“Updates and Downdates”

I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Demanding Ones:

You write, I listen.

Some time back we had a website.  It was rather clumsy, did not allow you to leave comments, there was no interaction to be had.  It was tricky to update and but for Mike, a friend of mine, it would not have existed as long as it did.

On a few occasions, I have been asked about the website, would I do it again and so on and so forth.  Truly, I simply do not have the time to set it up, do the updates, monitor for content and so on and so forth.  (Volunteers????)

All that said, the other day I got an email from one of the “Muses.”  A dear gal who hails from Australia, whose emails to me caused me to create the “Angry Villager” file, was kind enough to ask about the site.

As time has progressed, these websites have become far easier to manage.  I had a few minutes, literally, went to “Bing.Com” and searched for free (I am part Scottish, ya know) website.   Found a few, narrowed it down to two.  Found out exactly how much free cost (not free, but not a lot) and picked one and sent off to create a site.

I have had computers since the 8086 series. DOS 1.3, ASCII, Assembly language.  The Stone Age of computing.

Now we have machines that defy understanding, phones doing 1000-times more than the original personal computers and personal computers able to do most anything.

But, sadly, your Precious is still a computer Neanderthal.

Even so, setting up the page was so easy, even a cave man…

I have posted the last issue and did an “about” page.  I plan to post coming issues there and add more “about-like” pages to round things out.

I do think it has the ability to leave comments but I am not sure if they are only forwarded to me or if they will remain for others if you sign in or the like.  (It is hard for me to figger out as when I go to the page, it knows it is me so I do not know what, if anything you see.)

If someone could check it out, I would appreciate it.  If this thing works, please let me know what you’d like to see on the page.  IF it doesn’t work, well, then, I am out a few dozen dollars.

Check out our new page at “thedailyfish.net”

(So, if it works, thank Ros!)

Proving he has learned nothing during his regime, or perhaps he has, Biffo is giving he old stink eye to Egypt and Syria.

Back in the peaceful Arab Spring when those peaceful rascals from the religion of peace were having peaceful overthrows of virtually all of the nations on the African Mediterranean, Biff stood silently still as thousands were peaceably murdered.

When it was Egypt’s turn in the barrel, Biff was 157% behind Mubarak, then the “protestors”, then Mubarak, then the “protesters” and so on until we had a “winner.”  However everyone, including Midnight the Wonder Dog, knew, but apparently Biff did not the memo, that the peaceful “protesters” were, ta-da, the Muslim Brotherhood.

Things were going well after all the peaceable murders, arson and public rapes and Morsi was just the guy to run the shop in Biff’s unopened book!

That is until the pooches he screwed the first time decided to return the favor. Now the Generals are most likely calling the shots and Morsi is under house arrest.  The peaceful protestors are getting even with the military by burning down Coptic CHRISTian Churches who have no quarter in this fight.

(SIDEBAR:  Make no mistake.  For a true follower of the religion of peace, there is no room for “peaceful” co-existence with any other religion.  Yes, I am sure that there are some good muzzies who are ecumenical.  Look at Huma Weiner, the Jewish Anthony Weiner’s muzzie wife.  See?  We can all get along!  Except that we can’t and we won’t because of a small percentage of the religion of peace who demand that they kill all infidels.)

More innocent and nocent muzzies are sent to find Allah and all the while we are STILL sending guns and Benjamins to Egypt.    But for some reason, and color me embarrassed if I am wrong, now that the Generals are running the Egypt, permanently or no, NOW those idjits in Congress think that we should cut aid to Egypt.

I mean, Morsi in charge, we send over a billion in additional aid to Egypt.  (BTW, Morsi had nothing to do with the military aid which was the bulk of it, from what I am told.)  Now that the Generals are in charge and they want to stem the Muslim Brotherhood, NOW we cut aid.

I say let them fight to the last man.  But  I promise you this, Biffo the Magnificent will twist, turn, spin and lie about the situation, who he backed and when and the aid every time he opens his pie hole.  Ditto Syria, which is all I can say for now.

A perfect segue on a few counts…

So the traitor Bradley Manning or Barely Manly, was convicted and sentenced to 35 years, reduction in rank, dishonorable discharge and nothing else.

Here is a Poppa Oscar Sierra of everestal proportions. Here is a traitor to our Country.  Here is someone who could have received the death penalty.  And here is someone who will be eligible for release in seven years.

(In case you are wondering and I am sure you are not,  this POS who sold my Country down the river may get out of jail before combat veteran Ranger Lt. Michael Behenna who got 25 years reduced to 15 for dispatching a tango in Iraq.)

Now, it gets worse and sicker.

Barely Manly does not “identify” as a male.  He is a male trapped in a woman’s body.  (I will save you from the obvious jokes and you people have dirty minds!) 

Now he wants to be referred to as “Chelsea Manning” and he wants to have the ultimate nip and a tuck.  So, guess who is going to pay for this traitorous pervert’s whimsy.


This  is about where I would suggest that you contact your MOC and demand that not one penny of taxpayer money is spent on anything more than three hots and a cot for this POS.

(The problem is that, sadly, most of the men in Congress are in the same condition that Barely Manly will be AFTER his surgery.)

If the judge had any sense of justice she would have saved us a lot of time and money and demanding the ultimate punishment.

If she had any sense of humor, she would give Barely Manly and “Chelsea” Manning EACH thirty-five year sentences, if that was the limit of her punishment.  To be served consecutively if he has sexual organ change ( it is not a sex-change operation until you can change all of those butch “y” chromosomes to a cute, little “x” ones) on our dime while he is cooling his heels on stir.  If he really wants to pretend he is a female, let’s see if it is worth the last thirty-five years of his/her life.

I was going to comment about Beau Biden, who became the Attorney General by hard work and his father being the Vice President of the County. Beau was hospitalized for an “undisclosed” illness.  The newsreaders speculated that he may have had another stroke.  (It is sad, he is only 44 years old but after the accident that took his mother’s life he has had issues.  You may not like him or his father or his politics, but he is a human and he deserves our prayers.)

The newsreader allowed that Joey McMensa has an aneurism at age thirty-five, intimating that perhaps the strokes are hereditary.  The newsreader added that there was some procedure done on McMensa as he has not had any other issues since.  I was going to write that they removed his brain from the reptilian part up and his actions and statements in the past thirty-odd years would substantiate that. But, I think that would be in poor taste at this time…


3 thoughts on ““Updates and Downdates”

  1. Gary says:

    Well, you asked people to check out the site so here I am. Hope it takes off like gang busters.

  2. Earl Neall says:

    Checking out your site. See one reply from Gary & no others. Hope it works for all of us. Put it in my favorites. Blessings, Earl

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