“We Can Beat This Disease – Part 1”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16

My Friends and Fellow Sufferers:

This is where the previous few issues have been leading.

First off, I am not a medical or mental health professional.   What I am going to lay out is coming strictly from the layman’s viewpoint. Now that does not mean I am unqualified to make certain diagnoses (or are you for that matter.) After all, with respect to the myriad mental disorders much of our lives are spent in clinical observation of the not-quite-right. (And, to be fair, sometimes, WE are the lab rats for others.   Ok, at least I could be.)

Formal education notwithstanding, sometimes the non-professional is quicker to see the problem or offer the solution because of the lack of formal education in a particular discipline.

Why is that?

Because we do not know better.

Think about all the inventions in the world. Think about how many were invented by non-professionals. I mean how many people told the Wright Brothers that their plane would never work? Now, how many of you have flown in a plane?

I rest my case.

So, today I am going to amplify on and perhaps dig deeper into the old story (but more recently divined as fact) that “liberals are crazy.”

Not that I doubt that for a moment that is not true but I think I am getting closer to why. I am sure I do not have the solution but perhaps someone can use our ideas to cure this dreaded disease. For instances there have been times that I have suggested solutions for things out of my wheelhouse and as a last resort my ideas have been employed and alas they worked.

I would be asked why did I know the solution and I would often say that I was not bright enough to know there were other, more complicated, solutions.

Perhaps the same holds true here.

So let’s (finally) go.

Freud was right.

Yup, it is all about sex.

No, you with the dirty mind, not sexual activities but, perhaps better said as “gender.”

Oh, and self-hate.

So, Class, what are the root causes of “Liberalism?”

“Gender and self-hate!”

Well done but let’s qualify that a bit. It is self-hate that was propagated by some gender related issue at one point. We may get to the genesis of that but we may never find out what was the real issue but whatever your guess is, it is prolly right.

Something happened one day. I don’t know what and I don’t know when, but I suspect it was something stupid and prolly sometime in the Fifties or perhaps Sixties.

Now, they have always been “feminists” and like other castes of the fringes of society, they pretty much kept to themselves and their agenda got little traction.

If you are not convinced of that, consider the gays and how they were basically law-breakers back then and now they consider not being gay a criminal offence and Biff seems to bend over to embrace that position.

So one day back then, some woman made a demand on some poor guy to advance her feminist agenda. Makes no difference what it was but it was most likely immoral, anti-God and was going to cost someone something.

This guy did whatever the woman wanted and, worse, to cover up his indiscretion he most likely got a friend to go along with whatever the first guy did.

Some of the girls saw this plan work and they got other guys to do what they wanted because “that other guy did what he was told” and so on.


Ever hear the story of the monkeys?

There was a lab and a cage with five monkeys in it. There was a banana hanging from the top of the cage and a ladder beneath it. When a monkey went up the ladder the scientist would soak the other monkeys. Soon, anytime a monkey went up the ladder the other monkeys would beat him up and pull him off the ladder so that they would not get soaked. After a while no monkeys went up the ladder.

Then the scientist replaced one of the old monkeys with a new one.   The first think he did was to try to get to the banana. The first thing the four old monkeys did was beat him up. Soon, that monkey tired of the beatings and stopped trying to get the banana.

In order the second, third, fourth and finally fifth monkeys were replace by new ones. Of course all had tried to get to the banana and all were beaten. Finally, the cage was populated with monkeys who were never soaked with cold water but also we afraid to go for the banana for fear of a beating.

It is much the same with liberal ideas.

With the libs, you need to replace the concept of a banana with what would be a good idea or solution to a problem. The scientist would represent the feminist and the cold water would be emblematic of ignorance, bigotry, hate, fear and all the other calling cards of the left.

Again, there have always been odd-balls, misfits, rousers of rabble, reprobates, misanthropes, self-haters, anti-religionists, grifters, cons, scammers and shammers and all sorts of dregs of society. For the most part, they were kept under control and out of any kind of power.

While our Country is the first to not only accept them but to make them not just protected classes but mainstream and welcomed into all levels of governance.

History is littered with the debris of empires and civilizations who have let the wrong kind of people assume too much power.   From the ancient Greek City-States, to Alexander the Great, to Rome, to the many of the European states of the Middle Ages and Renaissance to the French Revolution to today.

And today our Country is on the precipice of crashing into the abyss of oblivion of failed states and there is Biff ready to help by using the world’s largest pry bar to put us over the edge. (If you are not sure, take a few minutes and watch the links below. The first would be funny if it was so danged serious and the other should be sufficient evidence to impeach at the very least, WTLF.

As the Gipper said: “It isn’t so much that Liberals are ignorant. It’s that they know so many things that aren’t true.” I think he was being generous.

Looking briefly at a few topics will prove that it takes a sick and diseased mind to come up with some things.

I do not know a doctor who disputes that a pregnant woman is carrying a human baby. But it takes a subhuman depravity to convince oneself that it is a blob of cells and not human. This is the mindset of the racist and eugenicist Margaret Sanger who started Planned Parenthood. The dupes who follow this creep especially the “execs” know EXACTLY what they are doing, yet, are unrepentant. They are all orders of magnitude worse than drug dealers.

I am not picking, but not that many years ago sodomy was outlawed and prosecuted. In fact there are still some anti-sodomy laws on the books. But, the same strident, militant minority that perpetrated the modern liberal miasma are doing all THEY can do to wipe out heterosexuality. The gays are a protected species. They claim they do not want “special rights” just the same rights as everyone else.

Look in the Constitution. Where does it say gays are banned from anything? Nowhere. Yet, they claim they are being discriminated against. The lie they believe is that they are not asking for preferential treatment but in reality they are. Yet, no one called them on it.

Let’s put that in small perspective.

The other day, some chap at a Trump rally stated that Biff was a Muzzie. Trump did not acknowledge that remark nor did he comment on it. He claims that he did not hear that part of the remark. Who knows, maybe he did, maybe he didn’t but the fact remains he neither said it nor countenanced it.

Yet, the SRMFM is up in arms! They reported that a “Trump supporter” said Biff was a Muzzie. Of course, they never said that Trump said anything at all and for all we know the chap who made the comment may have been a Dem shill.

But, it gets worse! The Hilderbeast, you know, the one many hold responsible for Benghazi, the one who refuses to address that event, the one that said of the four brutal murder “what difference does it make”, the one who “allegedly” contrary to law had her own email server and there were “allegedly” secret documents passed through it and she 1) ignored, 2) denied then 3) joked about “wiping” the drives clean, and that is just recently, well, she had the utter gonadature to take Trump to task for the comment.

Now, we all know that is all bovine scatology. And we all know the Hilderbeast is genetically incapable of telling the truth. But, why is being a Muzzie a bad thing? I mean, according to Biff, WTLF, the Hilderbeast and all the Libs, the Muzzies are the bestest people in the world!   Gee! It should be an honor to be called a Muzzie, yes?

But the Left think we are stupid so, they are good people when we are being sold down the pipe in the Iran deal but it is not a good thing to be called one.


The Left can find a reason for almost everything in the 14th Amendment. They claim “intent” and so on. Also they are fans of the 8th Amendment a source for finding “intent.”

Yet, they think the 2nd Amendment does not say that we can “bear arms” and that even if it did, it means only muskets and then only by the army.


There is no good earlier place to end this part. There will be a second part to this which will sum it all up. This issue is already too long…


PRAYER LIST. Please if it is in your heart and belief to pray for one’s healing, kindly keep these folks in your prayers: Ugo Baroni, George, Marilyn, Brigid Vogt, Billy Copeland, Steven Moore, Annette S, Mrs. Schoelkoph, Meghan and Glenn Shipley, my dear pal Manny Cirenza, William “Bill” Cates, John Nault, William “Bill” Cates, David Keith, Dr. Jim Van Ostrand, Vairee Pruitt,   Laura Kirk Mergens, 6 year old Christopher, Larry Zontini, Chuck Wallace, Frank Kitzerow, Alfred Croix, Mr. Smith (Kim’s dad), Tracey (Nam Vet, friend of Chris), Jon and Heidi Anderson, Mary Rose, Regina, Justin Shamblen (28 years old diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer), my dear friend Father Tony Heinlein, Joshua Streby, Frank Marino, our dear reader and original angry villager Roz, Kathleen Coyne (pancreatic cancer), Erica Coyle, Larry Marini, Donald Mason, Thomas Gallagher, Harold Johnson, Sgt. Brazzell, a friend of mine -Jim, Tammy’s dad, Shaun Klein, Gregory and Sue Stojny, Tom Coulter, John Huffman, Mike Duncan, The Major, Beth and Mike, Julie Solan, Tina Boyd


Requies                cat in pace: My dear friend Vinny D’Amico, Ron Bridel, Ross McGillis, Eddie Montalvo, my very close pal Al Bukofzer, Bob Bukias, Tom McGuckin, Kate Mulligan, Susan Simpson, Norman Allen Hansen, SGT Shawn Farrell (KIA Afghanistan), dear long-time friend Billy “BMT” Harning, Guitar great and old pal Johnny Winter, Robin Williams, Tucky Coles, Greg, 10 year old cancer patient Jules, Greg (friend of Lana), Bernice Croix, SGT Franklin Corley, Bernhild Corey, Bobby Keys, Bob Moulder, Sr., my old friend Joe Cocker, NYPD Officers Liu and Ramos, Eli Asbury Beeler (94 year old WWI Vet. Job well done, Sir!), Dan Anderson, Tricia Youngblood, David “DC” Clack, all the Marines and Navy who perished in the chopper crash in Florida, the plane crash in the Alps, soldier killed in Afghanistan killed while protecting our envoy, Father Francis Nuss, SSG Merlin Quiles, Calvin Kelley, PO Brian Moore, Bill Schwarz, John Brennan, Betty Jane Law, Mike Hyland, SFC Richard Creasey (RET), the 4 Marines and 1 Sailor murdered in Chattanooga, Ralph Patrick Conners (91 year old WWII Vet and my father-in-law) , Tommy Sears, Jack Parker, Doug Solan (PTSD victim)



Any others who are sick or recently deceased and you wish prayers, please ask.


If it is in your heart (which it should be) and in your ability (which I hope it is) that you will take a moment and think of our brave men and women serving our Country.

If you can send a package, that would be wonderful. If you need any guidance on this, please contact me for details. If nothing else, I am sure that it is within everyone’s ability to send them a card with a “thank you for your service” sentiment included. Maybe a prepaid phone card might be something you can slip in the card as well.

OS2 – Anthony Magri OPS/01


Unit 100333

Box 1

FPO AA  34092-1721


E-1 SR Morales, Samuel M

3288 CPL Johnson Road Unit 3027

Fort Sam Houston Texas 78234


If any of you have anyone serving particularly in any -Stan or anywhere else, please let me know and I will add their name here.


I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless





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