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My Friends & Fellow Victims:

(FIRST OFF: Yesterday was the 241st Birthday of the United States Army. I wish to extend greetings and felicitations to all my Army brothers and sisters.  Equally important is the shared holiday of “Flag Day.”  However, I am of the belief that EVERYDAY ought to be Flag Day, as I fly mine every day to show my love and support for our Country, and now with renewed vigor for the retaking of our Country. Amen.)


As I have said, there is no such thing as a “coincidence” (right, Joey?)

Hark back to recent “jokes.”  One that is appropriate is the one where it was suggested that if you wanted to make a Libs head explode create a situation where they would have choose between gays and Muslims.

(We have talked ad nauseam about if the Libs took about five minutes to look at Sharia Law with their prohibition against homosexuality, abortion, drug use, etc., they would change their tunes in a second, right?  Of course they would not, they would try to “reason” with them.  Sadly there are countless stories about these heads of mush who travel to the Middle East to share their love only to be brutally raped and murdered.)

Last week, those two factions collided in a gay bar in Orlando.

An avowed Muslin terrorist, one who had just professed allegiance to ISIS, allegedly suffering from a terminal case of butthurt from seeing two gay guys kissing on the street, marched into a gay bar and shot the place up, killing 49 and wounding over 50.

Despite the walking, quacking duck, Biff called it a dove.

Where even the leftmost of the left wing outlets said the words “terrorism” and “Islamic terrorism” we were advised, eventually, that it might be something else, per Biff.

Rather than admitting that it was a terrorist act, Biff & Co. started the predicted mantra of gun control.

(For the record this clown had legal guns. Somehow.   He was investigated a number of times by the FBI, born in the US of Afghani parents, whose father is a Taliban “sympathizer”, who had traveled to both Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia and had met with a suicide bomber, whose wife said he was batchit crazy and violent and yet he was allowed to get a gun?  I dare you to show me any other case where a non-Muslim with even half the strikes as this guy was given an “okey-doke” to get a gun. I am not saying that the FBI turned a blind eye but perhaps there was other interference. Just sayin’.)

Sunday afternoon, Biff trots his skinny butt out for a “news conference”, fashionably late, of course.  He tap-danced all over the joint and finally said something to the effect that this was the fifteenth time in his maladministration that he had to address the nation in the wake of a mass murder/terrorist attack.

(Of course, he neglected to add that in those fifteen events where hundreds of our fellow citizens were murdered that these crimes were committed by Muslims, Democrats/Liberals and/or the mentally defective.  There was not one committed by a Republican or Conservative.  Additionally he neglected to say how many lives were saved by a legal gun owner using his 2nd Amendment right to protect himself and others.)  (You won’t see that in the Times or the networks either.)

He repeated that this latest attack proved that more gun control was needed. I am glad he did not totally screw the pooch by telling the lie that the city with the most restrictive gun ownership laws, Chicago, boasts the highest murder rate, is an example of the “success” of draconian gun laws. Or suggest that France, where the gun laws make those in Chicago look like a mere suggestion (where the police can enter any home at any time to look for guns), have great ideas.

After numerous attacks in France in the past few years, the gun ban seems to be working.  The other day two people were murdered in a terrorist attack… with a knife.

A knife.

Even though knives, rocks, cars and a laundry list of other things kill more people each year, the Left wants guns banned.

And we know why.

And if you are not sure, I refer you to the 2nd Amendment.  (Time for a refresher issue on this topic.)

In the forty-eight hours (or so) since Biff stood up and insulted the collective intelligence of the Country by not saying what 99% of those outside of his maladministration was calling it, he stands up again Tuesday morning.

It was widely expected that he was going to finally utter the words “Muslim extremism” or “Muslim terrorism.”

Do you recall how you felt when he finally mouthed those words?  Neither do I.

Quite frankly, I got the impression that he wanted that we should feel badly for the terrorist.  He did everything to exonerate him short of blaming Bush or global warming.

He stood there with that ugly, mean, glaring, hateful stare all but daring us to challenge him.  The measured stern tone he used was an attempt to bend us, break us, demean us and make us see his diseased point of view.  He tried to school us and it seemed as he went on, the meaner and virulent he became.

What a leader.


Will there be a reckoning between the gays and Islam?  Where there be some discussion between them? Will the Left finally see that there is no reasoning with the enemy and if they want to continue to live their debauched lifestyles they will have to disavow Islam? (And that kinda makes you think a little, no?)

What will Biff’s next (mis)step be?

What will the Hilderbeast do and say?  (I do not see this being a good thing for her. She is counting on the gay and Muslim votes and the backing of the proles in Congress. If she does not slam Islam and call it what it is she will prolly lose the support of those in Congress who are also running for re-election. And if she does, the same will happen.)

Even though in previous election cycles I suggested Trump to run, I admit he was not my first choice this time.  While I do not think it will be as bad to vote for him as it was for McLame and Romney, he can make that task far easier depending on his response to this tragedy and Biff’s “response.”

I am not convinced that Trump really means everything he says.  Let me rephrase that. I AM convinced that Trump really means everything he says but at times has to walk back his ideas when they are unobtainable.

This is in stark contrast to what the Beast says.  There is no possible way of knowing what she says truly is the truth or a lie largely because, being pathological, even she does not know when she is lying or telling the truth. (Handy tip: If she says something that ticks you off that is prolly the truth, if you agree with that which she is saying, there is your lie.  You are quite welcome.)

(I hear talk from a number of people, many I truly like and respect, who say that they will not vote for Trump.  That is a TRE and I will address an issue to that, pros and cons, but in the meantime, please do keep an open mind.)


(I had this puppy finished y’day as I was flying back to NY.  For some reason, it did not save.  Having lost the train of thought I was on it is impossible to recall the last few paragraphs.  They may have been good, who knows.  So like many of the great composers, this will have to be an unfinished symphony.  LOL)


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