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Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Indians, Chiefs & Redskins Fans:

Recently the “Senate” received a letter which said in part and paraphrased that the Democrats are to immediately submit their resignations and passports.  They are to make themselves immediately and permanently available for providing testimony at any number of committee hearings until they screw up and are charged with a felony.

In addition they agree to refuse any preferential treatment by the DoJ.  Of course their only out will be to implicate and to testify against those in positions of elected or unelected power.  Ought they to provide evidence to convict said conspirators they will be treated with leniency. Ought they to falter, they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Of course, it is to be understood that any “presidential pardon” will be considered null and void and any protestation of that will only make the eventual sentence that much more punitive.

Of course the members of the Senate will ignore such a dicta especially as it comes from a committee of one.

Yet the fact that such a “demand” from a body with “no controlling authority” will fall on deaf ears does not mitigate the fact that such demands from their very own “august” body from making similar insane and devoid of legal backing pronouncements.

Last week a number of idjits in the Senate had a powwow.  (When I say “idjits” I assure you I am not being judgmental but accurate.)

You see, filled with gumption from I do not know what, or being used as tools for the tools who are ruining our Country, the Senate under the “leadership” of Dingy Harry crafted a demand letter.

For reasons that only someone far sillier, dimmer and more bought and paid for than you and I could possibly fathom the “Senate” passed a so-called “resolution” demanding that the Washington Redskins football team change their name.

Ignoring the fact that they have been the (Boston) Redskins since 1931 and forward after their move to Washington DC in 1937 the Liberal Senate thought they needed to chime in.

(Oddly enough, the Redskins were the last team to integrate and that it took threats by the federal gum’mint of not allowing them a place to play that forced them to sign a black player.)

And, no, this is not the first time someone or group got their panties in a wad over the name “Redskins” or any of the other Indian named teams.  But it does seem to be the first time the “Senate” tried to force the issue.  (Last year ten members of “Congress” sent a letter to Redskins over Dan Snyder asking him to change the name.  The ten MOC’s were told basically to go and pound sand.)

Now, between 75-91% of those polled in a large number of polls have no objection to the name Redskin.  The poll that had 75% approval was commissioned by Sports Illustrated… and they polled solely American Indians.

(Point coming I promise you…)

The ONLY poll that did not show overwhelming support for the name Redskins was one conducted by PMS/LSD.  Only the home of Ed Shultz, Uncle Rachel, Al $harpton and others could be behind such a poll.

The MSNBC “poll” indicated that a mere 37% thought the name was OK. Of course, we do not know the wording of the question, how many people were asked, the demographics, how many were actual sports fans and the like.  But, chew gum, that is good enough for the socialists at the W-H Broadcasting Studios, no matter how far out of line they are with the rest of the real world.

So, armed with such underwhelming support, forty-nine Liberal Democrat (but I repeat myself) senators crafted a silly bed-bug letter to NFL Commish Roger Goodell demanding he take action to have Mr. Snyder change the name of his team.

(BTW, Part 1:  NO Republicans were invited to add their name.  Wonder if it is because none would and Dingy is saving some of his scary face or if this is part of the Nasty Pelosi Non-Partisanship by threatening to boycott the Benghazi hearings.)

(BTW, Part 2:  Even though you can read the letter and count all forty-nine names, the Huff Post “headline” is “‘Racial Slur’: 50  Senators Urge NFL To Change Washington Redskins Name.”   In addition Huff Post, other than poor math skills are intellectually dishonest in not quoting “Democrat” senators in their headline.)

Of course, this little letter has no force of law.  It is only an exercise in trying some mis-guided do-good-osity (and recall, our friends on the Left see “trying” the same as actually “doing”), pandering to the PMS/LSD vote, is racist in nature (the name Redskins had and has the blessing of Native Americans and in fact, it was Native Americans who came up with the logo.)

Now, consider again, there are forty-nine “Senators” involved here.  Let me make this clear.  Even if they had some legal standing IT IS NOT A MAJORITY!

But, rules and laws and majorities mean nothing to this bunch.  Look at the clusterfluke OBAMA’S OBAMACARE and how THAT got “passed!”

Clearly this is a leap of no-faith by the malcontents in the Senate.  They are riding the coattails of the NBA ruling against Sterling to make a point.

(Of course the powers that be in the NBA did not come down on Mark Cuban after HIS racially insensitive remarks!  And, there is no reason to afford him and special status.  Other than being a billionaire, he is not a member of a minority.  While his name may be “Cuban” he is Jewish.  It was changed from Chabenisky.)

Now I point all this out not because I give a large rodent’s behind about the name Redskins, other than if it angravates Liberals I am all for it.

It is the machinations of a certain small rodent called Dingy Harry and the entire misguided mindset of the mentally deficient Liberals that is in question.

First out of the gate ANYTHING the Left does must be treated with suspicion and to look for the real issue at hand.  I’d wager that Dingy is not even a sports fan and given his druthers, he’d throw Indians off their own land if he could make a buck on the oil or minerals under the reservation.

Second, the higher up the food chain that someone is doing a dog and pony show, the more serious the issue or the more afraid they are.   Dingy Reid foisting this piece of owl droppings is prolly about Benghazi as his analogue in the House, Nasty Pelosi, is going kicking and screaming into any room containing Trey Gowdy.  That she does not want Democrats on the committee and the Senate invited zero Republicans to this canard speaks volumes.


(Just what the heck Biff was doing in Afghanistan is anyone’s guess.  The one thing I do know, it had nothing to do with simply visiting troops.  I wonder where else he went?  With whom else did he talk?  “Alls” I know from people who are there and no one was happy to have him drop in.)

Then of course, there is the SRM’s take on this.  They are doing little more than carrying water at this point. Other than the Huff Post I have not seen any other lies.  Then again, I canNOT watch PMS/LSD.

But what the SRM is guilty of is passive assistance.  And that is a problem.

To me, mis- or under-reporting the news is just as bad as lying about it. If they do not say that this letter has the same legal standing as a shopping list, they are giving it status.

When they do not question that a minority comprised of one party alone is issuing fatwas, they are equally complicit in subjugating the rule of law.

And you thought this was going to be a walk in the park.

Enough for now.  I am sure they will do something else stupid/ illegal/ evil soon enough.



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