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Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Goldfish:


So, where were we?

We have a terrorist having been spirited into the Country without the hue and cry like when they tried to bring in KSM et al, there was a meticulously planned “spontaneous” shut down of the national parks and memorials, then the more than likely “dry-run” of shutting off EBT cards in some places and turning off the limits in others, so far.

But, it is early.

And to add insult to injury, Wal-Mart may be on the hook for the thievery.  Lessee, Wal-Mart accepts EBT cards (they do not have to), and who knows how long it takes to get reimbursed by the gov’t for things they sell at very short margins  The gov’t screws up and thousands of Democrats (and possibly a few Republicrats – someone prove me wrong) go on a wonton shopping spree and… Wal-Mart is responsible.

Trey Williams from the Louisiana (Geaux Saints) Department of Children and Family offered this response worthy of Orwell or Kafka:  “These businesses are only reimbursed for the benefits on the card, and they are completely responsible. So if someone had $50 dollars (sic) on their card, and they spent $100, the retailer, in this case Wal-Mart, would be on the hook for the other $50.”

Sooooooo…. If they have $50 on the card and they buy more the retailer is responsible.  Er, and excuse me for thinking clearly (and as I do not have an EBT I do not have firsthand knowledge), the way the story was written is that the peeps went on a buying frenzy when it was noticed that they had an unlimited balance.

If any knows how this works, please let me know. But based on what I read, when you present your card, it gives you a real time balance before and after the transactions.  Based on that, if some peeps had an “unlimited balance” then, in that case and only in that case, if the person spent more than infinity dollars should Wal-Mart or anyone be liable.

Again, I see this as a dry-run.

I want you to get into the Way Back machine and go to the FISH I sent out about five years ago as well as one a year or so later.

Recall, in my “discussion” on Steven Chu, the Sec of Energy who hates energy, that there was a very large push to use “electric” or hybrid cars.  Part of the flawed logic is that the electric cars produce zero emissions.

Unless the Liberal owner of a 100% electric car has his own water turbine or an amazingly large number of people on stationary bikes hooked up to a generator, the chances are very good that the “zero emission” electric car is powered by…. COAL.

(In an exercise of mirth, I love to challenge the hemp-wearing Libs who own such a vehicle as to their motivation for owning such a machine.  One of the top reasons you are told is that “It is good for the environment.”  Then you hit him with the right jab of “So, you think coal fired power plants do not pollute?” Then you come back with the left hook of “And, when it is time, how do you intend to dispose of the batteries which are made of so many heavy metals that they have a half-life close to plutonium?  And, don’t forget all the pollution of these dangerous chemicals used in their manufacture.”)  (And lest you think I am being unfair, I do not know anyone who owns an electric car and only one person with a Prius. And he swears he was hypnotized into buying it.)

All that said, what I wrote back then was the electric car had three very large liabilities: it has a limited range, it took a long time to recharge and IF THERE WAS NO ELECTICITY YOU WERE STUCK.

Now, fast forward a few years and the discussion on OBAMASKARE.  Recall the bit where we talked about student loans and their inclusion in this “bill.”  To summarize, I opined that per the “bill”, the state (no longer capitalized in this case) will determine who gets “kash for kolledge” but in trade they will determine what course said student will follow.

And in appreciation, the recently graduated will be thrilled to take whatever position that are told to take anywhere in the country. (Again, at that stage of the game, no longer capitalized.)

High School Senior:  “Hi, I’d like a student loan, please.”

The Loan Arranger: “Fine, let me check out your credentials, transcripts, financials, voting records, health records, DMV records, financials of your parents, their voting records and a few dozen other things.  Sit tight for a minute.”

HSS:  “I would like to go to UNC and study medicine! I want to be a doctor!”

TLA:  “Well, isn’t that nice!  You will be attending Slippery Rock State Teachers College and you will be a kindergarten class teacher’s aide in Minot, North Dakota.

HSS: “What?? I don’t want to be a teacher’s assistant in North Dakota!”

TLA:  “I don’t recall asking you what you wanted to do or where, you asked me for a loan.  And you came t-h-i-s close to being a diver at a water treatment plant, had your parents not changed party affiliations back in 2016!)

(For the record, Slippery Rock is a very fine teachers college. And I have nothing against Minot.  And this will be the last time I explain things in order not to offend anyone.  If you don’t know me by now….)

So, how close is Xerox “accidentally” messing with someone’s EBT card by either turning it off or turning it wide open to “turning off” your electricity?  Or “turning off” your school choices?

Or, turning off your credit card?  (Take a look at Revelation 13:17 for an eye-opener.)

And while all that is happening pretty much off the radar, after all,
how much of any of that have you heard in the SRM?  Or, as the shutdown of the parks and memorials have been on the QT, the story we had been fed of late is of the Republicrats and their unwillingness to only do everything Biff & Co want them to do and the debt ceiling, which involves the Fed, which is part of the Club.

We are not hearing about the terrorist now on our soil.

We are not hearing about Iran and their nukes, which was soooo important a few weeks back.

We are not hearing about Syria, against whom we were going to declare war (on one side or the other, who really knows.)

We are not even hearing about the three stooges; The Evil Hillaroo, The Dumb JoeBama and the Pandering Pimp of Pomposity WTLF Kerry.

And you need to THINK about all of that.

No, not the terrorist per se, after all the law has been broken and now that the veil is ripped, other tangos can come north. And, no, not even Iran or Syria.  And, no, not even the debt “crisis” or the “CR”.   None of those things are important.

Now, for 1.2 billion temporary bonus points for ninety-days, what is the commonality in those things?


Nope, I am not telling you, not yet anyway.   Feel free to post your answer on the website or on Facebook.  Talk amongst yerselves.

As you read this, I am enjoying a well-deserved vacation with my kids and their kids, my beloved grands, in very clement climes.

However, as I write this, it is a miserable day in New York.  Heck, between that and the salutation, I have all but given you the answer.


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