“Election 2016 – Primer #2”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Goldenrods:


FIRST OFF… Please join me in wishing a very Happy and Blessed Birthday to my little girl!  She is so special and amazing in so many ways and is a blessing to me every day.   Daddy loves you baby!

SECOND OFF… A very dear friend has taken very ill.  Without going into much detail, I ask you to keep Brigid in your prayers.  She is the wife of another dear friend, mother of two young children and she is on a respirator.  Please keep her, Ben and the kids in your prayers.  I know they work.


Where were we???

Ahhh, yes, we were just discussing how the only people the RNC and the Roves of the party hate more than Commies, Marxists, Liberals, Progressives and garden variety Democrats are Republicans who embrace the Tea Party and those who will not knuckle under to the Party Fathers.

But, I repeat myself.

While unlikely to be widespread, you may see some Liberal defections in the next two elections with candidates not wanting to be tainted by Biff.   

That is unless you are the oxygen thief, Mr. Debbie Wassermanhyphenshultz who recently averred (paraphrasing and note double negative): “No, not the president or any Democrat has lied about anything regarding the health care bill” and “The Democrats love Obamacare and are excited to run for election in its support.”

(SIDEBAR:  Regarding his near one-hour televised tap dance on his failure, unless that is the plan all along, there was proof that the recent media disaffectation was ephemeral.  Some of the news organs [read into that as you wish] interviewed or cited “unnamed sources” et al, about “how hard that was for Biffo” and “Biffy was truly humbled” and “if you look at his face 5 years ago and today…”  I am sure that Whitey Bulger was equally humbled… So, spare me the histrionics.  Like Beretta said “Don’t to the crime if you can’t do the time.”)

In all likelihood, things being as they are, he is now toxic even with his recent mea culpa.

Where were we, Part II:

It was intimated said that the Left has and will again field candidates to siphon votes from the Republican candidate for office.  Two can play at that game.

The problem is that the Republicrats will soon have to grow a pair and not play nice.  (I have been saying this since the FISH went political.)  They take great pleasure in their moral superiority with having political minority.  A Pyrrhic Victory at best.

The Right are going to have to field candidates under the Working Families Party (they generally are neither), Communist Party, Socialist Party, Green Party, The Rent is too Damn High Party, The Where is My Free Stuff Party banners  (THAT person just might get elected!) and so on to run in Left leaning districts to marginalize their votes.

Sad, really.  For most of our history as a nation, we have had two major parties.  Yes, at times there was a third party with some muscle and of course the very minor fringe parties.  But for most of our history, for better or worse, we have had the Democrats and Republicans.

Despite how effective of a job that Dingy Harry the ELF has done keeping his pinions in check and what a terrible job Smoking Johnny has done with his charges, the mainstream of each party is not definitive for many in their ranks.

The Dems seem to cover Liberals, Working Family Party (which I suggest is neither), Socialists, Communists and others who either are benignly out for themselves or simply hate our Country.  (If you think I exaggerate, look at your recent ballot. Look at the Dem candidate and on which other lines you find his or her name.)

The Republicans heretofore have their own line and the Conservative line.  The problem is as the Dems moved more to the left, they sucked the Republicans right with them to the point that the 50/50 line is now center left and the Lefties are more “Left” than the “Right Wing” is Right of center. Capice?

Back to the point.

There are actually peeps that “caucus” with the Democrats who are self-described, ran  and were elected as Socialists.  Now, that is disturbing.  But the other side of that coin is that it exposes an Achilles Heel of the Left, as apparently they will vote for anyone.  (Exhibit A: Biff.)

Perhaps that is why there are so many more Left-wing fringe parties.

On the other side of the aisle, you have the Republicans, some masquerading as Conservatives and some that identify with the Tea Party.

What is equally disturbing as much of the above is the Bizarro Planet Logic that being a Socialist is fine and dandy while espousing the views of our Founding Fathers is heretical.

But, that is the way it is.  We canNOT say a bad word against those who live deviant lifestyles, we have to “embrace” those different from us.  At the same time we canNOT mention God, pray nor have public display of any religiosity.  No, you might get some God on you!  And the same it is with and because of politics.

It is those Left Wing Nut politicians who have altered for the worse the morals and mores of We the People.  However, we canNOT assign all of the blame to them, after all, we let them.

What did one of my fave raves say:  “The only thing needed for evil to triumph in the world is for good men to do nothing.”  By the looks at the clusterfluke our Country has become socially, it appears that good men have been working overtime doing a whole lot of nothing.

I apologize, this is one of the less coherent FISH of late, there is just so much stuff going on and none of it good.  As soon as I try to form one thought another few jump into the fray.  It appears I am Muse-less as my imaginary friend seems to be MIA.  Perhaps she went to the West Coast with me a few weeks back, stayed and headed off to Hawaii with me daughter and the family.

There is more to come, of course.  There are the weird votes, the weirder apologies, the expected denials by the Dem “leadership”, there are OBAMACARE patrol cars out on the prowl, and more and worse.

And if YOU do not start NOW to do something about it, the jig will be up for the last time.  I keep telling (the editorial) you and whole some of you are pulling out all the stops others are just rooting them on. 

I just do not understand why those who hate our Country and hate our way of life and hate our God and hate our laws do not pack up and leave and go to some godless communist workers paradise.    Oh, wait, getting a text from the Muse.

“They are not going anywhere, they want it both ways.  They know in their worker’s paradises they will have to work, their deviant life styles are not embraced, drugs are a no-no, if they act like the Occupy miscreants did they will be beaten down.”

Ok, fair enough, sounds about right to me.  But, are we just going to bend over, roll over, play dead and let them take the rest of our freedoms away?  Or are we going to find, support, campaign for and elect Americans?

The choice is yours, choose wisely.


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