“Here We Go Again, Again Part 2”


“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends & Fellow Xenophobes:

Well, it seems we have a little back filling to do.

In the last issue I made a number of references to previous FISH. It would be very difficult and redundant to repeat each and every citation even if I had them all.

I will start with this.

I am no brighter than anyone else.  I do not have any answers but a plethora of questions. I did not chose to write this on my own some sixteen years ago but it arose out of my writing of letters to the editors.

Many of you already know that.

The one thing that never failed me was the fact that the facts are out there.  You will either stumble upon them or use the scientific method and find them on your own.

Briefly, one of the books that made a lasting impression on me was “Megatrends.”  The authors were very accurate in their predictions.  The key was their assumptions and hypotheses had to do with not was written but what was not written.

Simply put:  those things written between the lines.

Bottom line:  I read, a lot. I read and listen to both (three? more?) sides.  I take no one source as gospel or scourge as even the “enemy” can bring their own rope to their hanging. (Like Uncle Rachael Maddow did recently.)

Somewhere between the hype and the lies is the truth. Even when noted liars Chuck Schemer or SNOPES say/print something, do not dismiss it. Yes, it is prolly untrue but it WILL tell you what the enemy is thinking, and THAT is valuable information.

  • Yes, Schemer, Pelosi and much of the Left ARE the enemy. They ARE enemies of freedom and the American way of life. But don’t believe me, listen to what they say and how that comports with the Constitution.
  • The Left (and to be fair, to a lesser degree, the Right) will let loose with something that has not been on your radar but a topic of great discussion among themselves. As I have said as Liberalism is a mental defect, these folks assume that you 1) agree with them, 2) are as dim as they, 3) do not remember what they said and 4) hate America as much as they do.  This is a motherlode of information.

What I do is to try to find these nuggets and put my thoughts as to what they mean.  That is not to say I know better than you but I just present these things in my own way and challenge you to find me wrong or come up with your own take on things.

Please, please, please do not treat my words with any less suspicion as you would anyone one in the SGRFM or with a “D” after their name.

(For giggles, at the very end under “Bonus Stuff” is a letter I submitted to the Liberal Editor of [Fake]Newsday. It is apropos.)

If I can find any of the old series on money, the “Clubs” and so on, I will post them on the website.


So much for housekeeping for the new readers, we have not done that in a long time.  Thank you for your indulgence.


In the last issue, and first of this series, we discussed briefly the role of Geo Soros and his being nothing more than a well-heeled and well-financed bagman for the NWO types.

In case you don’t know, this Hungarian, when he was a young person (not a man), during WWII, collaborated with the Nazis to turn in his fellow countrymen.    If you know nothing else about this animal is that he has the blood of Hungarians on his hands and he has not become any nicer over the years.

Devoid of any morality and willing to sell his soul to the highest (or only) bidder

(As I write this part on Monday evening, I have just learned that David Rockefeller died.  If you do not know who he is, Google or Bing him then read the fringe sites from both sides.  He more than anyone was the central player in these groups. He was one of the founders of the Trilateral Commission, member of CFR, Bilderbergs and others.  He and his family not just pushed for the NWO organization known as the Useless Nations but donated the land and financed some of the construction.  He was prolly the brains and funding behind much of the mayhem.  The big question is who will replace him?)

Soros’ “Open Society Foundations” (henceforth “OSF”) is, if anything, a front group for Lord Only Knows how many left-wing organization.  On one of their web pages, it is stated that the OSF’s purpose is “to help counties make the transition from communism.”

Sounds laudable, if you do not pay attention (let’s call it “reading between the lines.”)

Here are the two problems.  There USED to be some sixty-odd Communist countries.  Today there are five.  (China, Cuba, Laos, Vietnam and North Korea.)  I do not get the sense that any of them are “transitioning” any time soon.  (Cuba used to be a client state, which is the only one that might transition, to capitalism.)

That is the fluff.  The BIG lie, hidden, is to what are/were they transitioning?

Does not say, right?

Capitalism?  Sure, but prolly not.

Totalitarianism? Could be, but not overtly.

Puppet government?  If run by one of their hand-picked jokers, like Q’artar or Biff, then “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!”

(Remember “The Twilight Zone” episode “How To Serve Man”?  The people found the aliens book and thought it was a plan to help people only to find out it was a cook book.  Fings ain’t always wot they seem!)


(Dots connected before your eyes.  David Rockefeller tapped Jimmah Q’arter for the big chair.  During Q’arter’s reign, Iran fell, hostages were taken and Islamic Terrorism got its footholds around the world. Need I remind you of recent history and the damage and destruction Biff did to our military, standing in the world, fomenting hate and divisiveness, putting more people on assistance, “allegedly” running guns to the cartels, having his agencies write memoranda that had the same effect as law without checks and balances, inviting illegal aliens here, importing peeps and skells from the middle east and placing them in areas where they can soon become a political power and more, and that is all can type in one breath.)

THAT is the kind of “transition” the OSF is fostering, but, gosh, they are just too modest to mention it.

They are also trying to “transition” some legitimately elected governments as well.

While I am sure they are trying to manipulate governments and elections all over the world I am not all that concerned as long as we have issues here. We need to clean our house first before we start meddling with others.

Some years back Glenn Beck rolled out a scroll with all the names of the left wing groups that Soros was funding or was the front man.  (Henceforth, “funding.”)  The scroll was many, many feet long and at that time contained close to nineteen hundred organizations.

I am sure it is more than that today.

From the American Criminal Liberals Union, to (Liberal) Media Matters, to Human Rights Watch, to Amnesty International, to a few dozen orgs with the word “America” in the title, a few pimping “Catholics”, a dozen or more touting “Constitution” or “Constitutional”, all kids of “Citizens” this and “Democracy” that, virtually every infanticide fan club, ACORN, Project Vote and hundreds of others including the Democrat (but not Republican) Party virtually every carp and catfish bottom-feeding, left-wing, America Last T’waffles gets a check from Soros or the OSF.

(Here is a link to a short list: http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/viewSubCategory.asp?id=1237 )

Some of these groups have been around for ages, others are well known, well entrenched groups with nice, patriotic names others are of the ad hoc variety.

Not sure if I mentioned it here or elsewhere but think about this (and read between the lines.)

While stealing the nomination from Socialist Sanders, the Hilderbeast was all but picking out the drapes for her girlfriends’ room at the White House. She had it in the bag and she did everything she needed to do but seemed to have forgotten to win the election.

Just in case you thought the fix was is, you were prolly right.  At the end of her “campaign” she could not fill up a Denny’s without paid punters being bussed in from places unknown.

Meanwhile, DJT is filling arena after arena with quarter-mile long lines to get in.

Then, for some reason, even after all the fixing, manipulating, vote stuffing, under/over reporting, somehow DJT did the unthinkable, he “stole” the election from the Beast.

I am more confident today than I was back then that Trump was so much more liked, or, hated far less than the Beast, that, despite the millions, perhaps billions spent by the Left, the Will of the People prevailed.


I am going to stop this here and with hope field dress this sucker in the next issue.




I am a Ranger fan. The other day, they lost to another team, makes no difference why. But, I felt they are the better team so I demand they are credited with a win!

However, they won the next game but the opponents fans are being unfair and demanding their team gets the win! That is just ridiculous!

Yet, day after day you print the most amusing letters by people who just don’t understand that there are winners and losers. They are intellectually stunted to the fact that their candidate lost and refuse to accept that fact.

There was a letter today by someone who said “we do not have the facts even to determine the legitimacy of the presidential election.” No, of course not! The voting, the certification of votes, the Electoral College vote and certification leave a lot of grey area.

Unless one considers the anathemas the Left: those darn pesky facts and Constitution.

Here is the way it works: People rejected Obama and his failed policies and politicizing of hate, racism and division. We the People do care how angry “angry liberals” are about all their often immoral and at times illegal desires.

That is why Trump was elected.

It is humorous that if you actually read news from non-biased sources (sorry NEWSDAY) you will see there was much more contact by the Clinton campaign with foreign nations than by the Trumps. But even if Trumps team met with everyone the Left hates, let’s take a page from Clintons’ book: “At this point in time, what difference does it make?”, iterated after she left four brave Americans to be slaughtered.

So, to all the like-thinking people as that letter writer: “You lost, we won, get over it. We are here for at least the next sixteen years.”




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