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Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Goldbars:


Some of you may have seen this letter circulated on the internet.  In my curiosity and quest for accuracy, I checked into it.  I located the writer, commended her for being so brave and asked permission to reprint this.

This young lady from Palmer, Texas took the time to craft this letter which has by now gone somewhat viral.  I wonder how many of us feel as does she. I wonder how many of us have the intestinal fortitude to write something this damning.

For years I have been asking extolling, cajoling, begging you to do all that you can to make our Country whole again, back to the way it used to be.  Even the bad old days were far better than these!

Now, not every one of you checks in with me, and not all of you agree with me.  Both are fine.   I do hear from a fair number of you who have done something special, over and above or simply made a donation to a worthy entity.  From the number of contacts I get on various items, I am proud to say that the statistical model suggests that you are far more active and far more generous than the average.  In fact you exceed expectations even after removing liberals from the equation.

In other words, youse are good eggs.

I am not asking you to do anything special.  I am not asking you to go to the well.  If you are led, you will do what is in your heart, whatever that may be. 

I want you to read the letter below. (No, Ben, not scan over it but read it.)  I would be surprised if most of you have not had to face one of these challenges and I would wager that there may be some of you that have faced them all, and if possible, more.

What is poignant is that she does an amazing job in not making any ad hominem attacks, there is nothing with which anyone could deny and she makes a good case.

There are three sad parts. 

The first and most obvious is that she is in this condition.  The second is that she is not alone and getting more company every day. 

But the third thing is the one that strikes me as the saddest.  She feels that she has been let down, perhaps slammed down, by the gov’t.  Note, that she is not asking for rent money, food stamps a free phone or anything.  (From the tone of her letter, I do not get the sense that she receives any assistance.)  She is just a mom, a regular person like you or me who is at her breaking point.  (And STILL she gives to others out of her need.)

I am not going to post any contact info here or now but if you want to contact her for any reason, best send me an email. 

So, take a deep breath and get into a quiet place for about 2 minutes and read this.


Dear President Obama, 

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all you have done and are doing. You see I am a single Mom located in the very small town of Palmer, Texas. I live in a small rental house with my two children. I drive an older car that I pray daily runs just a little longer. I work at a mediocre job bringing home a much lower paycheck than you or your wife could even imagine living on. I have a lot of concerns about the new “Obamacare” along with the taxes being forced on us Americans and debts you are adding to our country. I have a few questions for you Mr. President.

Have you ever struggled to pay your bills? I have.

Have you ever sat and watched your children eat and you eat what was left on their plates when they were done, because there wasn’t enough for you to eat to? I have.

Have you ever had to rob Peter to pay Paul, and it still not be enough? I have.

Have you ever been so sick that you needed to see a doctor and get medicine, but had no health insurance because it was too expensive? I have. 

Have you ever had to tell your children no, when they asked for something they needed? I have.

Have you ever patched holes in pants, glued shoes, replaced zippers, because it was cheaper than buying new? I have.


Have you ever had to put an item or two back at the grocery store, because you didn’t have enough money? I have. 

Have you ever cried yourself to sleep, because you had no clue how you were going to make ends meet? I have. 

My questions could go on and on. I don’t believe you have a clue what Americans are actually going through and honestly, I don’t believe you care. Not everyone lives extravagantly. While your family takes expensive trips that cost more than most of us make in two-four years, there are so many of us that suffer. Yet, you are doing all you can to add to the suffering. I think you are a very selfish and cold hearted man, who does not care what is best for the people he was elected by (not by me) to represent, but more so out for the glory of your name attached to history. So thank you Mr. President, thank you for pushing those of us that are barely staying afloat completely under water and driving America into the ground. You have made your mark in history, as the absolute worst and most hated president of the United States.


God have mercy on your soul! 
Yolanda Vestal
Average American


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