“That’s News to Me!”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Cocoon Dwellers:

This is not the issue I was going to send out today. I have one on deck and one warming up.  But while I may have been on vacation the ever vigilant and occasionally sober Muse was not.  (Perhaps my fictional alter ego has a device on her leg, just sayin’.)

To begin with, it is a good idea that if one is willing to dispense suggestions then that person ought to be willing to follow them as well.   Not a “do as I say, not as I do” situation.

I have said, among very many other things, to look at the present through the prism of the past.  Don’t just do the Zen thing and look at the “now” and the condition of things without factoring in the way things were in the past, both recent and long ago.

The problem is if you do not have a frame of reference you have no idea how you got to this condition or state of things.  I mean, how can you know if things are good or bad without some reference point?

That is, is $50,000 a year salary good or poor?  Are cars safe?  Is it warm outside?

Fifty-K is not bad in many places and is darn good compared to the 1940s and 50s.  But if you live in New York, San Francisco, Honolulu and other places, you are almost in poverty.

Cars are safer now then they have ever been but will they eventually become safer or may some of the “safety advancements” prove to be less-than-safe or perhaps even fatal?

(Consider the “feature” on some cars that will automatically slow down a car in the case of an emergency.  Who is to say the computer could not hiccup while you are motoring down the interstate, jam on the brakes and you get flattened by a Kenworth booking at 80 MPH with a driver floating on “West Coast Turn-Arounds.”)

Oh as far as “Is it warm?”  That was a trick question. The correct answer is: “It is global warming that is all Bush’s fault, you racist.”

To put all that in some perspective:  I was in a self-imposed news-black out for most of the past two weeks.  While my Disney Channel Quotient went up many fold, my exposure to the events of the day were virtually nil.  I had no idea what was going on and unless there was an emergency of some kind I would have sashayed through my day in complete and utter bliss and ignorance.

In other words, I was like a Low-Information Voter.

So, I come back to reality, or at least what the media would have us believe is reality, and in the space of a dozen or so days I found out that so many things have changed.

Some not so dramatic.  For instance, Biff is still an idjit but I did not know that ALL the other leaders of the world detest him as much as real Americans do and he has the uncanny ability to make the skin crawl of any woman who comes near him, or more accurately, any woman he approaches.


Others, like the Iraqis abandoning tens of thousands of vehicles and ordnance to the chaps of ISIS. Were the Iraqis cowards or was this some kind of Muzzie Lend-Lease Program?


Some are just strange and unsubstantiated.  Such as John WTLF Kerry.  Allegedly he had a bicycle accident.  Supposedly he broke his leg.  Purportedly he was immediately flown back to the States for surgery. The questions arose that if it was just a broken leg, why could that not have been addressed where he was or at least in a military facility?  (He married enough money that he is not encumbered by OBAMA’S OBAMACARE.)   Where were the pics of the event?  (Like he or anyone of such stature travels without official photogs or the paparazzi.)

(Since the information was rather thin, there was some speculation as to what “really” happened.  Was there an assassination attempt? Was he caught in the crossfire of an ISIS attack in France?  Was he taken to Geneva to be stabilized then rushed back to the States for surgery and is now near death? Where the photos of him provided well after the fact and perhaps photo-shopped?  We now know that it was a bike accident or in any event something from which he has now been released from hospital.  But, where were the updates?  Something is still not right.)

Up until 1992 I would not have given the initial story a second thought.   Then came the Clinton’s and the curious body count, including Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown.

And to add to the distrust, there had been very little or anything about WTLF’s condition.  One can speculate accurately that most people do not care what happens to him or the “out of sight, out of mind” theory comes into play.


Then there are the rampant murders and carnage in places such as Baltimore and Chicago but that is not news unless a cop in involved in some way.

Then there is the propagation of the myth that all cops are bad, racist and the White ones just want to kill blacks.  Sadly, that myth is being promoted in schools and there are collages of what the students are told to think of cops.


Biff is sending four-hundred and fifty additional troops to Iraq.  Fifty of them will be there in a training capacity and the four hundred others are there for support of the trainers.  (WHAT????)

BTW, those fifty trainers will NOT be allowed into the field or be allowed to participate in any battle.  I guess the Iraqis are such quick studies they do not need supervision.  Besides, we have seen what a bang up job the Iraqis can do on their own.

Some are calling this “mission creep.” As bad as that sounds, I suggest that that is from Biff’s supporters. I call it cowardice.  You see Biff took credit for “winning” the war in Iraq and achieving “victory” in Afghanistan.  So, he canNOT re-re-engage anyone in Iraq.  That would make it look like he went back on this word.  And when I say that I mean:  “He does not want to take any responsibility for sending troops into battle as that would tarnish his legacy as a wartime president.”

Let me assure you, he tarnished the Presidency when in January 2009 he raised his hand and swore “to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.”


And it goes on and on.

Recall the story of the pigs and the grain.  Someone placed grain on the ground and erected a wall on one side. The next day, more grain, the pigs came and another wall.  Later on more grain, the pigs returned and the third wall and finally more grain and the fourth wall completing the pen and trapping the pigs.

Recall the story of the frog dumped into the pan of boiling water: he immediately jumped of the pan.  But the same frog put in the same pan with water at a lower temperature that is increased to boiling will be scalded to death as he gets used to the condition.

When we do not take time to look around and see the walls going up, if we do not take temperature readings and compare them to earlier ones, we have no idea if we are being led to a trapped, having our figurative goose’s cooked or what our condition is.


I have admitted to being a news junkie, or “current information consumer.”  I canNOT understand how ANYONE can take ANYTHING for granted, especially now. I do not understand it.

The Hilderbeast, Lie-A-Watha and Socialist Sanders are each vying for the brass ring from their party.  In a fair and just world, it is possible that two of them might have had some jail time behind them and the other forced to register with the authorities.

Don’t misunderestimate me, the Republicans are not exactly setting records fielding the best slate of nomination seekers ever, even when you remove the half that are RINOs.

But, how does a Democrat make a decision between three socialists? Or two women and a guy from Vermont?  They have it just as hard as Republicans.  After all, the media love the Hilderbeast and may also be afraid of that chipmunk-cheeked little darling.

Other than PMS/LSD who are so far Left that they think Lenin was financed by the Koch Brothers, you rarely hear a good word about Lie-A-Watha or Socialist Sanders if there is any news about the Hilderbeast.

(It was not the Koch Brothers who financed Lenin, it was David Rockefeller’s father and the Morgan’s who did.  Yes, the same David Rockefeller who tapped Jimmah Q’artah to be president and allegedly picked Biff as well.  Funny, huh?  Except it is not.)

If you are a low-information Republican (which is still orders of magnitude more informed than your garden variety Democrat), you might have to make your decision based on which candidate the SRCFM hates the most (indicating fear) or by piecing together the information from the various media outlets.  (And again DO NOT RELY on the SRCFM. Look to papers outside of the Country, even some Lefty ones. You will be surprised what you might find there!)

That said, isolating myself from the news for a dozen days was a shock to the system when I came back to the info world.  That said I can almost understand why certain supporters feel as they do.

They are not stupid.

They are ignorant.

They do not know the truth and sadly 99% of them are too proud to admit they are wrong.

And pride goes before a fall.

That is fine, but don’t take me or my Country with you.

So, my friends and fellow grasshoppers, it is up to each and every one of us to protect and defend the Constitution, even if others won’t.  It is up to each and every one of us to help educate the ignorant masses.  And if you try and they get mad at you, it is their loss, not yours.

They are mad because you are right.

Make it so.



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