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My Friends and Fellow Victims of Whimsy PART III:

 Let’s just talk a little, ok?  We have not done this in some time.

Before I get into things, I just want to mention something that happened this weekend.  On Saturday went to see the Charlie Daniels Band at Westbury Music Hall. 

The first thing I saw as driving to the parking lot was a huge American Flag suspended by two hook-and-ladder fire trucks.  In the beer garden outside was a band comprised, as best as I could tell, of veterans.  There was a raffle of a signed guitar, a 50/50 raffle and other things in support of Wounded Warriors, a very worthwhile and highly recommended organization.  (Some pix on my FB page.)

Usually, when you go to concerts you find the hippy and lefty groups shaming you into a donation and signing some pelosipetition to stop GMO on Neptune or some equally worthwhile endeavor.

Here there was none of that here.  If you did not want to contribute, that was up to you, there were no threats or catcalls.

The show was great, no doubt about it.  And there were three amazing things.  The first is that he verbally pantsed Hank and his asinine plot on Syria, and that got and standing “O”.  Then, on the same thread, out of the blue he started reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and without being prompted EVERYONE stood, took off their hat and recited along.  Of course he talked about Second Amendment rights and so on but when he mentioned that year-old child killed in Georgia, there was no doubt what he would do.  But what brought down the house was towards the end of the show, sitting on a stool with an acoustic guitar, he started singing low and slow and old favorite Gospel song.  Just before the chorus the keyboard player joined in with the Hammond B-3 organ, then as this seventy-seven year old patriot got to the chorus, the entire band played as Charlie belted out “How Great Thou Art” with a voice of a man half of his age.  AND, most of the audience sang right along.

Lemme tell you, I left there refreshed and renewed.

About year ago, went to see Crosby, Stills and Nash on the same stage.  It was the opposite of the above with the greasy beggars and MoreOn.Org types.  Nash in particularly and Crosby to a smaller degree spewed their left wing hate and their support for our enemies, such as Barely Manly.  (Manning, not Biff.)  (Well…..)

Anywho, Stills played there the next tonight with his new side band. I hope “How Great Thou Art” was still ringing in the rafters and perhaps that old Texan will come back to Jesus.  And in two weeks time, Nash returns.  And I hope that he sings barefoot as he often does and the soles of his feet burn under the heat of real Americans who were just on that stage.

God Bless you, Brother Charlie!

Back to the regularly scheduled rant….

This Syria thing is really grating on our nerves, if the 100% of the emails and comments I get from you are any indicators.

Some of you have a patella reflexive response to anything Biff says or does.  That is a pretty safe course of action.  In fact, and someone help me here, is there ANYTHING he or his pinions have done for the GOOD of our Country since his reign begin?  (I am serious, did I miss something?)

Some of you take umbrage and/or are in high dudgeon over his duality.  WE need to tighten our belts.  HE needs a number of multimillion dollar vacations.  WE need “healthcare.”  HE is fine with what he has.

And so on and so forth. 

It is almost like the misquoted line from Marie Antoinette “Let them eat cake.” And in fact, that is perfect.

You see, this Maladministration’s motto should be “Do as we say, not was we do.”  And when we do as they say and we need something, they tell us “too bad.”

BTW, Marie Antoinette NEVER made that comment.  In fact, if you read up on the secular humanist slaughter which was the “French Revolution” (and perhaps that is the template for this Maladministration), you would know that she was a good and just person.  Second, the anecdote refers to the allegation that when told that there was no bread for the peasants that she said let them eat brioche, which is like a cake for this discussion. 

Ergo, when we complain about the health care plan, when we say we will have less coverage for a higher price, we are told to get a better doctor if we do not like the new plan, essentially told to eat cake.


I warned you all and all those who have ears to listen and eyes to see that this guy is a flim-flam artist, like the Great Oz, that he would slowly but surely impose his will on us. I canNOT count how many times I cited name of that old album “What Once Were Vices Are Now Habits” to reinforce the idea that little by little we will slide down his anti-American, anti-God, anti-All that is good slope and now, here we are, screwed.

The other day as he was trying to put this clusterfluke of a political ploy or symbolism before Congress he said: “I did not put this before Congress as a political ploy or symbolism.”

Now, this is telling.  Just like a criminal returning to the scene of the crime here is Biff doing the same thing.  Of all the Presidents before him no one but this president has made such an admission.

Do not bring up the flawed Nixon with his “I am not a crook” line.  He was a lot of things, but not a crook.  This is more in the line of his contemporary and better (but, who isn’t), Her Thighness, when she bellowed “What difference does it make?”

Look, Biotch, it makes a lot of difference, then and now.

Sitting at my trusty electronic Underwood as I channel one of my very few literary heroes, Hunter S. Thompson, I am bombarded by electronic update after update on Syria.  Even ignoring that truly despicable reprobate, WTLF, there was still a ton of data incoming.

It almost reminded me of boot camp where some poor sap who did usually nothing wrong got the DI right up in his face at about 110 decibels.  There would be two other SGTs in each of your ears doing their best angel/devil act.

As the DI is screaming at you about ½ inch from your nose, one chap is quietly saying in your ear: “You know he hates you, his is going to pluck your eyes out just to make an example out of you.”  Meanwhile the other one is whispering: “Don’t worry, he thinks the world of you, he is just showing off. He might take you out to dinner later!”

So, you have the DI screaming in your face utter nonsense because you canNOT process what he is saying, let’s call him “WTLF” and you have the other two whispering in your ear antipodal things, such as from CNN and, well, almost anyone else.

So, we are going to bomb Syria unless we do not then we will bomb Syria but it will be sooooooooo fast you won’t even know it. But, to be on the safe side, we will bring this to Congress to get their approval, but, even if the picture of Smoking Johnny in a compromising position with a calf does not do the trick and Congress demurs, there is WTLF saying that “El president Beeeef?  He don’ need no stinkin’ Congressional approval.”  And that drooling idjit Joey McMensa is doing his bobble head impression.

But, pooch be screwed!

Despite the fact that Biff has been making an appeal for bombing Syria further back into the Stone Age, (he is s’posed to do a TV thang to make his case. Sorry, I am getting a perm, I will take a pass) and is playing both sides to the middle, here comes Vlad who just internationally biotch-slapped Biff again by offering to take Asswad’s bad medicine.

Biff is not sure, he thinks that Vlad might be untrustworthy.  This coming from the “president” with the lowest trustworthy ratings since Nixon, but I am sure he will best that mark.

Vlad, our other enemy, is doing all the right things. Then again, he had a real life where one had to be a man or perish.

Biff, well…, hey, look, a shiny penny!

Bottom line is this: If you back Biff in any way, shape or form on any issue, be it  Syria, healthskare, or whatever, then please explain to me why.  If not then why are you not doing everything in your power to take our Country back.

DO NOT MISUNDERESTIMATE ME, when Biff is done and gone, things will NOT, repeat, WILL NOT go back to “normal.”  THIS is the new normal.  YOU need to make sure Biff’s pinions are not elected to ANY position.

I tire.  I am sorry.  Tomorrow is too much already.  You know why.


One thought on “THE ROYAL SCAM, PART III

  1. Roslyn Atwood says:

    Yep I am one of the patella reflex crowd, count me in! I am thinking this Syrian screw up is just another ploy to distract from,NSA, Benghazi,etc etc ad nauseum! BUT I also supect his foreign policy screw ups may ALSO be part of “the plan” the one to make us a third rate country with no international standing whatsoever………… know you say that the rt hand always distracts from what the “left” is really doing?? Blessings Roslyn In Loving Memory

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