Some people ask why are not all the issues posted here.  Well, there are a few reasons. Primarily there are some things which I would prefer to share only with subscribers.  Most everything is fair game but there are certain threads that I prefer to hold back from general consumption.
Second, people ask what does this acronym mean and to whom does that name refer.  These are all fair and good questions.  Long time readers have come to understand the inner workings of my little mind.  Newer readers have not be subjected to that in great enough detail.
When I come up with a new or modified acronym or a new nickname, I will explain it at the first citation.  If you happen to miss or gloss over that, the sheer brilliance of the magnitude of my expiation might be lost.  (But, as evidenced by that last sentence, none of the self-deprecating sarcasm will be missed.)
No promises as far as timetable is concerned, but I will collect as complete of a list as I can and add it to the headers here for your reference.  Until then, if you are unsure about an acronym or a name, drop me a line or pose your question here, I will get back to you.
I hope to make this site a bit more user friendly, inclusive and more current.  I hope you will join me.
God Bless

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