I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

 Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Victims of Whimsy PART II:

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Really?  REALLY?  We are involved in one of the most historic episodes in this historic “president’s” historic reign, that being declaring war or whatever you want to call it when you are about to bomb the Muzzie “rebels” back further in to the Stone Age.

What are the giant brains doing?

Well, John McLame, having thrown in initially with Biff has now changed his mind and is against an attack now.  I wonder how he found the time to ponder that, as he was playing poker on his iPad during that meeting.

Then, of course, there is everyone’s cheap prom date, Smoking Johnny steps into the fray.  Seriously, if he was a woman he would have a mattress strapped to his back, he is THAT easy. 

This flooking idjit forgets, or does he, that HE is really the only thing standing between Biff and his doing whatever he wants to do. 

(Of course, he is some more emasculated than was San Fran Nan as his party is in such disarray.  And the growlings of my erstwhile friend, Rep. King, is doing little good to help the party or remain in my good graces.)

(SIDEBAR:  I have come to the conclusion that there is no more Republican Party.  There are too many flooking RINOs, there are too many who do not embrace ALL of the Bill of Rights and there are too many who were voted in purely by accident or chance.  Where the Democrat/Liberal/Progressive/Marxist/Socialist Party are in lock step 95% of the time and will roll-over or bend-over at the merest whim of their “Leaders”, the so-called “Republicans” – henceforth “Republicrats” unless they have come to Jesus – are not a party but a coalition.  There are those who are true to the Constitution, or hold less Socialist and secular humanist views then most on the other side of the aisle, or are RINOS or just do not have the gonadature to admit what they are and go to their true home. So, I am DONE with them.  Not just done but SO done and until there is real leadership somewhere and sometime soon, the likes of Biff will totally destroy our country over time.)

Ok, so Smoking Johnny is on board, Pete King is on board, McLame is off for the moment but wait he will cave again and ditto Goober Graham.

So, let’s do the math. 

The Liberal-Socialists control the Senate and anything coming out of committee or body as a whole will be largely along party lines plus the RINOS. (Committee vote was just that with one semi-brave Dem abstaining.)

The House is controlled, er, has a majority of Republicrats with the feckless Smoking Johnny as nominal leader.  Lord knows what can happen there.  And even if the House votes something down, they usually lose their lunch money when it goes to conference.


Off that for a moment, time for a pop-quiz.

For 269.7 bonus points “What is the triumvirate of Evil?”

(Play the theme from Jeopardy! in your head here.) 

Answer: 1) Biff, 2) The SRM and 3) Ignorance of We the People.

Let me ask a few rhetorical questions and you tell me if #3 is unfair, ok?

WTLF said that there was proof that sarin gas was used.  Did he give any suggestion as whence it came?  Should we believe that it simply popped out of the ether or, as reported in a Turkish newspaper, that the gas originally was manufactured in America?  (Nooooo, no one in this gov’t would EVER do something like that!)

What is the physical location of Russian troops and tanks on land?  Do you think Vlad is going to sit by idly as one of his client states is being attacked?

And speaking of the “bear from the north”, which Russian ships are positioned in the East Mediterranean Sea between our ships and land?  And if, as allegedly promised, that there will unequivocally not be any “boots on the ground” in this “effort”, then why are there amphibious craft in this area?

Speaking of “alleged”, let me share a post from this morning:  Out on his ‘International Cry -Baby Tour’, Biff had the temerity to say ‘My credibility is not on the line, the international community, America and Congress’s credibility is on the line’


 “You are part right.  You would need to have had credibility in order to lose it.

 “Grow a pair. You started it, you finish it without bombing the wrong side or shedding one drop of American Blood!!!”

 But, hey, that is just me.

 Snap Quiz number two and for 623.42 bonus points:  Of all of the major conflicts in the world right now, how many of them do not involve Muzzie terrorists, Muzzie B’Hood or any Muzzies?

 WOW!  All hands raised at once!  Great job!  That is correct, ZERO PERECENT.

 So, someone PLEASE answer me this:  If the Muzzie “Brotherhood” are the enemy in Egypt and al Q’ada are the enemy in Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen among other places, then WHY ARE WE CONSIDERING ATTACKING THEIR ENEMY IN SYRIA?

 What kind of sick mind says “Hmm… we need to protect those guys in Syria!  Sure they are responsible for 9-11 and are killing our people in many other places in the world, but here in Syria they are a bunch of swell fellows!”

 Nothing adds up.  No info is forthcoming but innuendo equivocation and obfuscation.

 Why would we give a large rodent’s behind about Syria?  We have people we hate fighting a leader we hate.  No matter which side we throw in with, we will get screwed.  Look at Afghanistan.  There we are in large numbers saving their useless derrieres. What do they do to thank us?  The shoot us, they bomb us and the find other ways to kill our brothers and sisters.

 And we are fighting side by side with these mutts.  How do you think the Muzzies in Syria are going to treat us?

 Despite the pelosi rhetoric that “ridding Syria of chemical  weapons is in our national interest”, I need some Liberal to tell me why they agree with that and how that is different than when Bush said it, except there is even LESS concrete evidence now.

 Even assuming that they have such weapons, not that we would find them now, how can they having them be a threat to our national security. 

 (“Bad Idea When Having A War”: Sending out a “Save the Date” reminder when you are going to attack),

Syria is barely a second world county, in parts.  I do not think they have the throw-power to deliver any kind of weapon to our shore.  Ergo, our nation is secure.

 To me THAT defines “national security.”  But like charity begins at home, so ought to national security. (See Letter to the Liberal Editor at the end of this mess.)

 Biff’s, WTLF’s, The Hillderbeast’s or ANYONE’s word regarding anything to do with “national security” while they are letting millions of who knows who over our border canNOT be taken the least bit seriously.

 Now, take a quick look at the map of the region.  Lebanon:  Muzzie.  Turkey: Busy on Friday nights.  Iraq:  No bacon here! Jordan:  Do you like minarets?  Israel:…


 Yup, tiny little Israel.

 Israel, when you get down to it is prolly the only country in that part of the world that really has anything to fear from any kind of attack.

 And there is no way in the world Biff would cross the street to spit on them if they were on fire, if you get my drift.

 Assuming that Biff and Jarrett alone are pulling the levers on this, it is far more likely that they would arm BOTH Asswad and the terrorists against Israel.

 (BTW, there is a nice pic of Mr. and Mrs. WTLF having a nice cozy dinner with Dr. and Mrs. Asswad. Yes, it was a few years ago but who knows maybe they exchange Ramadan cards. )

 So, what is the deal?

 Biff is afraid of Vlad.  Vlad has no use for Biff.  The Saudis are getting ticked off over this.  Last I looked Har Magedo was still in Israel.  Biff is trying like the dickens to get support at home and now overseas for his quixotic future failure.  He claims that he has the Constitutional authority to do whatever he wants, per Joey McMensa.  (Truly, they are more like the Kray Brothers every day.)

 The Ruskies was trying to be the honest broker and offered to have a delegation speak to Congress.  Smoking Johnny said “Cough, cough, Nyet, cough.”  (Not that he came up with THAT on his own.  Seriously, Biff must have pictures of Smoking Johnny with barnyard animals or something.

Sooooo as I am fond of saying, connect the dots.  There is no “national interest” concerns in that area, the Ruskies are flooding the area with defenses, the Ruskies are trying to make nicey-nice and explain this mess but we won’t have it, WTLF is lying like a cheap rug with his pelosi explanations why we should think the unthinkable, Israel is prolly pissed about being put in such a nasty situation, WTLF is pantsed and loses it when Sen. Paul questions him in committee and makes a link between Syria and Benghazi. 

And, ding-ding-ding-ding, THAT is the answer.

Until someone with some integrity, someone with a modicum of decency, someone with a soupcon of credibility comes forward with proof positive that either Party A or Party B are the culprit to the other, then there is zero percent chance I will believe anything coming out of this Maladministration.

That leads me to the final hypothesis: This is yet one more cover-up or diversion.  And at this point I have nothing else to hang my hat on other than the hubris and ill-advised ego of a certain someone to cover up the cover ups of the scandals and so on.

This is almost like one of those desperate attempts by someone who commits a crime then burns down the house to cover their criminality.

My friends, where there is smoke…..




I hope that you will agree with me that the actions of this president and the media are beyond the pale.  It is like one has been asleep for a dozen years only to find a Democrat doing that for which a Republican was blamed back then.

This current internecine conflict has been going on for ages. While terrible, it has nothing to do with our “national security.”  After all, if “national security” was important we would enforce our borders. 

Allegedly sarin gas was used and that is why we need to attack Syria.   Kerry states that sarin was used on the Syrian people but he does not offer where it may have come.  Papers in Europe have reported that chemical was made in the United States.

The media are reporting that we have many ships in the Eastern Mediterranean and more on the way.  What our media are not reporting is that between our ships and land are an equal number of Russian warships. And it is not just warships in the region.  Any guess as to who is mobilizing armor to the area?  Something else not reported by the media.

We have an imperious and imperial president who is doing the exact same things as he blamed his predecessor with far less proof.  There are the ersatz war-hating liberals tripping over each other to start an unnecessary war and those on the other side of the aisle should know better to aid and abet a war whose only real purpose would appear to be one more cover up for all the president’s scandals the media are not reporting.


3 thoughts on “THE ROYAL SCAM, PART II

  1. Roslyn Atwood says:


    I am breathless with rage & disgust. Did you also see that longface kerry referenced the wrong picture for his coaching session yesterday, the photo in question was from IRAQ 2003!!!!! Still lying the a-hat. My friend we sink ever deeper into the quagmire created by the 47% the low /no information voters/this cabal. I am in despair, dear God save us. I would like to use talking points from part of your letter to the editor to send to our “representatives” in congress if you say ok. BTW, last night one of our local radio chaps [Mike Broomhead, brother of a fallen hero whose Mom received a quilt I sent her from my Home Of the Brave Quilt Project]interviewed mcclame after his town halls here & in Tucson, which BTW I heard were populated with enraged citizens. Anyhow, mcClame defended the action against Syria, so he is back on board. Now either that querulous old man is demented or biff & co. have pics on him too! We have NO BUSINESS mucking around in Syria’s civil war or anyone else’s for that matter. DH & I were ranting to each other about it last night & there was some x rated language were are both so incensed. This is somewhat like Vietnam, where the pols tied the hands of the military so that they could not win but sacrificed 58,000+ of our finest & best. AAARRRGGGHHH. War is NOT a “shot across the bow” you only go to war to destroy the enemy , we need “shock & awe”. If you aren’t prepared to do that then don’t f……ing go to war! There will always be collateral damage it is unavoidable, minimize it then blow the sh..t out of them. AAARRRGGGHHH Going to the gym. Blessings Roslyn In Loving Memory

  2. Mike Pruitt says:

    My head is spinning with all of this, like you, I am not for a strike at this time, this place, and for no reason or objective. What I have seen, same in many other instances, Biff is trying to make himself look relevant. It is impossible. He has screwed the American pooch so many times now, that no one is believing anything he sez’, except for the free phone and bennies crowd.

    Boots on the ground, John you are right, why would we have amphibious landing ships in the area if boots on the ground was off the table. And if you do have to fight in the same cat box as a muzzie Syrian, remember the mountain people in Vietnam John??? Your best buddy until the fight got close, then you were the enemy.

    As above, none of this is making any sense, and gets worse every day.

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