“Skools Out… For Voters”

My Friends and Fellow “The Honeymooner’s Fans”:

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Biffimus Grandus, the Wizzer of Odds, is doing a Ralph Kramden with a little bus trip hither and yon.  (I wonder if they are the same presidential busses he used last time.  You know, the ones made in Canada…)

Apparently the sturm und drang (2nd definition) this Maladministration tried to conjure up from ether over the alleged attack attributed to the rodeo clown did not pan out.

People are either: 1) Sick of the lies, 2) Are smarter than that, 3) Are aware every recent President has been subject to the same comedy, 4) Have seen “Blazing Saddles”, or 5) Want answers to the 57 scandals unresolved.

As I alluded to in the sophomoric Abbott and Costello routine, this Maladministration is a Ponzi Scheme of scandal deniability.

As soon as one scandal is revealed, another one comes along to draw fire away from the previous scandal and so on and so forth. Hence each “later” scandal is “paying off” a previous one.

At a certain point one of three things occur. 

The first is the entire house of cards collapse before the perps have any chance to do any further cover-ups can be made or diversions.

Imagine a day where the 30-odd survivors from Benghazi appear in a Congressional Committee, tapes of the murdered Ambassador being told to pound sand by the Sec State as he is pleading for his life, Lois Learner coming forward with all the documents proving that the IRS scandal was a direct order from Biff, ditto the NSA eavesdropping, 50 Mexican drug lords testifying that they have tapes of them  talking to Stedman to get the guns and taped conversations of Dingy Harry, San Fran Nan Chuck Schemer and the rest of the cabal of anti-American “lawmakers” and a picture of Butch Kagan in flagrante delicto  with Janet From Another Planet and a wildebeest at a Starbucks.

Just sayin’.

Exactly how could they spin this?  How could the SRM protect them?

By the second thing.  “Hey, do you think that I or anyone could be the president of our Country if I allowed guns to be sold to drug lord, that I armed terrorists who killed four Americans, that I spied on millions of citizens, that I am arming at least two para-military forces for domestic ‘situations’, that I would listen in on all of your phone calls and read your emails, that I am promoting division and fomenting a race war, that I am trying to control every aspect of every Americans life and decide who lives and who dies while simultaneously brain-washing the children,  destroying the family and stamping out religion while promoting deviant life styles?  Hah!  I gotta laugh, y’all say I don’t do anything all day and take too many vacations.  No I ask you, do you really believe all of that?”

No!  No! Not me!  Nope.  No way!  Uh-Uh!  No siree!


Yes, the lone voice in the wilderness crying out.

But it is equally unlikely that the house of cards will fall into a fifty-foot high pile of smoking guns as Biff admitting, tongue in cheek, to all that he has done.  And, truly, when you read this, you have to ask yourself, where does he get the time to golf?

Where the first two things will happen only once, the third will repeat itself over and over till we are all numb. 

(SIDEOFFRIESBAR: And that numbness is occurring. Apropos of nothing, I heard an ad on the radio to invest in medical marijuana futures.  “With more and more states de-criminalizing marijuana, it will only be a matter of time before it is available for casual use.”  Didja read “Brave New World”?  Do ya remember “Soma”?  Ya think it will be easier to subjugate a stoned population or a wide-awake, lucid and armed one?  You pick.)

So scandal after scandal occurs to the point that you canNOT tell who should be indicted, arrested or impeached without a scorecard.  Then comes the pelosi about the vacations, as if he gives a large rodent’s hindquarters what We the People think about them.  That, too, is a distraction from villainy.

The rodeo clown?  Just like the Cambridge policeman.  Make it all about race, forget about the facts.  And if this little girl had half the pair of Her Thighness, he’d be too embarrassed to say anything, that kind of stuff comes with the territory.

(SIDEOFONIONRINGSBAR:  I posted on F’Book Saturday:  “Oddly enough over the past week or so, the racism has increased. A racist White WWII Vet was beaten to death by a black assailant, two black men beat to death a racist 80-odd year old White woman. There were a number of other reports of other racist Whites being killed or beaten up by blacks. There were those two older racist White women who wanted to see the girlhood apartment of the 92 year old woman. Those racist White women were robbed then dragged down a flight of stairs.  I have come to the conclusion that only a Liberal can use the word ‘racist.’ If a Conservative or a White person says “racist”, then, they are ‘racist.’  Of course, the idiots screaming ‘racist’ or ‘racism’ do not know the meaning of the word and quite frankly, I feel that the wonton use of the ‘R’ word, is in itself ‘racist’ as it is directed something like 100% of the times against the Whites. So, anyone who wishes to call me or anyone the hurtful and inaccurate ‘R’ word, be prepared to be called the ‘N’ word.   Fair is fair and someone prove me wrong.”)

And third thing is in gear as we speak.

Misrepresenting or misunderstanding or ignorant of the 14th Amendment, Biffo is touring schools telling the minds of mush that they are paying too much for their indoctrination.  I mean education, for what it is worth.

I was just perusing the Constitution and in the defined powers of the President (or, in this case, “president”), there is nothing about being educational financial advisor, proctor, bursar or even school m’arm.  But, hey, the Constitution never stopped him before!

This, too, is a smoke screen.   This gives him an “opportunity” to mingle with the liberal voters, aka “kolledge studints”, to secure votes for his pinions next year.  It also gives him “credibility” as an “education president.”   It will also allow him to Jekyll his Hyde by railing against things he has created, such as provisions in the health skare bill which pertain to student loans.

He promised to cut tuition. 

He is not going to cut tuition. He may FORCE the colleges and universities to dig into their endowment funds to ease the burden. 

The top 20 universities in terms of endowment have some $200,000,000,000 in cash, reserves or assets.  How many brains of mush could be molded into impervious to reason or fact Marxist minds, like his, with that kind of dough?

No, I posit, that even this smokescreen is a smoke screen for something else.

You see, it also puts some distance between his own bad self and Washington.

You seem while all this is going on, that idjit Kerry is picking the wrong side as usual in a fight.  He threw in with the Cong in Vietnam now he is siding with the Muslim B’Hood in Syria.

There is far more to that, you will have to stay tuned to this Bat Channel for more info!


8 thoughts on ““Skools Out… For Voters”

  1. Ronald E Bahre says:

    Nice site here and as usual you hit the ball out and have another Home run. As to Kerry in your letter he should have never been our sec of State I know he comes from my State and wish he didn’t I could not stand him when he smashed those of us who served our Country and stand him even less now.

  2. Mike Pruitt says:

    The scandals will go on forever, nothing will be done, congress, either side, can hardly find their way to “work”. They certainly won’t be calling Biff a liar and a cheat, Heavens no, that would be the truth and certainly don’t want that coming out.

    Carey is all in a snit right now anyway, some one in Syria called him a liar, i.e. Swiftboats, medals over the fence, he’s huffing and puffing right now trying to act like someone that has a pair.

    This should be good too because Carey sez we are going to attack Syria, Biff sez we are going to think about it some more, “who’s on first?”

  3. Roslyn says:

    O my, I do LOVE this, brings an interesting picture to mind…….
    “Biffimus Grandus, the Wizzer of Odds”
    And this one should have come with a “spurt warning,” how many times do I have to clean up my laptop screen Jack?
    “and a picture of Butch Kagan in flagrante delecto with Janet From Another Planet and a wildebeest at a Starbucks.”
    As for Syria as you say what the one hand is doing is merely distraction for what is really going on!

  4. George O'Connell says:

    I realize this ‘bunch’ doesn’t care BUT how would “WE” feel if say ‘Adolph Hitler’ had run for Pres of Germany, the people SOUNDLY defeated him and withing 10 years he was in OUR country, LECTURING us on our behavior on behalf of the people that turned him out?

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