“4 OF…”

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“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Goldfish:



Some dimbulb news breather from ABC News had a little sitdown with Biff.  I’m sure she is still orgasmic based on her drooling and squirming while in the presence of our feckless “leader.”

Lord knows what they talked about as I was busy getting a perm but they showed a clip on the news.  Blondie asked a question posed by one of her kids, I shink: “(My child) wants to know what is the coolest thing about being president.”

A good person night take a moment to think about it for a moment, perhaps even repeat the question to himself.  A good person would try to craft the correct reply as his audience is one child out of the entire Country.

A good person might suggest doing things to help people.  A good person might say awarding a Medal of Honor to “one of his military.”  A good person might say that he can make sure all kids get a proper education.  A good person might even trot our OBAMASKARA as a cool thing.

Alas, Biff is not a good person.  He is an evil person.  EVIL.

When asked that truly powerful question, one which may have made a difference to a child, AH-1 says, without missing a beat: “I think the coolest thing is that if there’s somebody interesting who’s doing anything -– a scientist, a sports figure, a writer, anybody in the world –- if I want to call ’em up and talk to ’em, they will answer my phone call. And that’s a pretty cool thing,”

(I am sure the kid was not disappointed in that answer. She set the bar low and even then he screwed up.  The kid thought the coolest thing would be to “hang out with Jay-Z and Beyoncé.”)

There are so many teachable moments here:  the sycophancy of the Media, the posed questions, the slobbering over his every word, a reporter doing a piss-poor job raising a child who has an unreal vision of real life and topping that pelosi sundae was the cherry himself, Biff saying (let me paraphrase): “Me, Me, Me, I Me, I, Me, Me, Me.”

I believe this was near the end of the commercial interview.  It was almost like Biff saying: “Sweetie, you don’t have to keep telling me how great I am, let me tell you how great I am!”

(I have another tidbit, but that will be another issue.)


“The beast goes on”, to misquote a former boss’s ex-wife.

Let’s look back over the introductory issues to this series.  What have we learned?  Have we learned ANYTHING new?

Nope.  Not at all.  Not a sausage.

You could take virtually every FISH written over the past six or seven years and overlay anyone of them over the past three issues and there would be nothing outside the lines of anything.

While there may be some contextual or textural differences, the overall message has not changed.

As I write this, at least this part, I am still in New York and as I write this the Senate will vote on the debt limit and things stay EXACTLY the same.

You see, the Socialists will win and get EVERYBLOODTHING they wanted because they did not have to fight the Republicans, the Republicrats were fighting the Conservatives.

If you heard Dingy Harry the ELF speak at any time, you heard a bitter, hateful little weasel excoriating the Right, lumping ALL the Republicans together as if they were in lock-step like his little brown-shirted Democrats.

Meanwhile on the other side of the aisle you have the Cruz’s, the Lee’s, the Spence’s, the Gowdy’s, the Goermert’s and some others against an vilified by the McLame’s, the Goober Grahams, the Pete King’s and the rest of the Republicrats who take their marching orders from the Dems.

Say what you will about the Liberals, and there is a lot and very little good, they stick together.

One lies, the other swears to it, the Spokesweasel Sideshow Carney pronounces it gospel, and the faithful scribes report it in the gazettes.

I have said this before and I am sure I will again.  The greatest strength of the Right is also their greatest weakness.  They ARE the big tent party, they ARE willing to have differing ideas, they ARE able to have honest discourse about their different views and all that is great and a good foundation for a fair and honest gov’t.

The problem is that they are all too eager to arrange the circular firing squad rather than standing up to the Socialists, Marxists and petty criminals.

OK, my head is going to explode.  Will end this abruptly, will try to pen on from points west and get back on schedule next week.


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