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My Friends & Fellow Side Show Fans:

The freak show of a circus continues…

Yes, according to what I have heard and read of late, we are all stupid.  We are all too dim-witted to see the elegance of the actions of Biff.  Yes, he is the smartest biped ever to roam the Earth!

Recall early on, we saw one of the first signs that the fix was in.  Some spokesperson or another said that Biff was the “smartest man ever to be president.” When asked what was his IQ, the answer was: “way high, off the charts.”  Asked again and a similarly vague answer was offered.

I am not saying he is not smart, I am sure he has some smarts.  Then again so does a circus clown and that is where we are; in a circus, in a freak show.

(JFK once said at a dinner honoring Nobel Prize winners, back in the day when it meant something [and presidents were not out to destroy us]: “I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered together in the White House, with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.”  Yeah, like Biff is smarter than that.  Hear that whirring sound…?)

On the one hand, the same Geek Chorus who said back in 2006 and 2007 that if, IF there was a vacancy on SCOTUS Bush should not be allowed to nominate are the same ones demanding that Biff not only nominate someone to fill Scalia’s chair (certainly not his intellect) but the Republicans should be honored to confirm him/her/gender fluid to the bench.

Needless to say the useful tools on social media are making the same noise. At least here I have fun.  I tell them what Schemer said and of course they deny it.  Give them a bunch of citations and they still won’t believe.

Add the clips of Joey McMensa saying the same thing and they still can’t wrap their scrawny arms around that.  So the camps are divided in half: some say it is all made up (denial, so sad) and the rest say that “things are different now.”

When I ask how so and when was Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 changed and then their heads explode.  I thank them for their ignorance and hypocrisy and I move along.

You see, if Biff was a good person, a trusted person, a good and fair leader, a jealous protector of the Constitution, I assure you, the Senate would be eager to entertain a replacement.

But, sad for us, he is none of those things.  He is a liar, a cheat, a fraud, a conman, a grifter, a racist and a hater of America.  Can you blame the Senate (and most of them are not that much better than Biff) for not doing what he asks?

Meanwhile, the thusfar still on the street, Hilderbeast boasted that she would appoint a “progressive” to the Supremes.

That line alone should send shivers down your spine and disqualify her from high office.

The Justices of the SCOTUS should be non-partisan, should be agenda-free, should be unbeholden to the man who appoints them, should be able to impartially and unemotionally rule on any decision without any prejudice and so on.

Basically, they should be EVERYTHING that Biff’s nominees have not been.

We can look at Sotomayor and find fault.  We can look at Butch Kagan and not only find fault but perhaps criminality for not recusing herself during the OBAMA’S OBAMACARE trial.  And the first name Biff floats to fill Scalia’s seat is the Latino Republican of Nevada.

Yeah he is a “Republican” like most “Republicans”, that being a RINO.   Add to that he is a pal of Dingy Harry.  Oh, he is pro-infanticide.

So, Biff tries to pimp and fool the Republicans, the Latinos (because we know there will never be a case involving the illegals before SCOTUS, right….) and the baby-killers.

When you try to fool everyone you fool no one.  And it is only the mentally defective who think otherwise.

As I said last issue, we do not want or need a moderate on the bench and we certainly do not need an activist or a progressive or a socialist or anyone chosen by one who is.

And that, my children and fellow grasshoppers, is the crux of this particular biscuit.

In the worst of times, the worst president will do their best to keep us safe (Biff not as much as he could.) In the best of times, they not only kept us safe but made us strong and feared by our enemies.  He did the best for the majority of the commonwealth and did little for special interest or activist agenda groups. (God Bless you, Ronald Reagan.)

Other than keeping us safe the next most critical job of a president is to ensure the laws are being acted on properly, laws are being followed, lawlessness is punished and the Law of the Land is properly interpreted.

That is why, other than the responsibility for the nuclear football, the most important thing a President does is to nominate people to the SCOTUS.

Sometimes a President gets it right (Scalia [Reagan], Thomas [GHW Bush], Alito [GW Bush]) sometimes the President gets it wrong (Souter [GHW Bush], Breyer [Clinton], Roberts [GW Bush]), and sometimes the president picks a tool that should be nowhere near that level of power (Butch [Biff], Sotomayor [Biff].)

The bottom line is that the nomination of one to be a Justice does not always work out.  (Biggest shock, and quisling, was Roberts.)  But unless there are other “Roberts’” out there, and I am sure there are, one hopes the next President (or God Forbid, president) will exercise all due diligence and counsel to pick the right person for the job.

Yes, there is a big stink going on now with Biff trying to twist arms to get his guy/gay/gal/gender-fluid/illegal alien on the bench.  I must say I do not have the confidence that I wish I had that Earl McCornbread is not going to sell the people of America for a few pieces of silver. He is barely a step above Dingy Harry.

To his credit, as far as we know, he held fast in a meeting with Biff et al on Tuesday.  To his shame, Sen. Leahy (A-Hat) lied when he said the “president shall nominate and the Senate shall…”  Er, no, the Senate “shall” do no such thing.  But, he is a weasel, what do you expect.

In the last issue I showed the paradigm shift in the Court from barely Originalist, to split, to Activist.  (I calls ‘em as I sees ‘em.)

When you have people (not “men”) like Leahy, Biff, Hilderbeast, Dingy Harry and others who have such little regard for us that they will boldface lie to us with what is easily found to be true in the Constitution, it shows a pathological personality.

But my concern is not with the current vacancy. For all I could care it is nothing but political posturing on both sides.  Someone, eventually, is going to get that seat.

The odds are not looking good for Biff to get that chance but nothing is foolproof as this fool has proved time and time again.

To summarize and to set the table for future issues, the following:

Justice Ginsberg is 82, Kennedy is 79 and Breyer is 77.

It is not out of the realm of possibility that the next P/president will nominate not one, but absent of other influences and accidents, as many as three or four.

We NEED, we MUST replace Scalia with an originalist just to maintain status quo.  With two of the three likely to no longer be on the bench in the foreseeable future of the Left and the third the unpredictable “swing vote”, can you now see how critical it is not to elect any Democrat/Socialist/Communist/Marxist?

For one, those who would vote for a Democrat/Socialist/Communist/Marxist have proven that they are mentally deficient and we must be protected from them and us from them.

Second, most of those folks regard the Constitution like BJ Clinton respects his marriage vows.  Meaning they will try to get away with everything and if they get caught, big deal, who cares, none of your business.

Except that it is.

(Hilderbeast is promising a “progressive”, Biff said he won’t nominate a “moderate.”  If you know what the charge of the SCOTUS is this flies in the face of it.  Both of these clowns should be barred in perpetuity from making such a nomination. Yet, their pinions cheer.  And again, proof of mental defect.)

To put a finer point on this the greatest threat to our Nation is the person who may be elected to the highest office in the land, IF it is not the RIGHT person.

We will discuss this more as we discuss the pros and cons of the Republicans.  There is no sense to even to discuss the Hilderbeast or Socialist Sanders.  They are one in the same, but as much as I do not trust the Hilderbeast, I trust Socialist Sanders that much less.

Last word: Supposedly, sometime today, Mitt “The Loser” Romney is going to give a news conference on Lord Knows what. I can only assume it will be either/or anti-Trump or the words of the Master Cylinder and the rest of the “RINO” power “elite.”  I find it odd that the powers that be tapped a big loser to tell Trump where he is going wrong or to lay out the case that they need to pick anyone but Trump. Romney is beneath contempt and almost as abhorrent as Rove.  You can be sure I will have a few words.



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