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(Today is Halloween.  It is allegedly the scariest day of the year.  Funny, when people talk of good times and happy days they say “Every day is like CHRISTmas” or “Every day is like my birthday.”  But with this cast or characters in their frightening costumes as “Toad Boy” [Reid], “Stone Face” [Pelosi], “Cat-Dog” [Biff, and I want you to REALLY think about that one], “Multimouth” [Spokesweasel Sideshow Carney] and so on with the evil, total evil and abject evil they create, represent and promote, until we can rid ourselves of them, EVERYDAY will be like Halloween….  God Help Us All!)

As you know, I have a great sense of humor, at least I think I do and that is a start.  I can find something funny in almost anything except the Socialists ruining our Country, hurting a child or blasphemy.

I love the old Marx Brothers movies, oddly enough.  Karl, not so much so, but Groucho, Chico, Harpo, Zeppo and Gummo, wow, love those guys!

Today, I heard someone say “…and two hard boiled eggs” when placing an order at the deli.  I was immediately reminded of “A Night at the Opera” where there are a few people in the stateroom and they want something to eat.  Groucho, outside the room, finds the steward and starts ordering masses of food. “…Two poached eggs, two fried eggs, two scrambled eggs and two medium boiled eggs.”  From the room, you hear Chico say “And two hard boiled eggs.” To which Groucho adds “And two hard boiled eggs” and Harpo on the bed (I think he had insomnia, but he was sleeping it off) hits his horn and Groucho corrects himself with “Make that three hard boiled eggs.”

And it goes on…

But, the Muse huffed.  She said, “Sure that is funny but why are they on the boat in the first place and what is the connection to this mess Biff is foisting on us?”

I had no idea it was going to be a quiz!

But I am sure you have all seen this movie (and if not, shame on you!  ALL the Marx Brothers movies will lift your spirits and have you laughing out loud), but the Muse was right.  Why were they on the boat?

If you know the movie, good on ya, if not, there is no need for set up.  From the script, in Chico’s words:

“So now I tell you how we fly to America. The first time-a we start-a, we get-a half way across when we run out of gasoline and we gotta go back. Then I take-a twice as much-a gasoline. This time we were just about to land, maybe three feet, when what do you think? We run out of gasoline again. And back we go again and get-a more gas. This time I take-a plenty gas. Wella we getta half way over … when what do you thinka happen? We forgota the airplane. So we gotta sit down and we talk it over. Then I getta the great idea. We no taka gasoline. We no taka the airplane. We taka steamship. And that, friends… is how we fly across the ocean.”

Now, some of you are already thinking ahead.  You may be right or not.  So, before I grade you on your suspicions, check this little vignette the Muse and I have worked out!

“Wow, I do not feel well, I am going to the doctor.”


“Because I do not feel well, what are you, deaf?”

“What? Sorry, old joke.  But why bother going to the doctor?”

“A’cause I am paying out the wazoo for health care insurance.  And I intend to get my money’s worth!”

“Er, yeah, good luck with that!”

“What do you mean? We pay a ton for insurance, we need to take advantage when we can!”

“Aw, that is sooo cute!  You think just because you pay for insurance that you will see a doctor or receive medical care.  You are a jewel!”

“Are you stupid?  We have health insurance!”

“No, dear, YOU are!  We HAVE health insurance but we have NO GUARANTEE of any kind of health care!”


Do you remember our old friend Dr. Berwick?  Sure you do, he is the Kevorkian-like creatchure who Biff wanted to run “healthskare.”

(He could not get past nomination because of his radical views so, Biffo made one of his “allegedly” illegal recess appointments and stayed in post until he was forced to vacate as there was no way he would ever pass muster.  How bad is this a’hat?  Look at who DID pass muster… Stedman, Mrs. Mengele [aka Sibelius], Janet from Another Planet, and so on…)

You see, one of his big pitches was, well, a series of lies.  He compared the US to the UK.  Let me tell, back in the 70’s the NHS basically sucked and it has only gotten worse in the ensuing decades.  The only numbers which have steadily risen are deaths. (Need more proof?  As the old joke goes: “One Word: British Dentistry.”)

It is a little hard to get a quick glance at the stats.  If you are interested, check out Brittan’s health website, link below.  You will note some of the reporting is up to five years behind.  Ours will only be worse.  It is off since BEFORE day one.  http://www.statistics.gov.uk/hub/health-social-care/index.html

So Berwick made the contention that it took (paraphrasing): “9% of the UKs GDP to have health ‘coverage’ for everyone where in the US, it took 17% for our population.”  Note, he does not say what WE have and his term is amorphous are best and a lie at worst. So, let’s call it a lie.

But the 100% of Brits who have “coverage” may have to wait weeks, months or even expire before they even see a “medical professional” let alone treatment.

(NB:  Even here as now, you may not even see a doctor here or even have a doctor.  Take a look, there are more and more “PA’s” – Physician Assistants – than ever before. And many private practices and hospitals are closing up and there are more clinics and “urgent care” facilities.)

What Berwick did not say in his comparison is that irrespective of the political implications, the United States has the best health CARE in the world.

But, you see, Berwick, Biff, Mrs. Mengele and the rest see “healthcare” as a “right” and we can take great comfort knowing their respect for “rights.”  <Snicker.>

But that is the same pelosi argument as killing a baby is a “right” for women’s health care.

In other words, when the Marxists/Socialists want you to bite the bait and get sucked into something a normal person would recognize as a scam, they call it a “right.”

So, you have the “right” to kill your baby (you know how I feel about this), you have the “right” to “health care”, you have the “right” to a house, you have the “right” to a cell phone, you have the “right” to be forced to join a union and so on.

If fact, you have all kinds of rights that those stupid, White old men could not fathom all those many years ago!

They thought you had only the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!   How provincial!

They could not have conceived the need for a “right” to a 60 inch flat screen TV, the “right” to cable TV and the “right” to a high-speed internet connection.

After all, we must be fair to those old imperialist racists!  They had no such amenities as running water, electricity, television, cars or the like.  They must be excused for having such a limited view into the future.

Indeed, those poor addled men whose brains were obviously affected by wig-powder.  They had such quaint notions as a belief in God (and if not God per se, a Supreme Being), the goodness of character, a willingness to help the community and to, gasp, actually WORK for a living!

Now, we have the “right” to sell our votes to the highest bidder in order to keep our adipose a$$e$ right where they belong: in front of the free big screen in our free apartment watching the View.

Funny, and typical, when you think of it.  The Left is giving us more and more crap sandwiches on stale bread described as “rights” while they are simultaneously robbing the larder of filets and rib-eyes, which are the Freedom of Speech, Religion, Press, Assembly, the right to bear arms, to vote and so on and so forth.

You get the point.

Enough for now, more to come kids….


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  1. Glad to have found you here!

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