“Election 2016 – Primer #1”

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Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Goldfinches:


Let’s talk elections for a moment, shall we? Do! Let’s!

We have talked in the past about how politics is the second oldest profession in the world and is very much like the oldest except is costs way more and there is far less satisfaction.

In the good old days, if someone was running for tribunal or chief or something, if the backers of one guy thought the other guy was a threat, well, he would simply have a “chariot accident” or something funny in his peace pipe.  They just offed him.

Back in those days, there were no forensics and unless one was seen doing the deed with a smoking dagger in your hand, to mix metaphors, someone was dead that was that.

For some reason, we have stopped killing those running on the party opposite. Prolly a good thing.  But, that has not deterred the political operatives from doing all that they can to get their guy elected or, at the very least, make sure the other guy is unelectable.

Of course there are number of ways of accomplishing this.  There is negative campaigning, which, thanks largely to the Left, is status quo now. 

Funny, really, things that would have gotten a person thrown in jail not all that long ago are planks in their platform.

Take for instance the incoming Mayor of New York.  He is a Marxist (oohhhh, a REAL one, of the “I go to the Soviet Union” and “I help the Sandinistas” kind.)  Years ago, just being a Commie could land you in jail.  Going to Russia could have landed you in jail.  Going to Nicaragua could have got you in jail.  Had it been a declared war, helping the Sandinistas could have gotten you executed and so on.

On the other side of the coin, his allegedly ex-black nationalist radical lesbian wife could have had them both arrested under miscegenation laws.   But, times are different now.

But enough on William Wilhelm, or, as he goes by now, Bill de Blasio.

Sure, there were silly things, such as the guy back in the day and way up in the woods who said of his opponent “His brother is a homo sapien and his sister is a thespian! “  I think we are past that kind of silliness.

But, dirty tricks evolved and are other tricks for which to watch, but we will address this later on.

I am going to refresh your memory, if I may.

In 1908 William Howard Taft was elected.  He was somewhat popular, elected largely on the coattails of Teddy Roosevelt.  As president, Taft was his own man and he did some unpopular things to the people (income tax…. A whole ‘nother story….) and angravated business by his trust-busting.  Although, his branch of the party supported business over unions… Hmmm…

Come 1912, business and bankers – specifically the evil House of Morgan – wanted him gone.  They supported a socialist tool in the form of Woodrow Wilson.  As the race got tighter Morgan et al decided to fix the race be getting Roosevelt to run again as the Progressive Party candidate. (I think Flo was his running mate.)

The bankers not only poured tons of dough into Wilson’s coffers but did the same for Roosevelt, who thought that his backers actually liked him.

The goal was not for Roosevelt to win but to siphon enough vote from Taft in order that Good Old Socialist Wilson would win.  The rest is history.

The first dirty trick of the 2016 election was perpetrated this past Election Day.

Virginia Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli, ran against Democrat Party hack Terry McAuliffe.  He also ran against some Libertarian tool called Robert Sarvis.  He also ran against the Republican National Committee.  He also ran against the Master Cylinder Karl Rove.  He also ran against every Republicrat out there, such as Krispie Kreme himself.

To the meat of this and to explain some of the above:

Just like in 1912, McAuliffe did NOT receive a majority of votes, but, that is nothing new.  But if the faux candidate Sarvis did not run, it is estimated that Cuccinelli wins by two points instead of losing by the same margin.

I have nothing against third parties, or, more accurately, I have no use for the current two parties.  But, unless we are to wind up as either a communist country or one of those messed up socialist (for the most part) countries with 169 parties and someone creates a coalition gov’t which lasts till the first vote.

There are ways of addressing that and we will at a later time. I just wish to deconstruct this traitorous activity a little deeper.

Point 1: As stated, Sarvis is a tool.  He knew he had no shot but there is some support for his brand of politics.  Operatives of the Maladministration bankrolled much of Sarvis’ campaign.  And like in 1912, they had no expectation that he would win and would have made sure he didn’t if all of a sudden he caught fire.  But what he did do is to siphon votes from Cuccinelli.  So, a vote for Sarvis was essentially the same as a vote for McAuliffe.  (86% of those voting for him would have voted for Cuccinelli.  This is also born out if you look at the poll tracking.)

Point 2: The RNC does not like Cuccinelli because he is his own man and he is not that interested in being controlled by the party. The RNC spent more than three times the money in the 2009 gubernatorial race where Bob McDonnell won handily.

Point 3:  Master Cylinder Karl Rove does not like Cuccinelli for the same reasons as the RNC.  Rove on election night was somewhat conciliatory to Cuccinelli then blamed him for his own defeat because of his perceived “Tea Party” views.  Here are two litmus tests:  1) If you hear Biff say something, assume the opposite is true; 2) Anyone Rove supports must be treated with great suspicion.  (Bet a dollar he backs Krispie.) 

Point 4: The Republicrats would not stump for him but you had such criminals (indicted and unindicted so far) as the Clintons and Boobberg throwing their power, name and money at McAuliffe.  Krispie was asked three times to come to the Commonwealth and lend a hand. Like St. Peter, three times he denied to go there.  You see, he did not want to be tarred by the so-called Tea Party brush.

(However, through his machinations Krispie allowed unindicted thus far former mayor of Newark, Corey Booker, get a shot to run for Senator to serve out Lautenberg’s term. You see, Krispie could have made his interim appointment last till the next election.  But, no, this way he gave the Liberals one more seat in the Senate, which is fine a’cause we have so many of them. I am disinclined to research this further as it makes no difference now but we will revisit this going forward.)

The bottom line is the party line.

I am know I am going to get some blow back on this, largely from people who throw away their votes, throw away elections and throw away YOUR liberties.   But there is principle and there is just plain common sense. 

The chances of a minor party guy winning an election are minute.  Yes, some Tea Party guys got in the “Brothel” but most of them turned out to suck out loud.  The ones who were true their platform are being vilified by the Left and disassociated by the Right.  The dirt- and other –bags in the Republicrat Party MUST be excised.  And the best way of doing that is at the grassroots level.

More on that as we go on…

But, you will see a lot of “Tea Party” and “Libertarian” and “Constitution” Party and others come out of the woodwork.  If you are familiar with your local political people as am I, and you see a name that you do not know running for something on a minor party, I am sure you will find out he is a fraud.

You can BET, no, you can be assured (betting suggest risk, there is no doubt here) that the Socialists will pull out all of the stops in 2014 and perfecting them by 2016.

Look at 2010 in Nevada.   Sharon Angle is leading Dingy Harry the ELF all during campaigning.  Then all of a sudden, voila, there is a Tea Party Candidate.   Turns out he was a stalking horse.  When you take out the pretenders for the throne and the voter fraud, Angle win the election.  (Yes voter fraud. I know!  Whoda think it!)    

Speaking of Mormons, of which Dingy is one, he is also good friends with billionaire John Huntsman, Sr.  John Huntsman is also good friends with Glenn Beck.  You would think that a man with such diverse connections would be a member of one of the clubs!  But, you would be wrong!

But, his son is.  Huntsman Junior is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  Oh, and ran against fellow Republicrat and Mormon, Mitt Romney.  But it was not the younger Huntsman who tipped off Dingy Harry that Mitt had not paid taxes in ten years (which was not true) but the elder Huntsman.

(Do you see why politics is like prostitution now?)               

Meanwhile on the OTHER side of the Country in Deleware, home of the dimmest person ever to hold the #2 Chair, Christine O’Donnell was running for the Republican nomination to fill JoeBama’s old seat.  She was challenged by Michael Castle, who is about the most Left of all the Republicrats.

Of course, he was the anointed one by the RNC and Rove.

However, O’Donnell had other plans and other backing, particularly from the Tea Party and she got the nomination.

During the campaign there were more accusations about O’Donnell, from stealing money to being a witch, than you could shake a stick at.  All the Liberal, Chris Coons, had to do was…. Nothing.  The Republicrats were doing all the heavy lifting to defeat their own candidate.

That is enough for now.  This will be the first installment of many, MANY more to come over the next few years.

God Help us all.


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