“Celebrate” means much the same as “conversation” but gen’ly on a moral level as opposed to as political one.

(I am not going to define the following remarks with any kind of apologia.  If you do not know my feelings and heart by now, the words would not make a difference.  If you are a new reader, I assure you no harm or foul or criticism of the person is meant in any way, shape or form.  First off, I am not perfect.  As I say, I am a sinner.  My sins are not more or less pleasing to God than any other person’s sins. I am not coming from a point of moral superiority.)

We hear that we are supposed to “celebrate” diversity. I dunno, I thought I grew up in a diverse neighborhood. There were Irish, Italians, Poles, a few Germans and a smattering of Jews.

No, there were no blacks, no Spanish, no Orientals or much of anyone else.  It has taken me a while to figger that one out.  Some night say mine was a lily White, mayonnaise flavored neighborhood. And they would be right.  But that did not stop us from calling our friends Micks or Wops or Pollack’s or Krauts or whatever.  I am SURE that if there were blacks, or Spanish or Orientals we would have used equally offensive terms for them as well.

What I am trying to say is that these childhood “prejudices” are sort of a rite of passage. Unless you lived in an Amish commune, I would expect that your youthful experiences are similar to mine.

As we got older, or should I say, matured, those jokes and names went away especially in light of the fact by the time we got to high school were we well aware we not the only game in town.

I am not sure we “celebrated” diversity as much as honored it.

Then came the race baiters, the rousers of rabble and the merchants of hate.  They are preaching a need for a “celebration of diversity” when in reality they want nothing of the sort.

When I said we “matured”, it was largely due to having interaction with a more varied group of peeps. The race issue occurs when the misery pimps have not matured, have not had interaction with Whites and the potent stew of fear, misunderstanding and dare I say envy of material things create an unpalatable dish.  And rising to the top of this mélange are the noisy race baiters who do not want integration and assimilation but segregation, with benefits, so that they can control those they ought to be uplifting.

(If you doubt any of that, I invite you to re-re-read the history of the Democrats [Liberals] with respect to race relations and rights and you will see who is keeping whom down.)

Ergo, on the rare occasion when a $harpton or a Jack$on talks about a “celebration of diversity” most of the times it falls on deaf ears as most people (99.44%) know they are full of bovine scatology.

Even so, the term resonates and We the Sheeple are familiar with it.  So it should come as no surprise that the gays have co-opted this term but in the more fascist manner.

“Oh, look, these two lovely ‘brides’ walking down the aisle! Let’s all celebrate their diversity!”

“Wasn’t that special!  Michael Sam sharing a kiss with his Mafioso boyfriend when he was picked in the NFL draft!  The president called him to congratulate him and to celebrate his diversity.”

You don’t hate your birthday, do you? (All kidding aside.)  You don’t hate your anniversary, do you?  And you celebrate those!  So, how can you hate a pair of gay brides or a gay football player and his boyfriend making out? After all, we “celebrate” that. Right?

Noooooo, we don’t and we should be smart enough to not fall for a Liberals poor attempt at “logic.”  You see, we don’t “celebrate” bank robbery.  We don’t “celebrate” murder.  We don’t “celebrate” dishonoring our parents.  We don’t “celebrate” lying.  (I mean, if you are not a Liberal….)

So, why should we celebrate adultery?  After all, ANY kind of sex outside of marriage is adultery.

And while I am sure a few, some, many, all of us have broken one or more of the Commandments in our lives, we are not to be proud that we do not do certain things, for surely we have done others.   And a quick show of hands, how many of you can walk on water?

I thought so.

So, it I am not coming from any high and moral position.  All of us who have sinned have fallen short of the Glory of God. So, I am not suggesting a holier-than-thou attitude.  That is not the point of this missive.

But, hark back to the TV shows of the 50s, then the 60s and so on and so forth.

Back in “Father Knows Best” time, he did and kids did not mouth off.  Then the permissive 60s and the attendant Liberal guilt.  Kids mouthed off and the parents did nothing. Later on they caved into them and now kids tell the parents what to do on TV.  (And the medium is what, class? The message.)

I assure you my parents NEVER asked me for advice when I was growing up and I think, strike that, I KNOW we were better and more intellectually honestly educated.

So, once you have the decapitation of the father figure from the family hierarchy, anarchy follows.

Now cheating at on your spouse is fine.  Ripping off your job in any number of ways is condoned.  A weak family structure permits the tail to wag the dog.  Any kind of moral, intellectual, financial or legal short cut is allowed and in fact expected that we utilize them.  Nothing exceeds like excess!

Now that we are desensitized to all of that, it is only short step to acceptance.


We are so used to seeing any shred of morality being ignored, laughed at, scorned or debased.   We are subliminally and consciously told that morality, God, Commandments and on a different level, the Constitution is old and outdated stuff. Sure it was important for the simple and stupid people of the past, but not the uber-bright modern folks into which we have (d)evolved!

You see, preying on our past, perhaps contrived prejudices, adding to that the slow but steady erosion of morality, heaping on a huge helping of secular humanism we are easily led down the path of further debasement as a civilization.

When we hear “celebrate” now it not so much about diversity these days but an acceptance of the gay lifestyle.  And the biggest trick and the biggest lie is that these destroyers of family and morality equate black civil rights with gay “rights.”  And as we have already gone down that path, suffice it to say that it is a typical false Liberal argument and quite frankly incredibly insulting to blacks.

Hate to beat a dead horse, but recall when “Lawrence” was handed down and all that which I predicted occurred and continues to do so.

They claimed all they wanted with privacy, were not going to make a big deal out of it, did not want to get married and it would not be a stepping stone to further debauchery.

And what happened?

Gay parades with nothing left to the imagination in the streets of large cities, demand for extraordinary rights over and above what they and all citizens already had, demand for gay “marriage” and they got it.

Now, there are situations where three women are “married” to each other, certain states saying pedophilia and bestiality are fine and dandy and Lord knows what else.

Again, this not a de facto condemnation of the gay “lifestyle” they, sadly, are the target because they are using their status for more deterioration of our Country.

I go on too long…

Suffice it to say, question EVERYTHING. From the Left, the Right and even yours truly.   Do not take anything (but this admonition) at face value.  Beware the honeyed words of deceit from the Left.  Be on the look-out for words that you thought meant own thing but are being used in a total and unfamiliar context for the express purpose of misleading you.

No, my friends, none of that is a celebration in any way shape or form.

It is more like a wake.

(Just for grins, check THIS out, lest you think I overreact.  http://patriotupdate.com/2014/05/nintendo-promises-push-gay-agenda-children/ )


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