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Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Statistics:

“Madge!  Can you believe this horse hockey!  There is that darn Marxist again lying to the We the People!”

“That’s nice dear, what is he saying now?”

“That lying sack of elk droppings is saying he has fixed the unemployment crisis and now 169% of the people are employed!”

“I know, dear I heard that too! Isn’t that wonderful!”

“Madge, are you dim or something?  How can MORE than 100% of the people be employed, or ANYTHING!”

“Gee, that is a good question. But, if you hear it on the news, it must be true and he IS the president, honey.”

“Madge, Jim next door is not working, Vince is living on food stamps since the plant closed. Heck, even Candy is working as a pole-dancer since they moved the court offshore!  So, tell me, HOW can we have 169% of the people employed if I just named three who are not!”

“Dear, they are just numbers, they do not mean anything!  Do you remember what that nice Mr. Carney said?  That the debt was just silly numbers, the deficit does not exist. But I did not know who ‘Albert Max Fry’ is.”

“For the love of pete, Madge, he did not say ‘Albert Max Fry’, he said ‘arbeit macht frei.’”

“Who is he?”

“Not ‘who’, but ‘what’.  It means ‘work makes you free, and…”

“That’s nice, dear, I like that idea!”

“…Lemme finish.  Those words were on signs at the entrances to Nazi concentration camps during WWII. No, it is NOT a nice idea.  Especially not when coming out of the trap of that chump off the old blockhead.”


Sure this sounds like Archie and Edith Bunker but I am sure there are conversations like this going on all over our Country.  One of the pair has some idea of what is going on and the other is a low-information voter, swayed by the media and disabused of learning the truth.

But, I kid you not.  Just as Khrushchev won 105% of the popular vote in one of his “elections”, do not be surprised when (not “if”, but “when”) Biff lies about his great job of putting more than everybody back to work!

“Precious, I am not as dim as Madge but how can he put more than everybody back to work?”

Well, Grasshopper, glad you asked.  And the words will have had come from the venomous sewer known as Sideshow Carney’s fetid pie hole.  (Your Precious is not a fan.)


Hark back to last Thursday (which is weird for me as it is Thursday as I am writing this part of the letter) where, at the end of the missive, the Muse was reported slinging figgers like crazy.

You see, it is all there.  How many times have I said to connect the dots.  How many times have I said to read between the lines.  It is all there.

If this disaster called OBAMASKARE is fully implemented a (large) number of bad things are going to happen.  We are going to discuss two of the real important ones.  (No, not your health what does that have to do with anything? Or, you dying, again, a statistic. ) 

(And, credit where credit is due.  You will notice the clusterfluke I now reference as “OBAMASKARE.”  You see, when he thought it was great and We the Sheeple would cave, Biff took full credit for it.  He feigned embarrassment and shyness while basking in the adulation.  He dies not have a modest or decent bone in his scrawny body.  But now that the bloom is off the rose, the curtain has been pulled back and we see how devastating this scheme is, all of a sudden it is referred to as the “Affordable Health Care Act.”   I assure you that if his popularity drops any further, he will call it “PelosiCare” to assign blame to that two-digit IQ legislator.  But, I digress.)

The two big things that will adversely and perhaps irreparable effect our Country are the economy and our standard of living.

The way it works is that if you are an employer, you have to provide OBAMASKARE to your full-time employees or face fines.  Some companies will continue to pay for those benefits.  Others will pay the fines.  Some others will scam the system and cut folks hours.

Instead of Bob having a full time job as, let’s say, a truck driver, his boss will invite him to take it easy, not work so hard, say, take a few days a week off, or work half days.  Essentially, he is being part-timed.  (Or, will they call it “right timed”, like when there are layoffs. Just like the employees are not being “laid-off”, they are being “right-sized.”)  

While Bob’s income has gone down, his bills haven’t. In fact under Our Feckless Leader, they will go up and his standard of living will plummet.

So, what happens?

Bob talks with Neal who is also a truck driver in the same boat.  They hatch a plan.  They are both aware that their companies will be looking for more drivers as they have had their hours cut.  So, they apply for a part-time job at the others company.  As they both have experience, neither will get benefits, they both get hired.

Bob and Neal are both working at least full time.  But, they have less, if any benefits (and, ergo, a diminished standard of living), there is no opportunity to work overtime and they are paying for their own OBAMASKARE.

Now, the spin.

Hark back to the issue in unemployment from a few years back. Recall the numbers are a shell game.  The unemployment figgers are NOT a real, true or accurate representation of those unemployed.  They poll a specific number of people in various regions to see who is, is not, or partially employed.  Since the same statistical model is used over and over the results are compared one to another.  But the TRUE measure of employment, or lack thereof, is the percentage of working age people who are, well, working.

THAT number canNOT be skewed.  You see, in the so-called “unemployment” figgers, people who have exceeded their benefits allotment and/or have just simply given up looking for a job are no longer counted as unemployed.  While those folks shrink the sample for “unemployment” figgers, as long as they are still living, breathing, pliant humans of working age, they are still in the overall percentage of the employable.

So, rather than using the tried and accepted methods of ascertaining the level of employment, or lack thereof, Biff & Co will flip the script and use the rubric they have heretofore ignored and played down: “Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey.”  Or, the table for how many people are able to work and how many are. http://www.bls.gov/cps/cpsaat01.htm


Well, to be truthful (I have no way of explaining to any Libs out there what the truth is.  So, I will have to define truth by what it is not.  The truth is NOT what is coming out of the mouths of Biff, Sideshow Carney, Nasty Pelosi, WTLF Kerry, Dingy Harry the ELF [ELF =  Evil Little FFfffffff….ella.  You get the picture.]) even then they will tweak the figgers. 

The chart from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is pregnant with figgers of all kinds, sorts and states.  There are enough facts and figgers to make most any case.  Quite frankly it is rather interesting reading, but largely for those who enjoy reading telemetry.

That brings is to the old saw “There are lies, damnable lies and statistics.”  And with that in mind, Biff & Co. will easily and comfortably, lie.

Why would they lie?  Well, the statistical data show how many people are employed in any number of endeavors.  Again, how many people are really and employed irrespective of the number of jobs have they.

Now, take our friends Neal and Bob.  Sure they are both working, so in the great scheme of things, those statistics do not change. 

Or do they?

While they are both working, they are both working two part time jobs each to make ends meet.  Who is to say that Biff or one of his pinions would not instruct the BLS to double count Neal and Bob and all others how are compelled to have multiple jobs to survive.

Let’s assume for the moment that there is some integrity at the BLS.  (I believe there is.)  Let’s say they refuse to alter the current measurements.  Let’s say as a concession, they agree to make an additional category which shows how many people are working  but if someone is working two or three jobs, they will count as two or three people.  (I will save you the trouble, the numbers will look like they are improving.)

But it is all a crap shoot anyway.   Even now, the majority of jobs “created” by this Marxist fall into either the public sector (and that costs us money) or part time jobs already.

If you want to scare a Liberal, take the last two or three years of pronouncements Biff made regarding the “jobs he created.”  (Bear in mind, he is comfortable saying “jobs he created” rather than his previous mouth of pelosi of “jobs he created or saved.” Heck, you can say you saved ALL the jobs….)  Then have them add them up.  Add that to the number of people working at some point in time, say 2009. 

You see, facts are funny fings.  In 2009, there were 154,142,000 people working out of a base of 235,801,000.  After 2012, there were 154,975,000 people working, which is an increase of 835,000 people working but the base also increased to 243,284,000, which is an increase of 7,483,000 in the labor pool.

So, 7,000,000 MORE people, 800,000 MORE jobs.   How many did Biff claim to create?

But, wait, there is more!  The so-called unemployment rate went from 9.3% in 2009 “down” to 8.1% at the end of 2012.  How does that work?  An almost 10-to-1 ratio of more new people in the work pool versus actually working and the unemployment rate went down?

Well the important figger is the percentage of working.  Sure jobs were created, if you wish to believe that.  Sure the unemployment rate went down, if you wish to believe that as well.

BUT, the percentage of working Americans FELL from 65.4% to 63.7%.  THAT is the real number to watch.

And THAT will be the number Biff & Co, will try to pump up.

More to come…


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