“Would You Lie To Me, Baby? Don’t Lie To Me”

 “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


 Genesis 3:19

My Friends and Fellow Lie Sponges:

(We interrupt the regularly scheduled FISH which was prepared lovingly paired with a glass/cup/mug/jar of whatever you are drinking.  But, Biff went over the edge on Monday.  To follow is my unvarnished and unedited thoughts on his Academy Award winning performance of a spoiled little child. Today’s original FISH will go out on Thursday, God Willing.)

The lying liar lied to us.

Of course I am talking about Biff’s jeremiad about the alleged “shut-down” of the gov’t.  I am not patting myself on the back for tweeting he was going to say before he said it.  A house plant saw that coming.  I was just surprised at the vim and vigor with which he lied lyingly.

First lie, heck there are so many, but of course he is blaming EVERYTHING on the Republicans.  And he is being extremely clever in his opprobrium of the party that freed the slaves.  He is dividing and trying to conquer by blaming the extreme right wing, the so-called “Tea Party.”  He wants to drive a wedge between the Republicrats and the Conservatives, irrespective of what you call them.

Of course, one can (and should) look at this lie fest.  As I joked that the best way of describing the truth to a Liberal is to tell them what it is not.  It is not anything that comes out of Biff’s or most any Dems mouth.  (I said this in the last FISH or the next one, depending when this one goes out.)  Almost 100% of what he said is not just a lie, but a condemnation of himself by proxy.

He calls the Right Wing, “extremists” and “ideologues” but if you multiplied the Clintons and cubed them with Q’arter to the 4th Power, even THEY do not come even close to the, not just ideology, but Biff’s unfettered fealty to Socialism.

He complained about the intransigence of the Repubs.  Yet EVERYTHING for which he wanted funding, except OBAMASKARE, he got.  EVERYTHING.  Yet even that was not enough!

The Republicans passed a bill in the House, sent it to the Senate and Dingy Harry the ELF, skirted Senate protocol, allowed only one piece to be added to the Amendment Tree, that being his stripping the OBAMASKARE amendment.  Of course, his pinions passed it along party lines and sent it back.

The House passed a modified version of the Bill, it went back to the Senate and again boomeranged, with the defunding amendment stripped.  They House will try again on Monday night.

But all that said, Biffo pouted that it was a legitimate bill that he created, that he signed it and was sustained by the SCOTUS.  Blah, blah, blah…

But what he did not say that any spending, ANY gov’tal spending, MUST start in the House. So, his posturing and telling us of his signature has NOTHING to do with this.

But also what he did not mention is that HE personally, by EO or caprice, MODIFIED the OBAMASKARE bill fourteen times to accommodate his special interests, unions and Congress.  This is known by the technical term “illegal.”

So, lessee, the Republicans are not allowed to do anything, he can subvert the law for his own whimsy and STILL they are wrong, stubborn and, let me be clear, as she would say, intransigent.

He pissed and moaned that one part of one part of one house of one part of gov’t is holding the Country hostage.

But the SRM, the Republicrats or anyone else are not pissing and moaning that one person of one part of gov’t is holding the Country hostage.  Again, a lie.

But, look at the list of those being affected.  Biff makes it sound like there was a lot, some, any, thought put into the cut list.  Pelosi!  Biffus Maximus is going to close all of the Veterans Health facilities.  If he did nothing else, I am offended to the max and now he really, really, really crossed the line and deserves immediate impeachment. 

How DARE he CUT the health care to those who served and now suffer under the leadership or in his case “leadership” of the commander-in-chief?

And of course, it is a lie!

He is pimping a “heath skare scheme” to help those who cannot afford health care.  And what is the first thing he does?  SCREWS the Vets out of health care. 

And yet, the SRM and the Republicrats are mum.

Then he says that the Republicrats are anti-women because they are against women’s health. 

Really, are we REALLY that stupid?

He KNOWS he is going to lose this battle so he goes for the least common denominator, abortion.  And he does not even have the balls to use that word, he has to use Lib code words.

In fact, he pimped whoever and whatever could.  About the only thing this scared little girl did not call his betters “racist.”

He left that for Je$$e Jack$on, Al $harpton, the depraved mental case Ed Shultz, noted leg-shiverer Screwball Matthews and the rest of the reliable tools.

(I have had it with the calls of racism.  So, to that end, ANYONE who does not vote for defunding OBAMASKARE, I declare as  racist.  If I can’t beat them, I will join them.)

Let’s look at some of the other affected areas:  EVERY national park and attraction (closing the Wh’ite House was the warm up.), tens of thousands of gov’t employees (I am fine with most of that), delaying earned pay to the military (which may be a canard) (and really, angravate the people who are defending us, who have guns?  I do not think OLG thought this one through.) and he is going to allow those collecting social security to get back some of their own money.

Let’s look at what is NOT being affected:  OBAMA PHONES, WIC, Section 8, sex education for little kiddies, Depts. of Education, Energy, DEC, EPA and others.

The sacred cows.

And yet, the SRM and the Republicrats are mum.

I am getting physically ill from the owl offal that insulted my ears.  I dare you to listen to or read the entire speech and tell me 1) Something which was true and 2) Something that was not an absolute lie.

The only good thing is that the interns in MOC’s offices are losing their cool with We the People calling, and calling and calling.  And what I am hearing is that the OVERWHELMING majority of calls are to strip OBAMASKARE from the budget and pass the CR without it.

Here, give them a call, make their day!


House Contacts: http://www.theorator.com/government/house.html

Senate Contacts:


Key to success is nicely telling the intern who answers your call:  “I promise that I will NOT vote for ANYONE who voted against defunding OBAMASKARE.”

But Dingy Harry the ELF will sell his soul, again, to make his Massa happy, happy, happy.  That is right, Dingy Harry the ELF has not one shred of human decency and he is Biffs butt-boy in the Senate.

So, we have to, we MUST make the Left soooooo uncomfortable with our pressure that Dingy Harry the ELF might either cave or his pinions will come to Jesus.


The battle is coming, the sides are being chose. You are either with America or against her. It is the same thing with each and every elected official.  Some will cave and suck up to the deals that you KNOW Biff is bribing some (people from the Northeast with more Sandy money, people from Colorado, Oklahoma, Arizona and others affected by the storms, those in So Cal dealing with the fires.)  And cave they will and they too will LIE to us saying “I made the best deal I could for you, I got $XXXXXXXX because of Sandy/Tornado/Fire/pick your tragedy.”


He made the best deal to equivocate evilness and his desire to get re-elected.

Do not believe it.

Just like the deals made with Nebraska, Louisiana and some other states the first time around, ANY Senator or C’man who claims to be a conservative, or loves America, or wants the best and claim that they are against OBAMASKARE but then votes for it, I assure you that there 30 pieces of silver coming to his district or state and that person is a Judas Iscariot.

I do not apologize for my tone.  I would like to even more forceful but you do not deserve it as I am preaching to the choir for the most part. (But more and more of you are telling me that you are sending this thing of ours to their Liberal friends and acquaintances.  Good on you!  Angravate them until they come to their senses!)

But, go read that lying stack of bovine scatology.  Prove me wrong.


4 thoughts on ““Would You Lie To Me, Baby? Don’t Lie To Me”

  1. John Croix says:

    John – I agree with your post however there is an error regarding military. Here is the note I received from the Fleet Reserve Association (a veterans membership organization for the USN and USCG)

    Concerns About a Possible Government Shutdown
    The House and Senate are working on a short term continuing resolution (CR – H. J. Res. 59) to keep the government funded after the beginning of the new fiscal year next Tuesday. Absent an agreement before midnight on Monday, there may be a government shutdown until Congress can reach an agreement on spending and authorization measures.

    Regarding the impact of a shutdown, military personnel are considered “essential” and will be paid in the event of a shutdown, and according to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), retirees will also continue to be paid because funding retired pay is mandatory and does not require annual congressional appropriations. TRICARE benefits will also continue and veterans’ health care benefits will continue as well, since the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is on a two-year funding cycle through FY 2014.

    • jaksavin says:

      John, thanks for the update and correction, It needs to be sent to Biff as I was just reiterating that which he said in his little lie-fest. Again, proof of his mendacity. BZ.

  2. Roslyn Atwood says:

    I didn’t see yesterday’s lie-fest, but today at the gym, though I had headphones for an audiobook I saw a few snippets of today’s edition of The Daily Lies. Hard to keep my head from exploding. Blessings Roslyn http://www.ros-the-quilter.blogspot.com In Loving Memory http://www.mattatwood.com

  3. John Croix says:

    The government is “shut down” – 800,000 people were furloughed as “non-essenntial”, approx 25% of government employees – if 25% are non-essential, what would be so hard about reducing the size of government by 18%.

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