“The Royal Scam, Part I”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

 “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


 Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Victims of Whimsy:
Well, here is a clusterfluke of everestal proportions.

Normally, it is easy to pick sides where Biff is involved.  Whatever he says, we want to do the opposite.   However, where Syria is concerned all bets are off.

As usual, he has staked out both sides at different times.  This way, he is always right and if you call him on the time he took the other stance, well, then, bucko, you are a racist.

But, this time it is different.  He has another congenital liar in the form of the serial marrier-for-money, John “Why The Long Face” Kerry.  (Henceforth: “WTLF”)

Kerry is the front runner in the leading from behind crowd.  He is lying left, right and center. It is almost like Biff got tired of his toy, Sideshow Carney, and got a new one on which he can pull the strings. 

Even when WTLF is saying something which might even be true, he looks uncomfortable.  In making the case for attaching Syria he came back and said that there was proof that sarin gas was used based on hair and tissue samples.

What he could not prove was whence the gas came.

When WTLF does not seem credible enough or does not seem to have the right amount of gravitas, there is Susan Rice showing her a$$ to the world.

Nah, there is something wrong here and I do not get it.

You have NEWSDAY tacitly recommending no attack on Syria and painting WTLF as a buffoon.

You have Rep. Peter King who is urging that Syria is bombed.  (Pete, this just may the end of a beautiful friendship.)

You have the idjits at MoreOn.Org with another of their weekly petitions, this one demanding that Biff does not bomb Syria.  (This is akin to the adage that even a blind squirrel can find his own nuts.)

Then, shock of all shocks, TweedleDum and TweedleDumber, McLame and Goober Graham said that as must use force.  (This force thing seems to be confusing for the doddering old man McLame.  He hates war, he loves war, but it seems that he does whatever Biff tells him to do.

Really, it all comes down to two things:

1)      Did Asswad bomb his own people and if so why?

2)      If this is such a good idea, why is there no backing for it like we had in Afghanistan and Iraq?  (Which are two of Biff’s many failures.)

Only those with the military acumen of the Hakawi Indians from “F-Troop” would announce an attack then say “Oh wait, just kidding….  Not quite ready yet.  Can ya hang on a bit? Great!  Cheers!”

I am reasonably sure Ike did not say, “Yo, Adolph, we will be joining you in Normandy on 6 June, weather permitting.  Are you free that day?”

You get the point.

“Allegedly” we are going to attack Syria because the gov’t allegedly used nerve gas on their own people.  The rest of the rationale is a little sketchy.  Do we want to get rid of Asswad?  If we do what happens in the resulting power vacuum?  Will Al-Q’Ada or the Muzzie B’Hood step in as keepers of the peace?  Or Hezbollah? Or the PLO? Or some other band of thugs that we have been fighting in other parts of the world?

The bottom line is this: it is a no-freaking-way-in-Hades-win situation.  Unless, of course, that is the plan.  I mean if Biff and his boss, Valerie Jarrett, are planning for a possible involvement of the other Muzzie countries in the Mid East we have not screwed over yet for some reason, there does not seem to be a compelling reason to attack Asswad. Especially now that we have telegraphed our plans and have given him ample time to hide, protect or move the things we might wish to destroy.

Despite the fact that not only are a number of the left-wing stalwarts, like MoreOn.Org, urging no attack but it is widely unpopular with we proles. 


But, hey, this is not the other Marxist, BJ Clinton, who lived and died by the polls. This is Biffus Magnificus, Vacationer Extraordinaire!   He does not care about polls.  Heck, he does not even care about the Constitution.

As the old Chinese adage goes “May you live in interesting times” one might have hoped there were capable leaders go along with that.

Then again, might Biff have other plans for these interesting times? 

He may read the tea leaves wrong where a few Reps and RINOS are throwing in with him.  Of course he is ignoring the Dems and Libs who claim now that they would vote against attacking Syria.  (Of course, he is figgering that his lap slugs, Nasty Pelosi and Dingy Harry, will return the errant sheep top the fold.

And he did spend a good deal of time with his “advisors” who advised him that not only should he attack despite what the law might be BEFORE he took it to Joey McMensa, WTLF and the rest of the cabal.

Some smart money is saying that he is waiting to the G-20 Summit next week where he can hope to “charm” (read: threaten) some of the smaller countries to throw in with us.  Not that they need to do anything  but to provide window dressing so that Biff can say that he had a  “wide coalition”  (not sure that Andorra and Benin would satisfy that definition.)

Anywho, those of you who voted for him well done!  He is now off to help those who brought you 9-11-01.  But, hey, like Her Thighness says “What difference does it make.”

Really, SMH, I have nothing more to offer.  I am so embarrassed.



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