“7 Of….”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Goldfarbs:



“Yes, we are the Johnsons!”

“Very well, come this way…. Thank you for appearing today.”

“Well, we were told to be here.  Can you tell us why?  The message seemed odd, especially bringing all the children on a school day!”

“Trust me, the children won’t miss any school.  So you are a Party Member…”

“Yes, both of us, especially after Hillary won!  Isn’t that wonderful!  Our first female president!  Truly, I could just cry.”

“You may save that for later.  In any event, you both a Party Members?

“Yes, and we…”

“You did vote for Madame President?”

“Why yes!  Of course! And we…”

“Well, good for you.  And you did receive this packet of questions a few weeks ago, read it, filled it out, signed it and returned it to us?”

“Yes, why…”

“Are these your signatures?”

“Yes, of course, that is mine and…”

“And you realize that your signature indicate that you read the information above and agree to all of the stipulations?”

“Of course we agree, after all it is Hillary! And maybe we did not get a Philadelphia lawyer to go over it, we looked at it, the opening bits for sure and glanced over the rest.”

“Sort of like the way the Congress back in in 2010 went over St. Obamacare. Hehhehheh.”

“Doctor, without being rude, may  ask why are we here?  And, now that I think of it, why are we seeing a doctor?  We both are well as are all of the boys!”

“Yes, yes, yes.  Four strapping boys.  And they seem so well behaved!”

“Well, we try.  We want to provide model citizens for the party and here are four amazing examples.”

“Yes, of course.   Now one more time, you both read the document you signed, which I must alert you to the fact that it is a legally binding document, yes?”

“Yes, of course!  We would do ANYTHING for Hillary, I am sorry, for Madame President.  Anything, we adore her!”

“Anything… hmmm…  Sorry drifted for a moment. So therefore we can surmise that based on the fact that you read over the document, signed it and agree to all of its clauses and codicils and that it is irrevocable?”

“Yes, we as we said, we love Madame President and St Obama.  We would do anything for the party!”

“I want to be as fair as I can.  I am authorized to give you a chance to change your mind, take the contract and walk away as if nothing happened.  If you do that, there will be no negative information put in your files but this is the one and only opportunity you will offered to walk away.”

“No, we are fine with whatever is in there. St. Obama did all he could for the folks.  We both voted for him all four times.  We would have voted for him again, except…”

“There, there, no reason to cry, it is all good!  We have Madame President to lead us now!  Ok, so that settles it, we can put the seal on this file and you both will sign it with the understanding that you will be legally bound to the contents therein?”

“Yes, of course, anything for the Party!”

“Fair enough, if the both of you will sign here… and here…  good, now on to business.”


“Yes, of course, business.”

“What kind of business?”

“Why, Madame Presidents Business of course!  But first, what are the names of your boys?”

“Jimmy is the oldest, then William, who we call Bill, you can guess why, then John Al, we had a hard time with that name, and the little one, Barrack.”

“Impressive!  You have honored the party by naming the children after our presidents and contenders!  Tell me, which ones are your favorites?”

“Oh….. we love them all the same!”

“I am sure you do. But you must have favorites, either one or one each.  I mean, you may like music and Dick may like sports, so it would be natural for you to favor the most musically inclined and your partner to favor the athlete.”

“Well… when you put it like that I do like music and Bill has shown an interest in the flute.”

“And I think that Jimmy has the most athletic prowess. Then again, he IS the oldest, I am sure that as time goes on the others will learn their chops.”

“Er, of course. I appreciate your candidness.  So Lotta, you see Bill as a favorite and Dick, you think that Jimmy is the best athlete, yes?””

“Yes, what difference does it make? I am sure that as time goes on, those talents may change from boy to boy…”

“Er, yes…  So, as we speak, on the totem pole of your boys Bill and Jimmy are at the top of the heap and..”

“Well, they are the oldest. As I said, I am sure that as time goes by, the talents of the other bro…”

“Yes, indeed… So again, just so we are on the same page, you did read the Party position paper, you signed it, you had the opportunity to renege you declined, and you re-affirmed your fealty to Madame President, yes?”

“Of course but what does that have to do with…..hey, why are those nurses taking John Al and Barrack?  Where are they taking them? Why? No, really, what is going on here?”

“You read or at the very least agreed that you read the Party platform, and…”

“What does that have to do with where our boys…”

“You signed that and had the opportunity to renege, …”

“But we did not, we are good Party Members!”

“Yes, of course.  And you will then recall St. Obama’s dedication to women’s health.  You both claim to be very pro-choice, per your documents, yes?”

“Of course!  We volunteer at Planned Parenthood and contribute to Emily’s List.”

“You will recall, then, when St. Obama extended the window for woman’s health choice till not just birth, not just a week, not even a month but up until a year after the delivery of a fetus.”

“Yes, we recall.”

“And you supported woman’s choice up until the fetus’s first anniversary of exiting the womb?”

“Yes, but…”

“And you signed the Party platform which decreed that per Madame President, Party members are limited to two children only and that…”

“WHAT!!!! We did not see THAT? We would NEVER agree to that, we…”

“But you did, you agreed to it when you first signed the packet and you were given at least two opportunities to back out but neither of you did and you both resigned and we have this entire transaction on video.”

“What are you talking about?  What transaction?”

“You agreed to abide by the Amendment for Women’s Health Rights. Madame President has mandated that the Party faithful will not have more than two children.”

“WHAT????  Won’t have more than two children? But we have four! And they were all born before Madame President was elected.”


“And what?  My kids, our kids were born before this rule, which we support for other people!”

“Madame President has been very clear on this matter, two children only an after all, you signed the packet within was the limitations of the transaction.”

“What transaction?”

“The one where you agreed to be bound to all new bills or laws ex post facto.”

“Transaction?  Limited to two children? What are you talking about? Where are John Al and Barrack?”

“My dear, I am pleased to advise you their suffering is over, we have…”

“Sufffering? What suffering they are fine. You saw them when they were here just a …”

“I can assure you, they did not suffer. The ….”

“Suffer?  SUFFER? What are you talking about? They are fine!”

“My dear, they are at rest.  You agreed and swore to uphold the law of the Madame President.  You will be allowed to view them before you must leave.”


“Calm down, it is far too late. You sealed their fate when you walked in. I gave you two chances to change your mind but you had too much faith in your leader. And now you must stand up for your beliefs!”

“But, we did not read the papers and we are Party Members, we thought we would be rewarded and the Republicans would be rightfully punished!”

“In time, but Madame President wishes to set a standard, to set an example.  This conversation we are having is happening thousands of times today and going forward.  Oh, you DID read the part for the penalty for revealing what happened during this interview?”

“No we…”

“I assure you, think the worst.  Think Chris Stevens…

“You wouldn’t!  They wouldn’t! SHE wouldn’t!”

“I would, we would and not only would she, it is her idea. It would not be her first time at the rodeo.”’

“My God, what have we done!”

“My what?  There is no god! Are you really an enemy of the state?!”

“NO, NO, NO, it is just an old term from before the Great Purge.  There is no lord but Madame President.  There was no lord before her but St. Obama.”

“OK, that is better.  As you know our Madame President supports all rights for gay people.”

“Yes, as do we!”

“And you know that one of the reasons Madame President put the “Fair and Balanced Family Act” into law so that we will no longer procreate and populate as we did before.  Of course, this is for our friends the Muslims and other catch up to our numbers.”

“Yes, of course, we support that! Long live Madame President!”

“The next step is to reproduce at a rate lower than replenishment after all not to allow our friends from the Middle East to catch up would be…”

“Racist.  Yes, we know, we agree.”

“So, which one is going to federal homosexual re-education, Jimmy or Bill?”



OK, laugh. Tell me I am crazy.   Tell me this could never happen.  And you will be surprised, I will agree with you if and only if you can tell me ONE thing this Maladministration has done to convince you this could never happen.


(LASTCALLBAR: Imagine if once a woman was pregnant she had to name her baby and had to refer to that life in her belly by that name?  I wonder….)



One thought on ““7 Of….”

  1. Roslyn Atwood says:

    Sounds like a nightmare from which you never awaken! Unfortunately I do not put anything past these evil doers but then I am one of those who believe that there is a “left wing conspiracy” to take the US into a socialist/ communist regime. It’s all about power & control. BTW look what my DH bought me from Costco! Hic! Blessings Roslyn http://www.ros-the-quilter.blogspot.com In Loving Memory http://www.mattatwood.com

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